KMST V336/337 ~ Guild Skill changes

The new guild system was released last Wednesday in the test server and it’s cool to see that we are able to create a guild on our own and the prices are adjusted.
The Guild Skills are great but it looks too good to be true.

The price to learn and the price to renew are expensive in this patch. And I discovered how expensive it is….

In version 1.2.335, I paid 20 meso to renew the Meso Increase skill. Unfortunately the Meso Increase and Trade Shop Efficiency Increase skill were replaced with two others. But, if it was available in version 1.2.336 then it would have cost me 20만 메소 to renew.

20만 = 200,000 meso

Below you can find the updated guild skills. Though, prepare yourself~

Click here to see the updated guild skills of version 1.2.339.

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59 Responses to KMST V336/337 ~ Guild Skill changes

  1. Denis says:

    That’s so ridiculous. -_- Of course the exp one would be the most expensive.

  2. Shrapnel says:

    100m for level 5 EXP increase… you get to pay for that one kyo 8)

  3. ShoopDaWhoop says:

    The attack and critical skills are the best out of them all, i’m not sure if 90mil is worth a 10% exp bonus.

  4. iMeltFaces says:

    I obviously won’t be using these guild skills. I don’t want to go broke over EXP.

    I’d rather train on the regular exp formula.

    That’s ridiculous though. 100m?

    • iMeltFaces says:

      Another comment.

      How do they expect us to pay 100m for that, when their Beloved Meso Sacks are said to give out up to 750m, when they only give out about 9m max.

      • ihatebleach says:

        The mesos sack(up to 750m one) were only availiable in GMS for a period of time, it is not in other versions.

      • Shrapnel says:

        1. kMS doesn’t have “meso sacks” so I’m sure they didn’t even consider them.
        2. since kMS doesn’t have meso sacks, I know for a fact that it’s possible to make money without them. so I don’t understand the correlation between the cost of a guild skill & how much the sacks give.

        my 2c

        • iMeltFaces says:

          Not everyone has 100m to spare.

          Even in GMS we should have a higher chance with these meso sacks, which was what I was trying to say.

          I couldn’t pay 100m for EXp.

          • Myles says:

            Then… don’t.

            No-one says you have to.

          • Chibi says:

            There is a thing called Guild Fees that Some guild could establish for lv10 skills
            * In GMS you are able to have 100 memebers: recieve 1m from each member or less, being the leader you may shell out more.
            if thats the case, then reaching 100m is easy.
            -you have to pay the renewal fee to use the skill again which is conciderably less.
            If your Guild wants the skills that badly, they’ll help pay for it

  5. BlueFenixR says:

    In all honesty i was expecting something like this. Those rates before where too good to be true.

  6. DAggers says:

    i assume no one will buy EXP increase skill since they only increase exp for 0.1x rate for only 1 hr
    and nid 99m mesos..exp like shyt

  7. Giraflare says:

    Oh nexon, you’re so crazy.

  8. Dervd says:

    If you think about it, the prices are not that high. Considering mesos in gMS are worth a lot less. 100m is easily obtainable in about 2 hours for level 14xs at Temple of Time.

    Even the many meso exploits and stuff generate billions of mesos per day and are pumped into the economy, mesos are worth a lot less in gMS.

    • Kyped says:

      Something tells me that you never made it to third job in a real server. 100M might be possible to achieve in two hours on a private server, but not in GMS nor KMS! I bet you wouldn’t even have made 10M in two hours.

    • Emenia says:

      Um… No. PoTs Drop very infrequently even at oblivion 4, and even then they aren’t worth much atm. You obviously don’t have a 4th job character if you don’t know this.

  9. Orgeuil says:

    I wonder if only guild leader can upgrade the skill lvls, or can a jr too? Also the price of renewing can be payed by members or just the guild ldr? And does buff have a cooldown or we can have perma 60mins buff as long as we pay for it?

  10. RADRaze2KX says:

    EXP one is very useful if it stacks with 2x card and 2x party buff… 4x * 110 = 4.4x … not bad if it stacks, like I said.

    • Tr4nce says:

      i think there is no more 2x party buff post Big Bang patch

      • Luxeraph says:

        Why would they remove the most useful skill of the mentor (family) system?

        • Max says:

          All the 1.5x and 2x skills were replaced with 1.2x, All buffs are now solo buffs as well, except Family Bonding which is 1.5x and can only be casted for the 6 people below you (and you). This creates a system where it is really important to have active juniors.

  11. Luxeraph says:

    Spadow I don’t get it (and maybe others too) the price of 99.9M is just a one time thing right? and the actual buff (the 60mins) just cost 700k, right? also if it is like that, there’s a cooldown right?

    Also the guild skills stacks with normal skills, right? Like, does Acc/Avd Rate Increase stacks with Bless?

    • Spadow says:

      The price to learn the skill is only a one time deal yes. When you buy (learn) a skill, you will get the buff. When the time is up, you can renew the skill, but you will pay much less money.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Ok so its still a pretty good deal since I think a guild that is level 10 would have members with way over just a plain 100M, also it doesn’t has cooldown? like, I can buff whatever times I want if I have the money to?

        • Orgeuil says:

          Yeah and the skills can be bought by anyone? Or just the guild ldr, and what about the buff then, any member can buy it too?

      • OnlineRecord says:

        after the big bang, the meso cap is more then 2.147 Bil ? and get meso is easier now ?

        • Ghost says:

          No one single thing is over 2.147 Bil in MapleStory, not the max amount of mesos, not the HP of PB, not the Exp need at lvl 199

  12. OnlineRecord says:

    is the meso cap will change ? more then 2.147 bil ?

  13. TableCAKE says:

    Spadow, when will this Tespia end’s and when will you get to see if you got accepted?

  14. Bart says:

    The cap cant change past 2.147 bil
    That just a general rule

    • Luxeraph says:

      I think it can, but they would have to recode everything since it seems that the cap its 2.1b due to coding, but I might be wrong since I only heard it from other maplers saying so.

  15. Bandltcorp says:

    300m sounds reasonable if the rebuff is only 700k.
    Making a guild had always been expensive for it’s time and this isnt too far fetched.

  16. Waitin says:

    …….. shoulda known -_-

  17. freeman says:

    So, to be more accurate. rephrasing, and correct me if wrong.

    Skill Price is a one-time price you pay to acquire(learn) the skill. Skill remain accessible in the skill box even after the buff expired.

    Price to renew is the price you pay every time you cast the skill.

    • Chibi says:

      Yes, and the price to renew(re-buff) is conciderably less.
      example: 100m for exp buff………700k for re-buff

  18. MAN! They really are going to make you work for it with the price…..
    I hope the skeles kick out some good exp and meso after the level changes so I can let my guidlies use these skills when that time comes..

    thank you for the info

  19. brandono says:

    so what happens if u leave the guild with a lvl 10 buff and join another guild will u still have the lvl 10 buff??

    • Luxeraph says:

      I think you don’t get the skill unless your the leader of the guild but maybe I’m wrong, but its most likely that if you did have the skill in your skill book once you quit the guild said skill will dissapear.

  20. KobeKun says:

    umm… lol

    any idea when this’ll come to the official server kyo? it seems that the newer guilds made by level 10 players will have the highest GP now. lol

  21. Velops says:

    When someone pays to activate a skill, does it still affect every guild member?

  22. AltEfff4 says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the prices or anything, as someone mentioned above, guilds have usually been expensive, and if you have a level 10 guild, getting members to pitch in meso towards a 100m goal shouldn’t really be that difficult, maybe 10 members all pitch in 10m each or so. At least this is giving guilds another much needed use other than guild pq and a new chat box,

    • Freeman says:

      You do realize that it’s not 100M goal right? But more like 300M goal when you add up the all the LV cost 20+40+60+80+100=300.
      Also, this made me realize one thing also. This one will kill the haste shoe price. Think about it, there is no reason to get potential haste shoe anymore.

      • Chibi says:

        So? then if you charge members it’ll be 3m each person for a guild with 100ppl
        and 6m each for a guild with 50ppl, 12m each for a guild with 25ppl , 30m each for a guild with 10ppl
        seeing the numbers, a guild that is likely to succeed is a maxed out guild of 100ppl.
        making it really easy to gain GP and funds for Guild Skills

  23. MapleMaple says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I would like to ask, after this big bang patch. The Item welcome back ring, is it still available after the patch or it had been remove?

  24. Emenia says:

    99mil just for increased exp?? Fucking ridiculous.

  25. Aldo says:

    Actually is not 100 millions for the experience increase, that to get it from level 4 to level 5 but what about the other levels? In total that would be 300 millions just to get it to level 5.

  26. JP says:

    Spadow , I dont know HOW OLD you are, WHERE you live or If you are more then ONE person O.o

    But you do know you are becoming part of the maple dictionary, right next to basilmarket :D

  27. Hiya Again, Also I voted Battle Mage,
    Also nice pb design

  28. sleepinxonxbed says:

    with the new big bang exp curve, why would you want to pay 100m+ just for 10% more exp o.o

  29. putty03 says:

    Seriously I think those prices are rather cheap if you suppose that all your guild is gonna help paying for it.

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