KMST V332 ~ Skill changes

This probably won’t surprise you that the skills of Mechanic has been adjusted.
Lucky for me I had the chance to test 1st, 2nd and 3rd job at Lv. 80 before this patched kicked in today.

I admit that Mechanic was overpowered before this patch and now I think it’s a little bit balanced. I don’t agree with Atomic Hammer being in 2nd job instead of 3rd.

[Alternative Link]


Battleship now gives +20 weapon attack, +600  HP/MP and +700 physical and magic defense


– Damage of Flame Launcher has been increased from 75% to 90%.
Drill Rush has been moved to 1st job.  Damage of Drill Rush decreased from 400% to 170%. The amount of enemies Drill Rush can attack has been increased to 10
– Damage of Gatling Shot has been increased from 68% to 70%
Mechanic Booster has been moved to 2nd job
– Atomic Hammer has been moved to 2nd job.
Damage of Atomic Hammer has been decreased from 900% to 480%.  Stun rate has been decreased to 60% and ignores the enemy’s defense by 15%
– Max level of Heavy Weapon Mastery is now 30

-> Gatling Shot: damage increased by 50%. Gatling Shot will attack 6 times
-> Flame Launcher: damage increased by 50%. 120% DoT damage was added for 5 seconds and the range was increased

– Skill duration of Magnetic Field has been decreased from 60 to 30 seconds. Cooldown time has been increased to 30 seconds
– Max level of Accelerator: EX-7 is now 15. Accelerator: EX-7 now lasts 80 seconds and increases the movement speed of enemies by 30, reduces the enemy’s defense by 30 and Accelerator: EX-7 will selfdestruct with a damage percentage of 350%
Healing Robot: H-LX has been moved to 3rd job. Its max level is now 30. Healing Robot: H-LX  can be summoned every 45 seconds. It recovers your maxHP by 25%. The robot will selfdestruct with a damage percentage of 400%
– Metal Armor Extreme will now increase 100% damage of Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer
– Max level of Robot Mastery is now 15
– Damage of War machine: Titan has been decreased from 1400% to 1250%
– Max level of Safety is now 35.
– Damage of Robo Factory has been increased from 350% to 650%

Skill data thanks to

New skill effect changes~ ▼

Hyper Body:


I want new Transform animations for Viper ㅠㅠ…

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168 Responses to KMST V332 ~ Skill changes

  1. toldoms says:


    See ya.

  2. SomeRandomGuy says:


  3. notorious says:

    nice. and how does that cannon move work. it hits all crits? any cooldown?

  4. behemoth says:


  5. Person says:

    Hyper Body ftw now.

  6. Millus says:

    Wow, Hyperbody new animation looks so cool….
    its like judges form FFTA

  7. Mitsukake says:

    wtf…. i demand a change in page/wk/pally charges beside holy D<. realy messed up that all other warriors atks/skills been change for animation yet not pally </3

    • Zacairga says:

      The only warrior that got its attack skill’s animation reworked were Drks, and theirs changes color after you reach certain milestones.

      I’d much rather a reworked Flash Jump. The green color is far too bright for an thief skill.

  8. dej says:

    Spadow which is the best class now?

    • Zacairga says:

      Shadowers. Duh.

      • TableCAKE says:

        DualBlade And Buccaneer’s are the most DPM now, shadowers are nothing compared to them yet.

        • Keitau says:

          i like the way u put yet next to it. are u expecting the shadowers to make a comeback? oh and i do agree buccs are strong but the bowmaster class is now a little bit stronger

          • Zacairga says:

            He said best. Beast doesn’t HAVE to mean highest hitting. And even if it does, Shadowers easily out dmg any class. Even if you’re lvl 200.

          • TableCAKE says:

            Shadowers wont outdamage….. if you still think so with wich skill do you think they will outdamage Buccs or Db’s?
            I dont think any..

          • Zacairga says:

            Meso Explosion. I could outdmg a lvl 200 DB at lvl 80…

          • TableCAKE says:

            No Mesos explosion is not that strong and not that fast so as you think… Look at this

          • TableCAKE says:

            First of all the bowmaster you saw the one who hitted 50k with hurricane, I know that but if a Bucc or Db had the same equips they will out damage him he had godly equips in the first place.
            And ohya you never know with nexon already 2th patch they changed adventures so there can always be a comeback right?

          • Zacairga says:

            Meso Explosion doesn’t need to be fast. O_o

            And it has been LONG confirmed to be the highest hitting singular skill in the game. Since 3rd job came out long. Yeah…

      • TableCAKE says:

        It’s never confirmed Mesos Explosion take’s to much time and i can say its one of the srongest of 3thd job but even if im right some 3d jobs skills may hit higher and alot 4job skills does also.

        • Zacairga says:

          No, they don’t. Meso bags can be dropped as fast as you can tap the enter key. Bombing is millions of dmg simultaneously. It’s the sole reason why Chief Bandits and Shadowers are so wanted for speed runs. Why don’t you learn what it is you’re talking about before you try to talk about it? Just a suggestion.

          • TableCAKE says:

            Hahahahaha, LF>CB was ages ago, we dont need CB anymore after DB, Aran,Buccs and sairs maybe you should learn your lessen a DB that does a attack 24x every 2seconds. hits the damage cap. HITS ALOT MORE then some mesos bags cause they wont explode all at the same time got it? they arent fast + the damage is not compared to DB hits or buccs,sairs And other stuff all i can say Shadowrs=Assasinate.
            Are you srs Mesos explode? nobody use that anymore not a single CB In kms. Hahaha

        • Pawp says:

          Your grammar sucks. Your argument is invalid.

          That, and you’re retarded.

          Zacairga clearly said that Meso Explosion had been long confirmed to be the highest hitting singular skill. Not the fastest skill.

          That, and you tried comparing a DB-skill that hit twenty-four times WITH the assistance of another skill.

          I know you’re ass-kissing DB’s right now, but stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Keitau says:

      Bow masters >.>

      • dej says:

        From what i see from Aristos’s videos, it looks like Heroes are the highest DPM class out there. Brave slash attacking a gazillion times averaging 88k-104k dmg.

    • Luxeraph says:

      They should really change it so we have a normal RPG configuration, you know tanks, attackers, buffers, healers and the rest (don’t remember :P) so even though some get the highest damage they can’t really survive or get the highest damage possible without being in a party because right now the attackers are something like 10 out of 15 (not counting resistance nor cygnus) and some of then don’t need tanks (Hero and Aran), buffers (Aran, Evan and DB) or healers (Aran).

  9. Shik says:

    I know this is a bit random, but GMS has already chosen people for tespia and is about to test soon.

    • StyleZ says:

      Nice, hopefully there wont be any glitches or bugs whena patch comes out cause that would be great. And resistance would probably come after 3months to us….or less considering nexon skipped 2nd and 3rd part of BP for dual bladers.

      • Ghost says:

        I got accepted ^_^

        I bet GMST will also nerf Masteria and WT areas.

        • Zacairga says:

          Well Thank God someone with some competence got in…

          My brother got accepted, but he hasn’t patched the game since the exp bonus from CPQ2 was taken away in October. X_x

          And he won’t let me play because he’s always playing DFO.

        • Keitau says:

          wait one ques, did u apply for it or was it just a random choicee?

  10. joerockshaha says:

    Spadow what if GMS gets already what kind of message does that send to the rest of the versions

  11. HazyHorizons says:

    Spadow GMS is running their test server tespia again! Oh and loving the look of hyper body now

  12. dej says:

    Spadow answer this please! Does the drill have a cooldown now? Like 3 seconds? Cause I see you not spamming the skill like before.

  13. Mike says:

    Saw this coming.

  14. jayCee says:

    lol i all ways wanted a piate job

  15. Waitin says:

    even tho we all knew this would happen im still kinda dissapointed… on a brighter note who watched the first episode of Jersy Shore season two, baby!!! :D

  16. tommy says:

    i want ask mechanic pure dex better or low str better ??

  17. laqueefa says:

    how is it youre doing 10k and not 1 hitting those things, and also, wow, youre doing 10k with a 2nd job skill

  18. Egimald says:

    Coolio =o

    w/ the hammer and drill I can see people training just like brawlers on these =3 drill then smash~

    Also I’d love it if they updated Transformation =O

  19. Tazu says:

    I want to just spam those summons o-0″

  20. Monster says:

    Spadow, I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I got back from a trip to Korea with my friend’s family, and one of their relatives showed me this website. It seemed official, and the one thing that amazed me was that there was a picture and Korean discription of a warrior-like job. The guy translated it to me, and it was called a “Earth Warrior”. He looked it up more, and found out the real name from some other Korean webpage, it’s called a Gaia Knight. He were’s whitish-greenish-gold trimmed clothing, but more bulkier than Arans, and he was holding some kind of pole, I believe a spear. So do you think you can like research more of this for me please? I cannot read Korean, I’m Viet, so I can’t really remember the site either. Anyways, please help. It seemed cool, but I don’t wanna be disappointed if it’s not real. I just want some kind of proof. Thanks!

    • Spadow says:

      Fake. Could you e-mail me the website?

    • David says:

      If they make another warrior class, I don’t think they would make it use spears, since that would make two classes competing with dragon knights, weapon-wise.

      • Zacairga says:

        Nexon doesn’t recognize Dragon Knights as Pole Arm users. They’re even taking away anything acknowledging they exist in the Big Bang patch. It’d either be spears or swords, or if they get inventive axes.

        • BlackRainbow says:

          i dont think they will take away weapons, that will cause alot of problems. i have a 104 Axe hero an if they take away axes thats going to suck. but they wont. there just making one mastery for the class i believe. like axes AND swords. not one or the other. im hoping thats how it will work :P

          • Zacairga says:

            Who said they’re taking weapons away? They just don’t want to acknowledge the less popular weapons… Just like, up until Big Bang, they refused to acknowledge the existence of Shadowers…

        • TableCAKE says:

          Stop talking about Shadower’s, they aren’t that good as you think like I said before.
          And for sure there wont come a second warrior or it need to be a Second Class like DB, Or another Resistance.

          • Ost says:

            As far as dpm goes, Shadowers > DBs on a single target. DBs have too much movement in their skills which restricts the kind of skills they can use and makes them less effective in a bossing situation. Really, all they’re good at is looking flashy and training but that is their limit. Also, if you’re comparing DBs “24 hit” attack to a Shad’s SB, Shadowers have much more stable dmg and can alternate with Bstep, which doubles as an avoiding strategy. On top of that, Shadowers possess a skill which easily hits the dmg cap up to 4 times. DBs are just flashier, which makes them appear to be better than Shads, but in reality they’re a lot more flashy than effective. They definitely don’t have higher dpm than Shads, much less NLs, BMs, or Sairs.

  21. NEXON says:


  22. Saeng says:

    Is there any detailed information on the 3rd and 4th job skills?

  23. Jonathan says:

    why would you want a new animation for transform spadow. IMO they look pretty sweet! please reply.

    • Spadow says:

      The current animations already look pretty sweet, but after seeing the new animation for Hyper Body, I think they can add a neater animation for (Super) Transform.

      • Zacairga says:

        Transform is already aesthetically appealing though! I want a new FJ!

      • Keitau says:

        im with spadow on the new animation for transform but i want a better animation for albatross (eagle eye) cuz that animation is sooo boring. the char jus goes poof and he turns into eagle eye. its like dark sight but u dont become invisible to enemies

  24. SimbaBad says:

    What happened to the MTS after the Big Bang update? Am I blind or is it not there?

  25. Drakel says:

    wow the hyper body skill effect is awesome

  26. hyper body looks cool and I love the bless look,
    The Pink beam was cool but this looks cooler!

    Also I’m glad the two fairy’s are still the same I kind of wish they appear over the caster but nice

  27. Steve says:

    I was wondering how can the sand rats survive 12k worth of damage?

    • Frank2312 says:

      After the Big Bang, a lot of maps/monsters got revamped, which means that they might be higher level (that’s why he is training there at lvl 81…)

  28. -.- says:

    i really dont like the idea of nexon telling EVERYone about GMST cuz now alot of the people the played for like, 3-5 years are gonna get pissed and quit, they should have kept it on the DL

  29. LordMichael says:

    They really need new animations for the White Knight/ Paladin Charge blows. they are really lazy and lame looking

  30. Will says:

    I just have one question o.o”

    All these support robots are really good and all, but that damage when it self destruct is meant to go on you or on the monsters? ._.” Because if it’s on you it’s a bit suicidar to take 400% of your own damage :S

  31. askmiller says:

    ok I got a question. what does the satellite skill do and do mech get any direct 3rd job attack skills. like a button you press that hits the monsters. (besides changes to the gatling gun and flame thrower.) and finally, waht does magnetic field do? is that the skill with the 3 robots?

  32. hamad says:

    does Wild Hunter have SE?

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  34. Ninjakool says:

    @spadow so if its gun, do i put it all in dex for max damage or is it hybrid?? *flame shield on~ *

  35. NEXON says:

    Satellite can be trouble in this skills demonstration video? Please you.please.

  36. Ghost says:

    Is it just me or we haven’t seen a common mount for the Resistance?

  37. FlashinMapler says:

    Zomg! I will never read another post from spadow again!
    All these new classes get me distracted from leveling my main. Thanks a lot for showing this uberly epic class! D:

  38. me says:

    whats that electric line skill thing that thundershocked all those monsters o.o

  39. Erhad says:

    Awesome. Now we need an updated Magic Guard animation plox?

  40. Spadow says:

    This is not the place to discuss whether you got in GMST or not. Stick with the subject which is Mechanic.
    And I don’t want to see any flaming or harassment on my blog.

  41. Cake says:

    Hey Spadow.
    As a fan of guilds i couldn’t ignore the guild update KMST waved with :o.
    Was it released already? >.<

  42. Sungoon says:

    Is there a video with the new explosion animation (F/P Mage) out? I haven’t been able to find it and I really would like to see it! D:

    • Sleipnir says:

      Maybe you would want to check the previous post of Spadow. I’m sure he post the animation somewhere there.

  43. Expressiøn says:

    Wow uh.. at 3min03 in the video.. is it abug or what ? o_o
    If it’s not a bug then, this skill is awesome LOL.

  44. Berundal says:

    I know you kinda said only mechanic questions but I was just thinking about something else about Big Bang….was Carnival PQ changed at all?

    • James says:

      At all you say, so um ya. Minor changes like exp changes. Winning and losing hardly matters, its mostly the rombots people spawn that you get exp from.

  45. Zacairga says:

    Mechanic honestly looks pretty boring. I haven’t seen a single video of a Dual Blade actually do good training past 4th job yet. :s

  46. KobeKun says:

    The only thing that I really like about the Mechanic is that it is the ultimate tank. It can attack with guns. It can do medical and transportation. It rarely gets knocked back in the videos I’ve seen. It a sense, it is the literal definition of a Tank class.

  47. NEXON says:


  48. Ninjakool says:

    hey spadow whats the primary stats for mechanic?

  49. James says:

    I strongly disagree with the 대폭하양, I agree that mechs were OP before, but man. They nerfed the feeder skills of mechanics, Atomic Hammer and Drill rush;;ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ Anyways, I think mechs were decent back then, just needed damage nerfs. Again, for this class, Third job doesnt look as great… WHoop new wild hunter!

  50. NatsuEliseo says:

    Hey Spadow, is there any reason why the mechanic was out later than the other resistance characters?
    And is the story of the mechanic the exact same to the other two or are there any differences? I just don`t get why it came out a patch later.

  51. Keitau says:

    one ques spadow. is the prototype eqp visible or is it just like mirs dragon eqp?

    • 미닌자Stars says:

      They’re invisible just like the dragon equips.

      • Keitau says:

        Wow so basically players are stuck with that rusty old robot till lvl 200. -.- that’s a let down. I just hope they change that since they are still testing cuz I like the way the eqps look.

        • GuRzA says:

          Right , if the robot can advance each 10-20 levels and be bigger, Changing colors etc. it would be awesome =D

          • Keitau says:

            Actually the size is ok I was just hoping that the color of the robot would change according to the new parts that have been added. It would be nice seeing a completely gold robot at lvl 200 instead of a rusty one.

  52. askmiller says:

    well, idk what to think of this class. first off. Spadow could you post the stats of the 3rd and 4th job skills? I really wanna know about things like the huge summon robot’s delay and stuff.

  53. Slv3r says:

    was he 2xing, or 4xing??? please somebody tell me

    • Solarboy says:

      You can’t 2x anymore in KMS because (I think) the family buffs are not 2x anymore and since it’s tespia there is no 2x exp event, they are still 1x

  54. coen says:

    I see the blue summer event cooling boxes/cases are dropping again in KMST, does this mean purple surfboards are available again in this even, or do they drop for a different reason?

  55. LiRoNz says:

    Hi spadow!
    Love your blog!

    i have a question….
    after that big bang patch, we can open strless mechanic/archer?
    or from now only STR adds ACC?

  56. hamad says:

    Spadow this class got the best DPM in game and its overpowered .

    Their main DPM Skill is–>180% hits 6 Times with 20% Crit Rate. His speed is twice as fast as Canon(not sure)
    They get from Mastery 50ATK Extrem Metal Armor + 20ATK from Mount+20ATK from Mastery=+90ATK
    They get Mount to attack with u like Ifrit for AM/FP mages.
    Their Robot Can Heal
    They can Teleport
    They can Mob like Hell.

    =Nr.1 DPM and they good mobbers. Best class in maple so far if they dont nerf it

    • Swaffer says:

      The equipment for the Robot is not makeable with Maker, is it, Spadow?

    • TRASuho says:

      well, think about it tho hamad, there’s a reason why they’d get 50 atk >_<
      Mechanic doesn't use bullets, so… maybe that's to make up for it? ._.?

  57. Swaffer says:

    Moving Atomic Hammer to 2nd job is such BS!

  58. askmiller says:

    spadow, I got a question. The healing robots. sounds like a great idea, but you have to press down for it? that’s not much of a problem, but what I’m trying to ask is: while using that gatling gun that hits all criticals, you press down to go into it right? do the healing robots heal you while in that form?

    • Spadow says:

      You have to press down to get healed by the healing robot. That gatling gun skill you were talking about is Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun. You don’t press down, you use the skill and it will automatically change the position.

  59. Enovan says:

    Hey Spadow, since this major bigbang update.
    I have 1 question in my mind, there is a big changes in adventure skills and others jobs.
    I will take Hero job as an example, before the patch brandish is under 4th job skills but after the update brandish skill have been changed into 3rd job skills. But the question is, would the brandish skill replace by brave slash ? or the hero have to relearn the skill which is brave slash.

    Assuming i have already learn brandish 30, after the patch will it be brave slash 30 or i have to relearn the skill like buying new skills book.

    Thanks, hope you reply my question

    • Spadow says:

      After Big Bang, Brandish will be moved to 3rd job and Brave Slash will replace Brandish in 4th job.
      Yes, you will have to use a Brave Slash book to use more skill points.

      • Enovan says:

        so which mean, after the big bang patch. I have to purchase brave slash 20 and 30 book to up the my skills? even though before the patch , i have already learned brandish 30.
        and what about advance combo? it still the same, but there is only a minor changes. Will it remain advance combo 30 after the patch? or you have relearn it again? like buy Advance combo 20 and 30 book


        • StyleZ says:

          Im pretty sure that unless its moved to another category, like say 3rd job, it’ll be the same and you wont have to relearn it.

  60. Ignis says:

    Major question…..just asking, for warriors….they messed w/ the Max HP increase thing in the KMS BB right? for the people who already had higher HP due do the old “Max HP increase” skill, does it get reset or do new people just get less HP….just wondering cause thats pretty messed up….

  61. Monster says:

    Hey Spadow, it’s me again. I called my friend in Korea. He checked the website. I asked him to give me the link but it was blocked by his computer for some stupid reason. I told him to describe it again. My bad about the comment above, he wasn’t holding a spear. He was holding a Hammer with some sharp parts (which made me assume spear). He also has a greenish glow around his body. And the website also updated with another character standing beside him, a magician-like job. The only thing that doesn’t show that it’s a magician is that he’s not holding a staff/wand. He was glowing red, but he’s just a black shadow. I am assuming a fire-based magician. I’m going out on a limb to assume it is called a Blaze Fighter because my friend said there’s a picture of a wavy orb-like image coming from his hands. I assume pirate or weaponless magician. Sorry again for not being able to get the site. Try searching “earth Warrior” on a Korean Search engine. Thanks Spadow :)

    EDIT: I don’t think this is real anymore. While I was writing the message above, my friend called me and told me that it was a fake because the owner of the drawing confessed it was fake. Sorry if I brough up some problems. But if I find anything interesting, I’ll let you know. Bye for now!

  62. LiRoNz says:

    ur still playing with ur mechanic?
    Cuz u didnt upload new vid for the last days…
    love ur vids…

  63. Sorbet says:

    A little question Spadow, what program do you use for recording, because your videos are always very sharp.

  64. hamad says:

    is rapid fire delay 0.06`?

  65. somenoob says:

    hey spadow near the end of the vid when those lightning robots are sudenly dealing continual dmg, was that a glitch because i saw u f6ing or was it just some kewl thing that suddenly randomly u discovered

  66. somenoob says:

    hey spadow this may be a weird question but do u keep that picture o shinsow ( missspelled i know) as ur icon because u really like it or because u dont feel like changing it

    • Pawp says:

      He probably has it set so that his avatar remains the same, and that every other poster has a random shape-emote as theirs.
      Unless that’s the standard WordPress settings, but yeah, that’s probably what it is.

      But how is that related to the Mechanic, again?

  67. Pawp says:

    Oh, question for Spadow: You said the Mechanic doesn’t use Bullets.
    But if you have a set of Bullets in your inventory, won’t the first available set still add its w.att to your total w.att, thus increasing your damage?

    Or how does that work? Does it still apply like that?
    Or is it completely pointless to have any Bullets at all.


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