The first Chaos update topped 280,000 concurrent users

Nexon has announced that the first Chaos update of MapleStory has topped around 280,000 concurrent users. That is less than the Big Bang update… Big Bang topped around 416,000 concurrent users making it a personal best record for MapleStory in Korea.

The chief who’s in charge of the overall development of MapleStory, Oh Han Byul, said in an interview that he would like to break the record of the Big Bang update. Unfortunately, Big Bang is still number 1. However, 280,000 is still a very good achievement.

Do you know why this update only topped less than Big Bang? Because it’s winter.  There’s always competition in the winter because of the large updates and many people have a long break.
It’s a perfect time for games to release their large updates like MapleStory, Dungeon & Fighter etc.

The last term of 2010 for the test server will end very soon… It was a pretty fun term and I liked the new content.
I hope I will be selected again in 2011~

Next week the second update of the Chaos update will be released and the third (PvP!) in January.
I’m anticipating for the new profession skill system and the new high-leveled area.

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37 Responses to The first Chaos update topped 280,000 concurrent users

  1. andrew says:

    I wonder when all of this will come to GMS.

  2. greennov1 says:

    yay second post
    @ above: probably like june or so next year
    does concurrent users mean users using it every day?
    or what?
    plz answers question

  3. Megabine says:

    I thot that MapleStory Chaos would be even better then Big Bang but I dont fell has excited because nothing that big is coming.
    New ability skills and upgraded Hero classes, so what? Hero classes are already overpowered why make them an abuse?
    I thot that a bunch of new systems would come like Pet lvl att (Wish can assist in mob battling or give extra status).
    The principal thing frp, Chaos will be the PVP wich I know that EVERYONE in th entire world is looking foward.
    It’s about time that the PVP system came, but i fell that in the event something is missing! (Not the abilitys)
    It must be something MUCH GREATER!
    I figured that Nexon some day would do something about the FPS’s from Maple Story, the animations have way to low FPS’s, people like flashy skills and animations that catch the eye, but they since the start look SLOW.
    I really wish that they really would do something about it.
    So, I know retreat, one more thing…

  4. 154236 says:

    when i was wotching the video i saw snow coming down from my screen…but i thought it was insects so i flipped my chicken rice over

  5. Kenny Ding says:

    I wish there will be system where pet can help us to attack the monster. That’d be great!

  6. Drakath says:

    well i like the new profession skils because then u can other things then the whole day only training or looking for items in the fm. wel about pvp its gonna be fun something new is coming and you can get points for it so i look forward to it :D . And chaos wil very funny whole victoria map is destroyed xD. well chaos is compared with big bang not so big but i like the Chaos that is coming there wil be new chaos bosses i hope something like that. wel one more thing :D Have a nice Christmas Spadow :D

    • Person says:

      You misunderstood, that part of the video was from Big Bang, nothing is destroyed. That isn’t Victoria Island becoming Victoria Island Range, its the Black Mage’s rebirth. Although, Victoria Island Range would be cool. Reminds me of The Wind Waker.

  7. stylinggel says:

    well i cant wait for the new profession skils it wil be fun :D
    Happy Christmas Spadow .

  8. alex says:

    ya me to cant wait i play in kms 1 year ! happy christmas spadow! :D !!!! to me is hanouka

  9. thechazz says:

    Do you know why this update only topped less than Big Bang? Because it’s winter. There’s always competition in the winter because of the large updates and many people have a long break.

    yeah either that or people just didn’t like Chaos as much as Big Bang …

  10. kipex says:

    Oh nice, and spadow you are from korea?

  11. dber says:

    NOOO and thats why he plays kms and always blogs about kms YOU GOT IT GENIUS!!(dont mean genius)

  12. Splandisly says:

    Wait it says “You guys won’t have the strength to defeat the Black Magician because I’m the only one who can fight against him” and shows a picture of the new Dual Blade, but in the “Great War” when the Battle Mage and the Dual Blade fight, the Dual Blade has his old armor. Can this mean that they’re making a thief hero class? And because the “Return of the Hero”, they show Evan, Aran, AND Dual Blade. Could this mean a new thief hero class????

  13. Axxez says:

    Cool. Or not.

  14. Alex says:

    I bet the ‘Hot Time II’ in GMS topped that.

    • David says:

      Oh yea lol. Scania and Bera nearly crashed. Everyone single channel during the 2x was full, all of the bars filled up. Even the small world like yello had half their channels filled.

  15. Likan says:

    U will be picked again spadow, theres no doubtabout it.

  16. Hollogen says:

    I can see why they call it Chaos….
    with PvP theres going to be alot of rage like…

    OMFG stop ksing…ill kick your ass in pvp
    OMFG stop spamming that skill you noob learn to play

    prefect name

  17. Jay says:

    내가 2 업데이 트를 1 월 언젠가 올 생각, 그리고 2 월 또는 3 월에 셋째.

  18. Giraflare says:

    Good luck covering the content that was just released in Kmst, there seems like a lot. Pleae do go into detail for the Door to the Futures storyline ^_^

  19. Axxez says:


  20. Happy says:

    Oh thanks Spadow I’ve seen your video in the Door of Future in Youtube and I’m waiting for your post!!!!

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