2:30 PM = Hot Time!

Once in a while there are pretty exciting MapleStory events. One of them is the Hot Time event. It’s an event where you have to be logged on before 2:30 PM.
When one minute has passed, you will get a package which has a SP reset scroll (100%) and a random item which can be a Timeless equipment or a cash item.

Today’s Hot Time event was different~ This time you can get a SP reset scroll and a mysterious love letter 100%! The mysterious love letter gives you a random amount of fame.
As a bonus, you can get either: a lucky medal, a cash item, useless potions, 60% scrolls, advanced equipment enhancement scroll or a secret mastery book.

Before it was 2:30 PM, the server was already overpopulated. A lot of people were waiting near the NPC Cassandra.
At 2:31 PM I got a message from Cassandra and she gave me a premium package.

When I received the package, I already saw a lot of server-sided messages of people getting Miracle Cubes.
So I opened mine and I got a 60% accessory for DEX scroll. =.=;;

I think I will throw away my SP reset scroll.. Because I don’t need it. I got +10 fame from the mysterious love letter.

It was a fun… for a while. I wanted the lucky medal…

+5 AllStat
+300 HP/MP
+5 Weapon and Magic Attack
+300 Physical and Magic Defense
+100 Accuracy and Avoidability

A Platinum Scissor of Karma can be used on this medal to make it tradeable. But… I don’t think it will be cheap.
I saw a few smegas of people selling this medal for 2 billion mesos.

Go figure…

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51 Responses to 2:30 PM = Hot Time!

  1. ihatebleach says:

    wow i definitely wan this event when it comes to my version

  2. Bob! says:

    What the…that medal is made of the force of a thousand suns o,o
    Must…get it…-drool-

  3. ThePieHalo says:

    Well 5 wep attack is cheap, why would they put that on a medal

  4. Spartan says:

    yay # 4 :\ beast fame rewards XD

  5. ChunkyMonk says:


    • Panda says:

      Uh, no.
      A +5 dex medal isn’t going to solve the power of dexless warriors. It’s FIVE dex. Thats like saying a Dexless warrior getting a zhelm is god, and we should all quit.

      I don’t see the big deal about the medal really, I mean yeah its +5 all stats, but it’s NOT GOING TO SOLVE TEH RIDDLE TO MAPLESTORY AND OPEN A BUTTLOAD OF POSSIBILITIES HURR.

      Final statement, no, this isn’t going to make it so dexless warriors only need this and no other dex eqp. You obviously havn’t tried a dexless warrior.

      +5 dex opening possibilities, pssh.

      • Ken says:

        Maybe he mean the accuracy it give?

      • ryanmecha says:

        hello, is +100 accuracy

        • crapsode says:

          accruacy isnt needed after bigbang…..
          it just is up to your lvl…..
          like if you are lvl 10 you’ll miss on lvl 11+ monsters…(5%miss per lvl below monster)

          • Chibi says:

            What are you talking about , acc IS neccessary because WHO in their right mind wants to be training on monsters THEIR level…. Thats bad Grindage Sir… Esspecially since DBs can go to WRs at lv45….WRs are lv70 monsters

          • Chibi says:

            from what i saw on the acc formula, as long as your acc is equal to the monsters avoid, you will be able to hit it, with pink beans avoid being 625, you can make up the difference with the ludibrium cape that gives over 400acc, you can still train on higher level monsters with acc, and im a dexless DB , with the formula, i have more damage and more acc

          • Ghost says:

            Accuracy is makes a difference from usually hitting them to 100% hitting them,

            If this formula is correct:
            Hit % = (Player_Acc)^.5 – (Monster_Avoid)^.5 + 100

            then all players will still need accuracy if they want to avoid getting “miss” damage, although they won’t need as much as before, in fact their Acc from their maxed mastery would be enough to get them with any acc equips until level 80

      • StyleZ says:

        He obviously was starting a troll from the looks of it….and it worked.

  6. andrew says:

    OMIGOSH I want that medal.

  7. RawVoltage says:

    Wow sweet medal, hope I get one if that ever sees GMS :O

  8. iMeltFaces says:

    I would really want that medal, but knowing my luck, I’ll get useless potions.

  9. WOA COOL MEDAL! And nice to see another chance to get a Timeless item,

    nice post

  10. Waitin says:

    ill prob get 60% scroll and useless potions every time -_-

  11. Tom says:

    Wait…isn’t it possible to run a certain illegal program that allows for you to run multiple Maplestorys at once? In that case, can’t you make a large amount of “mule” accounts, run all of them at once before 2:30, and get the rewards on MULTIPLE characters? And then just PSoK it to your main character? Or maybe I’m horribly mistaken…

    • KooT says:

      You got to be logged ONE minut, so, you don’t need any multi maple program, just log your characters one after one, plus creating a mule account takes more than 1 minute xD

      BTW, I’m sure there is a minimum level to do this “quest”

      • Fan says:

        1 minute after 2:30 PM though. So you gotta log on before that and wait for 2:31 PM. So you still need multi-log Maple.

    • Ghost says:

      Illegal program aren’t not necessary, I use multiple computer accounts to be log in Maple at more than one time.

  12. Nice New banner on the top with the 3 Resistants

  13. JunCurious says:

    That medal is awesome.

  14. creulheart says:

    I hate it. MSEA was quite slow which nobody likes it!

  15. AlOnE89 says:

    I remember I’ve read about it on Southperry though..they say the HP amounts that have been washed will not be affected, but after Big Bang, the HP gain and MP deduction for HP washing have been revised (which is not as effective as pre-Big Bang)

  16. ltp says:

    they really need to give out ap reset scrolls :O

  17. crapsode says:

    hey spadow why do you keep deleating my posts?
    i just needed help with something….
    thats all

  18. Alilatias says:


    Wow, that’s a nice medal. Apparently GMS is getting a +10 ATK medal from the whole Visitor thing that we’re getting in our next patch, but I’d much rather have this medal instead, especially due to the HP bonus…

    300 HP/MP + 300 DEF/M.DEF + 100 Acc/Avoid + 5 ATK > 10 ATK

    Man, I do have to wonder how rare these things are though.

  19. Waitin says:

    wow i just noticed how much this website has grown. if u look at some of the earliest vids there were only about 4 comments max. now they get to be in the 150s. Good job Spadow :)

  20. tyson says:

    hey spadow, can you ask nexon if they can give an ultimate to bowmen

    • Amelia says:

      i cant tell if ur joking or not…

    • Alilatias says:

      Our Arrow Rain/Eruption after Big Bang is – as far as I know – the only mob attack (with no cooldown) that hits up to 10 monsters at a time (most other mob attacks are restricted to 6). That might as well shove it into ultimate status already.

      Hey Spadow, there’s a new Golden Sun Dark Dawn preview video. I still remember how interested you are in this.


      Linking to a forum instead, because the last time I posted a direct link to a YouTube video, it ended up automatically embedding and messed up the comment layout.

      • tyson says:

        but its range is so freaking small compared to regular ultimates

        • Alilatias says:

          Oh yeah, I should add that our Arrow Rain/Eruption has enough vertical range to hit platforms below us in some maps.

          Alright, let me ask you this. Do you want an Ultimate (that will most likely be given a 30 second cooldown), or do you want to keep our extremely good 1 VS 1 DPS along with one of the best mob skills post-Big Bang?

          You don’t realize how lucky us Archers are.

  21. Slv3r says:

    Wow, that’s some smexy medal <3_<3

  22. Drummer says:


  23. Volt says:

    i got 9 fame and armor str.

  24. Ghost says:

    Apparently they are also doing something with the guilds already, now it’s not useless to to have GP.

  25. TableCAKE says:

    Spadow, I heard from ShiKage you made your own guild in KMST to test the new system.
    I’d like to know more about the this ”Guild System”
    Will you post it Soon?

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