What the doctor told me

Yesterday I went to the doctor.
Because I didn’t know what was wrong with me.
After waiting for half an hour, I entered his office.

I told him what the hell happened to me.
He checked my mouth, ears, eyes, back and chest.
He asked me to inhale while he had this cold thing on my chest. I already knew what was gonna happen if I inhale too much, I will cough.

After we were done with the check-up, he sat back on his chair and looked on his computer. A few seconds later he told me that I have pneumonia. T.T
This explains the severe coughing that I get every day…

I have my medication for the pneumonia and for the coughing and I am already feeling a little bit better now with the medications kicking in. ^^

I don’t think I will cover the new Tespia patch (1.2.345). I’ve read the patch note and it’s only about Halloween Mansion + events and bugfixes.
The patch is small and I think KMS will get the Halloween Mansion next week.

I hope I won’t get sick like this in December…
Thank you for your kind messages!!

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

154 Responses to What the doctor told me

  1. Megabine says:

    Get well and continue doing posts! I LUVES THEM! :D

  2. Aaron says:

    Poor thing
    I hope you get better soon!

  3. eded says:

    Sorry for my first post but anyway feel better soon!

  4. LooYujun says:

    Dont die

  5. heyy says:

    get well soon spadow!

  6. Sanmich says:

    Get well soon Spadow!!! :D

    And keep up the great work! ☺

  7. Egyetlen says:

    Doctor: do you play in KMST and have a WordPress blog?
    Spadow: y…yes
    Doctor: then you have pneumonia

  8. Vanilla Ice - Cream says:

    Get well soon ^^

  9. dude!!!!!! i got flu so i kno how do you fell :D well, actullay is nothing to calebrate cuase im dying(not literaly) hope u get well soon as me with the flu

  10. Krenzy says:

    GET WELL spadow =L

  11. Baru says:

    Yes. It’s more important to rest more rather than do any hard work like updating kmst information for us right now, get well soon, I’m very worried about your health, you know?

  12. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Stay warm spadow :D GWS

  13. :D says:


  14. Yorckie says:

    Go medications! GO!
    Get massively well and soon Spadow!!

  15. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Pneumonia, wow. Get well as soon as you can, dude.

  16. todd says:

    get well soon i’d rather be healthy then update KMST stuff like you as well

  17. Axxez says:


  18. pneumonia????
    I never heard of that….

    I hope you get well and feel better…

    Just never let it beat you fight it and use your drive!
    You can do it and you can get well!

  19. Bandltcorp says:

    get well soon!

  20. Wadalite says:

    Get well soon Spadow! Oh, and can somebody vote on the poll i made on my new website?
    Link: http://wadalite.wordpress.com/

  21. LeonGoldMage says:

    Hope you get better soon, Spadow.

  22. Giraflare says:

    Stay well dude, pneumonia can be very dangerous if you don’t take care of yourself!

  23. Brandon says:

    glad your feeling better, but some advice: stay warm, and remember. nothing cures faster than chicken soup and sleep.

  24. John says:

    glad ur fellin better nd i was born with it nd im lucky to

  25. Spadower says:

    Oh noes, Spadow’s got pneumonia. GET WELL SOON, MY FRIEND.

  26. yoink says:

    for god sake spadow we dont want to hear about ur flipping personal life, i dont give a rats arse.
    tell us about any new kms updates or info

    • Alex says:

      This is a blog. “Spadow’s blog” Not a website for pure KMS info, douchebag. It doesn’t revolve around you, or even KMS for that matter. If you’ve come here to read his blog long enough, you’d know he’s blogged about other games too.

      OT: My bandmate had that really bad once and we couldn’t practice for 3 months…get well soon, Spadow!

    • HuskyMikey says:

      Dude are you serious? he’s sick and all you care about is KMS? Besides he already said a little about it

      “I don’t think I will cover the new Tespia patch (1.2.345). I’ve read the patch note and it’s only about Halloween Mansion + events and bugfixes.
      The patch is small and I think KMS will get the Halloween Mansion next week. ”

      OT: Good luck Spadow… we’re rooting for you to come back soon :D (and not sick :P)

    • me says:

      stfu we dont wanna hear bout watever you got to say either..i dont see you updating the world on kms >:(

      get well soon spadow :)

    • LycanRage says:

      geez, shut up douchebag. If you were spadow and were dying (not that spadow is, but still), who wouldn’t care? He’s human too. Anyways, even if you didn’t care about him you might want to care about your info source.

      Also note how many comments are arrowing your “I don’t freaking care if spadow dies” attitude. I predict more than ten later on.

    • anonymous says:

      dude if ur so smart, why don’t you do it for him? In fact, i don’t even think you can get into kmst.

    • DarkLordKarkain says:

      You seriously care that little about Spadow and his illness? Try having a little something called “compassion”, it’s the very least someone as pathetic as you can have.

    • Bubbles says:

      No one ever cared about you

      • Bubbles says:


        • Kio says:

          nice cover… <.<

          OT: how can some human being, social as we are, NOT care when someone has an illness known for severely incapacititating someone? answer: you’re inhuman, yoink, you troll. >=/

    • gambitflash says:

      Its his blog.He can do whatever he wants with it.

    • JellyWaffles says:

      Go get a life. You need one. If you don’t.. well that’d be better, kill yourself or something?

      Spadow, get well soon! We don’t mind waiting a lil’ longer for the updates, your health comes first (:

  27. Matt says:

    That sucks Spadow, I had pneumonia before too, it really sucks, hope you get better soon

  28. Ananth says:

    Oh man, I’ve had pneumonia twice before and its not fun. Get well soon!

  29. DesiKid says:


  30. iiRath says:

    hope you make a quick recovery spadow ^.^

  31. Shawn says:

    Make sure to take your medicine, having pneumonia isnt a good thing and it can get serious so make sure you go see him again next week just to make sure nothing else is happening get your blood checked as well my sister passed away from pneumonia and Lupus, lupus is a disease and since having lupus and pneumonia it made it worse to get better, not saying you have Lupus but just letting you know to make sure you find out if your good or not got any questions just email me and stay off the computer till your better

  32. Bobas says:


  33. frank says:

    get well soon!
    i have another question for every one
    Where should i train my lv23 dawn warrior

  34. ArkAngelLink says:

    Get better soon spadow!!!!

  35. msupdate says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Spadow! The great Spadow is going to make a miraculous recovery, I just know it!

  36. andrew says:

    Don’t die spadow! You are too awesome to die.

    If only there was a way to just fight diseases hand-to-hand.

    I hope you feel better soon, being sick is never pleasant.

  37. Alilatias says:

    …You’re a god damned Viper! The master of your own body!



  38. LynjanDakari says:

    The way he said “What the doctor told me” really scared me. I was like, “Dun dai pl0x.” Spadow, I hope you feel a lot better. Even after you’re back to full health, take a break from Maplestory. It’ll help you recover. We can wait for you to post stuff. :)

  39. Sameeo says:


  40. Xiaozzz says:

    faster and get well!I will Waiting for ur post

  41. FanJing From Singapore says:

    Your going fight those small diseases off!

  42. Somenoob says:

    Don’t die
    Don’t listen to super rats as there leader will be killed by a psycho rat
    Don’t get eaten by a cat
    Dont listen to a doctor rat as he is a super rat as well
    What book am I referring to?
    But still good guide lines spadow:D

  43. BuddyAran says:

    Glad to hear you’re in a recovery mode. Get well soon. We have a lot of KMST we want to hear from you!!

  44. JaigaReborn says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Spadow. :)
    If there was a way to take on Pneumonia in hand-to-hand combat, I’m sure your Viper can do it. :P

  45. midori says:

    get well soon!!

  46. asdero says:

    all cure pots + ginger ales for spadow

    and a lucky charm…. I dont wanna talk about safety charm ;-;

  47. SeiryuRei says:

    Spadow, get well soon. GOD bless you.

  48. Waitin says:

    hehe 1.2.345…. ANYWAY, hope u feel all better real soon.

  49. Andrei says:

    I had a friend that died of it….

  50. Shou says:

    i find it slightly ironic that the ad by google on the page showed up as sore throat relief

  51. Jessika Lee says:

    Awh D; I hope you feel better soon.

  52. Tyger says:

    Feel better soon Spadow! Don’t sweat the posts until your better. We’ll get along fine. Get well soon! :D

  53. james says:

    feel better spadow!!! :D

  54. Kio says:

    Aww, get well soon Spadow~=(

    • Kio says:

      I had pneumonia twice before, it really sucks. =/
      When you first said you were feeling sick, i started worrying about you, i don’t like to hear people being in bad condition. TAKE YOUR MEDICINE! Or else. =(

      i had a heart up there, and a frowning sad face to end it, so it removed this whole block… is there a way to make a heart without having to use code?

  55. Alcoholic says:

    Please dont drink too cold vodka next time ;)

  56. Get Well Soon Spadow !
    These is what Vipers must always be.
    Although i don’t know much nor i don’t really know whats happening now,
    But i believe everyone will wait for your recovery.
    Heck KMSt Updates for now. [Sorry not because im from SEA]
    Go on Super Transform !

  57. MrGoreng says:

    LOL! Your sickness sound serious! Rest well!

  58. Dor says:

    You need to sweat it off!
    Wear lots of cloths and go to sleep sweating, believe me, I know.. I’ve had it multiple times.
    I hope you get well soon!

  59. someone says:

    its a common pirats sea sick..
    it will pass..
    *vipers and there stupis sickness*

  60. Bob Jenkins says:


  61. William Huang says:


  62. lifewards says:

    Get well soon, my friend,

  63. moooo says:

    dont listen to dor spadow if ur runnning a fever and u try to ”’sweat”’ it off u could over heat and get severe brain damage or die from overheating

  64. FuryKnight says:

    Get well soon! (so I can get more Tespia news)
    Hehe kidding.

  65. Tyan says:

    Dam dude that sucks :/ Get well and get plenty of rest man. Health>Games.

  66. Gage Cheatem says:

    Nooooo don’t get sick! We are going to miss you :(

  67. HeyPros says:

    You can fight the diseases!
    Imagine the cells are maplers and the diseases are balrogs :) . Then it will feel much easier as you are like level 100+
    Get well soon!

  68. Baru says:

    Don’t worry, I believe everything is gonna be alright.
    Don’t forget that being happy is good medicine to fight any disease.

  69. Kristya says:

    Aww…poor spadow T_T *Hands Spadow HP potion* get well soon T_T

  70. James says:

    Just remember to take your meds every day according to your doctor’s directions! My dad got pneumonia once. He procrastinated on taking his medicine once and he had to be rushed to the ICU because he started to have a bad time breathing. Get well soon Spadow!

  71. Alilatias says:

    Maybe this will make you feel better.

    Golden Sun Dark Dawn pre-release trailer:

  72. Axxez says:

    Drink many many Power Elixers and get better!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Return to ur original strength!!! Be strong Spadow!!!

  73. Ignis says:

    Get better Spadow :D
    Dont let pneumonia or w/e overcome you

  74. vicky says:

    get well :)

  75. KobeKun says:

    great to hear that you’re starting to feel better Kyo. 8r

  76. yjhao says:

    spadow dere’s an imposter of u in maplesea o.o his name is SpadowBandit

  77. hey says:

    Quote – For GMS’s Big Bang!:
    “So when will the Big Bang get here? It’s coming this winter before the end of the year. I wish I could give you a date, but until we have a stable version of the update that we can use to estimate needed development time, we don’t want to make any promises.

    Aren’t we feeling happy…

  78. Chaz says:

    damn i hope you feel better real soon and take better care of ur self lol xD

  79. Canape says:

    D:!!! I really hope you get well better soon, Spadow. Stay warm! :D

  80. noreply says:

    Get Well!

  81. sdgs says:

    D:!!! I really hope you get well better soon, Spadow.

  82. clownyvan says:

    Just a quick question are resistance characters able to boss like zakum horn tail and scar.

    Because i remember i read somewhere on a informative site that they cant.

    • THEY OUBIOUSLY CAN, you can check on youtube videos of bosses in kms, that would b pretty stupid if they cant,just check on youtube some videos n check for a resistance char

  83. iRush says:

    Get well soon. You are LEGENDARY!

  84. Yushee says:

    Stay strong, Spadow. Get well soon. Your Health is more important than this. Keep warm, too.

  85. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Health comes first Spadow GW

  86. LulzML says:

    Get well soon Spadow! My well wishes go out to you.

  87. Eideen says:

    Get well soon spadow. : D
    If I am have my BS skills in real life, just like in maple, I am sure I will be able to do something about your flu. XD

  88. blinxk1 says:

    WHERE ARE BISHOPS AT?! HEAL PUT BLESS ON HIM DO SOMETHING get well man i don’t care about games only you as a human being good luck to you and anyone else out there ~peace~

  89. GkkTMD says:

    hello Spadow,I have some question. After big bang, HP will be reset?(I have HP washing)

    And hp wash formula will be different?

    • Spadow says:

      No, HP will not reset. Though, after Big Bang, your character will get a few more HP because of the %HP skill. I don’t know about the HP washing formula, sorry.

      The pneumonia disease is already gone, people. ^^ I’m feeling great!

    • LycanRage says:

      Gratz Spadow! A question. Dual Blade has not come out yet (MSEA). I have a 60% blade ATT scroll, so how much should I sell (con people) it for at the Free Market?

      • thesadface says:

        Owl Feather quest.
        Not worth much.
        Most people would have gotten it.
        Spadow doesn’t know much about MapleSEA prices.

  90. SpadoowDoctor says:

    Hi Spadow,

    I am your doctor but i forget to tell u one thing when u visit me. Please start to post something now!

  91. GkkTMD says:


    I have another question.

    How many hp increase when warrior upgrade after Big Bang?(the same as add AP into HP?)

  92. conrad says:

    boil some onions and inhale the vapors deeply for like 15 minutes. the pneumonia can’t live in the acid vapors from the onions (which are perfectly safe).

  93. lifewards says:

    SPADOW! *Snap your figners in a girly way while reading this* YOU GO, BOY!

  94. Zed says:

    domt worry spadow, only you need to recover and fast… but meanwhile…. about the comic of the Big Bang (by ork0000) I found 6 more chapters after the first one that you translated…. it would be really good if you try to trnaslate all of them, but after your recovery….

    here’s the link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P5MX6TLB

  95. Rebirth says:

    Sorry to hear about this Spadow. Just one question, after BB, didja receieve any AP reset scrolls? Or is it only SP reset?

  96. jjc says:

    is that gene got cooldown??meteor also got?

  97. Sherlock says:

    >”< get well soon spadow!!!

    • LycanRage says:

      Erm, hope you do read people’s posts. Like the one 13 posts above. It reads “The pneumonia disease is already gone, people. ^^ I’m feeling great!”, on 18th October. Yeah, so erm you missed that one out.

  98. IceArcher says:

    lol, wat happened to all the tespia people, they havent released anything for ages

  99. peter ji says:


  100. Some guy says:

    Spadow’s dead guys. Don’t you see he hasn’t posted a blog post in a while.
    R.I.P. SPADOW 2008-2010!!!!!!

  101. Pranay says:

    gratz Spadow… good job holding through… hope this never happens again xD

  102. Bandltcorp says:

    if u check southperry theres nothing up there too
    just a typical event patch

  103. Cokefrevr says:

    Dang clearly nothing that important is coming to KMST any time soon

  104. raphael scott says:

    congratz on getting better spadow

  105. crapsode says:

    yahhh spadows ok!!
    i bet nexon is gonna realse a fat ass patch with (MAYBE) a new hero?
    what do you think?
    since in 2011 new heroes are suppse to come!

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