KMST V359 ~ PvP & Door of the Future

Hey everyone! Yesterday an exciting patch from the test server was released.

This patch contains the release of the new high-leveled area including the new mysterious boss monster.
Other updates are fixes made to the profession skill system and also the release of PvP!!

Let me start with posting the skill changes. This is never going to stop…

Adventurers/Dragon Knight

– Damage of Sacrifice has been decreased from 693% to 690%
– Damage of Dragon Roar has been increased from 580% to 858% and the HP threshold requirement has been increased from 10% to 15%

Adventurers/Night Lord

– Damage of Triple Throw has been decreased from 345% to 293%


– Skill duration of Octopus has been decreased from 30 to 22 seconds


– Damage of Ghost Lettering has been decreased from 660% to 400%

Resistance/Wild Hunter

– Damage of Wild Shot has been decreased from 164% to 144%


– Weapon attack from Metal Armor Extreme has been increased from 39 to 40

Knights of Cygnus/Night Walker

– Damage of Triple Throw has been decreased from 295% to 251%

Knights of Cygnus/Striker

– The amount of monsters Somersault Kick can attack has been decreased from 6 to 5

OK, enough with the balancing information. Let’s get straight to the good stuff~
Remember the three doors in the Temple of Time? In this update, the door that brings you to the future has opened..

The entrance on the left leads you to Ereb in the future. I explored this new area and it looks evil…
So why is Ereb all dark in the future? There is a storyline attached to this whole ‘Door of the Future’ thing.

I talked to Helena in Henesys in the future and she told me the reason why this chaos exists in the future of Maple World.

In the future, Empress Cygnus became interested in the World Tree, so eventually she went to search for this phenomenon.
The Empress and her knights succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but… they fell into a trap by the Black Magician. He took the soul of Empress Cygnus and her knights and made them into his puppets.

Because of this curse by the Black Magician, the island of Ereb lost its holy power and descended to earth. There, Empress Cygnus and her knights started to attack Maple World…

That is basically the storyline… The World Tree? I don’t know what that exactly is, but it has been mentioned in other dialogues from NPCs and the World Tree plays an important role in the MapleStory anime…

The entrance on the right leads you to Henesys in the future. Henesys in the future is a disaster, because it’s destroyed…
While I was exploring this map, I came across this statue and this spirit…

I’m sad to announce that our beloved village chief, Chief Stan has passed away.
I’m sure you remember Alex, right? The red-haired kid with a cap on in Kerning City.

Yup. This is the mature Alex from Kerning City who ran away from his dad, Stan.
You’re jealous because of his pimp beard, aren’t you?

All the monsters are Lv. +160 and can deal quite some damage to you.
Instead of making screenshots of the town, I thought I would be better off with a tour video of both new areas.

Door of the Future (Dark Ereb & Destroyed Henesys)

[Alternative Link]


Empress Cygnus in the future is referred as ”Cygnus”. She is Lv. 190 and has a HP value of 1,000,000,000 and gives 204,000,000 EXP.
The minimum required level to fight this evil Empress is 170.

Cygnus can summon her beloved Knights or what I prefer to call ”Dark Knights” and they’ll aid her in combat. The Dark Knights can attack on their own with their skills.

Shinsoo was also affected by this curse.
Players who want to fight against Cygnus will have to be prepared. Once you enter the boss map, there will be a cooldown on every consumable item you use.
I think that is just ridiculous. The boss monster Van Leon from Lionheart Castle also has a cooldown on potions in his map.

PvP has finally been released and I must say that I am disappointed.
During my battles, I didn’t have fun and it seriously needs change.

Most oft he time I was running away because of the damn Dual Bladers killing everyone. That’s how unbalanced it is. Dual Bladers can almost instant kill anyone with a combination of Mirror Imaging + Chains of Hell + Fatal Blow.

To enter the Battle Arena, you talk to the Victoria Island Taxi.
In the Battle Arena you can choose 3 modes. The Ice Knight mode is currently unavailable in the test server.

Survival / Battle against other players freely without restrictions. Time limit is 10 minutes and players can even join in the middle of a fight.

Team Match / Battle each other with teams. There is team Red and team Blue. Time limit is 10 minutes.

Ice Knight / One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight. The Ice Knight has the ability to freeze players. Other players have to avoid getting freezed by the Ice Knight.

There are 3 channels:
– Rookie (Lv. 30+) / Skills available up till 2nd job
– Super Rookie (Lv. 70+) /Skills available up till 3rd job
– Major (Lv. 120+) /  Skills available up till 4th job

Each rank has a different map layout. When you enter a PvP map, you cannot see how much HP and MP you have. While I was playing, I could use any skill, but as of right now any character with skills that can attack an enemy more than once will have a great advantage.

During your fight, you can loot potions to heal your HP/MP or get cured. When you attack your enemy, it will not show monsters but images such as ”Nice!”, ”Critical”, ”Miss”.
I like the images.. but I will like it more when I can see my own damage. Do you know what I mean?

When you have lost or won, you will get a score that determines your ranking. In addition, you get Battle EXP and Battle Points. You can purchase items with BP.

PvP is still unbalanced and incomplete. But let’s hope Nexon can make something good out of it.
PvP or also known as the ”The Huge War” update is scheduled to be released in January, 2011.

Take a first look at PvP ↓

[Alternative Link]


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169 Responses to KMST V359 ~ PvP & Door of the Future

  1. BendyBread says:

    They decreased phantom imprint/ghost lettering AGAIN?

    Oh my god. Evans are going to be so weak that even green snails will be a challenge.
    Thanks for the updates Spadow, nice and informative.

    • Sparta7896 says:

      Story line looks great, but the pot cooldown and broken PvP will unfortunantly suck. People need to reconize that it is not just Nexon America who does mistakes, but Nexon in general. No matter which Regional division.

      • BendyBread says:

        True. I’ve always loved maple storylines and this one in particular is amazing. C:

        I agree. When I blame nexon for an error, mainly its towards Nexon K due to them making the content.
        If its a server-specific error, like in-game glitches and whatnot, then I’ll blame Nexon A.

        Oh people..

      • andrew says:

        dude, this is beta testing… dont need to jump to conclusions, they still need to fix this…

  2. UngKyou says:

    Door of the Future: Just play for boss.
    PvP: Garbage
    Cooldown on use item: WTF NEXON WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!

    • Lionheart3655 says:

      It makes it harder, and gives more use to clerics/bishops. Bosses were too easy after BB and w/o gen, bishops are even more useless (besides HS).

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Chill, the cooldown applies only when you’re fighting Cygnus. =.=

    • MapleNoob says:

      Hey 2day in korea thanks to pvp u lvl as quick as hell i got my striker from 44-85 in 2 weeks playing only 2 hours on saturday and friday for those two weeks

    • WEEE says:

      Right now

      Door of the Future:Full of Quests

      PVP:AWESOME(30000 exp for winning 300 points)

      Cooldown on use item:DOES NOT EXIST

  3. NovaNuvaMS says:

    hey!!!! thts kinda wierd World Tree? lol, the pvp seems kinda fun to play i hope Chaos update can come to GMS before summer…I wish they can increase max level of Cygnus Knights to 200……Btw Spadow are Mechanics over powered there in pvp?


    Pvps Gomnna Sux real good

  5. Terry's Luzzu says:

    What the hell are they doing? they increase triple throw and then they decrease triple throw, next they increase it and then they decrease… Can’t they just make up their bloody minds?

    They also need to add new skills to Night Lords… Same skill from lvl10 to 120, then same skill from 120-200. Where as other jobs for example, Shadowers have Boomerang Step, Assassinate, Band of Thieves, Meso Explosion, Assaulter, now they even have nearly half of Hermit’s skills. Where as hermits and sins only have Lucky Seven, Avenger and Triple Throw as our main skills for 200 levels. That sucks!

    At least give us new animations for our skills!

    • JackAndJill says:

      Well you can’t really add that much extra stuff to throwing a star besides adding another star each job advancement

      • Terry's Luzzu says:

        Well, dull people like you have no imagination. There are plenty of stuff. Like a skill where stars rain down to the whole map hitting 15 monsters like thief boss Rellik in Crimsonwood Party Quest. or a skill where you throw stars to hit 6 monsters in front of you 3 times or throwing 2 large stars, one on each hand.

        And then there could be an advanced form of shadow partner where it’s a complete shadow of you and it moves on its own like a summon, and have hp and mp on its own and it uses your skills.

        See, there are endless possibilities. just that dull people can’t come up with it and instead we have weak skills like taunt, shadow web, shadow meso, ninja ambush… Nexon America are so dull, their events are utterly boring.

        • tyson says:

          why does it have to be NLs that get all the good things? NLs are pretty powerful already

          • CzImGreen says:

            I think Terry isnt talking of damage.
            I agree in the part that NL’s are pretty boring for the eye…. only Booster and Drain had new animations. And 3 main skills for 200 lvls is… well, boring.

  6. GMS Player says:

    How about Neinheart? Is she still in the future of Ereb?

  7. Alilatias says:

    The World Tree, huh? Interesting.

    Holy crap, potion cooldown in a map containing a boss capable of casting Zombify on you? (Someone on AsiaSoft forums found images suggesting that she can cast Zombify and revive the Instructors.)

  8. hakkido says:

    LMAO! MAN THAT COH IS ALL OVER YOU DUDE! XD Me being a Dual Blader thinks that is cool! but I agree way unfair :T I think 4th Job skills shouldn’t be allowed. Though CoH in KMST was moved to 3rd Job so wouldn’t change much now that I think about it XD

  9. omgggbro says:

    ooooh so that was the new ToT content that was mentioned about a while back O:

  10. lolwut says:

    Maybe there would be something to do with Sleepywood (cuz in the anime, the World Tree is Sleepywood).

  11. RawVoltage says:

    New boss and new monsters look nice, PvP though, does not. :{

  12. sashafiercex says:

    has anyone actually defeated cygnus? and if u kill shinsoo does that mean no more cooldown on pots?

  13. 거북2Pop says:

    For your information, the World Tree (세계수) is the main storyline object of Maplestory. The World Tree is the tree that created Victoria Island, and was holding it tightly so that it would not fall apart until recently. The Big Bang has made the Tree gone ( You can see on the big bang trailer that the tree part on the map was broken) and… I still don’t know why Empress Cygnus was looking for it. So yeah…

    • Ghost says:

      In the anime (or from what i’ve seen in it, considering that they only have 10/11 english subbed episodes), whoever controls the World Tree, controls Victoria Island. Perhaps with all the Chaos that was going on in the present. She wanted to control the world tree to prevent a coup from any other faction (dual blades, resistance, black wings, etc.)
      Any one else notice how the black mage has been collecting the souls of the strong? (First the King Van Leon, now Empress Cygnus)

      Also What happened to all the Piru? (the bird-like residents of Ereve)

      Nexon is seriously running out of ways to challenge maplers, can’t blame them though. There really isn’t much for them to do with the (2^32)-1 limit in the game. I won’t be surprised if the next boss has 99 PDD/MDD Rate.

  14. 거북2Pop says:

    Oh and no one has beaten Empress Cygnus. She has 1 billion health and maplestory says that they nerfed her for proper testing. I guess that it will have more health than Chaos Horntail (10 billion or something). Her -nerfed- damage is almost the same to Neo Tokyo’s Aufhaven. And she summons the – dark nights- one time or more. I don’t know how much time she summons the dark nights becaus no one has survived for the first 5 minutes or something.

    After all, here is the test server :p I don’t know if kms users will survuve in the first 10 minutes.

    BTW, the map Empress Cygnus is in has the same time limit as Pink Bean.


  15. alex says:

    hey spadow how can i get in to tespia ?!??

  16. Nelson says:

    in the future monsters will feed on all the noobs and become obese

  17. Nion says:

    Around 1:42 you’ll see what this “world tree” is.

    • MapleNoob says:

      No offense to japanese ppl but i rly hate it when ppl think japan made everything thats techie. But thats is incorrect 100% and some ppl think japan made nexon, samsung, netmarble and other companies but they r WRONG!! korea made those so lets get some facts straight to those ppl who think japan made evrything. THEY DIDNT!! and maplestory is korean

      This has nothing 2 do with the next few comments

  18. NEXON says:


    • joeloveslego1 says:


  19. NEXON says:

    Can trouble you, has the new technical movie or the picture? I have the very big interest regarding gold metallurgy these technologies, did not know whether to photograph?
    Thanks ~.

    • ChuanJun says:

      Google translation sucks, I’ll translate for you.

      To Spadow from NEXON: Sorry to trouble you, is there any new skill pictures or videos from the Technological Age? I have a great interest regarding these new skills, can you take some pictures?

      and joeloveslego1 reply to you is : Spadow had mentioned to wait until the skills are released in the official server, he will then share it with the rest of us. Theres always changes in testing.

  20. Zef says:

    As for pot cooldown – nexon is doing what they should’ve done ages ago – making defence (do not mistake it with washed 20k hp on ranged char) count in boss runs. Now skills like combo barrier, threaten, etc will be viable, and chars with high defence will be on pair with damage dealers, having bigger chance to stay alive and keep pty alive.

    I do hope that those lvl 160+ will do whooping amounts of dmg, and remind some classes defence is there for a reason.

    • Ghost says:

      However if there is a time limit that is the same as pink bean. It makes the situation more complex. Only the most well balanced players that are godly in attack and defense can survive and win.

  21. tyson says:

    I think Pvp looks fun…and it will be improved ….right?

  22. PaCh says:

    Wow, but Pvp WILL be improved?
    Could you tell us anything about the new things for the Profession skills and stuff?

  23. 거북2Pop says:

    More information – Empress Cygnus can summon her dark knights, knock-back players and cast Zombify and burn (…?) . She also can cast attack reflection (? ;; i dont know what that is in english…) up to 50000 damage, also can cast potential-lock which the van leon uses. (All your potentials get no effect for about 10-20 seconds.) She uses the potion-lock as you all know for 15 seconds. There are other skills of player explosion (!!) dealing about 20000 damage and lifts the users in the air. There are more – she forces the players out of the map, and she uses player mutation which I dpnt know what happens. There are more, and I think she can use all the spells that were ever made in maplestory…

  24. Jaixx says:

    So.. if door to the past is ToT / Pink Bean
    And door to the future is Future Ereb / Henesys and the entire evil cygnus..
    Does that mean there’s a possibility that Door to the Present will be Black Mage?

  25. HeyPros says:

    I cant believe nobody asked this, but is there like a world map for the door to the future? Like you press W and there will be a map can you show it to us?(if there is)

  26. alex says:

    now im in tespia

  27. batuman says:

    PVP would be unfair as archers, dual bladers and assasins will own the match while warriors and mages will easily get pawned for sure so its unfair no matter what happens.
    The Queen of Cygnus will be weakened in the future for sure as there will be cooldowns for potions and making it almost impossible.
    Btw I expected the Shinsoo Dragon to be bigger like the one in Ereb.
    Btw World Tree? Are they copying the movie Avatar?

    • 거북2Pop says:

      The Concept of World Tree was with maplestory from the start. Maybe Avatar copied from Maplestory or something, I dont know. But Anyway.

      • greennov1 says:

        um excuse me
        but the concept of world tree is from norse mythology
        not maplestory or nexon
        ever heard of the Yggdrasil?
        plz don’t flame me, just trying to be helpful

        • 거북2Pop says:

          Ok, then Maplestory copied from there…

          • CzImGreen says:

            I dont think we can blame them for copying it.
            The World Tree is a world-wide concept in mythology and some religions.
            And a lot of games talk about it.
            Ragnarok even has ‘Yggdrasil’ stuff…

          • Ghost says:

            So why don’t we say everything from maplestory was copied?
            If you read some of the Dev Blogs, you would know that the development team creates the theme of the content through what they’ve seen. Whether it is a movie, television show, book or something random from the internet. They don’t make the themes from thin air you know.

        • Terry's Luzzu says:

          DragonQuest 9 on DS have Yggdrasil in it, you have to go around the world to collect the shiny fruits that gives power to the holder/person who eats it.

          Most games and movies are based in mythologies and legends from history.

      • David says:

        If you aren’t a pokemon nerd you won’t understand this. If the world tree is sick, then mew will die. Maybe lucario will save us all.

    • 거북2Pop says:

      Do you know that Van Leon is still not defeated? I mean the real Van Leon, not the nerfed version of him that was beaten in 8 minutes…

      Anyway, even though people said horntail was invincible in the past, we still defeated them, and even though pink bean was considered unbeatable, we beated them. So Empress Cygnus will be defeated. I just dont know When it will be.

    • Me says:

      omg, avatar is a copy of other movies, videogames, and other stuff….like pocahontas, starcraft(terrans)…

    • RC01 says:

      “Are they copying the movie Avatar?”

      Oh please… Like Avatar is completely original itself…

  28. thesadface says:

    I excepted pvp to be something like that but I like what is happening to Cygnus Knights.
    Not because I’m sadistic or anything but it just so weird for MapleStory =X

    • thesadface says:

      I laughed at the fat mushrooms and wth-ed at Blue snails piggybacking on a strange red snail.
      @high levels: You got your content~!

  29. andyvorld says:

    u sure the min lvl to fight the evil empress is lvl 170 cause she is lvl 190 and the new accuracy formulas says 5% miss chance for every lvl lower, 20 lvl *5% each = 100% miss chance O.o

  30. CombosPLX says:

    Thx for the new informatie im looking forward to it :D

  31. greennov1 says:

    this is kewl
    what happens to classes like paladin and mechanic?
    do they still have all the “guard” skills?
    (i dont know what those skills are but that’s what shows up on screen)

  32. tsuta13 says:

    even the broken pvp looks beast

  33. Mistah says:

    I bet you when Black Mage comes out to be a boss, he’ll be level 200 since he made the empress evil and she happens to be lvl 190

    • Ehhhhhhhhhhh. says:

      …or raise the level cap to 250 or something so that the black Mage can be over level 200 (highly unlikely though)

  34. CzImGreen says:

    I like how Cygnus Knight class has a reason to be capped to 120 now.

  35. Tev402 says:

    DBs needa be fixed. Nexon should either lock CoH and FB or decrease the dmg it does in PvP dramaticly, i mean dis is insane, the chain itself can extend to like a frigging mile.

  36. OH SNAP! The Empress!!!!
    Lv90!?! After seeing the PinkBean getting killed twice in GMS with my own eyes (Blue pop up) She must be the new uber boss till the black mage

    This will be a good twist for my show

    Also the PVP sound tooo insane

    I wonder if I can use Doom on others and turn them into snails ahhahahahha

    Thank you for the post

  37. hmm World tree???
    Oh the MapleStory Anime

  38. Axxez says:

    Aweesome update~!

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  40. minh says:

    the fact that they keep changing skills is good. idk why you seem upset about it. look at wow.

  41. MapleDragon says:

    Pvp: DBs rule the place. Chains of hell+Mirror imaging = pwning everyone.
    I like the Cygnus storyline though. :)

  42. Luigi says:

    Anyone else feeling like all this new content is being rushed? I mean, Big Bang didn’t come out too long ago and now they are planning another.


    IF Cygnus muusci si the pappulatus/targa theme :D

  44. frank says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooo does that mean that KoC will have EEEVIL!! skills?
    that’ll be so cool

    • MapleRocks says:

      KoC won’t have evil skills, that is in the “future”.
      And I don’t think KoC themself will turn evil.

      Well, Cygnus will be stronger than PinkBean might ever get.
      I just talk about the summons.
      She can cask Potion Lock, Zombify, Burn, Reflection, and I don’t know much more.
      I mean like, she’s a GODDESS! In real! :O

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  46. ninjablack99 says:

    wow the knight dark can their own skill that mean were all gonna die o~o

  47. Xen says:

    wow, imagine if those changes are permanent. LOL (the destroyed heneseys)

  48. DarkLordKarkain says:

    I must say, the “Dark Cygnus” is definitely an improvement in the ways of looks (that’s just me, I like evil-looking stuffs). Even though I’m not high enough level for this, I am going to enjoy pimp slapping Cygnus. I never cared for KoC and I still don’t, I think the whole “Dark” bit with them is a complete improvement! Nothing personal with people who use KoC, I just don’t like them. And let’s all hope PvP gets fixed or it’s going to be an absolute failure of content.

  49. Splandisly says:

    WOW. PVP is SOOOO cheap. Dual Blades just go around grabbing people and than 1 hitting them with fatal blow and mirror image. But on a lighter note, the new future places look pretty cool. The Cygnus people look like zombies though O.O I wonder what that thing behind Empress Cygnus is?

  50. Splandisly says:

    Wait, I just thought of something. Will Cygnus Knight characters be able to access the new areas? Because they’re the problem in the first place so will they be allowed in? If they are, then it would be pretty awkward if every NPC is like insulting you.

  51. LeonGoldMage says:

    The future monsters of Hene and Erev look pure epic.

  52. Steven says:

    Henesys and Ereb. They just ate pink been. Using a Blue Snail. Now imagine someone spilling some of those Growth potions on Henesys.

  53. eric says:

    It would be cool if NEXON releasing new job, it would be an archer or a theif and they have the power to control time and space, would that change any thing in the future or henesy and Ereb ?

  54. Teheee says:

    Woah, the Cygnus Queen really looks like the anime character Chaos from Sora no Otoshimono. Wings with that metallic structure that can aid in combat.


    for the first time eva
    The future seems dark to the maplers in the game

  56. Wolfo says:


  57. zcoinz says:

    I smell more twists and new jobs that will be overly unbalanced in the air.

  58. gaphary says:

    I pray balancing never stops. The game still is extremely imbalanced. Nexon is doing a great job.

  59. ND92 says:

    I think it’s lame how cygnus themselves cannot play at this area at all, given that it involves them going awry.

    I’m 152, I better get to leveling so I can go here when it launches

    • BendyBread says:

      It’d get too messy.

      Its time travel and all, and since KoC’s from the past are going to future, its.
      Well. Just imagine.

  60. ND92 says:

    In addition, pvp looks like a mini game more than anything. Pass.

  61. Gunth says:

    I wonder how Vipers invinsability frames will play out in the PvP….

  62. AranLover says:

    i would like some cheese with that wine sir.

  63. Randomguy says:

    good thing the cygnus knights max lvls are 120 :D

  64. MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

    hi spadow,

    i just want to ask if there is really 3 new legend job coming out other than Aran Evan(ian ochan utan)
    (which i believe its their unofficial name)

    i heard about the A E I O U
    (the job sequence which is warrior magician bowman theif pirate; which is the standard job sequence.if you check ranking it comes at that manner and most of the job sequence come out in this manner )

    and what is all about the 3 new character on the login in page


  65. SmartGuy says:

    CURSE THE HOLIDAYS! i just got back from vacation and downloading the patch right now.

  66. 5 Legends? says:

    I Tot Mechanic,Wildhunter,battlemage are 3 of the legends , that makes 5: Aran, Evan,Mechanic,Wildhunter and Battlemage……..

  67. Noob...... says:

    How does Viper Do in PvP???

  68. kipex says:

    Soo spadow, how about players that play with Knight of Cygnus after they enter doors to future?

  69. Potato says:

    You said monsters instead of numbers when explaining that pvp replaces the numbers with words

    anyways im loving the cygnus knight evil corruption thingy
    looks epic

  70. solkitsuxjin says:

    lol the reason why they r not letting cygnus in there is it would create a paradox were talking about fancy doors through time not a damn delorean

  71. solkitsuxjin says:

    door to the present
    what is one place we dont know much about?
    what is one thing we dont know much about?
    what is one place we have not been to yet?

  72. plokmi says:

    SPADOW, can i ask u a question?
    in KMS/GMS or wadever, the ultimate adventurer patch is after the bigbang patch?

  73. Gunth says:

    I smell an expansion for Cygnus does anyone esle?
    Perhapes letting them get to 150 that’d be nice
    I honestly think the ony purpose the serve right now is for the creation of UA
    (And a character to mess around with)

  74. SealedEye says:

    What wouldnt surprise me now, is if they had the Black Mage fight in or on top of the World Tree. Like, he’s messing with it when you start the pq, and you need to stop him. Or if the Black Mage himself was actually a lower level than Cygnus, but was more of a pain to fight anyway (they did this with Tylus being lvl 30 IIRC in the pq to get Power Stance, and used to be like this between Tae Roon and Master Goblin pre-BB).

    Also wouldnt surprise me if the only door in ToT thats hasnt been opened yet is the one that u have to take to get there.

    Or, if that they never actually make a Black Mage boss, and just have him as a character in the story that you never fight directly, like how Cichol is for Mabinogi currently.

  75. TheWingedYeti says:

    The World Tree: A tree that protected the world and made it prosperous. However an evil organization known as the zakums held siege on it. The rest doesn’t really matter…………. NEXON, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CONNECT THE ANIME AND THE GAME, IT DOESN’T WORK, THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON

  76. yorio78 says:

    This is so cool. Although I don’t like them, I’m glad the Cygnus Knights arent evil but, under spell. Ima kick the
    Blaze’s ass!


  78. Selshif says:

    Wait if Dark Knights can use their skills…. does that mean I’ll know what it feels like to be hit by a Soul Driver in the near future?
    Quite frankly that frightens me.

  79. Bruno8080 says:

    can’t help loling after seeing the mushies in future henesys – grats for lvling :)

  80. Bruno8080 says:

    P.S. whats the use of being an explorer if this chaos happen? D:

  81. Daniel says:

    As I thought, in PvP there are going to be a few hax jobs. All KoCs, shadower, dual master, buccaneer, bishop (I would think), and my job hopefully Marksman! oh yea.. possibly battle mages..

  82. Byakumaru says:

    having read most comments that insist on chaos patch being related to maplestory, i guess it really is!

    I watched until 1 part when the main character returns to henesys, the whole town was destroyed! It might be related to future henesys! (I know, it was revealed to be a rexton that did it, but still… why henesys of all towns?)

    Something tells me Maplestory Anime is not gonna end so soon. There will be a sequel!!!

    Btw, anyone seen Al and Nina NPCs in maplestory?

    • Byakumaru says:

      Edit: I still gotta admit the anime is a little outdated… They don’t have pirates, knights of cydnus, heroes, and the resistance classes revealed (or will be in the sequel that i am hoping so much for)

  83. Alexislovesmanga says:

    i like how those monsters used to be the easiest thing to kill now they are one of the strongest monsters of the game

  84. commderben says:

    cygnus lol whats the point of this nexon fails this seem liek an alt future and i wonder what happens if you have no mroe quests in the future hene does she turn good again or somthin it seems liek it to me cause how is she stil lgood then the black mage is weak lmao like a snail 1 hit K.O

  85. Great Mapler says:

    What happens to the cygnus knight players? if the chiefs and the empress of cygnus turn evil??


    I could think of a much better ending for this ( Cause I don’t like sad stuff )

    The player saves the day by getting many return scrolls to the vic island towns ( come on, you’re from the past! Can’t you get some? ) so that the people of Henesys can actually reach the other towns.
    Turns out that the towns all turned out like henesys did, badly destroyed but still with some remnants of civilisation.
    Grendel, Dances with Balrog, Dark Lord and Athena Pierce join forces and create a weapon which can retrieve the dark cygnus knights’ souls but you will have to defeat the knights before you can get their souls back.
    The story SHOULD END (D:) with Empress Cygnus and her knights getting their souls back and the holy power of ereve let it float again. Then the player gets warped back to Three Doors.
    After that, you go back to YOUR present and you travel to ereve and warn Cygnus, so the whole crisis in the future won’t happen.

    THE END :D ( However, you can still use the door to the future like no matter how many times you defeat Alishar in Ludi PQ you still have to get the key back from it =P )

    But that’s just wishful thinking :D

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