KMST V323 ~ SP reset scrolls

Yesterday the Big Bang update appeared in several news articles.
A lot of people are worried if their skill points will be reset or not. Rest assure, you will not have to pay nor do anything to get your skill points reset.

When I patched to version 1.2.323 I saw a new file added to my MapleT folder called ”Opening”.
I didn’t bother looking because I already knew what it was, but whenever you launch MapleStory a short opening movie will appear.

When I logged on my character a notice appeared saying I received SP reset scrolls. ()

You get three scrolls and the scrolls I got today will expire in one week.
When you double-click on one scroll, it will ask if you’re really sure you want to reset.

Everything gets reset to zero. Everything except for Beginner skills.
So let’s say that you used one scroll and allocated a skill point in the wrong skill. Oops… You can use the second scroll. So don’t worry about that.
Since there is a SP reset, you might wonder if Ability Points (AP) will be reset, but I don’t think Ability Points will be reset to zero. I also don’t want my AP to be reset because it’s going to be a pain in the ass to click so many times. >_<;

I noticed that the UI of the stat window was changed to the new one.

I prefer the old one. I don’t like this… T_T

Only six days left until the first Big Bang update~! But there are again skill changes. ▼

Skill data courtesy of Fiel @



– Damage of Brave Slash decreased from 205% to 190%.
– Skill duration of Enrage decreased from 240 to 180 seconds.


– Damage of Advanced Charge Blow decreased from 500% to 460%.
– Damage of Blast decreased from 740% to 700%. At a certain success rate Blast can deal critical damage and instantly kill monsters.
– Cooldown of Sanctuary increased from 20 to 40 seconds.

Dark Knight:

– Defense reduction of Dark Force reduced from -60% to -30%.

F/P Mage:

–  New variable added: subProp. Stun probability of Teleport Mastery reduced from 100% to 50%.

I/L Mage:

– New variable added: subProp.  Stun probability of Teleport Mastery reduced from 100% to 50%.

Cleric, Priest:

– Weapon and Magic attack of Bless increased from 15 to 22.
– New variable added: subProp. Stun probability of Teleport Mastery reduced from 100% to 50%.

Ranger, Sniper, Marksman:

– Animation of Mortal Blow changed.
– MP cost of Sniping at Lv. 1 is 300 MP. Per level the MP consumption decreases by -10 MP. Cooldown increased from 5 to 10 seconds.

– Greed’s damage bonus to Meso Explosion increased from +30% to +40%

Dual Blade:
– Final Cut’s damage reduced from 2100% to 2000%
– Chains of Hell attack count reduced from 12 to 10

Infighter, Viper:
– CSB changed from 3 mobs * 150% damage * 3 times to 3 mobs * 460% damage * 1 time
– Damage of Fist decreased from 360% to 342%
– Demolition damage reduced from 400% to 380%
– Snatch’s stun duration increased from 3 to 4. Now attacks 6 mobs.

– Success rate of Mind Control decreased from 100% to 94%

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85 Responses to KMST V323 ~ SP reset scrolls

  1. Lionheart365 says:

    New stat window needs more color.

  2. Yorckie says:

    This is a total relief… I love the SP Resets! n_n

    By the way Spadow, do you happend to know or have any website where I can see the entire new skills animations/changes? I’d really appreciate it.

  3. someoneeeee says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Also, I’d like to know Corsairs position right now.. There has been so many changes.. Did Cannon get buffed up? How many times does it shoot?

  4. JunCurious says:

    I hate how the new UI’s become darker and more space-ship-module-like.

    It’s kinda depressing…

    Yay for new SP resets though. I’ma get rid of Double Stab and get Lucky 7 just for the heck of it. >:3

  5. Trinityblast says:

    I kind of missed the classic UI but I love the new skill revamps now that Nexon is assuring us we don’t have to spend 100s on resets. I can’t wait to see what happens after this patch reaches KMS.

  6. Ghost says:

    Spadow, you say that you don’t think there will be AP resets, but at the same time you talk as if there will be AP resets….
    Btw have you heard anything about the Resistance Mount?

  7. Keitau says:

    im jus wondering if there are ap resets, will there be the option of auto assigning the points or do u have to click it thousands of times to finish

  8. Guest123546 says:

    Did they add the skin change option. If so then we’ll be able to change the look and colour of the default UI right?

  9. Zacairga says:

    I actually like the new UI. But then, black is my favorite color…

  10. Doctor Mechadoc says:

    Holy crap this is awesome. Hey spadow? Could you by any chance supply us with the assets from the video? I’d like to make a wallpaper featuring the Black Magician and his minions.

  11. AlOnE89 says:

    I almost missed this post when I saw the old post (1st of July that one) =_=
    well..I hope this ain’t the last patch, they seriously need to let F/P mage have stronger single target attack and at least increase the range of Angel Ray ._.

  12. gamester47 says:

    So with the sp reset scrolls if u had like sharp eyes at 30 and u reset it can u put it back up to 30 or do u have to use the skill books again.?

    • andy says:

      that is a good question. like what if u never used mastery books too? would nexon be able to tell the difference?

  13. rauleli says:

    I ♥ all the changes specially the skills and the formulas
    BTW i love the new header. Are you going to change it regularly? cuz that would be awesome

  14. Mazaranshak says:

    Spadow please reply to this theres a pirate representative in elin forest who says shes always playing with metal(i think) could this be the forerunner of the mechanic? and since shes in aran’s time period, could the mechanic also be a legend?

  15. DAggers says:

    @Spadow, We need use Mastery book agn?? after using sp reset?

  16. larmie says:

    I’d say keep the scrolls till others figured out the best build. Not to mention additional updates…
    Keeping three pot slots empty will be a pain though.

  17. DAggers says:

    Spadow , is 1 scroll can reset all of ur job sp (1st,2nd,3rd and 4th)
    thats mean it give u 3 attempts to add ur sp to ur desired skilll?

  18. DAggers says:

    or it is based on ur job adv?
    means like u reach 3rd job ,it give u 3 ,and 4th job, it give u 4.
    So dual blade is 6?
    Erm..Spadow, each job adv has their own total sp..
    can we add 3rd job sp to 4th job skill? or only can for 3rd skills?
    and i heard somewhere at southperry..they say upon using the scroll ,they have added 1 point on every skill?
    gt such thing?

    • Spadow says:

      If you read my post then you should know that there is no such thing as 1 point added in every skill.

    • Nanu says:

      You cannot use SP points gained during a job adv for higher job adv skills, Example: first job SP points cannot be used for 2nd job skills but any SP points gained from a higher job adv can be used for a lower adv, with Dual Blade being the exeption, they can add points differently apparently since they have 6 adv’s(you can google why on this one).

  19. Manaphy says:

    Will the old maplers get their reimbursement on HP as well ? o-o
    what i means was
    A Captain was created before big bang patch has around 5k HP (Old Formula)
    and B Captain was created after big bang patch and achieved same Level as A Captain with the new Formula and has higher HP at around 6k~7k ( Because the new HP increasing formula gives 60% more increasing in HP)
    So Will A Captain get his HP 7k too ? O_o
    (I tink i am asking a stupid question , how comes Nexon is so free to do it =.= , reset HP 1 by 1 )

  20. plsbanthem says:

    Somehow, i think the new UI is inspired by the UI of the iPhone

  21. plsbanthem says:

    Since lesser exp is required to lvl up, does it mean we can carry forward our current exp?

    For example, if the current exp system need 1000exp to lvl from 20 to 21, and the new exp system need 600, does that mean i can lvl up to 21 and can have the spare 400exp (without training)?

  22. Moo says:

    To Spadow~

    erm do you get all 576 skill points after reseting ? or how does it work
    accoring to my cals you get around 576 total points from 10-200 including job adv points but wasn’t the limit 255?-remembers that from gms tespia long ago-
    are they splitted onto job adv~ ?or you get em all and can place wherever you want.
    thanks for reponse

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t know, maybe that’s why they gave three scrolls?

      • Raku says:

        If I recall correctly a byte has a 255 value limit so it should make sense that the cap is also 255 (and make sense that they won’t change the data type to save memory). Several people on the other forums claim Nexon avoids an integer overflow problem by forcing you to have 1 in every skill (which is not a problem in my opinion since most current skill builds will leave you with 1 in a certain skill anyway). You probably get 3 scrolls to test out the new skills since a lot of people will be very unfamiliar on how they work after the new updates.

        • Raku says:

          Nvm. Still doesn’t add up. Since ppl on other forums are more concerned about 1 sp in L7 on a dit character than loosing sp or the system crapping up on you Nexon has probably made a work around for this problem.

      • Nanu says:


  23. FuryKnight says:


  24. Sane says:

    Umm, the skill revamp. I don’t really get it. Did the decrease the attack damage?

  25. andy says:

    how about dual blades spadow? i thought lvl 55 to 70 they share skill points.. does this still work ?

  26. Ko says:

    Woot i could screw around with my skills and then just reset them again xD

  27. MrRedfox says:

    Ugh, so many questions.

    @DAggers (and everyone else asking a similiar question): Base off of what users said about the scrolls they reset ALL of your sp from every job…just not sure how exactly.

    @gamester47: I’m pretty sure you it won’t take your mastery book since all it does is reset existing sp (unless of course, theres a glitch).

    Thats what I’ve got from it at least

  28. playing on GMS! says:

    when it will be on GMS?
    I brought the wrong skills!
    thanks for helping!
    p.s.:i am from israel,my english is good?

    • dromanxvi says:

      i also from isreal english your is great
      keep work good up
      nah just kidding im american proper grammar would be
      When will it be in GMS?
      uhm idk how to doctor that up
      Thanks for helping!
      P.S. I am from Israel, is my english good?

  29. notorious says:

    spadow. im really confused did sudden raid get a cooldown of 100 seconds too. some guy told me and i cant seem to find the proof anywhere. :( help!

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  31. Drummer says:

    The UI looks good, except the Stat window needs to be more colorful.

  32. Ringo Juusu says:

    Skill duration of Enrage increased from 240 to 180 seconds.

    should be changed to either

    increased from 180 to 240 seconds


    decreased from 240 to 180 seconds.

  33. TehFrancis says:

    With these redundant changes (such as Brave Slash going back and forth), I keep wondering whether Nexon really know what they’re doing. >_>

  34. Amelia says:

    i dont c how some people think this is so chaotic and stupid…

    i mean, seriously, AS IF nexon would be so dumb to not know what theyr doing.
    nexon wouldnt screw maplestory just because they feel like it.
    do some people really think nexon will just FUCK maplestory over?
    doesnt anybody think that they’ll implement somthing to make it all better later on?

    or am i the only one who believes in nexon?

    • rauleli says:

      I believe in nexon and i also believe/hope that they they will raise the level cap and inplement 5th job advancement for Explorers that it would be like this
      Cygnus Knights-3 job advs
      Heroes/Resistance-4 job advs
      Explorers-5 job advs

      • Keitau says:

        well thts not fair. tht means tht there are gonna be weaker classes and i dont think thts wat nexon is trying to do.

      • Ghost says:

        If they add a new job advancement, all classes (even the CK) would get them

        • Keitau says:

          i hope thts wat happens cuz damn the cks are weak. itd make it more reasonable to make a ck if they get on the same lvl as the other classes

  35. Shulynch says:

    I just noticed that new new MapleStory UI, Inventory, and Skill Inventory look a lot like the ones in Dragonica.

    That’s not a bad thing, though. I love Dragonica’s UI.

  36. idos055 says:

    The new UI looks amazing!
    I cant wait tuntil it will come to Maple Strory Europe.

  37. DAggers says:

    I dont think Nexon will implement 5th job adv..
    There will run out of ideas wad the skill need for each job..

  38. Voltaire says:

    also spadow, how’d u make ur theme background like that?

  39. DAggers says:

    @ Voltaire..

    This is the new theme after the “big bang” patch..
    I hope there will be a option to switch the theme to different color..
    i dun like grey xP

  40. Emenia says:

    L> ap resets so my lukless mage and lowdex warrior aren’t completely screwed over. *sigh* T_T

  41. flyXwing says:

    I might need some ap resets, my current builds have all previous maplestory formulas factored in!

  42. qaovxtazypdl says:

    HH cooldown INCREASED?@@#!@!$%!@^&

    screw that

  43. Jacky says:

    So we can SP reset, try a different build, and if we don’t like it, we can reset again. Cool.

  44. KanesWrath says:

    wow there are so many stupid people here… jeez

  45. The Marksman says:

    What? Sniping’s cooldown increased to 10 seconds? That’s kinda imbalancing them from their counterparting classes is it? I rather have the cooldown up to 8 seconds.

  46. Random_overlord says:

    Spadow, when will you get on your BM on kmst and make videos?

  47. kiddude says:

    The sp and ap assign/stats windows are much sleeker!

  48. Tyson says:

    Are there no AP resets?

  49. iLorka says:

    What are they doing to Evan? ><

    We have it bad enough as it is and you're telling us some kills are being cut in HALF?

    Or is half from new translation where it could be more? ._.

    Oh well I'll just wait and see X X…

  50. sol22222ki says:

    lol hiver looks like he has a mustache

  51. story13 says:

    do they reset ap too?

  52. me-mi says:

    theese new jobs are basicly redunant except the mounts. im gonna stick with my db cuz ya kno its populatinon will decline

  53. confuse says:

    i wonder if i can use the SP on 1st job to 2nd/3rd/4th job?

  54. Ling Sie Tak says:

    Hey,i wanna to ask you..If we get sp reseted.. Our skill goes back to 0… Izit the skillbook required skill above lvl 10 or lvl 5 is gone too?We need to buy it back?? Such like dual blade skill..

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