KMST V334 ~ Mechanic: D-2

A new test server patch was released yesterday. When I saw the update notice, I thought that Mechanic were gonna get nerfed again.
I was right. A couple of new skill icons, delay and damage adjustments and sounds for the skills were added.
I expected one skill to change: Laser Blast.

The damage of Lv. 1 Laser Blast is 284% instead of 404%. Lv. 30 Laser Blast is 400% instead of 520%.

I also noticed that when you use Laser Blast, the damage appears faster than before.
Metal Armor: Missile Tank is now better.

The basic attack of Missile Tank hits one enemy 6 times instead of 3 and they made it faster to cast the basic attack.
I’m surprised they made Missile Tank faster. The fastest attack that Mechanic has is Heavy Machine Gun. That’s just crazy, but with this change, I can say that Missile Tank takes the 2nd place.
When you stay in Missile Tank mode, you will lose MP even if you do nothing.

Yesterday I wrote a summary of the 3rd and 4th job skills of Mechanic, check it out~

As usual, with every new patch comes a new skill effect.
This time it’s Meditation:

P.S. I made a new video of my Mechanic. This one includes the new sound effects for the Mechanic skills.

[Alternative Link]

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57 Responses to KMST V334 ~ Mechanic: D-2

  1. StormyTime says:

    I like new meditation effect

  2. dej says:

    Still gonna make a mechanic though.
    Hey Spadow, how much MP do you lose when you use missile tank?

    • Spadow says:

      30 MP per second at Lv. 1 and 20 at Lv. 30.

      • Kyped says:

        The constant MP-consumption in missile tank mode is a cheap way of keeping people from using it all the time. *AND not being able to use it over longer periods, calls for complicated key configuration. Probably fun for people who take the challenge, but it takes the fun out of the gameplay for me; too many keys to memorize.
        They already did this “one set of skills for transformation, another for normal gameplay”-thing with the corsair, why would they do it with its counterpart too?

        Anyway, keep up the good work, spadow. Im watching your blog like a hawk.

        • Kootei says:

          Some player skill in Maple is always welcome, that’s why brawler is the bess job yet in my opinion.
          You don’t spam a button like a morron all day but you actually have to think (a bit) on where to put your skills, how and when to use them, and then master it.

        • JunCurious says:

          If you don’t enjoy the class enough to embrace the complexities, then you’ve picked the wrong class to be your main.

  3. Mikeivore says:

    I think it is pretty funny on how the new max on the laser beam is lower than the old minimum lvl.

  4. Waffles says:

    That crazy bullet blasting skill you use on all the high hp bosses is waaaaay to overpowerd…

    • Luxeraph says:

      I don’t think it is, but maybe I’m wrong since I don’t know how many hits per sec it does but anyway its not spammable (5sec cooldown iirc) and its spammable counterpart on tank mode doesn’t have the always crit thing.

  5. Mech says:

    Uh spadow whens the mechanic release date for kms???

  6. Amelia says:

    … i dislike the new meditation skill effect :P
    it looks cool and fancy (a whole lot more “modernised” than the previous one) BUT…..

    it looks like a christmas tree. -_-

    lol. thats just my opinion.

  7. Chibi says:

    Manon Cheated lol stunned the whole time

  8. nicebut... says:

    well maybe you could speed up the video a little, like put it fast fw mode? it got boring after cenitpeed…

  9. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  10. notorious says:

    coooooool :)

  11. plsbanthem says:

    Sry out of topic but,

    spadow any news about the adventurer rings? critical and cruel ring got their critical damage removed, any changes made to magical ring?

  12. Zacairga says:

    Got needlessly owned by Manon. =/

  13. Killer says:

    spadow can u make a video of spamming missle tank

  14. Aztec says:

    what does D-2 means??? and spadow, can you make a video of a mechanic job in pyramid pq. wanna see the damages when u are buffed. :))

  15. wow they are really going up an down with that class,
    and I like how Meditate looks

    and @Aztec
    D-2 means Day2

  16. Daikokuro says:

    Spadow ur hat got the “Fall in love” hidden potential?

  17. Danny says:

    In your other post it showed a screen where you get 27k on level 90, is this only in KMST or will it be in GMS and KMS? That would be insane and would be fun

  18. LynjanDakari says:

    Spadow, I’m still a bit confused. Is heavy machine gun an attack of a transformation like missile tank? And if it’s a transformation, how can you use it with missile tank? Sorry these mechanic skills confuse me. :P

    • Spadow says:

      Heavy Machine Gun is a 3rd job skill, you can use this without Missile Tank mode. Without Missile Tank mode, every hit counts as critical.
      When you enter Missile Tank mode and you use Heavy Machine Gun, you will have better damage but every hit will not count as 100% critical, instead you have a 30% critical rate.

      • LynjanDakari says:

        So wait let me see if I got this:

        On your picture of HMG without MT mode you were hitting all critical with a damage range of 7k-10k. WITH MT mode you were hitting no critical an average of 5k. Critical is 200% damage. Technically your damage would be better in MT mode if it wasn’t for critical hits, but because of the 100% chance of a critical, HMG hits higher, as the total lower damage + 100% critical of MT-less HMG out-damages the total slightly higher damage + 30% critical of HMG WITH MT.

        Did you read that big block? :]

        Oh and P.S., Do you agree with making MT-less HMG have the all-critical effect, or do you think MT mode should have it?

  19. Darkmninya says:

    Spadow could u upload a ideo pls of spamming main attack in Missle Tank Mode?

    It will be good for us all :)


  20. hamad says:

    Spadow i wanna see missle tank main attack now o_O” PS:COME KMS!! =)

  21. crapsode says:

    spadow do you like mechanic the best out of resistance?
    cause you seem hyeped about it!

  22. kikinblade12 says:

    Spadow Sorry, but I have nothing else to publish the Big Bang and I have no photos, videos and other things that you, your blog is the only one I know who is the most visited and so I copy your post, but translate in Spanish for those who do not understand English. So give me permission to rip your post?
    I expect a response. Thank you.

  23. Alex says:

    Wow, so that high defense really pulls through eh? I didn’t realize it could mean so much..
    And with the higher defense on my Battleship..I’m excited.

  24. Millus says:

    New animation for medi is cool….
    looks like Yggdrassil

  25. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Mechanic is great so many high % dmge skills im quite impressed. Spadow so far there has been 3 new classes. Which class would u recommend for other maplers?

  26. Waitin says:

    wow that spanish guy wasnt kidding. he literally took everything except the backround. does he even have permission?

  27. I wonder…are they going to change how Angel Ray looks now that Holy Arrow looks almost cooler?

    How complex is the Mechanic?
    I see tons of moves and ups and downs…Besides all the flashy glitter of how cool it looks…How is it?

  28. Ghost says:

    I hope KMS doesn’t have a crappy after-job patch like the one GMS is about to get…

  29. Tsaulii says:

    hey Spadow, what would you rate Battle mage, Wild hunter and Mechanics? Out of 10

  30. ssww says:

    Hey spadow can u show us the new missle tank basic attack :)

  31. Doug says:

    I rly want to see missle tank spamming main attack :)

    Spadow where are u :)

  32. curious99 says:

    Lol good starategi on the dragon but Failllllllled LOl Btw good job posting news keep doing bro

    Ur The Best <3 @-@

  33. ryanmecha says:

    can i know ur damage range?

  34. Josh says:

    Hey Spadow, just wondering, i saw the video of the dojo and you said in the description or somewhere that you were trying to summon the heal-bot instead of the Accelerator, but if you were stunned by Manon, then could you still heal in the heal bot? or do you still need to press (down) in order to heal hp? O_O. and just curious, is the GX-Gate skill still for everyone or did nexon change it so that its only party members or yourself? :D thanks in advance

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