Star Star Festival Season 5

Just a couple of days ago the client got an upgrade to version 1.2.115.
Some people thought this was the reorganization update, but don’t you think it’s a little too early for that? You’re right, it is too early for that.
You can count for part 2 very soon.

So I’m thinking that this reorganization update will be the big patch in Winter.
I hope that this is not the only content we’re getting. What do you think? A new job + reorganization update? …

The only reason there was a new patch was because one month has passed, so we needed a new version number.
But also because there is a new event~

This event is familiar to me, but maybe not to you. It’s called Star Star Festival and this event has been around for 5 times now and it’s really easy to participate.
When you login to the game, you obtain a quest from Cassandra and she asks you to hold an item for 45 minutes.
Try to keep the item in your inventory. If you successfully held the item for 45 minutes, you will get a Star Stamp.

You can get  a maximum of 5 Star Stamps each day. If you missed a couple of days, no worries. Because you can get the Star Stamps you missed on the next day. Currently I have 19 Star Stamps and I can get 6 more. 25 is the amount of Star Stamps everyone can get today.

A Star Stamp is required to redeem this for prizes. You can see the prizes that you can win on the event page of Star Star Festival.
You can win real-life items and items from MapleStory.

The most expensive item is 30,000 Maple Points. It will cost you 60 Star Stamps and only 300 people can get it. And did I forgot to mention that every item will only open at a specific date and time.
For example, the 30,000 Maple Points prize will be ”opened” on December 8th at 5 PM KST.
For 40 Star Stamps, 1000 people can get 10,000 Maple Points. I’m kind of in a dilemma!!

Oh.. I don’t really know what to get.
I’ve explained to you the Star Star Festival event, but there’s more I want to tell you.

I leveled up my Viper yesterday! It’s Lv. 147 now and I’m getting closer to 150. Unfortunately my recording software wasn’t working properly so there’s no screenshot. +_+;
Currently I have level 10 Super Transform – only 10 more to go till master level!!
In the first part of the reorganization update, Vipers were given a boost, but I hope it’s not the only boost we’re getting. I’m hoping for more. :<

The  G★Star 2010 gaming convention in Korea was held this year from November 18 till 21.  And it was a success.
There was a lot of new stuff.

Credit as tagged

The only success at the Nexon booth was the preview of the new Karok character in Mabinogi: Heroes (Vindictus in North America & Europe).
Mabinogi: Heroes was the big winner, because it won a Presidential Award and other awards at the 2010 Korea Game Awards.

On the other hand, there was no new MapleStory news. Nothing of MapleStory 2, no new content. Only a demo of the Lion King in Lionheart Castle.

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63 Responses to Star Star Festival Season 5

  1. greennov1 says:

    awww that’s it for the gstar?

  2. shadowkun says:

    Lol at the picture and awww no new maplestuff ad gstar and cool star stamp event 8D

  3. Mikeivore says:

    I was wondering why I heard nothing new about Maple from gstar… I wish that they would have revealed the next hero or something.

  4. Cujo00 says:

    Interesting Stamp event this year.

  5. Pac says:

    wow. it takes 45 minutes to get one stamp and you need 60 for the best prise! 60 x 45 is 2700 minutes. 2700 minutes / 60 means that you need to play for 45 hours by December 8th…. really? ok nexon, its not like i have a life -__-

    • Ghost says:

      Since you can only get five a day…

      5 x 45 = 225 minutes per day
      225/60 = 3.75 hours per day for 12 days, and I bet plenty maplers can achieve that

      if the event started on the 25th and the 8th being it’s last day, then it would be possible to receive a total of 70 stars

      • Pac says:

        i see what yur saying but cmon… thats almost 4hrs everyday. shiiiitt i got better things to do :P

        • Ghost says:

          It’s reasonable to make a limited amount of the prize very hard to get; since there’s so few, you gotta be committed to get it.

          Also they can’t add more of the prize, it’s pretty obvious, they’re giving away 30k Nx! They can’t add more because they’ll lose money like that.

          Getting the reward is pretty easy when you can just leave your computer on all day =P

    • Somedude says:

      LOLZ I agree not everyone is lyk a game freak lyk my friend who got to lvl 67 in one day ( sorta scary don’t u think?)

  6. Michael says:

    I hope theres gonna be a new job! :o

    • Ghost says:

      Most likely not within this year for the main server, by now they would of implement it into KMST

    • Ceievnt says:

      -_- i hope there’s not gona be a new job for a while. >> they need to finnish buffing and nerfing the one’s they got! >( and then re release them.

  7. ace5008 says:

    if there is a new job i wish its the theif legend,i think it should have 1 claw and 1 katara (or blade in kms),or mabe it will be the last 2 risistance(i spelled wronge i knew it…)warrior or theif…. well thata what i think… because last legends arent tell next year so…. or thats what spadow said so mabe,will thanks for reading :D TY spadow for everything

    • shadowkun says:

      What last two resistance resistance is only what it is now if they were to put more it would have happend already

    • roro says:

      omg… you miss spelled -’till- which is short for -untill- which isn’t that hard to spell on it’s own -__-

      • Genius says:

        If you weren’t such a dumbass you’d know how to correctly spell “until”.

        Don’t correct people if you don’t even know how to spell the word.

  8. Owhano says:

    I think there will be something about a new class, when spadow puts hints in there like that i think thats what that usally means!

    ~Hopes SO~

  9. Bloodjedi says:

    That is an interesting event. I hope a new class. Spadow, Why do you think Nexon reorganised the classes/skills AFTER Big Bang? It kind of makes no sense. But I do believe it is in preparation for something new.

  10. tyson says:

    i really do hope that the reorganization update will come out in dec. 10…which is dec. 9 in the U.S…..

  11. RADRaze2KX says:

    Stereotypical pic… Built up black dude with a hot little asian chick. pfffffft.

    • LycanRage says:

      Look at their height difference! How high a high heel shoe must she wear to be at his height? On another note, new heroes sounds good to go. I have a feeling it’s not gonna be a pirate, bowman or mage, as the Resistance covered those areas. Just a feeling. Maybe thief?

      Oh yeah, in Asia, that picture’s not really that common. I mean, Asian chicks are common but the built up black dude is… well, difficult to find. I’m from sg =P

  12. Ecchi says:

    lol that black dude is freaking Bob Sapp!!

  13. DestinyThief says:

    Spadow i have a question
    i hope you will/can answer it

    Legendary classes are 5 classes we already got 2 is the next legend already in production??
    Resistance are 3 atm are there coming 2 more resistance (thief,Warior)??

    Sorry for the bad english

    • roro says:

      maybe im not spadow but im just saying what i think…
      as for the legends, i think in one of the job story lines it said the the other ones are dead.
      as for resistance, it just may be, though i hope it will be more originall than battle mage…

    • Somenoob says:

      Resistance is a maybe. Legends are dead please use correct term HERO as Aran is only surviving legend. Rest like Evan are Heros, successors to the legends. Not direct of course just they are basicly same job

      • somenoob says:

        o forgot to answer question XD um just judging from the way the jobs are getting realised aran then evan, it seems they are going clockwise victoria island and choosing the jobs there.
        Heres an easier way to put it
        Perion-Ellinia is what we have so far in terms of adventurer class home town so Warrior-Mage or Aran-Evan. So if i were to make a prediction i guess it would be this
        Perion-Ellinia-Henesys-(Lith is not a job hometown) Kerning- then Nautilus.
        Nautilus last because well, it was sorta dded last so if it got a hero before the others that would be kinda weird. So the jobs will be (for my prediction)
        theres my 2 cents

        • Canceled says:

          I know Evan is a Mage, but…Didn’t he come from Henesys Farm?

        • Kio says:

          look at the ID’s, the order IS warrior, mage, bowman, thief, pirate… for all class types, even resistance, which were in fact battlemage, wildhunter, (wait) mechanic… way it seems to me, since they already did the full cycle they’re not going back for more…

          but heroes are still cycling and most likely WILL follow that path up to pirate hero

          • Ceivent says:

            they haven’t done a full cycle yet since the resistance aren’t hero classes. their just resistance. >> so pirate hero has a way to go. << if their doing it in order.

          • Kio says:

            pirate hero SHOULD be last… but i mean resistance made a full circle, because they did make magician and bowmen (which are 2nd and 3rd in cycle) and after a wait, pirate (which is last)

            heroes however only did 1st and 2nd in cycle… my bets are on next hero is bowman, then later thief, and finishing with pirate

    • Spadow says:

      A new Hero is in development, there will be 5 Heroes in the end.
      I have no idea about the Resistance. Currently there are 3 jobs that are part of the Resistance, but I’m sure Nexon can always change the story and add a warrior and a thief.

  14. Ceivent says:

    ;( looks like it wasn’t 3m MP or 1m MP ;( u got my hopes up!
    @Ghost x3 its very easy to get! >> i’m at 25 atm ;( waiting for a new day.
    @Spadow +_+ Good work! free fame for u x3

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  16. Axxez says:

    Cool. Congrats Spadow! :D

  17. Anonnymoose says:

    So, does this mean the Evan skill Illusion has to suffer with being weaker than Magic Missle for annother month or so?

    Aside from that, I think its sad to see KMS get an event that resembles GMS’s Black Friday Sale.

    • Ceivent says:

      their nothing a like >> theres no sale for items in KMS only the stamp thing chances are we wont get anything cuz of the slow internet we have ;( “Koreans have fast internet” >D used a quote from an awsum guidie!

  18. Kio says:

    Good to see you’re not too majorly affected by what’s going on between the Koreas, when I first heard that I wondered where you’re located, if you were safe if you’re in Korea…

    Also, it’s too bad we don’t get an event like that… and too bad no Maplestory news either. I already have Evie in Vindictus too, and i love her, so Karok is nothing special to me… Why G-Star? Why no MS news???

  19. d0t says:


  20. Somedude says:

    w8 so there will be a maplestory 2? Lyk would it be a. Rly big patch or a new program? Also wat do u think the new job is gonna be in which part of jobs heroes or resistance or a new part

  21. abbness says:

    Spadow I am thinking of going for the 5K maple points. Do you think they will all disappear the second that prize is opened?

    Also, why are bots so shameless on KMS? I swear they have something that alerts the player when you use a lie-detector on them. They always come to complete it and then laugh at you. After that they go back to botting.

    Either way, I am really looking forward to whatever christmas event we get =)

  22. Ceivent says:

    @Spadow could you explain what the buff you get after you get 5 stamps for the day? if you need a pic let me know and ill give you one.

  23. NovaNuvaMS says:

    OMGosh Ian is almost ready? the name Ian fits the bowman legend really well….btw Spadow whats tht D-Day: 4 thing on ur blog. is that part of a new patch? the D-Day 4 picture looks like its a part of a storyline.

  24. mamaloki says:

    lucky they are still having update.

    I was worried that due to possible korean war, there might be delay in new content.

    • Ghost says:

      Even if the war becomes active, there’s a small chance that Nexon will lower production because of it.

      It would be awesome if their was any hidden anti-NK content i the game.

  25. WheresMaiPie? says:

    Nice picture at the side, spadow XD
    But what do you mean, D-Day: 4? O_O

  26. TheFreekyOne says:

    yeah… what’s with that? D-Day:4 x)

  27. GOGO says:

    early happy birthday SPADOW!!!!!!

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