Level 130!

Unfortunately my timing was not perfect to get a screenshot of the level up, but I’m level 130 now~!
After the first update of Big Bang was released, a lot of old players returned to MapleStory to check out the new stuff.
Since then I’ve been training on my Viper. Now I finally reached Lv. 130. I hope I can raise another 10 or 20 levels, but we’ll see about that…

Viper ♥

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

36 Responses to Level 130!

  1. André says:

    I hate vipers ..

  2. Edwin says:

    Woo Grats spadow :D Vipers Ftw!! :D keep it going xD

  3. ak says:

    Hello Spadow,

    So for GMS users, there is a great deal of discussion about miracle cubes.

    Some people are saying they used many miracle cubes and the number of potentialities did not change. Some are saying it did change.

    Do you know if 3 potential item can become 2 potentials? Or can 2 become 3?

    Also, a lot of people have the same question about ranking of rare < epic < unique.

    Can the miracle cube make a rare item become epic or unique?
    Can the miracle cube make a unique item rare or epic?

    Can a normal monster drop be unique or epic on the first time if it is level 71+? Or do you have to use miracle cube? What are the %'s to get each from drops or using miracle cube?

    Also, for the "Enhancement Scroll" there are 2 conflicting guides. 1 guide says that the percentages 80%, 70%, 60% etc. apply to each new scroll. And another guide interprets it this way (as a total): 80% chance the first scroll will work, 70% chance that scrolls 1 and 2 both will work, 60% chance scrolls 1 and 2 and 3 will work. So my question is, are the percentages for the chance the single next scroll will work or the total?

    Thank you! and congrats on 130!

    • tim says:

      when i used a miracle cube it did not lower my stars if thats what u mean, but it changes the hidden potental stats. i have used 4, two cubes on 1 item, 1cube on my cape, and 1 on my shoes. the first time i used a cube on the item (i forget what it was) it gave me the same stats when i used the magnafying glass. the second time it changed the stats to like weapon att or somthing idk, when i used the cube on my cape and shoes, it did not lower the stars (they both had 1 star from enhancement scroll).

      to your question about the enhancement scroll guide, i believe it is the first guide, im pretty sure using it once is 80% to get a star, then when u have one star and use it again its 70% to get a second star, then when u have 2 stars and use it again its 60% to get a third star, etc. hope this helps :)

      • ak says:

        thank you for the response. The second part about enhancement scrolls makes sense. Thank you.

        Second part, about the starts and changing stats, I don’t think potentials give stars. What I mean is, say a weapon which is rare might have dex +3, all stats +3 (for a total of 2 different potentialities). I have earrings which are +12 avoid, +36 avoid, and +4 luk (for a total of 3 potentialities).

        My question was, can something with 2 potentialities, become 3 potentialities? Can something with 3 potentialities become 2 potentialities?

        Also can a “Rare item” become a “Epic item” rank? or “Unique”?

        As far as I know, the potential system (listed additional stats underneath) is different/separate from the stars/enhancement system. Thank you for your help.

        • FLEIA says:

          if it has two potential stats it will stay with two potential stats no matter how many times you cube it, so it will not gain or lose a potential stat. However i am 99% sure that the type can change for example, a rare can become an epic and an epic can become a rare.

          • ak says:

            I have personally experienced rare becoming epic, and epic becoming unique. On all the internet, there is 0 instances reported of unique becoming rare or epic. It is not possible unless it is a 1 in 100,000 type event.

            I have miracle cubed now 100 or so times, and never had a downgrade.

            2 slots can become 3, but 3 not 2. The original guide is probably wrong.

            Finally, many people are reporting 9% stat up on rare. It seems the percentages level 1-30: 1%, 2%, 3%, 31-70: 2%, 4%, 6%, 71-120: 3%, 6%, 9% are not certainties or even maximum caps. Search the internet for it, and you will see many examples of 9% on level 71-120 ‘rare’ items. I guess the basil and southperry guides are incorrect.

            There is also 121-200 as an additional level that is not mentioned in the guides.

  4. rauleli says:

    gratz on getting there!

  5. TRASuho says:

    gratz spadow :D

    btw, did u make a resistance character? o.O?

  6. crapsode says:

    hey nice work spadow !
    just wondering how long do you play?(hrs/day)
    and how do i get the resistance staff
    the one with the cog gear?
    im lvl 40 battle mage!
    love it
    3 battles mages with all different auras can stack and then they pwn ass
    and also
    i was wondering
    should i master blood drain or staff boaster
    or equalize then at 10-10

  7. notorious says:

    lol. congratz! :)

  8. wow gratz on that level…I like the supersayin look

  9. WildTotani says:

    Gratz on 130 man, keep lvling XP

  10. Keitau says:

    lol gratz on 130 . but i couldve sworn tht the hairstyle in super transformation (or super saiyan mode as i call it) was a ponytail lol.

  11. Cloud says:

    Congratulations on 130! :DD

  12. Fan Jing says:

    Gratz Spadow! You rocks KMS!

  13. ed says:

    Nice Man hi its me “MachineKing” remember from kms lol now im 51 :D when i talked to you i was 45 lol

  14. Expressiøn says:

    Congratulations ! :D

  15. ForgeArc says:

    Is hp-washing a must for Vipers to go bossing??!

    • FlashinMapler says:

      Vipers/Buccaneers have a generally high health maximum. For bosses such as bigfoot, HP washing is a must as without HP washing, they may only go up to 10k at level 200.

  16. Mclena says:

    Now, you should post up your new equips :O

  17. NEXON says:

    KMST1.2.331 !!!COOL!!


  18. :D says:

    LATE gratz :)
    Pirate ftw

  19. Hi Spadow, is 4th Job Advancement For Mechanic? If There is Can You Make A Video About It So I Can See The Skills.

  20. Shadow's Arch says:

    Vipers are better than Captains in SO many ways including captain sux major butt

  21. FkingBows says:

    mm well im level 123 now, any ideas, places to train?
    please, answer :)

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