G★Star 2010

Ah – It’s that time of the year again. G★Star: the annual gaming exhibition in Korea. The Korean Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).
This year, G★Star 2010 will be held again at BEXCO in Busan from November 18 till 21.

Korean and foreign companies will attend this gaming exhibition and show their newest games (PC, console, mobile, online gaming) and future projects.

Nexon will be there as usual, showing their new stuff from all kinds of games. Last year, Nexon showed a preview of the Evan job in G★Star 2009. Visitors were able to play with a high-leveled Evan character for a limited time.

MapleStory 2 was brought up that year in a Q&A session. The development team of MapleStory 2 was created in 2008 and has been in development since then.
This year, two vacancy notices for ”[MS2] MapleStory 2”  on the Nexon career homepage sparked some discussion on online communities.
I’m curious if Nexon will show a glimpse of MapleStory 2 at this year’s G★Star 2010.

Yesterday, the test server client received a new update.
There’s still nothing about the reorganization of the Aran, Evan and Resistance job.

Though, visitors who attend the Nexon booth at this year’s G★Star will be able to fight against Van Leon, the Lion King!
Two maps of the Lionheart Castle were added to the data, an entrance map and a boss map.
These are event maps and only accessible when you try the preview at the Nexon booth.
I have no idea why they’re showing this since it’s already in the game. I’m hoping for surprises~

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57 Responses to G★Star 2010

  1. Lee says:

    I hope they give news on the jobs soon because im still down about my aran


  3. :D says:

    I wonder what nexon reserve us this time :D

  4. lifewards says:

    Wish I was korean.

  5. aran says:

    maplestory 2?

  6. Xholtn says:

    Spadow (or someone else), please explain more on MapleStory 2… If there is any info. I am interested.

  7. Anonymous says:


    • Kio says:

      G-Star is important though… learn some manners and respect that this is NOT a news source like FOX or CNN, this is a person’s free time sharing news about stuff he cares about and is in no way obligated to give us the awesome info he does. so sit down, shut up, and like what he gives you.

    • thesadface says:

      It isn’t really spadow’s fault that no new content is released.
      And you don’t have to wait for just spadow.
      It’s your choice.

    • D says:

      Go and translate everything in KMS since you’re so good at it then.

    • Jo MAMA says:

      if its so lame then why do yo care that you have to wait a week

  8. Ghost says:

    It will be hard for Nexon to top the promises they made last year. Perhaps MS2 will be a distraction that the MapleStory content for the coming year won’t be as promising as this year’s.

    Where are the two maps located?

  9. Mobius says:

    MapleStory 2? I hope they fix a lot of things that cant be fixed on the normal MapleStory…perhaps real PvP?

    Oh it would be great!

    • Tyan says:

      Maplestory 2 is rumored to be a 3d version of maple. But nothing is set in stone. Might just be a stand in title until they get a better name. Like how the U.S. changed Mabinogi Heroes to Vindictus. :P

    • LycanRage says:

      PvP would be great! But IMHO, PvP would be a bit of a takeover of monster carnival. Cuz MC is supposed to be “to battle with your friend and see who is stronger”, in Spiegelmann’s words (did I spell it right?). Oh yes, and MapleSEA has dual blades and the potential system now. There will be a “Hot Time” period but I would be at Genting for my hols, so I can’t play :P

  10. Lemon says:

    It’s G star not Gstarstar.

  11. Terry's Luzzu says:

    Will you be in the exhibition? Take some pics and post it here please! Take videos would be awesome too.

  12. TableCAKE says:

    Good, your still alive.

  13. Thepiemanofpie says:

    Nice. i wonder how vindi is gonna be there. hope they beat the lion thingy X-X

  14. They are still talking abut MapleStory2???
    Wasnt the big bang MapleStory2??

    oh well lets see what comes out and happen

    • Spadow says:

      No, I am talking about MapleStory 2.
      A lot of people are confused about Big Bang and MapleStory 2… MapleStory 2 is a sequel to MapleStory, Big Bang is just a really big update. Big difference.

      • somenoob says:

        lol truely big difference
        now i only wonder if they plan on destorying the black mage in maple 1,
        or if hes destroyed/sealed in maple 2. Since it seems black mage will be sealed/destroyed in maple 1, i wonder what will become of the heros in maple 2, assuming maple 2 isnt somehting that like set far in the future, like the alien event in gms. when the black mage comes we suddenly find a meaning to 1, and a question on 2.

  15. Bloodjedi says:

    Cool thanks Spadow.

    This re-organisation of classes is weird… I think Nexon made too many holes in their Hero storyline, and are now “fixing” them. Neson did say they were releasing the next 3 heroes next year, did they not?

  16. mazefind says:

    영어를 잘 못해서…google translation 실행 부탁드립니다.

    이미 카바티나 스토리가 한번 종료한 상황에서 메이플스토리2를 지금 발표하는 것은 성급한 느낌이 있습니다. 게다가 넥슨의 홍보 특성상 MS2가 나온다면 예전의 카바티나 스토리처럼 대대적인 홍보를 할 듯하네요(넥슨은 다른 회사처럼 ‘히든 카드’는 만들지 않더군요).

    예전의 업데이트 일정을 참고하면, 개인적인 예상으로 ‘reorganization’ 업데이트는 12월~1월쯤이 되지 않을까 예상을… Gstar에서 공개할 예정이라면 이미 테섭에서 뭔가 업데이트를 진행했을 것이지만 그런 느낌도 없고 말이죠.

    저는 다음중에 이틀 정도 실제 관람을 할 예정입니다. 녹화 장비도 다 챙겨서 가니까 뭔가 블로그에 올릴만한 생기면 찍어둘께요.

    • 거북2Pop says:

      포션노가다님은 가시는군요… 부럽!..

      인벤에서 초대장을 준다고는 하지만, 한국에 갈수가 없으니…ㅠㅅㅠ

    • 거북2Pop says:

      What Mazefind said –

      Cause I can’t speak english well, please use google translation to read this. (But Im translating it! LOL)

      As Kavatina Story has finished, announcing Maplestory 2 now seems to be a hustle. And if it comes out, Nexon will advertise it like before when they made Kavatina Story. (Nexon seems not to make any “Hidden Cards” like other companies)

      I personally think that the “reorganization” update will be on December or January, from looking at the dates of the past updates. If they were going to announce a new content in G-Star they would’ve patched them in KMST but there is none.

      I am going to go to the exhibit for about two days. I’m also bringing recording devices so if there are something to post on my blog, I’ll record them.

      Waa… my kor-eng translation is bad.. other way is easier…

      • Spadow says:

        He said that it seems they are in rush to announce MS2 right after Kavatina Story has ended.
        If MS2 comes out, Nexon will advertise a lot. (Nexon does not make ‘hidden cards’ unlike other companies)
        By referring to previous updates, he thinks they will release the ‘reorganization’ update somewhere in December~January. They would have updated the content in the test server if they were gonna show something in G★Star.

        In regards to your other comment, yes I remember you. I don’t play MapleStory a lot these days because of school. +_+

  17. Zed says:

    Hey Spadow, sorry to interrupt this post, but u should follow the Big Bang patch in GMS … TESPIA IS OPEN :D

  18. Waitin says:

    Spadow, i dont know if u gave him permission but this guy took ur viper video on youtube and put it into his own. Im not sure if you care or know but just in case here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWFpMfz9RTU&feature=related

  19. gMSPlayer says:

    Yes that guy who posted the youtube video on this blog its true what he is sayin the guy who is usin your video is using it to get people to click his keylogger…. just letting people know and btw i hope to someday make my own ms blog i really love this game enough and im sticking to my goals on making a lvl 200 DB

  20. Volt says:

    kyo, i wish i could go to gstar lol! im too far though -.- though, you’re even farther lol

  21. Giraflare says:

    Hey Spadow, How’s Dragon Nest doing? Any big recent updates for it :o?

  22. Kamakazi says:

    Spadow, I for one think that the only way MS2 would be successful is if they had everything from the original in it because I don’t think they could get away with making a sequel and shutting down the original without completely transferring all of the account data over, That would cause mass chaos and riots, Do you think they would be able to transfer/remake so much stuff so basically what they would be developing in MS2 now would be trying to catch up to the content in MS1 so when they release MS2 people can just transfer over problem free, Or they could make it like the Big Bang patch and it would just be a huge revamp to the game they would probably call it the Enhancement Patch or something, It would be crazy if the difference from MS1 and MS2 was like the huge difference between Mabinogi and Mabinogi Heroes and if they had all of the MS1 content it would be the most epic update ever.

  23. somenoob says:

    hey Spadow i notived its been over a year and a half since you edited the drops area bosses page, and since big bang came and will come to a lot of servers this and next year making those updates invalid. Will you delete the page or update it? Assuming you still have interest in the subject. A response would be apreciated but if its just a simple ” im not interested” then you dont have to waste time and energy to reply

    • Spadow says:

      I’ll delete the page because I haven’t updated it for a while and planning not to. I haven’t hunt for Area Bosses for a while now hehe..
      I will try to come up with a better idea for the new page.

      Thank you.

      • Somenoob says:

        Well one good idea, if you have the time, might be to list some information about game that is hidden in your posts or bot there at all. Like what is possible through potential, or changes in monsters. Another good idea might be to start some kind of “the spadow show” or something where you actualy report the stuff you blog and show them( if possible) instead of making us search threw a training bid on YouTube.

  24. 거북2Pop says:

    Hi spadow~ do you remember me? Im 거북2Pop or 발칸 in tespia…

    I want to meet you in kms. not in kmst

    can you tell me when you’re going to play? comment on here


  25. JustSomeone says:

    Maybe you could use the new page for the videos you made up till now?
    But yea you already have a youtube channel but i would rather watch it here then on youtube itself to be honest.

  26. Krazn415 says:

    Spadow. This is off topic, but one really tough question… Do all classes need dex after Big Bang patch? Please reply. I wanna know. Lol~

  27. 거북2Pop says:




  28. gambit says:

    Awesome but no sudden raid for dual blades anymore =(

  29. TableCAKE says:

    It’s called, The Restructuring.

  30. Alilatias says:

    Hi, Spadow. Restructuring and all. We’re having trouble figuring out exactly what the new skills do, for the classes that recieved new skills. Of course I’m asking you to help. >_>

    *is shot*

  31. uriya says:

    the event already passed aren’t we supposed to get updates about it already?

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