KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived

The latest update in the test server is finally the anticipated ‘reorganization’ update.
The reorganization update contains major stuff. New skills, skill animations and of course the changes.

As you see on the image above, Aran, Evan, Resistance and Dual Blade are back and available for creation!!
Currently Dual Blade is only available in the test server, I do not know if Dual Blade will be back for creation in KMS.

In this update, several combat calculation formulas (defense, accuracy and avoidability) have changed.
To reflect this change, the HP, MP, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoidability bonus on scrolls and consumable items have been changed upward.

Future Soul Masters will have a hard time leveling, because Nexon replaced the Brandish quest with Soul Driver. That means when you advance to 3rd job, you’ll obtain a Brandish at Lv. 70 and Soul Driver at Lv. 100.
Soul Driver got nerfed too.. Soul Driver can attack up to 6 monsters with 180% damage instead of 8 monsters and 250% damage.

By the way, in the test server we didn’t get a SP reset scroll, but I’m fairly certain we will get one when this update hits the official server.
Read more for the changed skills!

Note: All the skill values are taken from the master level.

To see the changes made in part 2, click here.


Dragon Knight, Dark Knight

– Damage of Dragon Buster has been increased from 145% to 170%
– Damage of Dragon Fury has been increased from 360% to 410%


– Damage of Brave Slash has been increased from 210% to 240%


– Damage of Advanced Charge has been increased from 460% to 510%

F/P Wizard, Mage, Archmage

– The success rate of MP Eater has decreased from 30% to 20% and the MP absorption has been decreased from 40% to 10%
– Damage of Exploison has been increased from 475% to 535%
– Damage of Poison Mist has been increased from 130% to 230% and DoT damage has been increased from 160% to 180%
– Damage of Magic Composition has been increased from 500% to 600%
– Damage of Fire Demon has been increased from 290% to 430%
– Damage of Paralyze has been decreased from 620% to 540% and DoT damage has been increased from 160% to 210%
– Damage of Meteo has been increased from 1500% to 1700%

I/L Wizard, Mage, Archmage

– The success rate of MP Eater has decreased from 30% to 20% and the MP absorption has been decreased from 40% to 10%
– Damage of Ice Strike decreased from 450% to 125%. Ice Strike can now attack up to 6 enemies four times. Freezing time has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Ice Strike‘s animation has been changed

– Damage of Thunder Spear has been increased from 140% to 155%
– Damage of Magic Composition has been increased from 560% to 625%
– Damage of Ice Demon has been increased from 260% to 400%
– Damage of Chain Lightning has been increased from 740% to 810%
– Damage of Blizzard has been increased from 1400% to 1600%

Cleric, Priest, Bishop

– The success rate of MP Eater has decreased from 30% to 20% and the MP absorption has been decreased from 40% to 10%
– Physical and magic defense has been increased from 120 to 150 and the accuracy and avoidability of Bless has been increased from 60 to 90
– Damage of Shining Ray has been increased from 430% to 530%
– Damage of Summon Dragon has been increased from 310% to 410%
– Damage of Bahamut has been increased from 470% to 600%
– Damage of Genesis has been increased from 1700% to 1900%

Ranger, Bowmaster

– Arrow Rain‘s animation has been changed

– Damage of Dragon Pulse has been increased from 210% to 320%
– Damage of Hurricane has been increased from 200% to 220%

Sniper, Crossbowmaster

– Arrow Eruption‘s animation has been changed

– Damage of Ultimate Strafe has been increased from 200% to 210%. Ultimate Strafe‘s animation has been changed

– Damage of Dragon Pulse has been increased from 210% to 320%

Night Lord

– Damage of Triple Throw has been increased from 250% to 280%

Chief Bandit, Shadower

– Damage of Band of Thieves has been increased from 395% to 435%
– Damage of Assassinate has been increased from 560% to 590%
– Damage of Boomerang Step has been increased from 600% to 630% and the passive damage effect of Savage Blow, Steal, Assaulter and Band of Thieves has been increased from 25% to 30%

Semi Dualer, Dualer, Dual Master, Slasher, Dual Blader

Note: The Sudden Raid skill has been deleted in this update.

– The extra accuracy of Dual Blade Mastery has been increased from 60 to 120
– Damage of Triple Stab has been decreased from 160% to 110%
– Damage of Fatal Blow has been decreased from 110% to 85%
– Damage of Slash Storm has been decreased from 230% to 190%
– Damage of Tornado Spin has been increased from 250% to 300%
– Master level of Flash Bang has been decreased from 20 to 5. Flash Bang deals 160% damage and has a success rate of 80% to reduce the monster’s accuracy by 85% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 55 seconds
Upper Stab has been moved from the Slasher job to Dual Master. Upper Stab can now deal 240% up to 6 monsters and 70% additional damage to monsters in air
– Master level of Advanced Dark Sight has been decreased from 20 to 10. Advanced Dark Sight gives you a 49% chance to stay in Dark Sight after an attack. When you take damage, there is a 20% chance that your damage increases by 50%
New skill: Vital Steal – Recover HP when you’re attacking a monster. Vital Steal gives you a 5% chance to recover 10% HP
– Damage of Bloody Storm has been decreased from 420% to 225%
– The amount of attacks for the bonus damage of Owl Dead has been increased from 10 to 15 attacks
– Damage of Flying Assaulter has been decreased from 420% to 280%
Chains of Hell has been moved from the Dual Blader job to Slasher. Master level of Chains of Hell has been decreased from 30 to 20. Chains of Hell deals 80% to a monster 10 times with a critical rate of 100%
New skill: SharpnessSharpness increases the success rate of critical attack damage and minimum critical damage. At master level, Sharpness adds a 25% success rate of critical attack and 20% minimum critical damage
– The HP cost of Final Cut has been decreased from 45% to 20%, the extra damage has been decreased from 200% to 140% for 40 seconds and the cooldown time has been decreased from 90 to 60 seconds. Final Cut has now a 15% chance to deal instant death
– Damage of Monster Bomb has been decreased from 1380% to 1100%
New skill: Blade Fury – Spin fast to attack monsters around you. Blade Fury can attack up to 6 monsters 3 times with 180% damage

Thorns Effect no longer gives critical and minimum critical damage. Instead, it gives a +30 weapon attack buff and a 90% success rate to prevent from getting knock backed for 210 seconds
New skill: Phantom Blow – Create a fatal attack to a monster. Phantom Blow attacks 1 monster 6 times with 110% damage

Infighter, Buccaneer, Viper (Pirates for the win!)

– Damage of Double Uppercut has been increased from 215% 225%. Stun duration has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds
– Damage of Energy Buster has been increased from 500% to 680%
– Damage of Shockwave has been increased from 600% to 750%
– Damage of Dragon Strike has been increased from 700% to 850%
– Damage of Energy Orb has been increased from 780% to 980%


– Damage of Advanced Homing has been increased from 620% to 760%
– Cooldown of Battleship has been removed

Ultimate Adventurers


– Damage of Mihail’s Soul Driver has been decreased from 250% to 180% and the amount of monsters Mihail’s Soul Driver can attack has been increased from 5 to 6


– Damage of Oz’s Flame Gear has been increased from 240% to 280%. Damage over Time has been increased from 50% to 100% and the duration of damage over time has been increased from 3 to 8 seconds with an interval of 1 second


– Damage of Irina’s Wind Piercing has been increased from 600% to 750% and the amount of monsters Irina’s Wind Piercing can attack has been increased from 3 to 6


– The damage absorbed by HP of Icarut’s Vampire has been increased from 2% to 5% and the amount of monsters Icarut’s Vampire can attack has been increased from 3 to 6


– The amount of monsters Hawkeye’s Shark Wave can attack has been increased from 4 to 6

Knights of Cygnus

Soul Master (3rd Job)

– Damage of Soul Driver has been decreased from 250% to 180% and the amount of monsters Soul Driver can attack has been decreased from 8 to 6

Flame Wizard (3rd Job)

– Damage of Meteo has been increased from 1300% to 1400%
– Damage of Flame Gear has been increased from 240% to 280%
– Damage of Fire Strike has been increased from 430% to 500%

Wind Breaker (3rd Job)

– Weapon mastery of Bow Expert has been increased from 57% to 65%, weapon attack has been increased from 20 to 25 and the minimum critical damage has been increased from 10% to 15%
– Damage of Hurricane has been increased from 175% to 190%
– Damage of Wind Piercing has been increased from 700% to 750%
– Damage of Wind Shot has been increased from 320% to 380%

Night Walker (3rd Job)

– Damage of Shadow Partner has been increased from 40% to 50%
– Damage of Triple Throw has been increased from 185% to 240%

Striker (2nd Job)

Damage of Energy Buster has been increased from 380% to 580%

Striker (3rd Job)

– Damage of Shockwave has been increased from 600% to 750%
– Damage of Fist has been increased from 316% to 325%
– The amount of monsters Shark Wave can attack has been decreased from 7 to 6


[Alternative Link]

Note: Some skills have their combo count requirement lowered. Some skills were moved to a different advancement.

Aran (1st Job)

– Physical and magic defense of Combo Ability has been increased from 10 to 20. Combo Ability now adds 2 speed and stacks 10 times
– Damage of Double Swing has been increased from 150% to 220%
Combo Smash has been moved from 2nd job to 1st job with a master level of 10. Combo Smash can attack up to 6 monsters with 450% damage. Requires a combo count of 15 or more
– Master level of Combat Step has been decreased from 15 to 5

Aran (2nd Job)

Damage of Triple Swing has been increased from 265% to 370%
– Master level of Final Charge has been decreased from 30 to 20. Damage of Final Charge has been increased from 170% to 200% and can now attack up to 10 monsters.
Combo Fenrir has been moved from 3rd job to 2nd job. Combo Fenrir can attack up to 10 monsters with 560% damage. Requires a combo count of 50 or more
– The duration of Body Pressure has been increased from 120 to 200 seconds. Body Pressure‘s body attack damage has been increased from 100% to 300% and the success rate of neutralizing the monster for 5 seconds has been increased from 40% to 60%
Snow Charge has been moved from 3rd job to 2nd job. Snow Charge grants your polearm an ice element for 200 seconds, deals 100% damage and slows down monsters by -40 for 20 seconds

Aran (3rd Job)

Full Swing now increases Combo Smash’s damage by 60%
– Master level of Final Toss has been decreased from 30 to 20 and the additional damage has been increased from 80% to 100%
Rolling Spin can now attack up to 6 monsters 5 times with 95% damage and at the same time there’s a 95% success rate to stun monsters for 3 seconds (This skill is so much useful now)
New skill: Cleaving AttackCleaving Attack ignores a certain amount of percentage of the monster’s physical defense, and when attacking multiple monsters, your damage gets reduced by a certain %
At master level, Cleaving Attack ignores 20% of the monster’s physical defense and 50% damage gets reduced when attacking multiple monsters
New skill: Combo JudgementCombo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe. Monsters hit by the giant axe are frozen and will be suffering from damage over time. Requires a combo count of 80
Combo Judgement can attack up to 10 monsters with 1200% damage. Monsters will be frozen for 10 seconds with 200% damage over time for 6 seconds with an interval of 1 second

New skill: Combo RechargeCombo Recharge recharges an instantaneous combo count by consuming your HP and MP. At master level, Combo Recharge recharges an instant combo count of 150 for the price of 10% HP and 50 MP. Cooldown time is 30 seconds

Aran (4th Job)

Overswing – Damage of Double Swing and Triple Swing has been increased from 290% and 360% to 330% and 420% respectively. Overswing now adds 80% extra damage to Combo Fenrir
– Boss damage from Combo Tempest has been increased from 600% to 720%
New skill: Swift MoveSwift Move further enhances the damage of Final Charge and Final Toss by 30% and being able to use those skills without using combos. In other words, using Triple Swing isn’t mandatory anymore


[Alternative Link]

Note: Evan’s attack speed was improved.

Evan (2nd Mastery)

– Damage of Fire Circle has been decreased from 230% to 220%

Evan (3rd Mastery)

– Damage of Lightning Bolt has been decreased from 380% to 280%, but now it attacks monsters 3 times

Evan (4th Mastery)

Damage of Ice Breath has been increased from 325% to 355%

Evan (5th Mastery)

Damage of Magic Flare has been decreased from 480% to 400%. Magic Flare can now stun a monster for 4 seconds with a 90% success rate
– Master level of Magic Shield has been decreased from 20 to 10. Damage has been increased from 20% to 30%
Slow has been moved from the 6th mastery to the 5th mastery

Evan (6th Mastery)

– Damage of Dragon Thrust has been decreased from 400% to 115%, but now it attacks monsters 3 times
New skill: Dragon Blink Dragon Blink allows you to teleport to a random location in the map. At master level, it consumes 100 MP and there’s no cooldown

Evan (7th Mastery)

New skill: Dragon Sparking – After an attack has been used, Dragon Sparking has a chance to inflict extra damage. At master level, Dragon Sparking inflicts 150% extra damage with a success rate of 40%

– Damage of Fire Breath has been decreased from 540% to 460%
– Damage of Killing Wing has been decreased from 580% to 420% and can now inflict 90% damage over time for 6 seconds with an interval of 1 second

Evan (8th Mastery)

– Master level of Dragon Fury has been decreased from 10 to 5. The minimum required MP has been increased from 40% to 70% MP and the extra magic attack buff has been decreased to 20%
– Damage of Earthquake has been decreased from 740% to 610%
– Master level of Ghost Lettering has been decreased from 20 to 10. Damage of Ghost Lettering has been decreased from 750% to 660% and can now inflict 15% extra damage for 15 seconds
– Master level of Recovery Aura has been decreased from 15 to 10. Recovery Aura can now recover 100% MP for 45 seconds
New skill: Protection of the Onyx – For a period of time, Protection of the Onyx gives you and your party members extra avoidability. At master level, it gives you 20% extra avoidability for 180 seconds

Evan (9th Mastery)

Damage of Illusion has been decreased from 370% to 180%
– Damage of Flame Wheel has been decreased from 740% to 600%

Evan (10th Mastery)

Master level of Blessing of the Onyx has been decreased from 30 to 25. Buff duration has been increased from 160 to 180 seconds, the physical and magic defense and magic attack has been increased from 225, 225 and 25 to 550, 550 and 30 respectively
– Damage of Blaze has been decreased from 800% to 215% and can now attack one monster 3 times
Soul Stone can now resurrect up to 5 party members
New skill: Will of the Onyx – For a period of time, prevent from getting knock backed from monster’s attack and able to attack monsters with your body. At master level, Will of the Onyx grants you a buff of 240 seconds which gives you 150% body attack damage and a 90% success rate to prevent from getting knock-backed


Note: Many skills of Battle Mage had their MP values changed. I’m not going to post the MP values, only the changes that really matter.

Battle Mage (1st Job)

– Range of Teleport has been increased

Battle Mage (2nd Job)

– Buff duration of Staff Booster has been increased from 90 to 120 seconds

Battle Mage (3rd Job)

– Buff duration of Conversion has been increased from 90 to 120 seconds
– Damage of Revive has been increased from 300% to 450% and the duration for the reaper summon has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds

Battle Mage (4th Job)

Damage of Finish Blow has been increased from 130% to 145%

Wild Hunter (1st Job)

– The speed buff from Jaguar Riding has been decreased from 60 to 40 (160% to 140%)

Wild Hunter (2nd Job)

The buff duration from Swallow has been decreased from 120 to 90 seconds

Wild Hunter (3rd Job)

– The speed buff from Riding Mastery has been decreased from 20 to 15 and the success rate to prevent being knock-backed has been decreased from 60% to 55%
– Damage of Wild Shot has been decreased from 140% to 135%
– Damage of Crossroad has been increased from 570% to 600%
– Damage of Claw Cut has been increased from 140% to 190% and the amount of monsters Claw Cut can attack has been increased from 3 to 6

Wild Hunter (4th Job)

– The avoidability of Wild Instinct has been decreased from 20% to 10%
– Damage of Sonic Boom has been increased from 700% to 850% and the amount of monsters Sonic Boom can attack has been increased from 6 to 8
– The speed buff from Beast Form has been decreased from 30to 15
– Damage of Wild Vulcan has been increased from 200% to 220%

Mechanic (1st Job)

– The weapon and magic defense of Metal Armor: Prototype has been decreased from 400 to 200
– Damage of Drill Rush has been decreased from 180% to 150% and the amount of monsters Drill Rush can attack has been increased from 10 to 15

Mechanic (2nd Job)

Atomic Hammer now ignores 20% of the monster’s defense instead of 30%
– Damage of Rocket Booster has been decreased from 360% to 160%
– The chance of guarding a monster’s attack of Perfect Armor has been decreased from 30% to 20%

Mechanic (3rd Job)

Damage of Satellite has been increased from 160% to 210%
– Damage of Magnetic Field has been decreased from 250% to 200%, the skill duration has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds and the cooldown time has been increased from 30 to 180 seconds
Accelerator: EX-7 now reduces the monster’s defense by 15% instead of 30%
– The skill duration of Healing Robot: H-LX has been decreased from 40 to 30 seconds. The maxHP recovery rate has been increased from 25% to 50% and the cooldown time has been decreased from 45 to 35 seconds
– Damage of Rocket Punch has been decreased from 570% to 540%

Mechanic (4th Job)

– The weapon attack from Metal Armor Extreme has been decreased from 50 to 40
– The regular attack of Metal Armor: Missile Tank has been decreased from 110% to 100%. The amount of MP you lose per 5 seconds has been decreased from 100 to 25 and the critical rate has been decreased from 30% to 20%
– The skill duration of Robo Factory: RM1 has been decreased from 45 to 40 seconds. The cooldown time has been increased from 40 to 60 seconds
– Damage of Laser Blast has been decreased from 400% to 360%
– Damage of Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun (Missile Tank mode) has been decreased from 100% to 95%

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299 Responses to KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived

  1. CoolGuy says:

    Cool! Db’s are not temporary (first 8D)

  2. Dusekkar says:

    Re-instating the creation of Dual Blades in KMS? That startled me.

  3. TheFreekyOne says:

    Yahoo! ^^ GO Spadow!
    I wanna see what’s new to aran!

    • Shadoo says:

      Yeah, me too. I just hope they didn’t nerf them… again. :P

      • someone says:

        i actually hope they make them better
        i’m stuck at the 50’s in gMS D:
        also i hate that nexon has made the december update the BB one for gMS. . .
        i was kinda hoping that it would be november’s update T.T

        • somenoob says:

          um i dont much undestand th ebottom two lines.. im guessing you mean you wisht he november patch was big bang, instead of december? Anyway last time they opening tespia it took a little while ot get to gms but for your information, the first of december is a wednesday, so we could be getting it then. and i was stuck at 50’s as well until golden temple leveled me to 70 in about 4 hours XD

        • TheFreekyOne says:

          i wass too actually… And it’s funny i’ve been stuck at lvl 50 too XD… but i started to train and lvled up… training it’s a bit boring… but unfortunatly some pqs are dead o.O

          • Valckior says:

            Which is why I love Big Bang a lot more than ever, I could do ANY PQ since the Max limit is 200
            I used to be such an Active Pqer from 21-85 back before any CPQ..
            I’m going to PQ till my hearts content!

        • Richard says:


        • Chibi says:

          *coughs* sad how they hit like a 10th compared to other jobs at their level after big bang, really sad, but i guess its fine since their slightly stronger after big bang

    • Bloodjedi says:

      I read the patch note. They get nerfed Combo smash in FIRST job (CSmash now lvl 10 max,Step lvl5) . They get Nerfed Combo Peril in 2nd job, along with Snow charge (Final charge is max 20). Third is kinda hazy, they get a new combo buff buff skill (like combo critical acting way), Get combo barrier? A skill that charges 150 combo instantly, some form of tempest too.

      • クレメンス says:

        Dang i don’t mind nerfs for combo smash and fenrir but snow charge seem to suck ttm now ….
        In the past 135% dmg and fkin high damgage for fire mobs now it only slows down mobs T.T

  4. dragondragonroar says:

    when will it come in original kms version

  5. TheFreekyOne says:

    A weird thing…The resistance are new… And they’re already getting changes? why? ^^

    • Mclena says:

      Because Mechs are totally OP atm, same with Wild Hunters, Battle Mages are meh.

      • TheFreekyOne says:

        oh… I like battle mages… don’t know if they’re good or bad… but I like them xD

      • aquail says:

        Huh, really? I’ve always though BaMs were stronger. However it also depends on job advancement. My opinion is that WHs are only stronger than BaMs at 4th job. (Battle Mages hit rather fast+mobbing) WHs hit reasonably higher than BaMs and the attacks are singular (only attack once) and pretty slow….UNTIL 4TH JOB :D BaMs look cooler by miles however >.< FLASHY MOVES FTW

  6. NujabesIsAlive says:

    I like how they have made Mechanics more equal to other classes.

    They definitely need a nerfing.

  7. Luxeraph says:

    Only one thing intrigues me, will they give again sp reset scrolls at least for dbs, legends and resistance?

  8. ButtFkinAllDay says:

    my penor became so hard when i saw the updates for Evans…..

  9. NovaNuvaMS says:

    FINALLY NEW SKILLS FOR the Heroes, Dual Blade and the Resistance waz w8ing for this (:

  10. Ken says:

    Hm…so a Big Bang v2?

  11. Bidoof says:

    Called it! I knew DB would come back with the rest XP
    Looking foreward to see what they changed…

  12. 엽승재 says:

    Spadow ! How you get a KMST account ?

  13. Lee says:

    if i can be so bold as to share some of what ive learned (completely from other people as i do not know korean or anything) we arans get some useful skills. one of which uses 10% of our hp to give us a free boost of 150 combo =D another is a new 3rd job finisher that acts like a weaker version of tempest and fenrir goes down to 2nd job with smash going to 1st. i believe another skill reduces the reduction of our damage when we hit mobs of 2+ and there was 1 more but i cant recall what it does atm.

  14. dragondragonroar says:

    cant wait for wildhunters

  15. RawVoltage says:

    Fingers crossed for nerfed Mechanics, to like half damage. :{
    They have too much.

    • Richard says:


      • Headshaker says:

        Just so you know, mechanics do get a bit of a nerf.

        I do believe Rawr never said anything about playing weak classes…. no need for you to jump in and throw words in his mouth.

        Your caps lock button is less than one inch from your A key. use it.

      • Secun says:

        Someone’s on their period :|

      • RawVoltage says:

        Wow Richard. >.>
        I’m sorry dude. <.<

        I was planning on making a Mechanic myself, but they are still over the line. No denying it.

      • xyxjj says:

        dude. chill. you’re taking the game way too seriously. I believe its time for you to sit down, relax and not touch maple for a while. getting worked up just cos people want mechanics nerfed is just plain immature

      • jj says:

        Richard, you have some anger issues. Its just maple. You seem to be so obsessed with maple that you’re taking it out with harsh words. I bet you wouldnt have the guts to speak up in real life. I mean, you might say if im not obsessed with maple, why am i here? i like maple, but not to the point of raging. cool it bro, its not good for you

      • shinx12345 says:

        Don’t ever use the C word.
        You need to go a week without a computer or something, if your that angry about it.
        Get a life.

  16. Daikokuro says:

    Woo Hoo!
    looks like DB were finally reinstated. ^^

    Spadow can have the new skills pictures & videos up soon? =]

  17. BendyBread says:

    Just read what happened to Evans on Basil.

    They got ruined, so. freaking. bad.

    • TheFreekyOne says:

      aw =/ … welll… i never liked evans anyway…

    • Bnissley says:

      all of their attacks delays got reduced. how is that bad?

      • BendyBread says:

        Because now they’re weak as hell.

        I posted that comment when I first saw what happened (before Spadows useless video came along). Now I just think they need to reverse Evans, or do massive fixes.

        Skills like dragon thrust should NOT multi-hit, it makes no sense. They screwed up blaze, made Phantom Imprint weak as hell. Illusion is fast, but weaker in comparison to its older version now (DPM wise). Flame wheel is sort of “eh”. It could be made stronger.
        That blink move needs to be tweaked so you can have “telepoint marks”, rather than it being completely random.

        I cant be bothered listing the rest.

        • HAPPYTIMEGOSAUSE says:

          i think u shouldn’t call spadows video “useless”. u should be glad he is doing this at all u dick, he doesnt have to spend his free time doing this, he does it cuz he wants to and if ur to lazy to click the button to watch it on youtube then go fk ur self and dont watch the video……………dick.

          • BendyBread says:

            ITT: Angry little kids on the internet.

            I’ve seen almost 10+ videos which werent Spadows. He is a nice person from what I can tell and generally his videos ARE good, but this one basically only showed some earthquake use and lots of dragon thrust spam (with minimal PI and KW thrown in).

            But thank you. I needed a laugh tonight, and seeing angry little trolls fulfilled that purpose.

        • itscalledblink says:

          The point of blink is that it is random.this isnt starcraft buddy its maple and thats how tella works..all facts aside it has better use {range wise} then tela on a huge training map. on another note Mech got nerfed a bit still godly as hell though.

  18. Volt says:

    kyo. if u need help with skkill pics/vids/ and info just ask me ;) i can help. also i doubt dualers came back. mostlikely its only for tespia testing purposes. Dam, kyo. ur lucky. vipers buffed. -.- u still need that one mastery book? o_o

  19. bibili says:

    make sure ur well-recovered be4 compiling the skill update report :)
    ur health is our bliss

  20. somenoob says:

    hey spadow just as a question but since you deleted the area boss drops, perhaps you could have an explanation of the party quests? nothing to detailed like monster hp or exp given, but just a quick run threw like you have o hit XXXX using RRRR or soemthing.

  21. Axxez says:

    I think

  22. slashinsoulz says:

    what happens to people who already made resistance, arans evans and dbs

    • iryahn says:

      .. I don’t think you seem to understand what is exactly going so let me explain ^^’

      Arans, Resistance, Evan, and DB are all still availible in GMS (Well once Resistance comes) and always will be. Nothing happens to people who already have these classes except for their classes getting nerfs and boosts.

      Nerfs and boosts are when Nexon changes a skill to either benefit or balance out a class in comparison to others. For example Aran got major boosted (alot of attack damage raised, as well as putting combo penrir in 2nd job, etc), while Resistance more then likely got nerfed to make things fair.

      I guess to answer your question nothing will happen to these people who had previously made these classes or want to now or in the future. It is the same class, just a few changes (just like how Explorers got changed to make them more balanced- they are doing this with the Legends now). The only difference between about a few days back and now is a few whining classes and a little bit more/less damage between those classes.

      • somenoob says:

        u think he might be talking about what will happen to their skills points. obviously if it stays the same and some skills ae added some people arent gonna be happy if they cant add to the new skillz

      • greennov1 says:

        if you already have a legend or a db or a resistance BEFORE the do that can you still play it?
        during the reorganization i mean
        ty to anyone who answers this :)

  23. Limitation says:

    the update for kmst only?
    kms still cant create all these classes

  24. SuperChe says:

    The Dragon Blink skill seems like fun :D

  25. cool video
    nice music
    funny teleport skill

    I’ll work my evan soon and my buddy will love this info since he needs Evan help

  26. KobeKun says:

    You can’t talk to Kyo like that!

  27. :) says:

    That’s how it is.
    They release an OP class, and after the bandwagon calms down and the NX sales estabilize again, they nerf it.

  28. Gunth says:

    Well I am happy about the extra speed Evans get because I found it very annoying to train with such low attacking speed. I think Nexon needs to reorganize Cygnus, they never gave them new skills or anything after Big Bang other then buffing up current skills… I’d love to see a Striker with the new critical punch that Vipers get or a Dawn Warrior with Brave Slash :P

    • xyxjj says:

      the whole idea behind brave slash(I think), is to make heroes somewhat original in terms of skills since soul masters(mSEA) already had soul blade and brandish from heroes. So it would be fair to heroes to have brave slash since their old ‘ultimate’ attack is given to soul masters

  29. ori says:

    i got 10k maplepoints from a rollback in GMS… should i use them on the meso sacks or save for the big bang event? what new nx items will be in the big bang?

  30. Boëndal says:

    Great! I already readed a little about this on Ellin Forest, but when does this come to the official server?

  31. unbias fact guy says:

    Its official.Maplestory has been in beta for 4 years.

  32. Pingback: Top Posts —

  33. noob says:

    for those in global maplestory , you should appreciate what u have . Poor maplesea players like me gonna have to wait next year june before we get to big bang while u all are getting at december . So stop whining the bb patch is on december instead on november

  34. :D says:

    i agree but, EMS is just having evan o_e

  35. Charles says:

    final toss and charge can put on hotkey to use now?

  36. aran says:


  37. NovaNuvaMS says:

    lol is combo tempest gone?

    • Gunth says:

      No Combo Temptest isn’y gone, he is only level 121 in the video so there is a chance that he doesn’t have any points in it. I also never recaled him getting the combo up to 200.


    lol ur welcome i never thought i would be called a troll tho i am happy it made u laugh tho XD i just thought it rude that u said that, that way, u could have just said this video didnt show what u wanted to see. u didnt have to call it “useless”.


      oh btw im not a lil kid tho im glad u think i am what a complement XD

      • BendyBread says:

        I don’t understand how thatd be a compliment, but okay…

        It’s my opinion. If you’re getting so darn upset about it, then something is clearly a little wrong “up there”.

        • HAPPYTIMEGOSAUSE says:

          hahahahahahaha upset LOL
          dont flatter ur self if u could ever make me upset this is not the way
          i just think if someone is telling u information on somthing u clearly want information on u should be a little more respectful

          • BendyBread says:

            But you see, if I “clearly want information”, I’ll search for it, like I normally do on southperry.

            You know whats funny? You’re the one blabbing on about “respect”, yet you’re the one who attacked and insulted me in the first place.
            Hypocrite much?

  39. tyson says:

    can anybody tell me what job skill is judgment? is it a 3rd job skill or a 4th job

  40. Mclena says:

    This one is a lot better imo

  41. Kyle231 says:

    When do you think it will be availible to public KMS?

  42. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, when do u get those skills (like which job)? And does COMBO RECHARGE get u 150 combos instant? If then, how much HP and MP do u have to sacrifice?
    BTW, AWESOME BUFFS! Nice job, Spadow for keeping us up to date! :D
    THANKS!!! :D

  43. ninjar13 says:

    show dual blade rebalance stuff and i hope some new skillz~

  44. yamah12 says:

    wow I like what they did to arans; they look easier to control now too

  45. iryahn says:

    Hm.. I really want to make an Aran now (once Big Bang arrives in GlobalMS) but i’m kind of worried since everybody says they are almost as weak as Bishops once BB hits.. so i’m wondering how long it would take approx. for this Reorganization to hit GMS. (Like how long was the time span from KMS BigBang to this?) Thanks a ton if someone informs me XD

  46. DemoDango says:

    I have a new thread on Basil showing the details of the Aran’s skill changes if anyone’s interested.

    Here’s the permalink:

  47. BWLeon says:

    first balance patch, then Bigbang and now reorganization patch -_-. gee whats next?

    • Secun says:

      The Tiny Implosion to where they revert to Pre-BB status? :3

      • Major says:

        Oh god I’d love that. These new classes are nice and all, but I remember Maple more fondly before all these were added. It made for some unnecessary flame wars over “Who’s better at this/that/whatever”.

  48. iMakeCombos says:

    question: before this reorganization update, they will give sp resets like bb update for existing arans and evans? or they will post the “u wanna sp reset? GET SOME NX NOW”?

  49. Jonas says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I was just wondering whether or not Final Attack works with Hurricane on Bowmasters anymore. I’d really like to know this.

    The reason why I ask this is because earlier KMS videos depicted Hurricane working with FA but the current Bowmaster videos aren’t showing FA working with Hurricane anymore. Also, in GMSt, I haven’t seen a video where a Bowmaster’s Hurricane is working with FA. :(

    A reply to this would be greatly appreciated!

    • Alilatias says:

      IIRC, Final Attack no longer has any attack animation associated with it anymore. Because it was kind of strange for Marksmen to be using Ultimate Strafe only to have a random seventh arrow appear from out of nowhere, for example. Not to mention the fat FA arrows were freaking ugly when combined with the Hurricane arrows.

      Don’t worry, FA still works with the usual attacks.

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  51. LynjanDakari says:

    I fucking orgasmed at the arrow rain, holy fuck. Spadow I love you.

  52. Enkay says:

    T_T they removed sudden raid WHY ?!?!?!

  53. Willis says:

    Does the new “Thorns” buff stack with an attack pot or not?
    If it does not stack then the skill is useless in parties besides the stance ability.
    Nobody would take a high level DB into a boss run when the Thorns critical ability is removed. They would rather take a bowmaster / marksman with SE into a boss run.

  54. Wtf says:

    Wtf aran lost his bosster???

  55. Masta says:

    Go dks

  56. Axxez says:

    Cool! Nice update! But I hope they give out the skill resets again :P

  57. sal says:

    So let me get this straight they have us pay 8.9$ to get two skills then they are going to take away the skills… no thanks not gonna buy those books lol it was almost time for me to get thorns mastery book anyways but forget that…

    • David Rochter says:

      I’m sure they will just make the other skills cost the same. So if you paid for the old skills, you won’t have to for the new ones. But everyone is saying “ZOMGOMZOMGOMGOZMG LOLLOLZZZ DB GOT PWNDEDED!”
      But when I looked at a vid of a 130 db after the patch on youtube, he was doing 180k to mobs at extremely fast speed<<<<Yea, that's a total nerf. Also, keep in mind that all the other OP resistance classes are getting nerfed. Everyone pretty much is getting a nerf.

  58. kidkood says:

    Yay Dual Blades are getting nerfed !!!
    Haha! :)

  59. tyson says:

    HA HA HA HA i went crazy when i saw that adventurers get updates too

    • tyson says:

      I RLY LIKE THE BOWMASTER CHANGES XD nothing bad, only good…anyone know when this update is coming out in the real server?

  60. MassCreed says:

    all you guys are saying DB’s are comming back, are you happy about the availability or the horrible balance they got. confused.

  61. to all MSEA dual bladers what will happen is i SMEGA web link?? i would wonder hw many dual bladers will stop playing.

    Thorns + 30 wa aint gud enuf for me…

    RIP Sudden Raid.

    Chain of hell.. 100% critical 80% damage / how much Critical Damage?? why dont they just add the % to the damage… since its 100% critical

    Phantom Blow is gonna be very cool xD

    might chiong to 160 while i can
    or.. stop playing le
    i play my Shadower is way btr…

    I wish i could time travel back i regretted looking at the dualblade changes…

    • chif says:

      on big bang critical is diferent, no more %dmg on crits, but more like there’s a crit damage range, pretty much like a mastery.

      i still liked more the old thorns though, it was more helpful when hunting bosses, since thorns+SE= epic pwnage for people that had passive criticals like evans, sins,bowmen etc…

  62. Katrina says:

    OMG! I glad they make Ice Arch Mage look better and improved skillz. I cant wait to get that awesome skillz! Woot! and Bowman skillz are awesome too. All classes are great and pro attackers. :D


    yeah but ur not supplying me with information so i have no reason to respect u

    • BendyBread says:

      Thats not even relevant at the moment.

      You dont just disrespect people out of the blue because their opinion doesnt match yours.
      I didnt attack Spadow, I just said his Evan video was useless, with reasons stating why I think so.

      I’m not even going to bother after this. You’re honestly a pathetic little troll who won’t truly grasp the concept of respect till you grow up a bit.

  64. Likan says:

    Must took you awhile i guess? And why dint they change the animation of pirates?

  65. Daikokuro says:

    Spadow a Typo on Combo Fenrir there.
    You wrote it has been moved to ‘1st’ Job from ‘3rd’ Job whereas it was moved to ‘2nd’ Job from ‘3rd’ Job.

  66. Pingback: Tweets that mention KMST V353 ~ The reorganization update has arrived « Spadow's Blog --

  67. Lockie says:

    Can someone answer my question?
    What exactly does it mean when “Cleaving Attack” reduces damage by 50%?

  68. Reevolver says:

    Yay! Arans really got themselves a boost!

  69. Tazfelis says:

    Cleaving Attack (aran) – …50% damage gets reduced when attacking multiple monsters. What does that mean? Does it actually make us weaker when attacking multiple mobs?

    • dutchman says:

      No, I think it makes ur mob dmg more equal to the 1v1 dmg. Cuz you know. the diffrence between mobbing and 1v1 dmg is very, VERY huge. I think that skill reduces that.

  70. DrCureU says:

    “New skill: Combo Judgement – Combo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe.”

    Hi Spadow, great entry u have here. Very informative but i spotted a tiny mistake, hope u can correct it. Although the animation look like an axe, its actually a polearm.

    • Spadow says:

      The description says it’s an axe.

    • Kio says:

      that really looks like a 2-headed axe, pole arms generally have a long pole on which the weaponry is on, and that pole is too short in comparison to the heads that it’s just an axe…

      a pole arm can be any pole-based weaponry, but that’s the key point, having a lengthy pole

  71. Vapor-X says:

    Awesome that brawler+ got amazing boost
    when u think its going hit kms?
    since i know battle mage and their skills ranges got changed i want check it out

  72. John says:

    post the cygnus knight skill changes, i got a friend who wants 2 know wats gonna happen to their w/a after this patch

  73. Kio says:

    Spadow, do you really not like the Cygnus stuff at all? Are the changes to CK and Ultimate Adventurer even significant changes to how they were?

  74. Todd says:

    Great work on all the details. Didn’t the formula Change so that it wouldn’t hit high-low-high-low?I’m looking forward to this patch. Reinforces my ideals in making a bm :D

    • Spadow says:

      I do know that several combat formulas have been changed and the Triple Throw formula for Night Lords.

    • Todd says:

      My question for formula relates to db ._.

      • HollowRender says:

        On Db attacks, always 1 of them are from Dagger and the other one is from Katara/Blade, so as already known, the Katara/Blade has way less dmg than the Dagger, so you will always see one high dmg and the next one is low :)

        • MilkShake says:

          actually, looking at the videos of kmst.
          it looks like that katara no longer has its own range.
          and it’ll be like DBs are using a dagger, and a shield with 7X attack.

  75. Cambini says:

    Aww they broke DW and Mechs

  76. MX says:

    Really!!!!!!!!Now I gotta gotta get 2 max lvl

  77. heyy says:


    • chif says:

      it will be more like 5 months later after bigbang’s 1st patch.
      as you might know, big bang is 3 patches long, 1st one is the revamp.
      2nd one is the addition of battle mage,wild hunter and their starting town.
      3rd one is mechanic, and i think new guild system.

      so yea we will get it more like 5-6months later

  78. Nathan says:

    Pretty nice to see heros get somewhat “buffed” by the 210%->240% brave slash increase. However, they are still not at the same level they used to be compared to the new OP’ed classes.

  79. Keitau says:

    aww they nerfed mechs and well somewhat nerfed battle mages. still excited bout increase in wa skills and new arrow rain animation.

  80. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, just wondering, what’s ur portrait a picture of? Awesome dragon!!

  81. eric says:

    is mechanic still worth it after nerfing?

  82. Someone says:

    May I know how they have changed their accuracy formula?

  83. Popsicklez says:

    wow…Arans own :U

  84. andrew says:

    phantom blow is pretty lame, whats the point of hitting a monster 6 times for 110% (660% total) when fatal blow can hit 1 monster too for 85% but 8 times (680% total) for god’s sake, its a 4th job skil, it should be way better!

  85. dber says:

    Although dbers will suck after bb patch I’m still going to use mine what’s annoying is it’ll be way easier to lv up to
    200 I wish they’d tweak the max level like maybe lv 250 for a certain class yah that would rock

  86. dber says:

    I’m currently level 41. I hear a lv 50 will only need 100 k exp my dber will lv up like crazy wait will the pqs change? Like will they delete cpq? Thatll be nice to kn

  87. nanogear says:

    You aren’t over there where N. Korea fired at,right? RESPOND SO I KNOW THAT YOU’RE ALIVE!!!

  88. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Cleaving Attack.

    Having the damage decrease while mobbing really doesn’t sound right. My guess is that the damage actually increases. I think the %reduction is applied to the damage penalty all non-mages suffer when mobbing. For example, I normally hit a single enemy for 1000 damage with a skill. With the same skill, I deal…say…900 damage per target when attacking 6 enemies. So there’s a slight damage penalty in this case. I believe Cleaving Attack reduces this damage penalty.

  89. Yushaun says:

    omg dont die =(

  90. dber says:

    Spadow….dead? Awww nooo
    Btw can anyone tell me if maplestory ds will be released in english?

  91. Mobius says:

    Wait…what is “Ultimate Adventurer”????

  92. Jon says:

    Your description of “Thorns Effect” is misleading. It does 90% of no “knock-back” on yourself (like that of Warrior’s stance). It doesn’t knock-back monsters at the rate of 90%.

  93. JustSomeone says:

    @ andrew
    Because fatal blow looks crappy and is about 3-4 times slower then Phantom blow.
    Check youtube and look for a DB doing pap with phantom-blow you’ll see.

  94. GOGO says:

    i thin gms will patch this when resistance is released….
    note how kmst made this patch right when other versions are getting BIGBANG!
    it only makes sense

  95. greennov1 says:

    spadow look!
    they put you as a reference!

  96. GOGO says:

    i just noticed that phantom blow is a mixture of 3 skills….
    one of them is battle mage’s tripple blow( the yellow circle)
    i’d know since i play a battle mage!

  97. noob says:

    i guess aran benefited the most in this skill changes

  98. MSEA-er says:

    *sigh* No point for me to train db now since its gonna get so nerfed later on… (spirits crushed)

  99. Ghost says:

    Don’t think that this is the end of the changes….

  100. tyson says:

    i just went to the KMS hompage, and it said in a couple hours they are going to have a 4 hour patch, i think it says to release some new content..who thinks this is the reorginization patch?

  101. jonathan says:

    OMG why no fucking animation change for the paladin skills dammit -.-

  102. Gunth says:

    It seems like Nexon is really considerate to Vipers your lucky your class didn’t get nerfed Spadow :P
    I think the reorganization will really help me decide on a good class since I couldn’t decide on one before.

    As for the Bladers getting nerfed….. meh never liked them and I always thought they were gonna loose some power.

  103. Kamakazi says:

    Man it looks like evans took a big kick in the ass this patch :\

  104. MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

    which of the three resistance job do you think is the best…
    in terms of flexibility skill damage etc tec….

  105. Emenia says:

    Looks like nexon are determined to screw over fp mages constantly… man I’m pissed.

    • Lockie says:

      How the hell were they screwed over o_o?
      Besides MP Eater, all their skills got buffed :/

      • emailbox says:

        They lost out their only DPS attack, ie Paralyze.
        Pre-BB it was a decent attack due to its fast speed, but after BB they lowered the damage and made it a mob attack.
        Now its damage is lowered again, and they still don’t have a 1v1 move to spam on boss runs.

        • TazXBlades says:

          Actually, f/p mages main power now lies in DoT as opposed to a single attack. Because poison works on bosses now, they can poison them + teleport mastery + paralyze, which also poisons for alot of damage. In terms of %, it may not be that grand looking. But when you add it all up, its very good.

          • BendyBread says:

            In GMST, they made it so like-DoT skills cancel out DoT. Eg – spamming paralyze means that there will be no poison DoT.

            Though you can have a fire DoT active whilst attacking with Paralyze.

    I love the animations and love the updates for mages…since tnats all I use but woa!!!

  107. dreesx says:

    WTF!!!!why dual blad become so noooooooob aaa GM NO fair la T^T

  108. KobeKun says:

    The new animation for Arrow Rain is looking win. :D

  109. tyson says:


  110. x3Chain says:

    Well this is pretty neat and if you guys are wondering if DBs get weaker or stronger. It’s all explained here in this thread. Please reply and let every DB know. We’re not nerfed, we’re balanced and probably even better than before. :]

  111. G-Star 2010 says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I was wondering if you were planning on putting up any information from the G-Star event you posted previous to this update. Others, surely, and I are eager to know what Nexon has in store for some future updates.

    A response would be very appreciated!

    Jonas ^o~

  112. tyson says:

    spadow, i heard that the update is coming at dec. 10 in KMS, is that info correct?

  113. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Good to see Brave Slash gets pumped up, as well as Crusher and Fury! With all this, my Aran is going to be a lot more fun, hahaha.

  114. imGuaizai says:

    Wa, Screw you all la GMS . Dont patch liddat la . Alot of skill will drop and the Fking pirate skill and dmg percentage raise like hell -.- Dude . get it right . ikr , dualblade need wait till 4th Job oni can get nice dmg , low level dmg SMD la .

  115. Zangash says:

    I know you’re a T-Ara fan, so you might already know this, but the girls are back with a new member. Pretty good song, really. Can’t wait ’till they sing it live.

  116. Sorbet says:

    Good to see that there is no delay anymore on Corsair’s Ship :D

  117. Jake says:

    Is meteo meteor? I’m guessing it’s mispelled under blaze wizards?

  118. Jonathan says:

    Spadow i was just wondering if it would be more efficient (exp wise) to spam maxed ds or maxed demo at the castle of lion heart :)

    also ds going from 700% to 850% wouldnt it be better to spam ds instead of barrage+ds combo when outside super transformation.

  119. Engee says:

    RaWrZoRsZs : Spadow, do they give us a full SP reset for ALL our skills since they changed the skill master level?

  120. Vaiio says:

    I am VERY Upset with the nerfed DMG of the Mechanic. I was sorta hoping that there DMG wouldnt be decreased… or atleast for the KMS Team to not realize how powerful it was. It was OP, but it was supposed to be OP. Ya know?

  121. Shadow's Arch says:

    OMG! Battle Mages will pwn all other classes no matter what!!!!

  122. Shadow's Arch says:

    The Wild Hunters are gonna totally outclass every other archer job because not only do they get a free mount they get better skills than other archer jobs. BB rulez!!!

  123. Shadow's Arch says:

    OMFG! Im so pissed! MS Global keeps having problems with update and hey postponed it by like 4 hours! Now I gotta w8 till 6pm to get on MS Global. MS is some crap when it comes to updates.

  124. Shadow's Arch says:

    Thank god for korean maplestory it’s WAY better than nrmal global MS b/c they r WAYYY ahead of Global.

  125. dber says:

    so im guessing dualbladers wont have all shitty skills? hope not

  126. Shadow's Arch says:

    the dualbladers DO have shit skills but the skills do more damage and they arnet nerfed.

  127. Shadow's Arch says:

    Im really pissed that mechanic dmg is nerfed. Its not reasonable

  128. TLK says:

    The formulas for accuracy/avoid and defense are changing again? Do you know what they are?

  129. AMapler says:

    Ty for killing mechanics, they do too much damage, they are too much of a KSer class in cases (No offense Spadow, you’re still awesome)

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  131. Axxez says:

    This is indeed, a HUGE update.. :D

  132. Eliot says:

    I tink that the game creator of KMST had failed in his math….the new skills phantom blow deal 660%(110×6) dmg and fatal blow with 680% (85×8).Fatal blow was somehow higher than phantom blow in total.
    But in our eyes,we can see that phantom blow lyk more than fatal blow.Truly,it’s lower….(maybe i was wrong coz i nt KMST player)

  133. Daigual says:

    need a minidungeon in galloperas and a modification in the dawn warriors ( have much powder )

  134. Ju says:

    Dang! why did they have to lower Soul Driver’s damage and the number of monsters it can attack at the same time. This means that Maple Global will undergo these changes and my Dawn Warrior(Soul Master) will be nerfed! I hope Nexon fixes this… I love Dawn Warriors.

    Also, I’m very glad that Dual Blade is back! That means I will be able to create it when it disappears and appears back in Maple Global.

    P.S: What is a “Ultimate Adventurer?”

  135. JrTroopa says:

    Can SP now be put in lower jobs for resistance members?

  136. Pingback: Will you be making a resistance class? - ggFTW MMORPG and MMO Gamer Community

  137. Tony says:

    Thorn gives fucking 30 atk???
    The only fucking skill they lost is Sudeden Raid
    and get 3 bad ass skills GREAT now we’re gonna get KS the S**T OUT OF

  138. mike says:

    whats the new accuracy calculator after chaos?

  139. mike says:

    whats the new accuracy table? I have a 90 dex dragon knight and dexless TB -.-

  140. AHappyMech says:

    I wouldn’t be too soon to say Mechs are dead.. I have friends who play KMS and there’s even a video of a Mech training in KMS and all he does is put a portal and the top and bottom of the map, and use laser blast (range can reach both ends of a map) and just do that over and over again., mechs will still train faster than most classes, especially at higher levels. At lower levels, all classes seem to get more balanced out.

  141. Ariel says:

    Wah they killed evans.
    i know that the speed is increased but they decreased so many skills
    but wtf? can they do that?
    we paid money for our jobs (at least i did)
    and now they changed so many things after i already bought the skills from the cs
    nexon should be buried for that.

  142. Max says:

    hi can someone plz reply i dont understand this fully
    New skill: Cleaving Attack – Cleaving Attack ignores a certain amount of percentage of the monster’s physical defense, and when attacking multiple monsters, your damage gets reduced by a certain %
    At master level, Cleaving Attack ignores 20% of the monster’s physical defense and 50% damage gets reduced when attacking multiple monsters

    what does
    50% damage gets reduced when attacking multiple monsters
    that mean?

  143. Aranispro says:

    theres no more combo drain?!?!?!

  144. aquail says:

    BTW, will WHs be in the top 3 strongest classes after the Chaos Update? Since mechanics are getting nerfed.

  145. mechftw says:

    i say that nerfing mechs is bs not just cuz i have 1 but becuz every1 else is getting new better shyt except us its like WTF?! they just nerfed the hell out of mechs to make them “equal” but increase dmg for every1 else and add new moves and animation?! wat kinda BS is that?!

  146. Dude says:

    The AE animation looks ghey now D: but it looks better than the old one…

  147. AHappyMech says:

    They’re nerfing mechs because of the ease they can do everything that other classes can’t. For example, the delay on drill rush is because well, no other class has a skill like that with that much range that can be spammed. The closest is dualbladers but they can’t spam their tornado spin either, and they have to do this running animation before they do it -__-

  148. Alampio says:

    Yeah!! I cant wait to FTW on my aran.
    Finally the resistance wont be overpowered :)

  149. Midori says:

    Arans and DBs are going to be OP again. Eww…
    And they seriously need to do something nice for the Bowmaster class. The Wild Hunters still overshadow them completely >.<

  150. gerson says:

    go to the play an play

  151. SlimyPeople says:

    What about beginners?!?!?!? You didn’t post anything about beginners!

  152. Billy says:

    hmm so do you think evans will get stronger or weaker?

  153. Shane He says:

    The animation for arrow eruption and arrow rain looks awesome :D

  154. TylerL says:

    great, take my FP archmage and kill it. why why WHY would they weaken paralyze? arent i weak enough already? Q.Q

  155. SoulDriveer says:

    i heard soul driver is becoming a lvl 100 skill when is this?

  156. phillyface says:

    Hello Spadow, I have a question. In regards about the attack range. Post-Big Bang, everyone witnessed their range jump to a whole new level. I remember having ~2k range Pre-Big Bang with my dual blader, but after Big bang, it jumped to around 4k. Out of curiosity, does everyone’s attack range jump up like that again ? Or is the attack range purely dependent on the equipment one is wearing ?

  157. sher says:

    Omg, it seems very bad for evans.

  158. lorenzo says:

    big bang and chaos seems like fun i hope it comes fast

  159. moo says:

    On Wednesday of next week, chaos.

  160. Dylan says:

    You Guys can bitch all you want about mechs i dont get it i out damage them x50 as a corsair they do like 5k a bullet? x6 is ew 30k? i do about 60k a bullet or more x5 300k so mechs can just read it and weap muthafkas

  161. Sushi1000 says:

    So Corsiars dont have a cooldown anymore for battleship, but buccs still have a cooldown for transform…?

  162. ZYC-K-DEATH says:

    No one will play aran any more, they dont even change a lot, and skills are , i dont want to make myself more sad……

  163. Maelstrom says:

    and CBs get no new moves at all just a few minor buffs

  164. Pingback: Explorer « KPRobin

  165. BaMs 4tw says:

    lol? is lightningbolt stronger than illusion now?

  166. Jordan says:

    Awesome, I fell in love with the mech and that’s all I use and they hella nerfed it :( I hate updates…

  167. Pingback: Chaos Skills « KPRobin

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