KMST V360/361 ~ Lv. 140 equipment

Tomorrow the update of the ‘Technological Age‘ will start. An update that will contain five new skill techniques that you can learn. It’s not a new job!
One of those techniques is Alchemy. With Alchemy, you can create your own potions (attack, accuracy, STR/DEX/INT/LUK), you name it! Alchemists can also create this potion that transforms you into a giant. If you’re a giant you can attack other monsters by jumping up and down.
Even though it’s useless since it lasts for a short time , it’s actually really fun haha~

[Alternative Link]

And the release of a new high-leveled area called Door of the Future.
But more about that later~!

In the update of 1.2.360 and 1.2.361, there were minor skill changes again.

Let me start with posting the skill changes. This is never going to stop…

Adventurers/Dragon Knight

– Damage of Dragon Roar has been decreased from 858% to 580% and the HP threshold requirement has been decreased from 15% to 10%


– Skill duration of Octopus has been increased from 22 to 30 seconds


– The amount of monsters Somersault Kick can attack has been increased from 5 to 6

Knights of Cygnus/Striker

– The amount of monsters Somersault Kick can attack has been increased from 5 to 6

I really don’t understand Nexon…
The new level 140 equipment is finally released! I’m sure you’ve already seen this image from this post.
But now the required stats has been revealed!

Lionheart set

Hat | Overall | Cape | Glove | Shoe | One Handed Sword | Two Handed Sword | Spear | Polearm

Dragon Tail set

Hat | Overall | Cape | Glove | Shoe | Wand | Staff

Falcon Wing set

Hat | Overall | Cape | Glove | Shoe | Bow | Crossbow

Raven Horn set

Hat | Overall | Cape | Glove | Shoe | Dagger | Claw

Sharktooth set

Hat | Overall | Cape | Glove | Shoe | Knuckle | Gun

Each part of each set adds weapon attack. Other stats are maxHP, maxMP,accuracy, avoidability and jump.
If you want to wear a Lv. 140 set then you have to be ready to have 170 STR, DEX, INT or LUK in your secondary stat.

Each set comes with a tempting bonus effect:

2 set effect: +300 physical and magic defense,  +200 accuracy and avoidability
3 set effect:  +15% MaxHP and MaxMP
4 set effect: +15 weapon attack and a reduction in duration of all abnormal statuses
5 set effect: +15 allstat and all skill levels +2
6 set effect: +30 weapon attack and +30%  damage against bosses

All of the equipment bind on equip. With a Platinum Scissor of Karma, you can make it tradeable.
The big question is how to get it.. Unfortunately I don’t know.

There is level 130 equipment with higher stats than the level 120 equipment and it can be created through the new Blacksmithing technique. Today I checked the list if any level 140 equipment were available, but there were none.

The level 140 equipment is obtainable from the ultimate boss: Empress Cygnus.
I’m not sure how easy it will be to get these equipment…

Anyway, I’m getting excited for the next update!
I will give more insight about the new techniques (herbalism, mining, alchemy, blacksmithing and jewel crafting) and there is this event that’s really great.. But that will come later~

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

82 Responses to KMST V360/361 ~ Lv. 140 equipment

  1. Axxez says:

    Wow… I want them!! 140 equips!! But I’m not even close to 4th job yet :p

  2. Volt says:

    lol cool stuff kyo. hope i get chosen in kay em ess tay

  3. Axxez says:

    Waiiiit… Then Cygnus Knights won’t be able to equip them, rite? Wow… Too bad for them!!
    Oh and Dragon Roar’s damage got nerfed alottt!! Anyway, thanks Spadow for the info about… Every update!! :D

  4. Cujo00 says:

    This really sucks for warriors who are dexless or low dex. -_-

    • 거북2Pop says:

      Yeah! Woo Hoo! :]

      Sorry no hard feelings

      I now hav a reason to hav high dex now ;)

    • Tev402 says:

      Well if u can get ur hands on a CHTP and other nice % dex u might be able to achieve it, shouldn’t be too hard, it won’t be easy either, but like back in the day when there were no Pot equips there still were dexless warriors walking around with STs.

  5. ButterLux says:

    Looking Forward for this new system…

    im one of the earliest post! xD

  6. WarmKuenig says:

    Woah looks awesome *__*
    Might take me a lifetime to get to 140 thought :/
    and I can’t even start to think of the prices if its going to drop from the ereb boss!
    Thanks for the info!

  7. gaphary says:

    Cygnus seems incredibly hard. Hoping to see how people will cope with the pot cooldown. Van Leon wasn’t this hard because it wasn’t near the equivalent of Pink Bean, but Cygnus is..

  8. kizo says:

    Do these lv140 give better potentials? like 12% all stats etc??

  9. huy duong says:

    Lol, super mario spadow

  10. John says:

    Did anyone else watch the video and INSTANTLY think of mario?

  11. Luxeraph says:

    Spadow is that guy following you an android?

  12. Kwasimoto says:

    Giant potion = Super Mario DS much?

  13. Woot says:

    those knuckles looks so cool i want them NOW!!!

  14. Hollogen says:

    Well now that we have this update there shouldn’t be any noobs begging for mesos……
    gOlD oRe PlOx!!!~!

  15. Mewmewuxie says:

    The video of you being giant made you make me think of Kirby all of the sudden O.o.

    But, that does really look fun to trample(sp) the mushies. >=P

    • FlyingTofu says:

      Now I wish there was a storage system on Maple Island. When I used to be newbie I kept dying when fighting mushies. I want my revenge – mario style. Even my little cousin (mario fanboy) would like it!

  16. Minimoo says:

    there’s no new or lv140 thief shield?

  17. Joey says:

    soo this is runescape now?

  18. arigomi says:

    The stat requirements for the level 140 equips don’t add up. If you add up the primary and secondary stat requirements it equals 590. The minimum value for any stat is 4 so you can subtract 8 for the primary and secondary stats. That leaves 581 AP that needs to be spent. At level 140, you don’t get nearly enough AP to equip them.

  19. PhotostickXD says:

    Wtf is that thing Following you? the Guy thingie…

    Nice Spadow :) You are now on Steroids :S

  20. stylinggel says:

    Wow that knuckle looks nice i wanna have it right now :D
    nice hits for only jumping :D

  21. anoimus says:

    the nexons are keeping on xpending the skill dmg and shrink them back where they increase

    • HayashiKaiji says:

      I think they change them to test out the damage so they can balance it out.
      If the change is unfavorable, they change it back.

  22. HayashiKaiji says:

    Oh my frigging god.
    That level 140 equipments are SUPER GODLY.

    I SERIOUSLY hope it’s easy to get, because otherwise it’ll be too painful…

  23. Giraflare says:

    The new header look really good.

  24. e3 says:

    wtf they nerfed drk even more

    f………….k you

  25. iDraconius says:

    HOLY SMACK if you wear 5 pieces of lvl140 equipment, plus 2 to all skill points O_O

  26. Gunth says:

    I think we found the cure for all the dexless sins :D

  27. HayashiKaiji says:

    Oh by the way, as soon as you know how to get the level 140 equipments, please notify me/us, because I really need to know. My whole character build will be based on whatever I’ll be able to get the level 140 equip or not.

  28. s0m3b0dy says:

    A for Apple
    B for Banana
    C for Chocolate

    OMFG!!! GODLY!!! I WANT IT!!!

    And I liked the giant potion… super mario!

    • s0m3b0dy says:

      And I forgot, the damage you do with giant poition is always the same?

      Or as you have more STR/DEX/INT/LUK it’s do more damage ’cause it’s will be cool to do 20k at lvl 1…

  29. tyson says:

    2nd chaos update in about 6hrs and 30min. i cant wait!

  30. Steven says:

    I doubt a level 190 boss will be dropping level 140 equips. Just saying.

    • Spadow says:

      Pink Bean drops Reverse equipment and they are level 120.

      • TacoBeard says:

        very good point… wait he does??????
        anyway spadow i remember earlier you had said somehting about a new boss in the data, wich eveyone thought would be the black mage due to the high stats and such. Was it this boss? Or can we be expecting something stronger…Please reply back thank you fr your time :D

      • Alilatias says:

        But you can at least forge Reverse equipment by yourself without needing to defeat Pink Been. It’s the possibility of forging Timeless gear that everyone cares about.

        But here? That’s like 40 different pieces of Level 140 equipment, all of which I assume has a rather low drop rate, and from a boss that only Level 185+ people stand a chance against.

        My guess? There may be a way to forge these Level 140 equips through Profession skills, but it’s just not implemented yet since Nexon Korea wants to get an idea of how everyone’s advancing through the new area.

  31. oakmontowls says:

    What no katara…

    • person says:

      If they made a Katara, then they’d need make a seven set bonus. Which would be unfair to the other jobs.

      • Alilatias says:

        They wouldn’t need to make a 7 set bonus.

        It’d still be unfair to the other jobs, as a Dual Blade could get away with wearing the Katara in place of any other equip (like, say, he could still equip a PAC) and still have the 6 set bonus.

        • sa5m says:

          not if they made 140 shields and they made 2 handed weapon count as two pieces of the set, but made them drop half as often as other peices of the set

  32. TacoBeard says:

    Oh yeah hey spadow what exactly does the android say? Basic english is all im asking for but more Exact translations would be more accurate, even if the grammar is incorrect.
    ALso is the android permanent? And does it actually do anything other then talk? Would you be able to change gender or will it always be a guy, also could you cange the way it looks, so like have it with armor etc.? This new prospect of a talkijng andriod interests me, it open a whole new level of interaction with the game, and nexon has also has a big window of opurtunities, so we need to see if they will screw the idea over or improve it.

  33. andrew says:

    Can you find out if the set bonus +2 all skills will raise 4th job skills past thier max level?

  34. Gunth says:

    Lol I’m considering making my Evan an alchamist because MP pots are expensive…
    Imagine Mir with the giant potion!

  35. Zelkova says:

    I gone back and done a little research. This is from Spadow Blog, just from a older post.

    1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in maps. With that, you can make herb oils, items and potions. With herb oil and ores, you can create equipment.

    2. Mining: Use the metals and jewels that you have mined to make items, potions and ores.

    3. Blacksmithing: Use herb oils and ores to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.

    4. Jewel crafting: Use herb oils and ores to create accessories. (rings, belts, necklaces etc.)

    5. Alchemy: Use herb oils and refined ores to create your own potions and equipment items. You can also break items.

    Everybody know ores are a pain to collect and forced to have a ore mule for but also noticed that EVERYTHING require herb oils which is created by Herbalism. So basically if you have a choice in one resource skill (or be forced to buy/trade the needed items) and one useful skill then make a lv30+ mule for the 2nd resource skill and maybe a useful skill. That or you can just make the mule have both resource skills and have your main have two helpful skills.

    So with that in mind, we still require a “mule” and worst of all force to level it up to lv30. =/ With that though you still be lacking one of the skills regardless unless you make a 3rd account.

    This is my plan, feel free to steal it.

    Main (my UA Brawler once it come out on GMS) will have Blacksmithing and Jewel crafting because I hate monster crystals and the maker skill in general and I want the best items he can get.
    My Dawn Warrior who will be creating the UA will have Herbalism and Mining and become a high level mule.
    My 3rd character (a Mech) will have Alchemy just to try it out. I don’t care much for pots so having only a main and a mule will work out for me. I would like to learn more about “breaking items” and the befits of doing so though. I guess the 2nd skill on this char will depend which skill I like the best.

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  37. batuman says:

    The lvl 140 equipment is cool. Except for the hats, freaking ugly.

  38. Alex says:

    how can i become a profession what i need to do and it is me spadow MyProP0leArm in the guild XDD

  39. Ghost says:

    A Level 130 set? You’ve never talked about it before Can you reveal at least the stats on this?

  40. Turtle says:

    Erm, is the android customizable? And what does it do?

  41. bluedrops says:

    How come the lv140 polearm (speed 8) only has 122 WA instead of 136 WA and 1 speed higher than the spear (speed 7)?
    *lower speed means faster attacking speed*

  42. Red says:

    Finally pays off to be a normal stat!

  43. Darrel says:

    will wearing the full 6 equips get you the bonuses for 2-set, 3-set, 4-set & 5-set in addition to the 6-set bonus?
    sry if this question is obvious or whatever but i’d just like to confirm =)

  44. Itay says:

    Spadow, can you check if those bonuses stack?
    for example 30% boss on a wep + 6set combo = 60% boss?
    or just like a wep of two lines of 30% boss
    or katara 30% boss + dagger 30% . they wont stack? ty.

  45. minumus says:

    hey… since the equips red 170luk for mage classes, does that mean i have to stop capping my luk?

  46. SureDave says:

    How do you get this weapons?
    Are these separate from the Van Leon weapons? Or are they the same?

  47. sa5m says:

    your reasoning is faulty. kms may not have vip equips or ewands, but they do have the timeless pendant (not the locked version, which is only level 30 and is not a growth item) which is level 150. so if someone potetial’d it, they would still have 4th tier equips.

  48. lame says:

    we can only get the lv 140eq by killing lv 200 boss right??( cygnus queen) if thats so.. i suggest everyone to slowly dream =o= i still havent see the boss got owned yet. cuz if they did it would be on youtube! n there no 100% comfirm it will drop.. only extremely frigging funded ppl will get

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