Tour of Chryse

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The music you hear in the video is the real background music. For more information about Chryse, click here.
Chryse along with other updates will be added today in KMS.

Enjoy~ ^^

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26 Responses to Tour of Chryse

  1. Wadalite says:



  2. kh26 says:

    Looks amazing! Hopes GMS gets it soon! :D

  3. John says:

    Pretty nice.

  4. somenoob says:

    is chryse pronounced
    or c-rise
    or cryse
    or chryse
    i can’t tell for much of maple terms T_T

    • Volt says:

      ku-ri(like ree)-seu

      • Volt says:

        or khryse pronounced like the word crease

        • somenoob says:

          ahhh thank you
          also i was just wondering spadow did a new world come out in kms?
          it seems that with all the worlds in kms that kms gets like 4 a year XD or more…

          • Volt says:

            nope a new world hasnt come out since big bang

          • somenoob says:

            ok thanks volt :D
            btw volt do you play gms? or at least get informed on it?
            because im wondering why gms is only like 2-5 months behind yet kms has a lot more worlds.
            is it just because kms has more players?
            that would seem resaonable
            sorry if this is totally unrelated but it has been bugging me for a while

          • Volt says:

            i dont play gms i live in korea. hmm well nexon korea has a habit of releasing worlds alot for example they released a new world when arans came out, same for evans and big bang. I think i know the reason why. Your answer:Is it becuz kms has more players is partially right. in kms people quit and join about everyday. but when there’s a new update thats cool more people join than the normal amount. and by more i mean alot more. :] got msn?

      • KooT says:

        Yeah, so actually, we can bet for sure that it will be known as “Coliseum” in english versions.

  5. Splandisly says:

    Hey I found something interesting when I Googled “Chryse”. This is what I found:

    In Greek mythology, Chryse (Greek: Χρύση, Khrýsē) was a lover of Ares and mother of Phlegyas.

    Chryse Island (Greek: Χρύση, Khrýsē) is an island in the Mediterranean where, in Greek mythology, Philoctetes was bitten by a snake.

    Chryse is the Greek short name of gold-producing Chryse Chersonessos in the East Indies. This name was applied by the geographer Ptolemy to the Philippines[1] which means isle of gold.[2][3] It is located to the east of Khruses Kersonenson (The Golden Peninsula) which refers to Malaysia.

    Chryse is also the name of a town mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, from which Agamemnon took Chryseis.

    Chryses is the name of the father of Chryseis, a woman Agamemnon took as a slave during the Trojan War.

    Chryse is a large planitia (low plain) on the planet Mars (see Chryse Planitia)

    Most of them seem to have something to do with Greek Mythology. Coincidence?

    • Endoplasmic Reticulum says:

      Absolutely not coincidence, these are ‘themes’.
      Just like Toy World Ludibrium, Sky Land Orbis, Underwater Aquarium, Mountainous Creepy Crimsonwood and so on.

    • Why says:

      That is the ironic part with Maple! You see, the “developers” are sitting behind their desks with books from real life, and their so called “work” is purely extracted out from real life settings! Pathetic I say. =/

      • KooT says:

        ROFL at you.

        So you think EVERYTHING is purely invented everywhere ?

        That’s exactly the good part in my opinion, that things are based on mythologies and so on.
        I’m sure you can’t quote me ONE thing (book, game, etc) that isn’t based on nothing. It’s called “culture” and it’s a good thing, it’s exactly why people like those words cause they relates to something, they “connect” people to that book or games.
        You wont fit anywhere if you find anything familiar

  6. denis says:

    looooove the bgm!

  7. Donut says:

    Nice BGM~
    The background of those maps ( the moon and the floating buildings ) reminds of of time temple

  8. Fantasy says:

    OMG !!! It’s so cool !!!

    But…I just can play TMS …

  9. Volt says:

    nice vid, kyo! i love the new area, just wondering if i should go there or red goblins at 황금 소원

  10. SSJ-Luffy says:

    He spadow, nice video ^.^
    BTW, Golden Sun Dark Dawn is out in Japan!!!

  11. nanogear says:

    And i thought ToT was the highest place you can go…

  12. kipex says:

    Great BGM, i wanna EMS have this :( @ SSJ-Luffy Ty for Golden Sun Info

  13. kidkood says:

    JapanMS is getting Big Bang on November 24th.
    In their mini Big Bang site they have used YOUR translated Black Mage comics without giving any credit.

    Here’s a proof:

    Connect to the Big Bang site on Japan:

    In the beginning, you’ll see a trailer. The translated comics you made appears there, without leaving any credit to you. :(

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