Halloween is here!

Long time no see! A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with pneumonia, but it’s gone now. I’m cured and I feel good again. But because of the pneumonia, I had to skip school for 2 weeks. So now I’m focusing on school because I missed some tests, haha. But it’s all good. ^^

Anyway… The Halloween event started just a few days ago in MapleStory! Okay, October won’t be a very exciting month for KMS, but I have a feeling we’re getting something sweet before the end of the year. The G★2010 (G-STAR) game show will be held in November and maybe we’ll hear new stuff from Nexon.

The Halloween event started on October 18th and there’s a few  things you can do.
When I logged on when the event started, I received new quests.

Trick or Treat! Suddenly 2 scary girls talked to me. They threatened me to give them Halloween Candy, but I just logged on! How can I already have Halloween Candy when I don’t know where to get it…
I told them I had no candy and even if I had candy, they’re not getting it.

I was a fool because they played a trick with me…

Noooooooooo! They turned me into a ghost. T.T;
I think it’s better if I give them candy the next time they appear…
So how do I get Halloween Candy? A masked gentleman spoke to me about a Haunted Mansion.

I hopped on my Silver Mane and searched for the Mirror of Dimension.
I clicked on the Haunted Mansion option and it warped me to a mysterious place…

No more a ghost! I cancelled the buff, lol. There I found the Haunted Mansion, in need to find this masked gentleman.
After talking to the masked gentleman, I had to visit Ludmilla in the mansion for new quests to complete.

The Halloween event is not really exciting, the Haunted Mansion is really not that big and there are just a few maps you can access. The quests are really easy…

The quests are really easy to complete, most of them requires you to defeat monsters, talking to NPCs and gather ETC items.

Unfortunately, you will deal 999 damage to each monster in the Haunted Mansion. -_-;
Anyway, I found out that the monsters in the Haunted Mansion drop Halloween Candies!
I waited for the girls to appear… The ‘Trick or Treat!’ quest can be completed every 3 hours on every character.

I handed over one Halloween Candy and I was glad they didn’t play another trick with me. ^^
Instead, they gave me this Halloween box and some experience.

I opened the box and wow! I got a Witch’s Broom mount (15 days)!!

I like it! But Nexon had to ruin the fun… I got another mount on a different character and I transferred it to my main character, and I found out the mount items cannot be stacked. -_-; Argh!

The ‘Trick or Treat!’ quest is really good, because it gives you different items such as potions, scrolls and more… ▼

I want the chair and the one-handed sword. The event ends in November, so I have enough time left to try to get it. ^^

The difference in the test server and the official server is that in the test server you could complete all the quests in day.

However, in the offcial server, you can only complete 3 quests each day. If you missed a few days, then you can complete more than 3 quests.
When you open the quest window, there’s a tip saying that you have to visit Ludmilla tomorrow (for new quests).

There are a series of quests, but what do you get when you completed all of them?

The first hat will be useful for low-leveled players. The masquerade ball mask will be very useful.

+2 AllStat and 5 slots. The item is not time limited! From the ‘Trick or Treat!’ quest, you can get accessory scrolls (60%) and the accessory scrolls can be used on the mask.
Since it has slots, a potential scroll can be used as well and same with the equipment enhancement scrolls.

Nice. ^^

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31 Responses to Halloween is here!

  1. Wadalite says:

    Welcome Back!

  2. Panda says:

    Just wondering, but the first broom(brown) is the chair correct? And ooh the mask, looking forward to that :3
    Thanks for the update spadow!

  3. Axxez says:

    Yay Spadow! Ur back! Congrats! Nice to see you posting again! :D

  4. crapsode says:

    spadow is back on hs blog!!
    and i just did some of the quets and they are wayyy too easy…
    thx spadow!

  5. lifewards says:

    Hey, Spadow! Glad you feel better!

  6. Baykko says:

    Welcome back Spadow.
    too bad we gotta wait one whole year to get this. Seems more usefull than our actual halloween event

  7. Rave says:

    How hard is it to get the 발간색 무도회가면? So far I’ve only been getting the 60% dex for accessory scrolls.
    and the 모자?


  8. wow kms really have it a bit weirder then GMS

    We just got the Holloween event and wow you get the witch broom mount and chair!

    Nice post I live to see what KMS has

  9. icxcix says:

    GMS is crap compare to KMS.

    Nexon basically copy&paste last year event and even then they forgot to add the NPCs causing them to take the game offline for two hours. >.>

    Anyway, welcome back.

    • someone says:

      GMS are a little beat.. a nvm
      GmS just copied all from last year its realy ****

      spadow wellcome back :P
      very good to see U posting again

  10. bobas says:

    i was wrong your not goign to die my apoligies! but im glad your back i was getting worried :(

  11. 엽승재 says:

    Hey spadow, can you give me your email please ?

  12. Cokefrevr says:

    haha nice most of this stuff seems to be part of GMS already the chair the mount and the weapon i believe were in GMS last year =O

  13. :D says:

    The mask is the same as the one GMS got for mardi gras last event.
    But KMS Halloween event look awesome!

  14. Gabe says:

    hey spadow, my friend thought you died… i’m glad u didn’t… (right?)

  15. TableCAKE says:

    i’m glad ur okay again.
    Anyways I saw that Greece is coming to KMS could it be PVP? with the arena stuff and all?

  16. RawVoltage says:

    Sweet stuff, the mask is pretty awesome. :}

  17. Scifro says:

    Welcome Back Spadow, glad to see ur up and healthy again!

    I like the halloween event and I still can’t w8 for Big Bang to come to GMS…. >:)

  18. roro says:

    KMS got the haunted mantion just now?! thats wierd… :-s
    P.S. question to Spadow: do you live in Korea and are you from korean origin(geneticaly)

    • roro says:

      oh and almost forgot – i know the koreal alphabet (the letter apearance) but im not sure about the phonetick meanings of all of them…can you post a blog about the korean alphabet so we can read the texts in the pictures you post from the korean website…
      thank you!

  19. Splandisly says:

    Your finally better Spadow!!! I’m happy your feeling better.

  20. Unohano says:

    Wow, everything seems back in order.

  21. Rave says:

    Oh yea. Glad to see you’re (almost) all better (:

  22. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Welcome back Spadow :D

  23. Saeng says:

    What’s that hat that gives +4 stats?

  24. nanogear says:

    Don’t worry spadow,you would’ve only lost 10% EXP if you died…

  25. Axxez says:

    Halloween update is soo awesome! lol
    P.S. Viper’s soooooooooooooo coool!! :D

  26. xZEA says:

    Welcome bak!

  27. Polarisma says:

    Just to reply to all the comments above about GMS. The 3 brooms up there, we already got them last year. Just because KMS was first, doesn’t mean GMS takes ‘everything’ from them. That’s why they are seperated, so they can share ideas and items. Defending my game here.

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