JapanMS will get the first update of Big Bang on Nov. 24

I have learned that three versions, MapleStory Global, China and Japan will receive at least the first update of Big Bang in this year.
JapanMS will be the first out of three to receive the first update and then China.

A few people told me that the Japanese used my translated comic part 1 for their Big Bang teaser page.
So I took a look… And suddenly I see a slideshow of cropped images taken from the comic I translated.

This was my reaction: 

Sigh… First there was something with MSEA and now it’s JapanMS.
Originally, my “watermark” was visible in the last frame where the Black Magician gained back his power.
But I thought it wasn’t a good spot because the last frame looks so good without one.

I don’t know if I should be flattered or not. I’m not really mad, I should be more careful with my watermarks next time.
I’m just surprised why they didn’t translate it from Korean to Japanese. Everything else on their teaser page is in Japanese. It doesn’t make sense to me.

There are six more parts of the Big Bang comic, but that’s up to them to translate and publish.

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

126 Responses to JapanMS will get the first update of Big Bang on Nov. 24

  1. LynjanDakari says:

    Wow lol. Ur popular nib

  2. Mikeivore says:

    I wonder if the people who put it on the teaser website think that someone had translated it for GMS so they should put it on their website.

  3. JunYi says:

    so when mapleSEA get BigBang patch?

    • ShiKage08 says:

      No one knows. MapleSEA doesn’t even have Dual Blade or the Potential System. It’s all up to Nexon when MapleSEA will receive it.

      However, I will say that the lack of content (Dual Blade and Potential) will not determine whether or not a version will get this big change. JapanMS still lacks Chaos Bosses and the Hoblin party quest, yet we’re getting the Big Bang in 25 days. Anything can come at any time. The only way we’ll find out when MapleSEA is getting the Big Bang is if Nexon/AsiaSoft announces it.

      • heyy says:

        maple global is getting in winter CANT WAITTTT!!
        BTW winter is my favourite season
        not sure why i said that..

        • Mikeivore says:

          I cant wait for bb in winter either. Also I expect that GMS will have the big bang comic and the first part will be Spadow’s translation.

          • thechazz says:

            gms already has that comic ….. o_0
            thats the comic where the scream goes like KWAAAAHK , and people are screaming, the monsters are acting strange and that you see golems attack hene right ??
            if that is a comic spadow made, then GMS has taken spadows comic 1 month ago

        • AngooseBurger says:

          I bet GMS will release bb during the winter break to get more players playing it.

      • LycanRage says:

        I play maplesea. Just so you know, although it is outdated (yes, that much i admit), dual blade is coming out in November, which is pretty much about now. And, yeah, I do want the potential system. Yeesh, I want the mechanic class too. I think it (Big Bang) will come in the next 2 years?

        • crapsode says:

          please be realistic……
          comon 2 years?? really……..
          more like in january-march period…..

          • crapsode says:


          • Chibi says:

            +1 to this comment

          • LycanRage says:

            MapleSEA is laggy. Currently I don’t have anything to do except for Dual Blade’s entry. Big Bang next year IS probable, but defintely after the Dual Blade craze I forsee. If it (Big Bang) is on next year, it probably would be on the November/December Hols. Not that I don’t want it to be earlier.

    • A MapleSEA Player says:

      I’m a MapleSEA player, too. It’s probably next year. 1 of my friend in Maple said that he THINK that it will come out maybe on March.

  4. hakkido says:

    One thing about watermarks if you work int he art department they are very easy to remove :T trust me I tested it on my own art.

  5. Axxez says:

    I WOULD BE LIKE UR REACTION TOO, because they TOOK IT WITHOUT ASKING!! :O They should ATLEAST say something before posting it anywhere… It’s also a good thing, but
    you should get full credit for translating the comic and MSEA aran descriptions… Feel sorry for u :(
    You should sew them, COPYRIGHT it, or do something about it!!! >:0

  6. Baru says:

    Cool, but TMS has not released Big Bang info yet. It sucks!

  7. DAggers says:

    Lol..why when i open JMS website,then suddenly pop out LowGradeOre OLD BGM?
    Isn’t it replaced with a new one?

  8. Aaron says:

    lol i was laughing when i read this post

  9. joey says:

    so u wont translate the rest of the comics :O

  10. A Lawyer says:

    SPADOW! SUE THE JAPANESE. it’s illegal of them to take your things. A creative commons license prevents people from stealing your ideas to create revenue. SUE THEM!

    • Ghost says:

      I don’t they made any money off of the comic, in fact i don’t think they make any money except from NX sales…

    • Yushee says:

      I agree you should SUE THEM!

    • Pwawk says:

      … Eh I thought Spadow translated the KMS Comic? If he was to sue Nexon Japan, he’ll have to deal with the Korean Nexon.(That’s if Spadow didn’t get permission to translate the comic, which most likely he hasn’t)

      Ofcourse, it was very immoral for JMS to just cut and paste Spadow’s “work” inserted without any reference to Spadow’s blog.

      To sue someone in this situation, to me, feels like an over-reaction. At least WE all know that it is Spadow’s work and WE as followers of this blog honour his work, in place of JMS, is sufficient.

  11. joeloveslego says:

    i think BB info will come out for TaiwanMS this wednesday or friday

    • Baru says:

      Really, that’s too good to be true, I thought TMS’s Big-Bang would delay until January or even the winter vacation next year, thank you.

    • Chibi says:

      Um please read …. Japan>>China>>GMS those three for this year….i dont see taiwan on that list

      • joeloveslego says:

        TMS just hasn’t annonced the release date yet, they might release it on wednesday or friday after the halloween thing

        • Baru says:

          That’s right, we could get the most fabulous mask (Clever baby’ mask) until 11/3, the best one of these kind of mask add 50 attack and 50 magic attack, but it is pitiful that the drop rate is way too low, BTW hopefully your prediction will come true.

    • Ghost says:

      I believe that all remaining Maple versions (except BMS, they are so far behind) will get the BB in 2011.

      • Hespe says:

        Nah, maybe we get it in 2011. There was a post these days in the official forums talking about Big Bang, and they’re going to talk to Nexon about getting it in 2011. I hope it doesn’t happen, I mean, we still didn’t get 4th job update, I want to enjoy ‘oldmaplestorystyleofplaying’ at most. And I don’t want potential system at all.

        • Ghost says:

          BMS doesn’t even have the 4th job, the pirates, the CK, the Aran, the Evan, nor the Dual Blade! Not to mention plenty of other content. So you’re saying BMS is will get all of that plus the big bang patches all in one year?

  12. JMS player says:

    On behalf of JMS and Nexon Japan, I apologize.

    Judging from the Chinese characters on the teaser video, some Chinese employee in Nexon HQ stole from your website.

  13. passing through GMS player says:

    hahaha, sailor moon. not surprised Japan and China get it before, GMS did a terrible mistake announcing it 4 months early

    • Chibi says:

      yes, then the made members vote on ALL the things that WILL be in big bang….making a poll was pointless, and no other info was introduced..

    • Ghost says:

      We were suppose to get it in October, they probably had undeniable errors and glitches in the game to prevent them from releasing it. HK and GS pq along with Ninja Castle and Ulu City were added just to stall. Have you noticed that the GSpq data was in the game since early 2010 and there was no patch to release it?
      But now GMS must release the BB since they gave out a release date to the public.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Well fiel was saying that it might be due to after BB the coding changes and therefore making it more time consuming adding pre-BB WT areas after BB, but thats just pure speculation.

        • Ghost says:

          Have you noticed we’ve been smaller amount of content every two/three weeks instead of four/five weeks? I’m thinking that they’re still working on the BB content (especially since we haven’t heard anything new about GMST since the DevBlog) and just using these WT areas/other events and content as filler. With that said, we might get WT areas from China or Thailand mid-november.

          • heyy says:

            in gms they said they are going to open tespia for big bang again….

          • Luxeraph says:

            I just hope they open it or a good amount of time, not like they did last time, because just testing for a week isn’t going to take us far with something as big as BB.

          • Chibi says:

            Gawd…they should just give use the current updated KMS BB data minus the characters and just patch them in like normal, atleast this way, we wouldnt have to go through all the skill changes and content changes and other minor problems, by starting from the current version of BB instead of the beginning, it’ll allow things to run smoother.

          • Ghost says:

            Just because tespia will open soon doesn’t meant that all the errors and bugs in the content will be handled soon. The resistance were out about 6 weeks before the 1st BB patch in KMS. And I highly doubt that it purely a copypasta and translation.

  14. Woa Japan gets it 1st??
    I think it takes GMS some time after DEC 25 I think day after or the 1st day of winter

    funny .gifs

  15. HarT says:

    lol, 500 Days Of Summer… Nice use of excerpt… :)

  16. Epitaph says:

    “I’m just surprised why they didn’t translate it from Korean to Japanese. Everything else on their teaser page is in Japanese. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

    The Japanese think, that everithing in english is “cooler and better”. It’s just the way they are nowadays.

    • RawVoltage says:

      I think everything in Japanese is cooler and better:{

      • Alilatias says:

        Grass is always greener on the other side.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Everything in a foreign language is “cooler and better”, most non-english speaking contries find english the coolest foreign language (must be due to internet and globalization), and so english speaking contries find anything (well not anything but a huge bunch of it) not in english cool.

        • oriana says:

          exactly! thats the reason i learned english, i always thought everything in spanish sounded too silly and long……

  17. Alex says:

    whats your real first name?

  18. ButtFkinAllDay says:

    lol this is so funny

  19. somenoob says:

    Did you ever translate the other comis spadow?
    Because i can never find the others in english and they seem so interesting T_T

  20. Zed says:

    I have the 7 parts of the comic and the link of the author

  21. Scifro says:

    Hey Spadow, doncha think that maybe they didnt translate the comic is becuase alot of people in Japan speak english, theres a thought.

    Then again maybe its another reason like they weren’t thinking about that when they had it put on their site.

  22. DAggers says:

    Spadow, u should not translate anymore especially skill info, comic(like above) of the KMST patch in the future.

  23. hao808 says:

    Densha no Otoko? Oh the hilarity.

  24. Nisrockk says:

    They should have at least mentioned your name or asked for your permission. What an infringement of rights.

    Perhaps they’re saving cost? They’ll need to hire a translator, editor, or if they asked you, they had to somehow reward you.


  25. kidkood says:

    안녕 Spadow,

    질문이 있습니다.

    언제 빅뱅 패치는 글로벌 메이플스토리 버전 올까?

    일부는 12 월에 온다라고 …

    회신해 주시기 바랍니다.

  26. HamieJob says:

    Lol i like the 500 days of summer clip. That scene is probably the best of the movie. :P

  27. Gmsfails says:

    Wow…Gms has been stalling like mad
    So tired of being in Gms -.- Nexon NA sucks.

  28. lastaran says:

    don’t you think GMS should get it 1st considering its the closest to KMS(patch wise)

    • joeloveslego says:

      no i think all versions should get a turn at being first

      • heyy says:

        anyway gms said they are going to open tespia for big bang
        its in devblog

        • Chibi says:

          forget tespia, if they just use previous game data, tespia for other versions isnt really needed, there should be a globalised tespia that allows players of all versions to try and give feed back to their respective versions. it’ll allow version up’s for all versions at the same time.

          • LycanRage says:

            Hey, my sentiments exactly. But, the problem would be trying to figure out what the korean words from KMS are, the chinese words from Maple China and many other language barriers. Just a note.

          • Chibi says:

            Thats why instead of random testers , from each version they will have ppl who are able to translate, lets say english since most countires has to learn it, then from that they can report to their respective versions in their language

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  30. lifewards says:

    Oh the agony of being stuck with Nexon NA.

  31. LindiDaHero says:

    I like eggs :D

  32. frank says:

    Q: can resistance get the marbas hat thing?

    • Pene says:

      Of course not. But I wont say of course because it may happen anyway… maple is weird.

      • frank says:

        why not??? {cry}

        • somenoob says:

          Yeah why? the heroes could do it and cygnus knights could do it, why cant the resistance do it? anyway it would take a while, probably 2 updates before they did if they did. Anyway yeah i know i think it is a maybe but has a 60% chance of being correct due to everyone saying it would be a adventurer only, but now pretty much everyjob can do it

        • Alilatias says:

          Why use the fugly demon hats when you can quickly just farm the heck out of Dark Tokens and scroll a Witch Hat with better stats (along with Witch hats looking better in general)?

          • frank says:

            coz its funner to do a series of quest than to fight snails all day long

            i got 12 zombie rings just for resistance and it took forever
            80×12=960 tokens total-_-

          • Anonymoose says:

            After several trials and using several thousand tokens I’ve only managed to obtain a handful of Witch hats that could be comparible to the Ep1 Hats. My best was a 14/8/0/0 hat, second best was a 15int hat, and I had a few that where a decent mixture of dex/luk. However, that is after throwing away countless hats that where obviously inferior to the Ep1 hats.

            And on top of that, I was only able to farm so many tokens because having an Evan spam EQ at galloperas for countless hours requires you to pay next to no attention at all to the game. The average player would definitly not obtain enough tokens for a fair number of trials.

          • Alilatias says:

            Fair enough, but those demon hats are just so butt-ugly that they make even Zakum helms look good in comparison.

          • Anonymoose says:

            I cannot disagree there. The hats are butt ugly.

          • thesadface says:

            IMHO Zakum helms don’t look too bad.
            But demon helmets, I agree ;
            they are damn ugly.

          • Chibi says:

            um you know that there ARE better places to farm tokens….octopus in kerning hidden street, cold eyes in sleepywood hunting grounds, those are the best places to farm tokens, made countless hats
            sorry to be able to tell you this on the last day before the last day of the event

          • Anonymoose says:

            I used an Evan that could 1hit KO galloperas, and thats where I collected them using a pet to autoloot. And I’ve collected thousands of tokens there. I seriously doubt octopie or cold eyes would be better, unless I was level 20-30 or so.

    • NovaNuvaMS says:

      lol good question omg….i hope they can

    • Chibi says:

      A: lol sure they can if you have sissors, unsure if they have that quest after Big Bang

  33. Nakia says:

    Maple BGM Lith harbor was in the Korea news MBC News Desk
    I can’t speak in English very well ^^; (I’m Korean)

  34. Pene says:

    Hey buddy, I love your job, its an awesome page the one you have and I just want to tell you. You have right to get something for that comic, Nexon cant use your stuff without permission, you can even SUE THEM!

  35. Pene says:

    Really, do something buddy, they cant step on you just like that.

  36. iryahn says:

    I’m kind of pissed that we will get Big Bang 4th (or maybe even 5th?)

  37. AlOnE says:

    It’s still possible for Maplesea to bring in the 1st big bang patch on december (exp scale and map reallocation) since this won’t affect much and distract students from their studies. Well..let’s hope for it.

  38. SpadowDoctor says:

    Are u sick again?

  39. FuryKnight says:

    I want Big Bang…
    Does anyone know how large the BB patch for KMS is?
    So I can free up some space in preparation for the Big Bang Patch.
    And I play MSEA.
    F**K southeast asian internet…

  40. eded says:

    I might be wrong but kms doesn’t have demon hats!

  41. Shou says:

    and by the time you finish the hat quest your char tends to end up close to 30 just from that quest line plus with luck you could get an astaroth weapon which i have yet to see someone running around with

  42. Toki says:

    This situation reminds me of when the second Okami game came out, with the IGN watermark on the box cover lol. They should at least make a note saying it was taken from your site. :/

  43. Giraflare says:

    It’s nearly been two weeks since they took away Aran, Evan and Resistance and still no update about it… I’m very curious D:

  44. TableCAKE says:

    For the people think that Kyo, is dead I dont think so, I think KMST/KMS is dead.

  45. Chema says:

    “My power…. has retuMed.”
    They could at least have fixed that ^

  46. flyXwing says:

    Did anyone notice this?

    Right click on the picture and open in new tab.

    Look at the file name =)

  47. gir says:

    wow they took all of your comic that sucks

  48. Tyan says:

    Spadow, i was wondering if there was any way you could translate the comics :x i was looking at them and i REALLY want to read them. It looks so interesting. The only problem is i don’t understand :x

  49. GeorgeJQ says:

    lmfao the reaction gif is funny :D

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  51. Vanny says:

    I’m guessing the JP Nexon employee got lazy and randomly grabbed something off the net >_>
    Wow, this is really shameful… You deserve credit for the translation at least! Yes, they might have removed your watermark because it was standing out, but they could have asked about it -_-”

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