The quest for Empress’ Strengthening

The search for the Empress’ Strengthening skill has begun!
Every Adventurer  Lv. 70 or higher will get a new quest from the job instructor.

I accepted this quest from Kyrin, and she says I have to collect 20 leaves.

The Desert rabbits in Ariant drop this leaf and you need 20. Easy, right?
Well…The drop rate is really LOW. Someone got one leaf in 5 hours for this damn quest.
When you complete this quest, you get the Empress’ Strengthening skill.

Then, when you have completed the Empress’ Strengthening quest, you can visit one of the Knight instructors of Ereb to accept a new quest.
The Knight instructor will ask you to collect 10 of this specific item.

The colors represent the KoC job. I don’t know which monster drops this.
I haven’t started this quest yet, because I don’t have the damn 20 leaves for the strengthening skill. The drop rate is horrible, you must have a lot of free time available for the leaves just to get a skill that allows you to wear items 10 levels earlier.
I bet collecting those items will be a pain in the ass too.

Anyway, complete that quest of the Knight instructor and you will be rewarded with a special Cygnus skill.
The Cygnus skill depends on what kind of Adventurer you are.

Warrior: Soul Driver
Magician: Flame Gear
Archer: Wind Piercing
Thief: Vampire
Pirate: Shark Wave

Both quests are available at Lv. 70. You can learn a skill point for your Cygnus skill by completing a quest. You obtain a new quest for every 10 levels you gain. You will have to level 50 times in order to master the Cygnus skill.

When you are Lv. 80, you must visit the Knight instructor and collect again 10 of those items to gain another skill point. When you’re done, you gain another skill point which makes your special Cygnus skill level 2. Rinse and repeat until the master level is 5.

High-leveled Adventurers will maybe have to face a problem with mastering the Cygnus skill. Because you can only get 1 SP per 10 levels. If you have skill Lv. 1 at Lv. 160 then you need to be Lv. 200 to master the skill.

So yeah… the skills are not exclusive to Ultimate Adventurer. It’s just an Adventurer with a few perks:

  • You start at Lv. 50.
  • You have the Empress’ Strengthening and Cygnus skill available in your skillbook upon creation. Also, you won’t have to do any quests to raise the skill level. Unlike the existing Adventurers, they will have to complete a hard quest every 10 levels to get 1 SP.
  • You get a new medal and a full Lv. 60 Empress set at Lv. 50 and full Lv. 80 Empress set at Lv. 70.
  • You will have Lv. 24 Empress’ Blessing because your Knights of Cygnus character is 120.

In case you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel. I uploaded a boss video of Van Leon~
Unfortunately, it’s not my own but from the Daum Cafe of +메이플스토리+.

Enjoy~ ^^

[Alternative Link]

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126 Responses to The quest for Empress’ Strengthening

  1. Prozard says:

    Are medals also subject to the new skill, or are they an exception? And those droprates, are those for KMST or KMS? (If KMST still has higher droprates.) Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  2. Ricky says:

    So when you say every adventurer above level 70, do you mean every ULTIMATE adventurer?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alright, so if I was to make a KoC in that future KoC slot, which character would get the boost?Thank you if you answer~

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, my last comment failed miserably.What I meant to put in that got cut off was if I have a 101 sniper in the 1st slot, an 85 aran in the second slot, and a free space (for a koc boost) in the 3rd slot, will the sniper or the aran get the boost?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, I know I posted this on the van leon thing too, but it’s urgent :O

  6. iLoveCygnus says:

    umm… if a regular adventurer can acquire the skills… then whats so great about an ultimate adventurer……?

    • iLoveCygnus says:

      nevermind.. i read it over and now i get it

    • Lemonix says:

      You need a lv 120 Cygnus anyway to get the 24 atk boost.
      And if you have the char, seeing as how long these quests take, it’d probably be easier to just make a UA and lv it up. Keep in mind training is ALOT more easier, the first 20 leaves quest could possibly take you 100 hours total just to get them, in that amount of time your UA could probably already pass whatever char you were trying to get the skills on and be well into 4th job.

  7. BIGBANGBANG says:

    Can a Dual Blade receive the quest?

  8. Waitin says:

    well that kinda ruins some of the point of UA but it still sounds like a cool idea since u dont need to work to get the extra skills and u start off with the lvl 60 set

  9. iggy says:

    what about aran/evan?

  10. DotDot says:

    1 question do you keep the mounts or you lose them?

  11. peter says:

    So about the Wind piercing, will they have to transform into “Eagle Eye”?

    • Alilatias says:

      No. There are videos of Adventurer Archers using Wind Piercing without the need of a transform skill.

      This is awesome. My Ranger will soon have access to the coolest Wind Archer skill. I just wish we didn’t have to do the Strengthening quest first…

  12. Volt says:

    Hmm. my adventurer never got a quest. it being a db. oh well. ;/
    time to go back to getting coins on my soul master for GOLDEN HAMMER

  13. FanOfSpadow says:

    so these skills can be to any adv. not only ult. adv? cool

  14. TLK says:

    Here’s a tricky question that I bet I already know the answer to:

    Can Beginners do this quest? Or is it like the mount quest where it requires a job?

  15. sooooooooooooooooo im going to have flame gear on my bishop????


    Let me see that video it looks cool

  16. Humberto says:

    Oh man, where can I get the Van Leon Boss Battle Music? It’s soooo epic (>^.^)>

    • Phantasm says:

      If you mean the one in the video it’s not the Boss Battle Music it’s a remix of Necrofantasia just search Another Necrofantasia on youtube the person’s video has a link to the music.

  17. Leon says:

    Empress blessing if for every character ? or just UA?

  18. Leon says:

    What i tried to say in my last comment was … if i got a 120 cygnus will the empress blessing apply to every character?

  19. Aaaaaarg says:

    Redundant skillsssssssssssssssssssss wtf. Everything but Vampires is a copy of an Adventurer skill so you’d end up with two of the same skill: ex. Piercing and Wind Piercing, Shark Wave and…Shark Wave.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Soul Driver – Multi-hit widescreen AoE. I fail to see how this is a copy of anything else.
      Flame Gear – Fire version of Poison Mist. Fine.
      Wind Piercing – Similar to Iron Arrow, but without the damage reduction. Fine, this can be considered a copy too.
      Vampire – AoE Drain. Copy…sort of.
      Shark Wave – Long-ranged AoE skill. I fail to see how this is a copy of anything else.

      • Charley Chen says:

        well, shark wave is kinda like a big corkscrew?
        and if anybody could reply, so i could make a dragon knight with soul driver

        icelightning with flame gear?
        Bandit with vampire beast?

  20. Luxeraph says:

    “Luxeraph says:
    September 16, 2010 at 5:40 AM

    I wish they make an update in which you can transform an already existing adventurer into a UA.”

    Well now I wish I get a million dollars. :D

  21. RandomGuy says:

    Oh whut? we will have lvl 24 empress blessing because our KoC is lvl 120? Not UA lvl 120? awesome !

  22. DAggers says:

    @ Spadow,

    so u mean the skill quest is start from lvl 70.
    And now i have to lvl all the way to lvl 110 to max the skill.
    So how about the char which lvl 110+?
    Did they get the skills too?

    I’m too nub so i have to ask alot quest, pardon me,spadow..

    * You start at Lv. 50.
    -How about old char which is more than lvl 50?
    * You have the Empress’ Strengthening and Cygnus skill available in your skillbook upon creation.
    -Old char ,new char oso can get?
    * You get a new medal and a full Lv. 60 Empress set at Lv. 50 and full Lv. 80 Empress set at Lv. 70.
    – yet again, Old char, new char oso can get..?
    * You will have Lv. 24 Empress’ Blessing because your Knights of Cygnus character is 120.
    -Ok,i noe this.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      1. Nothing happens to them. You just make an Ultimate Adventurer that starts off at Lv50 rather than Lv1.
      2. Yes. Ultimate Adventurers start out with them (i.e. they don’t need to do that screwed up quest), while normal Adventurers must do the quest. Aran, Evan, etc. can’t do this quest and so can’t get these skills.
      3. No. Only Ultimate Adventurers can get these equipment.

    • BBunlock says:

      you upgrade the skill every 10 levels, 5 times, so it takes 50lvs and your lv 120, not 110 if you start the quest at lv70. lv 70 is when you get the quest, but you can start it at lv 150 latest. (after lv 150 it is impossiblr to max because you cant lv 50 times, the lv200 cap stops you ;P)

      • wassuppy says:

        i got my wind pierce at lvl 145 i have another quest already waited for next lvl of wind pierce!
        gms scania

  23. ninjar13 says:

    question, if i make a Blaze wiz, can i make a cleric as a UA??

  24. Kruimel says:

    Does that Empress’ Blessing skill work on all the characters in your account, just like Blessing of the Fairy/Spirit, or is it for Utimate Adventurers only?

    Thanks if you’ll answer this, I’m a great fan of this site =D

  25. Heron says:


    What kind of sicko are the dudes at Wizet/Nexon? 5 hours for 1 leaf…really?

    • Luxeraph says:

      Maybe they made it hard so people would consider making an UA.

      • DarkLordKarkain says:

        That would make sense. Because you want your character to look good, right? So they think that by you making extra characters, they can rake in more cash via people spending money on NX to give characters makeovers. It shows their greed a wee little bit.

  26. ryanmecha says:

    just 1 question, if my adventurer already level 140+ can i still get the quest (empress’s strengthening as well my respective koc skill? )

    • Volt says:

      yes. but you’d have to level to 180 or 190 or around that much to max it(koc skill)

      • Heron says:

        That doesn’t sound right. It appears that the KoC skill quests are for 70-110. Could be wrong though.

        • Luxeraph says:

          I think your right, it might be like the maker quests that if you where X level before it was implemented, after you can do all the quests it gives you till you reach the level X quest, unless your over all those quests, in which you can just do all.

      • DAggers says:

        OMG Volt, are u serious?
        Means that If i’m 12x lvl..
        To maxing the KOC skill, i have to level up about 16x??

  27. Ghost says:

    A boss that can move/teleport and can’t KB as much as Pap, Plus his summoms actually put up a fight. Fighting him will be pretty interesting to casual bosshunters.

  28. LeonGoldmage says:

    My main is a F/P, having Flame Gear and Poison Mist is going to be interesting xD

  29. BadAssJew says:

    Spadow if ill open a NW and Lvl till Lv.120
    i could open a fighter of ill have to open a thief?
    and if i can open a Warrior its will start as a lv 50 Swordman or as Fighter/Page/Spearman?

  30. peter says:

    Quote: You have the Empress’ Strengthening and Cygnus skill available in your skillbook upon creation.

    Does the Cygnus skill mean the extra 20% hp/mp and the 2 hr buff for a UA?
    if so does that stack with the 20% from, say a mage’s 20% mp or the warriors 20% hp.

    • peter says:

      i am only asking since I am unsure of which Cygnus skill you are taking about, and that the link on it goes to the past post of the the 20% hp/mp one. I was thinking at first , If do make a warrior i will have soul diver as a level 50 UA? and that didnt make sense to me since othere would have to get it at level 70.

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  32. BadAssJew says:

    Spadow if ill open a NW and Lvl till Lv.120
    i could open a fighter of ill have to open a thief?
    and if i can open a Warrior its will start as a lv 50 Swordman or as Fighter/Page/Spearman??

    • DAggers says:

      You can choose any job to become UA.
      Upon the creation, at the job section,
      You are allowed to choose any job and their respective 2nd job.
      All about your chose, no need worry too much..=)

  33. Dc. says:

    finally a boss that actually moves…

  34. Mosha says:

    Nice nice… there’s an animation before damage reflect and you don’t lose exp, for what I have seen… unless u were with charms o_o

  35. sgaap says:

    Would I be able to do soul driver with a BW?

  36. Pranay says:

    xD this is the only legit boss… all the other ones like wiggle and people die xD

  37. KittyKat says:

    My question is, do I have to make a New Cygnus and get it to 120 in order to make the UA? I have a lvl 56 Dawn Warrior, could I just level that to 120, and make a UA, or will that not count?
    Also, will this Cygnus blessing switch to the new blessing?

    • DAggers says:

      Oh Yeah, You can lvl your current DW and w8 the patch come,then u can make a UA.
      No need to create new KOC.

      Cygnus Blessing DOES NOT STACK with Fairy Blessing..
      The blessing which is higher than other will apply on your char..
      Meanwhile, If u have lvl 120 KOC, Cygnus blessing will apply on ur char.

  38. Baru says:

    But what about Ultimate Adventurer’s HP and MP? They don’t go through 2nd job transference plus different class has different HP and MP increase, so how does the game system calculate how many HP and MP UAs should have at level 50?

    • Avertion says:

      Currently, the UA’s hp is lower than the regular jobs. Their item slots are lower as well (since 2nd job gives you more slots). It probably wasn’t intended, but there’s currently a lot of problems with UA ( also some skills don’t work properly).

  39. Arly says:

    Does anybody know if the stats of the Adventurer Cygnus skills equal the ones of regular Cygnus Knights?

  40. Sverreerik says:

    Hey Spadow, how does the Ultimate Adventurer Creation work? Does it have to be on the same world as your 120 KoC? Can you have 1 per world, or 1 per account?

  41. stealthezra says:

    is it possible to gain new skill if im a thief and my cygnus is a thunder breaker?

    • stealthezra says:

      let me correct… i mean i can still get vampire for my db/dit even if my cygnus is a thunder breaker right?

  42. BlueFenixR says:

    I have a question:

    If im lvl 170 and wanted to get lvl 5 of the cygnus skill in a regular adventurer, its imposible for me because i need to lvl 10 times (Hence i could only do so 3 times before hitting 200) before getting the quest to lvl up the skill or that doesn’t matter?

    Bottomline i want to know whats the max lvl (I know the min its 70) you need to have to get the CK skill at max.

  43. CrUxiFicAtiOn says:

    dual blades are adventurers they are theives =D hope this might help

  44. piggerpig says:

    Can Evans do this quest? (please say yes)…

  45. piggerpig says:

    wait, ok. a evan can’t do this quest. but do I need to be lvl 70 on a adventurer? or do I just need to be a lvl 120 cygnus?

  46. RandomkidxD says:

    Wait i`m a little confused. If you make a beginner when UA comes out, can you make an adventurer and still be able to get the skill, but at lvl 70?

  47. Rezeiha says:

    i got a question…

    If im Lv 200, thats mean i cant get the skill from lvling 50 times? (obvious i cant lvl more than 200)

    So to get it, need to make a new char instead?

  48. JMRV says:

    Hmm, assuming my Marksman gets to 130 before this patch, it looks like I need to level to 180 just to max it.

    Does anyone know the stats of these skills (Specifically, Irena’s Wind Piercing) at level 1/2?

  49. Jess says:

    Soo is this whole get-a-cygnus-to-120-and-get-a-50-UA-for-it thing a limited time event ? As in will it expire, or will it be a permanent addition ? I’m a bit shooken up because my Drk will be 160 before february, and seeing that Soul Driver is pretty to-die-for, having to be 200 for it maxed just doesn’t seem fair.

  50. Mark says:

    hey spadow do u know the damage percentage of each skill? Like how much is 1 point of soul driver how much % would that be?

  51. cheeznrice says:

    corsair + shark wave? wtf?

  52. xSuwu says:

    So if I have a level 120 Dawn Warrior….My Level 82 DB will have the Level 24 Empress Blessing?

  53. Yakra says:

    I understand that the Adventurers can get these skills but how about Resistance? Are they out of the loop too?

  54. WildHunterz says:

    is the quest still available? i amde a pirate so i can get shark thing with my infighter…..

  55. Anonymous says:

    hmmm what about gunslingers? i saw the pirate skill and it was just the sharkwave?

  56. Lalala says:

    Sorry if this is a difficult question but it will make all the difference in picking a UA. So, if you use flame gear and the monster gets burned and then you use poison mist, will the monster burn and be poisoned from both skills at the same time? I know fire and poison stacks but these skills are sort of different because they’re AoE skills or whatever and I don’t want to make a UA f/p if the skills don’t stack because then it would be kinda pointless. I know that the effects don’t show for one of them if you use them in the same spot. However, I know that when you face the monster when you cast the skill, it gets hit with low damage and starts losing the hp right after that from the burn/poison. Idk if it would work with both at the same time. I was hoping someone that plays this version of the game that already has UAs would know.

  57. Timmy says:

    How a marksman use the wind piercing? Could it use with xbow??

  58. Wei Feng Zhen says:

    If i make a dawn warrior, will i have the option to make a UA brawler?

  59. Dante says:

    Okay, question.. My bishop is 166, so by the time I get to 200 I can have Flame Gear maxed right?
    Also, does your KoC get deleted when you make the UA? I read somewhere it does, not sure.

  60. essyR says:

    if i have 120 dawn warrior can i make a theif for ultimate adventurer?

  61. Tommy says:

    Okay I have a lvl120 Dawn Warrior, but I have no character slots left and I can’t delete my other characters since they’re all high lvls. Does this mean I HAVE TO delete a character inorder to make my ultimate adventurer or Do they give u an extra slot for the ultimate adventurer?

    Thank you ^^

  62. Kasumi says:

    So repeating this question, since it was left unanswered several times:

    Can a level 161 – 200 adventurer receive and max the Cygnus skill?

  63. Nobody says:

    i already have a lv100+ Outlaw. To get a UA do i have to make a 120 Cygnus and remake another outlaw form lv50?

  64. breadstory says:

    Holy Moly… its pointless for me as a shadower to do this quest… not like u recieve anything useful…

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