The best event so far…

Since there is a maintenance going on..I think it’s the perfect time to tell you something about what the players of KMS are getting on January 1st.
Nexon gave us a lot of exciting events during Big Bang. One example of this was Hot Time. Logon at a specific time and obtain a package with surprises in it such as a SP reset scroll, items and scrolls.

New events were held when the first Chaos update was released, but this particular event is really great. It’s called 2PM event.

You log on at 2 PM to receive something from Cassandra. Last week there was a 2PM event on Christmas but it failed miserably. Players were supposed to get a cash item, some did and a lot didn’t including me. Nexon came up with a resolution and I got 2 smegas that expire in a few days. Yay.. ~_~

But that’s okay! The last upcoming 2 PM event will be really super. Kudos for Nexon on this one. Why? On New Year’s Day, for one minute, everyone who’s logged into the game before 2:30 PM KST will automatically receive  giftbox with the following items: SP reset scroll, Unidentified Love Letter and a capsule that gives you one free level up.

Thank you Nexon. Even Chuck Norris approves of this event. ‘o’
However, if you’re Lv. 200, you will receive a special potential scroll. (100% success rate)

There is something else I want to tell you about the 2PM event on Christmas Day. A week ago, the first Chaos update topped more than 280,000 concurrent users. Guess what happened? On Christmas Day, MapleStory recorded more than 360,000 concurrent users!! Wow~!

I cannot wait for the maintenance to end. >_< I’m going to choose for the Mining and Jewel Crafting profession technique. Jewel Crafting because I can craft this sexy ring (see image above). It’s called Angelic Ring. It adds +1 STR, DEX, INT and LUK. It comes with a really cute effect and with a buff. The buff gives you +5 weapon attack/magic forever unless you unequip the ring.

There is also a Dark Angelic Ring. This ring gives the same effect as the Angelic Ring, the only difference is that this one gives you +10 weapon attack/magic instead of 5 and adds +6 STR, DEX, INT and LUK. You can only wear one Dark Angelic Ring.

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83 Responses to The best event so far…

  1. Crisis says:

    Must. Get. Ring.

  2. kizo says:

    Do these rings get slots too? :D

    We just had two Hot Time events as well. lol Hopefully another one during New Years.

  3. Eric says:

    omg….i want ring

  4. Pat says:

    The more KMS names their events, the more I think they are referring to K-Pop. (2AM -> Ballad Boy Group; Hot Time -> Song name from SM THE BALLAD, Big Bang -> Another Boy Band)
    Haha it’s probably a coincidence though…

    Thanks Spadow for the updates! They’re really interesting to read and us readers really appreciate the dedication you put into this blog. :)

  5. Giraflare says:

    Cool, I hope they break their previous concurrent user record with this hot time event. You’re going to be doing a full coverag of proffessions tomorrow (or todays o.o) right? It really looks cool :D

  6. Josh says:

    One free level up? Some level 199’s are gonna be happy ;)

  7. sophiawang says:

    lol I have the same reaction as Pat. All the names of the events and patches like Hot Time, Big Bang, 2PM, are all Kpop bands or songs :P hahaha. I’m loving this :) (Yeah I’m a huge kpop fan ^^) So many things are happening in KMS @_@ Can’t wait for it to come out in GMS :) Sounds really cool.

  8. Ghost says:

    Perhaps the Cygnus won’t be deemed impossible with these godly accessories Nexon is releasing.

  9. Axxez says:

    Wowwwwwww!!!! I’m loggin in tomorrow. No doubt. Aaaand. Maybe I’ll do jewel crafting as well… That RING!! MUST GET!!

  10. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, what level can you get that purple scroll? And what is it?

  11. Stonespoon says:

    You say you can only wear one Dark Angelic Ring, but not for Angelic Rings. Does this mean they stack?

    Can you wear the Dark and Angelic rings at the same time?

  12. Randy says:

    … What is it with Nexon and giving out free levels? It kind of kills the game…

  13. Lunar says:

    The Levelup item looks surprisingly much like the exp injection we GMSers can get right now for leveling a resistance.. Does that mean using those will get us levelups?

  14. Kenny says:

    Hey Spadow, unrelated question but when Van Leon Castle came out, how fast would levels 120-170 be?

  15. EpicMas says:

    Spadow do you know if at later levels you can get other Professions other than the two you can get at level 30?

  16. Alilatias says:

    Oh wow, the ring… Dang…

    The effect looks nice too. Might be annoying to see everyone with it in the long run, but at least it’s nowhere near as fugly as the effect from the Zombie Army Rings that us GMSers had (of which the effect was thankfully removed after Big Bang).

  17. BendyBread says:

    Dear god I hope that ring stacks with adventurers and big bang.

  18. Pac says:

    What does the unidentified love letter do?

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      You get a random amount of fame upon opening it. I think you may also get this “I’m a Lucky Guy” medal at a low rate too I think?

  19. RandomkidxD says:

    When you make the ring can you tell us what items you used to make it please? =D Thanks~

  20. MapleParty says:

    Hey SPADOW! Do you play GMS? Plus, I rove rice!

  21. Random Person says:

    Hey Spadow, those energy charges look rearkably similar to the ones you get form lvling a resistance type charicter when they start in GMS… Do they have the same effect?

  22. batuman says:

    KMS players are very lucky
    SEA MS are cheapskate.

  23. Fearless says:

    Hi Spadow , i having some problem with the profession can you teach me how to do the quest and how to gather the materials ? Thanks

  24. SmartGuy says:

    someone wanna translate this for me? 자이언트 비약 제작 레시피를 사용하면 제작 에 필요한 재료를 알 수 있습니다.

  25. Cujo00 says:

    So.. we can only select 2 professions to master? Not all of them?

    • meritsalone says:

      Just make a char with both herbalism and mining and you get a “supplier”
      On the rest of your chars you Can take the crafting proffesions

  26. Ian:D says:

    I just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate all your hard work :D
    Since i play in GMS, your posts really help with upcoming events, updates, and game changes. Thanks!

  27. IceArcher says:

    can you please explain the proffesion system
    im at a total lost on what to do

  28. U can only Choose 2 profession technique Out of 3?

  29. joshua says:

    is the guy behind u a friend or a stalker spadow? cause he was also in ur “giant potion” video

  30. DivinedEvan says:

    …… Does MapleSEA get the ‘sexy’ ring too?

    • sad msea player says:

      that will have to wait a loooooooong looooooooong time… since asiasoft is too money orientated to release new content only on school holidays to burn the money of students


  32. Laohei says:

    hey spadow, can u tell us the material for making those ring :P

  33. Royal says:

    Spadow, if I may ask, does the ring’s “buffs” stack with other attack buffs?

  34. Pingback: Top Posts —

  35. Gunth says:

    I remember hearing that your professions add extra stats such as extra hp, mp, dex, etc.
    Is this true?

  36. Michael says:

    Hey Spadow, can you give me a download link for the Evil Cygnus Garden background?:O I would love to put that as my computer back ground ><

  37. TacoBeard says:

    Hey spadow has anyone htought of using arans and combo knockback to continously knockback her so that the others would have time to attack from afar? and he/she should have combo drain active and continously recharge it so that he/she may heal damage being delt. Unless Cygnus ignore knockback and continouly attacks indefinately then this should work. Also Since their is a pot cooltime then the aran would need sufficient mp to last that long and have sufficient pots. If their is anytihng wrong wit my logic reply back. If not… am i the only one that realized this?

    • David says:

      Well, combo knockback would rush the aran into the boss. HP drain would not keep up with the huge hp loss, since the cygnus’ damage looks extremeley high. And the move arans have that make the monster be knocked back a lot does not work on bosses.

      • TacoBeard says:

        wait WHAT???? when did they change this????? in GMs it currently works on bosses to my knowledge…

        • andrew says:


          It has never worked on bosses. I have a 4th job aran, and I notice that 10k damage is the requirement for pap, and sometimes my first swing doesn’t critical and gets lower then that, even with smart knockback, 9999 damage is not enough.

  38. Justin says:

    Aw crap. I thought it was today so I got on waiting for half an hour then I found out… >:[

  39. Zana5 says:

    Wow! Awsome rings! I don’t suppose you could tell us about any other rings/ cool things that can be made? Also are the rings made out of jewls we already have, or are there new items that are added for these purposes?

  40. Jett... says:

    Sorry I zm not spadow but I just wanted to explain one little thing…..
    There are only three main professions-alchemy, blacksmith and jewlist
    Herbalism and mining are just there for materials…
    So if you want to be an alchemist, you HAVE to be a herbalist
    No other way to get herbs( also it won’t let you choose anything else if you want alchemist)
    And if you want to be a jewlist or blacksmith, you have to be a miner
    (won’t let you choose to be anything else either if you want black smith or jewlist)

    • Tev402 says:

      So u can’t be ajewelist and a blacksmither at the same time right? since u need Mining proffession and that would make 3 proffessions. O.o
      And i’d like to know how u craft the different rings, is it like a requirement for better rings on ur skill? Or do u just need the materials to make em?

    • iClappys says:

      it helps a lot :)

  41. RawVoltage says:

    A free level up? :O
    I’m rushing to level 199 right now!

  42. Red says:

    GMS also suffers from players not getting their rewards. I hope that ring arrives here safely!

  43. Person says:

    Whats an android? The thing behind you? Is it like some kind of “pet”? o.O

  44. Oh cool I think making rings and stuff is cool aww a cute effect

  45. rattown says:


  46. Adrian says:

    Happy New Year Spadow , Readers , Maplers , Everyone !

  47. Justin says:

    The event was a fail. I got nothing while everybody else got theirs. Wow Nexon…

  48. Kaii says:

    Hey Spadow, thanks for all of the information you’ve given us. Can you give us any specifics on the items required to make the Angelic Rings?

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