EXP from level 1 till 58

Many Maplers want a new EXP curve. Other versions of MapleStory got their EXP curve already, but not KMS. However, the massive update in Tespia didn’t only add new features but also a new EXP curve.

Nowadays I don’t play KMS a lot. I log on sometimes and say hello, but that’s all!
But ever since I read the details of the massive update, it makes me thinking if I should return to my Viper in KMS.

The EXP curve of KMST is crazy! Check it out~

[Source] Steve @ EllinForest.com

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  1. [Hex] says:

    Whoah, that’s pretty breathtaking.
    And OMG at -80~87%
    That’s crazy.
    Anyway thank you Spadow! :)
    Also is there any more news about DragonNest lately?

    • Spadow says:

      It is pretty breathtaking.
      There’s nothing going on about Dragon Nest, except for a patch that released another boss.

      No biggie.

    • HyperBole says:

      Dude, to make it even worse in KMST (and I am pretty sure KMS too) each cpq is 300k exp o.o I think with that exp we will have a gagillion level 200’s and I will be one myself… I saw a level 70 barely has like 100k exp and he is 50%.
      PLUS, now with the skill boosts, item boosts, AND ACCURACY FORMULA CHANGE (now it doesn’t go by the amount of accuracy you have, it goes by the monster’s level. Happy news for -Less people), people will be GODLEHYYYYY and will ruin the MapleStory we once new. So yeah, crap.

    • Jencalo says:

      i swear they probably not thinking about it now but i swear, soon, they’re gonna have higher levels, more boss fights and even more epic lags.

    • ori says:

      is it gonna be like thins in GMS with the exp?

  2. rauleli says:

    Finally after a week we get another post.
    -80% omg.
    so much faster.
    Are they going to raise the level cap? Maybe 5th job advancement?

  3. MAHOGANI says:

    are they reducing the exp from monsters?
    cause if they dont
    that will be awsome
    my brother who couldnt get from lvl 20-30 can finally play
    he’s a noob

  4. Gaphary says:

    Apparently a lot better than the current GMS curve according to Hidden Street. Maple might actually be playable now.

  5. Alilatias says:

    *head asplodes*

    I guess the developes want to move Maple away from being a level/grind-based game and more of a skill/equip-based one. That’s perfectly fine by me!

    I’m more curious about the quest changes though. I’ve heard that there were quite a bit, especially regarding PQs…

    • Lionheart365 says:

      Hmmm… Equip based -_- uggg.

      It was to hard to level, but changeing it to GMS’s would be much better.

      I think they should raise quest exp so it’s worth it.

    • Ghost says:

      Define a “skill/equip-based” game?

      • SoBadAss says:

        Making the game more about damage then trying to level.

        • Ghost says:

          Isn’t that what a lot of people do anyways?

          • SoBadAss says:

            Yeah. but this makes everyone a damage whore.

          • Zacairga says:

            No it doesn’t. It just makes it so lvling will be easier… If anything, we’ll be seeing more higher lvls who AREN’T dmg whores.

          • Valckior says:

            I wouldn’t mind Damage, but I will never be a Damage Hoe.
            Heck I’m a Chief Bandit, were terrible at damage anyways =P

          • ori says:

            don’t be so sure, the assoultter demage is really insected in the big bang event so u can deal much more with it

      • Alilatias says:

        By that, I mean a game where you spend most of your time bossing/upgrading your equips/traveling around the Maple world/questing, rather than grinding. Others would probably start caring more about your equips and how you control your character, rather than your level.

        Looking over the mob data at SouthPerry, it would appear that they have bosses at just about every level range, and there’s a screenshot of Level 110 equips dropping from monsters now too.

        Mob Data: http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=28148
        Screenshot of Level 110 equip dropping from a monster: http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=28490

        From the looks of it, quests are being redone too – for example, ShiKage reported a while back that Manji’s quest to send you to Ariant no longer exists. (A lot of quests really have to be redone. For example, Aran’s later quests send him to places like Elin Forest and Mu Lung – places that are now Level 7x+ areas. And then there’s the issue of 3rd job advancement in El Nath, which is in an equally bad situation.)

        • Luxeraph says:

          I like that, thats kinda how I play, mostly just leveling so I can do quest since grinding is so boring.

    • Edercler says:

      What about un-funded/new people? they can never afford 10 atk wgs, 8 atk Pacs IDK what else… you cant make a game equip based without fixing that can you?

  6. Moo says:

    chill guys its not all that gr8 and uber fast as some of you may think.
    dont forget that they incrased acc formula and lvl of most monsters.
    so lets say instead of training as a lvl 20 @ stuff that is 30 lvl you gonna stick to some low lvl / exp monsters that you will be able to hit / kill fast (remember hp also got bumped up)
    ya it will be faster but not uber fast

    • Alilatias says:

      Potential system and changed skill/formulas. The people playing in KMST over at SouthPerry reported once that Level 57-58 took half an hour. No 2x cards or anything. I don’t know about you, but that is extremely fast to me.

      • Moo says:

        ya i didnt say it wont be that fast but 1 lvl isnt supazpomgwtf fast for me in 30 mins
        you can do that in gms as well with current exp table just by leeching bf or anego (ya i know lolleech but still the fact its possible)
        also dont forget they probably gonna change exp / pq exp rewards as well.(as for now they didnt touch much there except for changing last stage in kpq where you do tickets part and boss part separate)

        • Ashrangorok says:

          Ok, but how much time does it take for you to level by yourself?

          • Moo says:

            57>58 ? probably around 1 hour normal training (depends on job as well)
            if you know where and how to train its really not hard

    • Ghost says:

      Most skills that received accuracy got a large boost to them too. Not to forget that also the higher level you become the less acc you need on a monster until you reach their level (if they still kept this formula…)

  7. RawVoltage says:

    This kinda sucks for the few people who already worked real hard to get 200. D:
    I’ve been working real hard too, I’m level 84 gunner. I want 120 someday, but I don’t think I would’ve wanted this. I’d rather they increase the exp on monsters that is all. No level 70 monster should give less then 500exp…

    • MAHOGANI says:

      so ..?
      now you can get to that lvl…

      • Ghost says:

        Some people prefer working hard to aim high. And with so many people working to get 200 now, they’ll be a massive influx of level 200’s soon. I can’t imagine Nexon making a level 250 cap (and even a 5th JA) within 6 months of this patch’s official release.

        • Luxeraph says:

          Well theres always the chance that nexon its trying to be like some of the p2p mmo, where getting to the level cap is good but its not the main objective since even after getting to the cap there is still much to do, which in maple I don’t think there is other than bossing from time to time, maybe the guilds would get more features, like guild halls or something like that.

      • RawVoltage says:

        Yea man what Ghost said, now when I reach 120 it’s not gonna be an accomplishment really. I’m just gonna be on of those 200 people who got it within that week.

        • Zacairga says:

          Lvl 120 was already easy though… I like the exp curve. Would’ve saved me hundreds of millions of mesos if it had been in GMS when I was still a CB.

  8. Mesniaa says:

    I really wish Global would get this, yes global got an exp cut but it sucks. It’s nothing compared to this and barely helps at all, I’ve been playing global since beta and I feel like even with the exp curve 30-200 is still nuts, the grinding I need to do is just not worth it, it’s really why I quit. As well as people(in real life friends of 10+ years) never leaving their house ever, dropped out of school and play maple all day.

    • MAHOGANI says:

      you dropped out?

      • Ghost says:

        I think Nexon so now focusing on casual players rather than the hard-core players. Casual players don’t want to grind because they’ll easily get sick of maple story after playing for a short amount of time. Making leveling quicker will allow players to get a taste of new skills and better damage faster, thus rekindling their want for maple story.

        • Mesniaa says:

          I agree. It’s why I don’t play after ever since beta, I sign in and it feels so pointless and like I don’t get anywhere also @MAHOGANI no friends of mine dropped out in grade 10 or 11, that I’ve known since childhood due to maple.

          • Zacairga says:

            If you drop out for a game you really need help…

          • Mesniaa says:

            Yeah that’s my point. I didn’t drop out, life long friends I’ve had dropped out and spend all day on it. It’ s sad, they have no life.

          • Lulitsadude says:

            Seems WAY too big… will make leveling way too easy… x_x An exp cut is good, but not NEARLY as drastic as this… Seems getting level 200 won’t be amazing anymore… Not liking this.

  9. Deamon says:

    OMFG!!! MORE THEN 50% ALMOST EVERY LVLs – 70%-80%

  10. Lucidious says:

    before we had the previous exp curve getting level 50 was an accomplishment now in the current exp curve level 50 is so noob it was replaced by level 90 which is now the new level 50 so i take it after this curve 120 will be the new 50? ^_^?

    • MAHOGANI says:

      i like that idea!
      i can fianlly get 3rd job….
      yah i am a noob……
      i am thinking of training my blaze wiz again^^

  11. Lionheart365 says:

    This is so…. Uggh
    maple needed an exp tnl reduction but this is to much. If I wanted to level this fast with no chalenge whatsoever, I would play on a PS.
    Screw this.

    • Keitau says:

      Okkkk I don’t know if ur an idiot or jus plain retarded. I’m lvl 70 and it takes almost 1mil exp to lvl so I very much like this. Finally I can catch up to my friends.thanks spadow oh and btwvdo u know if this gonna come to gms and when it’ll be there?

      • Edercler says:

        Dude, how can you catch up, if your friends have the same exp curve? it would be kinda imposible, if you wanna sleep too… And, I remember beta too, I know lvling took long, but it was much better than this sjit, Lionheart is rite, If you wanna lvl fast, go play PS. Cooldown on Blizzard, Meteor and Genesis… Thats like too much, why else wanna be a mage?

        • Sophia says:

          I was playing a mage on Maplestory long before 4th Job was even around. The Ultimate attacks had nothing to do with my decision to become a cleric. Sure Genesis is a really nice skill, but after even around 10 levels of using it the skill becomes less of an ultimate attack and becomes a flashier magic claw. Have you ever played a game before where the best attack you could possibly get didn’t have a cool down besides maple? In almost every MMO and RPG there is either a really high mp cost (access to potions is limited in those cases) or a cooldown and to be honest 30sec is nothing especially now considering that you can cast your ultimate and then clean up the map with your other skills then go again.

      • Ryan says:

        BB will come out on GMS on DEC. 7 wich is kind of retarded cause the same day cataclysm comes out and i play both wow and maple.. they should have releised it earlier or later. -_-

  12. Joel says:


  13. Rj says:

    everyone, prepare for lvl 70 noobs
    because now almost everyone can have a high level now….

  14. Luxeraph says:

    Now 100 is going to be the new 70, well at least people would be more encouraged to make new chars/accounts which transalate into more nx spend for those who like their chars nx dressed, which is almost everyone.

  15. Raffaello says:

    For the first few seconds I forgot that this was currently only in KMS. So I was thinking, “OMG I can get my lvl 31 sin to lvl 70 much faster”(which I really want to do cause we don’t get a new attack until 70). Then I remembered that this was in KMS. I really wish I knew Korean so I could play KMS.

    BTW don’t make fun of me that my sin is only lvl 31 cause I made him recently and got him to 31 yesterday.

  16. Gratz to you and everyone who plays KMS,
    Tonight Im going to hit level 159…with exp curved like that and the way I train if we had that now Ill be lv200 on my main and evan and 120 on my blaze, Thank you for posting this

    • Zacairga says:

      If the exp curve comes to gms so will your ultima’s cooldown, though. Lmao, you’d be lucky to even get to 160…

      • Alilatias says:

        Fun fact: Level 15x Mages existed in GMS before 4th job (and therefore Ultimates) existed.

        • Zacairga says:

          Fun fact: Most of those mages no longer play, and the current ones have absolutely no idea how to train.

          I honestly don’t see what you’re getting at.

          • FuryKnight says:

            Fun fact: I think MrYaNdAO in MapleSEA reached level 200 before 4th job was released.

          • bazukakias says:

            fun fact 2:itzmjauz in ems reached lvl 200 b4 4th job and leafre released without exp curve(2,2b exp)
            fun fact 3:Ltzdaniel in ems reached lvl 200 WITHOUT 4th job
            and btw we dont have exp curve in ems @_@ no evans,DB(and i think this bigbang update will come in 2 years >_>),we just got arans, we dont have temple of time—>reverse weapons,HT battle once a year—->no 30 books(i am 151lvl AM f/p and i dont have meteor 30 >_>)there r some meso hacker atm and as a result the price are very fcking high!(ex.11 dex earrings 600m)

  17. joey says:

    i hope gms gets this even though they got the exp curve it would just suck if gms doesnt get it T_T

  18. Tazu says:

    Will my level get raised to fit the exp curve? xD

    • MAHOGANI says:

      i hope so….
      lets say you are at…
      90% for lvl 100
      and then they change required exp
      and it goes back to 0%
      that would suck
      it would probably just be like…

  19. sarinomu says:

    once it gets to GMS

  20. sarinomu says:

    Im going to enjoy Maple while it last EVEN if it suks

  21. bob says:

    how bout for lvls past 58?

    • thechazz says:

      it wil stay the same …msupdate told me this before it wil all stay the same 80% off.
      the person that spadow got this from cut the bar till lvl 58 since showing it to lvl 200 wil be to long but im sure that the exp till lvl 200 wil at least be like 80 or 70 % off

      • Zacairga says:

        No it won’t. I’ve seen screenshots of high lvl 4th jobbers in KMST. They need 55-61% less than they do now.

  22. Ghost says:

    a random guess, i would say about 80% of all exp from 1-58 has been but off. That’s 5x faster to level!

  23. Owlett says:

    Spadow question regarding the exp that current players already have. When this patch goes through will all players exp reset to 0%?

    Currently it takes almost 500 million exp to level from 177 to 178, say you had 350 million exp when this patch takes place. Will all that hard work be reset, or will you magically be level 180 or whatever level that much exp is equivalent to?

  24. notorious says:


    • Ghost says:

      It’s has begun!

      • Secun says:

        Inb4 Allessandro goes “zomg I told you all first but you didn’t believe me omgomgomg”

        Anyways, the new exp tables are quite sexy.

        • Zacairga says:

          I’m lovin the new UI interface. The item menu is sexy as hell.

          • Zack says:

            i heard that you might be able to change the UI skins too (think it was somewhere here)

          • Zacairga says:

            I heard a new class called the summoner was coming out at the same time!

            …Just because you hear something doesn’t make it true. No, Spadow said nothing even remotely like that on his blog.

      • Keitau says:

        yes it has. i was rite thinking dual blades would be released this summer. i jus hope they give an extra char slot cuz im full

    • sarinomu says:

      ugh Let the Lag Fest begin! Once it comes out… – .-

    • ed says:

      FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crap no god no pliz god pliz!!!!!!!

    • FuryKnight says:

      Hmmm…. when will it get to MSEA…. Blade scrolls? A new weapon… finally, after knuckles and guns, we are finally getting a new weapon.
      My level 20 thief is ready! (with lucky seven maxed, of course)
      Sin-Blades anyone?

  25. toom says:

    it will get to Gms too?

  26. Seth says:

    OMFG! When this comes to KMS I am totally leveling up my Dual Blader O.O.

  27. alex says:

    i want all the new crap to come out in gms all ready

  28. Arjen says:

    Wow! I hope EMS will get this soon, but I don’t think so, they don’t even have Aran released (will probably released in a few days), but in an Interview with the Europe live team, they say they will speed up the release of contents, so I really hope this will come to EMS.

  29. ed says:

    Yo Spadow When this is coming to Kms (the exp curve)?

      • nicholas says:

        it really grinds my gears when people give answers like that soon is a relative term dude

        in the 1500s-1600s-1700s people only lived like 30 years so 50 was freaking old to them

        nowadays life expectancy is like 72

        trees can live for thousands of years

        to tree a century is short as hell since they live through dozens of them they dont seem so long

        to a person a year is shortish because we like through like 8 dozen of them a century is really long to us because we barely live for 1

        so soon depends on alot itd be better to estimate(even if you dont know because soon = depends on who/what you are and when your around)

  30. James says:

    Lol i don’t think theres going to be any difference. Yeah you need less exp to level. But the monsters have higher hp and have less exp. Lol!

    • Zacairga says:

      They have higher exp… Their hp is higher, though. The difference will be pretty signifigant, though. With the potential system people will still be able to 1-2 hit kill.

  31. ace5008 says:

    spadow if you a level and then the update happens will you massive level up or stay the same?
    what if you lvl 69 and then the update and then you like 79,will you miss you job advancment?

  32. Wisdom says:


  33. spadowftw says:

    woawh like 3 hours till lvl 60 on 1x exp sick.

  34. Devon says:

    One Cpq1 A rank win is enough to level you almost twice in your early thirties! Geez ~_~ I like maple how it is right now in GMS.

  35. BboyStyleZ says:

    I wouldnt be suprised if nexon doesnt implement this or tweak it so it barely does anything >.>

    • Zacairga says:

      We follow KMS so close to exactly you might as well say it is. This is definitely coming to GMS.

      • Anonymoose says:

        But this is KMST, not KMS. We need to keep in mind that this is all a test and subject to change. We may or may not get this new curve.

  36. sarinomu says:

    Ugh, im going to stay until all this weird crap comes. Then i’ll see if its WORTH playing ms anymore T.T

  37. Ko says:

    Do you have any idea when this well come to GMS?

  38. Ko says:

    Think how mad all the 180+ well be. xD

    • HyperBole says:

      True, after working so hard and putting so much time into it, and Nexon lets newbs do that in a day.

  39. Random says:

    One Balrog PQ at lvl50 could get you a nice couple of levels O.O

    • HyperBole says:

      There is no multi-level in any MapleStory (except private servers). You can only level 1 level and 99%. Balrog PQ will be crap because CPQ is 300k each in KMST… So that would get you leveling easily 0.0

  40. Sybil says:


    That is awesome. LOOK AT THE EXP FOR LEVEL 58.

  41. why exp needed to lvl 29 to 34 its the same?

    • maplefan009 says:

      go ahead quit……
      you’ll regrett it when we all are having fun…….
      you know i can swear to anyhing that 3/4 of the people that say that thy are quitting wont…..
      the appearently cant find another alturnative to expressing what they mean…..
      if you do
      go ahead…..
      and yah
      if this is makes its way to kms(i play), it will be apparently permanent 5x exp
      AND ANYONE GET THE FEELING THAT THEY ARE JUST MAKING IT EASIER since in an earlier blog of spadow…..
      he said
      maple story is most definatley making maplestory 2
      maybe they just want to finish the whole heroes vs black mage and get it over with?

      i am just guessing

      correct me if i’m wrong…

      • Luxeraph says:

        I don’t think they want to “get it over with” since all that cost money and a new maple would most likely end up moving most of the population from the old one to the new one, so if they rush (a lot of money) just to release a new game that most likely will replace maplestory in a small amount of time they will lose a lot of moeny, unless their rushing it so people have enough time to pay the new patches and then release the new thing.
        Or they don’t care since MS2 will start with the black mage saga, though if I’m not wrong spadow said MS2 wasn’t related to MS, so who knows just time will tell.

      • Aerone says:

        i think they won’t make a maplestory 2. its just like the other game Ragnarok Online. there was supposed to be RO2 but they seem to have ditched the idea and instead focused on adding more and more content to the 1st ragna.

  42. Ryan says:

    Okay so I got level 200 in a 16x exp maplestory private server before. With this exp change, apparently its 5x faster to level. 5x2exp card = 10x faster? and i’m sure HS+ some other methods could get it near 16x. So basically I could get 200. Wut?

  43. FuryKnight says:

    More EXP = More fun.
    Example: Private Servers.
    Hopefully now they will release more endgame content….
    I’m sick of spamming people with my level 200 arch mage…

  44. Lev says:

    Hmm…. Does anyone know if Globabl Maplestory will be recieving this? if not, What will GMS get if they have not gotten anything like this (if so what is theirs?).

  45. cleric says:

    I got a priest in KMS and all my skills will be weaker!
    But the EXP still VERY good.

  46. Hanabira.Kage says:

    This revamp has been officially named MapleStory: Big Bang.

  47. Marc says:

    wow, nexon should just stop changing things, it’s suppose to be a challenge to be a high level.
    “woo i just got 200 in 2 years!!!”
    yay exp curve!
    “woo i just got 200 in 2 weeks!!!”

  48. Aerone says:

    wow the exp for 57-58 after the exp curve is just like 36-37 now

  49. Shulynch says:

    Spadow, it looks like you were right.

    Edelstein, a link from the extraction thread from Southperry.

  50. shakar96 says:

    Spadow I have the exp for all the levels. But I can’t release it because I am banned from Ellin Forest lawls. I will release it when I am unbanned at 7/4.

  51. Trinityblast says:

    Something is just telling me that they might raise the level cap sometime soon.

  52. KMS says:

    I scrap it..

  53. ftlorftw says:

    when everybody is dmgwhore is no one a dmgwhore?

    • nicholas says:

      PLEASE! dont start a “if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?” here i dont wanna have this freaking obvious discussion

  54. BBOYSHINNY says:

    all u babys that keep whining about “OH im so pissed i worked so hard” you work hard, but dont you play a game to have fun? you dont play a game to accomplish something in your life. you either play a game to have fun because you bored or you dont. the exp curve will be very good for KMS,GMS,EMS, whatever type of MS it is
    due to the sheer fact that it will make maplestory more fun for new players. If it is slightly easier to level than it will be more fun. I personally thing that 5X from now is not even a big jump and im not saying that because ppl think im a “Noob”.

    • LemonBallz says:

      Dude, you do realize why Nexon made this patch, right? My theory is that everyone (are and still doing so) in MapleStory just wants to get to a high level, chill out with friends, buy NX to celebrate his accomplishment, and brag to other people about how he “owns” so much. Seeing this, Nexon realized they’re not going to get many customers that buy NX monthly/ per 10 lvls or so. It all came down to what was needed to do to change the game into a more of a friends/fun + BUYING SHIT LOAD OF NX game instead of having the grind/PQ game today. This game will soon become a Friends/Fun which is great for all the people that re VERY tired of grinding ALL DAY LONG. Thus, if levels aren’t a big problem in MS, people would have to find new ways to make the game appeal to them resulting to buying more nx and blah blah blah. You get my point right?

  55. BBOYSHINNY says:

    Yeah, i think it would be pretty easy but it will still be challenging. If it takes some people 5yrs to get lvl 200 then it will take roughly 1-2years. A GAME IS MADE FOR PLAYERS TO HAVE FUN.. NOT TO GO HOME TO UR PARENTS AND SAY, “Oh mom guess what! i reached lvl 200 in maplestory the other day!!!!” The more old players that leave due to being total drama queens about this the more new players will join and have a blast spending more money on NX cash.

  56. Aidan says:


    will the ppl who have worked hard on leveling up. get the exp that they already have. (meaning that if im at level 58 i will level up a few times dew to having exp b4 this patch)

  57. Angela says:

    wel they changed the xp curve, but aren’t they also gonna change the xp rate of a lot of monsters so 80% looks much but its not so good as we think it is =D

    i’m just geussing

    • LemonBallz says:

      uhm, i read on another website that they changed monsters for the BETTER. Mostly the lvl 10-30 monsters stay the same while like Toy Trojans (lvl 39) were changed to lvl 59 and they also give 190exp. The biggest thing to comprehend for me is the changes on the rombots. They changed his hp to have 90k and he gives 3k exp per kill and hes lvl 70 – 80 monster. These changes are going to screw up CPQ so i think nexon would change the monsters we can summon. Unless they change the reward exp after quest completion; give less exp because of the exp curve, then grinding will look like the only easy option if you want to lvl. If that happens, Nexon would be right back where they started with this game and that’s what i want them to prevent. Sorry for the wall of text :P

      • FuryKnight says:

        Woo, how about taking 5 minutes to kill a Toy Trojan?

        • LemonBallz says:

          It wouldn’t take that long because all the classes mostly got upgrades. If you’re a lvl 50-58 killing trojans, it will only take 2-4 hits ( Depending on job and skill) And if youre a lvl, lets say 30, killing trojans, all you will see on your screen is “Miss”. You’re also froggeting that on monsters youre dealing (lets say you do a regular att which is 100% of your att range) you will do instead 90% because the damage recieved by the monster is 10% less due to their def.

  58. FuryKnight says:

    The MapleStory now is a more enhanced, beautiful shadow of it’s former self. Now, things are gonna get ugly… Another cat in the change-hating pigeons. (eg. me)

  59. Name says:

    Did the exp from monsters also change?

  60. spadowftw says:

    would it be like when you was lvl 180 before.
    you instantly are lvl 190 or what ever when you log?
    cuz that would be way more fair for those who alrdy got to a high level before this updat. . . .

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  62. Mike says:

    I can get to lvl 40 in a day….That means once GMS gets this ill get over lvl 58 in a day…..Wow thats awesome

  63. Draoken says:

    Wow this is no longer the game I knew and loved.

    I could grow to love this even more, but I used to be a boss at maple and knew everything about it…but now this kind of makes it harder xD

    It could also make me want to come back and finally make that xbowmen I wanted…or I could wait until dual blade comes out in gms

  64. peter says:

    this ll make this game so bad, but no offense, by grinding, it makes this game mean so much more. if they make the exp cap lower, this game will seem like a private server where there no fun looking for that weapon drop you want because by the time u get it, it’ll be outdated and you’ll need to get another weapon of a higher level. and i think that the common/rare/unique weapon system they have now will just ruin the fun of looking for weapons because you’ll need to use nx to scroll em effectively.

  65. Shingen says:

    lol… at this rate… everyone will fill zakum and everyone will be scrolled and popping zhelms like candy… seriously… watch… everyone will have zhelms…. even poor nubs…. 500k for zhelms plox :3

  66. eliad says:

    I want to ask you guy’s if this is already on gms?

  67. Lulitsadude says:

    Seems WAY too big… will make leveling way too easy… x_x An exp cut is good, but not NEARLY as drastic as this… Seems getting level 200 won’t be amazing anymore… Not liking this…

  68. eliad says:

    when does it will come to gms?

  69. Iamanoob says:

    Whoa. I train like a dog just to level up and I could have levelled up 5 times faster if THIS was implemented here in SEA earlier.

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  71. ryan says:

    wow u guys never wanted to have a lvl 200? well NOW U CAN!

  72. nicholas says:

    do. NOT. want.

    the only exp rate i hated was 25-30 thats takes forever with your limited choice and crappy 1st job skills i had like 5 quests that i cant do because nexon f*cked up green mushrooms by changing their spawns heneseys hunting grounds were f*cking fine until they changed it now its too much work to find a place with decent spawning green mushes its freaking impossible to get to lvl 30 at this rate this morning i was like lvl 22 now im lvl 29 yesterday i started at 0 i got to 22 in 1 day ironically lvling becomes massively easy at 30 so only 25-30 should be changed everything else was fair enough now its gonna be WAY to easy to lvl(i dont want easier lvling i want lvling to be hard after lvl 40 and a cake walk beforehand

  73. ivariation says:

    I have a quesion! Did the monster’s exp drop too?

  74. Iamanoob says:

    Wow… At this rate there won’t be a need to go through long intervals to complete a quest… Did the quest exp also drop? If so, the levelling may slow down.

  75. Ehhhhhhhhhhh. says:

    Uhh I heard the exp curve starts to decrease to less than 20% when it gets up to lvl 120… Which means from lvl 120 it would be almost the same. Or is the statement I heard completely fake??

  76. Anonymous says:

    Will we stay the same level, or will it take into account how much EXP we’ve gotten and level us up accordingly?
    Ex. Would a level 50 become lvl 55 or something? Or would it stay lvl 50?

  77. HardWorker says:

    ZOMG i hat this update i work so hard to lvl and now after that update u can lvl like nothing……… 1m exp to lvl now becomes 200k exp to lvl……

  78. person says:

    heh ish coming to GMS :D

  79. letsRoll says:

    Although with the increase of lvl 200s due to the faster training, we can really tell the pros who got it the hard way by looking at the rankings. Attaining lvl 200 was really a challenge back then and getting to that lvl was a great achievement. To me, attaining lvl 200 at a high ranking would be enough high achievement for me.

  80. saeedali says:

    CRAZEH O.o

  81. BLAD3SofFURY says:

    rofl 100-101 at gallopera`s on 2x only takes me 1 hour. (im dualblade btw, no bloody storm either)
    the exp is fine the way it is. if they make it easier im gonna be pissed. now hitting 4th job will be easy as hell. wow. maple is screwing itself over

  82. Wesley B says:

    Cant wait till BB in GMS then i will finally lvl way faster on my 137NL and i might start training a cygnus to for empress blessing when its out then i just need to get it lv 50 and it beats the blessing of the fairy with 3 att of mine =D *highest lvl after my NL is 71 aran T.T*

  83. bambi says:

    this is awesome!

    fuuuuuck wasting ridiculous amounts of time on an MMO just to feel ‘accomplished’. people who need to be a high level on an mmo (through arduous grinding and time wasting) should take a look at their lives.

  84. Bobby says:

    Honestly in my opinion almost everyone that posted here has this whole thing wrong.
    -Yes exp has be reduced to less than half
    -And yes it will now be more equip related

    Saying all noobs will be high leveled isnt right. The monsters also got an HP increase and exp decrease only very slightly tho HOWEVER, being it will now be more equip based doesnt mean that every noob will be walking around with 10 att wgs. If anything they will go up in price since they will be more useful after BB, in short noobs will still struggle just in a different way – before it was too hard to lvl up – now they will lack the equips to level up effectively

    So i believe that the noob consentration may be reduced a little but not by much folks.

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  86. Kayo says:

    Does your level increase because of the exp curve?
    Because you gained the amount of exp needed to reach the level you’re at now.
    Doesn’t that mean that you keep your exp and turn into a higher level?
    Or am I mistaken?

  87. Eugene says:

    Dang so I have a level 48 dual blader and I’m struggling and am to lazy tolevel, but after big bang it’s just like training a level 25-30 EXCEPT with HUGE EXP pqs! Thanks man! :)

  88. Jeremy says:

    Just wondering. Would it be better to train my 157 NL during Christmas break before BB update or should I wait till after? Only reason is that I’ll be on constant 4x for 8hours a day for 2 weeks.

    • Spadow says:

      I would say after the Big Bang update. It’s just around the corner.
      Although it’s not guaranteed if x2 EXP cards will stay in Cash Shop after BB…

  89. Heyheyhey says:

    T-minus 5 days till impact! (Gms)

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  92. Soul says:

    if u read this then…il ask u…. why ?
    btw i wan exp curve to ems :(((((((((

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