KMST V333 ~ Mechanic changes

One week left until the release of Mechanic in KMS! Today’s patch changed Mechanic skills again and they finally fixed the Satellite bug.
This patch brought back the high EXP rates~!

27510 EXP at Lv. 9X

It was already easy to level up without high rates, but with the high rates it’s EASIER!
I’ll make sure to hit 120 today. Expect a video soon. ^^

New skill effects ▼

Power Guard

Holy Arrow


The new Power Guard effect looks really great. The new Strafe reminds me of the Wind Breaker version.
I still want new Transform sprites. ㅠㅠ

Skill changes made to Mechanic:

Mechanic – 1st Job

– Damage of Flame Launcher decreased from 90% to 70%
– Damage of Drill Rush increased from 170% to 180%
– MP cost of Gatling Shot decreased

Mechanic – 2nd Job

– Heavy Weapon Mastery removed from 3rd job and added to 2nd job.
– Damage of Atomic Hammer decreased from 480% to 400% and ignores the enemy’s defense by 30%

Mechanic – 3rd Job

– New skill: Metal Fist Mastery. Metal Fist Mastery increases the damage of Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer. 50% damage increased at max level
– Damage of Satellite increased from 100% to 120%
– Damage of Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun decreased from 120% to 100%
– Max level of Healing Robot: H-LX is now 20
– New skill: Robot Punch. At max level Robot Punch can hit up to 6 enemies with 540% damage. Enemies will be stunned 3 seconds after getting hit

Mechanic – 4th Job

– Metal Armor Extreme no longer gives 100% extra damage to Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer
– Max level of Metal Armor: Missile Tank is now 30. At max level Metal Armor: Missile Tank consumes 30 MP per second and deals 280% damage to an enemy with a critical rate of 30%
– Max level of Safety is now 25.
– Description of Amplifier: AF-11 was changed. It now says that it can give party members a 20% damage buff.
– Damage of Laser Blast decreased from 900% to 520%
– New skill added: Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun. No idea why this was added to 4th job since there Heavy Machine Gun in 3rd job.

Skill data thanks to insoya~

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70 Responses to KMST V333 ~ Mechanic changes

  1. Espeo says:

    cool new effects

  2. LuckyLemonBallz says:

    As soon as i read “Heavy Weapon Mastery” That reminded me of a line “I am Heavy Weapons Guy” from TF2. Great stuff spawdow! Also, do you know What happened to CPQ? Did the monsters change? What is the Reward exp for each CPQ? It would be awesome if you can post that or reply.

  3. JunCurious says:

    The holy arrow doesn’t look holy anymore…

    I hope they re-do the 100~200 levels to be a little harder. An MMO you can finish within 2~3 monthes isn’t much of an MMO…

    • Zacairga says:

      If you finish Maple in 2-3 months, exp curve or not, you really, REALLY need to get a life. :|

    • Luxeraph says:

      An MMO which its objective is just to level is always destined to not live long, hopefully (or not) maple is not fully created as a level up game only game, since we have a bunch of quests, PQ, bosses and other stuff to do, so people don’t quit due to the pointless acivity of just leveling.

      IE: P2P games don’t have a high level cap and its not nearly as hard as maple level 200, because if reaching the level cap was main objective (being so hard that people would belive its so even if it wasn’t) their customers would quit the game regulary and they would lose their source of income (they would always have about the same amount of players instead of an increasing one).

      • JunCurious says:

        @The “destined to not live long” comment:

        Not really, I really just think that people are all missing the socializing factor of Maple Story.

        I always found pleasure in the game because, either I was PQing, or had a friend to train with.
        If it weren’t for 3+ training-parties, I would have never made it out of Forest of Golems back at level6X

        I think what would really sew together Maple Story’s fan base would be party exp bonuses I experienced in MU Online before I began MS 4 years ago.
        In MU, if you (at yetis) you gained 100~200 exp. (When you could kill easily at 60+)
        If you added up to 3 level15~30s, your exp goes up to 500~800. This system worked beautifully for sharing low spawn monsters, increasing training rates, encouraging friendship-making, as well as turn “grinding” into a social activity.

        Now, in MS, where spawn is high, this would only lead to leeching.
        For MS, I’d suggest a ratio’d system where having more similar level members (within 15 levels) would increase EXP up to 200%
        PT with people between 16~39 would result in normal (current) exp.
        Solo, or PT with members of 40+ level difference would deter exp down to a max of 30%.

        This would systematically encourage parties. Parties would lead to more socializing, and thus friend-making, civilized/trivial chat and naturally distract players from thinking “This is a mindless waste of time.”
        And, when you get right down to it, unless you’re gaining some social interaction or status, just about everything in a game is a waste of time…

        (Also, it would solve the “Parties are slow” issue everyone has… So many people forget what MMO stands for… Massive MULTIPLAYER Online)

        • Luxeraph says:

          (I don’t know why I’m replying if no one is going to see this due to new spadow entry)
          Your right as in some korean games I have played they have so many must socialize features since if your in a party you get a party bonus, they have a better mentor system (the low level player gets a boost of its damage based on its mentor level) and well the most important a well balanced job system in where no job can really solo as good as if it was in a party with the other jobs (tanker, buffer, healer, attacker).

          But in MS they kinda got it all wrong since even when you can do better with certain classes some of those due to their nature get the short end of it (while clerics heal how they attack to get some real exp) and some maps kinda prevent certain classes from being useful, and what looks to me like the worst mistake, some PQs give less exp than if you where solo grinding.

  4. Keitau says:

    OMG i love the new holy arrow. but the strafe does remind me of the wind archers strafe. lol the only difference is that this strafe is yellow. still love the new holy animation

  5. Kamakazi says:

    Wait did he say there is a skill that can DAMAGE YOUR PARTY MEMBERS?! *evil grin*

    I can see it now the pretty much useless party search feature will be put to good use now auto party kill muahahahahahaha.

    • thechazz says:

      tobad for you : it give party member 20% dmg BUFF , so they do more dmg , but yeah ms would be a scary place if your ideas come true , dang then i dont wanna meet a mechanic in a dark alley

  6. FlashinMapler says:

    Hmm, seems nice. Keep it up Spadow.

  7. Zacairga says:

    Lame class is lame. >.<
    Still waiting for my reworked FJ. Transform can rot.

    • TableCAKE says:

      Your lame srs, complaining about a Animation it only show something in a other colour, Nexon wont work hard on FJ tought cause its just Jump poof away.
      Dont get to much hope in Nexon.

      • ncikstarh says:

        Go get a custom skills with edited skills colours and shit (you cant get banned only you can see it) and theres your problem solved

        • Zacairga says:

          Or I can hope they change the animation. Hyper Body and Power Guard didn’t need updates and they got them. I don’t see why Flash Jump wouldn’t be able to either. Strafe was fine the way it was as well.

          • TableCAKE says:

            Strafe is the Windarcher one only they cahnged colour’s….
            And for the others they are nice but its about playing the game not just another 2d crappy animations.

          • Zacairga says:

            And…? I fail to see any counter points whatsoever in that post… I still want a reworked FJ. :|

  8. StyleZ says:

    Stack that amp with battlemage advanced dark aura and its gg

  9. Cujo00 says:

    The new Power Guard looks nice! Just another reason to keep playing my Hero.

  10. asdfasdf says:

    So did they fix that healing Mechanic glitch?

  11. notorious says:

    its gonna be sooo easy to level now. aha

  12. Luxeraph says:

    Although the new strafe looks nice I still prefer the old one.

  13. Swaffer says:

    skill changes, skill changes, skill changes…And most of them are bad skill changes.
    When will this madness end? WHEN?

  14. TableCAKE says:

    What do you mean High exp rate? u mean the normal exp from the monsters or is this kina event like 5x for a week? NVM TESPIA.

  15. Ryan says:

    Awesome I can’t wait for Mechanic and the new skills look nice especially Strafe :3

  16. dej says:

    Hey Spadow, just wondering, will Robot Punch replace Atomic Hammer because atomic hammer looks kinda boring being used as the main attacking skill.

  17. Mitsukake says:

    ill deal witht he new pg for now……NEW PALLY CHARGE ANIMATION PLEASE! even tho i like the current ones.

    To bad I am not going to learn it when we reset our skills but wow it does look cooler

  19. Joey says:

    wait so did they return the exp required back to what it useto be or did they just keep it but monsters give more exp?

  20. Jason says:

    Yesss, the high EXP Rates are back! I will finally have motivation to train my mechanic.

  21. l2okudo says:

    Dude This Class is So Legit Man

  22. Unohano says:

    So did the exp will be in GMS also right? We had a curve before but Im hopeing we get the new one!

  23. Hanabira.Kage says:

    I’d rather Nexon get around to changing the animations for the WK charges; especially Ice Charge. It looks absolutely horrendous. =.=

  24. TableCAKE says:

    The new Strafe is just the Wind Archer one but then in yellow.

  25. Chris Brumfield says:

    Whoa… so basically they nerfed the job,moved stuff around added new skills, and basically the big bang is over?

    • Waitin says:

      well technically the big bang doesnt end in effect. the new class is here and maple world will never look the same… that sounded so dramatic, lol^^

  26. carlpaul says:

    hey spadow im read no remember where you acc been banned or something its true?

  27. Savageboy says:

    Looking at all the things that they done!!! Its obvious they want to pull back those people who venture into private server!!! =)

  28. notorious says:

    hey spadow. was atomic hammer the skill that was being used in that picture like 2 months ago?

  29. fudge says:

    Amplifier blows Sharp Eyes, Thorns, Bless, Brave, Maple Hero and Hero’s Echo completely out of the water.

  30. Michael says:

    I still want new animations for White Knight Charge blows. they look seriously weak

  31. Przemo says:

    Hey Spadow, do you know what mount does Battle Mage have?
    Wild Hunter has his Jaguar and Mechanic has his Robot.
    So what about mage?

    • Zacairga says:

      Technically, the Robot and Jaguar aren’t mounts. They’re just good substitutes. Battle Mages have teleport.

      • Przemo says:

        Yeah i know but at least they got something to ride on.
        Each other class has a mount: pig, wolf, dragon and those two substicles.
        It’s a shame that they leave BMage with nothing.

        • crapsode says:

          any ways im set for about 1 year on mount……
          the mushroom one….
          i have 12 more left…
          each lasts for 1 week….

  32. rauleli says:

    I like the new power guard animation and the holy arrow animation, not sure about strafe

  33. Ghost says:

    I got a question, does the Mechanic gun and reverse/timeless robot pieces give SP to a certain skill when they are maxed?

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  35. 27k + 4x EXP in gMS = 100k exp + each mob?

    • Ghost says:

      about 4x kills to level 92>93 (if you use the GMS exp rate)

      I can finally level on my DK, he’s been stuck at 92 for 2 years…

      • keitau says:

        wow thats a long time… -.- . and i hope we get the exp curve fast cuz im tired of getting almost 3-6 mil exp when i lvl

  36. jayCee says:

    can’t wait for gms to get mechanic too bad i have 2 go 2 school hope u don’t need nx for skills and fell bad duel blade damage for some skills gonna decrease

  37. khoo says:

    your lv132mechanic has what equipment

  38. LightningRook says:

    Could someone explain the new guild system? I heard it’s more like the family system but no really said anything online…

  39. x3istars says:

    *27510 EXP at Lv. 9X*
    erm.. spadow, is that all mobs’ exp increased ?

    Ty for your information on big bang =)
    jyjy lv150 wif ur viper ^ ^

  40. flyXwing says:

    The holy arrow has lost it’s once graceful & beautiful touch.


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