KMST V356 ~ MapleStory Chaos: 2nd Update

Only four days left until the first update ”Return of the Hero” of MapleStory Chaos hits the official server.

In case you missed it, check out the official MapleStory Chaos trailer. I translated the trailer, you can get the subtitles by enabling Closed Captions (CC).

Before MapleStory Chaos was introduced to the rest of the world, the first updates in the test server were known as the ”reorganization” update.
That has now changed to the ”Return of the Hero” update. Nexon has released a test server patch on the 9th to test the new profession skills for the ”Technological Age” update. I have to add that a few other skills were adjusted again.

To see the changes made in part 1, click here.
To see the changes made in part 2, click here.

Note: All the skill values are taken from the master level.



– Damage of Blast has been decreased from 300% to 285%

F/P Archmage

– DoT damage of Paralyze has been decreased from 210% to 140%


– 100% critical rate has been added to Sniping‘s boss attack


Aran (2nd Job)

– Damage of Combo Fenrir has been decreased from 490% to 430%

Aran (3rd Job)

The amount of monsters Final Toss can attack has been decreased from 12 to 8

Aran (4th Job)

– The extra damage for Combo Fenrir from Overswing has been decreased from 80% to 40%
– The amount of monsters Final Blow can attack has been decreased from 12 to 8


Mechanic (4th Job)

– Damage of Laser Blast has been decreased from 400% to 360%

That’s all. I think everyone is content about the new adjustments. I certainly am because Vipers were given upgrades, so I can’t complain. ^-^

I think most of you are curious about the new profession skills. It’s a great addition to the game where everyone can learn new techniques.
I don’t know whether I should try to explain everything in this post or explain it when it hits the official server on December 30.
Everything is still in the phase of testing and it’s not the final product so things might subject to change.

I’ll give you a tip. If you want to make your own accessories, save all your ores, (monster) crystals, magic powders etc. on a character you don’t use.

On the other hand,  a lot of people are speculating who this new ultimate female boss might be.
This boss has yet to be released but it will be a nice addition for high-leveled players.

I think it’s obvious who this might be. She looks a lot like the Empress in Ereb. I changed the picture so you can see more than the original.
She has a big eyes and has grown up, don’t you think?

It was announced that Nexon developed a new area for Lv. +160 players: Door of the Future.

If you visit the Temple of Time, you will notice that there is a map with three doors. One is closed, the second door is a little bit open, but you can’t access it and the last door has a crack in it, but you can access the last door.
The first door will bring you to the Road of the Future. You can see it yourself, hover on the top of the door in the game.

What a coincidence.. Nexon revealed that they’re going to release a new area soon for Lv. +160 players called the Door of the Future.

Check out this image. You see three portals. I think the closed door in the Temple of Time leads you to the road of the future and will bring you to this map.
The portal in the middle is from the Temple of Time, the portal with a crack in it on the right brings you to the future of Henesys, a destroyed town…

But I don’t know the location for the portal on the left side… Could it bring you to the past?
The Empress of Ereb is a young girl in the present time of Maple World. However, I think that we will discover her dark and sinister side in the future in one of the new high-leveled areas. It has to be… because she looks much older in the silhouette picture.

What do you think?

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195 Responses to KMST V356 ~ MapleStory Chaos: 2nd Update

  1. DevilGamerX(Levi) says:

    thats lady looks like the cynus knight lady person woot first comment i think or not maybe

    • Axxez says:

      Uhhh that’s what he said in his post. xD

      • DevilGamerX(Levi) says:

        well srry i dont read the post thingy much

        • Somebody says:

          Empress Cygnus goes on a mission to find the World tree. She and her knights succeed but it is a trap sit by the Black Mage. He curses her by stealing her soul and turning her knights into his puppets. Because of this curse Ereve loses it’s magic and falls to Victoria Island where The now evil Cygnus start their attack On Maple World.

    • RandomaplerxD says:

      yeh! she even has that charm thing in her hair!

    • Stikkahs from deme says:

      i wonder if the dragon will fight alongside her….fak

      • i think that its the future empress cuz if u c it says that in the pic she looks gowned up and she may destroyed henesys…… maybe she conquered a part of maple world? thats my opinion

        • TheWingedYeti says:

          Technically she already rules the world (if you’ve made a koc and read the storyline, it says so) but maybe she became malevolent and is now evil?

    • crazyawper says:

      and again…wild hunters continue to pwn bowmasters despite their long presence in the game. I guess nexon just loves to boost the new jobs

    • Ddragonkill says:

      no dip sherloc holmes

    • Peanits says:

      Honestly, why debuff FPs twice? They’re weak enough already.

    • RawrIzDANNYUFOOLS says:

      nu u arnt da 1 commnt u nub. soooo mny othr ppl hav commnted befir u stuped! u so dum and r u on lik creck or sumthin….? …u nub haha n ppl tall meh that meh is stuped! u idiott!!!!!? go bak to lik 2 grade or sumthin..

  2. tyson says:

    AWESOME..too bad bowmasters dont get any more upgrades

  3. Yorckie says:

    I’m really excited for this level 160+ content! Looks beautiful~
    Thank you as always, Spadow! By the way, is there any new changed skill animation?

  4. NEXON says:

    I want to know how many wave chaos future crack this new map will open in the?

  5. tyson says:

    i need more info T-T

  6. greennov1 says:

    can’t wait for it to come out in gMS
    which will probably take at least a year. . .
    or not
    ty for the info

  7. DarkHail says:

    Just a thought, It might not be her. Perhaps the real empress is trapped or something and this woman we see her is her sister.

    On the other hand, perhaps the empress created the cygnus to take the black mage and the wings out so that she can control mapleworld?

    Just 2 ideas that make sence. This is just a thought! (:
    What you think spadow?

  8. Tacobeard says:

    To respond to your question or what I think, I think you should read my speculation post in your last announcement on maplestory chaos.

  9. DuckDojas says:

    chaos empress? ):

  10. mune0106 says:


  11. Wth_is_life says:

    Nice :), can’t wait until this update hit GMS. I think may be in May or June 2011.

    I wonder if we can see the other 4 towns in the future ?

  12. Axxez says:

    THX for the info Spadow!! Just wondering, how did you come up with ur name? Something to do with shadow? xD

  13. MrOcto says:

    Really thought, an older evil version of a young girl. Who happens to be named after an astral body (star). This is definitely Sailor Moon with Cygnus cast as Dark Lady :\

  14. Volt says:

    kyo, btw im almost ABSOLUTELY certain that the left cracked door leads to the past. When the black mage battled the 5 heroes. If u right click in google chrome then open image in new tab then zoom in u can see what’s inside the door better. there’s leafrian grass and a red tree from the aran map black road.
    Now i edited the boss image a little.
    If you look very closely you can see that she is smiling and still has that pendant thing in her hair. She has a blue mantle now and she looks more mature. She looks almost exactly like the empress except for the few differences.

  15. OlDirtieBtd says:


  16. DAggers says:

    They made a new world is Tespia called Chaos?

  17. DeFixed says:

    If you look really close to the right portal you can see a mushroom house of Henesys, and if you look really close to the portal on the left you see some tree’s so could it bee Leafre?

  18. Ghost says:

    Oh crap, another time traveling area, we all how the last one Nexon Korea made ended.
    Oh wait! We don’t! Because they never even finished it! -__-

  19. eric says:

    here my thought for the new lvl 160 female boss. I’m sure that is the empress but could it be black mage who take over her body or tranformhim self into a twin. Or all the beginning when they fighting the black mage is just a fake battle so the black mage can destroy the 5 heroes.Correct me if I’m wrong. and maplestory chao update make me so excited ^^

  20. Izuki says:

    I don’t think the left portal leads to the past… Why would it be called “Door to the FUTURE” if it has a door to the PAST. :/
    Just sayin’

  21. Egyetlen says:

    maybe it’s like 1 Phineas and Ferb ep or Back to the Future: the Princess is supposed to be fighting for the good. But, Black Wings found a way to intervene the timeline, which leads to the bad future etc etc

  22. Stoffmeister says:

    Could you give us any more information about the PvP?

  23. MeritsAlone says:

    Hmm, im more or less interested about the proffesion skills, ores is gonna sky rocket in prices and i have alot of them, then again you can just mine some cant you >_>
    ZOMG Plot Twist!
    …. I have a feeling the PvP is gonna be a pretty big failure… Sadly D:

  24. zzz says:

    Yes. The Empress has indeed grown up…to be fucked both literally and figuratively by Maplers all over =P

  25. FearlessIce says:

    er return of heros meaning , db , aran , evan and resistance right coz i wan to make a wild hunter

  26. batuman says:

    I think the new boss is the queen of cygnus.
    I THINK!

  27. Diego says:

    why is there a maple charcter in the portals?

  28. Marcel says:

    I think there are 2 worlds. The paralel and the normal Maple World.

  29. Dusekkar says:

    We eventually fight the Empress?

    -mind blown-

  30. Marcel says:

    and about the 3 doors… I think the left portal leads to the future, because we can see a destruction and the right, is all normal…

  31. Splandisly says:

    Awesome I was right on the reply I wrote when he first showed the new boss picture :D

  32. iccysoul says:

    My first though was the goddess Minerva but the empress makes more sense

  33. Gage says:

    I love the new addition of crafting skills and pvp. It seems as though maplestory is moving on to somthing bigger with these new additions. I think that with this update maplestory will be turning into somthing that is a litle more complex in the future. Good or bad i cant wait :D thanks Spadow!

  34. jmsplayer says:

    If the Japanese translations were correct and IIRC the empress in Ereb is different from the empress in the Temple of Time and is different from the empress in Orbis (mentioned in the Eliza quests and the Orbis PQ) or the snow empress in El Nath (mentioned in the Snowman quests). The four empresses are all separate in the same way Neo Tokyo storyline in JMS has nothing to do with the Temple of Time even though both Aufheben and Pink Been is summoned from another dimension. (Neo Tokyo storyline does interact with the Maple World proper as you have to visit Alcester in El Nath in one of three possible storylines). These redundant references to a vaguely similar character happens elsewhere in (some version of) the game. Examples:
    -John Barricade (Maplestory Trading Card Game NPC) and Jack Barricade (Crimsonwood Keep/Masteria NPC): The sprites are identical and has the same last name but there is no mention of their relationship
    -Mrs. Ming Ming/Helena in the Aran tutorial and Helena in Henesys/Ellin Forest: The faces are identical yet so far there’s nothing in-game that suggests people who fled from the Aran homeland ended up in Henesys. This explanation would also contradict the Ellin Forest mini-storyline.

    I’ve never done any non-Adventurer class or non-JMS versions but I’m sure there are more of these ambiguities in those job/version-specific storylines/maps, as well as stuff I missed. My personal guess is the boss is the awakened Empress of Time (who doesn’t even appear in-game currently).

    • heyy says:

      then how do you explain why cygnus knights are grayed out in the chaos trailer???…..
      and the text says _maple world, full of lies and betrayal_…..
      explain please

    • BendyBread says:

      You do make good points, but look at the new bosses head. See that little medallion in her hair? It matches the one that the current Empress in Ereb/Ereve has, which is why we’re near certain its her.

      I know its not the orbis empress due to her not having a hairpiece, but I’m unsure about the El Nath one or the time empress. IIRC, the time empress also has a hairpiece (as seen on statues in ToT), and if the “Snow witch” in Elnath is based off of the empress, then she also has a piece.

      Im loving the storyline of Maple though. Its exciting.

    • Andy says:

      jack and john barricade are brothers. my memory is fuzzy, but i even tought they are twin brothers.

      john says so in quests. unless they removed them lines by now, since it was a while since i did them.

    • Ghost says:

      Bad first example, John and Jack are brothers, it was mentioned many times within the Masteria quests

  35. Kabloomboom says:

    If you look at the boss’s eyes closely, you can see that her eyes look rather distant, as if she’s being controlled against her will.

    I believe the plot surrounding the Door to the Future will be as follows: in the present, everything is all hunky-dory; the Black Mage may have returned, but the Heroes, the Knights of Cygnus, and the Adventurers have things under control. In the future, however, the Maple world lies in shambles. The Black Mage has gained the upper hand, and captured Empress Cygnus to do his bidding. Without their leader, Neinhart takes over the Knights of Cygnus, and with the help of the Heroes, the Resistance, and the Adventurers, does all he can to prevent the Black Mages’ reign of terror.

    I believe the plot of the Door to the Future will culminate with a battle against Empress Cygnus, where you must defeat her to break the Black Mages’ hold on her.

    The only thing I really can’t account for is the left side portal in the Door to the Future; some say it may be a portal to the past, but then why call the map Door to the Future? Why not call it Door of Time, or something along those lines?

    On an unrelated note, have you ever noticed how much Nexon loves the concept of time? There’s the clock tower in Ludibrium, the Temple of Time, Ellin Forest, Neo City, the Visitors event in GMS (and some other versions) and plenty of other areas that deal with time, or time travel.

    • IM NOT TELLING says:

      You are definatly on to something… i reckon that the left portal is a different future though i have no idea wat it is

  36. Brobby ree says:

    i was right…it twas her

  37. roro says:

    awsome. your on to something there

  38. God says:

    Hmmm seems like the Empress could be her!

  39. Joe says:

    i just keep getting more and more motivated to keep leveling my sniper, hoping to hit 4th before Christmas :D

  40. AaronsMyEvan says:

    Three doors eh? one to the future, one to the present. Anyone wanna place bets on a door leading to the past. wat would rly suk ass is the black mage went to the past using that door and killed aran, evan, and the other heroes in their sleep while they were like 2 weeks old.

  41. Justin says:

    Notice the pendant on both the new boss and Empress Cygnus. I think the Cygnus Knights might have been secretly working for the Black Mage.

    • heyy says:

      as a 10- 15 year old girl?…

    • Blargh says:

      Nah that wouldn’t make much sense being that the Knight of Cygnus spend there whole storyline quests going finding and beating the Puppeteer who was part of the Black Wings.. Or so I think.. But I read this in someone elses’ comment, if that were to be the Empress.. Then her dragon would fight along side her right? Making it more of a bother if you’ve ever seen how big that thing is..

      • Gasp says:

        Well, what if the KoC were out to defeat the Puppeteer who actually turned out to be a double agent and the Empress didn’t want the Puppeteer to leak out that she truly was evil meaning the Puppeteer was actually a good guy that the Empress wanted to make sure there were not any loose ends! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!

  42. heyy says:

    i think cygnus finally gives up hope since now shes more mature and understanding…..
    and then goes to the dark side…

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  44. BendyBread says:

    Hey Spadow. Do you still have a Mech on KMST or just the Evan?

    If you have the Mech (or any other characters), could you use them please during your videos? I find an Evans dragon a bit too distracting, as well as them being weak as hell compared to Mechs.
    Also loving the Door to the Future. :)

    Lastly, do you know why the Empress is currently so young? Is she enchanted to look young or is she genuinely a young girl?

  45. Rob says:

    Her eyes look similar to that puppet that (francis?) has. Maybe she is being controlled.

  46. BlindBravery says:

    She looks like the statue lady in the pink bean room o-o

  47. David says:

    Cygnus Empress is a bad biatch, I knew it since she came to Maple world.

  48. Alex says:

    Hey, a bit unrelated but.. do you know any monsters that drop deadly fins or kandines in KMS? Cant seem to find a good source.. Thanks!

  49. Josh says:

    I think you are right and the boss will be the empress considering that in the video of the chaos update the narrator says “The maple world has been filled with lies, betrayal and chaos” and the empress appears in the back with the cygnus knights

  50. Lucas says:

    About the Door Of The Past, or whatever you guys call it. I see a tree in there, do you? I’m guessing, Kamuna, everyone? Well, this is a bit far fetched, but there is a tree in there, that I can confirm.

  51. FoxesKarma says:

    Look at a picture of Empress Cygnus, Then look at the picture on here for the new boss. Her headband has the same pendant hanging from it and the shape of the headband from the “Queen” looks just like empress Cygnus’s headband.

    • FoxesKarma says:

      And another note. The door on the left cannot be the door to the past because the door to the past existed before door to the future became accessible.
      At Three Doors there are well 3 doors. One is Door to the Future, the middle one is Door to the Present, and the one that is broken that leads into Pink Bean is Door to the Past. The portal on the left is going to be another part of the future of the maple world.

  52. Kabloomboom says:

    The blown up picture of the left portal doesn’t contain anything very distinguishable. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s Leafre based on the ground/floor/grass/dirt that can be seen inside the portal. As for the time period, seeing as how it’s inside the Door to the Future, I’m putting my money on the Leafre of the future.

    There’s already a Door to the Past; it’s the path along the Temple of Time that we already know – Memories to Regrets to Oblivion – that Pink Bean broke into. I don’t see why they’d put a portal to the past inside of the Door to the Future.

    I’d just like to point out that of the three “Godesses” known to the Maple world, none of them are truely connected. There’s the Orbis PQ Godess, Minerva, who the player rescues by restoring her statue. Then there’s Ariel, the Godess who’s likeness can be found in the battle with Pink Bean; I don’t know much about her, other than some vague memory of the Time Keeper NPC saying that she shouldn’t be bothered or awoken or something. And finally there is Empress Cygnus, the leader of the Knights of Cygnus, dedicated (supposedly) to fighting the Black Mage and protecting the Maple world. None of these Godesses have anything related to one another.

    The hair clip and the faint blonde outline on the silhouette are a dead giveaway; this person is somehow related to Empress Cygnus. Whether that’s really her or not is to be decided – for all we know, it could be her evil twin sister.

    Presuming that this boss-lady is somehow related to (or just IS) Empress Cygnus, and taken into consideration with the Knights of Cygnus section of the MapleStory Chaos trailer, I think it’s safe to assume that some sort of major plot point involving the Knights of Cygnus is coming.

    I also think Nexon will use this plot as an excuse to make an area that Knights of Cygnus obviously won’t be able to enjoy with their low level cap.

    • Andy says:

      Sorry if i am getting o the small points, but it wasn’t the pink bean that broke into the door to the past, but a black mage follower. he attempted to summon the blackmage but something went wrong and he summoned pink bean.

      at least how i remeber this.

  53. dotdotdot says:

    Will there be “A Door to the Past?”

  54. 154236 says:

    the boss IS the princess of ereb…as you see…in your silhoutte picture she is wearing a crown…much like what she is wearing in present time

  55. noname says:

    give us an evil class!!!

  56. Gabu says:

    Finally nexon started created good , cruel and sinister storyline , yay ! Is there any chances of defeating this boss considering how hard it is to take down Pinkbean alone (eventhough it’s possible but yeah…) ?

  57. FuryKnight says:

    Lol Spadow, it`s called Maple Story Cows in Korean…
    Well, the trailer said that the world is filled with betrayal, so Cygnus might switch allegiances…

    • HeyPros says:

      You could be 95% right :D
      In the trailer, it said betrayal and they showed the Cygnus then the video was like black and white.
      Plus, Cygnus Knights cant go into the cracked door or whatever.. because they are only level 120 and they cant see their future D:
      As we all know.. the Cygnus are battling against the Black Wings, and some of you are explaining about the different goddess. The goddess Ariel IS be related to the Cygnus. Kirstun(I dont know i spelled it correctly) was trying to revive the black magician instead revived Pink Bean so he MIGHT be in the Black Wings, and The statue together with Ariel is fighting along side Pink Bean so they are related. But if you think about it.. Kirstun was only described in Pink Bean’s story, he might be the strongest in Black Wings. Pink Bean is already very powerful, look at Chaos Horntail and Zakum. The henchman were summoned after they are dead. So Pink Bean was not really accidentally summoned and might be helping Black Wings. If Cygnus was helping the Black Wings, that maybe the reason for being level 120 in order for any knights to fight Pink Bean or go and see their past. The Black Magician might have put a curse on them for being level 120 but also made them stronger than normal level 120 for them to betray the Maple World. All the Knights were tricked and were forced to help the Black Magician, they might be changed to help the Black Wings..

  58. noob says:

    lol all aran have to be disappointed as it is all bad adjustments( meaning making the attack lower and stuff ) and they call this return of the heroes? like so many skills of aran is weaken and they stilll make a effort to draw a brand new look like so strong aran.

  59. HeyPros says:

    Oh and are there any jobs coming out? The archer/thief hero has not been released for some time

  60. HeyPros says:

    Oh and are there any jobs coming out? The archer/thief hero has not been released for some time -,-

  61. alex says:

    hey so will be new job?

  62. HeyPros says:

    Okay 100% the Empress is in Black Wings or a MOLE
    And Pink Bean must definitely be helping the Black Wings.
    Why are Cygnus Knights level 120?
    They cannot see their past because they are not level 160
    They cannot fight Pink Bean because they are not level 140
    Black Wings made Chaos Horntail and Zakum at level 100 and 110, it is very hard for a level 120 to battle them plus Chaos Horntail might be stronger than Pink Bean.
    Kirstun might not have accidentally summoned Pink Bean but might have did it on purpose in order to help in the revival of the Black Magician. That is the reason you don’t really see a ‘ Chaos Pink Bean ‘ because Pink Bean is helping in the Revival. Horntail and Zakum are just bosses of their own story but got controlled by Black Wings. If the Black Magician ever gets revived I think he will have other members helping him, I mean if its not like that then he wont even be stronger than Pink bean( Phases and 5 statues).

  63. average says:

    i think that the door on the left is not accessible until you defeated the new boss. Cus it might be the alternate future where everything is normal and peaceful. So the door on the right is the dark future and door to the left is the bright future.

    just my thoughts tho.

  64. meteor-summoner says:

    Interesting update. But I’m going to assume that the Black Mage has been resurrected by then? Or the effects of his resurrection caused the Big Bang and Chaos. This part I’m not really clear on. The NPC dialog is the same as it had been before BB and no one is really being affected by his return so…


    Most curious as to why Evan changed into dark clothing… o.o

    …the female boss is the Black Witch when she’s younger – maybe that’s the reason she led a direct attack on Ereve when you play as a Cygnus Knight ;P /speculation

  65. GoodDay says:

    I think she is possessed or something related to that… Unless the thing behind her is to make her look more cool or something…

  66. Hellothar says:

    Whatever that thing behind the boss it looks like its controlling her, she’s definitely the Empress of Cygnus if you zoom in to look at the designs

  67. greennov1 says:

    db is NOT hero
    and resistance is RESISTANCE
    for boss
    maybe return of the puppeteer except controlling empress cygnus?
    cuz like hellothar said
    “Whatever that thing behind the boss it looks like its controlling her, she’s definitely the Empress of Cygnus if you zoom in to look at the designs”

  68. Babymario26 says:

    Maybe the door on the left is deeper into the future, and if it is to the past they will prob. change the name

  69. Kazander says:

    For all you speculating on the second image, if you right click and view in new tab, it says it’s edited. Just saying.

  70. weesnaw says:

    Combo fenrir was moved to 2nd job? :\

  71. wow that does look like the empress….errr

    Wait a sec…
    If the black Mage was born in Eldenstine how was he in the past with the arans and evans?

    Also I think the black mage may have taken over the empress in the future…
    She is the empress of the maple world that makes a great boss or the sleeping goddess

    I cant wait to see how this plays out

  72. PaCh says:

    please post the profession skills now!

  73. Zapatin says:

    Uhmmm this is interesting, but i got a question here and i hope that someone could help me.

    The equips for the mechanic robots can be made with maker skill? or they just can be found by killing mobs? could anyone answer me this plz?, because evan dragon equips can be made with maker skill, so im wondering, thanks in advance for answer.

  74. Kizo says:

    Maybe it’s the Empress’s evil twin sister. >>

  75. kipex says:

    Heroes stronger than ever but aran is nerfed ;0

  76. Axxez says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty interesting to see that the sillhouette looks alot like the empress in ereb.. I wonder who she is.. Or he… Uhhhh.. Probably not a “he”…

  77. Emmanuel says:

    im sure she is the cyrus lady but with a diffrent cloth o.o

  78. Emmanuel says:

    Lol what about bishop will there increased or decreased skill no fair for bishop genesis actually no nid to rest for 30 sec == after the update it change! fcker i better play back my evan acc

  79. Emmanuel says:

    impossible knight cygrus is betraying maple world or maybe the black magician cast a spell on the lady cygrus aiya donno la == just my thinking

  80. lich004 says:

    i bet there will be a Holy/Darkness Patch soon. Where maplers can choose which side they would like to stand.

  81. Ghost says:

    What is that white bird right of the aran?

  82. IM NOT TELLING says:

    im just saying here and there is a high chance im wrong.. but a small possiblity im right… look at the “Dual Blade” at the front of the pic of maplestory chaos notice how he is holding them he isnt holding them like a dual blade his gt 2 blades facing backwards while dual blades have 1 facing at the front and back… i reckon that could be the new thief hero as well… but i think im wrong…

    Another note about the new female boss, shes is the empress of ereb, under some kind of spell from the puppeteer

    The door to the future left portal, there could be 2 possiblities i think, and they are 1. door to the past with another pq where u gta stop the black mage/or the cygnus boss from killing aran/evan/ all the other heros when they sealed him. 2. door to anther future with a stronger boss O_o i dunno

  83. Tyan says:

    I read all the comments and i came up with two scenarios.

    1.) Black Mage infiltrated Ereve once already with the Black Wings. While Everyone was turned to stone they corrupted the Empress. Since Everyone was turned to stone, 4th job skills where removed. Hence the 120 level cap. The KoC are already powerful, but since they cannot defeat Pink Bean at 120 the future is left blank for them. With the corruption of the Empress and original Knights, the Cygnus Grew weary of the way or the KoC and trained a new group of heroes: Ultimate Adventurers.

    2.) Empress was working for the Black Mage after all. The level 120 cap was to make sure the knights could not foresee the betrayal and follow the empress till their own doom. But not before they trained a new group of heroes: The Ultimate Adventurers. Who, unknown to the Empress, are simple travelers similar to the original Adventurers.

    as for the Dual Blade scenario: The current Dual Blade goes on his own journey only to be confronted by Aran, after he regains his memories, about his fighting style. Aran tells him of the Dark lords ancestor, “Ryan,” the Thief hero who also used Dual Blades. AS he tells the Dual Blade, the Dual Blade suddenly feels a surge or power. He realizes his full potential as the Hero of the Maple World. Thus joining forces with Aran and Evan.

    (i will be writing a short story about this. I’ll post link later)

  84. James says:

    Looks kinda like dark Versal matter in the background… black mage went to Versal, took Cygnus queen, brought her here to fight us? Cygnus knights are cunfuzzeled?

  85. Trevor says:

    I have always wanted to kill the Empress Cygnus, for being so annoying, and making those bothersome quests that literally have no point.

  86. James says:

    What if the sleeping goddess you knoe the pink bean one, whatever, is Empress Cygnus’s Mother??? so shes her mom so she has power over her and..she a goddess as shes might be working with the black mage.
    this also explains why the empress is the empress

  87. Stoffmeister says:

    I can’t believe all of you are just discussing those silly doors, but completely ignores the fact that we’re finally getting PvP?

  88. MapleSEA player says:

    Okey, so KMS gets the LATEST updates, but how about Maplesea?

    • rainbow unicorn warrior says:

      actually, KMS makes the latest updates. as a fellow maplesea player, i would just say asiasoft is too money orientated and will wait only for school holidays for a major release. it has always been like this. they just want students to burn out their time and money during the holidays

  89. rainbow unicorn warrior says:

    hope that there will be factions to choose. i am so for the horde!

  90. ahpek says:

    please don’t ruin Aran!!! my favorite class !

  91. andrew says:

    My theory.

    The black mage understood the threat of the cygnus knights, and put a curse on them. They trained faster to start with, but soon found thier body unable to get any further, the result of the curse. The empress, seeing this, had the unable to grow stronger KoC train adventurers, giving them skills to help them train, as long as they helped out in the battle against the black mage.

    The black mage, at this point, didn’t want to do something to the ultimate adventurers, the empress could come up with something else. So instead, he got rid of the source, the empress herself. By taking over her mind, and forcing her body to fight, he hoped that niether the KoC or the ultimate adventurers would dare attack her, therfore she was a hostage and a weapon.

  92. Zed says:

    mmm I think… if the Cygnus empress is gone… Cygnus Knight will find a way to train and become stronger… adn who knows will even fuse with the adventurers in some skills!

    and there wil be a dark class who will follows Black Magician

  93. HeyPros says:

    Chuck Norris can kill the black magician and all the heroes in a flash

  94. NothingToSaid says:

    Wow i guess they finally decide to STOP nerfing DualBlades……

  95. frank says:

    Plz upload something spadow (f4 face) dont rush

  96. charlie says:

    finally cygnus turns bad MUAHAHAHAHA

  97. Exuilance says:

    I think the empress is the black mage O.o

    • Gid00 says:

      Hey, if you look the black wings’s logo, its logo is a ball with 2 wings, if you look the medals of the cygnus knight, the medals have wings, coincidence or the cygnus knights are the enemies

  98. carbonide says:

    pardon me for saying this,maybe pvp (war) is a result of when the cygnus queen under mindcontrol and turns on the rest of the world,and all players lvl are lowered?

  99. tonik says:

    shes in the december wall paper! she looks so nice but i cant believe shes the boss

  100. D0raemon says:

    maybe cygnus split into 2 sides, one is the good one and one is bad, bad one is the boss and good one is still a good girl?

    • D0raemon says:

      or maybe a bad ugly witch wants to be a beautiful one, she stole cygnus’s body?! haha that’s my imaginations :p

  101. MistahWilli says:

    Hmm. The trailer did black out the Cygnus Knghts, and said its filled with lies and betrayal.

    So, does that mean the Cygnus Knights were part of the Black Mage in the past? And maybe thats why they know so much about them.

    And since the Door at the left is supposedly the Door of the Past, it is probably showing you that Neinheart was part of the Black Mage, and has been reborn with the good side so maybe thats why shes so young now, since she was reborned.

  102. melonmel says:

    Maybe the black mage changed them? or maybe hes holding them as hostage? Well at least we know that Emrpress Cygnus isn’t as weak as she looks!

  103. Gid00 says:

    the medals of the Cygnus knights have wings, so I think that the empress made an organization called Cygnus knight (which helps Maple World) , but in the future, the cygnus knights will be bad and they will make an organization called black wings. (Which ruins the mapleworld)
    so, the black mage, and his organization come from the future, that means that now in edelstein, there is a kid who will become the worst enemy of MapleStory.

    • Luke says:

      ………………………. Cygnus knights arent Rabbits dressed in Black hats, Or scientists that are evil ………………….

  104. SlayerSnack says:

    I think that the new boss could maybe be the goddess from the Temple of Time. The one that was/is asleep and would “never” wake up. Maybe it did wake up to the call of the Black Mage and became one if his strongest minions. Who knows? At least you would when it comes out. Or if it already came out.

  105. CKBetrayal says:
    Under quests

    Cygnus the Betrayer (ID: 23904)

    Is this part of the “lies and betrayal”?

  106. Likan says:

    Dint notice the tiny man on the door

  107. Ace says:

    The portal on the left leads to future Ereve.

  108. joe says:

    The cygnus are doing “lies and betrayal” to us maplers……The Empress was working with black mage…… BTW my hand hurts cuz I use this PSP to type this whole thing

  109. Brian says:

    The one on the left leads you to a destroyed ereve

  110. Ron Preschel says:

    Will the new aran skills be avaible on older arans?

  111. Ddragonkill says:

    i think that lady is cygnus alright

  112. random man says:

    hey for that guy who said that the black mage was born in edelstein and wondered how he could be with aran and evan, Edelstein was there a long time ago ( according to the storyline cuz in reality it just came out like in big bang ) so it says edelstein was there for a long time but stayed isolated because they were ashamed because the black mage was bornt here. So ya

  113. ff says:

    if the cygnus mepress turns evil, does tis mean that all the cygnus knight will turn evil as well>

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  116. laboob says:

    are diamonds still needed after chaos? the processed ones, not the ores. because theyre getting rid of maker, so no need for it ?

  117. Solatoral says:

    Spadow, you said “’ll give you a tip. If you want to make your own accessories, save all your ores, (monster) crystals, magic powders etc. on a character you don’t use.”

    Wouldnt you sell everything pre-chaos for high prices, since ores are so easy post-chaos?

  118. rofl@this says:

    rofl i was thinking…. maybe waaaaaaaaaaaay back a long time ago the black mage and cygnus knights worked together…. but then they had some sort of disagreement and split up…. explaining the similar winged symbols and why they hate e/other so much…. also how cygnus knights know so much about black mage…. anyway as to what exactly the new boss its probably empress cygnus…. whether its cuz she possessed or betraying us (or whatever other theories you have) idk…. maybe if mah theory about cygnus knights and black mage used to be working together is true then they get back together in future? this whole speculation thing is fun but to tell you the truth nexon is really retarded and will never be able to come up with something nearly as awesome as the things we are coming up with…. i bet this whole thing ends up being reeeeeeaaallly stupid and not all that great…. btw if anyone wants to know i play in GMS bera…. mah characters name is piepownsXD but the i in pie is actually an L

  119. G6 says:

    I don’t think the dragon will also betray us because its not controlled like empress and hopefully it will fight for our side to help the maple world

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