Mechanic: 3rd and 4th Job

So you want to know more about the Mechanic, eh?
I leveled up to 135 today in the test server and I took a lot of screenshots of the 3rd and 4th job skills.
I already gave an explanation for the 1st and 2nd skills. But.. new updates were released in the test server and many skills were modified.

Do you remember that weird picture from the 7th anniversary video? Now I know what kind of skill that person used on the picture. He used Atomic Hammer ▼

Atomic Hammer will be one of your main skills that you will always be using. When you use this skill, it will deal great damage and stun enemies for a period of time. Atomic Hammer is spammable,but there is a small delay.

The Atomic Hammer skill was a 3rd job skill when the Mechanic job was introduced. But, apparently, Nexon disagreed. One patch after Mechanic was released they moved Atomic Hammer to 2nd job.
Now Rocket Punch was moved from 2nd to 3rd job. I think that is stupid. Rocket Punch belongs in 2nd job and Atomic Hammer in 3rd job.
Nexon… >_<

Read more for more information about the 3rd & 4th job skills~

3rd Job

The first available skill is Rocket Punch. When you use Rocket Punch, the prototype will launch a metal fist that can cause great damage to a maximum of six enemies. Not only does it great damage, it will stun enemies for a short period of time.
Like I said in the beginning, Rocket Punch was supposed to be a 2nd job skill, but instead Nexon moved it to 3rd job.

The second skill in 3rd job is Metal Fist Mastery. This skill adds extra damage to Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer. Speaking of Drill Rush, it’s spammable again! ^-^

The third skill is Satellite. In the image above you can see that I have three Satellites summons. At Lv. 1 you can only summon one Satellite. You can summon up to three Satellites. Though, this is only possible if you have enough skill points in the Satellite skill.
At Brextons my Satellites deal around 8k~9k x 3 damage.
In 4th job there is a skill that adds extra damage to Satellite, but you’ll read that later.

The fourth skill is Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun. This is a MUST HAVE skill! Why? When you enter Heavy Machine Gun mode, all your attacks are critical. The speed is crazy, really… It attacks really fast. To shoot really fast you must press the basic attack key.
Since this skill is really fast and powerful, you can only use it for five seconds!
Heavy Machine Gun has a cooldown. When you mastered this skill you will have to wait 15 seconds until you can use it again.
Seems reasonable for me.

The fifth skill that 3rd job can offer you is Magnetic Field. Kudos to Nexon for making such a creative skill.
I don’t know but I think this is a unique skill. So what does Magnetic Field do…

To create a magnetic field you have to set up three electromagnetic coils. The distance for each coil is limited but it’s still long. When you generate a magnetic field, you can lure the enemies and they will be attacked by the electromagnetic coils.
Magnetic Field can attack up to 10 enemies for 30 seconds. The affected enemies will also be stunned for a short period of time.
After 30 seconds all three coils will self destruct. self-destruction can cause high damage to enemies as well!
The cooldown for Magnetic Field depends on the skill level. When you mastered this skill, the cooldown will be 30 seconds.

The sixth skill is Healing Robot: H-LX. This was another 2nd job skill, but it was moved to 3rd job. ~_~;
The H-LX robot has special built-in sensor that can detect when you need HP.

When the robot is summoned, you have to sit on your prototype. (sit = ↓ for Mechanic)
At max level, you can summon H-LX for 40 seconds long and it heal 25% of your HP each time.  After 45 seconds it will self destruct. When H-LX self-destructs, it can deal high damage to enemies.
When you are in a party, H-LX will be very generous and heal your party members if it’s necessary.

Oh my god! So many skills~~~ +_+

The seventh skill on the program is Accelerator: EX-7.
This is another great skill~ When you summon Accelerator: EX-7, it will increase the speed of all monsters. Their speed goes up but their defense will go down. At max level EX-7 can increase the speed by +30 and reduce 30% defense of all enemies in the area for 80 seconds.
EX-7 will self-destruct when the time is up. And again, EX-7’s self-destruction can deal high damage to enemies.

This skill is very useful when you encounter slow monsters. Everyone can take advantage of Accelerator, not just you.

Lucky Dice is the last skill in 3rd job. This skill was implemented during the first update of Big Bang.
Dice gives every Pirate a random buff for 180 seconds at Lv. 20.

1 = Nothing
2 = 30% increase in physical defense
3 = 20% increase in maxHP and maxMP
4 = 15% increase in critical rate
5 = 20% increase in damage
6 = 30% increase in EXP (!)

4th Job

The first 4th job skill is Metal Armor Extreme. This Metal Armor adds attack, defense, HP/MP and weapon mastery.
At level 30, Metal Armor Extreme adds 50 attack, 1000 defense, 1200 HP and MP and 70 weapon mastery.

The second skill is Metal Armor: Missile Tank.
When you enter Missile Tank mode, you will transform into a tank. You can move and jump. In Missile Tank mode you continually consume MP.

Missile Tank has something unique. You can use the basic attack key to launch missiles to enemies.
I use this skill a lot and it’s definitely recommended to master this as soon as possible if you love to fight boss monsters.
The basic attack of Missile Tank hits one enemy three six times real fast.

The critical rate increases per skill level. When Missile Tank is mastered, 30% critical rate will be added. (This only applies when you’re in Tank Missile mode)

I said that Missile Tank had something unique, right? With Missile Tank you have the choice to use the basic attack, Laser Blast or Heavy Machine Gun. You cannot use any other skills except for Booster.
This time I tried Heavy Machine Gun in Missile Tank mode

Do you see the difference between the normal Heavy Machine Gun and the Heavy Machine Gun in Missile Tank mode?
The difference is that the attacks of the normal Heavy Machine Gun are always 100% critical while the Heavy Machine Gun in Missile Tank mode are not.
Another available skill in Missile Tank mode is Laser Blast.

Laser Blast is the third skill in 4th job and available in Missile Tank mode. This skill is INSANE!

It does a LOT of damage. Laser Blast can hit up to six enemies and attack each of them three times!
Oh, did I forgot that the range is huge? Click on this image below ▼

Let’s continue with the list, shall we?
The fourth skill is Safety.

Safety increases the attack of Satellite by a certain percentage. That’s not all. Safety has more in store for players.
Safety will absorb a certain percentage of damage when you get hit by sudden damage while your HP is over a certain amount. If this happens, Satellite will self destruct.
I think sudden damage basically means 1/1 or an attack that will leave you with very little HP.

You can only use Safety when the Satellite summons are with you.

The fifth skill is the Mechanic’s ultimate. This ultimate looks amazing!~~~
War Machine: Titan is one of my favorite skills of the Mechanic job.
Why? Because you can summon a giant mecha and the mecha’s attacks are hot!

When you cast War Machine: Titan, you have to press the attack key a lot or just hold the attack key until the gauge bar is blue.
After the bar is full, your mecha goes crazy and launches giant missiles and gives another surprise attack

Click the image below to see it in full size ▼

We’re almost coming to an end.. ㅠ_ㅠ

The next skill, the sixth, is Robo Factory: RM1.
Robo Factory allows you to set up a mini factory for a period of time. The mini factory will create an amount of mini robots and release them. The mini robots deal damage to monsters every three seconds. Since RM1 is a robot, it will eventually self destruct. As you know, self-destruction causes high damage.
There is a cooldown time for Robo Factory. It’s 40 seconds when it’s mastered.

After Robo Factory comes the seventh skill: Amplifier: AF-11.

The Amplifier skill increases damage of you and party members by a certain percentage (20% at max level) for a period of time. Amplifier has also the ability to self destruct. And you know that self-destruction = high damage.
Cooldown for all levels is 90 seconds.

The last skill is Robot Mastery.
This skill adds more %damage for the robot skills and increases the duration time of all robot skills.

That’s it. It took me long enough to write this hehe, but I hope I gave you a good explanation of how the skills work.
I like the Mechanic, maybe because it is a pirate. I don’t know. Though, I will not make one in the official server. I’m glad that I have my Viper and I don’t want to abandon it for any job.. Well.. unless the next job is very attractive to play.

Yesterday I uploaded a 4th job video ▼

KMST 1.2.331 ~ Resistance: Lv. 26 Mechanic (1st Job)

KMST 1.2.331 ~ Resistance: Lv. 55 Mechanic (2nd Job)

KMST 1.2.332 ~ Resistance: Lv. 81 Mechanic (3rd Job)

KMST 1.2.333 ~ Resistance: Lv. 132 Mechanic (4th Job)

August 12 – Mechanic!!!

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  1. Distortion says:

    Wow, am I first? Can’t wait to see the pics.

  2. rauleli says:

    WOW nice skills

  3. bbqman says:

    wtf laser beam of death

    • SomeRandomGuy says:


      • AnthonyD. says:


        Girl in Maplestory : Oh, you pervert.

  4. Waitin says:

    i love how there is this giant laser shooting robot of doom, being followed by a little pink bunny rabbit. lol, so great :P

  5. Alex says:

    Hey spadow, i was wondering if you could tell me how much damage sattelite does… Is it those 9 k’s i saw in the video? and How often does sattelite attack?
    I’d also like to know what your opinion on it as a skill is (do you find it usefull etc.)


  6. Bubbafatboy says:

    This is awesome, i like battle mage the best though…and what’s the name of the song?

  7. Chibi says:

    Great Vid Spadow, my two brothers will be my DB’s heavy support when it comes to GMS

  8. ForgeArc says:

    Did you hp-wash because your hp is quite high for a ranged attacker?

    • Chibi says:

      The Prototype gives a huge boost in HP and MP, aside from that, like DB, their normal HP and MP is surprisingly high for their type of class.

      • ForgeArc says:

        does that means mechanic require minimum or even no hp-washing?

        • Chibi says:

          well my 7x DB in GMS currently has 4529hp and 1902mp, i had the free AP resets from the event at lv30 and at lv70. The mechanic will surely have more than my DB thats for sure, and it doesnt look like Spadow’s Mechanic HP washed

          • thechazz says:

            how is that possible ? my lvl 62 DB has almost 3k hp , how in the world can you have 4529 hp ??? you HP washed or have alot of HP equips ?

          • notorious says:

            yea. he said he used the free ap resets

          • Spadow says:

            I never said such a thing… >_>;;
            I never HP wash.

          • Chibi says:

            lol i know Spadow doesnt HP wash, im just stating that Mechanic wont have to, they’ll have enough, if people decide to HP their Mechanic, their HP will be massive.
            on the side note, i used the 10AP resets from lv30 and the 10AP from lv70
            20AP resets total and DB has plenty of HP equips.

          • notorious says:

            i was talking about chibi :P

  9. iSlashPixels says:

    wow…. are you low str or something?

  10. Bob says:

    Whoah, it looks pretty fun now that I see that huge laser thing :P
    BUT, one major disappointment:

    …the robot looks the same…it would be sweet if it would get gradually cooler-looking as you leveled :(

    • keitau says:

      i second wat he said

    • Chibi says:

      I thought they did in fact change their appearance after equiping the new parts for the Prototype, oh well i guess i have to break the news to my brothers, unless, Spadow wasnt using any new parts besides the base set he originally aquired from the advancement to mechanic

  11. DAggers says:

    Mechanic is too imba..and so scary especially the ulti..
    And it look like the robot can transform into other form to cast big laser skill..
    Cant w8 for spadow to post all their skill..
    coz i ‘m very blur about their skill

    on other way,
    How can be Mechanic takes all spotlight??!!
    Make BM and WH is nonsense now..T_T

    • StyleZ says:

      No way dude. Battlemages can own because of their advanced auras…especially dark aura plus life steal each hit…BM’s are melee mages which is crazy.And wild hunters have an advantage because they have a mount which gives bonus speed and dmg. Also some flashy skills with lots of mobbing/higher % dmg moves make they not so squishy as bowmaster and marksman are.

      • Ken says:

        In conclusion, KoC and Adventurers are the worst now, especially KoC.

        • thechazz says:

          nah KoC only suk , with big bang patch alot of adventurers got a boost again , like balance patch part 2

          • Keitau says:

            LOL koc arent tht bad. Only reason
            People think koc suck is cuz of the early lvl cap but apart from that we rock and I can assure u tht and I’m sure a lvl 120 wa would pwn a lvl 120 wild hunter and a lvl 120 mechanic >.>

          • Joel says:

            KoC don’t suck. They can easily out-damage a lvl 130 or 140 with good enough equips. But that being said, damage isn’t everything it’s whats fun to the player.

  12. Yell0w says:

    Could you please show us some bossing? And also can you go to that one map before zakum where you have to fall and use the rocket jump skill from the bottom to the top? I think that’s the farthest drop with no platforms.

  13. NEXON says:


  14. ChunkyMonk says:

    Damn in just 3 minutes his experience went up by about 10%… Gotta love those awesome exp rates!!! :D

  15. Mitsukake says:

    spadow is mechanic exactly what you antispated it to be and wanted?

  16. plsbanthem says:

    is mechanic attacks fire based element?

  17. Gratz on your job advancements

  18. Bloodjedi says:

    Great Video spadow! I like what you’ve done!

    That tank-bike thing is VERY cool.

    oh and


  19. hong says:

    spadow, did u have any website that contain the latest skill table? Korea language also nevermind, pls post at here

  20. Sorbet says:

    Hey Spadow, I have a quick question do you train here on 1x, because you trained like 20% in 5minutes :o

    Keep up the good work!

    • thechazz says:

      u know that in KMST they have hte high exp rates back , so kiling 1 monster is like 0.10% and they also have the low exp curve KMS got with the BIG BANG PATCH , so its normal for him to gain that amount of exp

  21. Lunar says:

    Spadow? Can you tell me what this is?

    It’s the image found at the wallpaper section on the GMS site:

    Is this something you have already gotten? Because I never saw any blog posts about it here.. Is it something GMS exclusive like NLC? Maybe it’s Versal?

    • TableCAKE says:

      It’s Krakial, the expantion of the Jungle in NLC its GMS only from now on.
      And yes its Masteria dont bother spadow with this he already know’s and he’s only into KMS otherwise he would already posted it.

      • Ghost says:

        I did remember somewhere Spadow would make a post about GMS Exclusive content. However like the rest of us, I doubt he knows much about what’s going on.

        • Zacairga says:

          @TableCake It hasn’t been confirmed to be Krakia. It also hasn’t been confirmed to be Masteria. In fact, Hime herself said on the Nexon forums that it isn’t related to Masteria at all. If Spadow can make a blog post about how GMS is getting Evan then he sure as hell can post about the new content. If he was going to post about it, he probably hasn’t yet because there’s nothing to post.

  22. TableCAKE says:

    THE EXP<3

  23. Swaffer says:

    Epic LAZORZ is epic.

    And the exp is just ridiculously awesome :D

  24. hamad says:

    spadow u should skill the skill 180$ 20crit the hurricane skill

  25. Sirius says:

    can you tell me what server are you in maplestory? i want to be on the server you are in gms. and i hope next or next next month we will have the big bang update. but it would be a nightmare if the servers are full and a lot of robots, jaguars and battle mages are running around

  26. Swaffer says:

    What is that hat you’re wearing? Is it mech-exclusive or something? Or is it cash?

  27. YukiFaruko says:

    Wow. makes me want to make a mechanic asap. question for ya spadow, what program do you use to record video?

      • Zuryx says:

        Hi Spadow,
        I was wondering how you reduce the videos’ file sizes with fraps? I can’t upload vids of MapleStory on YouTube with the new, larger resolution. I tried using Windows Movie Maker, but that adds a weird black border around the sides.

  28. hamad says:

    does the 3:31 skill have a cooldown?

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    How does he make his name Spadow on every character? Is that just something different on KMST?

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    Thats some beast control ^_^

  32. Waitin says:

    what do u think is stronger overall, battle mage or wild hunter?

    • crapsode says:

      tottaly battle mage…..
      this is battle mage= 700,800,600,700,and then final attack 3k(lvl50)
      wild hunter= 3000 with spring shot……
      thats it…..
      so yah……
      mechanic and battle mage’s attacks look similar in damdge…

  33. jhk says:

    What would be the best bossing skill?

  34. DestinyThief says:

    Does the mechanic job get a new hair style?

  35. Vongola says:

    spadow do you think you can give out the wild hunter panthers sprite sheet??

  36. Tyler says:

    So it’s basically a Corsair riding a machine…

  37. Zacairga says:

    Wow, that video you posted is horrendous compared to the video of a lvl 130 Shadower training on the same mobs… on the same map. Either Spadow has no control at all, which seems likely, or Mechanics suck hard and don’t pose a threat to any class, period. ~_~

    • Spadow says:

      Wait.. A Shadower and Mechanic comparison?
      A Shadower is faster than a Mechanic. If you have seen the video, you would have noticed that my movement is slow with the tank.

      Bad comparison…

      • Zacairga says:

        @ Spadow I’m comparing killing speed. Regardless of how slow the tank makes you, you’re still a lot slower killing than a Shadower at the exact same level on the exact same map. Since absolutely every new class to come out is said to kill Explorers in every way, the fact that they’re not as efficient as Shadowers shows that they do NOT kill explorers.

        @crapsode I’m not being mean; I’m just being blunt. I haven’t the need nor the want to sugarcoat things, and if you can’t deal with people on the internet acting the way they want to it’s best you just stop using it.

        • Waitin says:

          Hey Zachairga, Im not so sure blunt is the right word for ” if u cant deal with people on the internet acting the way they want it’s best u just stop using it”. so maybe u should stop acting “the way u want” and acting in a way that doesn’t upset other people.

        • ChunkyMonk says:

          Hey Zacairga, how bout YOU stop using the internet. Truth is, no one really gives a damn about your ‘blunt’ opinions. If you have
          nothing nice or constructive to comment then don’t.

        • somenoob says:

          dude u just insulted spadow…twice…on HIS blog…either u’ve got guts, or you really like insulting people

          • Zacairga says:

            What I said wasn’t any less constructive than all of you spamming “ZOMG EXPLORERS ARE WORTHLESS NAO!!!!! D=”, so quit with the hypocrisy. I didn’t insult Spadow in any way. You say nobody cares about my opinions, well it goes both ways; I don’t care if what I say hurts your feelings. Not everyone is always going to agree withy ou, and not everyone is going to be nice to you. It’s part of life, deal with it.

        • Waitin says:

          * FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!* jk, okay everybody calm down. the post has been updated and lets all just move on to that instead of fighting here

        • Maple Turf says:

          U should consider other points instead of juz killing speed.

          • StyleZ says:

            @Zai Fail comparison. Big time. Besides, mechanics > shadowers in partys all day err day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh I totally forgot he posted this only for you.
      Sorry bro.

    • Luxeraph says:

      Zac I find it good they don’t have a high DMP since they already have a bunch of HP and def which means at last we get a real tank class (which funny enough it rides a tank :D).

      Who knows this might be the beginning of something beautiful (we’ll get more supportive classes to go with the cleric, like the battle mage (a frikking buffer, even though they say its a tank)).

      • Zacairga says:

        A real tank class would be a Hero/Dark Knight. Supportive classes are bad. We already get enough QQ from the Bishops who knew what they were getting into. ~_~

        • Luxeraph says:

          But like I said before almost all classes are attackers, myself find it good that we get more supportive classes since new attackers would just make people QQ due to them being the highest DMP attacker and then getting pwnd by a new one (if I’m not wrong like sins when pirates were released(gunslinger)) and if the new class is an attacker and its not overpowered, not much people are going to abandon their char and make that one, even if it got some good party skills and its kinda fun (if I’m not wrong something like when the pirates got released(brawler)).

          • Zacairga says:

            Supportive classes are bad. I cannot stress this enough to you. Even the Bishops want to have attack power, when they are THE supportive class. Sins didn’t have the highest DPM before Gunslingers came out, and they don’t have the second highest after they’re out.

            I can’t even make out most of what you’re saying. What does all your rambling have to do with the topic at hand?

          • Luxeraph says:

            My “rambling” was trying to explain that what you think (as I assume a person that only likes a class if it has high DPM) is wrong, only in this game where most of people would only choose an attacker and not just any attacker but the one with the highest DPM (and you can check that just by looking at most of the game forums were people are always arguing which class has the highest DPM), supportive classes are bad and solo (which shouldn’t be the norm in a MMO) its the best way to level most of the time.

            Something like an ant colony where everyone wants to be a soldier and therefore neglecting other tasks such as recolecting food.

            Also I said IF I’M NOT WRONG, since I never have an interest and still don’t have any on the DPM of any class I was just speculating, since sins were one (or still are, not sure) of the most popular classes due to their damage.

          • Zacairga says:

            I don’t care for solely DPM. I’m a Shadower; don’t assume. You’re trying to prove me wrong in what you assume I think when it’s not even close to what I’m thinking whatsoever.

            Don’t try to use things you know absolutely nothing about to try and strengthen your argument. It only makes you look dumb in the face of the person who DOES know what you’re talking about.

          • Luxeraph says:

            If you know so much about the subject and don’t solely care about the DPM, then why you say “Mechanics suck hard ” just because they don’t have such a high killing rate as another class and also say “Supportive classes are bad” without any other apparent reason than they don’t have a high or at least good killing rate, which they shouldn’t since their supportive.

            And what is with that personal attack? And you tell me not to assume when you do it also.

  38. Vongola says:

    hey spadow how do you create a kms account i wanna play with you XD .also how do you show skills on your blog like the brave slash thing

  39. Waffles says:


  40. Zhizhing says:

    I want to know whatmusic he used. Anyone know what Korean rock artist this is?

  41. NEXON says:

    Professional technicians can use the new three-and four-turn skills transfer performance video??
    I want to see what skills in the end. Trouble you. Thank you

  42. Keitau says:

    Lol spadow does the prototype increase speed like other mounts or does it just increase attack cuz the speed is too low. It kinda killed mechanic for me just like the warrior and Aran classes.

    • Lucas says:

      The Prototype doesn’t add speed or jump. But Haste does affect you, so, not that much of a problem.
      They have tons of mobility skills, think they make up for the slow speed.

      • Keitau says:

        Sigh guess I’m not making a mechanic then and even if haste affects them, ur not always going to get haste. Guess I’m going wit wh or bm

        • Bnissley says:

          Dude Mechanics get a dash skill, a skill that shoots them up to a higher platform, a teleportation skill, and an attack that shoots them across the map… They are plenty fast enough with all of that.

          • Chibi says:

            *coughs* Speed Pills…. Amorian baskets, and besides, your supposed to be a Heavy Type, who the hell cares about speed…
            “Oh noes, i can catch up to the monsters….oh well, i’ll just shoot across the screen”

          • Keitau says:

            Hmm good point. Totally forgot bout the teleportation skill and legalized flying hack skill lol. Dash isn’t really tht great and the fact that the prototype doesn’t change is a turnoff lol but I guess the pros are more than the cons xD

          • Hanabira.Kage says:

            Can Rocket Jump and Mechanic Dash even be used in Missile Tank form?

          • Chibi says:

            @Hanabira.Kage: like Spadow said in his update, only haste and the set attack skills can be used in tank mode
            lol if you know already, im just posting to other people that read this, will already know without double checking

          • Chibi says:

            *Booster lol , not haste

  43. Swaffer says:

    I am looking forward to mechanics veryveryveryvery much…
    Will take forever for it to get to ems. DAMN!

    • crapsode says:

      why dont you just play gms.?
      we will get it in about 2-3 months…

      • Zacairga says:

        Because you can’t play in GMS if you live in Europe, unless you were already signed up for GMS before EMS was created.

        • Hojo says:

          Oh ok

        • lolmuch says:

          cant you just get someone from the us to create an account for you? i mean i would if you really wanted one…

          • Ghost says:

            With so much hype about the Mechanic in both KMS and GMS, I wonder how much of a content crash KMS will have after this. I mean DBs haven’t even been out for 3 weeks in GMS and i’m already looking forward to what’s next.

          • Zacairga says:

            @ lolmuch That might work, and it might not. I’m not sure about it, but I think they don’t let European IPs long onto the game, regardless of where the account was created.

          • crapsode says:

            i dont think resistance will fall easy AT ALL…..
            i mean ALL of them have skils that increase damadge and stuff
            so they are wanted for boss runs……
            and yah
            dbs got boring for mee too…
            they probably will make for things related to black mage
            and maybe maple will fall into chaos even more?

          • lolmuch says:

            oh that sucks!!! alot!!!
            still want me to try? it might be worth a shot…

          • lolmuch says:

            oh ooops you werent the one who wanted to play gms lol

  44. Chappie says:

    I would like to see those pictures (:

  45. Danny says:

    In your other post it showed a screen where you get 27k on level 90, is this only in KMST or will it be in GMS and KMS? That would be insane and would be fun. But then again level 200s will cry like always how there are alot level 200s and they aren’t unique xD

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  47. Saeng says:

    Thanks for the info spadow. :D

  48. BendyBread says:

    Stupid bloody Nexon, releasing yet ANOTHER overpowered class.

    Yes, mechanics are the only Resistance character that is ORIGINAL (Battle mages and wild hunters are copies of other classes), but that doesnt change the fact that they’re too powerful.

    • Hojo says:

      The reason why they “seem” overpowered is that when big bang patch came all classes now hit 70-80% more then they did before!
      I’m pretty sure WIZET isn’t stupid
      I play kms and battle is NO copy of another class
      people that think the are Aran type mages are wrong
      you just hit the skill key once and it does the damadge x3 or wtv the skill says(triple,quad blow…..) and their finish stack is to be pressed right after you press triple,quad,blah blow
      get it NOW….
      Lol I’m mean hehe srry

      • Chibi says:

        lol it had to be said. people should be excited for new content (means the makers care enough to continue a great game) and no ONE class is OP, it depends on how you play it.(THE HARD TRUTH)

      • BendyBread says:

        Does Wizet even have anything to do with the game anymore? I thought they just had their name on it, nothing more. :S
        So instead, it’s a “less-spammy” aran, thats what youre saying. From what I’ve seen, instead of hitting a key 3 times to attack, you hit it once. A lazy Aran thats a mage, REALLLL original…..

        • crapsode says:

          maybe once you’ve tried it then say something…..
          and wizet is making this game better so be quiet…

          • Chibi says:

            Just Alittle MS history (GMS) , Wizet merged and became Nexon, same with how Nexon America will one day become party of Block Party.
            Wizet –Nexon–Block Party
            Same developers, same great game, different name

  49. Choncho says:

    I dont know if you answered this already but if you did can you tell me again does the resistance have seperate cash shop?

  50. Exasperated says:

    does anyone know if battle mages get mounts or not?

  51. Killer says:

    spadow whats the delay of the Canon(3Shots)

  52. frank says:

    can you fight even without the prototype?

    • Chibi says:

      you can “fight”… not well… but you can “fight”…BUT there is no point in staying out of your mecha:
      Increased HP+MP
      Increased DEF (lv39 and below you’ll only recieve 1damage)
      Increased Att
      Guard Skill (its a ‘MISS’ and a half…..half = fun ;p)
      Rockets (both vertical and horizontal)
      Infinite bullets(no bullets required, i dont know if holding a bullet set will increase you attack or not)

  53. frank says:

    and what skill is that big rocket barrel?

  54. thechazz says:

    spadow , not to insult you but the moment i saw atomic hammer in action i already made the link that atomic hammer was the move used in the weird picture ,and im sure other people did that as wel ….

  55. Wooting says:

    Wow! Mechanic Seems to be a big Hit for you Spadow… ^_^ I reckon it will be for everyone when it finally comes into GMS or SEA or any of the MS servers :)

  56. dudes says:

    haters will always hate not much more to say, anyway class looks nice and i am sure nexon will balance out any issues-have faith people enough with “overpowered, underpowered my dps is better blah blah”

  57. (0_o) Man thats alot of skills building one of those will be very complex and one small goof may screw you up….

    But wow thats alot of chaos

  58. LynjanDakari says:

    Oh my god, Spadow.

    Has Mechanic officially replaced Viper as your favorite class? Cuz those are some sick skills.

    I always thought that corsair was sort of a summoner class (two summons at once + ultimate is a bunch of birds), but yeah, Mechanic is definitely a summoner sort of class.

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  60. Miltix says:

    This job has a right to say “IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!”

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  63. ryanmecha says:

    Can I ask u, what equips does the mechanic wear? warrior? and weapons too thank you. Am farming start from now^^

  64. justinb says:

    I personally do not like this class at all. I found it when i dragged a pic on GMS into the search bar… this was the only result. I THIS what tespia is?!?!

  65. askmiller says:

    is it just me, or do mechs start to replace their early job skills. especially in 4th job. this means alot of skills eventually become useless? that tank skill takes out the brawler part of mechanic because it’s so dang powerful and cool. that is common in jobs though, the only thing that is not common is the job having not only like 4 different mastery skills, but a mastery skill that probably wont get maxed because close ranged attacks are pretty much abandoned at 4th job? and the next thing I don’t understand. SO MANY SKILLS. its like 10 skills per class.. =O Do they all have low sp requirements, or does mechanic just not max a lot of them?

    • Chibi says:

      1- your a slinger
      2- most of the brawler skills you’ve stated, are skills unique to the mechanic and is always needed even in 4th job
      3-Yes, they have skills that require 10 and possibly 5 SP to max some skills

  66. Tsaulii says:

    haha…. now i just wanna ask you, how do you fit all your skills on the key board? ss please

  67. MapleCritic says:

    Which Is the Best Spadow Mechanic or Wild Hunter Plz reply!

  68. anthony D. Dude, change ur lazer font to 50 and change the letter to and that would look like the lazer blast
    RR im fring ma lazer die ****ing monsters

  69. Troy says:

    I’m highly anticipating the release of Mechanics. What sucks is that they will eventually get nerfed, and there is still controversy over whether Resistance Skill Books will cost NX. Whatever the cause, thank you Spadow for this post and I wish you for the best.

  70. Jeff says:

    PLEASE PLEASE give us the name of the song, thousands of people are asking you for it!!

  71. TAIWIN says:

    Whats the song called that is playing on background?

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