2nd anniversary~!

22 September 2010 – Happy 2nd anniversary to me!! Wow~~~
I can’t believe that I’m still blogging for 2 years mostly about MapleStory.

It all started with this post back in 2008. Some of you have been following me since the beginning and I’m thankful for that. I always have a smile on my face when I see people supporting me. It’s motivation that keeps me writing. If I read my old posts… At this point I consider myself a better writer.

In 2 years:

– I created around 292 posts, 14 categories and 456 tags.
– I received more than 11,043 comments. (spammers excluded)
– I received more than 4,000,000 total views.
– I have uploaded more than 3,094 images. 337.7 MB used, 2.7 GB (89.0%) upload space remaining!


Thanks to everyone reading my blog and supporting me and what-not over the years.
좋은 추석 보내세요! Happy Chuseok everyone! ^^

– Spadow

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

114 Responses to 2nd anniversary~!

  1. notorious says:

    hehehe. happy anniversary! :D

  2. Shooterbeast says:

    Nice job spadow. Happy anniversary~

  3. mac says:

    yeah~gratz~happy anniversary ^^

  4. great blog, i check it everyday. keep up the good work, nd grats on the anniversary

  5. Axxez says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! :D KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I check ur blog everyday! lol

  6. shibii says:

    Oh man nice to hear that, I think I’ve been reading for a good year myself and now I’m there in game with you to fame you :P btw I got a new char to fame you with when I’m around ;D

  7. Thunder says:

    happy anniversary spadow u rox ur my maple idol =D keep up the good work my fren

  8. MonarchVV says:

    Congratulations for 2 years of blogging!

    I’m one of the many who enjoy all the information you post, and really it’s been great!

    Thanks again! And keep on blogging!

  9. heyy says:


  10. Josh says:

    Wow spadow, that’s crazy o3o’
    It’s already been two years?
    It seems like just yesterday you posted a one year aniversery thing

  11. POLEARMCOOL says:

    Congratulations for 2 years love ur blog

  12. CookieJubJub says:

    Grrratttzz to Spadow! 2Years and still going!

  13. Evereon says:

    haha congratulations spadow!!!!

  14. rauleli says:

    Happy anniversary spadow!!!
    your blog is my homepage

  15. Xyon says:

    Cudos to you Spadow!! i sadly was not here from the begining, but i think i can speak for everyone wen saying you are a beyond terrific blogger !! my words can not begin to fathom how great you are and how much u fill my days with much appreciated joy whenever i come to your blog. you have done such amazing things to the maple-community in writting about all the updates, and you never fail to ensure that all of your readers are sanctified with watever you post about. when ever i am on my computer, the first and last website i visit, is always yours. i just want to thank you for all the work you put into serving the maple-community, and bid you good luck on future endevaurs! Enjoy posting, and we will always have a blast reading it!! Thanks again!!

  16. :D says:

    Happy spadoversary :D

  17. sleepinxonxbed says:

    congratulations and good job spadow! keep on going strong!

  18. iMeltFaces says:

    Happy Anniversary.

    I look at your blog multiple times a day. Even If I don’t comment, I can’t tell you how excited I get to see that you’ve written a new blog post.

  19. aran says:


  20. blitzkrieg says:



  21. RawVoltage says:

    Hell yea! Spadow is the best :D
    Thank You for posting:}

  22. shakar96 says:

    Grats Spadow!
    Keep it going~!

  23. dennyvuquach says:

    Happy Anniversary, Spadow! You rock!

  24. Alilatias says:

    Wow, three thousand images. They sure add up quickly.

    Grats, Spadow. Been here for about a year and a half. I can say that you sure found a real nice niche to contribute something to the MS community.

  25. Jake. says:


  26. Chibi says:

    Congratulations for 2 years of blogging!

    Thanks for all your great work up till this point !!

    Thanks again! And I know were all looking forward on more of your work!

  27. Yorckie says:

    Happy Anniversary, Spadow!! Thank you so much for everything!

  28. kikinblade12 says:

    gratz spadow u blog is cool XD

  29. L2X says:

    Yea Gratz on 2 year

  30. anon says:

    Congratulations! :D

  31. Manu says:

    Holy crap… congratz!
    I’ve had this thing in my book marks bar from before the 1 year, but I remember the 1 year anniversary like short ago… time goes by fast o.o
    Aaanyway… Congratulations, and thanks for everything you’ve given us.

  32. Ormykka says:

    Happy anniversary Spadow :) Been following you everyday for almost whole 2 years. Every morning your blog is in the pages what i always read so hope you keep posting things about maple as long as the interest towards the game is going. Keep up the good work and you should make a cake for yourself for this!

  33. David Sim says:

    GRATZ!!!! Yay Spadow!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Bloodjedi says:


    Nah, Gratz, i check this every day. You are THE bet guy round spuoting nexon madness.

    And for that I thank you!

    Keep it up!

  35. iLordBM says:

    Congratulations from Mexico! Excellent work, visit Mexico to invite you a beer xDDD

  36. Unohano says:

    Congrats on the blog i remember that chakolate Candy post about 1yr, & now its two.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  37. TableCAKE says:

    Congratz Spadow!

  38. ihatebleach says:

    gratz. Happy 2nd anniversary


    congrats man on 2nd anniversary

  40. Nova says:

    Congratulations Sir Spadow, please continue to blog, your blog is always very clean and that is why i love it i dont have to dig through many links to find out exactly whats what.

    Cheers and have an awesome day

  41. IVIsHero says:

    Gratz spadow, keep up the good work

  42. LooYujun says:

    Lolipops….. Ur amazing….. It takes alot to make me say lolipops….. ( my first time using it)

  43. Felspinguin says:

    I have never postet any comments to your blog until now.
    But i thought it would be a good idea to tell you that you
    my main source of information when it comes to maplestory.
    I like your writing style a lot and i dare to say that i am not the only
    one by far.
    Gratulation to the 2nd anniversary and i hope that you will continue
    your project for a long long time, so that many maplers all over
    the world can follow your blog
    with regards Felspinguin ~ EMS

  44. KobeKun says:

    Good job Kyo! Keep up the good work.

  45. Dave says:

    Wow! Congratz!
    I love ur blog!
    Ur writing style and all!


    And thank u for everything…

  46. Wow Happy 2nd!
    Yay for the bean and wow you been blogging alot

    I love your info and updates

    Keep it up

  47. kghj says:

    Congrats Spadow :) Have been a follower of your blog since day 1.

    How about a mugshot post of yourself anyway? :) I’m sure we all are dying to know how you look like in the least :D

  48. Orgeuil says:

    Keep the good work Spadow! And gratz on such amazing achivement! :P

  49. BuddyAran says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary. ^^ Expect to see more surprises about the KMS(T) updates from you.

  50. behemoth says:

    Happy B-Day Spadow’s Blog

  51. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Happy Anniversary to the blog, Spadow. Keep up the beyond-excellent work! We all look forward to checking out the updates you’ll post for us in the future!

  52. Debtor says:

    Congratulations Spadow, and thank you for keeping us updated with KMS/T stuff.

  53. Volt says:

    kyo~ 2nd anniversery ㅊㅋㅊㅋ! xD awesome blog~ nice how it’s gets more famous by the hour

  54. Congrats!!

    Happy 2 Year Anniversary!! <3

  55. Angel Tears says:

    Congratulations Spadow. Keep up your great blog.

  56. Dobbie says:

    Congratulations from Australia brah, cheers for the blog, all the best for the future and keep it up dude!

  57. somenoob says:

    to work around the uploud space of this blog why not make a new one and post link on a post here?
    then ud have two blogs but only need to sustane one
    if there are any reasons why u cant explain and i may have loopholes for those as well XD

  58. OPTIMIST says:

    Yay. :D Grats.

  59. ButtFkinAllDay says:

    yay congrats Spadow…please keep going :]

  60. Waitin says:

    :D u really have come a long way, and not just with ur writing skills. also, ur maple skills, and look at thr difference in comments over the years. u started off with around 6 comments per post. now it only takes a couple hours for u to get around 60 comments. i’ve really enjoyed reading ur posts and its been a big help. thanks^^

  61. chaosalive says:

    Keep up,your blog is even more interesting than the game >///<

  62. V-BiGBANG-V says:

    Gratz,Thank’s SOO much for Post Of Bigbang :D i cant wait Till GMS get it

  63. Angela says:

    congrats, and keep up the good work<33

  64. nevergotrose says:

    Happy anniversary :3
    Your work is awesome.

  65. Pow says:

    Spadow, you’re a great writer and a great guy in general from what I’ve been reading the past 2 years.
    Maplers couldn’t get a better guy to do all the amazing work you’re doing and everyone here appreciate what you’re doing if it’s extracting data, informing us about the ongoing events in KMS, sharing experience and opinions on all the different things in Maplestory.
    Keep up the good work and good luck in advance!

  66. Megabine says:

    Il continue viewing them until you stop making.
    Wich will never happen xD

  67. Fabio says:

    Happy anniversary, you’re awesome.

  68. dozokten says:

    congratulation spadow!!

  69. Spadower says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, SPADOW! I’ve been following you since I started MapleStory (One year?), and you’ve always helped us be prepared for what’s coming up. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  70. FlashinBucc says:

    Late Gratz!

  71. andrew says:

    I haven’t been with you from the start, or really, I’ve found your site rather late. But you are the one that gives me the information that makes me try to predict certain things happening (Like weapon scrolls going up because of new classes), and I will check out your blogs daily because of that. I’m hoping you keep updating, we’re hungry for information here in GMS.

    I would like to thank you for all the information you post up here, it’s helpful and I hope you keep updating. Please and thank you, oh great spadow. :D

  72. Spadow says:

    Thank you all for the lovely messages. ^^


  73. msupdate says:

    Grats!! You’re awesome.

  74. Alilatias says:

    lol Spadow. I -STILL- remember how you’re a Golden Sun fan.

    I just bought Golden Sun: The Lost Age from someone at the college anime club for $5. Quite an interesting game. Too bad buying and playing through the first game isn’t an option for me at the moment, but at least TLA’s intro brought me up to speed.

    • Spadow says:

      Yes!! I cannot wait for Dark Dawn this year. I’m glad I kept my DS Lite.

      • Alilatias says:

        I just cleared the game today. I think I have about 30 hours invested in it so far. Spent almost the whole weekend playing it, hahaha.

        But HOLY [CENSORED], you guys weren’t kidding when you said the puzzles were tough. I feel like I can survive puzzles in any game now.


      • Alilatias says:

        That said, you can consider me a converted Golden Sun fan now. I can’t wait for Dark Dawn now too. Why did my brother have to go out and sell my DS…

        The 3DS better have backwards compatability.

  75. Hanabira.Kage says:

    It’s funny how more than half of the threads in that first entry of yours were written due to you posting a link to the post. :x

  76. tori says:

    GRATS ON 2 YEARS~! such an accomplishment, spadow i wanted to ask if it was alright if i used some of your info on my blog? i wanted to ask permission b4 i used anything, if you say its ok i will give credit to your blog for what ever info i use and i will also have a direct link to your blog, my blog will be kinda a what can be expected to come to MapleStory Global, if u say its not ok then i will not use anything on your blog, i will still have a link to your blog since i do respect all the help u give to everyone. tyvm i hope i can get a response when u get a sec :)

    • Spadow says:

      You are free:

      – to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
      – to Remix — to adapt the work

      Under the following conditions:

      – Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
      – Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

      I hope this has helped your answer. Thank you. ^^

      • Tyvm, i will make sure not to fck with your great work, i will also have a direct link to your site on my front page and every blog i enter with info from your site. once again tyvm

  77. Maksy says:

    That’s the same day as my birthday! XD (I turned 15)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  78. frank says:

    i have a question for every one : i have 2 empty character slots for when the resistance comes out in GMS but i dont know which two to make soooooooooooooo i need suggestions plz

  79. Kype says:

    Congratulation, Spadow :).
    A well deserved remark!

    I hope you’ll keep writing. And, yes, I too believe you’ve become a better writer.
    I found your blog through google a long time ago, but it isn’t until recently that I became a fan of it. I enjoy reading it regardless of the scope of the news. Keep writing, bud :)

  80. Alex says:

    Which class do you recomend in GMS once the big bang comes (sept 29) gunnslinger, brawler, or aran. Thanks!

    • somenoob says:

      dude its not comin out september 29… what kind of misguided answer is that?
      they need to promote it #1
      and its not all one patch #2
      plus renaiming it doesnt count as a promo so dont try and tell meh that
      but i recommend pirates:D corsair has highest dpm but mechanic is hihg up there to
      buccanears are kewl looking but low down on dpm
      btw hope u dont think im being rude if so sorry bout that

  81. NovaNuvaMS says:

    wow 2 years already :D congratz Spadow!!!!! I’ve been reading ur blog since last year and its amazing :D

  82. dleet says:

    Congratulations Spadow :P

  83. Gean says:

    Hmmm, seems like you been around forever :D that’s how great you are :D
    Well gratz on the anniversary >.<

  84. LynjanDakari says:

    Gratz Spadow! You’re the most in-depth blogger about Maplestory, far better than Nexon (Have you seen “Acornstory?” Oh gosh.). Well Nexon America, anyway. Keep blogging :D

  85. dLeet says:

    100th! Grats again Spadow xDD

  86. Kio says:

    Happy Anniversary <3

    Always great to see you digging through what's coming out, give us something to get excited about, and hope that Nexon isn't out to ruin our gaming lives… -_-

    Keep it up!

  87. LycanRage says:

    Hey! Gratz on your anniversary! Sorry I’m late. Dual Blade is finally coming out in maplesea in our November (diff. time zone, right?). Should I be a pure LUK one or a LUK and DEX one?

  88. mazaranshak says:

    Gratz Spadow! You must never stop updating this awesome blog! If you ever need motivation to keep going, think of all the people who have commented today and who love your blog. Thanks for providing such great info! Keep it going!

  89. V-BiGBANG-V says:

    Happy*late*anniversary :D Sorry *BEING LATE* lol
    ~can’t wait till ur next Post :D

  90. Dej says:

    Yes please

  91. Waitin says:

    yaay! hob king and…. ninja thingy?? eastern tomorrow gms

  92. THAemoBOY says:

    hey Spadow,

    I have a blog for 1 day now and i wanted to ask you how did u do the part whit Spadow’s blog a new adventure begisn and teh puzle thin in the picture plz tell me

    (u can find me on http://thaemoboy.wordpress.com/)

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