KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement!

August 12, 2010
A new reinforcement, the Mechanic has arrived!

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The Big Bang update has come to an end.
The Big Bang update was definitely the biggest update of MapleStory. On July 24,  MapleStory received more than 416,000 concurrent users. That is an incredibly amazing record for MapleStory Korea!

On July 8th, it was all about the Beginning of Change. A complete revamp of the game.
On July 22nd, a group of Edelstein citizens created a counter movement to rebel against Black Wings.
And today, a new reinforcement has joined the counter movement: Resistance.
I think I don’t have to to tell a lot about Mechanic. You can get search results for Mechanic if you search on my blog.^^~

What can we expect from MapleStory in the future?
Well… A new guild system. New boss monsters, items and perhaps.. PvP?
This was all mentioned in the user conference in December 2009.

Nexon should stop releasing new jobs for now. But I know that there are still three heroes left…
I want exciting party quest, new boss monsters and new maps.

Sigh… Time will tell, right? I’m already looking forward for Winter~

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93 Responses to KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement!

  1. vxcvx says:

    mechanic… i never saw that comming T.T

  2. John says:

    hey guys does anyone know if the resistance in GMS will need nx for mastery books?

  3. John says:

    but havnt wild hunter and battle mage been out yet?

  4. John says:

    sadly gms nexon probably will wich kinda sucks big time for me cause i live in Australia and they dont sell
    game cards and my folks dont wana use pay-pal so i gota either buy nx or mts it =[

    • ncikstarh says:

      Im feeling you john im aussie aswell and all we can get is pay-pal and we cant mts and we used to not be able to buy something from cash shop

  5. Choncho says:

    o…..m…..g…..Ijust jizzed a lil bit

  6. joey says:

    what is he saying :/

  7. Aryln says:

    I absolutely love the speaker. He gets so excited at 0:17. :D

    • MistahWilli says:

      Lol, called voice acting, if he can speak English with no Korean accent, NEXON America should hire him for Dragon Nest as a voice actor or something :D

  8. BasFTW says:

    LVL 30 now!

  9. curious99 says:

    Nice work as always spadow but i have a question

    how did you get a kms account and how u got selected 2 kmst?

    thx man!

  10. NovaNuvaMS says:

    they should expand the Mechanic trailer to give a little more info

  11. Manu says:

    I wanted to ask this before but I always forget, when’s the next KMST period and how do you sign up for it? o,o

  12. StormyTime says:

    is this the movie apprears when u start the ms client?

  13. NEXON says:

    BIG BANG圓滿結束。

  14. Ghost says:

    I really don’t think there will be a new guild system, I think that they’ll just copy that guildstory TMS had a while ago

  15. CapnAdam says:

    awesome trailer :D

  16. fcuknut says:

    I lol’d how he pronounced the Mechanic.

    Mek-kanik. Hahahaha

  17. Luxeraph says:

    Spadow did they readd the monster book?

  18. Paprikastaude says:

    There’s seriously more than enough jobs by now. The pacing was especially awful. Only adventurers for about 4 years and then they bring out one new job after another, all of a sudden. And it really isn’t too motivating if American Nexon gives all of them cash-only skills…

    Hopefully they now expand the new continent with maps, bosses, PQs, etc…

    • shadowkun says:

      stop telling nexon how to ru theyre job they can relese and do what ever they want with the game however they want dont like it go play another game games need money to run and not many people bye nx evryday so its just to make sure they get money

    • Jo MAMA says:

      i wish they hadnt wasted our time with evan and dual blade ther both stupid you get a new job every 10 lvls aran was cool and this looks cool too i just like the jobs that dont have amazing skills at level 10 the hole point is to earn cool skills and weapons

  19. Trinityblast says:

    Nexon keep adding new stuff without fixing its core problems like hacking and stuff. I understand that they are trying to interest the player base but this is getting a little extreme (the addition of anything, whether it is HP, number of jobs, or the stats of a equipment). They are going way too fast and because the community is getting used to this fast change, the company would eventually be forced to go even faster in order to keep people interested.

    • shadowkun says:

      well you cant realy fix hacking cause theyre will always be a new hack and the jobs are done next year so maby they have something up there sleeve after the heros…maby something totaly epic so just be patinint and remember its just a game some people no longer understand that and its theyre life now

  20. GREAT JOB! I love the video and wow KMS has a lot of servers,
    That video seeing the maplers bing used a fuel makes me think of the Matrix

  21. Hero~ says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Base on your experiences , after this update i would like to ask about hero jobs. There is some argument about brave slash skill, according to some peoples they say that the skill delay was increase and decreasing the range of the skill.

    But what was the current update? is it gone better or worse?

    Thank you ,
    Hope you reply. Have a Nice day

  22. pensive215 says:

    can we still hp wash after big bang? And if not, what if we had built are mp rediculously high before bb, can we wash with that high amount of mp that we built?

  23. plsbanthem says:

    Any changes made to magical ring after the Big Bang is finalised?

  24. Nintendude93 says:

    You know what I want?

    For maple to support an OS other than XP so that we can enjoy bosses without all these disconnections. Did this update do anything to actually optimize the games performance?

  25. Scabbas says:

    No Nx skills plz…..>.>

  26. Jonathan says:

    hi spadow i was wondering if how much easier it is to level and can you get to 120 really fast now

    • Spadow says:

      With the new EXP curve it’s really easy to level up to 120. In less than 30 hours I managed to level up to 81 on x1 EXP rate.
      And this includes afking, breaks etc.

      • Ken says:

        This is epic madness…I used to play 10 hours a day for half year and get to lv 9x only and i was classified as a so called “Chiongster” in MapleSEA 3 or 4 years ago.And now when I manage to get to level 85 in 10 days and you say you can get to 81 so easily in 30 hours? ! Wow This is really mad…

  27. Xakris says:

    Hey Spadow I am looking for picture of mechanic the same one form video or in your top blog’s picture. Could give me link to it thank you in advance. :)

  28. mune0106 says:

    So, the name of mechanic is just mechanic?

    • tyler says:

      i played ms for 3years now using ONLY adventuers and what do u know here comes cygnus nights then aran then evan then db the all came out together in like 1year 6mouths thats way to quick…this is way way way to exstreme if i was a gm i would do this have only the adventurers and take a vote all ms players go to whatever website and vote they get to pik 2classes aran/cygnus/evan/db/mechanic/battle mage / wild hunter/ and whatever 2win there ya have it just leave it be from there on so then just have adventuers then whatever 2 class that win !!!! thats the way i would do it. :)

  29. Zacairga says:

    Well, now that Mechanic’s done, it looks like we can FINALLY move onto something interesting.

    • crapsode says:

      ……YOU PLAY KMS?
      I DONT THINK SO…..

      • TableCAKE says:

        He can say what ever he want, dont complain about it just post your own comment.
        Because if you do, more people will complain about what you say about him or himself.
        And then you will go on over and over about comlaining to each other so pleas hold the complaining about his opinion for ur self thanks.

        Oh stop trying to talk with caps, it show’s like your shouting and why should you shout about what he just said.

        • crapsode says:

          i wasnt shouting
          i didnt realize i had caps on……hehe…..
          yah and ok ill just ignore him….

          • Zacairga says:

            Mechanics don’t interest me. I don’t need to play KMS to know I’m not interested. Unless you know exactly what is coming out for the rest of the year you can’t tell me nothing else interesting is going to come out, and new classes aren’t the only thing that they can make that’s interesting.

            I really grow tired of people with single digit IQs like you who really feel the need to tell me they don’t care what I think when their opinions make even less than mine.

          • Keitau says:

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. He may find mechanic boring like other people out there so pls don’t start anything and also zacairga can u be a little less blunt in ur reply? kthnxbai

  30. NatsuEliseo says:

    Hey Spadow, where did u train lvl 130~140 with the nex exp curve?
    Are there also any other training grounds? Im thinking alot if the kill stealing will dissapear or mostly

    • Luxeraph says:

      I myself think, even if they gave us a bunch of good training areas, people will still KS since a bunch of them are going to want the best training area, even if the difference between the best and the second best is minimal.

  31. xXDKBladeXx says:

    Now for it to come to gms

  32. Cole Sprouse says:

    PvP???????? :DD FTW~! <3

  33. kirbyhyper says:

    I wish English voice actors and narrators sounded this enthusiastic.

  34. Volt says:

    The resistance[all 3 of them] were pretty boring to me but that’s just me. i’m waiting for new maps,pq, or maybe even a new game concept. such as PvP.

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  36. John says:

    OMG mechanics look sooooooo cooooool!!!!!
    i cant wait till they come to gms [if they do]
    they have all these skills its like 4 classes combined into 1
    mechanics have gun atacks, physical atacks, healing thing, teleporting thing its awesome
    they have murged gunslingers, brawlers and clerics to create an awesome job!!!!
    as soon as it comes to gms i am making one!!!

  37. Creul Heart says:

    I wonder why does Nexon made black mage and kept on saying about him but it is not release ==

  38. Mitsukake says:

    spadow be aware of GMS update. we are getting new maps and pq along with boss managed for lvl 130+ users . idk if it was in kms but its the expansion to omega sector. so there is a chance you will come by it sooner or later if not. so far as i need it is a great patch 8D.

    • Mitsukake says:

      oh fergot to say reason being saying this is because dont want you to be all bumbed out about not geting anything new xD. so cheer up 83 theres a good glimps for kms to get the same.

  39. John says:

    hey guys i know this is wayyyyy off topic but when i start global maplestory from their website
    my screen goes black for about between 30-60 seconds and its sooo anoying and does anybody else
    who play gms does that happend to you?

  40. JunCurious says:


    We’re all doomed if that happens.
    Maple Story will be degraded into something no better then a private server.

  41. LiRoNz says:

    Are you gonna open mechanic on kms too?
    or you’ll stay with ur viper?

    And if u will…
    R u gonna post more vids of the mechanic on your blog/youtube?

  42. hellchamp says:

    What’s the starting ability points required to advance to mechanic at level 10??

  43. Chibi says:

    Uggh -_- I can barely wait for mechanic!!! It looks so cool, and the hot day or whatever event looks cool, I can actually equip my dark shadow pants on my dual blader!

  44. riovanes says:

    maybe i missed it in your blog, but whats your take on

    strless, low str, and normal str mechanics?

    I do expect some kind of shake up with those builds, but since your playing one now….

  45. InPatientPerson says:

    When will Big Bang come to SEA????? :( I cant wait

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