A new helmet

I made some money from the drops of Papulatus and I decided to buy a Chaos Zakum helmet! I wasn’t really sure if it was a good decision to buy it, but who cares because I already bought it in the free market.

Price: 55 mil – Now I’m broke. T.T I still need to find a Demolition 30 mastery book because I’m stuck at Lv. 20 Demolition. I already wasted an owl finding for it, but the book was too expensive…
Now that I have a Chaos Zakum Helmet, my HP and MP increased by a few points. :<

Still far from 20,000. Post-Big Bang the maximum HP and MP cap is 99,999!

By the way, check out my equips on this page. I don’t consider myself a strong Viper. I could use some potential scrolls but if I blow up an item, I will quit. It’s okay that I’m not strong… I have (Super) Transform, Energy Charge and Counter Attack hehe.

Test server. No patch yet. Hmm…

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

82 Responses to A new helmet

  1. Orel says:

    If u quit can u email me ur account?

  2. one says:

    Spadow, GMS is going to have hoblin king pq! They’re relly catching up! Take a look~

  3. Panda says:

    Thanks spadow, i’m going to cry over the hp cap thing ): it’s far too much hp/mp but once again thanks for the update!

    • Chibi says:

      psh, you’ll only reach the new cap with HP washing, same with the current cap, who says HP washing is not needed after big bang has never HP washed before.

  4. BadAssJew says:

    its just CZH

  5. CookieJubJub says:

    Wow Czhelm for 55mil? o_O

  6. ZdxdZ says:

    Wow thats really cheap. In GMS, Czaks are 500 mil – 1B!

  7. Millus says:

    wow,,…. in GMS Broa regular Zakum helm costs 65 mill in FM

  8. RawVoltage says:

    Nice grats! I want one too, we Gunners have rather low HP. :{

  9. Leon says:

    What will happen with characters made before bigbang, will they hp/mp be altered since the max hp/mp after BB is 99,999? or the hp/mp of those characters will stay the same :o

  10. Inazumai says:

    OMG 55 mil for a czhelm? O_O

    In EMS you can’t even get a normal zhelm for that money -_-

  11. Dave says:

    Nice glasses!

  12. XDwoot says:

    Hey! This is a random question but i have codes from thr choeng suk event… I dont know korean but can u use the code for every game? Because i have no use for them

  13. BuddyAran says:

    I wonder what would be the next surprise from Nexon Korea, after Lionheart Castle patch?

  14. theydidwhat says:

    thats still very good hp spadow my friend imors in gms only has 14k at lvl 200

  15. Takebacker says:

    11k HP while 22 levels under me? >_>

    Is your % HP 1.2x or 1.3x?

    • Takebacker says:

      My HP is only 10.5k with no hp% equips at 163.

    • Spadow says:

      Check my equipment. ^^

      • Takebacker says:

        I see. That doesn’t entirely explain the high base HP, though. It probably comes from incHP, which is pretty ridiculous. I’m surprised half of your stuff isn’t even potentialed though. I think you probably should have invested in other things rather than that helm after looking at your equips. :/ Maybe ditch the equinox for that new LHC knuckle? Have you found out anything on how easy the coins are to get?

        • Spadow says:

          Yup, 20% extra HP.
          Getting the Van Leon equipment is a pain in the ass for me. Wanna know why?
          If you want to make Van Leon equipment you need a lot of totems (ETC drop) and regular medals. (Van Leon boss drop)

          The price of a Van Leon knuckle is 10 Royal Medals.
          To create 1 Noble (grey) Medal, you need 50 totems and 1 regular medal from the Van Leon boss.
          To create 1 Royal (golden) Medal, you need 100 totems and 1 regular medal from the Van Leon boss.

          For the knuckle, I will need 1000 totems and 10 regular medals from the boss. My damage is too weak and my level is too low to even try and fight Van Leon.

          • Takebacker says:

            What do the totems drop from? The mobs outside or something inside the boss fight? If outside that doesn’t sound too bad unless the drop rate is 1 in 100 or higher. (i say this in regards to what i can expect for myself when GMS gets LHC of course)

            Also, the boss fight seems to be for those above 160 or so right? I just noticed there’s a tradeblock on the knuckle with plat karma req. That sucks. >_>

          • Spadow says:

            The totems drop from the monsters in the castle. The drop rate isn’t bad and I’ve seen totems for 5k each.
            I think the recommended level for Van Leon expedition is around ~150. Players with good potential effects have a good chance at beating it, even though Van Leon has a skill that can cancel the potential effect of your item.

            Also, there’s a potion cooldown of 30 seconds in the boss map. Bishops is a must-have.

          • somenoob says:

            wow now there trying ot make a boss harder by restricting pots? what wil they do next say defeat this using only ur normal atk and no pots.

          • xyxjj says:

            normal attacks only? Mages and evans will epic fail there >.<

  16. Great job on your helmet
    I can’t wait for the cool stuff KMS has,
    GMS just got Hobking and Ninja Castle and I see in Nov.3 GMS is getting Ulu city but I cant wait for the BigBang more

    I must go keep on posting :)

  17. Mike says:

    Man… That czak is CHEAP. I wish they were that price in gms

  18. Gean says:

    I think he meant Quit potentializing items >.>

  19. Volt says:

    kyo. manon,master death teddy, and nibelung, and lycanthropes drop demo 30. hunt manon cuz it drops blood dagger and u shud give it to me if it drops :D ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 헐 카주투…..부럽다….i cant even get a zhelm…..ㅠㅠ 러키 쿄….

  20. flyXwing says:

    Even though the potential benefits are immense, i wouldn’t dare to potential scroll any perfectly scrolled items.

    • Slap your shit says:

      If it isn’t potentialed, it isn’t anywhere near perfect.

      • somenoob says:

        well not everyone has nx for ubes so if uve scrolled it with like 9 10/30%’s then i would thik for them it be the best it can get, keep in mind not everyone has acces to nx other than events

        • Chibi says:

          thats why they dont buy the Cubes, they buy the 90% ADVANCE POTENTIAL SCROLLS in the FM for 30m (GMS khaini Prices) and the 70% POTENTIAL SCROLL for 14m

          if you lay it out for NX / Meso. its 1k NX = 15m meso
          1- Advance potential scroll requires 10 shards from cubes = 12,000nx = $12…
          in the FM it costs 30m = 2k nx = $2
          its is fairly easy to make potential items without nx.

          • somenoob says:

            Your missing the point
            what if they potential it and it either blows up or give u soemthing like int + 3 and ur a warrior?
            now much point in using it unless u feel like selling:/

        • meee says:

          if you’ve got enough meso to make a perfectly scrolled item then you would probably have a pretty good backup item incase u blow up the perfect one (and its a tiny 10% chance of exploding) and you can MTS nx for cubes. I heard that some people uber merchant on MTS and can earn like a million nx in like 2months

          • flyXwing says:

            backup item?

            not worth sacrificing the perfect equips. Any i don’t really have backups. I’m not scrolling for profit.

      • Millus says:

        today i blewed up my Kage staff :'(

        stupid potentials scrolls

  21. flyXwing says:

    lol, i think by using different emails i can use differrent pictures, now i hate this!

  22. somenoob says:

    for ur potential problem do what i did: farm for them by hunting then once u have a lot or are bored then find the material sneeded for the one that u can make with maker skill. Once uve done that u should have enugh for 3 sets of a eguip in case 2 or 1 fail. ater that scroll to your desire after gettign whit scrolls :D
    Ps. i did not do this and i know it is impractical i just thought i would address that particular problem.
    I would like feedback if u have the time if not just remeber this :D
    seeing as czh are 55 mil what are white scrolls, 40 mil? just wondering!
    i know this is a long post but 1 more thing to add, do white scrolls drop from anything 0-0

  23. Bloodjedi says:

    Hey Spadow, not much of a question, but what is your blog picture of?

  24. Cross says:

    You’re whining about 50m? lol Try 150m+ in GMS Scania. I guess it’s a different economy though…

  25. Ghost says:

    There must be no way to get rich in KMS, considering the prices are 3x cheaper on average for GMS

  26. Pow says:

    Congrats on the new helmet!
    Wow KMS seems so cheap, 15m a zh? 50m a czak? it costs more money to Scissor of Karma it than to sell it, so it seems o-o

  27. Saroxias says:

    Spadow do you know where this music is from?

  28. virgildiablo says:

    spadow, what do you think could be taking them so long to patch kmst? considering it’s a new term (right?), they really haven’t done much, so in other past situations like this, what was the outcome?

    • crapsode says:

      maybe a new heroclass??!!!

      • Kipsworth says:

        Lets hope not.

        I want to see some 7x-10x content.

        Magatia gets boring with all the KSing.

        • Chibi says:

          Nexon already had a interview at E3 saything they have 3 new ideas for hero classes for 2011, so they new patch CANT be for new heros

          • virgildiablo says:

            well if it’s for KMST i don’t think it’d be that big of a deal to start testing one. besides, it’s gotta be something huge, 3rd term’s been up for a month and the only patch was LHC, which came right after 3rd term started

          • crapsode says:

            exactly ……
            they mostlikely ment 2011 for KMS
            probably 2010 september- december testing for new hero!!!

  29. frank says:

    questions about mechanic for everyone
    1.) since drill rush has been moved to 1st job are all of the skills still maxed?
    if yes thank you
    if no answer the next question
    2.)which skills should i max and which should i not max
    thank you

    • Chibi says:

      if your currently playing a mechanic then you should know, since your asking, you dont have a Mechanic, since these changes have been made in KMS, the final skill list will be used in GMS or whatever version recieves Big Bang next. their not going to give the unresolved skill list for an opener.
      this way it will cause less problems for people. and allow the game to run smoother

    • tyson says:

      all 1st job skills are maxed

  30. someone says:

    Is it like your blog BD present?
    (i mean the helmet)
    if i was playing kms i was buying to you a gift because your so great :)
    keep up the good work!

  31. TableCAKE says:

    Maybe MS is gonna stop! </3

  32. todd says:

    i really like kms economy ><

  33. PimpedTurtle says:

    Since Zhelms in KMS are 15mil should i just wait till big bang comes to gms to buy one??

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