KMS ver. 1.2.117 ~ Return of the Hero

Yesterday the first patch of the Chaos update went live. This update ‘Return of the Hero’ gives Dual Blade and the Hero jobs balanced skills, along with the other jobs. I’m sorry, Mr. Mechanic. :<

I've already posted the skill changes that were made in the test server. If you want to know more, click on each part:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Everyone was entitled to one SP reset scroll in this patch. I used one and replaced Lv. 1 Snatch with Energy Orb.
Nexon Korea likes to throw in some new worlds with big updates. This has been proven with the launch of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade, Resistance and Big Bang…

A new world! The Chaos world – There’s always an event going on with the release of a new world.
The best event is when you reach level 70. At level 70, you can obtain the Chaos Bandana and when you reach level 100, you can obtain the Frontier Earrings.
The Chaos Bandana is +18 AllStat with +25 accuracy and avoidability and +10 hands.

Four new events are available in this patch. One is the New World event, there is the Christmas event where you can collect Christmas socks give them to a Christmas tree to decorate and enter Happyville and a lot more. The third event is the Quiz Star K event.

The name is funny because it’s taken from Superstar K (talent show), but for Quiz Star K you aren’t showing off your vocals, it’s your knowledge that the judges of Quiz Star K are looking for.
For a period of time from 2 PM till 5 PM you can visit the judges to challenge yourself with a quiz.
If you answered a lot of questions, you’ll receive a race car mount and a medal as a reward.

The last event is the Warriors of Chaos event. This main event consists of 3 other events.
”Boom UP” is the first event which gives you cash clothing and items when you reach a certain level.

Since Dual Blade is back to available again for the Winter only, I decided to create a character. Because of the Boom UP event, everyone who creates a new character will get a little surprise.

You will obtain a newbie set.

Hot or Not?

When you reach Lv. 30, you will obtain these items ↓

And when you reach Lv. 50, you will obtain these items ↓

The cash items are permanent. No need to worry about that. However, Dual Blade characters will be getting something extra…

Event mastery books!! You get Slash Storm 20, Tornado Spin 20, Mirror Imaging 30 and Flying Assaulter 20.
How awesome is that? I feel bad for those who spent some money on those mastery books in Cash Shop.
Though, this is only limited and happens on selected days.

There’s a lot more to come!
Gaga wanted to speak to me about a new quest. A quest in collecting an Adventurer Ring.

Gaga says I need to raise my level from 148 to 188 to obtain a ring. This has to be done before January 31, 2011 or else the quest disappears.
I think that’s not enough for me to raise my level so quickly to 188.
But for everyone who creates a new character, this will be another benefit!

Adventurers: Adventurer Rings
Knights of Cygnus
: Holy Wing Earring
Resistance: Resistance Lux Ring
Aran: Lilin’s Aura Ring
Evan: Onyx Dragon Glasses
Dual Blade: Blood Mask

They all add +3 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +3 weapon and magic attack. The quest starts at Lv. 40, newly created characters will have to raise their level to 80. For people who are past Lv. 41, they will need to raise their level forty times.
These job items cannot be worn over any other existing job items (Dragon Glasses, Lilin’s Ring etc.) and you can only trade the job item to another character once on your account.

Boss monsters now drop a secret mastery book instead of the original mastery book. With a secret mastery book, it’s a surprise which mastery book you get.

Tomorrow there will be a Hot Time event in MapleStory at 2 PM but I can’t play! I want that ‘I’m a Lucky Guy’ medal so bad.. And on the 25th there will be 3 hours of x2 EXP!
I want to raise my Viper’s level to 150!

I apologize for not explaining the new profession skill system. I will explain it when it will be released in the official server. That way it’s accurate and up-to-date.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

143 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.117 ~ Return of the Hero

  1. Arsec says:

    a lot of free stuff? souns good to me
    first ^^… i hope

  2. thesadface says:


  3. luciferbb says:

    nice… when it comes to maplesea i might consider re-playing maple since i quit quite some time ago.

  4. PaCh says:

    Thats awesome!
    free stuff?

    Sorry, for my lack of knowledge, but what job advancement is the skills flying assaulter and mirror imaging in?

  5. Johel says:

    Thank you Spadow :D

  6. Ken says:

    Waited for so long. You finally updated it.

  7. Takebacker says:

    Don’t really understand why you got rid of 1 snatch. It’s like, my most important skill ESPECIALLY after the range increase it got during chaos. If you don’t train at LHC, snatch is beast even at level 1.

    • Spadow says:

      I got rid of because I barely used it. Energy Orb is good for LHC because the orb can also fly to monsters one platform down.

      I use Backspin Blow a lot to stun monsters.

      • Takebacker says:

        And you barely use it because you train at LHC lol. Orb is great for LHC but only if it’s maxed, which at your level i doubt it is. o.o

        The uses of snatch is almost entirely dependent on the kind of mobs you’re training on, but i still think i’ll use snatch even at LHC. I won’t rely on it as much as i do now (which is a LOT) but i will still use it. It’s use isn’t even so much for stunning as much as for mob control and mobility. I don’t know if you watch my videos, but in the next one which i will have up probably by sunday snatch will be more heavily displayed than in the past by pretty much anyone. ^^

  8. Ken says:

    Oh ya I’d like to post this to MSEA Asiasoft forum by the way.

  9. Cool says:

    Wow! Thanks spadow. I love you for everything you do.

  10. Rice says:

    What happens if the player is 161?

  11. suhunmech says:

    Lol i only got a sp reset 6 fame 60 percent scrool.

  12. ILoveSlack says:

    oo im lookin forward to this since MSEA still is quite far away from Big Bang,much to compare to Chaos

  13. Axxez says:

    Cool! From the Hot Time event, I got 100 leaf things that give you 4000mana, 4 popularity, and a sp reset.. Not bad, but I wanted the Lucky Medal :(

  14. frank says:

    will dual blades in gms get the skill scrolls? i hope so. cant w8 for resistance to come

  15. Kio says:

    so what are those cash shop package medals’ stats? or are they just decorative?

  16. Cobray says:

    Blah I missed the Hot Time event today cause I didn’t know it was happening =/

  17. Ghost says:

    Why is channel 20 second on the list? And what does it say right next to it?

  18. Dotdot says:

    The real question here is who is the Hero returning?

    • Chibi says:

      Aran, Evan, and DB(for a short time lol) and resistance which they didnt mention here o-o

      • Dotdot says:

        It said Return of the Hero not Heroes.

        • Chibi says:

          well since its KSM and DB was only open for a short amount of time,
          its the RETURN of DB with new skills and better damage formula
          (dagger+katara damage is not seperated, its combined)

          •its a guess because DB is the figure presented in the center of the poster
          •and the vid voice was the voice of DB
          •and DB is only going to be out in KMS for a short time again

  19. OnlineRecord says:

    Who already level 190 he will need to get to level 220 to get ring? ?!

  20. Behemoth says:

    AWWWWWW to much to take in at one time

  21. ybaby says:

    So to clear things up, none of the job item stack? Like equipping the dragon glasses will un-equip the lilin ring?

  22. Ghost says:

    Do the adventurer rings still give the same affects? (critical dmg/ instant death/stun)

    And will the blood mask be available for other jobs?

  23. Omar says:

    O-o sounda good. 1 Question. Whats up with the character at 0:44 or 0:43? is it a new class or something? jewlist? idk, can someone explain? :P

    • Chibi says:

      Those new characters shown in the vid are “Professions”
      Class= warrior,bowmen,theif,mage,pirate
      Job= stage of each class (ex: Swordsman >Fighter> ETC)
      Skills= usable programs set for each Job
      Ability = Str ,Dex, Int, Luk
      Those words have Nothing to do with the new characters MEANING, it is none of the above:
      (though the oringal “real world” meanings for each word may be used to describe them)
      Job- example – herbologist
      Skills – example – Search for herbs or plant oils
      Professions are Trades(jobs) in which you may learn up to 2 of the many professions at lv30
      by using the “skills” entitled for each profession you can make various Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Potions, and even increase the number of slots for an item.
      the 2 you choose work hand in hand to make items that work with what profession you choose.

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  25. NEXON says:


  26. DarkHail says:

    A little question… What happens if you are lvl 161 or more ?(because I have a 172 Hero in GMS)

  27. Alilatias says:

    Bah, only account tradable once? Why couldn’t they make them account sharable like the original Lilin’s Ring? This means only the critical ring, glasses, and mask are really worth it (earrings might be too, but IIRC, they have no slots, meaning they can’t be potentialed).

    Account sharable once means I have to make and keep an Evan and DB mule while I wait for the eventual Archer legend/hero. :(

    *sigh* At least I still have an extra Critical ring from my Gunslinger mule. Maybe I’ll grab another one with that mule while I’m at it.

  28. Snowie says:

    Who said this is coming to GMS? Alot of the KMS events have skipped us. Although it would be nice to get ahold of that mask…zzzz

  29. Mr. Mike says:

    Hey Spadow, when DB were released in GMS, there was a special Dual Blade cash shop outfit.

    Is there a new special cash shop oufit for this update, since the Dual Blade outfit has changed?

  30. ILoveSlack says:

    oo btw spadow how abt lv200s,how can they gt the rings if they cant gt their lv 40 more agn?

  31. Woot says:

    soooo when are they going to release the new female boss??

  32. Royal says:

    Spadow, do you mind clarifying what you mean by
    “These job items cannot be worn over any other existing job items (Dragon Glasses, Lilin’s Ring etc.) and you can only trade the job item to another character once on your account.”?

    Worn over… as in…?

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m guessing something like the glasses not being equippable with the original Dual Blade mask or the original Adventurer rings, or something like that. Notice how all of these new items are new – they’re all named differently.

      I certainly hope that’s not the case, though. I really want the glasses and mask.

    • Spadow says:

      You cannot wear a Lilin’s Aura Ring with a Lilin’s Ring or a Resistance Lux Ring with a Resistance Ring.

    • EcSt4sY says:

      stack, which means..
      These job items cannot be stacked with any other items that u get when u create a character of a certain job, eg. evan=dragon glasses, aran = lirin’s ring, db = masks…

  33. David says:

    OMG! Blade fury looks awesome. If you upperstab then blade fury it will do so much damage.

  34. ChuanJun says:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    [MV] 2PM – I’ll Be Back (KM ver) 1080i


  35. Volt says:

    HA! lol. i wrote about the christmas events and you wrote about this. ._. awesomeness.

  36. SmartGuy says:

    Spadow I know you said you would explain the production skills when its released so it can be up-to-date but can you tell me how do I get Magic Powders (Brown to be specific).

  37. Sora says:

    Can you give me an English translation of the servers’ names ?

    • Caffeine says:

      after cluverin (the anchor) it’s fleta, meiriel (?), leona, aster, meidere, galacia, dar, looho (?), mir, nova, cosma, androia, chaos

    • Volt says:

      In order:Harshello, Khadia, Judis, Stius, Broa, ElNido, Kalluna, Bellocan, Mardia, Flana, Demethos, Arkania, Windia, Khaini, Croa, Yellonde, Kastia, Scania, Bera, Zenith, Culverin, Fleta, Meriel, Leona, Aster, medere, galicia, dar, ryuuho, mir, nova, cosmo, androa, chaos.

  38. mnmega says:

    Umm, I don’t totally understand what you mean by “These job items cannot be worn over any other existing job items”

    Also, are they all common equips? and can you wear all of them together?

  39. Jesse says:

    If Nexon employees are not noobs we will get the Resistance in 8 minutes! WOOT!

  40. JrTroopa says:

    Can resistance members now put their sp on past skills?

  41. lol quiz show,
    That looks fun well enjoy yourself and thank you for the update

  42. anoimus says:

    spadow i saw a pic of u in my frens album and u are guild alliance with him =D if u dun mind can help me cr8 a kms account?

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  44. John says:

    omfg sounds prety awesome cant wait till it hits gms :)

  45. SouteiKusari says:

    hey spadow the link to part 3 of the return of the hero update goes to part 2

  46. Eric says:

    cant wait for this in gms >.<

  47. Mac says:

    Hey Spadow….for this part of the patch that you wrote

    “These job items cannot be worn over any other existing job items (Dragon Glasses, Lilin’s Ring etc.) and you can only trade the job item to another character once on your account.”

    So even if you currently are wearing an advent ring…you can’t wear any other item?

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  49. Peter says:

    They changed the newbie cash item. Btw I still need help with my db lvl82

  50. Cyrus says:

    is this going to come to GMS?

  51. Donovan says:

    Hey Spadow are they realesing the Dual Blade Master Look Package or some sort for the DB as well as the other packages for Aran and Evan?

  52. Donovan says:

    Spadow are they releasing the Dual Blade Packages as ell as other Hero packages for the chaos updates?

  53. Joe says:

    Hey Spadow, are the Mastery books you get from a newly created DB tradeable? Because I have a 47 DB with NX spent on only Slash storm 20, and I was wondering about the free skill books we receive, and are they 100%?

  54. JackIsBack says:

    I hope this comes to GMS, the glasses and mask look better than any equip of their type.
    Anyone know the level requirement and which of all of these can be potentialled?

  55. CelestialApple says:

    I have a question, for the dual blade mastery book event, will all dual blade get the mastery books?
    or just the newly created Dual Blades?

  56. Veky Do says:

    For the new world Chaos, how much time do you have until the chaos bandana is unavailable to get?

  57. Cyrus says:

    Spadow is GMS goin to get this?

  58. Paul says:

    So, if you reach level 80 for an Aran and you reach level 80 for a Dual Blade, can you wear both the new Lilin’s Aura Ring and the new Blood Mask at the same time? Thanks in advance.

  59. msea player says:

    HOPe msea can follow and be like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Spadowluver says:

    Is it sad that I have every single one of those items?

  61. XennyX says:

    What if you have a level 120 knight do you still receive rings?

  62. Steven Stone says:

    the mastery books will be tradeable between accounts? or just event books?

  63. brandon says:

    can anyone confirm if the onxy glasses and blood mask can have potential?

  64. steve says:

    So do we get books if we are already 50+?

  65. Jules says:

    Will this version of adventurer ring give extra critical chance like th original version? :O

  66. Zhen says:

    hey spadow will the mastery books be tradeable, and will already existing dual blades get them?

  67. Ksr says:

    I Have a Question, and i hope i could get an answer ASAP, Thanks

    To get the Hat that gives +18 in all stats…

    Do i have to create a New Character, or all the characters that are above 70+ can get this hat…?
    Or is anything else that is needed to get the hat?

    I hope you can give me the answer for that, or the steps to get the hat…..Thank You! :D

  68. Richard says:

    well,Spadow,I know you are busy,
    but I have the same question about Dual Blade’s mastery books,
    If I have a dual blade now(Big Bang),will I get those mastery books?
    or it must be the newest created character ?
    Thanks a lot (I’m thinking of training a DualBlade now,but I’m afraid that I won’t get the mastery books)
    oh,if you don’t know actually,you can still let me know. =)
    thank you!!!!

  69. Hehe says:

    I know this is pretty late, but do evans get free skillbooks too?
    or is it only dualblades?

    • EcSt4sY says:

      Erm… dude, no evan would want Slashstorm, Flying assaulter, tornado spin, and mirror image skillbooks? So obviously nexon wouldn’t give evans dual blades skillbooks. However, if you are wondering if evans get free evan skillbooks, then from what I understand, no they do not ><

  70. Lou says:

    Spadow, can you still get the newbie pack if you make a UA
    And what would UAs get? The earrings or the adventurer ring

  71. William says:

    Dear Spadow,
    For the Adventurer Rings, will it be tradeable?

  72. Julesx says:

    Dear Spadow, does Adventurers Ring still have critical bonus and such?


  73. Jeremy says:

    Hey Spadow, do you know if those books and all, do we have to make a new DB or can we still get all that stuff with an already made DB? Nvm I guess not, so I guess I will be giving all of my armor and all I got on my already made db and put on a mule and reroll,

  74. samer says:

    um the masterys r tradable right?

  75. Actually, are those Dual Blade Skillbooks tradeable?

  76. gerar2 says:

    hey spadow, i know that u are bussy

    i read that i need create a new DB to get those books, but if u make a ultimate DB, during that evet, i will still get those books? and i need create the DB in the new server? plz anwers asap

  77. Peter says:

    wait i just want to make sure, so for example, the mask cant stack with one of the rings?

  78. Peter says:

    wait i just want to make sure, so for example, the mask cant stack with one of the rings?
    And also what if your char is above lvl 70 already, does it receive the bandanna?

  79. Peter says:

    And also what if your char is above lvl 70 already, does it receive the bandanna?

  80. moao says:

    i like this job and really of we rigister we get cash?

    • OscarJ says:

      The bandanna is received when you level a character from level 1-70 in the new world that come out with the Chaos patch.

  81. Alexandria says:

    I have read all the posts and yet, none of them are extinguishing the rumor I heard. I heard on the chaos patch that there will be a new update on the whole stat and damage thing, meaning my LUKLESS wizards and clerics will become useless, because LUK will actually play a role now. Has anyone else heard of these rumors? Could someone confirm whether they are true or not, because I really want to play with my cleric and wizards, but I’m scared that when chaos patch comes out, they’ll become useless and the only thing I’ll be able to kill are snails.

  82. breadbread says:

    is the db mask only for dbs? or can it be xfered between other jobs and chars for them to use?

  83. Joel says:

    only a few questions;
    1. what are all the dual blade skill books post chaos
    2. is there any skills you dont get if you dont use certin mastery books for dual blades before chaos
    3.where can the skill books and mastery books be obtained post chaos (ex. phantom blow, ect…)
    4. android things, are they cash shop? if yes how much nx, if no how do you get them?

  84. Kevin says:

    When you say new character it’s just the character right!? Not a whole new account to be viable for the free stuff? o_o

  85. daniel says:

    you said certain days when you make a dual blade you get the mastery books, wich days do you get the mastery books?

  86. spiker33 says:


  87. Jordan says:

    So pissed about mechs :/ might make a new character but that would be so complicated

  88. Xdragate says:

    Well in KMS will have mastery book event so when all the monster drop mastery book?

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