KMS 1.2.102 ~ Big Bang: Beginning of Change

The first update of the Big Bang trilogy has been released.
After three extensions, the patch lasted for 11 hours and 30 minutes.

I uploaded the official Big Bang trailer on YouTube.
For more information about this first update, read more~

Update: Video of my Viper is up.

I think many of you are curious about this whole SP situation.
When the SP reset scrolls came out in KMST only three were given, but that was just for testing purposes.

Because in KMS you’ll only get one SP reset scroll per character. The SP reset scrolls will be given until July 21.
There is no second chance if you screwed up distributing your skill points.
Though, actually there IS a second chance but you can only get it on one specific day.
An event called ‘Hot Time’ will be held on the 10th of July.

To get a SP reset scroll from the ‘Hot Time’ event, you must be logged on from 2:30 PM till 2:31 Korean time. This event comes with a bonus, you can win other prizes such as Timeless items and Cash Shop items.
Anyway I didn’t screw up my SP so there is no need for me to play during 2:30 PM.
After this event there will be no SP reset scrolls given to you.

I finally logged on and I got a few new notices from the Maple Administrator:

The Maple Administrator basically asks where you want to go since the revamped areas.
Orbis  – Orbis Park (Lv.36~54)
El Nath – Snowfields (Lv.43~55)
Ludibrium – Eos Tower (Lv.44~65)/Clock Tower (Lv.49~75)
Sleepywood (Lv.50~64)
Aquarium – Aqua Road (Lv.52~73)

Ludibrium – Clock Tower Lower Floor (Lv.95~126)
El Nath – Dead Mine (Lv.117~136)
Leafre – Neo City (Lv.105~127)

Since I am a Lv. 120 Viper I choose for Neo City. I talked to the Time Gate NPC and I saw that I couldn’t go anywhere.
Guess what? They reset a lot of quests so now I have re-do a lot of quests. -_-;; I’m currently collecting the 20 crumpled papers in Neo City.

I saw in my inventory my unused SP reset scroll, so I used it and distributed my SP.
I also noticed my damage ranged was increased by a LOT! ‘o’

If you can’t see it very good, click here for the original size.
And of course the EXP curve hehe. I’m almost Lv. 121~!

In the patch note I read that the level requirement of several Party Quests has changed:

– First Accompaniment: Lv.20 ~ Lv.200
– Cracked Dimension : Lv.30 ~ Lv.200
– Forest of Poison Fog : Lv.40 ~ Lv.200
– Remnants of Goddess : Lv.50 ~ Lv.200
– Pirate Davy Jones : Lv.60 ~ Lv.200
– Romeo and Juliet : Lv.70 ~ Lv.200
– Resurrection of the Hob King : Lv.80 ~ Lv.200

(There is also Dragon Rider PQ)

Kinda strange but I’m not complaining! Oh yeah, competitive party quests don’t count.
I did a quick Cracked Dimension PQ run (Ludi PQ)

I think you will not recognize the new Ludi PQ haha. In stage 8 knowledge of mathematics is required. When you know the correct answer, your party members will have to stand on the boxes to match the answer.
The Dimension Passes will no more go in your inventory but directly to the balloon NPC.

The bonus stage has been replaced with a new reward system. When you defeated the boss and you’re done, you will be prompted a menu where you can see 6 treasure chest. You and your party members have a few seconds to select a treasure chest and when the time is up you will get a prize.
I got a silver ore. There are regular and unique treasure chests.

A new 3rd job skill Lucky Dice for the Pirate job was added.
Lucky Dice is a skill that gives random buffs.
During Ludi PQ I played with Lucky Dice and I think this is a great skill!

1 = Nothing
2 = 30% increase in physical defense
3 = 20% increase in maxHP and maxMP
4 = 15% increase in critical rate
5 = 20% increase in damage
6 = 30% increase in EXP (!)

When Lucky Dice is at max, the buffs will last for 180 seconds and the skill has a 200 second cooldown.

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240 Responses to KMS 1.2.102 ~ Big Bang: Beginning of Change

  1. Kiaryu says:

    Nooooo! I remember that Crumpled Paper quest too! TT_TT

    • Ghost says:

      Currently my DK is alone in Neo City (lol party glitch) doing the Crumpled Paper Quest, so far I’ve only received 2 pieces after killing at least 200 slimes. Is this glitch and am truly FCKED doing that quest?

      • Alilatias says:

        Paper quest is infamous for having TERRIBLE drop rates. The low monster spawn doesn’t help either. Seriously, everyone who did this quest beforehand is going to be ticked off about the quest reset.

        I would hope that KMS improved the drop rate after Big Bang, but I don’t think I’ve even seen ONE drop during the entire course of that video…

        • Zacairga says:

          Meh, Neo City isn’t worth it in GMS. In the time you spend huntin for those papers for a medicore at best training area you can be at wr, murdering.

          • Ghost says:

            Yeah but i’m doing it for the Iruvata Boosters, and I gotta do the Neo City Quests to get to the spawn map ;_;

          • wagner says:

            ummm….iruvata boosters are in nlc, when u talk to the professor on the top of the map

        • Hilary says:

          oh hey, as to the paper dropping in the video? one paper did drop around 2:33-2:36 in the video. Look carefully.

    • ace5008 says:

      you knew what would be cool if the theif legend if they ever make used 1 claw and 1 blade and uses a combo of range and close up combat

    • archmon says:

      nice viper, but im staying with my dit…

    I am very thankful for your info,
    I’ll be ready for this when we get it in GMS thankyou and godspeed to you Spadow

  3. Slip says:

    Nice update! The EXP curve is crazy! Looks like Nexon wants to get the game in gear for Math class. :P

  4. HyperBole says:

    I messed up my skills o.o Thanks spadow~!

  5. Volt says:

    쿨! 아이들이 학권로 안가니까그러게하근……

  6. Snowcone says:

    Thanks for the lucky dice images! :D

  7. Tsudo says:

    Thanks for the info ^^. Any update on the critical ring problem yet? I’m kinda afraid to choose my ring until i know the outcome >.<"

  8. Alilatias says:

    Ludi PQ now has a math stage, huh?

    When this comes out in GMS, I’m going on my Ranger to Ludi PQ to hell and back. And keep track of how many people utterly fail at math.

  9. 8Ball says:

    Are there any videos of arch mages after this patch? And are lukless mages effectively screwed or do they give resets to change that?

  10. SwordStaker says:

    This is just epic, just epic.

  11. BuddyAran says:

    OK, when you say they have re-set all the quest. So, let me ask again this time. Do all the quest level requirement change?

    • BuddyAran says:

      Oh ya, and 1 more thing, what will happen to the quest medal? Will it be removed as well?

      • Luxeraph says:

        I wonder what will happen with the maple explorer and pq maniac, or would you be able to keep the medal but can also remake it if you like?

  12. rauleli says:

    OMG major damage change
    and i see that you still have 50% exp. thats no fun

  13. Dean says:

    Hi! Spadow I have a question! :D
    Do you know the reason why your attack range was increased?

  14. MrYelnats says:

    Does cruel ring still give 20% critical damage?

  15. rauleli says:


  16. The math thing kind of sucks cuz I suck at math and the C.Hit effects in the rings….Eh? As long as I can one hit ko I dont care theres Critical hit boost moves coming

    That delay time for gen does not even effect my mind anymore

    and awwwwwwwwwww crap!!!
    I gotta do NeoCity AGAIN!?!
    That paper thing is a nightmare…..Well At lease its going to be fun testing my new skills….

    I wonder when this will take effect in GMS???
    My wild guess will be December or Feb: Next year

    • rauleli says:

      we’ll probably get them for christamss

    • sarinomu says:

      Gud thing im not in the Neo City range and i dun hav to do those quest :D srry for yew… D: o i feel like im being mean :P i think Early 2011- Mid/late 2011(around October or September i hope its on my birthday 9/9 :3)

  17. Alpha says:

    Awesome! I’m loving all these changes.

    Spadow, could you possible collect the final data for the skill changes/additions/removals and what nots?

  18. NovaNuvaMS says:

    lol black mage comming or is he still stalling? i imagine black mage simply moving his hands and crushing the adventurer army lol including the cygnus knights! The resistance and the possible Hero which is Mechanic is gonna pwn. I still remember the black/brown picture with the 5 heros facing the black mage the first mapler looks like he has these 2 big knuckles which could be mechanics 2 big machine hands.

    • Scifro says:

      In the picture of the five LHs fighting the black mage u’ll see aran,mage,some dude with his fists up,and another dude with a sword.So there might be another LH warrior almost like aran.Oh, and forgot the fifth person.

      • Inferno says:

        The last one is an archer but the archer is holding a bow so it isn’t the wild hunter.

        • Velops says:

          I don’t see the point in analyzing that picture too much. The picture doesn’t show a dragonmaster but Evan is officially a Legend job. It is also clear that the Resistance jobs are not Legend jobs because they have different character creation summaries compared to Aran and Evan.

          • Mapler says:

            That’s coz Freed/Frid was busying hiding somewhere with Afrien talking abou the egg. The five heroes fought the Black Mage while Frid/Freed ran away to hide the egg. -.-

  19. Victor says:

    So I was wondering, because of the change in Experience Curve, what will they do about all of your current exp that you have earned?

    Will they just change it so that you have the same % of exp on that same level as of that patch?

  20. Bnissley says:

    I really like the new lucky dice skill. It looks awesome and has a great affect.

  21. jentinu says:

    wait…is there no place for 75~90?

    • Ghost says:

      All Co-op PQs go up to 200, so technically there’s a place for everyone

      As for the areas, Spadow has yet to reveal the levels in Omega Sector, KFT, the Nihal Desert, the Mu Lung Gardens, the Minar Forest, and the Time Temple.

  22. joey says:

    spadow u rock XD , lucky dice is so cool and pretty -sparkly eyes- , btw spadow would u mind putting a list of where u put your sp

  23. FLEIA says:

    hey spadow was just wondering how does barrage work now ? i know they changed it in kmst, but it hasn’t been confirmed that they kept the change.

  24. ace5008 says:

    spadow i herd a rumor that dual blades where removed from kms is that true or ideot lies?

  25. darkanss says:

    i dont see any HP change

  26. sw2009 says:

    Hi spadow, with the big bang , shouldn’t there be an increase in hp by like 20% or is it for new characters when they level , as for existing characters, they wouldn’t enjoy the increase in hp?

    • Ghost says:

      I think it didn’t apply since (i’m guessing that) spadow already had MaxHP increase maxed out before the patch so after the patch he’ll get the SP from that w/o losing any HP

    • Spadow says:

      When you distribute SP in the HP skill, you will gain 20% extra HP. I have around 7.4k HP now.

      • Ghost says:

        But wasn’t the 7.4k the result from lucky dice? Since you got a two from the dice and it gave you 30% more HP and MP…

        • Ghost says:


        • Luxeraph says:

          Look carefully, at the begining of the vid he already has 7.4k hp.

          • Ghost says:

            so lucky dice is useless?

          • Ghost says:

            and why does his character Stat (before & after) have 6.2k?

          • Phantasm says:

            Well he got a 2 which according to what Spadow wrote increses his physical defense by 30% and not his HP and MP.

          • Ghost says:

            I sworn that I saw the HP increase to be on 2…

          • ace5008 says:

            no he had a 2 the a def one ,3 is the max hp and mp lol

          • Egimald says:

            My guess is that the screenshots of the new window, were taken before he re-input his SP.

            Which is why his HP is the same before and after.

            Then, before he started recording the video in neo city, he put his SP into his skills, including the HP increasing one. And that caused his hp to go up by the time the video was recorded.

  27. w says:

    i hate pirates with a passion. they are all ks’ing assholes. buccs with BF and sairs with anego. annoying class that maple could do without. pirates is what ruined maplestory. they dont need a buff.

  28. Nanu says:

    I want to see Ultimate Strafe, guess i have to wait….. :(

  29. BIGBANGBANG says:

    Spadow, which adventure ring is better now?
    Does the 10% critical chance from crit ring strong enough to balance out cruel ring’s 1 extra attack with 5% chance of 5% damage?
    Please give us some insight :D

  30. bob says:

    it makes me laugh so hard that u have to be on for exactly 1 minute

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      1 minute? What the hell?! The dumb Aran and Evan events require players to stay online for one HOUR. =.=

  31. pro says:

    hey spadow, how much EXP does ONE skele on 1x rate give, PERCENTAGE wise.
    Also, how many hits did it take you, using a mob skill? thanks

    • Luxeraph says:

      I don’t think he can hit skeles yet, remember that now skeles are level 145(?) and that the new accuracy formula makes it near imposible to hit mobs that are at a higher level than you.

  32. Joey says:

    Hmm this is nice now itll be a while till a sair video gets out but i can wait

  33. Arisato says:

    Say, could you tell me if the Monster Book information has been reset?

  34. Dang says:

    “The SP reset scrolls will be given until July 21” so does that mean you miss out on the scrolls if you don’t log into your account during that time period? cause some people might be away during that time and wont have the chance to reset their skills.

    Also, I didn’t see a town for lv76~lv94 in your post so does it means that there’s no town for people to train at those levels?

  35. HelloSpadow says:

    hello Spadow,

    are lukless mages killed? or is there some kind of hope in all of this madness?

    • somenoob says:

      judging fom what spadow and basil has said i am guessing has has killed them because apperantly mages NOW NEED luk to hit anything… if u have one either transfew to low luck like onne of my friends did u ur utterly screwed

    • Alilatias says:

      You should transfer to low luk anyways, even if you don’t end up having accuracy problems.

      Lukless mages are going to have no place in Maple after Big Bang, if only because the Potential system grants higher bonuses to higher level equips. (What do you think looks better, a +1/2/3% to INT Sauna Robe or a +4/8/12% INT Reverse Myst Blue?)

      Couple that with the fact that the formula has been changed so that Magic Attack now matters a lot more than before, and…

    • aranofligh says:

      yah im geussing so lukless will have probalims hitting and since they’ll have prob’s hitting they r practicly useless lol

  36. gamester47 says:

    So far this is all looking good, looking forward to more updates. Thanks spadow

  37. Scott says:

    Hey, sorry for this irrelevant comment, but do you mind telling me the name and artist of the song you used for the video? I’m a lover of good music so I couldn’t help myself :P

  38. MageProd says:

    So exactly what happened to the lukless mages? All mass quit since they can’t hit anything?…

  39. Expressiøn says:

    The patch is so looooooong…

  40. DoomCarnage says:

    1 Question:: Is the lucky dice a solo buff or a party buff?

  41. DAggers says:

    Spadow, can u translated wad the video say?

    and the Big Bang Comic Epi 2 is out,

    w8ing to see u translated agn..LOL

  42. aranofligh says:

    ok this is probably a stupid qestion butt when is this coming to GMS the big bang update i eman like all the new looks and stuff do u know? and im not stupid this is my first time coming to ur blog and im new to maple also

  43. Keitau says:

    thnks spadow for giving me a new reason to train my brawler apart from those rings xD

  44. BubbleRevolution says:

    Hey, are you going to translate the new comic released on the KMS website? I’d really like to read that.

  45. Remedy says:

    …I know this is a stupid question but…whats the exp for 199-200? ._.

    • Luxeraph says:

      If I’m not wrong in the previous post where he posted about all the changes that would come with this patch he wrote that nexon said that the exp required for 199-200 is now half of what it was.

  46. Cheftrapu says:

    Hey spadow how much time it took you to level from 120 to 121 ?

  47. MyDogisDrWho says:

    Hey when do you think this critical dice skill will come to GMS? And do you think the critical damage ring glitch will come to GMS?

    • somenoob says:

      i think theyll come sometime next year, of course kmst only got chaos monsters 7-5 months ago i think? and were getting chaos zak and horntail with db

      • Keitau says:

        urr no kmst got chaos zakum and chaos horntrail about 2-3 months ago so we are gonna get this patch prolly in sept /november

  48. Griffin says:

    Ok, so after just now seeing all these different update things, I’ve got a question. Because the black mage zapped the whole freaking MS planet, all the monsters are stronger correct? So does that mean even like pink bean will be stronger? And if so, we will NEVER beat him. And one last thing, if the black mage is the cause of all evil happening in the MS world, does that mean he will be even STRONGER than pink bean? Just something i just thought of, someone respond if they know any thing about any of what i just said.

    • Seoul says:

      wait all monsters are stronger!? *cough snail = kill beginner?* or is it just most monsters… cause then now noobs are screwed badly. Well im not sure if bosses are stronger but, i mean pink bean will go down one day, and maybe when the big bang patch comes, we all get stronger right? and if pink bean didnt, we can easily take him out.

      Dualblade = Pwn Balrog PQ *-*

    • Lionheart365 says:

      It only made some monsters stronger so it would make more sence. Snails are the same (and most noob monsters) and zakum and a few other bosses are weaker.

      • Ghost says:

        If you’re right then expect a monster stronger than PB to come out soon.

        • Zacairga says:

          No, what we should expect are places for the incoming RUSH of higher lvls to train. ToT and Skeles are no longer gonna cut it.

  49. Kamakazi says:

    Spadow, Would you mind checking the wz files for any mechanic news? And also will low luk mages be fine and its only lukless that is screwed?

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  51. Hiya…
    Umm? Spadow I saw your bishop crushing skeles can you or anyone please help me shut my buddies up,
    They heard from a bad source that they was taking Revive away from bishops….I found on MapleAnime(Website for maple MMO info) that they said that Res will need only 5 SP and 30mins to recharge ….If you can….Can you give me the final word on this one

    Oh and I see that global MapleStory is about to get ChaosZakum and Horntail on the day of the Dual Blade release….

    If this stuff is moving so fast then how soon will we get the resistants and big bang?
    X-mas like raulel said or sooner?

    • Zacairga says:

      Whoever told you Revive is getting taken from Bishops, or that it has a half hour recharge needs a swift kick to the head.

      I dunno wtf MapleAnime is, but I can confirm that they have no idea what MapleStory actually is.

    • Ghost says:

      All content (ever since Evan) that has been implemented in GMS was made in KMS about 3 months earlier. Also I expect there to be 1-2 more major patches coming to KMS this year. With this all said, I believe this will come out within October/November to GMS (unless we receive a patch from another version or an exclusive content).

    • Hanabira.Kage says:


      Ugh…so GMS will get the balance patch, DBs and Chaos Zak/HT within a month. =.=

      MapleSEA got…anniversary event and cash shop updates for the past month…

      • Alex says:

        GMS already got the first balance patch (rings), and DBs and Chaos Zak/HT will come out in July 14th.

        • Zacairga says:

          That’s what He(or She) just said…

          Anyways, the patch on the 14th is going to be terrible. Bugs and glitches everywhere, possibly a new exploit, hundreds of bans on the innocent, that kinda thing.

          Because we know Nexon’s not going to do a good job with something this early after KMS release. The ONLY way I can see it going well is if they make the item required to get into the rooms NX-buyable.

  52. Ibuki says:

    Spadow would you mind telling me what program you use to make your videos.
    As they are quite crystal clear despite not being 720p.

    • Ghost says:

      I am also interested in this, hopefully I can make clear videos without lagg when i get a new labtop

  53. somenoob says:

    hey spadow when did chaos monster come out to kms?cause gms is gettin git the 14 and i wan tot conmpare dates

  54. Drake says:

    can any 1 post a video of shadower after big bang patch?

  55. KyuKyu says:

    So i’m assuming that if i’m currently level 51, with the big bang patch I’ll be multiple levels higher?

  56. bossKagepro says:

    What level would u be able to start training on skeles? and how much % per monster on 1x?

  57. Trinityblast says:

    Anyone know exactly how LUK affects the mages now? I saw one vid showing an evan attacking after the big bang patch but his stats were blurred by his video’s bad resolution…

  58. zacanator531 says:

    Is it just me or is he doing dragon strike REALLY fast in the video?
    Did they change the time it takes for it?

  59. rauleli says:

    OMG spadow look at this
    if i remember correctly chaos zakum and horntail came 1 or 2 patches ago
    wow that is fast

    • Luxeraph says:

      I wonder what happen that now GMS is the first one to get new things after korea? I mean before it was JMS, right? and we got things like a month later than SEA now it looks like we are getting big bang in mid autumn.

  60. damien says:

    erm….any1 got info on paladin?….video would be better…wanna know bout the new blast..and does the dual charge still available

  61. FuryKnight says:

    What the ***k?
    It took your Viper so many hits to kill a freaking Street Slime…
    Seriously, I don’t ever want this patch to reach MapleSEA…

    • Zacairga says:

      Keep in mind, Spadow is one of those KMST peoplez. It’s expected for him to suck in the regular server. Vipers in general are a ton stronger than they were.

    • MrRedfox says:

      those are not street slimes there gold slimes from Neo City.There lvl was increased to 107 (plus they already had an obscene amount of hp to begin with).

    • Pierce says:

      this is neo city not NLC.
      And they aren’t street slime they’re gold slimes. MrRedFox says their now lvl 107 w/ a ton of HP.
      I thought they were Street slime too at first, but then I saw it take him more than one hit and I pieced it together. obtain->interpret->understand

      • Zacairga says:

        At 120 he should still be able to decimate a lvl 107 mob. Spadow’s KMS char just isn’t very strong…

  62. rauleli says:

    did resistance came in this patch?

  63. Expressiøn says:

    Rauleli There’s not Resistance yet but they added the Resistance job picture with a “coming soon” when you create new character

    • rauleli says:

      oh ok thx

      • Expressiøn says:

        Np ^^
        Buy i would like to know if Mechanic is in “Resistance” because the job picture don’t show mechanic Can someone answer please ?

        • DAggers says:

          Not sure about it yet is Mechanic is a part of Resistance.
          Stay tuned on 12th August.

        • krazn415 says:

          Some people say that Mechanic is a hero, so thats probably why the Mechanic isn’t in the Resistance class…. But the Mechanic is probably related to the Resistance.

  64. that exp curve looks disgusting…
    i play ms cause its a hard game, now ms looks like a private server, the maple administrator is now the @spinel command in a private server :S…

    • Pierce says:

      thats only for the event because the maps were changed (pretty sure they removed/added some to), so they gave them a choice. Also, w/ the monster level changes, it basically saves players a death.
      Look at aqua road. What if a level 3X person was there? they’d want to get out of there, and go to a place more suited to them (though I’m confused as to why a 3X wouldn’t be at mushking/CPQ o-O)

    • Luxeraph says:

      “Hard game”? your kidding right? whats hard about spamming a buttom over and over again? and the stuff that does require some skills (jumping quests, some bosses, some party quests, other stuff that I don’t remember :P) will still be around, but if you want to quit due to a dumb reason, go ahead.

    • Buccaneer says:

      Dude you’re horrible, Nexon changed made it like this cuz he want us to get more high leveled characters, I want to try evan, aran and dual blade and take them to 4th job but it will make me no life
      nexon: no my dear, I’m gonna reduce the just for you. :D

  65. TableCAKE says:

    Was the meaning of the black mage of making the Adventures ALOT stronger like the Buccaneer the meaning to?

    My eyes hurt because of the damage and the speed.

  66. FanOfSpadow says:

    Spadow, by any chance, do you know if the resistance class like battle mage, wild hunter, and mechanic will require nx like the evan/dual blades class? Thanks.
    Please reply to my comment, thanks.

  67. wowzer says:


  68. Expressiøn says:

    Spadow, are Mechanic in “Resistance” ?
    Please answer me ^^

  69. ThunderB1izz says:

    hey spadow ummm do u hav any videos on drk? cause i wanna see the spear crusher with the final atk!!! got?

  70. Thun3erB1izz says:

    hey thnks bro but its too fast cant see the effect lols btw is it that fast cause of the final atk? any slow motion? ty =D

  71. jayCee says:


  72. jayCee says:

    MY Cousin used to play maplestory but now he think it sucks hope this wil change his mind because i think all the updated look cool hope he does ;):):D

  73. Gustavo Henrique says:

    kMS looks like a low rate private server, first the new exp curve, now the @spinel function? (Maple Administrator)

  74. Ghost says:

    Well, at least i can get the Broken glasses and shining Altair earrings.

    Spadow, does EFPQ still require you to be an adventurer? And how would that effect Dual Blades?

    • 미닌자Stars says:

      Actually, I believe you’re only able to obtain the glasses for LPQ if you’re withing the level range or 35-50, even though the PQ range got extended.
      And, well, for EFPQ I’m a Night Walker and I was unable to pq.

  75. Justin c: says:

    So are low dex warriors screwed along with lukless mages? :c
    like all of my characters are warriors and i dont wanna be fked when BB comes around

  76. Expressiøn says:

    I think Resistance gonna have 2 more jobs because maybe Maple Story want to make :

    Adventurer = Magician, Pirate, Thief, Archer, Warrior
    Cygnus = Fire Wizard, Thunder Breaker, Night Walker, Wind Breaker, Soul Master
    Heroes = Aran, Evan and 3 others Heroes
    Resistance = Wild Hunter, Battle Mage, Mechanic and 2 others (?)

    So all groups gonna have 5 jobs
    Hope i’m right :P

    • TableCAKE says:

      You forgot Dual Blade my friend.

      • Hanabira.Kage says:

        Dual Blade is an Adventurer Thief.

        • Expressiøn says:

          You know Magician (adventurer) have 3 choices for 2nd job advancement so i think Dual Blade is just another choice you can make when you job advance to Thief (adventurer)

          • MrRedfox says:

            Dual Blades are not a thief advancement, you can only make them through the character creation menu. However, Hanabira.Kage is right, there adventures nonetheless. Still wondering what Class type the mech falls under.

          • aranofligh says:

            u choose the dual blade class then u go thru the first beggine rplace then u become a thief at lvl20 u go to the dual blade palace place then u become a semidual blade =D

  77. HelloSpadow says:

    hey spadow can you give any news on the magic acc formula, will lukless mages be able to hit same lvl and lower lvl monsters?

    • Anonymoose says:

      I think it is being reported that Acc and MAcc have nothing to do with your hit rate, and I’m hearing that the hit rate is based on this formula:

      ( 20 + Your Level – Monster Level ) / 20= Hit%
      If Your Level > Monster Level then your hit rate is 100%
      If your level is lower by a factor of over 20 (a negative result) then your hit rate is 0%.

      But dont take my word for it. Research it a little yourself first.

  78. KanesWrath says:

    MECHANIC=PIRATE…enought with this still wondering and i dont know what job it will be….omg

    anyways kms is missing the point a mmo isnt Great with just player upgrades Give us god dam new maps.
    if like upgrading your car to be able to drive 160miles an hour wow but there aren’t any suitable roads for it…

    • andneb7 says:

      Totally agree and awesome metaphor. well said

    • Ghost says:

      I think this step is necessary for KMS to get higher level content, now it could be possible for them to make a 5th Job Advancement

      • Zacairga says:

        No… We don’t need a 5th job advancement when there’s hardly anything at ALL to do in 4th… You should’ve just stuck with new higher level content…

        • Ghost says:

          there’s training spots now for levels up to 175, including a high level pq (with access to the other pqs)

          Plus there’s no need for new maps if they’ll just go unused like KFT before the revamp, people will just flock to the area with the highest exp and the others will stay dead.

  79. MyDogisDrWho says:

    Edit: Sorry double post put it in the wrong blog post.

    Hey Spadow, What are the revamps for the Chief Bandits/Shadowers in the initial Big Bang patch? I’m looking all through your blog and all i see are snippets of our updates and upgrades after the update. I checked the link to southperry but it didn’t help me as much because I could understand Korean. I would really like to know since GMS might have the Big Bang Update soon.

  80. Enovan says:

    HI Spadow,

    I heard rumors that people saying after this big bang patch Magician required Luck to attack monster if not it will miss? Is that true by the way?

    I hope you will reply my msg, so thank you.

    • Lucas says:

      It is not a rumor, since LUK is counted in the magic accuracy formula now.

      • Enovan says:

        So which mean, Is a necessity to add Luk? and does KMS give AP reset scroll . Cause i am very sure there is plenty of Pure int magician including me . >,>
        Oh ya, btw what about the defence rate? I heard it change, mind telling me is there any big different?

        • Ghost says:

          How many times have the Luk and M.Acc have been asked here….

          As for the defense, all the buffs for it has been grealy increased, however if i remember right Fiel said def is even most useless now.

        • Anonymous says:

          aww dammit, if mages need luk to hit, my evan is gonna suffer~ it’s pure int n i already bought all eqps for pure int… If this is true, i better stock up on my pieces of time! :P

  81. Thund3erB1izz says:

    hey spadow when u think this patch will be realealesed into maplesea? same goes for dual blade and all? think this patch will arive into maplesea before dual blade?

    • aranofligh says:

      haha dude let’s just say GMS comes b4 maplesea and we havent evan goten dual blade and this comes in like 6months to gms so mayb 8-12 for u =D lol mss sux balls

    • Anonymous says:

      Thunder, do you notice that in msea, every major patch/new job comes in 6 months. Dual blade is before big bang, so most likely, dual blade will come out in dec as evan came out in june in msea. Therefore, I’m predicting that Big Bang patch will come to msea somewhere next june.

  82. Thund3erB1izz says:

    lols seriously? wat bout big bang patch and btw msea 100x better than gms! gms sux balls!!!

  83. Valckior says:

    I’m So Excited to have Shadow Partner and Flash Jump x3
    I’ve only dreamt of the day,but one question comes to mind

    Are Dex/LUK less Characters going to have an advantage in game anymore after??
    or Leeching even exist at all?

  84. steven says:

    so does hp wash b4 the patch good or bad ????

  85. Pingback: Level 130! « Spadow's Blog

  86. artofbladez says:

    lolololololol kms beats all!!!!!!!
    gms mss everything SUX
    KMS ftw

  87. Pingback: KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement! « Spadow's Blog

  88. anonymousguy09 says:

    Important question. Lets say I reach lv120 and adv to 4th job BEFORE the big bang patch. when the patch is out and they give sp reset scroll, can i already max 4th job skills at lv120?

  89. Anonymous says:

    Hoping for Big Bang to come msea soon, i’m predicting it would come next june. Can’t wait for the major changes except for the everlasting patch that is needed to download. ~.~

  90. Question says:

    Hey Spadow, I was just wondering what happens to medals after the patch? Specifically celebrity and quest specialist medals. Thanks.

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