‘Big Bang’ update coming to GMS soon

It is the biggest event in the history of MapleStory. It is the event that will rock Maple World to its very foundations. Worlds will collide, continents will quake, dogs and cats will live together, and the very foundations of reality will quake.

The problem is, we don’t know what to call it.

In Korea they called it the “Big Bang.” It was the most important update in MapleStory history and it’s coming to Global MapleStory soon. We want to know what you think we should call the event.

Here’s how it work:

– Submit your idea for this event’s name through our Web submission page between
September 14 and 20, 2010.
– Maplers will vote on the five top submissions through a poll on the official MapleStory website between September 23 and 29, 2010.

Good luck, Maplers! And get ready!


GMS is really catching up with the Korean version. I don’t know why GMS wants to rename the Big Bang to something else. Big Bang made sense to me.
I wonder if GMS can release the updates without critical bugs. Because KMS released a lot of minor patches to fix a lot of bugs.

Congratulations Global MapleStory players~
Click here to see the Korean trailer for MapleStory: Big Bang.

I’ve seen that TaiwanMS is getting a big patch tomorrow: Hob King PQ, Chaos Zakum and Horntail and the potential/enhancement system!!
GMS is catching up… KMS is updating a lot more often than before…

Totally unexpected. The server is down now because of the patch from 4 till 9 AM KST.
I expected Lionheart to be released next week. But I’m not complaining hehe.
Tomorrow I’ll have a busy day, but hopefully I have free time to complete the Lionheart quests.
I’m almost Lv. 139 and not 140. -_-; My plan was to get to 140 before Lionheart comes out…

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170 Responses to ‘Big Bang’ update coming to GMS soon

  1. Dobbie says:

    Hah. Now the next step is when does it come to eMs?
    And im assuming that gms will get it later this year? Perhaps early next year? :O

  2. SammyWammy says:

    i jazzed on myself reading this

  3. JoeSchmoe says:

    The LionHeart “Dungeon” is gonna be BEAST in GMS.

    • Man with a yellow hat says:

      I think the lionheart Castle was be not in the same patch as Big Bang because in the KMS Big Bang update they didnt have it yet so i think the patch is separate.

    • MapleSEA :D says:

      Just that u guys still have the damage cap

      • StyleZ says:

        I just hope they fix the potential bug….hate how my DB lvl 156 was getting ownd by a lvl 110 cb with a potential bugged item…

        • lmfao you serious? says:

          a DB crying over a cb? come on your class is like a cb on crack dont go crying now
          -not flame, just a simple true comment.

  4. Random says:

    They know people are waiting so just make a contest for something coming out in 2 or so patches.

  5. HuyDuong says:

    I guess they did that to stall for more time

  6. Randomersss says:

    “Since GMS is catching up, KMS decides to update more often…”

    You made it sound like a competition o.o’

    I thought we were gonna be hand on hand with kMS before 2010 ends.

  7. Raven says:

    In GMS Big Bang is a skill. Im expecting they dont want anyone getting the skill and the update mixed up

  8. aran says:

    We will call it “The Bang That Is Big” or the “The Really Big Bang” Pretty original right?

  9. Lunar says:

    ohmaigod, I wonder how fast we’ll get it!
    1 month? 2 weeks? a week? tomorrow!?

    • Luxeraph says:

      Taking in cosideration that they say “Maplers will vote on the five top submissions through a poll on the official MapleStory website between September 23 and 29, 2010.” and that the whole visitor event ends on the 29, I guess will get it between the 29 and October 6 unless they release something else (which is what I think they will since having just 1 day to make the ads with the new name doesn’t seem likely).

    • dragonfurce says:

      wow. i better get as much summoining rock as possible for my chief bandit since big bang is coming in a very few weeks!

  10. Lionheart3655 says:

    Hmm. Lionheart castle mosters give 200,000 exp. They have A LOT of HP but that can be solved with posion mist. And so why not leech a level 30 there XD. And with the new big bang exp an 2x card and HS…
    30-120 in under an hour XD

    • joe says:

      i think its level restricted to 120+

    • David says:

      Isn’t post big bang poison mist based on dmg rather than enemy health? Correct me if I’m wrong

      • Alilatias says:

        Yes, it’s based on your damage range instead of the enemy’s total health now.

        Classes with rapid hit/instant kill skills such as Archers (Mortal Blow/Snipe) will find easier training here than most other classes. I mention rapid hit because of the Crit/Cruel rings with 1% instant kill rate.

        I like the direction Maple is going.

    • thechazz says:

      just saying there aren’t 2x cards in cash shop in KMS ( i could be wrong ) and family exp changed to 1.2x

  11. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Can I get a “Hell yeah!” anybody?

  12. 0Chuey0 says:

    Just wondering Spadow, would you say the monsters are good EXP, if not solo then in a group, and is the overall area sort of fun?

  13. somenoob says:

    thank you for congratulating us :D
    anyway i saw somewhere on basil that nexon america wanted gms to catch up to kms by end of year witch is why gms is realeasing stuff faster but i really want bigbang cause my brawler (BRAWLERS FOR THE WIN) is stuck in 50-60 limbo T_T

    • crapsode says:

      why be mean to w7
      i have it it and can play

      • RedSkull says:

        I had no problems with Win7 as well, with the most recent patches that changed and i started to DC at boss runs and cc’ing.

        My question for everyone who’s aknowledged in KMS BB. did the Windows 7 problems stopped after BB patch, or did KMS had to release a special fix / an special plus, to fix the Win7 problem?

        • DarkLordKarkain says:

          I’ve got Windows 7 as well. Despite that it says that there are issues, I have yet to come across anything, and I’ve been playing on Windows 7 since July!

  14. Spadower says:

    Epic face, Epic Face, Epic Face, Jizz in my pants

  15. Punisher says:

    Didnt KMS jus get big bang a month ago? lol GMS is soo close

  16. KewlStuff says:

    I just cant wait for Wild Hunter, Sure i played it in KMS, but i want to use all my godly stuff and be able to play where i can know what everything is saying :(

  17. BigBangFan says:

    YO! How’s the new leveling curve? I’ve the less than 80% exp rate drop! How is it? How long would you estimate someone getting to 4th job starting at lvl 1?

  18. tonygogo says:

    becuz hes a noob =P

    • ihatebleach says:

      During his recent posts, you commented about how he’s noob and this site sucks? Why do YOU come here in the first place. F#$k off

  19. OnlineRecord says:

    wow, i think to call that The Transformation

  20. 거북2Pop says:

    Sorry people, who are going to kill the monsters in lioncastle with instant kills. It’s blocked now o,o

  21. thechazz says:

    interesting , i tought this was a KMS only blog =D
    im just joking spadow i don’t mind ….
    now i gotta think up a name

  22. HarT says:

    I don’t think that GMS will ever “completely catch up to KMS due to the fact that most, if not all the content for Maple originate’s there. Even Masteria in GMS, though it’s not in KMS it was designed by a KMS team.

    It’d be cool if GMS get’s stuff even a month after KMS though, that’d be awesome…..

  23. Bendy says:

    I like the name Big Bang, though. D:

  24. Forsaken says:

    The Real Question Is When The Hell Is Gms Geting BB + Like Spadow Said gms Has a Lot Of Bugs which I think there 2 lazy 2 fix for example Dual Blade Release -/-” geting band then da sever maintness….& This Aline Pq ish every time I cc I dc bak 2 destop what’s with that o-o Point Is Gms is Geting Slooopy!

  25. oghex says:

    Congratulations..i’ll be waitting

  26. unohano says:

    Wow this is great cant wait to see how this turns out. so overwhelming though.

  27. TRASuho says:

    OHHHHHHHH YEAHHH, Big bang in GMS :D
    thanks spadow for uploading this :) always appreciated xD

  28. unohano says:

    @ihatebleach well spoken!!!

  29. Jinx says:

    Ugh, why do they have to change the name?..Because of one of the mage’s skills? (someone suggested this)
    ..Anyways, it’s gonna take a while..MapleStory is just gonna go boom and everythings gonna be fucked (..which makes the event cooler i guess) and imma get lost everytime i get on. <3 o well..is this event gonna kick ass or what?

  30. Mesniaa says:

    I quit maplestory this will make me come back. I dont have enough time to spend on leveling with the exp even now, hopefully gms isnt like ya your not getting the exp reduction.

    As for the Name hmm FINAL SHINE!

  31. Hello, Spadow!! says:

    Is it tough leveling after big bang?

  32. iFiredIce says:

    I out “Awake of the comatose”i was listening 2 skillet at the time lol

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  34. finalsiner says:

    Thanks Spadow ur the best!!! Hey just thought i’d mention NZ and Australia are geting NX card to buy from store! This is extremely big for me and I know other feel the same way.

  35. noob says:

    Hey, its unfair. Gms get to catch up with kms while ems and msea dont get to!
    i thought since the korean invented maplestory first. they got the right to decide when to release their
    new things. so gms should not be able to get big bang or even dual blade so fast!

  36. BobbyJoeMan says:

    Mines called Maplestory Unleashed cuz they pull out all the stops on this event!!!!

  37. Im pretty exited for Big Bang GMS, because i like to play GMS but i like to go outside alot more so this will give me the oppertunity to have a high lv and a social life :)

  38. Bar says:

    Big Bang will come to gMS on September 29, 2010.
    Just wait to this day and see that I’m right.

  39. someone from maplesea says:

    hey does anyone know when the big bang comes to maplesea? a rough estimate please :/

    • Yushee says:

      Probably 2011 Late or Middle of the year. If you guys are lucky, you might get it in December or Early 2011… Good luck Maplesea.

      • A MapleSEA Player says:

        Sigh~ so long? I can’t wait for it….Wish Dec will come lol

        • A MapleSEA Player says:

          and, we are just goin to recieve Dual Blade, so you can see we are much slower than other Maple, just think about that Europe Maple is slower than us……

  40. MRMAGICAL says:

    I think nexon is changing it because its the name of the skill, a TV show “The Big Bang Theory” and it could mean something else which a guy does to a girl :P (if you dont know what i mean by that dont comment :)

  41. Luigi says:

    the ‘visitors’ event was just to stall us!! bring on the main event!!!

  42. Metallis says:

    I started playing yesterday, i think i will stop and wait for the big bang. Theres no reason to grind now when i know this is coming in maybe 3 weeks.

  43. Im very late to repy on this subject but…

    This is kind of old news to me I even posted a blog and video about this subject

    I can’t wait to kill like that lv163 bishop

  44. Brian says:

    Hey Spadow, Im wondering about the big bang patch, if you were 40% before the big bang, would you still be 40% after or will it change?

  45. askmiller says:

    well, really gms is trying to catch up with kms. the problem is when they rush things like this they end up with alot of bugs ad false launch dates. I expect they will launch it october 9th, the same time I guessed about 3 months ago. Though I don’t think it will actually be released and playable until October 15th.

  46. V-BiGBANG-V says:

    Yeah i cannot wait :F

  47. dragonfurce says:

    Wow. if it’s september 29nth, then i got to get as mush summoning rock as possible then for my chief bandit!!!!

  48. eded says:

    The poll is now on if you dont know…

  49. NovaNuvaMS says:

    lol finally the big bang update comming to GMS after w8ing for 4 months D:<

  50. Sashafiercex says:

    october when alien event ends

  51. iOrigami3 says:

    im so excited, i cant w8 to get BB, coz then i can get my aran way over lvl 120, im 100 now:$
    Thanks for keeping us up to date Spadow(Y)

  52. YurB0iF0rinDeT4 says:

    When is big bang coming to gms??

  53. H1dd3n says:

    Btw Guys Big Bang PActh is Hittin GMS in November-November 26 :D Get Ready For Mechanic!

  54. solkitsu22 says:

    one we acctually named it big bang and gms confirmed its coming this winter ppl stop guessing when its coming…. oh ya in november we get ulu city cuz this update we got JUST the ulu city cards so i guess gms couldnt fit it in

  55. diablo says:

    all i know is that it comes out before the end of the year…

    • I R NOOB says:

      well lets just hope that GMS will recieve the BB patch before the end of the year because my Aran is a total noob…its only lvl 18…..*sigh* i wish i were strong….in GMS

  56. noob says:

    omg why is ems so fkin slow, evan is coming december 2010

  57. xXDual22 says:

    IF they were to rename it ide suggest the Reberth of Maplestory 2010 or whenever it comes out…

  58. xXDual22 says:

    oh and btw ide rather make a mechanic or wild hunter than battle mage + ide make mechanic OR wild hunter rather make both cuz the wild hunter gets to catch monster sand make it a taming mob just like a snail wowowowow that would be slow xD and mechancis get to go on these robot or tank thingies seems so awesome XD GMS FTW :D

  59. icethrowes says:

    I cant wait for the BB, think it getting out before the christmas patch is coming, should be less server checks and stuff if they just fix it before christmas, and idk why :S

    is it true that the Magic attack becomes like 1 Warrior attack?
    1 mg att = 1 att? O.o

    • icethrowes says:

      Well if thats true, ill hit like 200k+ with my Chain lightning and crit hit like 300k :D
      i got 1692 magic, its regular at my lvl ro hav at least 1.1k, and im lvl 140

  60. Shaqueefs says:

    Guys it’s been confirmed to come in winter before 2011.

  61. H1dd3n says:

    Dear Fans of BB,Nexon or should I say GMS should be releasing Big Bang the same time around of JMS since jms is releasing around Nov.24 The full set big bang 1 is out for jms big bang 2 not done big bang 3 not done yet GMS bigbang 1 progressing bigbang 2 not attempted bigbang 3 december bichs :p

  62. noob says:

    Wait, we’re getting new skills?
    so we’re getting SP resets?

  63. H1dd3n says:

    No when the update happens all new skills will automatically change the old skills

  64. cheeznrice says:

    So who will get the Big Bang after Japan? Is it GMS? I hope so! =D

  65. iîiAraniîi says:

    we (EMS) are getting evan in december and DBs in summer so i bet we will get big bang next winter

  66. iorigami3 says:

    For those who didnt notice yet, for tuesday 7th december the big bang is announced at GMS, look at the site=D!

  67. miguel says:

    yay big bang coming weee i so happy i so so so soooooo happy for the big bang i am a ms fan since i playing for 6 yers

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