KMST V342 ~ New Van Leon eqp prices

A minor patch. Look at the cool world/channel background. ^^
This patch changed the prices of the Van Leon equipment.

I think the castle of Lionheart is ready for the official server. I’m almost level 139 on my Viper, I’m hoping to get to 140 before this update appears.

I really want the Van Leon knuckle… My plan is to get that knuckle and use all 60% scrolls. Hopefully all will succeed because my Reverse Equinox is crap. I don’t dare to use a potential scroll on my Reverse. T_T;

I really hope they won’t change the required medals for the Van Leon equipment. 10 seems good, I hope the Noble and Royal medals aren’t rare…

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40 Responses to KMST V342 ~ New Van Leon eqp prices

  1. LooYujun says:

    Yay first, spadow, why are there such limited choices for van Leon weapons? Wouldn’t that be a disadvantage for other classess?

    • Luxeraph says:

      I don’t think it would since after BB warriors are not bound to one weapon which would mean that the sword its good for any paladin or hero and the polearm its good for both darkknights and arans.

    • Baru says:

      That’s too bad that Empress’ Blessing can’t stack with Spirit’s Blessing in the latest KMST.

  2. Sal says:

    Cool article thanks. May i ask you to do give us more info on ultimate adventure when they go live =/. Idk if you can but i know many players are curious of things such as.
    1) If i have a 120 blaze wize will my new char automatically have flame gears as its skill.
    2) Is the skill the only benefit (besides 24 blessing)
    3) can a ultimate adventure get a skill not pertaining to its job (ie cleric with the heaven sword skill or w.e its called i highly doubt this one but people wanna know)

  3. Waitin says:

    woow wtf??? on maple global there is a new person in the number 1 overall ranking spot!!!!!.. just thought i’d point that out ^_^

    • Luxeraph says:

      Thats just a glitch/bug/error/hack/or whatever you want to call it, just look how curryishott is ranked 2nd while being the same level as fangblade and that new person its the same rank as fangblade, if I’m not mistaken its quite common (have seen it a couple of times with different people in the 1st rank).

  4. Ken says:

    Those armors look alike, the weapons are cool but…its too maple-weapon-ish to me lol.

  5. tyson says:

    cool, only a couple medals each

  6. Lust says:

    Spadow please answer the following questions for all of us:
    1)What is the “Ultimate Adventurers” Lv cup?
    2)The skill that your “Ultimate Adventurer” will get based on the job of the Cygnus?
    3) What are the Stats of the Cygnus Skills at the max Lv(5)?
    4)You have to open a new Cygnus and level it to Lv120 for gain “Ultimate Adventurer”?
    Ty and i hope you will can answer them all…

  7. Unohano says:


  8. freeman says:

    This look worry some for my DrK, Where is the Van Leon Spear?

  9. Bar says:

    Spadow, are the Resistance classes available in kMS for a limited time only?

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing this :) Is there anyway we can know the stats of these gears ? Whether you can upgrade them with scrolls or will you require Van leon scrolls

  11. DAggers says:

    Erm Spadow,

    after this patch, the concept of BOE and BOF gt changes?

    Does they stack agn or not?

  12. eded says:

    WOW i just saw the gms site and they want us to make names for big bang.

    It means we will be getting it soon!

  13. maple says:

    I hope the Big Bang patch wil make ms more fun…im so bored right now

  14. RADRaze2KX says:

    Thank you for answering my question yesterday about the different Blessings. My question today is: have you confirmed how one obtains the medals? If it’s a reward for completing repeatable castle quests, great! If it’s a drop from the monsters in the castle, really great! If it’s a reward for killing the boss, kinda great… If it’s a drop from the boss, definitely not so great… :/

  15. BlueFenixR says:

    I want a 1h sword :|

  16. That gear does looks cool,
    so this is for all levels and one side for the Knights?

  17. Megabine says:

    Arent there any Van Leon polearms or spears?

  18. speck1231 says:

    yo man theres no str dagger?

  19. JoeSchmoe says:

    The Big Bang is finally coming to GMS. There is an event to name it going on right now

    • somenoob says:

      i know right? i wonder if they wil actually choose soemthing we th eplayers choose or come up with 5 names and wait for someone to say one of them then just say they were th eones ot do it…
      i wonder what the reward is?
      and it only said soon remebr when kms said it was sposed ot be a march update (i think) and it came in june? we could be getting it in november for all we know

  20. Alilatias says:

    Spadow, is it possible for you to render what a character looks like when wearing the full set of armor + the bow? I mention the bow specifically because I wonder how in the world that jewel is supposed to work…

  21. Ghost says:

    Is GPQ still closed? Seeing that a group actually fought Van Leon with a party of 6 makes me believe that the PQ will not be a GQ (guild quest). With that said, there’s no reason for them to keep GPQ down.

  22. RubiiGameZ says:

    woah nice shadow man xD keep it up i love ur blog added 2 mah faves xD

  23. Christian says:

    These prices look confusing. They’r 107m for the weapons?

  24. Christian says:

    EDIT: They’re medals…

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