Aran, Evan and Resistance are limited jobs… for now

A new notice was posted on main homepage yesterday.
The notice says that after October 28, you cannot create an Aran, Evan or Resistance character in the official server anymore.
It will make those jobs limited just like the Dual Blade job.

This already happened in the test server, there was an update yesterday.
When you navigate to the character creation window, you will see this. ▼

These jobs are currently being reorganized.
Existing characters will be available.

It seems the Resistance and Hero characters will get an update. Reorganization? What do you think what will happen?
I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon~
There was no date given when the character creation of Aran, Evan and Resistance comes back.

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130 Responses to Aran, Evan and Resistance are limited jobs… for now

  1. Wadalite says:

    Oh noes! Not Arans!

  2. 34667 says:

    Do u think that maybe theyre making new jobs?

  3. dej says:

    confuzzled face

  4. harel says:

    Oh oh oh I know. They’re updating the ledgends and the resistance and maybe even adding the final 3 ledgends!

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t think they will add the final three Heroes simultaneously.

      • harel says:

        Ya probably not but maybe at least one.

        • harel says:

          I just realized. If they’re just updating them, then whats the point of making them impossible to make if they can just leave them in and patch the new stuff. An easy example is that when GMS added some new explorer storyline, they never mde it impossible to make explorers, it was just patched in.

          • TheFreekyOne says:

            But didn’t Nexon already balanced them in Big Bang path?

          • Luxeraph says:

            Maybe they are making major changes to their whole storyline and to not confuse people with the story changing from one day to another their closing for now their creation.

          • Chibi says:

            They changes to skills were made during the patch BUT current Explorers were NOT ABLE to participate in obtaining new items some new quests avaiable AFTER making a NEW ONE

          • Chibi says:

            You know what would insight fairness AND keep the legendaries highpowered??
            place a level limit to make them, and they will trully be the legendaries, no lv30 crap, thats to easy….lv70 for heros and lv50 for resistance, this greatly declines the population of hero classes and those who have it TRULLY derserve its power

  5. Lionheart3655 says:

    I dont care… Be pro. Be an adventurer!


  7. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Will Aran Evan and the Resistance get new skills? Or get more story lines?

    • TheFreekyOne says:

      I don’t think these classes are getting more skills… At least rebalance them or changing to better ones ^^…

  8. Xyon says:

    What i dont understand is, if they are just “reorganizing” the classes, then why cant they just block the making of charcters in tespia? Why make the classes unavailable is the official server? Im not sayin Nexon is stupid, but, wouldnt it be more efficient, to block characters, and make the changes in TESPIA, and implement the changes in-game on the official server, without the need of blocking the making of characters? Hmmmmmm, this all seems like its gonna come together in a surprising way…maybe they gonna blame the blocking of characters on the black mage, and add it to the story line….

    • Chibi says:

      it is because during this change, they dont want a ton of people to complain about missed events, level requirements for certain new contents, new items, new storylines and the such, it is more efficient to block creation in offical servers as well.

  9. iryahn says:

    I’m interested to see if they will make the Legends and such fair with the Adventurers (like you gotta admit Dual Blade and Mechanic are pretty intense, i’m not sure if DB gets worse after BB but yeah..) I hope this is what they are doing :o

  10. Axxez says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They will come back, right?

  11. Giraflare says:

    The only logic thing that comes to mind is that they’re changing the storyline for these classes?

  12. Zed says:

    thats my opinion

  13. TableCAKE says:

    What kind of f*ck d*ck is this, Resistance just got realesed and they are already taking it away. Holy fk Nexon alway suprise me with sh*t thing’s.

    • Todd says:

      This is like how DBs were limited. Hope their getting something Big. Hope this doesn’t ruin my decision to make a mechanic

  14. Shadoo says:

    Yeah, kinda hoping they add some more storyline stuff to the jobs. Would be cool.

  15. Mikeivore says:

    Maybe they are trying to get people to make more explorers or cygnus knights. Maybe they will release each upcoming hero for a month or two than remove it until they have all been out. Than release them all at once.

    Also they might have removed resistance to re-balance them.

    All I put in here is what i am thinking.

  16. somenoob says:

    if its reorginizing maybe its the non advent/cygnus big bang or maybe there doing such changin around with the skills they need to take them out. Anyway i dont care cause dual blades are permanent in gms so im guessign these will to.
    gms is to lazy to add in all the coding after already “translating” it.
    btw spadow is reorginazing the one word translation to a big phrase or the dirrect translation
    if it is not the firrect i would like ot see the direct no matter how wierd it woulds sound because of word order, however please try to make the words english.
    just wanted to know :D

    • Chibi says:

      Nexon America is not lazy….they just know that as long as a good character is playable, there are ppl willing to pay for nx and buy the skills, Nexon America is very smart indeed

  17. WOA WHAT THE!?!
    Wow things are hard in Korea….

    • TableCAKE says:


      • Caitnip says:

        That’s in NORTH Korea.

        • TableCAKE says:

          I was talking about nexon….?

          • Ghost says:

            It’s nothing to get mad about, we all had enough time to make a character.

            Now the real dispute is what are they doing to the jobs.
            It could be skill/damage reform. Perhaps nexon saw the 10sec Mechanic Pap solo or the 1mil combo fenir damage. And they just adding Evan with them to hide the purpose.

            I don’t think they’ll release them with the 3 remaining heroes, it would be too early for them to take it away.

            It’s possible that they could be revising the system so that the addition of the 3 remaining heroes would be more smoother than random implementation. But then why did they include the resistance in this?

            I doubt the dual blade will have any relation to this.

            But the biggest question is, why do this to the main servers but not tespia? The only explanation I could think of is that whatever changes they are planning to do to the jobs, they are going to do it soon, I except that these changes to the jobs will be introduced to Tespia sometime in November.

          • zcoinz says:

            Well technically I think it’s storyline purposes because what I think is nexon didn’t originally plan to make 5 heroes, just 1. Then Evan came and nothing made sense really…so my guess would be a minor or major impact on story. That could be 80% wrong because that leave resistance out. So maybe a black mage or black wings revolution or party quest, but something relevent to the currnet remaining story

          • Kio says:

            zcoinz, maybe you forgot cygnus knights story is that they were formed by the empress SPECIFICALLY to defend the maple world from the black mage… if there was a PQ involving the Black Mage for story-specific classes, cygnus would definitely be involved. i really don’t think its a PQ for the black mage or such, they’d probably wait til all 5 heroes are out first, and make it like CWKPQ, requiring each class type, dawn warrior or aran, blaze wiz or evan or battlemage, wind archer or wild hunter, etc

  18. DancingBears says:

    I think they will be back sooner than people anticipate.

    I suspect that this ‘re-organization’ is them redesigning and restructuring the character selection process and the categorization of these classes.
    My guess is that they will become more class specific and there will be a bit more continuity with the storyline involving all those characters. i doubt that this sort of announcement will be a precursor to a major remodeling of game mechanics and character skills.

    Thats my 2 cents at leastl

    • Unohano says:

      I agree exactly what I thought, maybe just re-organizing the visual structure of the class. & Also they made the maps more understandable, maybe videos will be added with-in the selection screen or something.

  19. Donut says:

    Maybe Aran, Evan and Resistance gonna join forces together to defeat the Black Wizard

  20. Manaphy says:

    i tink Evan and Aran will merge tgt , but it doesnt seem rly possible bcuz both jobs have their own very unique storylines
    but the problem is , due to differences in storyline , they are forced to make it into 2 jobs instead of making a Legend and choose a job u like
    then it will cause a problem , bcuz there are total 5 heroes and it will be weird if the rest of the 3 heroes have the same tutorial .so i guess it would be a merge… but … it will be very weird or a waste for the efforts on writing the storyline

    • Mikeivore says:

      Maybe they have your character wake up in a dream and see an introduction video of all the legends an than they get asked what legend would they like to become and they go into the introduction of the legend they chose.

      • harel says:

        But both the ledgends already out start with dreams so it would be like chose then wake up to fing your still in a dream and you think “a dream in a dream… AM I IN INCEPTION…”

  21. Cobray says:

    From what rumors I’ve heard, they’re doing this to Arans and Evans since the popularity of those 2 classes has dwindled after BB. As for the resistance, I can’t think of anything that really needs to be reorganized with them.

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  23. Volt says:

    hmm kyo. i doubt they’ll be gone for that long. I think they’ll be like an update with them, like aran and evan have a different thing on rien now, and aran now remembers his stuff and it changes. And most likely skills being changed. Hoepfully with resistance they will nerf mechanics >.<

  24. Bendy says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down a bit.

    I’m sure theyre “taking them out” briefly for a reason. If they wanted to just patch in updates, I’m sure they’d just do it, but lets just wait and see what happens first, k?

  25. Aaron says:

    From my point of view, they are making the arans and evans into like a 1 beginner mode ( legends ) then when you reach level 10 you can choose to be a aran or evan
    maybe something like that
    But for resistance maybe they adding more?

    • someone says:

      yea you probably right..
      but evan and aran has a completly duffrent story line so it will be strange..

    • Chibi says:

      that wouldnt be practical because of the clash in storylines, even if they remade it, ppl knows that Aran woke up from a block of ice, and Evan found his dragon,
      they cant just have one person choose who they want to be once they become lv10…that will make it blan like adventurers….
      the most practical thing is to have ONE button like resistance and just click it, once you enter the name you click what you want to be Aran-Evan- Blah -Blah and Blah, then it will start you off on your designed opening and storyline.

  26. TehFrancis says:

    My best bet is nerfing WH’s and Mechanics while reorganizing the Hero classes. Who knows… this might be a sign of the third legend coming. Therefore, the other two need to be reassesed.

    • Chibi says:

      reorganizing doesnt mean nerfing, a simple patch would do that, and there were already rumors of the last 3 heros coming in 2011, so those who thinks they’ll be squeezing the 5 that were removed + the 3 heros to come before 2011, think again

  27. thesadface says:

    Because both story lines are the same.
    Maybe they’re gonna make it so you’re in a dream and a voice outta nowhere says
    “What job are you”
    And you go to their respective tutorials?

    • harel says:

      It would make more sense if it was “what is your true name” because evan didnt know he was going to become a dragon rider and in the beggining aran couldn’t remember being a swordsman.

  28. Kamakazi says:

    I bet for the evan and arans they are finishing their damn stories and making them like the explorers maybe since the other legends are supposed to come out in 2011 make a group for them.

  29. RawVoltage says:

    I hope they are nerfing the Mechanic. :{

    • John says:

      its impossible to be limited jobs since they already have resistance instructor a whole town and everything if its gonna be tempo job they might as well not launch the patch

    • Chibi says:

      why wish that apon any class, one day your wishing that “so n’ so” class was nerfed, then the next you’ll be complaining why are they nerfing your class…..
      a class is only as good as its controller, if your just plain bad at the game, there is no way you’ll be OP on a class deemed to be OP…

  30. thechazz says:

    aran and evan wil now get a picture like cygnus knights , only 3 black chars ( 3 upcoming heroes )
    resistance wil get a new char sheet … this is only what i think

  31. MseaPlayer says:

    I think Spadow is contradicting himself when he say “It will make those jobs limited just like the Dual Blade job” yet in the box, we see “COMING SOON! These jobs are currently being reorganized.”

    From what i understand, these 3 classes are being removed temporarily. Unlikely to be made jobs limited because its “Coming Soon”.

    The logical thing is another mini “big bang” on these 3 characters. With mechanics being nerfed because its overpowered as claim by many people (not me) and heroes class (aran and evan) being remake to have higher hp and mp for the sake of storyline?

    I mean, u cant expect a “Hero class” to face black magician in the final confrontation and yet unable to even tank 1 hit without hp washing, then whats the point of being called a “hero”.

    • WasabiNinja says:

      So Mini-bang?

    • Spadow says:

      Yes, they are being removed temporarily hence the title of the entry ends with ”for now”, but in my point of view that makes them limited until they return the option to create Aran, Evan or Resistance.
      Dual Blade was an example, because nobody can create a Dual Blade character anymore, and tomorrow anyone is restricted from creating Aran, Evan or Resistance characters. Just like Dual Blade.

  32. roro says:

    I’m really not sure what will happen but i can bet you it will be another grand twist in the tale(while remaining the old storyline and merging it with the continueance) that nobody would have seen coming. After seeing the replies above i came to a conclusion that the must be a VERY good reason why they did this, and i can assure you that your eyes will fall right out of their sockets when you will see the new updates!
    P.S. isnt that wierd the KMS had a ton of patches since BB and most other versions are only getting it in between this winter and a few yers from seems asif the KMS programmers are trying to make the other versions’ producers have a hard time. on top of that – did anyone notice that KMS has a big patch every week or two? as if they have a consperacy behind that eccelerated work…(?)

  33. Splandisly says:

    Aran, Evan, AND Resistance are limited now?!?!?!?!?!? Since Dual Blade is already gone, all that’s left are Explorers, and Cygnus Knights. That really stinks.

  34. icystone says:

    wait what?
    can we still play the ones that are already made or they r gonna be blocked and de-blocked later on?
    cuz im confused there.

  35. Edwin M says:

    I smell a Balance patch for these characters

  36. WasabiNinja says:

    Psssh, there OBVIOUSLY taking out those classes and adding in the class,
    “God: Alex”

  37. gambitflash says:

    I agree with Manaphy and Aaron.Well,here’s what I think:
    Aran 1st job name is legend right…But evan doesn’t start from legend.Maybe they removed them to somehow relate rien with evan.Since lilin says that there were 5 legends encased in ice (not sure about ice part)
    I think the 1st job legend will become just like beginner and noblesse.It will somehow connect aran,evan and all other legends.But the thing is I don’t know how they are going to make the legends unite and defeat black mage together.

    • NovaNuvaMS says:

      lol Freud the original legend dragon master died ): Evan replaces Freud.

      • gambitflash says:

        Well maybe you play as freud for first few levels then change to evan.

        • harel says:

          it would make more sense if like evan his dream was freud’s last hours before being almost frozen but we don’t find out about the egg

          • Maksy says:

            That’s because Freud doesn’t die from the battle, he dies from surviving the battle. Afrien takes his place. This is why Evan breaks the seal on him instead of Freud.

            I’m guessing you probably knew all this though. Freud most likely died of old age, but he could have died elsewhere.

            What I suggest, inspired by you, is Nexon should edit his dream. Only in my suggestion, it could be Freud’s last hours before passing away. He would hide the egg, hoping someday someone trustworthy would find it. Of course, this would be Evan. :)

  38. Unohano says:

    I think they will just re-organize the visual aspect of choosing the classes & making it more understandable for newer players with videos or something similar. I also think they gonna add like the shadow of the newest class. Idk maybe its just a really good surprise, I hope its a astro/space character, like that “Ranking” boy from “Hitman Reborn”

  39. Devin Delgado ~Chancho~ says:

    My idea is that they are making room for new characters in the selection screen

    Not the best idea but that’s all I got

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  41. mysticdoor says:

    i think they will put aran, evan, mech, wh and bm into one legend class. i hope they buff up aran and evans.

    • KobeKun says:

      Mechanic, Wild Hunter, and Battle Mage are not even close to being Legends, which is why they were put into a new class called the Resistance. Aran, Evan, and the other 3 heroes will be part of the Heroes class.

  42. Baru says:

    Could anyone answer this question that no one in Taiwan had any idea even if experienced players?
    Q: Is the HP increase the same as post-Big Bang when HP washing is concerned?

    • DancingBears says:

      Im not 100% sure of this, but I believe the answer is no.

      Post-BB the HP gained per AP is around 16-20 for warriors, and around 14-16 for Bowmen and thieves, and 12ish for Pirates.
      Off the top of my head.

      Those numbers definitely need confirmation

  43. frank says:

    I think that when all the hero’s come out NEXON will make a block in the character creation screen called “heros”. And when you open that screen 5 other screens will come up each saying the name of a hero.
    Who agrees?

  44. slashinsoulz says:

    If you make an ultimate adventurer do you lose the CoK you used to make it?

  45. Blorp says:

    maybe for the heroes, they will merge it in one button and then it will branch out when you click it.

  46. MaddFreshh says:

    Here’s my thoughts, This is KMS only most likely, because remember how everyone was like OH NOES, LIMITED DUAL BLADES, And then in GMS they were unlimited, im Sure there jobs will be unlimited in GMS just like the dual blades, so chilll outt~

  47. kidkood says:

    These classes are only gone for a month or two.
    They will be back for sure very soon.

    I believe that the KMS staff is developing something epic about all that jobs. I am personally excited regarding this thing ~

    They will probably be back in KMST with the improvements in December or January. It’s not the end of the world, so relax.

  48. icxcix says:

    The hero classes never made any sense in the first place. During the Aran tutorial you thought to be some kind of a unknown hero until you touch the polearm…Which seem to be a choice.

    I believe they redoing the heroes and basically make the Aran town more like the CK town and become the new “Heroes town”. Evan is kinda messed up because the random kid and dragon thing so I have no clue how they will fix that.

  49. Axxez says:

    Maybe new skills?

  50. aran says:

    so is this a good or bad thing 4 me? obviously im an aran (name) amd im in gms. I DONT GET IT!!

  51. uriyasama says:

    obviusly theyre gonna change the quest because the quests were about the black wings who tried to ressuct the black mage but now when he ressucted evan cant help the black wings ressuct the black mage

    • roro says:

      omg i think you just hit th jacpot!!!this iis by far the best theory i have heard so far! nicccce!

      • Kio says:

        and so they disabled arans, resistance, and evans from being made, BUT NOT PLAYED, because they’re going to change story quests for evans because games NEVER make characters with conflicting stories when you’re expected to have one main character that you follow only ITS story…

        explain why they turned off creation but not playability, and for arans and resistance too, and i’ll believe this then.

        • uriyasama says:

          its like all the other quests after big bang theres another tab for quests from before big bang you still havent completed so theres probbably gonna be something like two types of evans one before big bang and one after big bang

          • Kio says:

            that still doesn’t explain why only evan, aran, and resistance were turned off from creation – resistance is part of big bang – why would they limit creation of resistance because of pre/post big bang quests when resistance is ONLY post-big bang… it clearly doesn’t make any sense following that idea

  52. TheFreekyOne says:

    Well… 1st, these classes are all related to the black wings, so they could be doing something to the story line… But then I remembered about cygnus knights were also related… And some of the pirate quests are related with them too…
    There’s now way they are ALREADY releasing a new job! XP

  53. noob says:

    they are probably changing the skills and editing the pro dmg of these jobs . luckily , it will come back
    someday and not disappear and be gone forever

  54. Kio says:

    my thoughs:

    the character creation screen is crowded, and getting even worse… if they don’t combine the heroes into 1 character creation menu, even if it opens a sub-menu, there will be 8 character options on the selection screen – all 5 heroes, explorers, cygnus, and resistance

    they probably are redesigning a menu for heroes with a single picture of the 5 heroes and the black magician that sends you to a menu with the 5 heroes’ individual images. the code is probably also changing how class ID’s are organized and set when the classes are created, something to do with resistance classes following just after heroes, and the current organization doesn’t allow for 3 classes to be added in-between evan and battlemage

    the current classes retain their ID’s, so they can still be played, but some code probably made its way in early that messed up character creation for those classes – instead of patching it out, they just put up a block on the server to keep from players being able to actually make them

    … of course that could all be false, it is just speculation… but hey, that’s how rumors get started, and where would we be without rumors? xD

    • Kio says:

      i’d like to point out they specifically said “reorganized”… hmm, maybe they’re talking about the organization of the creation screen and the ID’s of how it jumps from Aran, Evan, Battlemage, Wild Hunter, Mechanic…

      2100’s – Aran id’s
      2200’s – Evan id’s
      then it jumps
      3200’s – Battlemage id’s
      3300’s – Wild Hunter id’s
      3500’s – Mechanic id’s

      well if the code really does just jump from the highest evan id to the lowest battlemage id, they can’t fit in the new heroes, and they probably realized that, so they need to REORGANIZE those specific classes involved, the 2000’s and the 3000’s

      see? it fits perfectly.

      • Baru says:

        Geez! What a waste a time!

        • Kio says:

          i actually spent very little time thinking that or typing that… but it does fit, and hopefully will shut up all the “oh noez! no moar resistance? wtf! i want mechanic! *cry*” noobs

      • hunter says:

        archer-hero = 2300
        thief-hero = 2400
        pirate-hero = 2500

        so why couldnt they fit in between evan and battlemage???

        • Kio says:

          the data structure – just cos the data fits as numbers doesn’t mean it fits as entries in the structure – which means everything that references it needs to be moved around, and the new creation structure probably worked its way in, so they just turn off creation long enough to resolve the problem, either by finding the old creation data that hasn’t been overwritten, or by implementing the new system entirely… “organization” as they said…

          if structure entry 72 is evan 4th job, and 73 is dual blader beginner, and 79 is dual blader 4th job and resistance beginner is entry 80, you can’t make an entry 72.1 or anything, that’s counting by whole numbers, like you would on your hands… its either there or not, and if this button here makes entry 68, evan beginner, and this button here makes entry 80, resistance beginner (assuming dual blader is between, though can’t be made anymore anyways), and some early code works its way in, they turn off resistance because it follows, db follows but is already unable to be created, and aran and evan because they plan on moving the buttons entirely so there is no more button among adventurer/cygnus/resistance/aran/evan that makes a single specific hero, but a hero button that opens up to aran/evan/bowman/thief/pirate, so the screen isn’t crowded with class types… excluding db, with all heroes out, there would be at least 8 classes viewable on the main character selection screen… make it 4 in a square, adventurer/cygnus/hero/resistance, and then the hero button opens up to 5 tabs of Aran/Evan/Bowman/Thief/Pirate.. which means the button that references those id entries in the structure need to be moved…

          there’s no space right now between them because it jumps from evan to dual blader to battlemage, because knowing nexon, they were too lazy when they added db and resistance to count out spaces in the structure to reserve data for the 3 other heroes… which would push resistance beginner from entry 80 to entry 91, along with pushing db’s structure entries

          btw, here’s where i assumed numbers from, as this is most logical
          =0 adventurer beginner
          =1 swordsman, 2-4 fighter, 5-7 page, 8-10 spearman
          =11 magician, 12-14 i/l or f/p whichever is “first”, 15-17 fp or i/l whichever is “second”, 18-20 cleric
          =21 archer, 22-24 hunter, 25-27 crossbowman
          =28 rogue, 29-31 bandit, 32-34 assassin
          =35 pirate, 36-38 brawler, 39-41 gunslinger
          =42 noblesse
          =43-46 dawn warrior, 47-50 blaze wizard, 51-54 wind archer, 55-58 night walker, 59-62 thunder breaker
          =63 Aran legend, 64 1st job, 65 2nd job, 66 3rd job, 67 4th job
          =68 Evan evan, 69 1st job, 70 2nd job, 71 3rd job, 72 4th job

          current -jumps over other heroes-
          =73 Dual blade beginner, 74 1st job, 75 2nd job, 76 2nd+, 77 3rd job, 78 3rd+, 79 4th job
          =80 Resistance beginner
          =81-84 Battlemage, 85-88 Wild Hunter, 89-92 Mechanic

          new structure -includes space for heroes-
          =73 Bowman hero beginner, 74 1st job, 75 2nd job, 76 3rd job, 77 4th job
          =78 Thief hero beginner, 79 1st job, 80 2nd job, 81 3rd job, 82 4th job
          =83 Pirate hero beginner, 84 1st job, 85 2nd job, 86 3rd job, 87 4th job
          =84 Dual blade beginner, 85 1st job, 86 2nd job, 87 2nd+, 88 3rd job, 89 3rd+, 90 4th job
          =91 Resistance beginner
          =92-95 Battlemage, 96-99 Wild hunter, 100-103 Mechanic

          yes, i put thought into it this time… so deny that. nexon’s stupid, of course they’d use a data structure

          • aran says:

            i hope ur right kio xD NEW JOBS YEY!!

          • Kio says:

            just realized i double counted numbers at the end there…

            88-94 DB
            95-107 Resistance

            that’s 15 numbers pushed back, idk why that wasn’t obvious before when there’s 3 class sets added in… still proof it needed moved

  55. Mosha says:

    I find this nice in some way o.o
    GMS is full of DB ksers, they should have limited the creation of them… But I don’t think that that’s the best way to do it, requeriments/quest system is better. Like have a 120+ character, 100+ fame and so… the stronger job, the higher requirement.
    If they make it an event it wouldn’t be good either cause everyone will create those jobs a certain day so good training spots are going to be full for like 2 months…

  56. Maksy says:

    I bet it’s for storyline issues. Everyone knew this was going to happen eventually. This will most likely happen again when the other three heroes get released.

  57. Emilio says:

    I hope they finally make the armour for Evan dragons visible, or mechanic upgrades(or whatever) :D

  58. shadowsonic123 says:

    i bet there gonna just lik add armor and weapons for when u get to lvl 200

    • heyy says:

      dought it……

    • Kio says:

      does nobody really think about what they said, what they did, and what reasons they have behind them? lvl 200 armor and weapons has NOTHING to do with turning character creation off… neither does adding new skills, or new quests… not even a new opening animation would need such an effect… it clearly has to do with CREATION and ORGANIZATION…

  59. Cup says:

    I honestly think the changes need to be done. I find the main Aran storyline to be incomplete and it ends at a very low level. As for Even, it seems as if they only made it related to Aran becasue of the Orbis quest so I think that better and more interesting gameplay would make these classes more playable. Nexon could also possably make them harder so only experienced players can play them and they won’t wind up like Duel Bladers :P

    • BendyBread says:

      I really wish they’d expand Arans and Evans storyline. I love doing the quests and I hate how it ended so early.

      Also, I seriously doubt they’d make them “harder”. The Big Bang is the oppossite of hard; it turned Maple from “Maplestory” to “Babystory”. Everything is a million times easier and “4 year old friendly”.

      I hope they fix Evans, they seriously got the short end of the stick in the BB. Flame Wheel needs to be made stronger. I mean, currently post-BB its as strong as earthquake, yet requires 10 more SP? What a rip.

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  61. someone says:

    aw come on. . .
    my aran is my main D:

  62. NightWalker says:

    Are some people mentaly retarted? Read what Kio says, he’s speaking the truth.

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