KMS 1.2.105 ~ Big Bang: The counter movement

July 22nd !!

The Black Wings organization started their plan to revive the Black Magician in a city called Edelstein.
The city council, mine and the city were destroyed by Black Wings.

Now, a group of citizens from Edelstein built a hideout under the city
and named their movement 레지스탕스. (Resistance)
They have been gaining strength and they are planning to rebel against Black Wings…

Unbelievable… Right when the patch ended, everyone rushed to the website which caused a ”Server Too Busy” error. The patch was extended by a few minutes. I created a Resistance character and it was really bad that every channel was crowded with people.

Many hours later I tried a second attempt, but this time I couldn’t get in a channel. Basically there were too many people.
This time I created a Battle Mage character because I already tried Wild Hunter in the test server.

I liked the tutorial because it’s special. There isn’t a lot of action involved but a lot of NPC talk.
After the tutorial you will be warped to Edelstein.

I have explained what Edelstein is and I uploaded two videos of the new areas. For more information about Edelstein, click here.
At Lv. 10 it was time for advancement~ I advanced to Battle Mage and I noticed this:

Instead of 3 I received 5 Skill Points. But after Lv. 10 you won’t gain 5 anymore, just 3.
I have no experience with Battle Mage, so I went ahead and distributed my SP into 1 Triple Blow, 1 Finish Attack and 3 Dark Aura.

The first image displays Triple Blow. You press the skill key once and it hits three consecutive hits.
If you cast Triple Blow on time, you can mix it with Finish Attack. Finish Attack can be used right after you used Triple Blow.

I give you my honest opinion. I don’t like Battle Mage and Wild Hunter. Recently I’ve been raising levels on my Viper and I have so much fun playing on it. I’m still curious for Mechanic, though.
Oh and before you ask, no extra character slots were given.

With every class there has to be some kind of reward, right?
The Aran class offered Lilin’s Ring, the Return of the Adventurers event offered Adventurer Rings but what about Resistance?

Another ring!

The Resistance Ring grants you +3 AllStat, +30 HP/MP and +3 weapon and magic attack.
You can obtain this ring by raising your level to 70 on a Resistance character.
In Korea this event is open until September 30th.
With the new EXP curve this should be no problem, because now it’s practically possible to go from Lv. 1 -to 70.

The Resistance Ring cannot be worn together with Lilin’s Ring and the Adventurer’s Ring. It is possible to share this ring with other characters on your own account.

Edelstein is not a city exclusive for Resistance, other classes are allowed to complete quests in Edelstein and Leben Mine as well.
Therefore I spent the whole day questing through Edelstein and I’m not even done! >_<;

The highest monster level in Leben Mine is Lv. 101.

Today I even found a mastery book for Wild Hunter: Beast’s Anger 20 from a Lv. 96 android. A few hours later I found Overswing 30 (Aran) at the Lv. 101 monsters.
And this surprised me the most; some monsters dropped Neo weapons. Neo weapons should only be dropped by bosses in Neo City.
Neo weapons are worthless to me since they’re untradeable. ;;

I got a Black Wings hat from a Black Wings member!

I like it~! Unfortunately it only adds +30 physical and magical defense. It’s still worth using a potential scroll. Hmm…

This update extended more entry channels for Zakum, Horntail and Chaos Zakum and Horntail.

Zakum: channel 3,4,5,6,7
Chaos Zakum: channel 10 and 11
Horntail: channel 8 and 9
Chaos Horntail:  channel 15 and 16

This was the second update of the Big Bang trilogy. The last and third update will contain the Mechanic.

Mechanic will come out soon in KMST and I learned that the guild system will be improved in August.
I cannot wait to use skills like Rocket Booster, Rocket Punch and Drill Rush~!

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

78 Responses to KMS 1.2.105 ~ Big Bang: The counter movement

  1. :D says:

    I wonder what the mechanic job skills are…

  2. neo says:

    if they let aran ring and resistance ring totally raise it..:S

  3. Slip says:

    Lol more rings. xD

    Nice to hear that Edelstein and Leben are accessible to everyone.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Takebacker says:

    Well i’m glad they give 5 SP at level 10. That means battle mages can max out every 1st job skill they have, instead of being stuck with level 8 finish attack.

  5. Vongola says:

    i hope there will be a new warrior coming out soon

  6. mune0106 says:

    Can’t wait for this in GMS! I hope the mechanics are not too over powered. And thank you for the info, spadow.

  7. yay another ring mission,
    Now I’ll have a reason to train up coming PrincessNJA the BM…..

    I can’t wait to see more

  8. Charlie says:

    Hey Spadow, can u upload the big bang comics? I wanna read them so badly.

  9. sol22222ki says:

    lol u get mechanic and we get dual blade chaos zak and ht and a glitch were we have a hob king card named transforming green snail of the maze

  10. paprikastaude says:

    Does Resistance also require skill books from the Cash Shop? If not, I might still check it out, despite the bad first impressions.

    • Berundal says:

      Yeah I was wondering that too. Also, I wonder if the battle Mage will get a mount…

    • shibii says:

      well i went into cashshop and there was none, also i was reading skills data and sounds like no.

    • Alilatias says:

      No cash shop skillbooks for Resistance that I know of, but I’m expecting Nexon of America to change that once this comes to GMS. >_<

      • sarinomu says:

        Blame Nexon America, the hores of money All they think about is money… fegs… buts… soooo….i herd u liek mudkipz?

  11. Kris says:

    It’s like yugioh invaded Maplestory with these new names Judgment Dragon, Black wings and there was another too I forget.

  12. NEXON says:



  13. crapsode says:

    how can you hate batll mage????
    i understand wild hunter….
    BUT BATTLE MAGE>>>>….<<<<<>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>.?????!!!!!!!!

    • Luxeraph says:

      I think he’s more like if someone bought him a ps3/xbox 360 but at the same time he updated his pc so it kicks ass, so he’s more into the pc because he can play a bunch of games he couldn’t before (without lag) but doesn’t show much interest in the new console.

      • Zacairga says:

        The hell does that have to do with anything?
        He doesn’t enjoy the new classes. If everyone enjoyed the same classes individuality would be dead, and so would MMOs as a whole.

  14. Waitin says:

    it doesnt seem that there are many resistance specific quests…. and after so ong the quests for everyone get rly boring. thats why even tho it looks rly cool, im pretty sure resistance is gonna get rly boring, rly fast -_-

  15. katz says:

    The place and the storyline looks more interesting than the new jobs somehow.

  16. kwanchi96 says:

    You say that with the exp curve, it’s practically possible to level from 1 ~ 70. I hope it’s realllly easy, maybe equivalent to a lvl 45 or 50 without the curve. :]

  17. Hanabira.Kage says:

    I did some SP calculations, and it seems likely that Wild Hunters will also get 5 SP upon advancing to the first job tier. This is because they require exactly 65 SP to max all 1st Job skills, just like Battlemages.

    61 SP (usual total SP for 1st Job) + extra 4 SP (at Lv10) = 65 SP total.

    Now I’m just wondering if the 2nd Job advancement will also give an extra 4 SP. If it doesn’t, Battlemages will be short of 19 SP and Wild Hunters will be short of 9. Not pretty.

    Battlemages being short of 19 SP leads me to believe that there might be SP received from quests…

  18. jayCee says:

    Is there a pirate class coming out soon that’s the only thing misssisng

    • artofbladez says:

      this is a late comment but new pirateish class is mechanic >.> they use pirate equips but i heard they dont use bullets…

  19. :D says:

    i’m really excited for the EXP curve in GMS~~ :)

  20. Zacairga says:

    “With the new EXP curve this should be no problem, because now it’s practically possible to go from Lv. 1 -to 70.”

    Practically possible to go from 1-70? Are you implying it was impossible before? Are you implying that it might be hard now? Is that some kinda shot at people who are above lvl 70 without the exp curve?

    • sarinomu says:

      Well, thats not what it really means…. Since the exp curve the amount of exp has been EXTREMELY lowere(around 80% per lv) so it makes it much easier the lv to lv 70 from lv 1 thats wut he meant probably :O

      • Zacairga says:

        That’s probably what he meant, but there are many, many people here who are (Extremely) stupid and would think he’s trying to say something. I was really just pointing it out.

  21. Expressiøn says:

    Can i know the exact date when Mechanic come out in KMST ?

    • James says:

      August 12th.


      I’m currently raising a wild hunter, level 49..( Which is pretty good, cuz Im in canada, and KMS has been having updates when I should be playing)

      Wild hunters are OP in carnival yo!

      • Expressiøn says:

        Thanks for the answer i was not sure.. by the way i’m looking for english people in KMS (Culverin world) i really need help because i can’t read korean, and the game is more fun with friends

        • Hojo says:

          If you need help with quests just go to Ellington forest
          I play kms
          battle Mage!!!!!!
          love it!!!!
          dark aura will most likely make dexless assasins go on stearoids even more than they allready are…..

          • Zacairga says:

            Too bad they’re fixin the dmg formula for L7 and TT to make it work like it does for everyone else…

      • artofbladez says:

        to kmst? i dun think so from what i hear mechanic is already out in kmst and and at august 12 its coming out in KMS

  22. HyperBole says:

    How did you get the hat?

  23. Douche says:

    Is the mob’s level, hp and exp been nerfed a lot?
    Can someone list them out?

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  25. Volt says:

    kyo. Is the black wings hat transferable? cuz im not high enough for the quest yet.

  26. sal says:

    Hey spadow i really admire you for taking your time and telling players of other versions whats going down in kms. I really liked this update seemed personal instead of just a news update. Thanks for the updates keep up the good work.

  27. DAggers says:

    Er, Spadow, how to get the new revolution staff and Xbow..
    Someone at Ellinforest say.
    we nid a lvl 40 char to get the box and transfer it to Resistance char
    and open it…izzit 100% get it?

  28. jennie says:

    is there any wallpapers for big bang?

  29. Ghost says:

    I believe that the mechanic instructor will come out of his bear suit when he is released, after all. there’s no way i could see a bear suit in that shaded picture you provided, and the animations of the Resistance all match with the NPC job instructors (somewhat)

    • artofbladez says:

      i think his name is cheki i play kms and it says cheki in korean……….. i think when you enter the underground place the big container to the right with the rag hanging down is the mechanic work shop

  30. Vongola says:

    hey spadow do you think there will be another warrior class plz comment back

    • Mesniaa says:

      Really? You need to ask this? Why do you want ANOTHER warrior class.
      Warrior: Fighter » Crusader » Hero
      Or Page » White Knight » Paladin
      Or Spearman » Dragon Knight » Dark Knight

      Then you can make Aran Awakened » Aran in Memory » Aran in Misery » Aran in Hope
      And Dawn Warrior 1 » Dawn Warrior 2 » Dawn Warrior 3

      Enough warriors. We don’t need another. We got a cygnus, adventurer, and hero. I can’t see another unless resistance makes one. I can’t see a resistance warrior, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right.

      My opinion is there are enough warriors.

  31. SoyaMilk says:

    Hey spadow. U still using your viper? Why did you make that choice?

  32. Waitin says:

    ugg i need stupid nx to buy mastery scrolls for my DB…. i also need it to but DB clothes :P

    • Mesniaa says:

      Yeah I hate needing nx to buy mastery scrolls to get my moves stronger, it’s why I didnt go passed like 50 on my Evan, and now my Dual blade, my 118 sniper and Warrior got rolled back a few levels so I kind of don’t want to invest any time into the game, let alone pay nx to get my skills stronger since I doubt they drop from monsters and I can’t afford to buy them in the CS.

    • artofbladez says:

      thats why never make a db your main xD you need NX

  33. LordAvo says:

    The Aran bored me too much for the ring (cleanup and the pyramid PQ did not exist at the time so the combos were useless) and GMS had too much problems for me to get the other ring. I may be able to get this one with the newbie friendly quests and the exp curve.

  34. Nintendude93 says:

    Oh, that begs the question

    Do the resistance classes work like the recent new jobs? You need to buy skills and have a seperate cs & the like..

    I have a drk, never liked any of the new jobs till I saw the mechanic, so I wanna make one

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  37. lol lv.141 you wow. me member

  38. daniel says:

    so like wild hunter and battle mages r coming out 2day and like its been extended for like another 10 hrs??? well im just wondering if u need a mastery book to buy with nx???

  39. s0m3b0dy says:

    Hey spadow, as a battle mage,

    “The Finisher” can also be used after: quad blow (2nd job), death blow (3rd job), finish blow (4th job)

    dark aura active until you log off and at level max (20) adds 10% damage

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