KMS ver. 1.2.111 ~ Lion King Van Leon

Hi everyone!

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The castle of Lionheart is amazing. Just now I was forced to quit the game because of a minor patch. I was hunting at Beowulf with my guild members and really… +_+

I started at Lv. 138 80% and ended at 51% in less than 2 hours. Why so good? Because maps in Lionheart motivates you to use the party system.

With 6 members in a party, everyone will get 250% extra bonus EXP!! The map at Beowulf is not small and the spawn is pretty OK.
This is really good, but I think they will nerf the party bonus EXP.
Van Leon. I’m still busy with the quests, a video will come soon..hopefully. You can only fight Van Leon once a day
Also, there is a new feature. When you talk to a few NPCs in the castle of Lionheart, you will actually hear a real voice!

So I know a lot of you people are confused about the whole Ultimate Adventurer thing. I can explain it for you.

The Ultimate Adventurer

An Ultimate Adventurer can be created through the Empress of Ereb after you achieved Lv. 120 on your Cygnus character.
The Empress of Ereb will give you a task you can only complete on your Cygnus character.

She will ask you to collect 10 Peridots from the monster Haf in Leafre.

Return back to Ereb when you have the 10 Peridots. When you completed her quest, she will reward your Cygnus character with two skills.

The Empress’ Call
It adds 20% MaxHP and MaxMP permanently. Master level is 1.

The Empress’ Prayer
For 2 hours, your weapon and magic attack increases by 4%. The buff will stay active until the time runs out. If you die, the buff doesn’t disappear. Cooldown: 1 day.
Master level is 1.

The quest for the 10 Peridots is a prequisite to create an Ultimate Adventurer.

If you’re ready to create an Ultimate Adventurer, you need to make sure that you have a character slot available or else it’s not possible. If you have one available, the Empress will have a new quest for you.

After you accepted the quest from the Empress, this user interface will pop up.
You can enter the name you desire and of course you can choose what job you want for your Ultimate Adventurer! You can choose for Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief or Pirate. The other options are face and hair style.

When you finished creating your Ultimate Adventurer, log out and log in again to see your Lv. 50 Ultimate Adventurer standing in a town in Victoria Island. Yes, that is not a typo. You start at Lv. 50!
The AP/SP are not automatically distributed, so you can add the stats and skills as you wish.

You will also get a full set of ”Empress” equipment. The equipment has a level requirement of Lv. 60, but with the Empress’ Strengthening, you can wear it at Lv. 50!

4 set bonus
HP: +100
MP: +100
Physical Defense: +50
Magic Defense: +50

5 set bonus
AllStat: +6
Weapon Attack: +5
Magic: +5
Physical Defense: +100
Magic Defense: +100
Speed: +20

– Ultimate Adventurers share the same Cash Shop wardrobe with other Adventurers.

– Ultimate Adventurers obtain a medal that says ”(name of your Cygnus)’s Successor”.
The medal adds the following stats:
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic: +2
HP/MP: +200
Speed: +10
Jump: +10
– The special Cygnus skill depends what job your Ultimate Adventurer is.
Example: A Gunslinger and Infighter UA (Pirate) can get Hawkeye’s Sharkwave and not Oz’s Flame Gear. Someone in my guild made an Ultimate Adventurer (Gunslinger) and he said that it was possible to use Sharkwave on a Gunslinger equipped with a gun. He also said that Sharkwave is not faster than a regular Striker but definitely not slow.

Warrior: Soul Driver
Magician: Flame Gear
Archer: Wind Piercing
Thief: Vampire
Pirate: Sharkwave
– You can only create one Ultimate Adventurer. So be careful with your decision.

Thanks to Matt for the UA images~^^

All Knights of Cygnus characters will get 10% bonus EXP when you level up.
Zakum and Horntail have now a time limit.

Zakum: 50 minutes
Horntail: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Challenging? No.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

152 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.111 ~ Lion King Van Leon

  1. Raven says:

    I did not expect a carecter to star out on level 50

    first post?

  2. tyson says:

    zakum and horntail has a time limit now? darn it

  3. HarT says:

    GOod stuff… Ultimate Adventurer sounds interesting…. not sure if it’s worth the hassle tho….

  4. Takebacker says:

    A whole day for a cooldown? I guess being a viper has it’s advantages after all.

  5. Axxez says:

    Yay! You answered my question! lol thx spadow!!

  6. Sal says:

    Dude UA is cool the 120 medal looks awesome. Think imma make a pally soul driver w/ holy charge

  7. IceArcher says:

    what does it mean by “All Knights of Cygnus characters will get 10% bonus EXP when you level up.”

  8. Crisis says:

    Can you only make one?
    Also what skill would a dual blader get :o

  9. Luxeraph says:

    lol Like they didn’t make leveling already too easy that they make a new super easy adventurer that also comes already at level 50 (though I think this might be not as good as it seem hp/mp wise).

    I wish they make an update in which you can transform an already existing adventurer into a UA.

    • woots says:

      adventurers can’t always get what they want.

    • iamlooyujun says:

      ur wish is completely ridiculous, if we could do that, the whole game system would probably break

      • Luxeraph says:

        How would it break more than how its already?
        I just wish for that since there are some equips that can no longer be obtained and are untradeable, retain the name of your adventurer without having to delete your main just for the name on your new main and not having to need a new char slot.

        Also its not like I’m asking it for the already gained levels I have on my old adventurer, since no matter what level is your adventurer is gonna be easy to get to that level again.

  10. Sverreerik says:

    Hey, if you start at lvl 50, how do you select which job you want to be (Like, which branch of Warriors or Mages)?

    Can I make a UA Spearman with a 120 Dawn Warrior?

    Also, I was wondering which class seems to have the most DPM after the Big Bang. I heard Spearman are at the top against the Pink Bean (Part of the reason why I want one) but I wasn’t sure if it was accurate

    • Luxeraph says:

      You just advance like normally, though I wonder if you get the free sp you get when you advance.

      If I’m not wrong I guess you can make any class of adventurer with any class of KoC.

    • NowOrNever says:

      The reason why DKs are top against PB is because one of their skills totally ignore w.defence. With BB, defence systems are different. Most normal enemys have 10% defence, some normal enemys have 20% defence, etc. PB has 50% defence, and ignoring that 50% defence, makes DKs top in PB runs.

  11. Reevolver says:

    So, the Empress’ Call and Empress’ Prayer are only available for KoC but not UA uh?

  12. Sparly says:

    Can you use Sharkwave in Battleship?

  13. Sverreerik says:

    The Empress’ Call/Prayer would be epic on a UA.

    I’m Going to max a KoC for this.

    Which one will level the fastest though?

  14. MSEAF says:

    wow, it starts at Lv50? means we cant wear int eqs when leveling up then… =/

    • Problem says:

      Why would you need to? HP washing is so primitive in post-big bang MapleStory. Finding someone to HB you will be no problem. At all. Since all jobs besides pirates have a +10% HP or MP skill, the lower HP doesn’t seem like much of a problem.

  15. ihatebleach says:

    what is the level cap for UA?

  16. RandomGuy says:

    Ok i would like to ask. And i didnt really go through all the comments section. so here’s my question.
    1)If UA starts from 50, What will the empress blessing level be?
    2)What level will we obtain the max level of empress blessing which is 24. 120?

    • DAggers says:

      1)UA is Ultimate Adventurer, so i think they are grouped in Adventurers.
      Your empress blessing will be 24 (max level), coz a lvl120 KOC char is needed.


  17. Eight says:

    Do UA get +6 AP like Cygnus do?
    Also it would be cool if UA got their own stroyline like Evan or Aran do.

  18. LycanRage says:

    1) If the UA starts off at level 50 and is considered an adventurer, can you get your pig mount immediately?
    2) Does the UA have any other things different than normal adventurer? (new skills or animation, etc.)
    3) Erm, Spadow, I put a link to your blog from mine, hope it’s not too much a problem.


    PS. LycanRage is my IGN in MapleSEA. Don’t even have Dual Blade yet. (~_~”)

  19. Emenia says:

    Can you make ANY class of ultimate adventurer that does not correspond with the class of your CK, and still get the skills?

    Like for example, are you able to have a 120 blaze wizard and then make a fighter as your ultimate adventurer, and get soul driver?

  20. ThrashersHockey says:

    This is going to sound like a dumb question, but you said, “You can only create one Ultimate Adventurer. So be careful with your decision.”
    Do you mean one per level 120 Cygnus or one per account?
    Because if it’s one per Cygnus, then I’m going to make a wind archer and an thunder breaker and make level them to 120 so i can have 2 ultimate adventurers. but if you mean one per account, then ouch.

    also a good question is, once you make an ultimate adventurer and would like your cygnus space back, could you delete the cygnus and keep your ultimate adventurer?

    • ThrashersHockey says:

      thank you sir. then i won’t waste my time with 2 cygnus. i’ll just keep the one i got and leave the other adventurers normal.

      • Spadow says:

        Actually, I take that back. I don’t know exactly. Because when you’re a Lv. 120 Cygnus, you only get one quest available. If you accept that quest, you can create an UA. If you delete your UA, you can’t create another because you already completed the quest on your Lv. 120 Cygnus.

        I think you can create another UA by leveling up a new Cygnus from 1 till 120.

    • Chibi says:

      Why would you want to delete your lv120 cygnus that gives lv24 Bless to all your characters…..thats 4 att more than a lv200 character BoF

  21. cesar says:

    I have a doubt:
    If I max a(n)……….(let’s think)… Dawn Warrior, can I make a Cleric with Flame Gears? someone answer me please.
    Thanks in advance :D

  22. Ghost says:

    Very Nice Poster!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wait, so what you’re saying is we can only make one ultimate adventurer ever? Or if we delete one can we create another?

  24. Sverreerik says:

    Are DK’s the strongest Post BB?

    I saw that somewhere, and I am thinking bout making a UA one….

    • Luxeraph says:

      If I’m not wrong they only have the most dpm with all the buffs on bosses but IMHO the difference between the class with the highest dpm and the one with the lowest is not as big as what good equips can make you hit, in other words a bishop with godly equips could outdamge a Drk with normal equips on a boss run.

      On a even shorter note, just make the class you think is good for you, though more hb mul I mean Drks would be nice. xD

      • Sverreerik says:

        Well, I’m not sure what class is best for me, but I like to solve puzzles, and figure out the best way to do things. And, I like to boss…

        The real question is what class gets the most boost from Potential, now isnt it?

        GAH! Which one should I go for…

        • Luxeraph says:

          Well since getting any class to a decent level after big bang is something you can do in a week, I would suggest you to try all even the ones you think are boring or weak, since I once in a low rate ps found out that WKs are actually really fun to play, or at least for me.

      • Chappie says:

        bishops genesis have a cooldown on genesis now so they will never out damage a Drk.

  25. Waitin says:

    wen u say we can only make one ultimate adventurer, do u mean per account or per lvl 120 cygnus?

  26. tyson says:

    castle of lionheart came out a couple days ago and its awesome exp! with party its like 2.5x faster then normal traning

  27. Waitin says:

    can we c all the starting weapons for UA?

  28. jhk says:

    Whats the max lv for ultimate adventurers?

  29. Joe says:

    Do UA’s cap their level at 200 like other adventurers?
    Or is it 120 like KoC?

  30. Vort says:

    So right now could I start my Cygnus, get it to 120 and then leave till UA in gms? Or does it need to be after the patch?

  31. Miles says:

    So… Ice lightning mage, Post big bang, as an ultimate adventurer, with flame gears… Freezing, with damage over time, and ice demon to make enemies fire weak.

    I smell shenanigans… and a nerf shortly after I say this….

  32. RandomGuy says:

    would this mean that a lvl 50UA at start will have lvl 10 empress blessing to the other characters?

  33. LycanRage says:

    Erm. So do you get the lost sp from second job advancement (since you’re level 50 and not 30) and would you have to take the second job advancement test (collect dark marble)?

  34. The Dude says:

    Hmm…I am thinking of making an xbow.I would have wind piercing and also snipe plus I already have my sniper so I can use its stuff XD

  35. Anonymouse says:

    “- You can only create one Ultimate Adventurer. So be careful with your decision.”

    Is that only one per account? Or can you make a dozen KoC and have an UA for each of them?

    Anything happen to your UA if you delete your KoC?

  36. Avian says:

    if thief have vampire then assassin has an aoe skill!

  37. iamlooyujun says:

    when i heard about this, i made a night walker…….. ultimate adventurerers seem so damn epic

  38. Outlaw says:

    Will ultimate adventure be able to everything as adventure can??

  39. StayTru says:

    I’m confused about these ultimate adventurers. Are they regular adventurers with just buffs meaning they can hit 200 and follow the same path as regular adventurers or what?

  40. Outlaw says:

    yea thats what i want to know too xD

  41. Solarboy says:


    • Espeo says:

      i originally commented “wtf” and realized you were quoting the video right afterwards but couldnt comment again. spadow deleted my post

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  43. freeman says:

    So, the skills The Empress’ Call and The Empress’ Prayer are only for the Ultimate Adventure which can only be created by LV120 Cygnus and doesn’t work like blessing where it’s for all chars in the same account?

  44. sinnerslight says:

    can anyone tell me if they know if you can make an ultimate adventurer Dual Blade. my gf loves dual blades so it’d be awesome if she could make an UA db. thanks in advance

  45. JunCurious says:

    Totally making a Dark Knight if I can get my NW to 120.

    I like DKs for their durability and social desirability, but their skills make training really boring sometimes T-T
    And yes, I’ve tried one before… it got old, fast…

  46. Lionheart3655 says:

    Is there a picture and the stats of the Cygnus equips that someone could link to (or spadow post)?

  47. Thunder says:

    hey guys anyone could hlp me? my dark knight is lvl 131 and its base dex is 80 i stop upping de and i wanna up hp is it ok when i lvl up i up 1 hp 4 str? will my dmg be lowered? and if i wanna ap reset my dex how many do i nid to reset? and im poor i dont wanna buy dex stuff so pls tell me wats the cap of my dex ty whoever knows pls tell me in my email.. mail me at ty dont reply here reply to my mail

    • Espeo says:

      i’ll reply here anyways. will raising hp instead of str lower your atk? obviously. never raise hp. if you can’t buy dex equips than you shouldnt be lowering your dex in the first place if you wanna keep using your weapon. it all depends on equips

  48. Giraflare says:

    Hey Spadow, Will you be making a video showing us the NPC’s talking with actual voices and you fighting Van Leon? Please do if you’re not ^_^ Thank you for the update.

    • crapsode says:

      the npcs actually talk?….
      i thought they would just still hold up a fricking sign when they wanted to say something…

      • Giraflare says:

        Nope, just below the bit where Spadow says you get 250% exp for training with a 6 person party “Also, there is a new feature. When you talk to a few NPCs in the castle of Lionheart, you will actually hear a real voice!”

  49. tyson says:

    umm..u know the totems that the monsters give? you can turn them into medals..but i dont know how. people say you have to do quest, but what quest is it?

  50. RelC says:

    Ice/Lightning W. Flame Gear? Yussss

  51. Zacairga says:

    Lionheart Castle…

    It’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been calling it since Big Bang started being tested, this is a sign of more and more higher level content coming on the way.

  52. Pang says:

    anyone reckon a Bishop with Flame Gear?

  53. FlashinBucc says:

    When you said you got 70% in just under 2-hours, were you using any 2x cards or HS? =O

  54. Unknown says:

    spadow do u noe that [removed] copy ur post about this [Lion King Van Leon]?
    i feel that this is not fair for you as it is you who typed all this shit out and post it, but the [removed] did nothing and juz copy and paste on their blog and also claimed that they provide maplestory’s lastest information/updates, which is actually copied from you…
    even if they wan to post anything from you, they should write copied from but they didn’t =.=

  55. Pan leon says:

    So its like beauty and the beast except the beast kills everyone…………….and then he lives forever untill we start slaping him around for hes just zak ver 3.0

  56. Gunth says:

    Didn’t you have to be in your transformed state to use Wind Peircing on your Wind Archer?
    I’m guessing you can just use it normally on your UA archer scince they don;t get Albatross…

    I also think that making an UA Paladin would be the best class because of him using soul driver with the 4 diffeent elements.

  57. wow I’ll have my blaze wizard up and ready by that time too.

    I like the poster and trailer,

    He really looks like Leomon to me,

    Also I like the cubby pinkbean on the top

  58. Anom says:

    Here is a vid.

    It is very clear even if you cant read korean.

    • Winter says:

      ‘It is very clear even if you cant read korean.’

      Yes crystal clear, even though the whole thing is in Korean -.-

  59. Anonymous says:

    Alright, so if I was to make a KoC in that future KoC slot, which character would get the boost?

    Thank you if you answer~

  60. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, my last comment failed miserably.

    What I meant to put in that got cut off was if I have a 101 sniper in the 1st slot, an 85 aran in the second slot, and a free space (for a koc boost) in the 3rd slot, will the sniper or the aran get the boost?

  61. Kwasimoto says:

    I am all for Clerics with Flame Gears.

  62. Freeman says:

    For some reason, this Lion King Van Leon thing remind me of Beauty and the Beast. I wouldn’t be surprise if Nexon decided not to bring this content to GMS out of fear of Disney suing. But on the other hand, the background remind me of Castlevania.

  63. Elecher says:

    Spadow ! Maybe you know that :
    Will lv.80 UA eq set be tradeable ?

  64. Cookie says:

    Did maplestory steal the disturbed guy in that video?

  65. oOMxmOo says:

    i’ve got a question because i think i’m kinda confused: when ur Koc reaches 120 u’ll get a queest.
    After those queests u can make a UA , right ?
    Does only the UA get that Koc skill or is there a special queest where normal adventurers can get that skill also?
    I hope some can clear some things up for me =P
    Thx in advance

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  67. Richeyz says:

    Why do they keep stalling?! GIVE US THE [][][][]ING BLACK MAGE ALREADY >:C Must Learn Korean Now +_+

    • Gakihenshin says:

      Yeah, but if they did that the current story-line would be over… The only thing MS has going for it right now is the Black Mage story, otherwise it just falls behind the other cartoon MMORPGs.

  68. piggerpig says:

    Do I need to have a Lvl. 120 Cygnus BEFORE the Big Bang to create a UA. Or can I do it after and before the Big Bang? Or is it impossible to created a UA after the Big Bang?

  69. Austin says:

    “I started at Lv. 138 80% and ended at 51% in less than 2 hours”
    What level did you end at? xD

  70. NL-to-be says:

    ehhs, this question might seem TOTALLY irrelavent but i just wanna noe if right now my low dex hermit, with 67 base dex, and a total dex of 135, is it gonna be GOOD after the bbp or suck even more? cos sum ppl say my dmg cmi, i hit around 14k-16k total dmg with sp, so i would like to hear euu guys opinions/advice

  71. NL-to-be says:

    and 1 more thing, my hermit is lv 96.

  72. Ryan(Zephyrly)GMS says:

    I have seen a lot about UA’s and i see how there are some different unique skills with UA. Im not sure but theres a skill a paladin gets and they take like 1 damage. Do reagular paladins get this skill? and is there any other really new unique skills they get regarding the cygnus skills and beginner skills they get.

  73. DWerty says:

    umm no thats a pally skill. every pally has it. its something like it permantely increases their def byy like 200% or something when they have a shield equiped, which explains y they take 1 dmg. * they have loads of def*

  74. Reagan says:

    What are the max level for those skills ( Vampire, Soul Drive, Sharkwave, Flame Gear, Wind Pierce )?

    • Gakihenshin says:

      From what I’ve seen/heard, the skills “max” at level five, but may or may not have the normal stats of the skill when maxed… BUT, I think you only get one point to put in the skill every ten levels.

  75. sammya says:

    i guess that i better lvl up my CK to lvl 120???

  76. sammya says:

    so i dont get it yet if you make a UA will you get the CK skills at lvl 50???

  77. Keith says:

    It seems that One of the Equip is a Weapon for the 5 set effect from your clothes.Does that mean that we need to use the weapon that they give us to have that effect or do we get stronger weapons from the CK princess?

  78. Corsai619 says:

    hey i have a question about the van leon set of equips does wearing the gun count as one of the things for the set bonus?

    • Gakihenshin says:

      That really depends, usually a set only requires and includes the armor, but this could be a different case. It’s kind of unlikely though…

  79. Kevin says:

    hey, just wondering, if you delte ur UA, can you create another one???

  80. abby says:

    Can you change the gender? I created a boy NW and i want to create a girl UA or UE

  81. thrashershockey says:

    I asked about what happens if you can make 2 ue’s (ua’s for you) a long time ago. I found out, and i found out the efffects is has on a UE if you do delete it’s cygnus knight. here is my findings.

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