KMST V321 ~ More skill updates, UI changes and Party Reward?

Edelstein is coming closer. In version 1.2.321 two map icons were added.


Leben Mine

The map icon for Edelstein is nice and it reminds me of this. ▼

Do you think this is Edelstein? This is a new map and is not implemented in any version of MapleStory.
An other area near Edelstein is Leben Mine. There is no map data except for strings of these areas so I cannot give you a preview yet.
Leben Mine reminds me of the Crystal Throw skill. Because the descriptions says it’s (crystal) collected from a mine.

I’m interested in the storyline of the Resistance race and I came across this comment from Alilatias, a visitor.

The town of Edelstein was a peaceful technologically advanced town in some distant corner of the Maple World. It’s an area so distant that few from the Knight and Adventurer strongholds of Victoria Island and Ereb knew much about it. Surely the two Legends wouldn’t know of it either, as Aran had just woken up from a slumber spanning hundreds of years, and Evan is still a child.

Edelstein was prospering… Until one day, the Black Wings stormed through the town. The local government stood no chance against their dark magic. For years, the Black Wings had turned Edelstein into one of their strongholds, at the expense of the local citizens.

All this time, several people living within Edelstein had been plotting to retake the city and drive the Black Wings out. By day, they are ordinary citizens just trying to make a living for themselves. By night, they are the Resistance.

And finally, the Resistance is ready to make their move.

This storyline is made up by of course, but some parts really match Resistance in my opinion. ^^;
Edelstein being a technologically advanced town could be true because of Mechanic and it is true that the Black Wings organization invaded this town.

I like the ”by day, they are ordinary citizens just trying to make a living for themselves and by night, they are the Resistance”. I think this is true, because if you look at this:

The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), he is the Battle Mage instructor.
The second female NPC is 벨 (Belle), she is the Wild Hunter instructor.
The third female NPC is 지그문트 (Sigmund), she is the Resistance instructor.
The last NPC is 체키 (Checky), this bear is the Mechanic instructor.

I have no idea why a female is called Sigmund and a male Henriette. >_>; Resistance instructor. I don’t know what she does…

The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), but this time he’s just a street cleaner.
The second female NPC is  벨 (Belle), she is a police officer.
The third female NPC is  지그문트 (Sigmund), her profession is a doctor.
The last NPC is 체키 (Checky),  this bear hands out balloons to kids.

Do you know what I am talking about? By daylight, these citizens are making a living for themselves and by night, they are the Resistance resisting the Black Wings.
Citizens is the right word because Resistance beginners are citizens!

I think Alilatias made a very good hypothesis. We’ll see

The UI was updated.

I could upload more images if I wanted to, but the color is all the same. A lot of buttons and windows were changed. I’m not sure if I like this, but I will get used to it. ~_~;

A new system(?) was added in this patch. It’s called Party Reward.

This is not taken in-game, but I made this quick using separate layers. I think I know what this system does. At the end of a mission, you will be prompted to choose a treasure box. There are two types: normal and unique.
I don’t know if this applies to party quests because this is not in-game yet.
But I like this idea.

Patch version 1.2.321 brings another set of skill changes.

– Chief Bandits get Shadow Partner and Flash Jump in 3rd job!
– Jaguar Riding does not give 45% critical rate anymore, instead it gives 15%. But Wild Hunters get Critical Shot in 2nd job.

There’s a lot more.


– Skill that increases Slash Blast and Power Strike increased to 70% and 120%, respectively.
– Orb damage increased to 6%/orb at max level.
– Brave Slash damage increased to 225%. Horizontal and vertical range reduced. Skill delay reduced significantly.

– Skill that increases Slash Blast and Power Strike increased to 70% and 120%, respectively.
– Healing skill’s cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds

– Skill that increases Slash Blast and Power Strike increased to 70% and 120%, respectively.
– Dragon blood’s time increased to 200 seconds. The lower levels of DB give higher amounts of WATK, but the max level still gives the same WATK. Before, level 1 would give 2 WATK. Now it gives 10.
– Berserk’s damage increased to 70%
– Beholder’s revenge damage greatly increased by +300% at all levels

– MP Eater now requires level 5 Spell Mastery
– Explosion’s damage increased by +110% at all levels
– Poison Mist’s damage increased by +40% at all levels
– Elemental Composition’s damage increased to 400%

– MP Eater now requires level 5 Spell Mastery
– Ice Strike’s damage increased by +60% at all levels
– Thunder Spear now has a 80% chance to stun at max level. I do not know if this is 80% for each attack or if it’s 80% chance on each mob per skill usage.
– Elemental Composition’s damage increased to 460%
– Ice Demon’s Damage over Time variable reduced by 10 at all levels
– Chain Lightning now only hits up to 3 mobs. Damage massively increased to 700%. A new variable called “x” was added and is 10 at all levels. This does not show in the skill readout. I’m assuming that “x” represents the bounce damage reduction, meaning each successive hit is reduced by 10% overall (so first mob is 100%, second is 90%, third is 80%)

– MP Eater now requires level 5 Spell Mastery
– Shining Ray’s range is reduced by 40 pixels in either direction for a total horizontal range reduction of 80 pixels.
– Summon Dragon’s damage greatly reduced to 310% damage
– Bahamut’s damage greatly reduced by 230% at all levels

– PKB’s damage greatly increased to 280%. The probability for knockback is increased at lower levels.
– Arrow Bomb’s splash damage increased to 310%.
– Improved Fundamentals increased Arrow Bomb and Double Shot’s damage to +100% and +60%, respectively
– Inferno’s damage increased by +150% at all levels
– Arrow Rain’s damage increased by +50% at all levels
– Silver Hawk’s damage increased by +50% at all levels
– Strafe’s damage increased by +15% at all levels
– Bow Expert’s WATK bonus increased from 11 to 30
– Dragon’s Breath damage increased by +30% at all levels
– Hurricane’s damage increased by +20% at all levels
– Hamstring’s buff duration increased by 30 seconds at all levels

– PKB’s damage greatly increased to 280%. The probability for knockback is increased at lower levels.
– Soul Arrow’s duration increased to 300 seconds (was 20 seconds, hahaha)
– Iron Arrow’s damage increased to 340%
– Improved Fundamentals increased Iron Arrow and Double Shot’s damage to +100% and +60%, respectively
– Blizzard’s damage greatly increased to 400%
– Arrow Eruption’s damage increased by +50% at all levels
– Golden Eagle’s damage increased by +50% at all levels
– Strafe’s damage increased by +15% at all levels
– Marksman Boost’s WATK bonus increased from 11 to 30
– Dragon’s Breath damage increased by +30% at all levels
– Pierce’s damage massively increased to 1000%
– Blind’s buff duration increased by 30 seconds at all levels

– Avenger’s damage increased to 530%

– Shield Mastery’s max level decreased to 10
– Chakra’s max level decreased to 10. The end result is the same.
– Assaulter’s max level decreased from 30 to 20. MP cost increased slightly. Now attacks 1 mob 3 times. Damage increased by +90% at all levels.
– Band of Thieves damage changed to 410% and only attacks once for each mob. (was 230% * 2 strikes, is now 410% * 1 strike)
– New skill –> Shadow Partner. The max level is 20. MP consumption is 80 and consumes 1 summoning rock per use. It lasts for 180 seconds. The Shadow Partner’s rate of damage is 40%. The skill is added for third job.
– New skill –> Flash Jump.
– Meso Guard’s max level reduced from 20 to 10. The end result is the same.
– BStep’s damage reduced to 390%
– Assassinate’s damage greatly increased to 610%
– I’m pretty sure Nexon meant to increase the level of Pickpocket, but they didn’t. Instead, they removed the maximum level variable. Tespia is going to be lol.

– Energy Blast’s damage increased by +50% at all levels
– Transformation now gives WATK. It’s 20 WATK at max level.
– Dragon Strike’s damage increased by +15% at all levels
– Barrage’s damage increased by +55% at all levels
– Super Transformation now gives WATK. It’s 30 WATK at max level.
– Demolition’s damage increased by +80% at all levels
– Counter Attack’s duration is increased to 45 seconds.

– Flamethrower’s damage increased to 380%. Mob count increased to 6. Damage over time increased from 60 to 80. Damage over time duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
– Cooling Effect’s damage increased by +60% at all levels. Freeze duration increased by 2 seconds. Mob count increased to 6.
– Homing’s range increased by 50 to 400. Damage increased to 400%.
– Advanced Homing’s range increased by 50 to 400. Damage increased by+60% at all levels.
– Cannon’s bullet consumption increased from 4 to 5.
– Rapid Fire’s damage decreased by -70% at all levels. Range reduced from 420 to 400.
– Counter Attack’s duration is increased to 45 seconds.


– Combo Smash’s damage increased by +100% at all levels
– Full Swing’s damage increased by +10%
– Combo Critical’s crit rate increased to +5%/10 attacks.
– Combo Peril’s damage increased by +200% at all levels
– Overswing’s damage increased to 200%/250%

– Soul Dragon no longer requires level 10 magic missile
– Ice Breath’s damage increased to 360%
– Magic Critical’s probability doubled at all levels
– Magic Amplification damage increased by +5% at all levels
– Increased Dragon’s Breath damage by +110% at all levels
– Killing Wing’s damage increased to 530%
– Earthquake’s damage increased to 740%
– Ghost Lettering damage increased to 850%
– Flame Wheel’s damage increased by +200% at all levels
– Blaze’s damage increased by +50% at all levels. A new variable, “x”, was introduced and x=10 at all levels. Like Chain Lightning I”m betting this is bounce damage reduction. So 100%, 90%, 80%… or also 100%, 90%, 81%, 72.9%, etc. Not sure which it is.

Source skill data: Fiel @

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194 Responses to KMST V321 ~ More skill updates, UI changes and Party Reward?

  1. Secun says:

    As it’s been said before, lolshadowers are no longer lolshadowers. I like this patch, although they need to fix the Angel Ray range. At the moment it barely goes past your hand.

  2. Lionheart365 says:

    BS is at low damage :(
    but shadowers own now!!! I is so happy.

  3. someper says:

    Shadow Partner for Shadowers. Inspires me to continue it

  4. SwordStaker says:

    I LOVE how NEXON Koreas doing SOOOO much effort to make this all work.

  5. enilno says:


    • Jacky says:

      Don’t you mean downgrades?

    • purerise says:

      My hypothesis on this is that DBs were made VERY recently. Meaning that they don’t need as much revamp as they may have incorporated it into it when they made it.

      To be honest, they don’t need upgrades

    • Googleplex says:

      They got buffed again in the last patch! They look like they’re decent again.
      Also, they’ve more than doubled the damage on Sudden Raid, but I haven’t seen anything about a cooldown yet. Is there one? :/

  6. Denis says:

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait to try the mechanic!

  7. Person says:


  8. man they are really up and down on the Healers I wonder what my fate is going to be as a bishop in the future?

    Bring it as long as I can be stronger I dont care I like being a bishop

    And thank you for posting the info Spadow

    • Lionheart365 says:

      Well, I think gen is killed. Main training method is spamming explosion and shining ray. Mages train more like other classes now.

      • Lmao says:

        Well,… didn’t Spadow say that only at lvl 30 you get the cooldown? Just get Genesis to lv 29 and spam that? o_o Just saying, thats what I was thinking.

        • Splatypus says:

          no. Its 30 seconds at level 30. its higher at lower levels. i thing with 2x points its around 40 seconds.

          • Lmao says:

            Oh I see… well thanx :D
            Wow thats retarded (no offense to those that are retarded <.<) a cooldown? I mean it does have a long-ass casting time so isn't that enough delay?

          • JunCurious says:

            Wizet doesn’t believe in leech.
            They believe in people playing together, and enjoying the time spent leveling up, not the actual leveling.

            Sorry if you do.

          • purerise says:

            They way i see it, Gen has been broke since 4th job first came out, and they are just finally fixing it. I don’t think they ever meant to have 1000+ lv 200 bishops and I’m sure they didn’t want leeching to take over the primary position of leveling

          • CautionSin says:

            I’m glad for a cool down. Bring bishops down on everyone else’s level. No more will I get bishops wanting to charge me per hour to train with them, or buy their 2x card for them to train w/ me. Now they can beg me, and I will say meso plz, I alrdy have my HS mule made =D

  9. Lmao says:

    Thats it, i’m making a Bandit! Fk.all the other classes, BANDIT hand down…

  10. Kris says:

    How are you getting this from SouthPerry? I try to go there and the site doesn’t work!

  11. Jacky says:

    I don’t get the +% things in the skills. What does it mean by +15% for all levels?

    • Alilatias says:

      I think it means that the skill’s effectiveness was increased like… Here’s an example:

      (I’m making the below up)

      Level 1 Arrow Rain: 150%
      Level 10 Arrow Rain: 200%
      Level 20 Arrow Rain: 250%

      After: The skill is increased by +50% at all levels.
      Level 1 Arrow Rain: 200%
      Level 10 Arrow Rain: 250%
      Level 30 Arrow Rain: 300%

      If it just said “increased by 50%”, we’d probably see something like this instead:
      Level 1 Arrow Rain: 150%
      Level 10 Arrow Rain: 225%
      Level 20 Arrow Rain: 300%

    • GAINAX says:

      Means e.g Lv.1 Combo smash 500% dmg, Lv.2 is 540%
      After the patch, Lv.1 Combo smash 700% dmg , Lv.2 is 740%

  12. Alilatias says:

    To be honest, I completely forgot about the ‘Beginner Resistance = Citizen’ part when I posted my crackpot theory. Lucky coincidence. >_>

    • purerise says:

      Lmfao, A pretty good one at that. Nice guess

    • Guy says:

      I actually thought the resistance were like, brainwashed by the black wings and the normal citizens would be the “past versions.”
      Your theory sounds more accurate though.

  13. Gahvran says:

    Spadow could you please upload a couple of UI screenies with the new resolution……PWETTY PWEEZE!!!

  14. Bnissley says:

    OH MY GOD! Im soooo Happy I made a Chief Bandit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Zero says:

    now the Resistance = France….

    Black Wings = AXIS

    this changed all… TIME TO MAKE A RESISTANCE!!!

  16. CzImGreen says:

    i wish i could play kmst…. or kms Dx

    • purerise says:

      Meh, we can watch KMS and see what is worth level, trying out, what skills are good… I’d prefer not to be the lab rats.

  17. MassCreed says:

    shadowers got Shadow partner, annnnd flash jump?…… whats the point, of, a dualblade ?

    • Alilatias says:

      Dual Blade: Higher damage, but lower survivability.
      Bandit: Opposite.

      At least, that’s what it’s starting to look like now.

      • JunCurious says:

        Having Flash Jump is really going to change the feel of CBs for future Bandit-players…

        I wish Wizet would put out the effort to give us something unique.
        Like, an assaulter-copy w/o the damage. It’d find the nearest floor, but you can use it to warp.

        • Egimald says:

          lol, you mean like a bandit-eque teleport? xP cause assaulter always looked to me like teleport in attack form =3

          Still I like how CBs are getting flashjump+shadow partner, it makes them fit-in more.

          Though yeah, it does make DBs, which were pretty much re-made bandits, less necessary.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            @Jun Why would it feel the change for people who aren’t even Bandits yet? When these new people hop onto the bandwagon they’ll have FJ and SP from the start. Us who made to Shadower before all this will be the only people who REALLY are going to feel the change…


          • SheepSter says:

            iono im only cb, i still hope they give us some kind of sp resets im afraid to lvl 120 now =(

          • Yarden says:

            Well, Dual Bladers are a mix of everything. From a Pirate to a Thief to anything, there are only a bunch of skills with new looks, nothing new done. I’m still making one though. =]

  18. JackIsBack says:

    That icon for Edelstein is the exact same as the emblem on the middle of the building :D just pointing that out.

    Omg FJ for my CB. And Shadow Partner. YESSS.

  19. DarkQuill says:

    Spadow, would you be able to elaborate on the Assaulter changes? Is it just the damage-per-level increased, or the end result damage as well?

  20. rauleli says:

    Shadowers get SP and FJ. Wow!!!
    I left my dit at lvl 51, now thats going to be my main

  21. Hiya says:

    Spadow, I think you made a mistake. It says on SouthPerry that Aran’s critical is 4%/10 while on your its 5%/10.

  22. Donut says:

    I love what KMST is doing, rebalancing all the classes and making them stronger and also providing us with new places to train

    • purerise says:

      Mhmm. It’s giving it that “shinny new” feeling. I really like all this new content, or revamped content… whatever you want to call it.

  23. Millus says:

    Shadow Partner and Flash Jump for Bandits…..


  24. xmanaphyx says:

    I tink something unfair would happen for the new HP increase formula for all jobs
    then how about the old players? Are nexon hinting them to remake a new character?
    I wonder will Nexon reimburse the lower HP of the old players?
    Nah.. It won’t happen for donkey years

    • Secun says:

      This is all in testing phases, mind you. And existing characters on Tespia had their HP modified, iirc.

  25. Gio says:

    Hey can you please explain with more detail how is currently working Berserk for Dark Knights considering all the updates and things you have uploaded the past few days.

    Is this adjustements gonna worsen or improve Dark Knights damage??

    Ty for your answer.

  26. joeloveslego says:

    how do you look at the files?

  27. new guy says:

    this doesnt make sense. the current rulers are the explorers (cygnus and heroes are sort of protectors). the resistance have to be against the rulers. therefore they are with the black mage or a whole different side.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      What? What REALLY didn’t make sense is w/e the hell you just said…

    • Secun says:

      Let’s review what we know so far…

      1)Edelstein is currently occupied by the Black Wings, who invaded and took it over.
      2)The Resistance are based in Edelstein.
      3)The beginner class of the Resistance is called a “Citizen”.
      4)The Resistance Job Instructors have two different NPCs, one in citizen form, and one in their Resistance counterpart form.

      Not very much, granted, but I’m pretty sure anyone with a small bit of common sense can put together that as the Resistance are based in Edelstein, their beginner class is called a Citizen, not to mention the Job Instructors having 2 seperate NPCs each, that they’re resisting the occupation of Edelstein by the Black Wings.

      • MM says:

        Didn’t spadow say that theory was completely made up? I’m referring to your first point.

        • Secun says:

          “Edelstein being a technologically advanced town could be true because of Mechanic and it is true that the Black Wings organization invaded this town.

          Taken from below his quoting of Alilatias’ theory of the Resistance storyline.

          • Ghost says:

            We don’t know if Edelstein was invaded or created by the Black Wings.

          • Secun says:

            Spadow said it was invaded, and as he seems to be one of the few people here that play KMS/KMST, I’m just going with what he says.

  28. Lastaran says:

    i wonder what they are thinking buffing up everyone? they will most likely reduce everyone’s damg slowly also why arnt they helping out clerics they are the only ppl not getting any types of buffs and they are the class that needs it the most

    • Jordan says:

      Well, clerics are supposed to be mainly supportive, so if you’re making a cleric, you should know you’ll be the weakest class in the entire game anyways.

  29. Voltaire says:

    i think the party award thing is like in dragonNest when u complete a dungeon. depending on the perfomance u can picka box.

    • SoBadAss says:

      I thought of that too. Like when you complete a pq there are 6 boxes(depends on pq) and you all choose one box.

  30. NEXON says:



  31. MapleCaptain says:

    Flamethrower + IceSplitter (Hot N Cold Combo) is twice as it used too be , sweet~

    Oh , there are some other informations (I saw in SouthPerry , Fiel posted it as far as I could remember) . All summons does “%” damage rather than basic attacks , and…. Sin’s crits got greatly nerfed…. (–____________–)

  32. Anubis says:

    – MP Eater now requires level 5 Spell Mastery
    – Shining Ray’s range is reduced by 40 pixels in either direction for a total horizontal range reduction of 80 pixels.
    – Summon Dragon’s damage greatly reduced to 310% damage
    – Bahamut’s damage greatly reduced by 230% at all levels

    [sarcasm]Now it’s worthy to play like a cleric!! [/sarcasm]
    Thx Nexon, destroying the cleric class completely!

    • Pranay says:

      not really, clerics are meant to heal not be the most leveling class

      • LulzML says:

        What? How can they level solely on healing? That just means less healers will be made…
        Unless you find it fun healing while someone else does all the work.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          They have other skills. Leveling will just be 12x slower… =D

        • Secun says:

          Party Exp does wonders, don’t you think?
          Clerics are meant to be a supporting class, not the powerhouse it currently is.

          • iamflip says:

            Kinda hard to swallow that @ Party EXP really does not grant you much at all. Sure there’s the new EXP curve to consider, but with everything else changing, I doubt relying on partying alone will get us leveling at a decent pace with everyone else.

          • maplefan009 says:

            they new exp curve is like 70-80% exp cut off……

  33. MrYelnats says:

    Sry to be off topic, but is critical damage multiplicative or additive?

  34. LOL they nerfed CB too..
    Now CBs will hit 12x per second with severage blow + shadow partner??!?

  35. Zack says:

    i thought resistance would be on the black mages side (just based on dark looking skills like dark genesis) and wow evans got boosted like crazy o.o no db updates? are they still nerfed?

  36. saar says:

    They should make Dual Blade permanent because now its just a regular class…
    but they should be balanced too..

  37. Bob says:

    That party reward system reminds me of Grand Chase’s Chest system after you complete a dungeon

  38. Ghost says:

    Once again I say Alilatia’s description could be real close or real distant from the Resistance. And personally I doubt Edelstein would be in a separated part of the Maple World. B/c it would leave too many wholes in the story and would be impossible to put on the map. It would be either south of Ossyria (where that large space of unknown land is) or North/North-West of El Nath (since both cities would include mines).

    Also what spadow is trying to say is that you can put unlimited SP into pickpocket? lol

    • Alilatias says:

      By “distant corner of the Maple World”, I meant “distant from Victoria Island”. Like maybe somewhere between Orbis/El Nath and Mu Lung/Herb Town.

      …Which is basically what you said.

      • Ghost says:

        The Maple World isn’t just the world map shown in-game. There are more areas that aren’t shown in the map ( i.e. Masteria) and other areas that are located off of it.

  39. KooT says:

    I notice “shoulders” on the equip UI . New equips ?

    Item reward system remids me of Dragonica.

    • Secun says:

      There was an event back when Dual Blade released that gave you either a time-limited 2/2/2/2 with some w.def and m.def or a permanent version with the same stats.

      And yeah, it reminds me of Dragonica as well.

  40. TableCAKE says:

    Instead of making DualBlade less powerful.
    They made sahdowers looking the same as db

    • Ghost says:

      Wouldn’t that screw over the individualism of the two jobs? Also it’s not that DBs are stronger than shadowers, it’s that DBs are stronger than everyone.

      • TableCAKE says:

        I know but there are now 2 jobs thats stronger then everyone, not 1..
        Nexon should buff all Adventures alot more.

        • Ghost says:

          They have if they weren’t already strong enough, personally i’ve been keeping my eye out for heroes and they’ve nothing to lose from these patches.

  41. Wisdom says:

    Awh, no CK changes.

    • Spadow says:

      There are, but I don’t really care about CK.


      • Secun says:

        I didn’t think anyone cared about CK, honestly.

        • Wisdom says:

          CK’s are my favorite type of class. s:

          • KooT says:

            CK are a totally fail from NEXON …

            At start, it was kind of a good idea, the long waited “Level extention without going more than level 200”.

            But since you can obtain bless of fairy from an other Adventurer, they become totally totally useless … I really don’t get the point here.

          • Chris says:

            I actually did some caculations, and unless their skills are alot stronger, they end up worse than other classes. Cygnus get a total of 659 AP to assign to HP/MP/Str/Agi/Dex/Luk. All other jobs get a total of 995 AP. Cygnus maxes out at lvl 120, and all other jobs max at 200. with 69 bonus AP up until lvl 70, thats around 13 lvls of extra AP, making a lvl 120 Cygnus = lvl 133 other job in assigned AP. At lvl 200 for the other jobs, thats roughly a 67 lvl difference between the jobs in AP.

            If the math is wrong, correct me. If that doesn’t matter, oh well, now you know.

          • Keitau says:

            Cygnus are my favorite class but we seriously got nerfed now we are the weakest class in maplestory. this sucks huevos

          • TableCAKE says:

            Cygnus already was the weakest Class even without the nerf’s…

          • Ghost says:

            @Keitau: The CK have received only buffs to their skills, how did they get nerfed to be the weakest class?

          • Secun says:

            They weren’t nerfed to be the weakest class, they already are weakest :|

          • Keitau says:

            That’s exactly why I was kinda hoping for them to get stronger with this new patch u know to make them kinda even with all the other classes tht are way stronger than us. I give up cks will always be weak I guess

          • Secun says:

            Keitau, the Cygnus Knights were made for newer players that wanted a feel of the Explorer path without having to worry about complex skill builds or hard times with training.

  42. Xentar says:

    Going to continue leveling my cleric, but wish they make the summons stronger again… my idea was to relly on them lol

  43. Mclena says:

    I really like the idea for the Resistance, it makes a lot of sense. I hope that’s what they’re used for, and not for resisting the heroes

    Or, maybe, they are trained to fight the Black Mage, but instead get consumed in the darkness of him, thus Dark Genesis (example)…

    Very interesting, I can’t wait to read more about these bad boys > :3

  44. rauleli says:

    Maybe the resistance used to e part of the black wings so they learned evil skills but then they became good and are resisting them

  45. someper says:

    I was waiting till someone uploaded a video of this

    123 shadower with shadow partner

  46. King says:

    Well this is great!!!!! for everyone but Pages and White Knights. This is just going to make them an even less played class and as a result there will be alot less Pali’s. I would like to know who comes up with the upgrades for their class. Because if um not mistaken they use the exact same attacks for at least 110 lvls. Unless you want to count the Charged Blow that most tell me is pretty much useless until ACB is maxed in Pali hood. But i do like the improvements to the Bowmen class.

  47. Logan says:

    Dear Nexon Korea, AsiaSoft, Wizet, and Spadow especially,

    I LOVE YOU~!<3

  48. JinbrianZ says:

    whoahhh,!!! hows great,!~ when will it come on KMST and GMS,?~ o.O

  49. Pingback: Top Posts —

  50. Nova says:

    Angel ray range reduction???? that is really sad what a way to kill off bishops, theres nothing left of us come on its range was already horrible

  51. Adam says:

    spadow, y page got healing skill?

  52. Chris says:

    Something I’m a bit curious about with the Resistance is how they’re going to be introduced.
    In GMS, the Pirates were introduced with a quest where you talked to Bart for a very short lesson about the Pirates coming here. The Cygnus were introduced with the quests to get the book pages for 3 books to take a history lesson on the Cygnus than a short quiz. With Aran, you had to keep gathering the fragments of memory or do a random task to prepare for their arival. And I wasn’t active around the time of right before Evan came out.

    • Ghost says:

      If i remember correctly the Evan was brought out too quickly to have in-game events so they made web events instead. And there is a possibly that could be the same for the Resistance.

      • Zacairga says:

        They had an in-game event. It just only lasted for a month and was damn near impossible, even for many of us elitests who refused to leech. <_<

        • Secun says:

          I don’t remember any pre-quests for Evan.

          • Alilatias says:

            He’s probably referring to the Perfect Pitch event, which was (in KMS) released alongside Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist PQ (which means it is definitely not part of Evan’s pre-quests). Yet for whatever reason, Nexon America left the PQ out of that patch, and we still don’t have the PQ.

            (Crackpot conspiracy theory: Nexon America probably thinks that people start to buy more 2x EXP cards after 5x, in which the PQ might significantly reduce the need for people to do that. >_>)

          • Secun says:

            But Perfect Pitch wasn’t a pre-quest for Evan, it was just a way to make a lot of leech sellers very happy…

          • Zacairga says:

            I was actually thinking about the glasses… Pre-quest didn’t even cross my mind.

  53. Lukas says:


  54. BlueRhinocerus says:

    Guy’s just wondering, you know how they’re removing skills and adding new ones? What happens to the SP? like is the whole book reset? or do you just get back the SP you put into the skill that was removed. What happens if you didn’t put any SP into the skill that was removed, will you be forced to buy resets. Sigh, it would suck to be forced to buy NX. Maybe if it’s reasonable.

    • Secun says:

      For skills like Endure in 1st job for Warriors that were removed, you got the SP back.
      For skills like Final Attack that had their max levels altered, if you had SP past the new max, you’d get all that SP back.

      • Ghost says:

        Please tell me that you’re just guessing this….

        • Secun says:

          Nope. Go ask on Southperry, or anyone that’s in KMST, they’ll tell you something along the same lines as what I said.

          • Keitau says:

            What secun says sounds like something nexon would and that’s what I think is gonna happen

          • Ghost says:

            So many people are going to be pissed off…

          • Keitau says:

            lol not really. at least they get some sp back. its wayyyy better than those cheap sp and ap resets nexon sells. i cant believe they are tht cheap. it only recovers 1 sp or ap and thts infuriating

  55. NEXON says:

    This story is really true MapleStory inside story? Or just other people their own conjecture?

  56. Gaphary says:

    CB’s buffs look awesome. It will revive that dying class.

  57. Keitau says:

    I know cygnus were already the weakest class thts why I was kinda hoping(not sure if I spelt it rite) tht they were gonna get buffs or the lvl cap would be increased. Lazy nexon buffing every other class and making cks weaker than they were b4. At this rate it’s better to jus make am adventurer.

    • Zacairga says:

      It always has been better. Cygnus were designed solely for noobs.

      • Keitau says:

        Well tht makes me feel better about wasting my time lvling wind archer(sarcasm)

        • Secun says:

          His words may be harsh, but it’s true. The Knights of Cygnus were made for the players who wanted a tastes of the Explorers but an easier time doing it.

          • Keitau says:

            I guess it rite. Once I get to lvl 120 on my wind archer I’ll jus make a normal hunter. But I love the new changes to bandits and archers so I might make one of those thanks for the info guys(btw my spirit is broken I’m never gonna work hard in ms again)

          • Secun says:

            I never work hard in MS, lol.

  58. Rez says:

    How i LOVE the pirate upgrades, they should put more to it? =X

  59. Joel says:

    This is my theory Edelstein was just a normal regular town then the Black Wings came and tried to take it over and we’re successful. After some time a group called the Resistance began forming and would soon take Edelstein back from the Black Wings. Most likely a map in Leben is there secret HQ.

  60. Expressiøn says:

    Cool changes but i don’t understand about Aran and combo smash… +100% each level ? Does that mean that it’s gonna hit 2000% at lvl 20 ?
    And combo peril gonna hit 4000% ?!
    *lost* xD Can someone answer plz =)

    • Secun says:

      No.. It means that if it did 100% damage at level 1 and 110% damage at level 2, after that change, it’d do 200% damage at level 1 and 210% damage at level 2.

  61. Expressiøn says:

    Ohhh lol okay Thanks =)

  62. Keitau says:

    the map symbol for edelstein strangely reminds me of the 4th job wild hunter skill, flash rain i think(not sure of the name) i dont if anyone noticed that. oh and has nexon changed the way the evan mount climbs ropes and ladders? cuz its too hilarious

    • Ghost says:

      I think that’s just a glitch, Nexon America forgetting to put in the ladder frame for dragons

      • Keitau says:

        well it looks like shady work and it just seems like nexon america was too cheap and lazy to make that animation. i mean have u ever seen it. its like the player is dragging the dragon up the ladder and the player is suffering whilst doing it.

  63. Albert says:

    I have a question… With all this updates and new skills for shadower wouldn’t it be unfair for shadower who are already in lv 120. They won’t get a chance to put skill points on shadow partner or flash jump becuase they are ahead and most shadower who are lv 120 won’t get a chance to use the new skill unless they buy reset skills…

    • Keitau says:

      i really dont think tht its gonna be like tht. i think nexon will try and make sure all players past the lvl of new skills get at least one skill point into the new skill or maybe they give free sp reset to those players

    • BlueRhinocerus says:

      First off I would like to apologize for this wall of text. All these changes are making me think. Also, thanks for the reply to my last question guys, appreciate it. Second @ Albert, I’m just hypothesizing here, but i read that master levels in the CB tree are being changed.

      Shield Mastery’s max level has been decreased to 10 from 20
      Chakra has been reduced to 10 from 30
      Assaulter has been reduced to 20 from 30
      Meso Guard has been reduced to 10 from 20

      So assuming these skills are all maxed there’s a total of 50 sp being given back. However that’s where the problem arises. I have no clue how the average Chief Bandit uses up their points. Out of the four i would assume Chakra, Assaulter, and Meso guard have priority so are likely to be maxed. So that’ll give you atleast 40 SP given back therefore they will be able to max Shadow Partner and Flash Jump. Again this is just speculation. The thing that irks me is that what if we never invested SP into a skill that was being removed, and say we left Shield Mastery at 10. We wouldn’t get any SP back and be forced to buy resets.

      • Zacairga says:

        Chakra is not a definite max at all… It’s one of those skills you put points into when you’re lvl 115 or so and can either choose between that or shield mastery. <_<

      • Zacairga says:

        Chakra is not high priority at all, and I actually went ahead and maxed L7 (For the lulz) instead…

  64. Locke says:

    Hi Spadow, just wondering what you mean by Brave slash dmg increased to 225%. I understand BS previously does 170% x 3. So does that mean 225% x 3 = a whooping 675%?? If so, then it’s sooooo freaking awesome!. Appreciate if you can clarify this please. Thanks in advance :)

  65. Mugalo says:

    When are Wild Hunters comin to GMS????

    • MassCreed says:

      People shouldn’t TRY to enforce Law and Order, to the beautiful chaos that is the internet.

      Spadow, whats are your feeling towards bandits getting shadow partner and FJ ? i think it makes DB useless.

  66. Zack says:

    spadow, are there going to be resistance characters for the other jobs like thief and warrior? or are there just 3 resistance… do you think they might release more resistance jobs later?

  67. ^^' says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t w8 next update :D

  68. Gambler says:

    Come ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets! Reply to this! Winners get glories, losers get none!

    Q: Will Edelstein & Leben Mine be another island, part of Victoria Island, or extended Maple World?

    1. Another island!
    2. Part of Victoria Island!
    3. Extension of Maple World!
    4. Does not exist in the World Map!
    5. LoL screw you, nobody gonna reply to this crap!

  69. bob says:

    wait so does boomerang step still hit 4 times or is it just 2 hits 390% now?

  70. LemonBallz says:


    WAIT WAIT WAIT, WTH! Just look at this : “I’m pretty sure Nexon meant to increase the level of Pickpocket, but they didn’t. Instead, they removed the maximum level variable. Tespia is going to be lol.” <<< What do you mean by that? They removed the CAP for the lvl of pickpocket? So does that mean i can max pickpocket to like 99? 0.0 holy shit….

    • Spadow says:

      It’s a bug, don’t worry about it.

      • LemonBallz says:


        Oh i see. I was also wondering if they talked about adding the exp curve to Gms at the Nexon Korean press conference. Probably not because Nexon Korea are only interested in what they are currently making for Korea at the moment. But if you have any info would you care to share with us? :D

  71. monkekmanmua says:


  72. Somebody says:

    now that’s a good reason I see so many BANDITS these days…
    seriously I guess it’s a pretty good idea, otherwise bandit will definity left out when other 2 rogue classes has advantage with SB

  73. Yentl says:

    I hate how all skills have got this HUGE list of new stuff, and Assassin only has 1 silly update >_>

  74. Un-Known says:

    ? Soul Arrow was 20 sec? It was 600 secs than they decreased it by half -_-

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