KMST V340/V341 ~ Castle of Lionheart

When I read that the patch file was over 70 MB, I immediately thought of a big update. And yes, it is~
Do you remember that mysterious castle in the background of El Nath, every time you walk down the path to Zakum?

The Castle of Lionheart.
After many years of service, it’s finally open to public…
The world map isn’t updated yet, so I don’t know if that castle in the background is really the castle of Lionheart… But, it’s in El Nath and you see mountains when you’re there.

To enter the castle of Lionheart, you will need to navigate to Sharp Cliff 4 in El Nath.

A new platform and portal has been added. When you enter the portal, you will have to walk to another portal to reach the open gate of the castle of Lionheart.

I made a video of the castle of Lionheart. I couldn’t enter some areas because of quests.

[Alternative Link]

I like this castle, it’s nice, the music is really great and I’m so happy that there’s finally some content for players above Lv. 120.

In this castle there are monsters that have millions of HP, so you must bring a party of high leveled friends or guild members with you to complete the quests. The main quests are all about getting drops from monsters, but even in the test server the drop rate low. It annoyed me because it took me and my guild member a good amount of time to get all the drops and complete the quests.

There is a quest where you need to kill 33 Grey Vultures. Okay, I thought that this quest was pretty good because the others were all about drops while this one is just killing. But the damn vultures have invincibility frames and it took us some time to kill because sometimes it wouldn’t take damage…

There are new monsters in the castle of Lionheart. I like the big green one.

LV: 80
HP: 141,000
EXP: 610

LV: 127
HP: 12,000,000

LV: 85
HP: 146,000
EXP: 820

LV: 127
HP: 12,500,000

LV: 115
HP: 26,500,000
EXP: 460,000

LV: 120
HP: 34,500,000
EXP: 602,000

LV: 125
HP: 42,500,000
EXP: 646,000

LV: 125
HP: 98,900,000
EXP: 1,300,000

LV: 125
HP: 9,500,000
EXP: 205,993

LV: 125
HP: 11,500,000
EXP: 249,360

LV: 123
HP: 10,000,000

Bonus party EXP will be applied in some maps of the castle of Lionheart!
One party member gives 50% extra bonus party EXP. When you’re hunting with a total of 6 party members, you’ll gain an extra 250% bonus party EXP!!

There is one last ”monster” that resides in the castle of Lionheart, which is the king himself.

Van Leon. He wanted his kingdom to be peaceful. He denied to cooperate with half Black Magician, and because of that he lost his kingdom. He got pissed off, so he decided to cooperate with the Black Magician and gave his soul to him to avenge…

LV: 129
HP: 550,000,000
EXP: 884,000

Van Leon has a lot of tricks skills in store for you when you’re fighting against him.
But, before you can fight Van Leon, you have to complete the mandatory quests.  When you finished everything, you have one quest left where you have to hunt for Castle Golem for a dirty scroll. Return the scroll for a clean one and you’re able to use it.

When I double-clicked the scroll, it warped me to a different area where you can sign up for an expedition squad to fight Van Leon.
You need an expedition squad of six members to enter.

Unfortunately, I haven’t participated in the Van Leon fight yet, but I will be able soon and I will make a video of it. ^^
Imagine that you defeated Van Leon… What happens next? A whole new set (Van Leon set) was added. The stats are amazing, but I don’t know about Nexon…

So I told you that you have to complete all the quests, right? I forgot to tell you that once you completed a special quest of an NPC called Mutt, he will be able to sell you Van Leon equipment! Take a look ▼


▶ [Helmet] Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Pirate
▶ [Battle Suit] Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Pirate
▶ [Hand Guard] Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Pirate
▶ [War Boots] Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Pirate
▶ [Cape] Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, Pirate


▶ [Warrior – Van Leon weapons] Sword, Halberd

▶ [Magician – Van Leon weapons] Wand, Staff

▶ [Archer – Van Leon weapons] Bow, Crossbow

▶ [Thief – Van Leon weapons] Dagger, Claw

▶ [Pirate – Van Leon weapons] Knuckle, Pistol

Nice weapons? In version 1.2.340 the Van Leon equipment were statless. In version 1.2.341, requirement stats were added as you can see in the images above.
All Van Leon weapons and equipment are untradeable, but can be made tradeable with a Platinum Karma Scissor.
On top of that, there’s a set bonus if you have the helmet, overall, glove, shoe, cape and weapon equipped!

4 set bonus
– AllStat: +4
– Physical & Magic Defense: +100
– Accuracy & Avoidability: +100
5 set bonus
– AllStat: +6
– Weapon & Magic Attack: +10
– Physical & Magic Defense: +150
– Accuracy & Avoidability: +150
– Speed: +10
– Jump: +15
6 set bonus
– +4 extra stats in STR/DEX/INT/LUK (stat depends on which kind of Van Leon equipment you’re wearing)
– AllStat: +10
– HP & MP: +10%
– Weapon & Magic Attack: +10
– Physical & Magic Defense: +200
– Ignores 30% of the enemy’s physical and magic defense
– When attacking, there is a 5% chance to cast Lv. 3 Freezing Effect

I need this now!!! +_+
You’re probably wondering what that silver/golden coin is. Really, it’s a medal.

Noble Medal of Lionheart

Royal Medal of Lionheart

Even though I haven’t defeated Van Leon yet, I think the medals are coming from the big boss, Van Leon himself. In the test server you only need one medal for each equipment/weapon, but that’s only for testing purposes. Expect it to be a lot more after the official patch!

In the end, the castle of Lionheart is just an open place that everybody can enter. If you’re high leveled (+120), you will be fine, as long as you have party members. And for those who said Lionheart is a guild partyquest. It’s not.

Lionheart is not the only new content in this patch because it seems that the Knights of Cygnus will be making a grand comeback.
There is a new type of classification, sort of… It’s called Ultimate Adventurer. I’m not really sure how this all works since I haven’t tried it out yet.

What is an Ultimate Adventurer? It’s basically an Adventurer with benefits. New skills, that is.
How can I become one? First of all, you need a Lv. 120 Cygnus character with the Captain Knight title.
Then, you can become an Ultimate Adventurer by talking to the empress of Ereb.

Now this is what I assume what will happen. When you talked to the empress, a new window will popup.
You can enter your character name and choose your job, face and hairstyle. After that, you have to log out and you will probably see a new character which is the Ultimate Adventurer à la old Cygnus creation method.

What kind of benefits does an Ultimate Adventurer have? A special Cygnus skill.
From Lv. 50 until Lv. 90, every 10 levels you reach, you automatically gain 1 SP for your Cygnus skill.

All skills have a master level of 5 and deal a decent amount of damage at max. level.
I leveled up a Knights of Cygnus character through Mr. Goldstein hihi, so I didn’t try this out. OTL

That’s not it! In the patch note of this test server version that every character (Adventurer, Aran, Evan, Resistance, Cygnus, Dual Blade) will have a new type of blessing in their beginner skillbook.

The Empress’ Blessing
Every 5 levels earned on a Cygnus character means 1 SP distributed in the blessing skill on your main or other character. The maximum level cap of the Knights of Cygnus is 120. 120/5 = 24. Which is correct because the Empress’ Blessing has a master level of 24.
You can now get 24 weapon attack/magic, accuracy and avoidability.

The Empress’ Blessing does not stack with Spirit’s Blessing.
In the description of the Empress’ Blessing skill, it says that the effect will only apply if one of the blessings is higher than the other.

If you have Lv. 20 Spirit’s Blessing and Lv. 21 Empress’ Blessing, the effect of Empress’ Blessing will apply.

Like I said before, the Knights of Cygnus will be making a comeback and they will need a strong comeback, therefore all Knights of Cygnus characters can obtain the following two skills:

The Empress’ Call
It adds 20%  HP and MP permanently. I have no idea when and how you can obtain this skill. Master level is 1.

The Empress’ Prayer
For 2 hours, your weapon and magic attack increases by 4%. The buff will stay active until the time runs out. If you die, the buff doesn’t disappear. Cooldown: 1 day
The same goes for this one, I don’t know when and how you obtain it, but knowing the potential of this skill, I think  when you advance at Lv. 120.
Master level is 1.

At last, the Ultimate Adventurer gets a special Cygnus skill which I already mentioned and they get another skill from the empress. Only the Ultimate Adventurer can use it!

The Empress’ Strengthening
With the Empress’ Strengthening, you are able to wear items 10 levels earlier. For example, you can wear Lv. 120 Reverse/Timeless equipment when you’re Lv. 110. Master level is 1.

I’m tired…

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209 Responses to KMST V340/V341 ~ Castle of Lionheart

  1. Hah1stdude says:

    That thing looks realllly beastly, he’s the king and the final boss i presume.
    Looking forward to your update!

  2. Natty says:

    Spadow Do Mechanics Need 4th Job Mastery Books if so how much they cost?

    • Ohai says:

      All fourth job advancements require mastery books to obtain and upgrade skills. Costs for the books are hard to track in KMS, as there are only 2 or 3 4th job Mechanics in the english alliance of Culverin server. And knowing that Mechanics just came out, the 4th job skill books will be expensive in the free market until supply increases and demand decreases. The books cannot be bought from the Cash Shop in KMS, but that doesn’t mean that GMS won’t do that. Considering that three new jobs were released in just under a month, though, I don’t think the GMS community would take too kindly to having to buy their mastery books from the Cash Shop (especially if you can’t get them any other way, like with DB 2nd job and Evan skills, and if that happens with all three jobs). You can never underestimate Nexon America, though… :/

  3. Bart says:

    Very good. Extension of El Nath I presume?

  4. Eyon says:

    LVL CAP to 240
    Adventures who wants to lvl to 240 must buy coupons and become ultimate adventure’s???

    Above ToT floots a hidden sancture

    Spadow give us clearans about these vague things!

    • ryanmecha says:

      Increased lvl cap? since when?

    • Alilatias says:

      Massive misinterpretation about Cygnus’ Blessing being increased to Level 24 over at SouthPerry.

      From the looks of it, this has a lot more to do with Cygnus characters than a possible level cap increase.

      • KooT says:

        Probably upped to 1SP each 5 levels, since Cygnus are max 120 and 5×24 = 120 … pretty obvious.

        BTW, This new boss doesn’t look really ‘maply’ to me. I mean, graphically speaking. Black lines aren’t that big and there’s too many different variation of colours.

        • Spadow says:

          Yes. All characters will have the Blessing of the Spirit available but also the Blessing of the Empress. For the Blessing of the Empress skill, you gain 1 SP for every 5 levels from your Cygnus character.

          • someper says:

            Oh sht, nice find.
            Using the same icon is so not helping tho.
            Any idea on ultimate adventurer?

          • Luxeraph says:

            Well if thats so you just saved my WA from being deleted or just used as storage.

            Also it might sound dumb but you can only get the one that gives the highest level buff right?

            ie: my ranger having in that same server a level 50 cygnus and a level 90 adventurer/legend would get and only get the BoE of the level 50 instead than the BoS of the level 90 char, right?

  5. Patrick says:

    Omg The lion thing looks awesome !

  6. ryanmecha says:

    Nice cool boss

  7. Jordan says:


  8. Taranoleion says:

    Does this mean that we finally get to see what’s inside that castle in El Nath?
    Ohwow, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited. :D

  9. :D says:

    I think it’s el nath castle… :D
    I think I should see the “lion king” movie before go there…

  10. frank says:

    where is el nath?

  11. frank says:

    is it the snowy place?

  12. Skycombat says:

    Hello, Spadow. I have a question. Is this the black castle in El Nath’s background everyone was talking about?

    If yes, then how do you enter it?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Spadow says:

      I’m not sure if it is the black castle in the background of El Nath. You enter the castle through a portal in Sharp Cliff 4.
      I’m uploading the video~

      • DarkLordKarkain says:

        Wow, that easily is one of the most hardcore and wrench-throwingly-awesome bosses I’ve ever seen in Maple.

        Anywho, I hope it’s supposed to be the castle in the back of El Nath on the way to Dead Mine, that castle has been there since the beginning of time and I always wanted it to see it have at least something in it!

  13. Koffie says:

    I would like to see that lion fight against tomatina!

  14. mune0106 says:

    Can’t wait in action XD

  15. IceArcher says:

    what a mase of portals……………….

  16. Terentox says:

    Whats with the Henesys music? This place seems similar to Mush Kingdom too.

    • Luxeraph says:

      My same thoughts, is it that nexon korea is getting lazy? (what was the last dungeon they released that is as big as ToT, dragon forest and victoria/el nath/ludi?)

      I mean yeah you see some nice things that Mush kingdom doens’t have but how the maps are made gives you the mush castle vibe, although you can argue that how they could make it not like the mush castle or that castles are made like this in maple world.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Sorry I forgot the add dungeon after victoria/el nath/ludi.

      • flyXwing says:

        On the other hand, I support this move by nexon to expand existing regions.

        Let’s compare 2 prominent areas in maplestory, victoria island and ossyria.

        It is common sense that ossyria is the mainland and is thus MUCH larger in land area than victoria island. This can be validated by these 2 examples.

        1. the world map
        2.the long ship rides

        However, victoria island itself has more maps than any region of ossyria, i.e. ossyria is not explored/developed well. I’m sure all of you know of the disparity in map density.

        Thus, opening up more sub-sections would serve to fill the vast empty void.

        I think that these areas are well developed.
        Maple Island
        (at above, not much maps, but they’re little islands)
        Victoria Island*****
        Masteria(not bad for a quarter of the island)****

        These regions leave much to be desired.
        El Nath mountain range
        Aqua road

        I dunno where to place time temple.

        • Luxeraph says:

          Masteria a quarter of the island? What island? You mean the masteria continent right? Not vic or anything else? If thats the case where did you get its just a quarter of the island?

          Also you said not bad? You mean due to 4~6 good training spots?

          But I agree that for the size ossyria has compared to vic its really underdeveloped, specially Ariant.

    • flyXwing says:

      Actually, this place is more like a castle than mushroom castle. Only one level of parapet, are you serious, at least this is multilevel.

  17. Edwin says:

    Any news on The Ultimate Adventure? :o
    My random thoughts are just, they adding newskills/job advancments(and skills) to perma-beginners? lol 4th job=Ultimate Adventure? xD lol i doubt it though

  18. oooopoooo says:

    that guy sold his soul to the black mage.
    any chance thats why the black mage is getting ressurected?

    • Luxeraph says:

      I’m pretty sure that happen some time ago (50~100 years ago) due to the state the castle is.

      Also I don’t get why would the BM want souls? I mean he’s a Magician not a demon, or is he?

  19. PhotostickXD says:

    Wow… CoLPQ :)

    Pree Cool

  20. xmanaphyx says:

    why does it somekind of reminding me of Crimsonwood castle O_o

  21. Joey says:

    this is completely irellevant but do you think kms will get masteria?

    • flyXwing says:

      I don’t know, but in the latest patch, extractions reveal maplesea is spammed with masteria information.

    • Ghost says:

      Seeing that Masteria is permanently dead, KMS might reform it into a Theme Dungeon, it would be like MSEA’s Neo Tokyo and Neo City.

      • Luxeraph says:

        It would be nice to see kMS give new life to masteria, but the fact that kMS makes it a theme dungeon doesn’t mean gMS wouldn’t take what ever update kMS creates for it.

  22. patrick says:

    to me it gives a feeling of Disney’s lion king or the beauty and the beast the guy had a castle and looked like this sort of lion boss

  23. Ab501ut3 says:

    So… is that red haired guy with the sword Van Leon’s human form? It looks very similar.

  24. Mecruious says:

    Looks cool. Only thing that really bothers me is the new boss. It doesn’t look mapleish at all D:. The maps look kinda cool tough.

  25. catalon says:

    el nath background castle?

    Gave his soul to the black mage???? Is he the devil?

    How much HP those monsters have?
    They look like they will take a while to kill

  27. Maksy says:

    This is pure El Nath Mts. They transitioned the mine, towers, and the snow! Amazing maps!

    “The king who gave his soul to the Black Magician” It’s connected to the storyline. :)

  28. lalalaa says:

    the legs arent like, connected to body o.O

  29. Dusekkar says:

    That is one big-ass lion.
    And I ain’t lion! *shot*

    On topic, sweet lord that is one big boss. It’s like Tae Roon on steroids.
    And Tae Roon was already on steroids.

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  31. Mochaalatte says:

    Se we finally get to see what’s up with Castlevania in the background of El Nath?

    About time!

  32. DotDot says:

    Ummmm I’m confused is Ultimate Adventurer like a rebirth of a Cygnus Charcter or you can choose Explorer classes?

  33. Sup says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh noooo! More statless goddam weapons… yay for unbalance!

  34. Widojin says:

    Spadow, you are good.

  35. Ghost says:

    Very nice! Unfortunately, the equips didn’t beat the Visitor armor and same goes for the Van Leon vs. VIP weapons. But at least KMS made it possible to get these equips, GMS on the other hand…..

    The Green Turtle boss, could there only be 1 in multiple forms? It would be a bit unoriginal for Nexon to make the exacty same looking bosses with only having different skill frames.

    Spadow, in Fiel’s extraction, there were lvl 60 and 80 equips that were named after the empress, what has become of them? Also, if we already have a lvl 12 CK, can we make our current adventurer an ultimate one or does it have to be a brand new adventurer?

  36. Garito says:

    i don’t get it.
    A skill you can get at lvl 60 with a mastery lvl of 16. but you can only put one point every 10 lvls in it. That doesnt make any sence. That means you can never master it.
    Or am i missing something here?

    • zara says:

      i’m still confusing too,

      when you’re at lv.60 >> you can get a special Knights of Cygnus skill lv.1
      then,lv.70 >> lv.2

      lv.80 >> lv.3
      lv.90 >> lv.4
      lv.100 >> lv.5

      lv.150 >> lv.10

      lv.200 >> lv.15 ———————->> How can I master it at lv.16?

  37. Noviculas says:

    I wanted to ask.. The ultimate advent. Gets all the 5 skills showed in the picture, or just 1 of each job?

  38. Michael says:

    What… there is no 1 handed sword? D=

    • Anonymoose says:

      One handed swords are far more powerful in comparison to two-handed swords post big bang.
      Currently, a normal two handed sword has a 5% dpm advantage over a fast one handed sword without a shield. After the big bang, that advantage is reduced to 1.2%. Meaning even the weakest Watt shields would allow a one handed set up surpass a two handed set up.

      For my point, I believe that nexon didnt create a one handed version, because it would be must stronger than the two handed version.

  39. ThrashersHockey says:

    Can you only make one Ultimate Adventurer per Cygnus? Or can you use the one, to make several UA’s? (it’s probably one per cygnus)

  40. Mark says:

    I think wind piercing will look amazing with a crossbow XD

  41. Nintendude93 says:

    No spears or polearms? Pass.

    The lion guy looks pretty hardcore and I’m all for more 4th job content but..nothin for me

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  43. Adam says:

    Spadow have you any idea of the Ultimate Adventurer level cap? Its lvl200 or same as KOC lvl120?

    ^^ Million thanks

  44. Chris says:

    I’m wondering can you only use the skill points that a cygnus of your class would have?

    ex. archers only get the wind archer skill and warriors only get the dawn warrior skill.

  45. Brandon says:

    Will Pre-Existing Adventurers be able to benefit from the Ultimate Adventurer skills? If not then it seems like my Hero is becoming more and more obsolete… I don’t want to quit him, I met my irl gf on him and I’ve played him for 4 years. Alot to give up… but he keeps getting pwned.

  46. Evereon says:

    Spadow if a pirate gets the shark skill how will a gunslinger use it since thy use guns instead of knuckles? 0.o

  47. Gean says:

    I have only one question out of this, can the monsters get killed with 1 hit K.O. skills like dead owl? Or are they considered “boss” monsters?

  48. Soooooo get a Knight to lv120…you get a super explore with A Knight skill?
    also that boss looks like Leomon the digimon and has some cool 3D style texture for a maple monster

    is that arrow skill symbol the transformation wind archer attack?

    this is rater confusing…I am planning to get my blaze wizard to level120..

    I await more info on this subject

  49. NEXON says:

    boss vedio???

  50. Singapore says:

    Great job dude very nice info. The weapons look wicked! At first I thought they were HIGHER level maple weapons +.+

  51. Bendy says:

    Spadow please answer this question/comment. :)

    When you say the new Cygnus Blessing “stacks”, do you mean it stacks with the current blessing skill we have, or do you mean we can have multiple cygnus knights and the skill will stack multiple times?

  52. Brad says:

    Hey Spadow,
    seems like you’re the hotshot so i’ve got a quick question for ya,
    if we make a UA that is basically our main?… like everyones going to start all over again?..
    alright well good work :)

  53. ChuanJun says:

    Anyone notice that the Van Leon Warrior Eqs. require dex?

    @Spadow Looking forward to the massive updates on Ultimate Adventurers :D

  54. tyson says:

    does the lion boss have a time limit?

      • INSERTCARD says:

        hiya spadow could you confirm for us if theres a spear or polearm and whats the avg att?

        • Spadow says:

          Yes, there is a spear now. It’s 114 weapon attack.

          • INSERTCARD says:

            hi, i noticed that u need those coin/medal to purchase the items
            does that mean the items are always fixed with thier average att?

            ie 114 for spear and doesn’t have the variation as a regular weapon drop of plus/minus 5 att?

            so the best for a spear if it came to gms would be 114+50 =164 att +10 att if u get all 6 set’s

            is that correct? gms has hammers = 10 slot wep 50% pinks =+5 att per one.

            so the weapons don’t have any attack variation ? please confirm this thankyou for your time

  55. DanielDots says:

    for the “Empress’s Prayer” if we Disconnect or Logout then we login back, do we get the skill back? or just disappear?

  56. theheyster says:

    ultimate adventurers sound pretty bad ass its like a cygnus cap being raised to lvl 200

  57. Megabine says:

    Will there be any Spears?

  58. Waitin says:

    So is the special cygnus attack for ultimate adventurer based on the lvl 120 cygnus or do u get to choose a new job?

    • Lust says:

      i guess not because you can chose your Ultimate Adventurer and its will be f*** up if you will see a hero using Blaze Mage’s Skill…. dont you think so?

  59. Lust says:

    what is the level cap of the Ultimate Adventurer?
    and you can become any kind of Ultimate Adventurer(like dit/gunslinger/page…..)?

  60. Kevin Wang says:

    Why is the Thief skill the only one that occurs in 2nd job? All the others are 3rd job skills…

  61. Lust says:

    Spadow could you please try those Ultimate Adventurers…
    And tell us all what is the level cap 120/200?
    and will the skills of the Ultimate Adventurers will be same as the regular Adventurers?

  62. Mitsukake says:

    -.-” buffs more buff and another buff after the next. kinda happy i quit now. nexon just seems to be tossing dmg crap in to keep there players to build there income. yay for more breaking of the game =o.

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  64. Zero says:

    do you need to have the actual captains knight medal or just have the quests done? cause i had the medal and got hacked and they dropped it

  65. Zacairga says:

    It’s clear they haven’t made all of the new weapons yet. I’m curious to see how awesome the STR dagger will be compared to the LUK one.

  66. Bobby says:

    Anyone know how to get the captain medal cause I want to try out the Ultimate Adventurers im already level 120

  67. Bloodjedi says:

    Hey, to Spadow or anyone playing KMS

    Do you get a free Reset SP scroll for ALL characters> or 1 character per account


  68. DylanNguyen says:

    So do you have to make a new cygnus and get that to 120 to make a ultimate adventure?

  69. Anthony says:

    Can you post the skills stats? Like damage, and what else they do :)

  70. RADRaze2KX says:

    So wait… You’re telling me my lvl 200 bishop will be weaker because he’s not an ultimate adventurer? Is there a way that change that? Because that’s just garbage there’s not. I’m assuming, however, that he’ll be able to get the blessing of the empress or whatever, just as Blessing of Fairy was automatically put into other characters when it was released. Is this correct?

  71. JustSomeone says:

    Wheres the katara? ):

  72. Spadow says:

    The description of the Empress’ Blessing is correct. It says that if one blessing is higher than the other blessing, the effect of the highest level blessing will apply.
    So the Empress’ Blessing is better since post-Big Bang because it’s much easier to level to 120 and you get 1 SP per 5 levels.

  73. Kevin Chen says:

    hey spadow, for the skills, is it for those adv that have same weapon as KoC will have?

    like how can a gunslinger use a shark o-o;

  74. Bloodjedi says:

    To all those people wondering about if skills will work with different weapons. THEY ARE DIFFERENT SKILLS!!!! Nexon would have allowed them to be used with 1 of the 2 or 3 class weapons. Guys think logically.

  75. Zed says:

    Van Leon must be a fightable boss….it would be better… van leon should have 2 phases:
    1.- the human self
    2.- the monster one

  76. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, I have a Cygnus Knight (not yet 120), but my slots are all full :( What if it gets to 120 and I can’t create anymore characters? Do I get a free slot or does it overwrite Cygnus Knight?

  77. ? says:

    I’m assuming we can’t make current adventureres “ultimate”. amiright?

  78. SkyeBadel says:

    Those first 2 monsters from lionheart castle remind me of Bebop and Rocksteady from the original Ninja Turtles cartoon. Bebop (warthog), Rocksteady (rhino)

  79. BBD says:

    So… lets say I already have a lv 120 CK… does that mean when the system is up I automatically get 24 blessing or do I have to remake a whole new CK! O_o

  80. DSdavidDS says:

    Wait…this is really awesome, basically a rebirth for KoC….but I im slightly confused….

    Lets say your KoC is a NightWalker, then can my Ultimate Adventurer be a Archer?!??!?!

  81. sol22222ki says:

    the big boss is one big ass pissed furry

  82. Taylor says:

    If I have a level 120 Cygnus Knight, do I still get the SP to put into The Empress’ Blessing or do I have to start over?

  83. SPadow says:


  84. Richie Ngo says:

    What is the level limit for the ultimate adventurer?
    And what are the stats on the Van Leon bow I wonder cuz Its VL Bow vs Timeless bow which is bettr?

  85. Francis says:

    Question. If I make an Ultimate Adventurer, it would not delete my lvl 120 Cygnus Knight right?

    • KerChiisai says:

      This is what I’m worrying about too. Let’s say I’m already 120 and I already have the quest and an extra character slot. I make the ultimate adventurer, logout then log back in. Will the ultimate adventurer be on the remaining character slot? Or will it take over my CK’s slot therefore leaving me with a lowbie and no 120CK? :-S

  86. Julian says:

    Does the empress blessing work like the fairy one?
    Example: if i have a lvl 100 sniper, a lvl 62 aran and a lvl 30 evan on the same world, Snpier will have lvl 6 fairy blessing and aran and evan will have lvl 10 blessing.
    So with empress blessing if i have a lvl 120 Blaze wiz, a lvl 30 aran and a lvl 62 evan, both low level character will get lvl 24 empress blessing (????

  87. Jacky says:

    if i hav a lvl 120 NW can i rb to an TB or WA or w/e?
    and if i do do i get to keep NW’s skill and rb to TB?

  88. ItzaChocobo says:

    If I have a lv120 DW before the UA patch, can I still make a UA?

  89. ... says:

    Well, looking forward to UA’s coming out… That is if I had a Cygnus. Wait, is this for all classes but only shown for Cygnus right now?

  90. PacifierFromHell says:

    OMG i just found this thread and started going crazy googling everywhere about this Ultimate Adventurer D: ] ZOMG! ahahha, i read somewhere that at lvl 70 your adventurer (granted that you have a lvl 120 ck) can get the cygnus skill through some quest? Is this true, then if it is then would my adventurer be considered an ultimate adventurer or just an adventurer with a ck skill?

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  92. Bob(im serious) says:

    i have a question, if i make a lv 120 dawn warrior, will i be abel to make an ultimate adventurer whose job is different than warrior? or a lv 120 nw and get ulitmate adventurer thats not a thief?

  93. DudeAromry says:

    What the von leon staff attack speed?

  94. soly shenouda says:

    Ok i need this answered ASAP! if i got 2 CKs lvl 120 in 1 account can i make 2 UAs or is it 1 per account no matter how many CK lvl 120s u have?

  95. Captain says:

    Does the UA share Cash Shop with Explorer or KoC? :o

  96. SureDave says:

    If I make a dawn warrior and get it to 120, then I make a UA bucc, Will my bucc be able to use soul driver? or will he have to equip a sword? -.-

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  98. Alex says:

    Does The Empress’ Blessing give Magic Attack. Spadow only mentioned that it gives weapon attack does that mean this is useless for Magicians?

  99. Ten Letters says:

    I don’t know what you mean by the two different levels of the Van Leon Monsters. There’s a Lv 85 then a 127? What’s that? And what would be the lowest level monster there?

  100. soly shenouda says:

    hey is it 1 UA per 1 lvl v120 CK or 1 UA per acc?

  101. XennyX says:

    Spadow know I’d there’s any other way to obtain medals

    I saw you post somewhere i can receive or make them from lhc drops
    On a further note should I be able to get set easily with 120 BM?

  102. PooPoo says:

    I keep hearing rumors!

    I heard that apparently a level 155 UA night lord has the SAME HP as a level 120 regular night lord.

    Is this true? Does this even make it beneficial to make a UA?

    Thanks :(

  103. iShotTheHobo says:

    Lol, UA is like prestige for cygnus

  104. Jules says:

    Hey Spadow! Can u tell me please if the potential: “30% damage on boss” monsters works on Van Leon Castle monsters in KMS? Cos i hear that when it came out in KMS it didnt and after a few weeks it did. Almost every monster in Van Leon Castle is tagged like Boss, but it seems “30% boss” doesn’t work in GMS. If it perma dont work in KMS i should re-cube my weapon D:

    • Spadow says:

      The 30% boss damage potential status does not work on the monsters in the Van Leon Castle.
      It did work for a while in KMS, but it got nerfed in a matter of time.

  105. Sean says:

    Hey, Spadow I’m wondering if you can get back to me. My question is do you still play your mechanic? and is it still a strong and fun class after the chaos patch? Thanks

  106. Sean says:

    so im guessing mech isnt one of ur fav class then

  107. Alex says:

    Hey, if you make an Ultimate Adventurer with say, a Dawn Warrior, can you make it a bandit with Vampire? Or is that just a no?

  108. weirdo says:

    can db become a ultimate adventurer?

  109. None says:

    Spadow, please, come back to us!

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