Ola Ola event

Today, two GM events occurred in the Culverin server. One at 4 PM and one at 5 PM KST.
I was able to attend the event at 5 PM.

A friend of mine was able to join at 4 PM and talked to a GM. Lucky you Amelia~
I didn’t expect a lot from this GM event because they are all lame unless a GM actually talks to you and teases you with hints. hehe

It was pretty crowded, you had the possibility to enter through CH6 or CH12. CH12 was too crowded. I even disconnected from the game with a very weird error. So I stayed in CH6 and with success~

The first stage of the Ola Ola event~!
The Ola Ola is an event where you have to navigate a maze of ladders to find the proper portal.
Each stage is big and has a lot of fake portals, you have to find the good one. If you are at a portal that you can’t enter, then you will have to climb down and find another one.

Speed buffs are disabled so you’re moving on a default speed like everyone else.

2nd Stage! Took me 16 seconds.

3rd Stage! This was more difficult than stage 2. Took me 2 minutes.

Congratulations! Yeah~~~~
This was not a fun event, it was fast and I was not enjoying myself… I got out of the event map and I received a Devil Scroll.
Somehow I have to find a way to decipher this mysterious scroll.

NPC Geny! She offers me a new quest.
After talking to her about my amazing accomplishment in Ola Ola, she gave me a Magic Box.

How the hell am I suppose to open a Magic Box if she didn’t give me the key? =.=;
She told me I had to get it from Trixters in Eos Tower.

Yay~ A key! I opened the Magic Box to discover a really amazing reward.

100 Water Melons.

GM events




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21 Responses to Ola Ola event

  1. Martinixon says:

    What are those events about?
    is it like a JQ?

  2. OnlineRecord says:

    Yes i third to command !

    • Zelkova says:

      Yes! 2nd to reply to a noob.

      Who cares?

      Anyway good job Spadow? I don’t even try to do events…There no point unless you are bored of grinding.

  3. kghj says:

    It’s not a JQ… in MapleSEA jump was disabled, so if you were halfway up a wrong ladder and realised it too late you have to climb all the way down and go up the correct one from the bottom, instead of jumping off it to the correct one. Spadow, is jump disabled for KMS Ola Ola? And is rocket thrust disabled too?

    The number of portals and ladders (and there is only ONE correct portal per stage) progressively increases from stage 1 to stage 3. So if you go up the wrong ladder in stage 3/ follow the wrong crowd from the start you’re effectively screwed…

    As for myself, I obtained a golden trophy of completion (useless etc item) after I timed out in the event (got stuck at the third stage) and was transported into the exit stage. Sold the trophy for 10k at a nearby npc…

  4. Kyped says:

    Hey :), a new post. It does not matter if tespia period is over, spadow. I and many others enjoy reading your post, regardless of the subjects ;). Please, do keep posting.

    May I ask what nationality you are?

  5. iMeltFaces says:

    When I did this, I got a box too, and it said You will get a great surprise! or something, can’t remember.

    Being 11 at the time, I got all excited. I was thinking that I would make Millions of mesos.

    Instead, I got 100 watermelons.

  6. Noir says:

    Sry Spadow but this was a lame O_o News.

    The GM Events are one of the Older Content.
    And are atm outdated -.-” .
    Even GMS has this kind of Events in the First Puplishing Years ….

    The Prices are the same as the Events :P
    = Outdatet

    In my Eye
    This Events are :P BETTER than the monoton :P Monsters Attack the City :P

    • Earoslap says:

      You are an idiot. This is not new stuff. It’s just a post about what Spadow was doing today.
      If it WERE new stuff, he’d say it is. Everyone knows that Ola Ola isn’t new. You’re making yourself look like a jerk and a fool by thinking that everything he posts must be about new KMS content and calling it lame when it isn’t.

      Please think your comment thoroughly before you post it.

      • Noir says:

        lol i just Comment :P that the rewards of ola ola :/ maybe are bad but
        all in all :P This kind of events was made to a time :P where this rewards
        are nice and not everyone has tons of mesos etc :P
        with less content

        and btw :P i dont curse spadow :P and i also know that OLA OLA and other gm contents dont be new content :P

        so go learn a round read other posts right :P and curseing other ppz isnt that fine :P
        you damn DUMBA :P

        • Amelia says:

          omg shut up… the way you talk just makes you sound like a jerk.
          :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

          Earoslap never said that you curse spadow. Everything you said while replying to Earoslap didnt match up to your first comment.

          you should be the one to that should be told to read other posts right.
          or maybe in that time u spend commenting worthless shit, improve your english abit more?
          dont bother replying please

        • NoirFails says:

          Why do you have an emoticon basically after every 10 words? Just looks rather stupid.

  7. TableCAKE says:

    I lolle’d

  8. the prize sounds un fun but the Jump Quest sounds fun

  9. Ghost says:

    I don’t want to sound rude, but Spadow’s Blog has been known for being second to deliver KMST content in english (SouthPerry beats him, but that’s for extractions only) and is first in announcing the first-hand experience of KMST into english. If Spadow doesn’t get into the next session, I would expect the rate of visits would decrease….

    As for the GM Events, the Coconut Harvest seems to be the funnest, since you’re working in teams, although I hope we’ll see the Snowball event in the winter.

    • Spadow says:

      If I don’t get in Tespia, it doesn’t matter.
      Because I will be able to blog about the new KMST stuff and how it works due patch notes and experiences from other people because extractions don’t always tell how.

  10. Tal says:

    Devil Scroll Translation anyone?

    • SealedEye says:

      Thats basically a Scroll of Secrets in GMS. We have the Ola Ola event too. Reward sounds like something ours gives as well.

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