KMST V324 ~ Skill changes again

D-1 till the first update of Big Bang!!

Only one day left for me till I get to experience the new skills on my Viper.
In the patch of today the color of the stat window was changed, thank god.

Here are more images of the updated UI. Hopefully I will get used to it. T_T;

Charater make up … orz

▲ In the test server the level requirement for several party quests were changed. Players who are Lv. 200 or less can play as well.
If you want to complete a PQ, click one in the Mirror of Dimension UI and you’ll be warped to a map which depends of the choice you made.

For example) I want to play with my friends at Kerning PQ. I click the icon in the UI and I’ll be warped to a map with NPC Lakelis. This is way faster than traveling all the way to Kerning City and talk to Lakelis.

Zakum’s level was changed from 140 to 110.
Berserk Maha’s (Aran’s spirit) level was changed from 140 to 120.

Last but not least, here are the skill changes. ▼

Skill data courtesy of Fiel @

– Brave Slash’s damage increased from 190% to 200%. Horizontal range reduced from 200 to 175 pixels.

White Knight:

Effect: Affected:  

– Combat Orders got a proper animation

Dragon Knight, Dark Knight:
– Crusher now works with final attack. Range increased from 150% range to 180% range. A new animation was added. Once you reach level 120, Crusher becomes an orange color:

– Fury’s damage decreased from 380% to 360%. A new animation was added. Once you reach level 120,
Fury becomes a red color:

– Dragon Blood’s weapon attack increased from 20 to 25.
– Dark Force is completely changed. Now, as long as you stay above 30% HP, you add 60% to (overall?) damage and 1 additional attack count on Crusher (so it will hit 3 mobs 4 times). There is no defense reduction.

– Heal was changed. They added a new variable, “u”, which is equal to 5 at all levels. I don’t quite understand the skill string, so I’ll just leave this here:Before: MP #mpCon 소비, 회복력 #hp%, 최대 #mobCount마리의 언데드 몬스터에게 #damage% 데미지, After: #mpCon 소비, 회복력 #hp%, 최대 #u마리의 언데드 몬스터에게 #damage% 데미지
– Blessing MATK and WATK reduced from 22 to 15. Do these guys really know what they’re doing?

– Boomerang Step now hits more mobs at lower levels.

– Cooldown of Lucky Dice reduced from 300 seconds to 200 seconds. Appears that delays were increased.

– Cooldown of Lucky Dice  reduced from 300 seconds to 200 seconds. Appears that delays were increased.

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103 Responses to KMST V324 ~ Skill changes again

  1. SwordStaker says:

    Evans need some more changing..same with Arans

  2. joey says:

    cant wait to see the lucky dice animation ^.^

    • Spadow says:

      I will upload a video of my Viper soon. ^^

      • Joey says:

        will you show lucky dice too? maybe explain some of the random buffs it can get?

        and if you get a chance please get some corsair footage im dieing to know if we become obsolete or we raise even more

        • Spadow says:

          I know what kind of buffs it gives, but nobody asked.
          Lucky Dice can give various buffs:

          – 30% more exp
          – 15% increase in critical rate
          – 20% increase in damage
          – 20% increase in maxHP and maxMP
          – 30% increase in physical defense

          I doubt Captains will be obsolete after all these changes. They are amazing already.

          • crapsode says:

            thats awsome…

          • Joey says:

            thanks alot thats really good id still like to see the new adjustments to corsairs cuz its given me motivation

          • xmanaphyx says:

            WHAT ?! 20% HP AND MP ?! THANKS GOD !!

            30% more EXP… Imagine stack wif holy symbol (Mouth watering)
            The Critical and Damage buffs were splendid !

          • KooT says:

            I really don’t get this new thing … Pirates getting a random/luck based skills …
            Where’s the common sense ? It should be a THIEF skill !

            I can’t wait to see teleport on bowmen …

          • Lucho says:

            Teleport on Bowmans? Can u please show me where it is? because I wanna make one if they get it

          • Marksman 47 says:

            I wonder for how long do they last?

  3. crapsode says:

    hey spadow
    quick question
    since the experience needed is now reduced insainly
    did the experience from monsters go up or down?
    can wait
    1 more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. behemoth says:


  5. King says:

    now all white knights and palis need is a skill that hits monsters more than once

    • crapsode says:

      i think all 1st jobs attacks now hit a mob….
      magic claw (i read this somewhere )(we’ll know tomoorow!!!) hits 2 monsters.
      bowmans arrow blast now hits 3 monsters……
      not sure how they can make lucky 7 hit more than one monster. since it is trowing ninja stars…

      • Lionheart365 says:

        Never heard that. But if they do make magic claw or LS a mob skill, the 1st hit would have too kill a monster and the second could then hit the next monster.

  6. KobeKun says:

    Hey Spadow, do you mind if I use this post as part of the Big Band update for my site?

  7. daniel says:

    will be lmpq on the mirror?

    • Ghost says:

      KMS doesn’t have lmpq, and if GMS already doesn’t support lmpq in the dimension mirror (too lazy to check), then it will probably won’t be supported Post-Big Bang, unless my theory of GMST is correct…

  8. KanesWrath says:

    i am still anoyed that the resistence npcs look so shity….come on they sopose to be Tougher and more evil..
    even with their cover up they look weak and shamefull….the dual blade npcs look epic lol.

    • Zacairga says:

      Why are they supposed to look “Tough” and “evil”, exactly? Because you have made your tiny mind up on the fact that they work for the Black Mage? Please…

  9. Jack says:

    Spadow, sorry to seem like a noob but what’s a viper.

  10. Aryln says:

    Awesome. Thank so much, Spadow, we all appreciate your work. :)
    Hopefully we’ll get loads of updates over the next few days! Can’t wait to read.

  11. Mr. Bean says:

    Dragon knights finally get a fitting animation for Crusher :D

  12. Chuey says:

    I am loving the new colors on the stat window. But I love the new UI overall. It’s my opinion but not sure why so many people hate it. Oh well. Am happy about the Brave Slash power-up, though its speed is back at 1080 ms and used to be 225% on 3 enemies at one point.

    • Zacairga says:

      “Hopefully we can get used to it…”

      What is there to get used to? The new UI is awesome.

      • Ghost says:

        What I’ve learned is that most maplers hate change

        • Zacairga says:

          Meh, I think the word Americans would fit in there a little better…

          • Ghost says:

            Doubt it, i’ve seen many English Speaking Latinos, Australians, European Global Players, and Canadians complain about this revamp.

          • Zacairga says:

            You doubt what?

          • boom says:

            im canadian and i love this revamp i just hope someday it reaches gms, if it does it probably wont be untill at least winter 2011

          • Luxeraph says:

            How things are now going in GMS I think would be more likely between this winter and 2011 spring.

          • Keitau says:

            true cuz most of my friends who aren’t Americans are excited about this change. The rest, well they hate it lol

  13. Keitau says:

    lol sorry to seem like a noob bt wat the hell is a captain i know of the names for almost all pirate classes bt i never heard of captain. oh and thnks for the news spadow. (now i jus hope they make some updates for KoC)

    • Alilatias says:

      The GMS Pirate class names are different from all other versions. It was the result of some pomergranate that Nexon America did.

      Original name = GMS name

      Gunslinger line:
      Gunslinger remains the same
      Valkyrie = Outlaw
      Captain = Corsair

      Infighter line:
      Infighter = Brawler
      Buccaneer = Marauder
      Viper = Buccaneer

  14. joey says:

    it looks like im the only one who likes the new UI whenever i show it to ppl they say ew i dont like it

  15. wow I love the new color stuff….Um Spadow I could not read the Korean parts about heal…
    What did those letters mean that I could not read?

  16. BuddyAran says:

    1 more for this post…
    Popcorn!! (From the 1st pic)

  17. FailedName says:

    Spadow, is it true that bowmaster’s hurricane got boosted to shoot 2x the amount of arrows per second? Because that’s pretty insane.

    • Alilatias says:

      I think this rumor was the result of something that Fiel commented on (that Hurricane/SoA has the same delay as Rapid Fire, of which I think its firing rate had been boosted), but I’m pretty sure that he admitted earlier today that he doesn’t quite know what the new delays actually mean for the skills (understandable considering the unique nature of the skills).

      In short: We need a video. And almost everyone at SouthPerry is beginning to be ticked off that there is a complete lack of Adventurer Archer videos.

      • Zacairga says:

        Yeah. From the numbers we see, it looks like MM are waaay better than BM now, but we can’t really know until we get a vid… For all we know, there could very well be an extra factor in BM we’re not considering.

  18. Kouga says:

    Spadow, I noticed on the picture you posted with the npc merchant, did the value of mesos go down? I mean like the potions are all a lot lower, plus the amount of meso you get from selling those very high level things is also very low too. Please let me know about this

  19. NEXON says:


  20. Dylan says:

    Awww thats not fair D= i worked so hard to get S in all PQs and i kept suciding for the S and now they say thats theres no lvls for it D=????

    • Alilatias says:

      Unless they added something that I know nothing of, the PQ level cap being removed is probably only for the test server. Hoping to be wrong though.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Maybe they do intend to remove the level cap of the PQs so some with get a new air, for example: ludi, orbis, ellin, pirate and magatia are the ones that the most of the population seems to avoid since they don’t give good exp, and at least for me I hate to miss all the quests related to a PQ since I can’t find a party since everyone is in carnival, maybe is just then trying to make the game more like a game and less of a race to level 200.

        • Zacairga says:

          I have no idea where everyon 50-70 is at all. CPQ2 isn’t crowded enough to have everyone in it…

          • KooT says:

            Grind > PQs

          • Luxeraph says:

            More likely but I have been to WRs and MP3 that are from what I have heard the most popular maps and even there I don’t see the amount of people you see in CPQ1 in those places, I guess most people quit at level 50.

            But still the thing is that if the level cap is removed and with the new exp curve it would be way easier to get in those PQs people tend to avoid.

          • Zacairga says:

            They’re not raising the lvl cap. They barely even have places for us to train in 4th job. How much fun will you be having training at Skeles/ToT till lvl 250 this time? Exactly. If anything, look forward to new content.

          • Luxeraph says:

            Zacairga I never said they would raise the level cap, I you read carefully I said “remove level cap” and removing=/=raising.

  21. boom says:

    just a question did any of the experience gained after any quests change?

    PS thanks for the info i cant wait for the distant future when this comes to gms lol i cant wait for the wild hunter im usually a mage guy but the wild hunter just caught my eye

    • Alilatias says:

      From what I’ve heard, quests (and PQs) were overhauled.

      ShiKage at SouthPerry reported earlier on that Kerning PQ had alterations (of which I don’t remember at the moment). The last time he said something about Ludi PQ (a few days after the first changes), he said that ‘everyone is still figuring it out’ (implying that it was completely changed).

      Also, the quest that Manji gives you to send you to Ariant instantly? It’s been removed, for obvious reasons.

  22. rauleli says:

    making changes with one day left?
    i like the new UI

  23. darkstylazz says:

    Spadow, what does the 50% in the stat window mean?

    • Alilatias says:

      Pretty sure it means critical hit rate. It’s red (boosted) because Wild Hunters get a passive critical rate increase whenever they’re on their jaguar.

  24. JoeFrankSee says:


    Just wondering, in your previous thread your lvl 92 char has 2286HP while this thread shows 3200HP. It is an increase of 40% HP, so may I know where this comes from?
    Just to add, your char’s MP bar is 1487, no change to MP stats it seems.


  25. idos055 says:

    I like it that the PQ to a level 200!
    BTW Sadow can I still enter to the PQ through the city itself? and if I choose KPQ I go to the Kerning City map?

  26. Debtor says:

    I need to ask about the mastery books. If you have already passed a mastery book, then you use the SP reset thingie, do you have to use the books again? Since using a mastery book requires a certain amount (5 and 15) points in the skills.

  27. Donut says:

    Finally! they did some changes to the dark knight’s crusher/fury… i was sick of seeing the same skill animations from 70~16x :D

  28. BuddyAran says:

    Anyway, when is the Big Bang part 1 patch?

    Shall we start the countdown??

  29. Noviculas says:

    Oh yea.. Btw whats dark force. the skill of DKs i dun quite get it, is it berserk? I like the colour change of dk crusher and fury sick of blue dragon heads and wings

  30. Expressiøn says:

    New UI is so awesome i really like it ;D

  31. Daikukuro says:

    This newer UI looks a bit better than the last one which was completely black and white! :P

    Lol they even added Transparency.

    Two Questions:

    a) Whats that Mailbox NPC? O.o
    b) Were any other references to Eldestein or Leben mine added in the past two KMST patches?

  32. Anubis says:

    Lol… Nexon should remove the cleric class from the game and add a NPC with the name: “Useless and Weak”… It would be more powerful then the cleric class…

    • Keitau says:

      lol… thts a huge diss to all the clerics and bishops out there. and didnt u read the previous posts? nexon is trying to make the cleric class alot more stronger and make the bishop the class weaker lol.

      • Anubis says:

        How is nexon doing that? reducing the area of effect of Angel Ray? weaking bless? Man… this game is so broken… hopefully it will end in 1 or 2 years

        • wtfjett says:

          How is it broken? Nexon is balancing the game like it should be. -_- bishops arent a one many army, they are a SUPPORT class. They already train the fastest and are most popular for leeching (i.e. implementing the cooldown on ultimates) and didnt Spadow or another forum say that bless was given W.attk and M.attk now? How is that weakening bless by adding that?

          Bishops are the most boring class to me anyway. I’ve had one, got to 133 and quit it for another NL, whats the fun in standing still at skele and holding your gen key. Leeching =most boring thing to do in maple

  33. MrYelnats says:

    Do adventurer rings add to both max and min critical damage with their former values?

  34. Expressiøn says:

    @ Spadow

    Are we gonna have videos of Mechanic ?
    They should be in KMST before KMS no ?

  35. Expressiøn says:

    i mean they are supposed to be in KMST, before being in KMS right ?

  36. Daikokuro says:

    Ooh Spadow important Dual Blade Question:

    Which monster dropped which Skill book?

  37. Ninjakool says:

    the GUI is starting to resemble the ones from wonderking online~

  38. Ghost says:

    Since the patch is tomorrow ( today at the time i’m posting this), i’m guessing all the skill and formula changing are finalized. Kinda makes me wonder if they had any time to test the changes…

    and I know this might be pretty old but a mailbox with a mustache is pretty awesome XD

  39. Lucho says:

    I hope KMS dont make a 2-day-patch for this Revamp (i know is big but i hate GMS Updates)

    • Cocoa says:

      The past few updates ( After Aran ) Have been ending up to an hour before they planned to end it.
      ( The cash shop maintenance ended 50 minutes early )

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  41. Alex says:

    Very nice UI.
    It’s very bubbly, and the chat menus are bright and colourful.
    I think it suits the game much better this way.
    I’m excited to see your demonstrations of Lucky Dice and I am happy about what the various buffs can do.
    I was expecting much worse +20 speed or something, so thanks for the info.

  42. Tyler says:

    i donno if anyone noticed but look at those pot prices is it just because its tespia or did nexon nerf the prices of just pots or weapons or what?

  43. Mr.Jealous says:

    We only get Big Bang at 18 May 2011


  44. I.Love.Maple says:

    hey,so u mean final attack can stack with the current attack?Example if my dmg is 5k my final atk 200% its 10k?

  45. Maple.Lover says:

    the potion damn it cheap! i like these price!!!

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