Update: How will the mount for the Mechanic look?

Recently the test server of Taiwan MapleStory released a huge patch. (98 MB)
All kinds of stuff were  added such as Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance data.

Several mounts were added to the Taiwan MapleStory test server like the Hyena of Lex, Balrog, Tiger, Speed racer mounts. This one too:

I have no idea what this mount on the left is called, but doesn’t it  give you this mechanical feeling?
Since the Resistance skills were added to the huge patch file, did they accidentally add this?
On the right, you can see the equipment background for the Mechanic, which was updated in the overhaul patch.

This image above was edited by Ormykka when a video of the 7th anniversary of MapleStory appeared on the internet. It showed some never before seen footage.
Compare the mount from the Taiwan MapleStory test server with the image from Ormykka.
What do you think?

UDPATE: Thanks to NEXON I found more images and I think this IS the Mechanic mount!

KMST patched today to version 1.2.320. A lot of classes got their skills buffed.
I can’t wait till KMST will release Edelstein and the Mechanic job!

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135 Responses to Update: How will the mount for the Mechanic look?

  1. LightSyphy says:

    Epic mount!-

  2. shdwstar2417 says:

    How exactly do u get to use a test sever ? Id love to try one out or get chosen to.

  3. raphael scott says:

    spadow i think your right period just by looking at those three images the has slight and very slight tweaks but i think thats it and next time i see a blurry image i look at it upside down and sideways. sorry guys about the horrible grammar bout to watch dragon ball z

  4. Luxor says:

    This looks like something straight out of a steampunk-related fiction/show. If it’s not a cash shop mount, it might have strong ties to Magatia, especially the Alcadno side.

  5. BAkuGak says:

    why is taiwan ms getting dual blade before gms???!!!!!!

    • LightSyphy says:

      They aren’t getting it, it was just added in to the data so it will be ready for future dates.

  6. BAkuGak says:

    and will all maplestories get 50% exp cut off?

  7. BAkuGak says:

    wait that might be lke the mount you get at a low lvl
    look at the mount
    and then look at the mount window
    it loko the same for a couple of things
    maybe when you are at lvl 10
    it looks like that mount
    but when you job advance
    you add a little thing here and there

    • bob says:

      its just like the equips for the evan dude…

    • NinjasOnIce says:

      ya you get that mount when you choose to be a mechanic at lv 10 you talk to the teddy bear for your first job adv im not lying about this stuff cause i got invited to tespia and i was a lv 200 mech and there AWESOMEEEEEE =3

  8. Edwin says:

    It looks like the one edited by Ormykka actually has some legs at the front.

  9. Daniel says:

    are u saying that taiwan got Resistance? ;(
    nice mount DEFINETLY mechanical mount :)

  10. Lionheart365 says:

    What skills were buffed? Is the cooldown still 30 sec for the ultimates?

  11. MassCreed says:

    Nice steam punkness. its eerily similar to the image, And i really don’t think nexon would add a cashshop exclusive attacking mount, no matter how hungry they are. (i hope)

    I see a Gun barrel.

  12. rauleli says:

    i am speechless about the picture

  13. YiSC says:

    Ew. Not really digging the mount.

  14. Alilatias says:

    It sure looks accidental. It looks like it’s missing an arm and a head.

    Wonder why all this would be leaked to Taiwan MS, of all versions, though…

    • Chris says:

      The lack of head is probably where the Mechanic sits, and improves such as Mir. Though I wonder if there would be cash shop items that overlap the machine to make it look cooler.

    • Ghost says:

      BMS, VMS, TwMS and CMS usually release a whole a lot of content once within 3-9 months.

  15. MAHOGANI says:

    i bet that the mount that spawdow is showing is the machine you use at first job adv
    you probably add more part to it slowly….
    they probably advance like evans….
    but they probably get stuff like arans…
    through quests…
    but instead of getting skills
    they get parts to add to their machine of DOOM

  16. UngKyou says:

    Latale Engineers (Meister is the 2nd job of engineer)

    the mounts will be similar to engineer of maple?

  17. Forte says:


    All I can say.

  18. Ghost says:

    This can be one of three things:

    1. A riding mount (For engineers or CS)
    2. A summoned robot for the engineers (like Mir)
    3. An extension for the engineer (unlike #2, this will allow the machine to be customized and for it to be shown in-game)

  19. Kouga says:

    Ive figured it out for mechanics. The picture of that mount is the mount all mechanics get. I bet it starts out a lot more simple then that one. If you look at the mechanic equipment area, then look at the blured picture, you will notice it is actually the same thing, but with a person inside it. The picture is of a person inside their robot machine using some smashing attack (possibly with that big arm it has), and flinging those bears into the air. This mount is not for just walking around and showing off, its actually for using stronger skills like Pirates have where they transform then can use stronger skills. This is just like this, those skills spadow talked about a long time ago, you can summon your machine, get in it, then can unleash stronger skills to kill monsters with. Im sure it is also similar to a corsairs ship, but to a lesser state, but can probably advance it and get it stronger through equips and newer machine evolutions through level advances. What do you all think about my theory?

    • MAHOGANI says:

      yah but the machine doesnt probably “advance”
      you prabably just get more parts for it through quests…

    • Ghost says:

      It sounds like exactly what I said before you…

      • Boku says:

        I allready said like that also

        • Ghost says:

          I don’t see it….

          • Boku says:

            wait that might be lke the mount you get at a low lvl
            look at the mount
            and then look at the mount window
            it loko the same for a couple of things
            maybe when you are at lvl 10
            it looks like that mount
            but when you job advance
            you add a little thing here and there
            hah I allready said it

  20. MAHOGANI says:

    i like your idea though

  21. That looks cool Thank you for posting that spadow, I was using a King block golom in my videos till I saw hot that thing looked,

    this is going to be fun

  22. mrbell says:

    can u post the updated info on evan, aran, dual blade

  23. Neko says:

    Any idea what does increase 10% hit rate for the skill marksmanship mean? Strafe being able to hit more times/higher critical rate/deal more damage?

  24. NEXON says:



  25. Nanu says:

    The arm in the pic matches with the arm on the mount but that pic is way to blurry to be for sure, it could just be our minds messing with us, making us see what we want to see, or what we have already seen.

  26. oooopoooo says:

    all the mechnic mount is missing is an arm and a seat compared to the window.

  27. Wowizaowewaoe says:

    Impressive! I guess the mechanic would be a standard close combatant while being able to setup for ranged attacks!
    Now… what weapons will they use..? I guess there’ll be none?

  28. FuryKnight says:

    Whoa… I’m sure the mechanic’s weapon will be the robot mount.
    Similar to Evan, the Mechanic will have to sit in the robot to attack.
    At least that’s what I think……..

  29. Zenkishi says:

    If you look at it close enough, you can see the machine’s arm smashing onto the ground. First mechanic skill frame obtained

  30. Alilatias says:

    Hm… So two different types of mechanic mount? Fist-type and Gun-type…

    It’d be pretty stupid to have the mount start at Fist-type and gradually switch towards Gun-type, so I hope they have seperate skills for both types.

  31. Kouga says:

    Yep, with spadows recent update about the newer mounts he added, we can safely say that this job is pretty much like a pirate. We got the Maurader with the fist robot, then we got the corsair with the gun robot. But from looking at the pictures, it looks like the fist robot can actually move around, but the gun robot doesnt have any legs, so I guess you mount the gun robot and start shooting from that spot, then dismount, move to whereever then remount to attack.

  32. Kouga says:

    I was also thinking, that the resistance is actually resisting the adventurers. The battle mage was made to counter adventurer mages. The Wild hunter was made to counter adventurer bowmen. Now the Mechanic was made to counter the adventurer pirate from the fierce corsair and buccaneer. I know that dual blades are techniqually in the adventurer classification, but dual blades are pretty much on the resistance side since they are evil thieves. Thats all the classes except for one, warriors. I can see a strong version of a warrior coming out soon (Arans dont count, they are on the good team xD)

    • Lan says:

      Dual Blades aren’t evil thieves o_o Their trainer is the daughter of the former Dark Lord who thinks Jin killed her Dad so she made the Dual Blade faction to take down Jin.

    • rauleli says:

      Resistance warrior = berserker

    • tori says:

      Mechanic is a “Legend” so its in the same ranking as aran/evan.
      Duel Blades are “Adventurer” just a new branch of them.

      • Secun says:

        Mechanic isn’t a Legend, it’s a Resistance class…

        • Boku says:

          wow epic fail…
          If it was legend it wouldn’t have job I’d starting with 3xxx
          I think it’s acctually 3500

    • Zacairga says:

      @ kouga- Resistance: ( often initial capital letter ) an underground organization composed of groups of private individuals working as an opposition force in a conquered country to overthrow the occupying power, usually by acts of sabotage, guerrilla warfare, etc.:

      Now tell me… what are the Adventurers DOING that would make these people want to resist them? Please come up with a better reason than “They’re evil”, because black =/= evil.

  33. GuRzA says:

    The robot doesn’t look so kickass :P
    I just hope it is possible to upgrade him with levels to more good looking
    ( Lvl 120 – Transformer xD that would be nice )

  34. Kiaryu says:

    So… Anyone have any guess as to what stats these guys might use?

    I’m guessing INT (knowledge of machinery and stuff) and DEX (operating tools and mechanics).

    • KobeKun says:

      why would int make any sense when they use guns? its the same stats as a gunslinger basicly

      • Kiaryu says:

        I dunno. I really wish they’d use new combinations. Where’s the confirmation that these guys are based off pirates?

        • thechazz says:

          u read anny of spadows pervious posts ?
          3 JOB IDs were released … mage archer pirate.
          mage and archer were already used in resistance .
          only pirate left.
          and since the KoC have knuckle the new job always has the counterpart , so he uses gun..
          makes sense with skills like LASERGUN doesn’t it ?

        • KobeKun says:

          Just try to use common sense for once. If they use guns, what do you think they would be?

          • Zacairga says:

            Lolwut… Int? If that’s the way Maple worked thieves would need it to (Nobody wants to be a dumb bandit or assassin…). It’ll only use int if it uses Magic Attack, and it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t.

  35. Neox says:

    I’m 90% sure it’s the mechanic mount. Look at one of the pics. Gatling gun!

  36. MassCreed says:

    Omfg at the update. thats looks like the coolest thing ever to come to MS. (if its a mir’ish attacking thing)

  37. DylanNguyen says:

    Will there be different weapons u can equip or is the mount the weapon?

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  39. antislayerghost says:

    the mounts okay but i think they shudda made it more newit looks old fasiond

    • MAHOGANI says:

      what look old fashoined….
      they look pretty “new-fashioned to me…
      and maple isnt all that advanced….

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  41. MassCreed says:

    Spadow. when Mechanic job is released can you have lots of videos ? like birth-> every job adv?

    so intrigued by this job

  42. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Fist and Gun…? I hope the Mechanic doesn’t have separate skill trees…that would make everything so complicated (like in LaTale).

    • Being a jerk says:

      You kidding, would 2 seperate skill trees be too complicated for anyone?
      You should start playing other games.

      Anyway, it looks like the Mechanic would be immobilised during “gun mode”.

  43. Jose says:

    Spadow I was wondering if you can please take a picture of your monitor running MS @ both the older 800×600 and newer widescreen 1024×768 resolutions please. A HQ video of MS running @ 1024×768 on youtube would cool and nice if you could do as well lol. Ty.

  44. me says:

    aaawwwwwwwwwww im disappointed…i wanted to make a gundam T.T not a steam punk machine thing…but still this is EPICCC..ty spadow xD

  45. KobeKun says:

    the mount looks like an epic-er version of a corsair’s battleship
    cant wait for it to come in gms

    • Zacairga says:

      …I can’t wait for it to go to KMST so we can actually learn something about it instead of fantasizing about a class we know nothing about and talk about said fantasies like they’re fact… Meh.

  46. oooopoooo says:

    i think those are different modes of the same mechanic, or like different skills of the same mount, kind of like wild hunter’s mount.
    my speculations going by pictures, left from right: 1. a very big cannon, either a bossing skills for 1 monster or like shooting a n exploding bomb, which hurts alot of mobs
    2. machine gun. im guessing either something like strafe or hurricane.
    3. it can fly or at least hover, which i think means more speed and jump.
    4. idle sprite (Without any skills applied)
    5. mini machine gun? possibly a lower lvl of the second picture or a different skill, which the machne gun is a higher job skill with the same perpouse (kinda like aran’s double swing and triple swing)
    simply my speculations.
    anyone got any other ideas?

  47. Jose says:

    Please read my post again. I’m asking for pictures of the actual monitor running both resolutions not screenshots….and yes he posted a vid of MS running the new resolution but it isn’t HQ….Ty.

  48. Xentar says:

    SteamPunk rules!
    Cool mount, i think the gatling gun is an stacionary skill, like transform your robot on a turret.
    Sound like a fun class…

  49. Spadow says:

    Fun fact: The town Edelstein is occupied terrority by Black Wings.

    • MAHOGANI says:

      you know what i was thinking spawdow.
      since edelstein is controlled by black wings
      they might start taking over other towns?
      that would be cool
      and spawdow you rock!!

    • FailedName says:

      Believe me or don’t, but it was kind of obvious that these guys were part of the black wings… I don’t see why people keep twisting the story when nexon itself said that they were making jobs pertaining to the black mage.

      • MAHOGANI says:

        i know right…..
        some people are just herd to pursuade…
        i think it will be preety cool to be on both sides of the battle
        to see what the bad guys have t say /
        and i hope the resistance story isnt like the cygnus
        ALL cygnus knights ALL follow the same story line
        they should make the resistance like the heroes
        all with diff story lines

      • Alilatias says:

        *laughs and decides to take up the issue again*

        If anything, what Spadow said only STRENGTHENS my belief that the Resistance are against the Black Mage. This is especially if the NPCs are within Eldenstein as well.

        Nexon DID say that they were making jobs related to the Black Wings. NEVER did they say that they were making jobs that were directly working with the Black Wings.

        You accuse us of twisting the story, yet here you are now, twisting what Nexon says.

        • FailedName says:

          This may just be my lack of playing my Evan, but I thought that the black wings were doing the black magician’s dirty work while he was being revived or w/e.. Prove me wrong and i’ll gladly believe you because I don’t think that I did twist what they said.

          • rauleli says:

            We know the black wings are evil
            but being “related to the Black Wings” doesnt mean working for/with them

          • Secun says:

            Er. If they’re working with the Black Wings, why are there seperate NPCs and why aren’t their Job Instructor counterparts wearing a Black Wings badge? :|

          • MAHOGANI says:

            they are
            look closely at they’re hats and belt on battle mage…
            wild hunter- hat
            battle mage it seems to be on his belt..

          • Secun says:

            No they aren’t.. The thing on the Wild Hunter’s hat is just a gem, and that’s just a belt buckle on the Battle Mage. His isn’t even purple :\

          • davd says:

            that would be cool if u could battle other players

      • Luxeraph says:

        Just think a bit, “The town Edelstein is OCCUPIED terrority by Black Wings.”
        Just think RESISTANCE, OCCUPIED, uhmm, doesn’t that sounds a bit familar?

        • Zacairga says:

          Some of you people have no logic… If a town is occupied by the Black Wings, you start out in said town, you’re the RESISTANCE, the Job Instructors have secret identities, and you fight against the evil in Maple World… why do you come to the conclusion that they work for tha Black Wings? Seriously. None of your reasons make a lick of sense.

        • Secun says:

          No one expects the Spanish Inqui–oh wait…

    • thechazz says:

      spadow how u know black wings occupied eldelstein ? was a part of storyline released ?

  50. MassCreed says:

    -Well. it looks like nexon is putting alot of work into mechanics.
    maybe there will be a promotional trailer for them, (none for resistance)

    -i think different guns and gadgets and what-not, pop out of the machine per skill u use.

    eg: “quick fire” -> chain gun.
    eg: “ultra blast”->cannon.

    that would be epic.

  51. Garet says:

    I’m going to assume that the new mount is actually how the class attacks. (y) Just like the Wild Hunter, you use a mount to attack. IT IS TEH POSSIBLE!

  52. Neko says:

    Spadow do you have any idea how Marksmanship for crossbow master work? The skill description says 10 increased hit rate and 20% chance of ignoring monsters ERA. How does the 10% of extra hit rate affect strafe? Does it mean more damage/higher critical rate?

  53. thechazz says:

    i think u can equip dif weps .. like rocket launcher and gatling gun …. and then u can only use dif skills … like machine gun skills and rocket launch skill , this way mech can be a dif race like cygnus and adventuerers .. ppl can choose what they wanna specialize in , like in beginning you can choose ur sub class , rocket launcher , gatling gun , laser gun and what not ..

  54. Nam Hyeon-Woo says:

    음.. 왜 블로그 이름은 한글인데 영어로 되있는지.. 좀 퍼갈게요.

    • KobeKun says:

      자신의 블로그 한국 메이플 스토리와 한국 메이플 스토리 테스트 서버에 대한 영어 사이트이기 때문에 그래서 한국 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는지 알 수 있습니다 될지 모르는 사람.

  55. LoveWinter says:

    My comment is not really related to the post but while I was reading comments above, I saw Spadow’s comment ” Fun fact: The town Edelstein is occupied terrority by Black Wings.” It set me thinking about the storyline of the resistance and this new job.

    Below is a comment from Alilatias, taken from the post by Spadow on “Complete Overhaul”.

    ‘Very, VERY sure it means resistance against the Black Wings. I would take a bet that the story is something like this:

    The town of Edelstein was a peaceful technologically advanced town in some distant corner of the Maple World. It’s an area so distant that few from the Knight and Adventurer strongholds of Victoria Island and Ereb knew much about it. Surely the two Legends wouldn’t know of it either, as Aran had just woken up from a slumber spanning hundreds of years, and Evan is still a child.

    Edelstein was prospering… Until one day, the Black Wings stormed through the town. The local government stood no chance against their dark magic. For years, the Black Wings had turned Edelstein into one of their strongholds, at the expense of the local citizens.

    All this time, several people living within Edelstein had been plotting to retake the city and drive the Black Wings out. By day, they are ordinary citizens just trying to make a living for themselves. By night, they are the Resistance.

    And finally, the Resistance is ready to make their move. ”

    Don’t the two comment match? Black Wings occupied Edelstein. And here’s the reason why resistance will be against the Black Wings. Will the mechanical job and the mount be of any help to the resistance? I think that it will. Both jobs (Resistance and mechanical job) are both in Edelstein. Above theory could be wrong. Please correct me if there are any errors. I sucked at science theory lessons.

  56. MythAokiz says:

    hmm this job is so lame…..

  57. Hugh says:

    i rekon that its gonna be the same as the wild hunter how u can attack wif ur mount, and when u go and get a job advance ur mount gets stronger

  58. GAINAX says:

    Spadow, I would like to post the information about KMST on your blog to Asiasoft Forum ( Where most MSEA players gather), I’m here to ask your permission about it.

  59. d says:



    왜 이런 나라에서

    듣보잡인 메카닉이 나오냐고

    니들도 곧 메이플이 망할것이다

    물론 초딩들이 하도많아서 망하기쉽지 안을테지만

  60. Expressiøn says:

    i wonder where Edelstein gonna be… That would be cool if they come from the future. Like in Neo city… You see there’s a lot of Mechas in Neo City so i think Edelstein can be there… And they come from the future to say to others that Black wings gonna take the world soon and they have to stop them ! xD Jk but i like my story =P

  61. 형님 says:

    이형님꼐서 메카닉(mecanic)에반(Evan)듀얼블레이드(Dual Blade) 잡으러가신다 앟핳핳핳

  62. GOD says:

    Maple ruined.Let’s go to the Dungeon and Fighter

  63. 박우영 says:

    wow beluple!!!!

  64. chw says:

    maple story very very chinge good

  65. YooHoo says:

    It seems like the mechanics will job advance into a close range fighter or a long ranged gunner kind of like the pirates do with brawlers and gunslingers, and they will get different attatchment for their mount depending on what job they advance into.

  66. Sky says:

    When Machanic Out In MapleSEA ???

    Can You All Please Tell Me????

    Thanks You ! ! !


  67. noname says:

    Spadow youre bloggs/guides owns :)

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