I’ve got the flu

Hi all,

Last Sunday, I was dizzy all day so I decided to take a nap for 4 hours. After I woke up, I had this huge headache.
It was really painful. Now my life is getting worse because I’ve got the flu now, a severe headache every day and I’m tired every day.

Why did this happen to me?!
I’m going to do nothing this week except for resting. My body hurt so bad.. I really should pay a visit to the doctor.
I really hope I get better soon because the pain is unbearable. >_<

Wow~ Nexon has not released a single test server patch.. The last update was on the 16th of September, so it’s been a month.
What will the next patch contain? I think Halloween events.

I’m off to bed. -_-

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

105 Responses to I’ve got the flu

  1. Dave says:

    Feel good…

  2. Axxez says:

    Get well soon, Spadow!!

  3. Dej says:

    Do u live by urself?

  4. andrew says:

    Spadow! Don’t die on us!

  5. devin delgado says:

    Get well soon~

  6. crapsode says:

    and i think the reason why theres no patch yet is cause MAYBE new hero will be available for testing soon?

  7. harel says:

    aww i got that once too. It started with a horrible stomach-ache that kept getting worse so I went to the emergency room and I got better after a few hours of having an iv full of water hooked up to me. GET WELL SOON.

  8. iFeelSowwie says:

    Get well soon spadow!
    We’re going to miss you :( lol

  9. Waitin says:

    hope u feel better real quick. cant wait for a new patch :)

  10. RawVoltage says:

    Dam that sucks, get better soon. :}

  11. NovaNuvaMS says:

    OMGosh thts sad D: GWS Spadow…..Rest well :D

  12. Lionheart3655 says:

    Nexon know your sick and won’t release stuff because you cant play. Get well soon.

  13. dsdavidds says:

    OMG dude get better!

  14. Aria says:

    The new helmet of yours causing your headache :P
    Get well soon.

  15. iMeltFaces says:

    That new Helmet of yours a little to tight?

    Either way, Feel better, and don’t make another post until you feel 100%.

  16. :D says:

    Hope you get better spadow :D

  17. Baru says:

    God bless you.

  18. Panda says:

    D: Get some sleep and get better!

  19. Samest says:

    You should ask Maya of Henesys… She may have a medecine.
    May Cassandra bless you for your healin… or maby Pink Bean i can’t chose.

  20. MM says:

    feel better!

  21. somenoob says:

    i feel sorry for you caus ei had similar simptons once and i missed 1 month of school cause doctor said i has swince flu T_T had ot make up 3 projects and a 6 page essay

    • somenoob says:

      incase i didn’t make this clear this was back during th eoutbreak in the us

      • tyson says:

        D: 3projects..thats sad

        • somenoob says:

          ii go to public school and the teacher has these “1 week projects” that we have ot do even though there like ” build a replica of a slave” or ” build a working rocket” T_T fyi im younger than u think i am and no im not uper young like 8 T_T or 18 yet thats all u get o(

  22. Spadower says:


  23. Davatte says:

    Hey Spadow, I had the flu too!

    You should drink plenty of water cuz I didnt and i had a 42’C Fever!

    Nexon is waiting til u get better to release the next patch =D

    • NovaNuvaMS says:

      OMGosh lol u too? Alotta people getting sick………Now im scared of the flu….Again Spadow GWS!!! lol Nexon is w8ing for u :D . Keep resting, health comes first :D

      • somenoob says:

        be afraid be very afraid i just got the flu and and getting my lil bro to type this whilei lay in bed
        BE VERY AFRAID last time i got it i through up 3 times a day… or mybe that was just the very bad tasting medicine the doctor gave meh?
        anyway i also found out i had asthma th elast time i got the flu and i had simptons similar to u spadow
        hhope youve been active cause that helps stage of the flu in my experience :D
        anyway gws :D btw if the medicine looks purple and it doesnt say grape flavored it is not an elixor an dit will taste like barf with some minty taste in there.
        If u have asthma consult the doctor imediately asthma can kill, and it has killed 4 of my relatives

        • somenoob says:

          i mean by thought up “throw up” as in barfing in the toilet till u see blood… hate barfing up flood feels either like ur dieing or have mucus everywhere in ur throat.

  24. ivishero says:

    If you’re sick go visit the fukin doctor man =.=… we need ya for kms updates (evil grin).

    /evil mode off
    Thx for your work, get better soon!

  25. Dave says:

    Get better soon Spadow!

  26. Gean says:

    What? I thought nexon made a new thing that you can get sick >.>
    Jk, but seriously get well man :D


    Get well soon bud.

  28. Saeng says:

    Hope you feel better soon. <3

  29. midori says:

    take cares and get well soon :D

  30. MassCreed says:

    are you still dizzy ? if you are i may know what you got, Vertigo, Cuz i had this like a week ago. caused by migraine headaches that disrupt the ears, constant dizziness. not cool, doctor gave me, pills to take with food for like 3 days, pretty fast recoveryl

  31. bobas says:

    your going to die

  32. ButtFkinAllDay says:

    you really do sound like youe gonna die….go to a doctor and get well soon

  33. TableCake says:

    I hope you recover soon, good luck man.
    And sleep well.

  34. Dusekkar says:

    Did you not get a flu vaccination? If not, then go do that.

    Other than that, get well.

  35. Amaterasu65 says:

    I think Nexon sent this flu!

  36. Virgoz says:

    Get well soon XD

  37. LycanRage says:

    Nexon sent a virus!! Hope the patch comes out and “patches” Spadow’s flu? GET WELL SOON!!!

  38. Fantasy says:

    Spadow.I am a Maplestory player from Taiwan. Your post are really great. Keep going~


  39. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Get well soon, pal.

  40. Daikukuro says:

    Aw man..
    Spadow don’t even say it x.x
    Ive been there & hate the flu!!

    Ive got many friends suffering from Conjunctivitis at the moment though x.x

    Hope you get well soon :)
    Drink lots of water and try to get as much rest as you can and apply a hot message of pain reliever balms on the paining areas..
    It’ll help!

    And if matters don’t get well within 2 weeks,consult a Doctor!

    Hope you get well soon =]

  41. Kiki says:

    Feel better!!!

  42. ace5008 says:

    i hated the flu when i had it
    but 2 weaks later i was better

    hope you feel better soon!

  43. rapin says:

    spadow hurry and get better just go out and fins a lv 33 cleric with heal

  44. bibi says:

    have a good sleep ;)!!

  45. vicky says:

    get well soon!

  46. mushbob says:

    Get Well soon. I play kms. Hope i can meet you.

  47. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Spadow while u were away/sick ive been doing thinking about the 3rd legend :D kms is probably gonna do another Evan sorta thing. What i mean is there wont be a orignal legend awakening just a another new character which is Ian finding his/her way to becoming a hero/legend. The original legend was Eagle Eye i think becuz the eagle eye skill for cygnus knights says it transforms u into a heroic figure/being. So yup they replacing Eagle Eye oviously since the 5 legends names were made.

    • Alex says:

      The next legend is probably either a page or an assassin. Hopefully Assassin. =D

      • somenoob says:

        first of all ian is a random name you are better of saying XXx or michael jackson.
        second lol icompletely orgot bouut eagle eye 0-0
        and last its gonna be a archer or pirate look at the direction its going to far ( this is my peculation from here on out) its gone perion to ellinia, warrior to mage. clockwise right? well order o towns in clockwise is perion-ellinia-nautilus/henesis(nenver know which one is gonna be first :P)- lith(hopefully no beginner legend)-kerning- then back to perion
        so warrior-mage-archer/pirate-theif
        ok so theres my 1 yen XD

      • NovaNuvaMS says:

        ummm no its a bowman trust me

  48. Arsi says:

    one day the bird got out of bed and flew to the rabbit’s burrow and said…….


    the rabbit, btw was spadow

  49. DivineJimmy says:

    Hope you get well soon spadow.

  50. Alex says:

    Get well soon Spadow! :D

  51. AustinWooHoo says:

    get well spadow. :)

  52. LynjanDakari says:

    Get better, bro. :)

  53. Tinker says:

    Ah so that’s why I haven’t really seen you on much Kyo. Get better man, and one day I’ll get around to trading fame with you ;)

  54. iorigami3 says:

    Get well very soon Spadow!!
    MapleGlobal has just released a poll for ppl to vote whatever they should spend most attention on for the big bang patch, it lasts till 20th october…In case u didnt know, i thought u should=p

  55. Volt says:

    hope u get better kyo!

  56. BOEHIDAPAAH says:


  57. LucentShade says:

    did you tried mixing warm water with isotonic sports drinks ?
    it’s really can cure you from your headache :)

    • maplewhitemage says:

      i use warm water honey salt peper and then close my eyes and pick between soda sugar or milk ofr texture/taste 0-0
      almost always works- swept when i added so much salt i elt like i was about ot die from the barfing T_T
      sometimes i hate my life T_T

  58. William Huang says:

    Just to fill you up, the next patch is Halloween events, check out the extractions.

    But yeah, hope you feel better :O

  59. Aldo says:

    Go die Spadow :D

  60. virgildiablo says:

    so since spadow’s sick, i’m going to volunteer to do a guest blog on his behalf on the new KMST patch.

    it’s all halloween stuff.

  61. NovaNuvaMS says:

    its not going to be an cross bow legend

  62. Alilatias says:

    Hope you get well soon, Spadow. Look on the bright side: Better now than during the middle of winter.

    Where the hell is a Bishop when you need one?

  63. mrduoiuoi says:

    spadow i suggest u going to a sauna or do something to that extent to get all the heat and bad stuffs out of your body, then drink a warm fresh squeeze lemonade then u should be good. these 2 works for me all the time when i have flu

  64. Mana. says:

    Wish you well.=)

  65. Vynx says:

    Get well soon

  66. joshua says:

    Get well soon!

  67. ChuanJun says:

    I’ve got a flu too D: Just rest more and don’t fall sick

  68. Ryman says:

    Get well soon :D
    I had the same thing a few months ago.

    Not a good feeling D:

  69. Kelvin says:

    vicks vaporub man google. it will make u feel good after a good night sleep! just take abit put in your nostrils don’t over use.put alot in your back,and chest Dominican cure for almost everything hope you feel better!

  70. kiddude says:

    i hope you feel better soon

  71. erhu says:

    I hope you get better soon
    ان شاء الله

  72. Joe says:

    drink lots of orange juice to feel better. =)

  73. (@_@) Its been a while since I came here to check up…


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