Deia’s G potion

The last update that was added to KMS was the new guild system. A system that allows you to create a guild for only 100k meso, an emblem for only 500k meso. You can disband your guild and remove the emblem for free. And on top of that, you are free to give someone else leadership of the guild!

When the new guild skills were introduced in tespia, the prices were very reasonable. After each patch, each skill got more expensive. Click here to see the current prices.

In my opinion, I think the Guild Periodic Support skill is the most useful one. Though, the cost is expensive. 10m for Lv. 1, 20m for Lv. 2, 30m for Lv.3 and so on.
You cannot renew this skill, but when you mastered Guild Periodic Support, you can get 200 G Potions every Monday. Everyone in the guild will get it.

So, it’s Monday in Korea and when you log on…

The hell? What is that? I double-clicked on the ‘quest lightbulb’.

It’s Deia! Support for the guild members has arrived. I receive an amount of G potions from her. I only got 20 G potions… I should be happy with that! Deia says that it’s possible to receive more as the guild level goes up.

Ah… The G Potions only last for one week. The G Potion heals all HP and MP.
There are two other types of potions with a ‘G’ on it, though I don’t know if Deia gives that to me…

At the moment, my guild has guild level 2~
Lv. 3 is still far away. 160,000 GP. +_+

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29 Responses to Deia’s G potion

  1. JunYi says:

    lol funny bulb~

  2. Denis says:

    I dislike the amount one has to pay to acquire these stupid guild skills. MEH.

  3. Buubie says:

    I still don’t understand how the critical skill works

  4. chaosalive says:

    I wonder how long did it take to level-up your guild to Lv2?
    Did you mean you spent 20m meso to purchase the skill and then other members will not need to pay the fee?

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s worthy ╮(╯▽╰)╭

  5. slientsoul says:


  6. andrew says:

    Wow, seems like an expensive but useful buff. 200 power elixers a week for the rest of your guild-life?

  7. this sounds a bit more confusing….

    So if somebody uses a skill we all have to pay to bring it back or just that person to do it again?

  8. KooT says:

    Ok .. great .. But you didn’t tell the most impotant.

    What does the 20 pots your received ACTUALLY DOES ?

    There is many kinds of those pots, which ones did you get ?

    • Ghost says:

      This one acts as an power elixir, if i can read the korean right.

      I’m surprised Nexon hasn’t released Lion Heart Castle yet, considering for a whole week the only thing that they showed us is some scattered information. I’m really excepting there to be a wide GPQ in the making.

    • Spadow says:

      If you read my previous entry, you would have read that a G Potion is basically a Power Elixir, it heals all HP and MP.
      But I’ll edit this post and add what it does.

  9. philippe says:

    so, when you pay 550m you get 200potions every week? little bit too expansive for only 200pots.

    but i have a question, what about the guild rank?
    is there still a guild ranking board? and did anything chance in the GPQ, do you get more points? or is it still the same.

  10. crapsode says:

    thx spadow for the new post
    this is pretty cool
    maybe when your up against a boss and you use that pot
    all your guilds hp/mp fills up?
    that woud be awsome!

    and can someone awsnser this question?
    (maybe Spadow himself)
    do battle mages need to do quests for skills?
    im lvl 93 right now and i just really wanna know
    thx to anyone in adv.
    !can someone awnsr this question?(maybe Spadow himself)
    do battle mages need to do quests for skills?
    im lvl 93 right now and i just really wanna know
    thx to anyone in adv.

  11. Orgeuil says:

    I wonder what’s the highest lvl guild you know in your server or KMS in global? And how many GPQ’s they got?

  12. KooT says:

    It’s so funny to see people complaining about “expensive prices and GP required to level”, while they don’t even know if with big bang, 100m is a lot or nothing. They don’t even know how fast does GP comes when a guild member levels up.

    Lol dudes, stop complaining and use your brains rofl.

    • Otaia says:

      Uh, Big Bang doesn’t change how much 100m is. The thing about the expensive prices is, that price is for the entire guild. If your guild has 25 active players in it, 250m is only 10m per person. The lower level buffs are very inexpensive, so smaller guilds can still get a few points in them.

  13. Ghost says:

    Spadow, is this some Time temple expansion?

    A guy on basil put up a pic of this saying that it was ‘leaked’ from KMST. It’s kinda hard to see (or even believe) how anything adds up in KMST anymore thanks to so many bits of info being released without anything to confirm them…

    • Spadow says:

      That is just an image that someone made. KMST hasn’t released a new patch.
      The next KMST patch will not be ‘an expansion of Time Temple’ but it will release content of the Lionheart Castle.

  14. Bloodjedi says:

    Thanks Spadow, great work you’re doing!!!
    One quick question, did ALL skillbooks/mastery books get removed? Mainly asking about dual blades, but also asking about 4th jobbers too

  15. BuddyAran says:

    This new guild system is as if there isn’t any improvement for that at all since all skills are super expensive.

  16. Mewso222 says:

    #1 GP contributer right hurr somebody said they saw ZtSin botting

  17. noob says:

    you should be grateful , the amount of making a guild is decrease to 100k , and 500k.
    dont be greedy and ask for cheaper guild skills

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