KMST ~ 2nd term extended

A new notice was just added on the test server website saying that the current term will be extended till Tuesday, August 31.
In this term new content will be added.

– A new job (mechanic)

– Improved guild system


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75 Responses to KMST ~ 2nd term extended

  1. MassCreed says:

    OMG tell me more about improved guild system please !

  2. Aidan says:


  3. Waitin says:

    hehe, i like the wolf :P and WoooHooo!!! about 14 more hrs untill DB :) yaaaaaaay!!

    • Zacairga says:

      Double that number and subtract eight and you’ll be closer to accurate…

      • Joel says:

        Lol, so true. You never know 13.5 hours is a bit more than they usually take.

        Anyways On Topic, THIS IS GOING TO BE SICK! =)

  4. Nanu says:

    I wanna see Mechanic already….

  5. HazePhaze says:

    So they’re still tweaking skills even after KMST finished they’re big bang thing ? I thought after the KMST big bang it would just stop at that,but it looks like they’re still tweaking and adding in new things.Which i dont mind makes the game feel fresh again.

    • Ghost says:

      That’s what happens when nexon forces a deadline, but unlike GMS, at least they give out what they got done…

  6. Ghost says:

    The mechanic’s arms tell me than the pirate might be a gun/fist hybrid…

    • Erhad says:

      Its not a pirate.. O.O.

      • HazePhaze says:

        lol bet it will be a pirate.It has guns,looks to me to be a Gunslinger like type of thing.Will be in the Pirate ranks =D

        • Zacairga says:

          Erhad, you are wrong. Spadow confirmed it to be a pirate who uses guns a long time ago.

          • TableCAKE says:

            He didnt to be honest, nobody knows the only thing we knows that he said its gonna be a Resistance he said I THINK its gonna be a Pirate(Gunner) never said its gonna be one.

            Still I also think it will be one.

          • Spadow says:

            I know for sure that Mechanic is gonna be a Pirate. But it’s a pirate that joins the resistance.

          • NovaNuvaMS says:

            i laugh at everyones arguments

  7. this looks like its going to be fun I cant wait to see and what is with that wolf?

  8. Douche says:

    I want to confirm that does Arrow Bomb (Wild Hunter) bends like Hunter’s Arrow Bomb or just straight pierce like Iron Arrow (Crossbowman)?

  9. sverreerik says:

    I sure hope Machanics are Pirates.
    SteamPunk fans will be going crazy!

  10. KanesWrath says:

    brainless person: mechanic will be mages because they use guns Daaaa… *Drules*

  11. thechazz says:

    heh they already anounced engineer coming to KMS but they haven’t out it in test server yet , what if job is totaly broken with tons of bugs , then they gotta delay the patch again just because they want engineer in it.
    now the only thing i wanna see is some monster pwning , engineer style

  12. ed says:

    Why so many people think its pirate hes mounts use guns not him fools!

  13. Fan Jing says:

    mechanic is so cool. I wanna play it in MSEA!

  14. Someone says:

    right now GMS getting dual blade..
    and KMS get resistance..

    this is not fair :(

    in gms dual blade had no time limit!

  15. Noviculas says:

    Mechanics are part of Resistance.. pirates my ass

    • Nikki says:

      wild hunter is apart of Resistance does that not make it a bowman?… and battleMAGE is a mage and its Resistance….
      LOL there CAN be a resistance pirate class….is Mechanic a pirate subclass nobody knows yet

      • epicness says:

        lern2read, mechanics are RESISTANCE

        • Nikki says:

          was that comment aimed at me ?…
          if so you must have not read my response right ……i know mechanics are resistance (i play KMS) i was just commenting on the fact that he alluded that Mechanics couldn’t be a pirate type class
          because they where resistance characters… hents my comment that a battlemage is a mage and a Resistance character >.>and Wildhunters are Resistance and Bowman

          • Noviculas says:

            Alright alright no big fussy. i get ur meaning now.. But it may not be pirates for who knows?

    • thechazz says:

      yeah same as nikki sayd + there are guns on the mount , atleast they were shown in a previous blog.
      so gun … hmmm i think pirate and since every job coming out after cygnus uses diferent weps that the cygnus means ( since pirate cygnus uses knuckle) this job wil use gun ….
      gun on a mount makes sense , maybe a new sort of gun like dual blade got a new wep called blade ( or katara in GMS , katana seems better to me)

      • Keitau says:

        well when u think about it carefully, u can say that mechanic uses both guns and fists whilst on the mount but off the mount i think he or she uses guns. so basically its gonna be kinda like u can stay on the mount which is ur main attacking tool but then u can get off the mount but ull still be able to attack since u can use guns (and i agree katana sounds better than katara)

        • Zacairga says:

          You know absolutely nothing about the Mechanic class. Please quit talking out of your asses like what you think is fact.

          • Keitau says:

            Wow no need to be a douchebag and I never said that’s the fact. I’m just making a hypothesis based on the info spadow has given us so far so stfu and stop trying to roast me when all I’m doing is making a hypothesis -.-

  16. RawVoltage says:

    Mechanic yessssssssssss :D
    can’t wait to hear about it<33333333

  17. Some1 says:

    When Mechanic will realesed on KMST?

  18. TableCAKE says:


  19. MRMAGICAL says:

    Haha would be cool if the new Guild system had something like a Guild hall and we can potientally do guildwars :P

    • Guy says:

      It may it may not be a pirate, but its class classification most certainly wont be “resistance”. thats the same as saying, the bowman isnt actualy a bowman, its an “Adventurer”. these are just classifications used to devide the groups of characters such as “Adventurers”, “Knights of Cygnus”, “Legends”, and the new “Resistance”..

      • Hojo says:

        Um look at spadows earlier blog
        he said that mech is confirmed part of resistance
        and it is pirate
        since it has guns and blah blah

        • Guy says:

          I have a hunting rifle in my basement, when i put it in my hands, am i a pirate? no. nothing is 100% confirmed until it is released. stop making assumptions and have some patience.

  20. Waitin says:

    Wooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!! 2 hours until dual blade!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))

    • Keitau says:

      yea dual blades are out but its kinda annoying cuz there wasnt the extra slot they said and i had to delete my evan plus i left all the money on my deleted char TT-TT

  21. MapleSea `Aquil-ian says:

    Hi spadow , with regards of the resistance buff about the 15th June post , may i know what does the resistance buff provides ? I’m very keen to know . Please do reply me =)

  22. SmugKip says:

    Reading the comments gave me a good laugh.

    It’s a gun using pirate people.

  23. sol22222ki says:

    if it took a few months to get db to gms how long will it take for BIG BANG to get to gms
    i dont want monster redone

  24. Waitin says:

    :(… i couldnt play DB untill 4:30 then it wen offline at 5. i havent even become a theif yet -_- it was too laggy

    • Keitau says:

      oh lol i got to lvl 22 almost 23 oh and here is some advice. dont do the normal thief quests until lata otherwise ur gonna be lvl 23 and still not a semi dualer. or u can do all the quests and get to 25 because either way thats wats gonna happen

  25. Edwin says:

    So was the mechanic class just released in KMST? if so, that means vids soon :D

  26. plsbanthem says:

    mechanics… should not be a pirate class… i cannot imagine maple gun being mounted on mechanic, it will look weird. If anything(mechanic being a pirate class), most probably the human form are able to hold the gun while not using the mechanic mount.

    And most probably the mechanic’s equipment are similar to Evan dragon’s equipment; limited to certain lvl.

  27. Keitau says:

    umm btw spadow wats tht fox thing? is tht an npc, mob or wat? and im surprised no one asked this

    • Ghost says:

      NPC, it was used in the Sheep v. Wolf Event in KMS around a year ago and in GMS around late last year. He probably put it here as a emotion

  28. Nanu says:

    Spadow i have a good question hope you can answer, now that Edelstein and Leben mine are here, is there a storyline for Resistance? and if there is care to share? :)

  29. Megabine says:

    Please tell us about the Mechanic class in detail i think it will be great.
    I was right about the Aran and Wild Hunter and wont be wrong about the Mechanic xD

  30. JussToComment says:

    I think what people are tryin to say is like this
    (Imma put example first so people understand)
    Evan = Hero Class = Mage Category
    Aran = Hero Class = Warrior Category
    WH = Resistance = Archer Category
    BM = Resistance – Mage Category

    Mechanic = Resistance = Pirate Category

    Im not saying thats wut i think Mechanics are, Juss helpin to prevent arguments

  31. Douche says:

    l want to confirm that does Arrow Bomb (Wild Hunter) bends like Hunter’s Arrow Bomb or just straight pierce like Iron Arrow (Crossbowman)?

  32. KanesWrath says:

    you know kms will make even more skill changes for example -1% more dmg on shadow partner…
    wow so lame. i dont understand why they bother changing the skills so many times with minor dmg

  33. NEXON says:



  34. Ji says:

    What weapons do you think Mechanics will use?

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