KMST V331 ~ Mechanic

The last update that is part of Big Bang has been released in the test server:


Like Evan, the Mechanic can equip parts for his prototype.






I was anticipating for this release for a very long time. I was not really interested in Wild Hunter and Battle Mage because they didn’t look interesting to me, but the Mechanic job has something unique.

Mechanic follows in the same footsteps of the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage, you will have to complete the same Resistance tutorial so there is actually no change.
Mechanic was added for the storyline to continue on Resistance.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  In patch version 1.2.332 a lot of skills have changed. CLICK HERE to see the skill changes of V332.

When you’re  Lv. 10, you can talk to the Mechanic instructor 체키 to advance as Mechanic ▼

As a Mechanic, you will obtain a Lv. 10 beginner Gun (Yes, Mechanic is a Pirate and uses guns), a medal and new skills!

Like the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage you will obtain 5 SP upon 1st job advancement. Everything will be maxed in 1st job.
The 1st job skills of Mechanic are:

Metal Armor: Prototype (10)

This skill allows you to sit on your prototype. At max level, you gain 20 weapon attack, +400 HP/MP and +400 defense!
With the +400 defense, monsters will only deal ‘1’ damage to you until you’re Lv. 4X.

Mechanic Dash is also a skill that is part of Mechanic, but this skill is not in your 1st job skill inventory. It’s in your Beginner skillbook and it will automatically have 1 SP.
This dash works like Combat Step of Aran, you can either press the  ← or → keys twice to cast this skill or you can assign Dash on a certain key.

Gatling Shot (15)

Gatling Shot will be an important skill in 1st job. Gatling Show allows you to hit one enemy four times at high speed.
Since this is a Pirate-type, you probably think that this skill consumes bullets, right?

Mechanic does not consume bullets at all! I totally love this!

Flame Launcher (20)

Flame Launcher is your first mobbing skill in 1st job. You have to press down the skill for a couple of seconds so it can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Mechanic Booster (20)

I don’t need to explain what this skill does, because you all know what this does.
There is one thing I don’t like about it which is the delay. When you cast Booster it does the animation twice…


[Alternative Link]

When you have reached Lv. 30, it’s time to get your 2nd job advancement.
You basically do the same thing as Wild Hunter and Battle Mage.

The 2nd job skills of Mechanic are:

Mechanic Mastery (20)

This an important skill to max first. Mechanic Mastery gives you extra weapon attack, mastery and accuracy.

Robot Punch (20)

Robot Punch is one of the mobbing skills you get in 2nd job. When you cast Robot Punch, your prototype robot will launch a fist that can cause stun and critical damage to enemies.
This skill is recommended to max.

Healing Robot: H-LX (20)

Yes, Mechanic has some very useful skills. Like this one, H-LX is a healing robot that you can summon every 60 seconds.
The H-LX robot has special built-in sensor that can detect when you need HP.

When the robot is summoned, you have to sit on your prototype. (sit = ↓ for Mechanic)
Even though the description doesn’t say anything about party-related, this skill can heal party members.
At max level, H-LX can be around you for 50 seconds and heal 25% of your HP.  After 50 seconds it will self destruct.

Robot Booster (20)

This is the best skill ever!! I never imagined that Rocket Booster would turn out like this.
This is absolutely a MUST HAVE skill!

Here is how it works: when you use Rocket Booster, you will fly up and when you land you will deal damage to the surrounding enemies.
Now there is no limit on how high you can get. I tried Kerning City and searched for the highest point and it worked! It’s so much fun~

Open Gate: GX-9 (10)

I have to say this again, Mechanic has some useful skills!
With the GX-9 robot, you can open 2 gates. The gate can be set up at the same time. When you set the 2nd gate, both first and second gate will open and if you enter, you can teleport. This is not Mechanic-exclusive, because I found out that other people who are not in my party can enter my gates.

There is a disadvantage, if the distance between the gates is far then it doesn’t work.
At max level, the gates last for 300 seconds.

Drill Rush (20)

Drill Rush is amazing. This will be your main mobbing skill. Why? Because it does massive damage and you’re able to rush through 8 enemies.
I will not be surprised if they’re going to nerf this skill.

Perfect Armor (20)

Perfect Armor is a skill that has two purposes.
It can reflect your damage by a certain percentage. If you want your damage to be reflected, you can activate this skill.
Because you have perfect armor, you can guard attacks of enemies. Pretty nice, eh?


[Alternative Link]

The 3rd job skills for Mechanic are:

– Heavy Weapon Mastery (20)
– Satellite (20)
– Atomic Hammer (20)
– Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun (20)
– Magnetic Field (20)
– Accelerator: EX-7 (10)
– Lucky Dice (20)

The 4th job skills for Mechanic are:

– Metal Armor Extreme (30)
– Metal Armor: Missile Tank (20)
– Safety (20)
– War Machine: Titan (30) – Summoned, Attack1
– Robot Factory: RM1 (30)
– Amplifier: AF-11 (20)
– Robot Mastery (10)
– Laser Blast (30)
– Maple Warrior (30)
– Warrior’s Will (5)

I’m not really sure if I can advance to 3rd job because I and other people cannot sell/trade/drop anything. It’s really annoying and I wish Nexon fixes this mess. ~_~;;

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232 Responses to KMST V331 ~ Mechanic

  1. artboy77 says:

    lol, that was fast; I just finished reading your lvl 130 post.

  2. ace5008 says:

    i hope differnt robot armor looks differnt unlike dragon armor witch you can even see,and 2nd :P

  3. Mesniaa says:

    I want to call my robot Astar and he will be from planet danger.

  4. ace5008 says:

    lol mabe there are differnt robots for differnt levels O_o thanks spadow if that why you put it :D

    • Secun says:

      There aren’t, but you get passive skills that boost your stats and etc while you’re mounted in the robot, such as the 2nd Job skill Perfect Armor, where you have a % chance to block an attack and return a % of damage (30% chance to block an attack and reflect 500% damage at max, according to the data).

      Also there’s Perfect Metal Armor at 4th Job, which gives 50 attack, 1000 defense, 1200 HP, 1200 MP, 70% Mastery, and a 30% bonus to Atomic Hammer, a 3rd job skill.

      Also, you get Robot Equipment similar to Dragon Equipment for Evan.

      • Bleh says:

        They do get new robots at 3rd/4th job advancement. It’s like a tank sort of thing that boosts the effect of Flame Launcher

  5. Nanu says:

    Looks like it might be using an AoE skill. :P

  6. ace5008 says:

    so the robot grows really big, attacks and shrinks again? O-o

    • ncikstarh says:

      its an animation just showing the skill on replay

      • ncikstarh says:

        most likely after it fires (look at the form just before it fires with no cannons showing) it will go back to that form and you would walk around i think this is just showing you activating your mecha/robot then firing a skill

  7. JP says:

    I was expecting all CUTESY robots with bright colors when I read about mechanics ROFL

    But it looks nice

    • ace5008 says:

      lol not what i was expecting i was thinging of huge mega assualt robots that use lasers and bombs

      • Otter says:

        That’s crazy o-o I hope that the equipment can make it look all… Futuristic. Like look at the two main robots in Wall-E: the rusted, old Wall-e, and the sleek, futuristic Eve.

  8. Ken says:

    Hope they’re using some other weapons(not gun but cannon or something like that).

  9. BuddyAran says:

    Yes!! Can’t wait to get some scoops from you!!

  10. ace5008 says:

    1 word godly O_o

  11. omgwtfbbq says:


  12. Donut says:

    The robot is many times more bigger than a mapler lol

  13. Person says:

    I like how the mechanic person looks ^^
    Also the battle mage but now that’s old news ;P
    And I believe all resistance characters have ultimates now? lol.

    • Joel says:

      That’s not your actual mechanic that’s just a summon. =( Go to southperry for a full list of the skills.

      • Person says:

        Noooo I meant the character, as in the guy with the white hair on the char selection screen.
        And can I have a link please? :)

  14. Alex says:


  15. DAggers says:

    Knee down to Mechanic.
    The robot is ridiculously big like ass..
    izzit possible to be so gigantic..?
    scared me..

  16. Mesniaa says:

    Just seems to be a skill you use. Like an Ultimate. I doubt the actual Robot you drive around is that big.

  17. raikeru says:

    …I want the mechanic’s hair.

  18. Solarboy says:

    It’s not the mount, that’s their ultimate.

  19. ace5008 says:

    forsher its a pirate look at south parry they use guns and there robots like wild hunter jaguar has its own skills

  20. Teone says:


  21. ace5008 says:

    there pirate that summon robots they have like 20 differnt robots

  22. ed says:

    Holy Mama Luigi!!

  23. rauleli says:

    amazing that looks like the mechanic ultimate

  24. thechazz says:

    i clicked on read , but only 1 animation , come on spadow ur the best :) update with more animation … im dieing to know …. if you opend 1 file with animations then u should get them all right ? ( im no expert in this but if im wrong can someone explain it to me )

  25. Edwin says:

    Can some1 post the link to the skills plz?

  26. LordAvo says:

    Gratz on lv130…Also epic robot. This class I may play as with the Wild Hunter. I can’t wait to see the skill list.

  27. Dusekkar says:

    A TF2 Gundam Class. How pleasant.

  28. Edwin says:

    I checked out the vid, its kool 1st job :p keep uploading videos plz :DD i saw the skill list and there seems to be some awsome ones xD

  29. :D says:

    Mechanic looks awsome *-* epic music too :P it looks kinda slow, or maybe its because the robot is just big compared to the character’s body .__.

  30. ForgeArc says:

    Looks like Mechanics have considerably high hp for a ranged attacker.

    • crapsode says:

      they only have that much mp hen on robo
      which is like always……
      so yah they have high hp…
      it can still be changed tho!

  31. Noark says:

    it reminds me of Megaman’s robot suit.

  32. Joel says:

    Mechanics are more of a summoner type of class they have 2 summons in 2nd job. 1 that heals people around the summon and another that acts like a teleporter sorta like the priest skill but it allows you to have 2 doors in the same map for easy training. Then at 3rd job they have 2 more summons that attack. 4th job they get 1 new summon and 2 skills that upgrade their other summons. All of these summons are machines. I’m liking the mechanic class so far. =)

  33. Anonymous says:

    The robot guy in the job selection is like: ”FUCK YEAH!”

  34. Zacairga says:

    I don’t see anything really awe inspiring about this class but the Ultimate, and even then it’d probably get old fast. I think I had more interesting training spamming L7.

  35. mune0106 says:

    Do you know what’s the name of the Mechanic?

  36. Expressiøn says:

    GOD !
    Wow so cool skills ! *o* i want tp play it noooooow -excited-

  37. Rettuc says:

    That music… Is EPIC!!! is that the bgm or a like a real song?!?! either way its fitting!

  38. Tazu says:

    Epic background music o=
    So, I’m guessing Mechanic is a gunner who parallels wild hunter?

  39. Marv says:

    Hay, thx spadow for your nice updates :D

    is it possible to play kms out side of korea?

  40. Yell0w says:

    Engineer is credit to team

  41. notorious says:

    hmm.. that dash move reminds me of aran

  42. Jon says:

    The machines remind me of the robots megaman can ride on.

  43. Alilatias says:

    Man, looking at the skills… All the more reason to spam TF2-related jokes, right?

    Watch the Black Wings have a Spy somewhere in their base. Or hell, the Thief or Pirate legend could be one, at that.

  44. MrCorsair says:

    Will corsairs still be #1 on 1v1 dpm?

  45. RawVoltage says:

    OMG mechanic@@@@@2
    look awesome so far :D
    awesome attack at the end of the post.

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  47. askmiller says:

    I heard on basil that in 2nd job, they get a corkscrew type skill. so this is like a mix between corsair and bucc? they also apparently have a skill that allows them to warp from one side of the map to another? ps, this reminds me of some animated movie I saw when I was a lil kid, it was about a robot that was real big and this kid found it, then the government blew it up lol and the parts somehow had some tracking system and it rebuild the robot. I’m already reserving some names for mechanic. maybe ironman, or tinman. or MrRobotnik.

  48. piratekid says:

    spadow do they have cash shop books?

    • crapsode says:

      i dont think any of the resistance have cash shop books ! YAH:)

      • crapsode says:

        there arent ny in cs

        • Ghost says:

          For now….

          • crapsode says:

            lol for now…

          • Mesniaa says:

            I hate Gms cash shop mastery books, make me not play dual blade and evan, since i cant afford nx. People just say do the free things but it’s ALWAYS bullshit and i dont like my email going to random companies and stuff

          • Zacairga says:

            Don’t play the classes then. I enjoy this game a ton and haven’t paid for a single skillbook, so it must be possible.

          • Mesniaa says:

            Yeah because not playing them is just that fair. I have a character for every other class, I like to switch it up sometimes, but yeah not playing them is a good idea, never though of that one!

    My eyes are glitter

  50. Beginnered says:

    Sounds cool =) Robotic Pirate. How does that even make sense!?

  51. CzImGreen says:

    that mobbing skills pwning >,<

  52. Buccaneer says:

    I wonder if they belong to the pirate class, and are they using guns or other weapon?

  53. cesar says:

    This is cool and… eemmm, as I see… It’s a Pirate Class so that’s kinda good :P they seem too boring for me

  54. cesar says:

    Soo……… it’s Pirate

  55. Waitin says:

    how come mechanic and wild hunter get something to ride on. hehe ride on :P but not battle mage. to me battle mage looks the coolest. it should get to ride on some sort of aura… and has anyone else ever noticed a tiny smiley at the very bottom left of the screen?

  56. Waitin says:

    oh and btw mechanic has B.A hair :P

  57. Waitin says:

    i kind of have my doubts as to whether the robot will change because if u look at the resistance pic its the same as the one in the vid

    • crapsode says:

      um why are there diffrobots in spadows earlier blogs?
      i was wondering the same thing tho
      any inside scoop?
      or maybe they just ran outa space for mechnics other robos?
      but i dont se how its gonna lauch the fist attack(2nd job)(launches a fist from hand)from a bazooka…….
      maybe it is like aran?
      you cant use some attacks once higher up
      but the tun into something else?
      cause in the skill table
      i dont see any other summon for robo
      except for the helping robos that heal…….
      any ides spadow or any one else>?

      • Edwin says:

        They already realeased a low lved 2nd job mechanic and it shows the rocket fist thingy where it shoots the fist from its hand.

  58. pensive215 says:

    Spadow, can we still HP wash after BB patch, or will nexon stop HP wash?

  59. Expressiøn says:

    It would be cool if new jobs didn’t need skills books
    Like they made for Battle Mage at lvl 10, they can increase the amount of SP from the 4th job : since 120 to 200 so we can max 4th job skills.. =)
    Skills books are so expensive, it’s so stupid when you are 4th job you’ll need to have a lot of mesos to pay skills books

  60. Salamy says:


    Looks like pirates finally get some cool jobs now! Suit looks like how battleship works from cosairs. Can’t wait to see this.

  61. OhEmmGee says:

    The mechanic is a murder machine, hands down.
    Resistance will be the ULTIMATE class, unbeatable.

    I am so excited for it to come out in GMS!

    • askmiller says:

      well ya got what. another half a year? maybe in time for Christmas?

      • TheP4nda says:

        If you haven’t noticed, GMS is more or less only 2 or 3 months behind KMS. And we are getting faster and faster every patch… We already have potencial system so the only things left for us are the pq from ElNath(we skipped it) and the big bang patch if i remember correctly.

        • Zacairga says:

          Ghost Race. From last year. We really don’t have it yet.

          • FailedName says:

            I would also like the ghost race pq, it’s reward is amazing

          • Zacairga says:

            I didn’t say I would like it… It looks lame. I just said we don’t have it yet…

          • Ghost says:

            you would honesty think that if nexon wanted add that to GMS, they would of done it by now…

            we also haven’t gotten the cash shop trading room, but who says Nexon would be crazy enough to do that with all the duping and other abuse?

            The two things I see before getting the Big Bang is IGpq and the pet skill system. If there was anything else then it would probably be brand-new/temporary exclusive

        • MaplerOfDoom! says:

          I agree with that, I followed the updates in both GMS/KMS, and the difference is 2-3 monthes.
          But you must remember that Big Bang is a big (well, BIG Bang :P) patch, and KMST/KMS hasn’t recieved all the data. Which means, that technicaly, the update isn’t over yet. So if we don’t know when it will be as closer to perfect as it can be, it is still going on and we can’t know when it will come out in GMS.

  62. Jack says:


    Great, but please stop using those tilde’s.
    It’s not proper punctuation and makes no sense whatsoever unless I must be wrong, if so correct me please.

    • Alexander says:

      It’s not meant to be read as “proper” punctuation. It’s intended use was most likely just as a separation or addition. Commonly used with hypens/dashes. It’s just a “modern” use of a tilde.

    • Secun says:

      Tildes. You use them as a way of drawing out a sound.

  63. NEXON says:


  64. velo says:

    Yo Spadow what happened to the overpowerd animation?

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  66. Victor says:

    My god. The Mechanic job looks ridiculously fun.

    But I want to make a Battle Mage as well…


    Thanks for the update as always Spadow!

  67. Roger says:

    OMG amazin!

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  69. MapleParty says:

    Where’s Dual Blade??

  70. raliaga says:

    steam punk robot, super jump… kbooms… wow, i really wanna try this class

  71. askmiller says:

    yo spadow, after you hit 70, how many sp will you have left over, if none left over, what skills do you recomend not maxing?

  72. Too overpower.
    In 3 minutes em 25 seconds u gained 10%, that’s ridiculous =|

  73. behemoth says:

    Keep the info flowing Spadow

  74. Aryln says:

    Spadow, does the look of your Machine change to be more advanced as you level up and advance? I hate the rusty look. Thanks for an answer! :)

  75. Waitin says:

    so do u even have to buy any kind of weapon? and stronger pirate clothes still make u stronger right?

  76. sal says:

    so spadow what do you think of this resistance class? The other two looked cool but not like a class i would play (i currently love my buccaneer (viper) and am getting to like my dual blader) i believe this will be my next class maybe its a pirate thing

  77. xrutaii says:

    originally i didn’t want to make a mechanic, i thought they were physical pirate evans o-O
    Now i do….Guess my aran and WA are both getting the boot ^^
    Plus I can use my slinger’s equips on this guy. Too bad I can never find any guns besides maple guns and storm pistols in the FM in DemethosGMS >.>”
    But This actually looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to get it and make a wild hunter….maybe battle mage too >=D

  78. StyleZ says:

    Wow Mechanic is so useful….
    Has party heal, super defence, very high damage…VERY high.
    This job is without a doubt the ideal tank of the party.
    Can serve as a minor support and is really hard to die.
    And dang only 100dmg from drakes with only level 10 equips is wow…imagine dmg recieved with level 50 equips

    • KobeKun says:

      dude, drakes got major nerfed (or i think they did)
      they now replace where horny mushrooms are (i think)

      • Bleh says:

        Almost every monster got major nerfed with Big Bang. A level 20 or so can now kill Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom, and Blue Mushmom. And yes, Drakes replaces mushies, they can now be found in the Henesys areas. The maps were played around with a bit too. You now MUST take a taxi/go to Sleepywood and take the intersection there to get to another town. Not sure if this will be true in GMS too, though.

  79. iMeltFaces says:

    Can anyone say GURREN LAGANN!?

    Drill Rush FTW.

  80. Ari says:

    Meh thats so hilarious!
    2 questions:

    1.they gun users right?
    2.what their disadvantages?

    • Ghost says:

      2. they’re gonna nerfed soo badly that everyone will lose their interest in them even if they are buffed afterwards?

  81. Wooting says:

    Wow! I like that :) so… is the Mechanic Thingy like a Chair? and what would its mount be? Lol…

    Exciting Cant wait till the “RESISTANCE” come to Global/NorthAmerica MapleStory

  82. Nintendude93 says:

    This is the first of the new jobs (since explorers) that I will actually make for fun, and not for some free goodie. I got a dark knight and this job appeals to me, big time

    very excited for revamped drk and mechanic

  83. Ghost says:

    in total there’s 550 SP that can be used for the mechanic (not including beginner skills)
    i you get the 1 SP at the first three JA and 3 at the last one, then by level 192 all of the skills will be maxed out (including the SP needed for Warrior’s Will)

  84. Ian says:

    Finally a good job…

    But way too overpowered.. Lol Rocket Booster,Bot summons,400 DEF and it doesn’t consume bullets!

    This makes Corsairs look like kindergarten crayon drawings next to a Leonardo Da Vinci painting….

  85. Frank2312 says:

    If MapleGlobal includes mastery books in Cash Shop for this class, I’m definitely learning Korean :P

    • Zacairga says:

      You’d better start trying now then. It’s a lot harder to learn a language that uses different characters for their alphabet..

      • Bleh says:

        Hooray for me, I’m Korean! I also have a level 30 or so Mechanic, and Atomic Hammer is ow in 2nd, with the Falcon Punch thingy in 3rd/4th (I don’t know). Atomic Hammer is a MUST HAVE and you should be glad that it comes out in 2nd. It deals ~1000 damage with 1 SP into it, 1HKOing most monsters at 30~40.

    • MaplerOfDoom! says:

      You do know that to play KMS you must have a Koren Social Security Number (KSSN), and if you are not Korean and you are using a generator to find a KSSN, it’s identity theft and you could be in jail for that.

  86. number1134 says:

    I love the no bullet thing. Oddly enough for a mech class it is pretty fast when training. This class seem to be MADE OF OVERPOWERNESS. I not complaining (I will let others players do that for me) but def + max hp/mp increase…Do you ever need to use pots? Plus that healing robot and the speed of this class…They are godly…I thought people was just being stupid when it came to the power of Dual Blades but with this class…I know people doing to love to hate this class overpowerness. =D

    • Kevin says:

      Its still in the test server which means there’s time to tone it down with balancing.
      The healing robot should be destructible by enemy attacks. I wonder if its affected by zombify.

      • Waitin says:

        why would u want it to be destructible by enemies? then theres a chance that ur just wasting mp to get a little hp

  87. Anubis says:

    I love the no bullet thing. Oddly enough for a mech class it is pretty fast when training. This class seem to be MADE OF OVERPOWERNESS. I not complaining (I will let others players do that for me) but def + max hp/mp increase…Do you ever need to use pots? Plus that healing robot and the speed of this class…They are godly…I thought people was just being stupid when it came to the power of Dual Blades but with this class…I know people doing to love to hate this class overpowerness. =D

    Man, you said it all… GG Nexon! -.-

  88. number1134 says:

    I only have one quick question. Do that door take an item to be used? Kinda like the mage door?

  89. Guan says:

    Rocket Booster = Legalised flying hack…

  90. askmiller says:

    just saw a video of 3rd job lvl 78 mechanic. it hit over 20k with a skill that was probably that hammer skill. O.o a lil bit overpowered i must say. also there was a glitch with this summon robot that made lightning. it started to hit the monsters really quickly, but stopped doin damage.

  91. Lex says:

    This Pwns Db..

  92. Omar says:

    WoW Epic Video, Epic Class, Epic Game this 2 much thx 4 post this spadow

    The Only that screw this is that Gms probably gona put mastery books on them T.T

  93. Lukas says:

    overkill much?

  94. Alilatias says:

    That door skill is going to be amazingly useful. The fact that anyone can use the doors means that Mechanics are likely going to be everyone’s best friend.

    Holy crap, boss fights… Mages/close range pin the boss in the middle, ranged use the door to teleport far away/behind the boss when it looks like it’s going to attack…

    • Luxeraph says:

      You can go from one side to the other of Zaks/HT map without hugging him. =D

      • Mikeivore says:

        ikr. Because the Mechanic has high defense he can set up the portals on each side of the boss map so others can use.

        • Luxeraph says:

          The funniest thing (at least for me) is that about a couple weeks ago I was thinking of a time/space mage that would had that same portal thing (something like a wormhole) and now the mech has it, well I think they just need to nerf its attack and we have a nice new class.

      • Ghost says:

        He could make two portals between Bigfoot so it can be ganged up on >:D

  95. CapnAdam says:

    Wow, this is the one resistance class Im looking forward too. Also, The Wild Hunter Girl looks all heroic and stuff. The Battle Mage is like: “Ha, come and get me, Black Wing scum!” But Mechanic Guy looks like hes turned very evil and is laughing: “BWOAHAHAHAHA! kNEEL BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTER!”


  96. mune0106 says:

    I wonder what magnetic field does..Hoping it will attract the monsters so it’ll be easier to kill. Or slows down the monster.

  97. Waitin says:

    i noticed that the lvl 78 mechanic on youtube had a lot more random misses then most classes normally do. not only with wat i think magnetic field was (the mines that zap the monsters) but the shooting. Do mechanics have really low accuracy or something?

    heres the link to the video

    • Spadow says:

      Mechanic does not have any accuracy problems at all. The reason why he is missing is because the level of the monster is higher than his own level.
      They programmed in MapleStory Big Bang that if the monster’s level is higher than yours, you will miss.

      • Ghost says:

        Sorry to ask this, but can you clarify the acc formula? I’ve been hearing that the stat isn’t even in the formula since the player/monster level is the main factor

  98. Van says:

    Do any of the resistance class need nx for their skill books?

      • KobeKun says:

        But that doesn’t change things for GMS/NAMS (w/e you want to call it)

        They made every class since Evan have cash shop only skills. They are money greedy. I bet that they will do the same thing for the Resistance too.

        • Zacairga says:

          “Every class since Evan”, you say? Discounting the fact that there has only been one class since Evan and that it had Cash Shop books, too? Cash Shop books that, by the way, do drop from monsters?

  99. mune0106 says:

    Spadow, if your Viper reached to lvl 200, are you going to max other job?

  100. askmiller says:

    spadow, what do you think will come next now that big bang is done?

    • Ghost says:

      I’ve been asking/thinking about this myself, I except there to be a few low tide patches made of events or little permanent content. Then they’ll start to release new high level content or another new job.

      • thechazz says:

        they still have to make the other 3 heroes , and ive read in a blog ( can’t remember if it was from spadow or someone else ) that nexon CONFIRMED they wil be working on the other 3 heroes later on … now they also sayd that ( long time ago) they wil be makeing 2 more jobs , 1 related to black mage ( RESTANCE ) and 1 being a hero , i think they meant race because resistance is a race so they only make 1 more RACE , wich wil be HERO , and they also sayd they wil be making the other 3 heroes later.
        so i think we can expect a RACE like resistance ( 3 chars ) that are a archer , pirate and thief HERO to be put under 1 name like , the SAVIORS

        • crapsode says:

          i like your thinking…..
          notice how mage is in EVERYTHING…..(iluv)
          3 resistance
          2 heroes
          3 saviors….
          but i think they said that the other 3 HEROES will be released 2011
          spadow confirmed this is i think 2-5 post back

          • Ghost says:

            That’s correct ( about the remaining heroes), they mentioned it in a press conference

            However, i’m thinking about the immediate future, as in September.

          • crapsode says:

            new pqs?
            maybe maple will fall into devastation since black mage is outta “jail” now…. the two heroes fail to do what they can…..
            and wait for the remaining ones to come back…?
            what yah think?

  101. NearZero says:

    Spadow would not know if they need nexon because only GMS makes the decision to make their skills cost nexon. Not kms and defiantly not KMST.

  102. KobeKun says:

    Spadow, about you not being able to drop anything:

    GMS had this problem the other week. It came with the first meso exploit involving the Donation Box NPC. In short: people called it “hellbanned” because it happened to merchanters. Forthem, they could not trade, sell, and drop anything, so they thought it was hell.

    • Ghost says:

      I highly doubt they’re having any hacking/abuse problems as we do in GMS. Especially since the punishment from these actions are far more severe in a country-controlled version rather than a low restricted version.

  103. KobeKun says:

    I just realized that in all of the mechanic videos, all of the robot rides weren’t knocked-back. But I guess that’s expected when your robot weighs a few tons.

    • Bleh says:

      If you have the robot on, you can’t be knocked back. Either that or it makes you have an extremely high knockback like 1,000,000,000,000. Even if it weighed a few tons, I can think of a few monsters that might knock it back (Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean xD, Barlog, etc.).

  104. /b/ says:

    The comments are longer then the poast itself…. Herp Derp

  105. CapnAdam says:

    Are the robot parts makeable with Maker?

    Its like they are going to try to rival alot of the bishop skills and no bullet stats cool!!

    Healing, Magic door…and wow rockets!

  107. Ghost says:

    Massive nerf! Idk exactly what got nerfed but a lot of the formulas are weaker now.

  108. -M'nM- says:

    Wow Awesome!! It’s like the perfect mix between Pirate branches. With added <> cool skills =3

  109. Poser says:

    Is Spadow really Korean?

  110. SomeRandomGuy says:

    Thanks for the info. Can’t wait!

  111. shen says:

    So the main AP they use is DEX and secondary is STR?

  112. Maruchan says:

    lol im imagine mechanics going to hene roof and put a gate there and another below O_o (GMS)
    PD: my robot is going to be called (Matel Robot)

    im thinking in a new job that use tonfas O_o (it can be polices)

    • Keitau says:

      i highly doubt that. so far all the new jobs use an already made weapon. except the dual blade but they use daggers so yea i dont think nexon would make a job that uses tonfas

  113. dark hero says:

    hey the hero brave slash what its a new class new skills

    ok and the dual blades its deleted????

  114. hamad says:

    Spadow this class got the best DPM in game and its overpowered .

    Their main DPM Skill is–>180% hits 6 Times with 20% Crit Rate. His speed is twice as fast as Canon(not sure)
    They get from Mastery 50ATK Extrem Metal Armor + 20ATK from Mount+20ATK from Mastery=+90ATK
    They get Mount to attack with u like Ifrit for AM/FP mages.
    Their Robot Can Heal
    They can Teleport
    They can Mob like Hell.

    =Nr.1 DPM and they good mobbers. Best class in maple so far if they dont nerf it

  115. heeyywhatsupman says:

    hey spadow when does mechanic come to gms cuz im dying to know

    • shadowkun says:

      okay are you stupid or mentaly retarted this jib JUST came to KMST how the hell is spadow soposed to know guess is january -march next year btw i swear its you who continues to ask when a job comes to GMS every time a new one comes out STOP IT or stop eading this blog so you wont know about an new jobs and you wont be DIEING to know

      • mechanicorbattlemage? says:

        dude why you being mean thats not kool dude im just like wowed at this

      • Bleh says:

        Wrong. It comes out with Big Bang, and Big Bang will come out BEFORE this year ends (yippee, we get to play for another 2 years before the world ends in 2012). I know this because I read basically every new thing GMS has, excluding things like new CS items (excluding things like Premium Cash Shop Surprise). And yes, I read that it was posted in August, so I don’t need anybody replying to my reply about that.

  116. Tom says:

    the mechanic somehow look abit like one of the Robot slug from Metal Slug? :)

  117. 廖韋棠 says:

    大家好 我是 Taiwan 人 好期待新職業

  118. MrHat says:

    name TF2Engineer taken and the day they release mechanics there will be 100 golden guns released ;P

    • Bleh says:

      Why is everybody on about naming their robots? It’s not like we’re gonna get yet ANOTHER line beneath our characters. There’s 3 already (name, guild, title). And I swear, if GMS actually does that, I will either beat up my computer or quit MS for good.

  119. heywhatsupman says:

    cool name and im gonna get a golden gun muahahahaha >:) buy it for 50-100mil or 25k nx

  120. Koolaid says:

    If I could name my robot?

    Totally GLaDoS.

  121. ryanmecha says:

    hi guys, can i know how the last stage (gold color) engine, arm, leg, frame, transistor are made? and do they require str to wear?

  122. natty says:

    Would that be a perfect gallo class since u can put a teleporter on both platforms so u go up and down

  123. Jesse says:

    Wow, I’m making a mechanic. As long as the game doesn’t lag and log me off randomly like during the stupid “Visitors” event. I’d like the event if it were not for the lag. Also do Evans get nerfed? My level 59 Evan’s highest hit is in the 4,600 and Spadow’s level 55 Mechanic hit 6,000 and up.

  124. mechanicorbattlemage? says:

    hey spadow how many patches are kms and gms apart were like v.89

  125. ryanmecha says:

    hi spadow, can I know how to get the engine, transistor, arm, leg, and frame? Do we make it through maker skill? Thanks for the info.

  126. Lovemechanic says:

    how much mp does metal armour:prototype cost? is Gatling Shot spammable? can Open Gate: GX-9 be use to teleport from orbis to victoria? lastly, does shop sell the equipment for prototype?

  127. Shevalen says:

    i dunno if you guys noticed, but WTH happened to the Dual BLades?

  128. ghost says:

    lol has any1 in gms been as anxious as my brother hes saving up 100$ to buy nx -_-

  129. checkerboy says:

    the mechanic class is not in msg y?

  130. Pingback: MapleStory – Mechanic Job Trailer [In English] | Stahuj cz filmy a MP3 zdarma

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