KMST V318/319 ~ A complete overhaul

I can’t believe I was sleeping when a very big patch was released in the test server.
Oh well, I have read a lot of stuff about this patch and I think this is the ”really big patch” that was supposed to come in March.

A lot has changed: maps, monsters, skills for all classes etc. Basically a complete overhaul of the game.
Genesis, Meteor and Blizzard received a 30 second cooldown at Lv. 30. I don’t know if many people are happy with that, but I guess they’ll have to live with it.

This patch finally has support for windowed mode and resolution mode.
The default resolution mode is 800*600 and the new mode is 1024*786.

Want to see an image of both modes? Sure.

800*600 mode
1024*786 mode

The experience required for the next level has been reduced! This is the most common thing that the Korean Maplers want and now they’re getting it soon in KMS.
My Lv. 91 Wild Hunter needs 1,513,526 EXP for Lv. 92. That means they reduced a LOT.

The next new thing is the user interface skin.

I have mixed feelings about this, it reminds me of beta back then with the silver background.
The ”Skin Change”  option has been enabled, but the keyboard settings will appear if you click on it.
In the future we will be able to add our own skins?!

Furthermore, several formulas were adjusted.
– The formula related to physical and magic attack damage has changed.
– The formula related to physical and magic defense has changed.
– The formula related to physical/magic accuracy and physical/magic avoidability has changed.
– Basic critical probability & damage has been added to any class.
– Basic mastery for weapons has changed.
– The Archer and Thief class now have no minimum range.

There’s a lot more stuff in this patch. There are new NPCs, new monsters, changed skills of all classes and an update on the Mechanic class!!

Go under the cut for more~

I’m sorry to disappoint you Monster Book collectors, but as of right now the monsters are not dropping cards anymore nor does the Monster Book feature work.
All cards have been reset to 0. T_T;

The reason why they temporarily disabled Monster Book is because of the monster changes. Levels for certain monsters were changed along with their HP, MP, accuracy, avoidability etc.

The patch note in Korean says that the level requirements for several party quests has changed.
– First Accompaniment: Lv.20 ~ Lv.200
– Cracked Dimension : Lv.30 ~ Lv.200
– Forest of Poison Fog : Lv.40 ~ Lv.200
– Remnants of Goddess : Lv.50 ~ Lv.200
– Pirate Davy Jones : Lv.60 ~ Lv.200
– Romeo and Juliet : Lv.70 ~ Lv.200
– Resurrection of the Hob King : Lv.80 ~ Lv.200

Ariant Coliseum is closed. It was a fun party quest, hopefully they’ll redo this and make it more exciting.

I am not sure if these requirements are meant for Tespia, but probably yes. It wouldn’t be fun if you partied with a Lv. 200 player while completing the Cracked Dimension party quest, right?

So a lot of maps were changed right, they added a new area called Port Road.

[Click on the image to view it in full size]

Port Road is great. You can access all seven major towns in one area. You can climb up to access the stations to Ereb and Orbis. So the two stations are no longer in Ellinia anymore. Ellinia became much smaller!

The world map has changed too.

A lot of areas have been moved as you can see on the animated image above. I’ve been exploring the new major towns and I think the change is great. It motivates me to explore and I don’t have to walk that long anymore to enter another map.

Do you remember of a feature where you can find a NPC through the quest window?
Now there are map objects. If you click a specific map or area in the world map, a list of NPCs or/and monsters will appear. The name and the level of the monster will appear.

The image on the left tells me which NPCs there are in Ariant. The second image tells me that there are Newties (Lv. 145) in this map. It also says I am partied with HunterNeo.
Cool, aye?

Before this whole area change you always saw NPC Rina outside in Henesys. But now that’s history.

Because Rina has her own house now. Now the only thing she needs is a husband. :<
I’m not going to take video footage of all the changed areas because that is way too much. I hope you can understand this.
But I will make a video about an upcoming town.

In this major patch the second equip background of the Mechanic class was updated!!

This is it! There will be different equipment for your machine: transistor, engine, frame, arm and leg.
In the beginning of this entry I said that a lot of new NPCs were added, though there is no new town yet, but there will be one!
Now, I’m not going to show you all of the new NPCs, but only the ones that I think are important.

The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), he is the Battle Mage instructor.
The second female NPC is 벨 (Belle), she is the Wild Hunter instructor.
The third female NPC is 지그문트 (Sigmund), she is the Resistance instructor.
The last NPC is 체키 (Checky), this bear is the Mechanic instructor.

I have no idea why a female is called Sigmund and a male Henriette. >_>; Resistance instructor. I don’t know what she does…

The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), but this time he doesn’t wear his cool clothes. Here he is just a street cleaner.
The second female NPC is  벨 (Belle), she doesn’t wear her cool clothes either. Here she is just a police officer.
The third female NPC is  지그문트 (Sigmund), her profession is a doctor.
The last NPC is 체키 (Checky),  this bear hands out balloons to kids.

So they are all two different people. The first three NPCs talk about the Black Wings organization.
There are a lot of new NPCs who are working for the Black Wings organization.

▲ Black Wings surveillances

Portal manager

▲ Black Wings door guard

▲ Black Wings officials

▲ Black Wings secretary

▲ Unknown

Their function says they’re related to Black Wings. Look at every member, they all wear a purple emblem.

So where could these NPCs be? In the map data a few objects were added of the new town.

Are you curious about the name of the new town? The town that most likely will be related to Resistance.

The name is Edelstein. I have no idea how it looks because the area hasn’t been added yet.
Though, I THINK how it is gonna look like.

It’s a funny but also a weird name. I think many secrets of the Black Wings organization will be revealed. Also, Edelstein is an occupied area by Black Wings.
We’re gonna hear more from Edelstein soon.

I have one more thing to tell you. The changed skills for all classes.
I’m not releasing the information of all classes, because that’s too much for me to put it in a special format etc.
So I’m only releasing my example of Fighter, Crusader, Hero and Page, White Knight, Paladin:



– New skill added: HP Increase. At max level HP Increase increases your HP by 20%.
– Damage of Slash Blast increased from 130% to 180%.

– Improving HP Increase has been removed.
– HP Recovery has been removed.
– Endure has been removed.

Fighter, Crusader and Hero:

Mastery and booster are now classified under one skill called Weapon Mastery/Booster.
– Weapon Mastery adds 50% mastery and +60 accuracy.
– Weapon Booster adds +2 speed for 200 seconds.

– New skill added: Ground Smash. At max level, it can attack up to 3 monsters with 300% damage.
– Master level of Power Guard decreased to 20. Power Guard reflects 50% damage.
– Attack of Rage increased from 12 to 20 attack.

– Axe Mastery has been removed.
– Axe Booster has been removed.
– Final Attack: Axe has been removed.
– Damage of Final Attack decreased from 250% to 150%. Probability decreased from 60% to 40%.

– Recovery MP of Improving MP Recovery has been increased from 30 to 40 MP.
– Master level of Combo Attack decreased to 20.  At max level, Combo Attack can get a maximum of 5 combo counts and per combo count you gain 3% damage.
– Master level of Panic decreased to 20. Damage of Panic has been increased from 350% to 480%.
– Master level of Coma decreased to 20.  Damage of Coma has been increased from 200% to 360%.

– Animation of Magic Crash has been changed. At max level, there is a cooldown of 60 seconds.
– Master level of Shout decreased to 20. Damage of Shout has been increased from 30% to 220%.
– New skill added: Chance Attack. At max level, it gives extra 120% damage to stunned monsters/monsters in a darkness state.
– New skill added: Brandish. At max level, it can deal 220% damage on 3 monsters twice.

– At max level,  the probability of getting 2 combo counts from Advanced Combo Attack has been increased from 60% to 80%.

– New skill added: Brave Slash. At max level, Brave Slash can deal 170% damage three times on 3 monsters.
– New skill added: Combat Mastery.
– Enrage’s weapon attack increased from 26 to 40.

– Blocking has been removed.

Page, White Knight, Paladin:

Mastery and booster are now classified under one skill called Weapon Mastery/Booster.
– Weapon Mastery adds 50% mastery and +60 accuracy.
– Weapon Booster adds +2 speed for 200 seconds.
– Master level of Power Guard decreased to 20. Power Guard reflects 50% damage.
– New skill added: Ground Smash. At max level, it can attack up to 3 monsters with 300% damage.

– Damage of Final Attack decreased from 250% to 150%. Probability decreased from 60% to 40%.
– Mace Mastery has been removed.
– Final Attack: Mace has been removed.
– Mace Booster has been removed.

– New skill added: Restoration. At max level, restores 80% HP. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
– Damage of Charged Blow increased from  250% to 370%.
– Master level of Ice Charge decreased to 20. Damage of Ice Charge increased from 110% to 115%.
– Animation of Magic Crash has been changed. At max level, there is a cooldown of 60 seconds.
– Master level of Fire Charge decreased to 20. Damage of Fire Charge decreased from 140% to 120%.
– Master level of Lightning Charge decreased to 20. Damage of Lightning Charge decreased from 125% to 115%.
– Blizzard Charge: Sword has been removed.
– Flame Charge: Sword has been removed.
– Thunder Charge: Sword has been removed.
– Improving MP Recovery has been removed.

– New skill added: Blessing Armor. At max level, if you get hit at a certain percentage, it creates a shield. It can absorb damage max 5 times, and it lasts only for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
– Damage of Rush has been increased from 140% to 250%.
– Damage of Blast has been increased from 580% to 670%.

– Damage of Sanctuary has been increased from 900% to 1000%.
– Damage of Divine Charge has been decreased from 150% to 125%.
– Holy Charge: Sword has been removed.
– Monster Magnet has been removed.

Because of the deleted skills, an amount of SP will be given back.

※ You can find more information about the skill changes at Adventurer, Cygnus, Aran/Evan and Resistance.

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  1. Shrapnel says:

    let the BAWWWWWWWW begin!

  2. Shulynch says:

    The new Magic Crash animation looks interesting.

  3. MassCreed says:

    coolness, nice work spadow, wonder what the purpose of the “twin” NPC’s are

  4. Arly says:

    This is amazing. I wonder what will happen of my 120 Dawn Warrior now…

  5. big bear cat says:

    Wait. so skills removed means… no more axes. no more maces, and ice and all that are gone?

    • Kolo says:

      no they have just made all axes maces and blah into one buff

      • Nanu says:

        Yay for no weapon restrictions! :D

        • Kolo says:

          exactly !!!!!!!!!!!

          • King says:

            its hard to focus on the positives when there are so many negatives. this patch has its ups and downs especially for Palies. yea some damage gets increased for some moves but White Knights are made of there charges and with that decrease it will just make them an even lesser played class. and also the healing move is dumb its just going to be yet another useless move that was a waist of time creating. Also What is Up with all these new attacks for the Hero class as if they werent strong enough. now not only can they attack 2 times but they can also attack 3 times. Last just to make sure that no one thinks that i am bashing the Pali class I am a Pali and very proud of it I am just so tired of seeing the other warriors get all these new attacks whille my class gets none.

          • Zacairga says:

            You did get new skills, though. You just said it’s useless. Besides, they’re redoing the enitre dmg formula. The %s Pallies had before coulda been way beyind God mod with this new formula…

          • BAkuGak says:

            (THIS ISNT MINE
            THIS IS Mass Creed’s)

            I really think all this, is just the first step in something elts there planning. i think a 5th job adv. or new level cap

            think. tweaking almost every skill a tad bit weaker, (maybe to make new 5th job adv. skills seems stronger ?)
            Exp per lvl reduced. (lvl cap increase? make seem lvl 200 possible compared to ??? new cap)
            Making old monsters stronger. (because new mobs and content is a lot harder?)

            remember. in nature. the simplest answer usualy is the correct one

            i think its more likey that all this happens ^^^^

            just my opinion, based on no real evidence
            then for nexon to refurbish maplestory on the outside, but add nothing to the inside. “seems like too much work for a small payout”

          • BAkuGak says:

            they probably will add new skills and attacks to palis
            this update isnt done yet
            KEEP AN OPEN MIND
            When it cme out and you notice that there isnt a new skill(s) for palis
            THEN COMPLAIN

  6. rauleli says:

    i like the animation of the new skills
    I hope nexon releases the resistance storyline soon

  7. doomfire says:

    omgg i cant wait till mechanic
    its gonna be the next big thing after arans
    at least for me cause evan and dual blade
    for me were pretty dull…..

    • MelonSuicide says:

      i guess they get old…

      • Zacairga says:

        If you think Dual Blade was dull then chances are you’re going to think the same about Mechanic (Which you know nothing about, btw)… It doesn’t get much flashier than DB.

  8. xlPepe says:

    I think the reason for the two sets of the same npcs is so when u enter the town as a non-Resistance it looks like a regular town but when you go in as a wild hunter, battle mage, or mechanic you see the npcs as they really are.

    • Evan606 says:

      Oh i really like your idea. Take a look at my interpretation and tell me what you think.

    • Nanu says:

      OR maybe its because they are the resistance, normal people who rise up against the black wings organization, and i’m guessing are keeping their identities hidden?

  9. msupdate says:

    Hey Spadow, could you tell me if Sleepywood has remained the same please?

  10. Kolo says:

    um ok spawdow
    i wa wndering when resistance will fianlly be realeased…
    and is mechanic part of resistance?
    also just wondering
    have they made the other mage attacks stronger now that the have cool down on gene/meteo/blizz
    and i heard that infinity doesnt give INFINITIVE mp anymore, instead just recovers mp and hp

  11. Kolo says:

    um ok spawdow
    i wa wndering when resistance will fianlly be realeased…
    and is mechanic part of resistance?
    also just wondering
    have they made the other mage attacks stronger now that the have cool down on gene/meteo/blizz
    and i heard that infinity doesnt give INFINITIVE mp anymore, instead just recovers mp and hp

    • Zacairga says:

      Why do people keep asking when Resistance will come out? If Spadow knew, he’d tell us all in a blog post…

  12. Evan606 says:

    So i think i figured it out. There is going to be one more resistance class that uses knives (look at the resistance instructors hand) and also the engineer is part of resistance. This is all just a guess but heres my reasoning. So here is what i think, the resistance is a secret organization that works at night (hence the weapons at the first image of the instructors) and during the day they are workers in disguise (thats why they look normal and have jobs) and there is one more class because of the other instructor. The engineer is part of it too due to the outfit change and job handing out balloons. What do you all think?

    • Kolo says:

      i completley agree to that!
      but i want them to finally realease it in kms
      are they going to be againt killing the black mage?
      and do you think they are gonna realse resistance just like cygnus knights?
      like a whole 5 set class?

    • rauleli says:

      I like it
      and all of them work in the Black Wings town and are secretly training people that come to become Black Wings and turn them good

      • Kolo says:

        so the work for the black mage is what you’re saying?

        • rauleli says:

          NO im saying that they live in the same town but are completely against the Black Wings

          • Kolo says:

            um but why are they all have evil skills
            ballte mage- blood drain
            wildhunter- they have that evil looking panther..
            and all the resistance npcs look evil!

          • Kolo says:

            they probably work for the black bitch

          • Zacairga says:

            Nothing about them look evil… They may look a little shady, but if you’ve played any game rated higher than E 10+ that doesn’t look anything close to “Evil”…

          • Luxeraph says:

            So they are RESISTING in favor of the Black mage in a town full of black wings?
            Sure that really makes sense.

          • rauleli says:

            No i mean that they used to be bad but turn good

    • NovaNuvaMs says:

      i disagree with knife part. doesnt seem to have much evidence. But maybe it is another resistance class. Maybe your right, the instructer with the knife is a resistance class/dagger job. I wonder, is the mechanic class part of the resistance or could it be part of the Hero/legends class, maybe Checky the mechanic instructor is a person against the resistance.

  13. Kolo says:

    no what i mean is that
    if you read an earlier blog of spawdow
    it said that to types of classes are in the makin
    and the other was related to the black mage which i now suspect is resistance?

  14. Chuey says:

    Wow Spadow, thank you for this! I knew about all of this… except for the entire part on the Black Wings NPCs. (thanks Southperry) This is getting to be an even more exciting patch than I thought. The NPCs look wicked cool and I just want Nexon Korea to release more information and data in regard to everything. .-.

  15. Majutsukai says:

    Looks promising, but I really wish the rest of them weren’t all in Korean! I can’t make heads or tails of most of it.

    One thing I can tell is, Mages are getting Elemental Reset! Hell yeah!

    Plus some other stuff I couldn’t read

    • Kolo says:

      yah they are balancing all classes
      so all heroes, cygnus, adventurers, prostitutes hit all the same XD

  16. Ghost says:

    I’m guessing brandish has become a 3rd job skill. Since Brave Slash does 510% per character while only brandish does 440%
    Also Brave Slash does two slashes and a stab, i forget which weapon take advantage of which attack-type but I do know that either the sword or axe will still have an advantage over each other…
    Even just looking a the Crusaders and Heroes, I can tell that this is going complicated since all the buffs stack with each other

    But can you tell the Max level for these new skills? (translating even the names from SP doesn’t work at times)

    • 0day says:

      yup you’re correct, brandish now is a 3rd job skill while brave slash is a 4th job skill

    • purerise says:

      But I wonder about the attacking speed. Brave slash looks a lot slower than Brandish. It’ll be interesting to see which is stronger in terms of DPM against bosses.

      In regular mobbing / training braveslash is definitely going to change how Heroes train, that is for sure.

  17. gamester47 says:

    It almost seems like they are going for a 2 faction game kinda like WoW.. Not sure what to think of the new changes yet…. Since they are redoing alot of the game can you share cash shop items between characters on the same account now?

  18. TheP4nda says:

    i would appreciate if you showed ALL the new skills from all classes, your description is more detailed and organized than the other webpages. xD I know it’s a lot of work but you can just take your time. BTW, thanks for the information.
    (or at least the brawlers/marauders/buccs information xD I heard that Dragon Strike have been nerfed by more than 200% O.o.)

  19. :) says:

    Whole New maplestory :P i wonder when will it be out on MSEA [Blizzard,Meteo,Genesis]-Cooldown of 30secs? (Better buy spam fast before that patch is up) But! the exp to next level decreased like mad maybe we should stop buying spam and start trianing (1Mil+exp to lvl [LV91]) trian at mp3 till lv 100 =.=

    • Kolo says:

      um msea will get in probably in 4-5 months
      they get things about 1-2 months after Gms

      • kirby756 says:

        Kolo, MSEA has gotten plenty of things before GMS. The MapleStory episode 2 patch is a clear example of that. The only thing I remember we got before them was Evan. That’s about it. They’re much faster most of the time.

        • gamester47 says:

          GMS still doesnt have the dual race pq, we have only started getting stuff sooner since the evan patch, before that we got stuff after MSEA all the time.

    • gigarx says:

      Hmmmm… When the patch come out from MSsea… then i say bye bye ms… see u till we can leech n spamming again…

  20. Adam says:

    Mechanic instructor, pedobear much?
    He hands out balloons to children, dresses up as a bear, and use a gun and mechanic parts.

  21. Kolo says:

    i think the new resistance npcs(the rabbits) are probably under a spell
    to work under the black mage

    • Ghost says:

      The Black Wings (the organization) are people who are working to revive the Black Mage, but that doesn’t mean they work for the Black Mage (unlike the Black Witch and the Black Magician’s Followers). So the Black Wings are working at their own will, they have no obligation to be part of this.

  22. Kolo says:

    im all up for this “MAPLE STORY SEASON 2”
    ms was getting boring
    now i know this
    i am litterly bouncing of the walls!

  23. FailedName says:

    Nexon should change the armor formula and actually make it worth something.

    • Kolo says:

      um the magic armor for mages now is increased from 40 def to 120 THREE TIMES MORE!!
      the warrior armor is now 149 i beleave

      • Kolo says:

        woops i mean warior armor is now 140
        srry about that
        (im not sure about this one tho)

        • purerise says:

          I think he meant changing the system of how it works. An extra 80 – 100 def isn’t going to do much at all, especially for warriors.

          Currently, trying to get armor that has def is near pointless. It makes more sense to just HP wash. However, if they were to change the system to where you could get enough def to not have to HP wash that might be interesting.

  24. thechaz says:

    kolo why u make a new acc …. we all know tis you because of ur gravatar .. and the name of ur second account

  25. Mecruious says:

    Some things look kinda cool, but I really don’t like all the map changes same goes for the job changes, I looked them up on youtube and it’s so ugly and messy now. I honestly hope this will never be implented. If it will ill probably quit the game. Jeez, Nexon messed the game up, but trying to fix it by doing this will only make it worse.

    • Kolo says:

      only ellenia and lith look ugly but i like the new henesys
      guys this is gonna end up the same as it did for evans
      every thought they were weak
      look at em now


      • thechazz says:

        i dont like the changes to … i mean the new maps all look so ugly … ALOT of floating platforms..
        i mean before maps looked kinda normal without he abuse of floating platforms but now the only thing i see are misplaced ugly platforms , maybe it looked to ugly because we watched it in dif window or resulution mode …. because i tought the difference between the upper and lower platform in middle henesys got higher .

    • Lionheart365 says:

      You have an F/P Mage right?
      Were screwed!!!

      • Luxeraph says:

        No you’ll just have to use the skills that were thought as your main attacking skill instead of spamming the ultimate over and over again, think of it, if they wanted the ultimates to be your main attacking skill would they have been so expensive to use.

  26. Zero says:

    I think… Resistance = AXIS??

  27. MassCreed says:

    I really think all this, is just the first step in something elts there planning. i think a 5th job adv. or new level cap

    think. tweaking almost every skill a tad bit weaker, (maybe to make new 5th job adv. skills seems stronger ?)
    Exp per lvl reduced. (lvl cap increase? make seem lvl 200 possible compared to ??? new cap)
    Making old monsters stronger. (because new mobs and content is a lot harder?)

    remember. in nature. the simplest answer usualy is the correct one

    i think its more likey that all this happens ^^^^

    just my opinion, based on no real evidence
    then for nexon to refurbish maplestory on the outside, but add nothing to the inside. “seems like too much work for a small payout”

    • Kolo says:

      have to agree to THIS

      • Zacairga says:

        It’s like you don’t even read the stuff you agree to Kolo…

        Nexon’s not going to add a 5th job or a level cap when they don’t even have any monsters somewhere CLOSE to those levels… Look for higher level content before we see anything as game changing as a 5th job.l

    • Ghost says:

      I hope you’re right, I want a 5th job even though I already have been making a fan-made one for over 2 years

  28. Dango says:

    Spadow, can you post the other skill animations (ex. pirate’s new dice skill)? Thank you for everything you do!! :)

  29. NEXON says:


  30. daniel says:

    all skills got new animations?

  31. Yorckie says:

    I hope we get a complete AP and SP reset so everyone can get the new skills and rebuild their characters taking in consideration the new formulas… otherwise, high level and LUKless players would had to quit. >_<
    I really like this! Excellent work Spadow. n_n

    • Kolo says:

      yah i was wondering the same about ap and sp resets
      if they dont
      they will lose A LOT of money
      that just isnt like nexon to throw away money
      so they probably will
      i like this new patch so far!
      but i think they will finish the whole resistance class (“warrior” battle mage, wild hunter, mechanic, and “Thief” before realeasing this patch =(

  32. somenoob says:

    so.. u said u would answer my question obout critical but i dont see and answer…

  33. Yorckie says:

    The third Black Wings surveillance reminds me of Sanji from One Piece. XB

  34. Zenkishi says:

    When there is Resistance does it mean resistance against Evan, Aran, and Cygnus or resistance against Black Wings??? I wonder…

    • Kolo says:

      i think this is againt heroes….
      its look all evil and suspicious
      and all atatcks are bad

      • Zacairga says:

        Again, if you think these classes look eveil, you obviously haven’t played any games, like, at all, rated higher than E10+. You also must not have watched any Action or Sci-Fi movies rated higher than PG…

        They’re don’t even look close to evil. Blacl clothes =/= Evil, so quit spamming that they look evil, FFS. You’re getting to be annoying as hell

    • Alilatias says:

      Very, VERY sure it means resistance against the Black Wings. I would take a bet that the story is something like this:

      The town of Edelstein was a peaceful technologically advanced town in some distant corner of the Maple World. It’s an area so distant that few from the Knight and Adventurer strongholds of Victoria Island and Ereb knew much about it. Surely the two Legends wouldn’t know of it either, as Aran had just woken up from a slumber spanning hundreds of years, and Evan is still a child.

      Edelstein was prospering… Until one day, the Black Wings stormed through the town. The local government stood no chance against their dark magic. For years, the Black Wings had turned Edelstein into one of their strongholds, at the expense of the local citizens.

      All this time, several people living within Edelstein had been plotting to retake the city and drive the Black Wings out. By day, they are ordinary citizens just trying to make a living for themselves. By night, they are the Resistance.

      And finally, the Resistance is ready to make their move.

      • Chuey says:

        Wow, that actually makes great sense. Nice Alilatias, I wouldn’t have thought of that. xD It’s certain Nexon America wouldn’t have either, so let’s hope Nexon Korea did.

      • Boku says:

        I don’t know BUT I would think that they are the evil people
        spawdow said it himself
        there are two types of classes ready
        heroes and the other related to black Mage himself
        I would see this as Resistance towards the heroes
        WHO’s WITH ME

        • Secun says:

          If they were against the Heroes then why would they be called the Resistance? Why not Black Mage’s Followers, or just Followers?
          I’m pretty sure they’re a resistance against the Black Mage.

          • Chuey says:

            Also, people helping the Black Mage probably wouldn’t kill the monsters normal Maplers do… I mean, wouldn’t they want there to be more monsters to help in any form to defeat the Maplers? Just a thought…

          • Chris says:

            Well, if you remember in the Aran’s opening, the monsters you fought were called “Black Mage *Monster Name*” Which probably meant the normal versions of those monsters weren’t controlled by the Black Mage, and would fight against him and his monsters. So every monster not controlled by him is another threat of varying strength. Which is probably how the Resistance, if evil, would fight alongside Adventurers, Cygnus, and Legends. Teaming up to take out a common enemy.

  35. antislayerghost says:

    they better make a new maplestory for this cause if they dont nexon is goin down

    • Kolo says:

      no they shouldnt
      this is a chance to start anew!
      stop commenting before you have tried the CONTENT

      • antislayerghost says:

        dude this is not even maple anymore

        • Zacairga says:

          Erm, yes it is. A couple new skills and changed dmg formulas doesn’t make it a new game. People complaining about Vic are complaining for no reason, especially considering that 90% of them don’t spend any time on Vic anyways, unless they’re going to NLC.

          • BAkuGak says:

            victoria iland looks better exept for ellania and lith
            but the towns are smaller

  36. Trinityblast says:

    Oh geez, how will the veteran maplers work this out? I hope they give SP resets for this, it’s going to really destroy most of the previous builds…

  37. BuddyAran says:

    Spadow, Spadow, just curious. How big is the file size of that patch?

  38. Boku says:

    Any get the feel that they will end up taking away the exp reduction?

  39. Seth says:

    I have a HUGE feeling that Resistance is a class which supports the Black Mage, rather than destroying the black mage. All this evidence makes my theory seem true.

    • Boku says:

      Finally some one who agrees with me!!!!
      It wouldn’t make sense if they were against black mage
      they look evil
      fight all evily like(batle Mage)
      have suspicious looking npcs
      like that pedofile bear npc
      so I agree to your opinion

      • Alilatias says:

        What evidence? >_>

        “they look evil”
        – Huh? You have really strange standards for ‘evil’. Where are their Black Wings emblems, for one? And why would they need a second set of ‘disugised’ sprites if they are with the Black Wings inside the same city?

        “fight all evily like(batle Mage)”
        – Dark magic is not evil magic. For all we know, the Resistance had the opportunity to learn dark magic themselves due to frequent contact with the Black Wings. Dark magic is not exclusive to the members of the Black Wings either – Night Walkers use the power of darkness to fight, and look what faction they’re in. Evan’s dragon uses darkness. Grendel the Really Old used to study dark magic too, but stopped.

        “have suspicious looking npcs like that pedofile bear npc”
        – Because all bears are pedophiles, no exceptions. *rolls eyes* You have really strange standards for ‘suspicious’ too. >_>

        • Mecruious says:

          Well, I also think that they are with the black mage. It would really make sense, in one of spadows previous blogs. He stated that people from nexon said there would be 2 new jobs, and one would be a class related to the black mage. Also, they look very dark and evil. But maybe that’s just me. Also wouldn’t it be cool if there were more resistance jobs and we would get PvP between Adventurers, Knights Of Cygnus, Heroes and the Resistance jobs? Just like WoW but then 2D :P

          • Zacairga says:

            Wow. If you people met me in real life you’d totally think I was evil…

            And not only would PvP not work, but it’d also be completely lame. Face it, only one or two classes actually involve skill in their fighting, and in a one on one situation it really all desolves to pressing one button and seeing who dies first. It’d be lame and wouldn’t be used at all.

          • BAkuGak says:

            its time there was some evil class in maplestory……

            MAYBE they are both good and bad
            maybe the black mages followers mess with their heads
            and then later on in the story line
            they finally realize what they have done
            and then they team up with the adventurers/cygnus/heroes

            this would make more sense….

          • Zacairga says:

            That sounds almost exactly like the Evan storyline… I don’t think they have anything at all to do with Cygnus/adventurers/heroes. The black mage is a bad dude. Just because people are against him doesn’t mean they’re automatically BFFs with the other people who fight him.

          • Boku says:

            I think he
            meant like they are bad at first and then turn good

        • Boku says:

          Hey idiot
          they’re emblems are on their clothes…..
          Battle Mage instructor :look at his belt
          wild hunter instructor :look at her hat….
          Same for resistance npc her hat
          and checky probably has on other side…
          There OWNED
          I think.

          • Zacairga says:

            They do not have any emblems on them. I don’t know what you’re seeing, but the jewels on the Resistance NPC’s clothes look absolutely nothing like the ones on the Black Wing NPCs… Hell some of the spots you pointed out don’t have ANY jewels on them.

            And I’m an idiot? The Sloth calls the Monkey lazy?

          • Alilatias says:

            Okay, try to answer this, moron: If they really are part of the Black Wings, how come none of the extractions from here or at SouthPerry mention their ‘function’ in the data as members? Yet the extractions of all the other NPCs do have their function listed as members?

            Extraction data doesn’t lie. You’d think Fiel and Spadow would make a huge deal out of this if the Resistance instructors were listed as being part of the Black Wings.

          • thechazz says:

            i share the idea that i think resistance = working for the BM / black wings because :
            nexon sayd they only make 2 more jobs.
            1 related to BM other is a hero.
            seeing that resistance uses ALOT of dark element skills , they instructors look childish-evil and the battle mage can summon a reaper ?
            so i think they work for the black mage and they resist all the aran and evan and all the other ppl fighting the black mage.
            they are resisting to fight the black mage.
            and im no moron because i just passes my year of school :)

  40. Daikukuro says:

    Spadow,I read the latest KMST extractions and it appears that they have actually given us the some of the new formulas of the modified classes enclosed in Strings.
    Among those i could not find the one for the new m.atk and m.acc.
    Has anyone derived it yet?

    P.S. Could there be an indication that the Mechanic is the third Resistance?

    P.S.S. Has any story pertaining to the resistance been released?

  41. Donut says:

    Mind making a video on your Dual Blade? I wanna see how much KMS had nerfed the dual blades

  42. Hanabira.Kage says:

    So far, the skill update I’m most psyched about is the Chief Bandit’s new 4-hit Assaulter. 1360% total damage? Yes please. The new Boomerang Stab is also ridiculously powerful (although it appears they made it hit 8 times again instead of 16): 3600% damage in total.

    • Zacairga says:

      YES! *Drools*

    • ed says:

      Was boomerang step (bs) ever 4X4 hits (as in tested in game)?. I reckon if it is, they should now at least readjust the % output, since previously it was 500% —> 4000%.

      If bs was indeed nerfed, I would say I’m rather disappointed. While with the current balance patches bs has been altered to be usable regardless of platform wise (which I think is a much needed change, thank god), also its delay reduced (14xx~ms to 12xx~ms, this is okay), but a 400% damage reduction is actually quite dear since bs range enables us to hit all 4 in a mob nearly every time. Say if you use to hit for 20k x2x4 (160k) it will now just be 18k x2x4 (144k), I wouldn’t like seeing this at all.

      Of course, all these are still inconclusive, damage formula and all has been changed, still to early to speculate how things will change.

      Its good that they buffed assaulter up and I could see it being used as one of the main attacking skills, but the animation itself might be longer than the previous version, this is also is unanswered.

      • Zacairga says:

        No. BoomStep was previously 2 hits across 4 mobs. So it was boosted from 2×4–> 4×4. It’s not a nerf, but one helluvan awesome buff. And the way assualter is used now, it’s definitely not going to be a mere movement tool any more… I’m just hoping it’s fast enough for me to fit it into my training.

  43. mapletheory says:

    And apparently res is completely gone from the game according to Basil extractions

    • Alilatias says:

      *cough* Most of which were stolen from SouthPerry or Insoya. *cough*

      Then again, I can’t blame the Basilers, some ridiculous personal crap between the administrators (years ago, to boot) led to SouthPerry being censored on SleepyWood and Basil’s forums. To the point where bringing up SouthPerry’s existence on SleepyWood is almost a bannable offense.

      This issue is… Really detrimental to the general Maple community now, as one can imagine.

      • Tal says:

        @mapletheory: show me the person that posted that and i’ll show you a fool, fools use all websites.

        @Above By memory the Basil – SP rift was caused by Mr.B wanting to keep his website completely legitimate and above board, affiliating with SP means affiliating with people who extract and use the data of nexons files not in the intended manner.

        You cant link to SP on basil and i’m sure this story may be similar somewhat to the SW-SP rift?

        • Alilatias says:

          Not really. Situation between SP/Basil is somewhat understandable. There really isn’t much of a situation between them at all, other than that Basil is closely linked with SleepyWood. So there’d be mass drama on that front if Basil acknowledged SP’s existence.

          SP/SW is more of a personal matter between the administrators, and a hell of a lot more complicated. Hell, it’s something that happened at SW that led to Fiel founding SP.

          Fiel used to extract stuff and post it on SW, and everyone appreciated his services there. I would know, I think his last extraction on SW was a KMST patch with the Temple of Time. Lots of questions were raised when all of his extraction threads suddenly disappeared – including the 500+ post discussion thread on the extraction of 4th job skills.

          It’s said that one day Adura came to him, asking him for his extraction programs and such. The reason why, I don’t remember, if the reason is even known at all. Asking Adura about this will probably result in you getting banned from SleepyWood rather than an answer.

          Months beforehand though, Fiel did assist in the creation of a private server, but broke off all contact with them when Nexon changed their encryption (which I think would make extractions much harder for Fiel). I think they even managed to get one private server owner arrested beforehand as well.

          Fiel broke the encryption and continued extracting patches for the community, but then it’s said that several private server owners came to him and continued pressuring him to assist them, some even offering him stuff like $15.

          All this led to the creation of SouthPerry. I think Fiel figured that everyone was trying to use him, so he created an independent forum for his extractions instead.

          All this I remember from what Fiel told everyone in a thread at SouthPerry when it was founded. I have trouble finding the thread now though, because it seems the section of the forum where he posted personal stuff about himself no longer exists.

  44. rutaii says:

    I believe since beginning resistance is called citizen, the black wings disguise themselves as balloon giver,doctor,etc. so the legends don’t know.

    Anyways, a lot of this seems bad, however there are a lot of good things too.
    I’m confused though bout the skill changes. what if you’ve already,lets say, maxed out power guard and endure. What would happen to the SP you used?
    Also, the formula changes are really gonna kill ppl who calculated stuff using those for guides, etc.

    • Chris says:

      I can see how the first part of what you said can work. The town of the Black Wings looks peaceful on the outside, thus the four NPC’s in their normal clothes. However, some building is actually the Black Wings HQ, where you find the NPC’s in their instructor outfits, along with the Black Wings NPC’s.

  45. Ghost says:

    Both sides do make sense in what side the resistance is on. For all we know the developers could filp a coin to choose.

  46. One says:

    would be very nice if suddenly all versions of maple would be updated at the same time to the maximum. I mean it.

  47. WOA HOLY SNAP!!!
    Oh man thats ALOT of stuff…

    That 30 Second thing will throw off my genesis spamming but I can manange this is so cool!

    I love the new UI interface too

    Nice Post!

  48. dozokten says:

    스패도우님 죄송한데.. 새로생긴 마을 맵 오브젝트 파일 어디쯤에 있나요..
    acc에도 없어서 ..

  49. WTFisTHIS? says:

    If this EVER comes out in GMS… I will have to quit maplestory. This is an hideous update… in fact the worst update yet. :|

  50. TehFrancis says:

    Suddenly, Maplestory is interesting once again! Loving the death of leech and class balancing.
    I like the new mob layout a bit less, though. It looks like a complete mess… =/

    • Alilatias says:

      Actually, I don’t think leech will die, as long as bosses with high EXP exist (especially those in the World Tour areas, although I would think that all world tour areas would be removed from all versions beforehand).

      However, I would bet that ultimate spamming leech will.

  51. 0day says:

    OMG! i noticed something WEIRD!
    for paladin,
    ‘- Mace Mastery has been removed.
    – Final Attack: Mace has been removed.
    – Mace Booster has been removed.’
    so you can only use a sword for this job, but for 4th job,
    ‘- Damage of Divine Charge has been decreased from 150% to 125%.
    – Holy Charge: Sword has been removed.’
    there’s divine charge, which is for mace, and holy charge : sword has been removed!!
    is it a typo error, or is it a fact?!

    • Yorckie says:

      Relax, they just merged the Booster, Mastery, Final Attack and Charge skills into one, so they can use both weapons whenever they want. Automatically hybrid! n_n

  52. TehFrancis says:

    To 0day, what they did for warrior classes was remove all single weapon-type related skills and make them work with both types.
    To put it simply, skills like booster, mastery, and elemental charges will now work for both Maces and Swords.

  53. Messi says:

    hello, I found you’ve post a video on youtube that displays the new 1024*768 mode.
    May I ask what the background music is?

  54. purerise says:

    Hmm, I find it interesting so many people are commenting on how this changes the game to the point where “it isn’t maple anymore” and how they are going to quit over the changes done to 4th job ultimates and such.

    It’s ironic because to me it reminds me of what maple used to be like when It just started; without 4th job and all. IMO this looks like how it should have been in the first place.

    • Alilatias says:

      Agreed. The way the game is now, it’s broken to hell and back, and everyone’s so used to it that some try to pick out and justify balance within the brokeness. I’m glad they’re finally overhauling the game.

      This would have been appreciated much sooner (read: before 4th job), but better later than never.

      • rauleli says:

        I like the new changes even though my main is an archmage i/l
        I never liked spamming blizzard because it just takes the fun out of the game

        • TehFrancis says:

          This post chain in itself contains incalculable amounts of win. I agree with you all, it seems that maple is finally getting back to its original roots. As it was supposed to be. :D

  55. Omar says:

    How much SP is given back?

    • BAkuGak says:

      lets say they take out magic claw and lets say i had used 20sp on that
      so i would get back 20 sp
      thats what majority of people think
      IF they DONT reset sp
      3/4 of maple ill either quit or restart
      nexon isnt gonna throw away thier money just like that
      it just isnt like them….
      so lets hope they do

  56. Alilatias says:

    somenoob: “not ot sound un greateful for everyclass having 5% critical but doesn’t the pretty much lessen the use of getting SE or (forgot the name correct if wrong) thorns?”

    No. If anything, it makes SE and Thorns even more sought after. As it currently is now, only Archers, Evans, Arans, and Assassins seek out SE because it pushes their DPS through the roof, since all of these classes already have base criticals.

    It’s barely a difference to all of the other classes without base criticals, because you can’t really rely on 15% activation rate, can you? 20% activation is a little more reliabe, and with crit rings taken into account, 30%.

  57. BAkuGak says:

    this is gonna feel weird killing a monster that used to be lvl 2 at lvl like 12
    but change is good
    change is good
    chnage is good
    change is good
    change is good

  58. EndsWithSho says:

    What happens to all the SP you used?
    Let’s say you maxed a skill as a Crusader to 30, and now it’s been dropped down to 20?
    Or they removed a skill that you had placed points into?

    Did they support a type of, SP reset for all these skills?
    Or did some players get the short straw and lose those points?

    • BAkuGak says:

      ok so you maxed it at 30
      then they change it to 20
      you get 10 sp back
      thats how we think it will be done
      and lets say (this isn true!)
      you maxed out magic claw and then they take it out
      you’ll get back 20 sp
      same with this one
      we think it will happen like this

      and by we i mean all the comments i have read so far…

  59. Holy crap, this game looks awesome.

    • BAkuGak says:

      i know right
      the new UI and new jobs and a WHOLE remake of game
      its AWSOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Yoyomanyo300 says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG EPIC JIZZ IN MY PANTS. I LIKE IT. thankyou korean maplestory for buffing Crusaders, they were a pain to level and branidhs and ground smash omg omg and for those who complain about WK……. its only a 10% decrease in dmg, WK’s are still overpowered in my eyes. thats so strong. Omg thankyou it looks Epic evertyhing does, im so wow.

    And im Done ;D

  61. Alilatias says:

    A few KMST testers at SouthPerry have been providing information on what the changes are like, especially training rates.

    Of particular things to note:
    – 100% hit rate probably isn’t possible anymore. Misses may be more frequent under the new formulas.
    – A lot of maps got modified, not just the towns, and there are probably more decent training spots than ever before.
    – Training is MUCH faster. ShiKage reports on the 4th page that Level 58->59 took him only half an hour of pure grinding. Same case for 59->60.
    – CPQ1 gives 300k EXP per win. This is likely going to change.

    • BAkuGak says:

      um really half an hour from 59-60
      so that probably means you can get to lvl 25+ in one day
      im not talking about some random nerds who play 24/7
      max 2 hours a day……
      um i think they will change cpq1 to give 100-150K exp
      that is still AWSOME

      • Secun says:

        Erm.. Playing 24/7 isn’t required to get to lv25+ in one day to begin with… I don’t know what you’re smoking or how the hell you’ve been playing, but playing 24/7 has never been a requirement to get to 25+ in a day. Maybe two or three hours, but eh.

        • Boku says:

          No I didn’t mean it like that
          I meant like ok so you’re on for like 30 minutes and that’s it
          and it would take you like 4-5 days with that
          and by 24/7 I meant like playing accecive amounts…
          And yah…

          • Zacairga says:

            How much ie excessive to you? Cuz an hour and a half straight (Which isn’t nearly as long as many sit down to play Halo at one time) can get me to not just 25, but 30…

          • Secun says:

            From the looks of the above post, anything past 30 minutes is excessive to him…

          • MAHOGANI says:

            stop twisting my words around…
            im just saying if you do ll the quests of hero classes along the way…
            and every thing
            it takes more than that……!

  62. Hanabira.Kage says:

    With regards to the SP refund, there are two possibilities:

    1. All skills will remain at their current skill levels unless the maximum skill level has been brought down below the current skill level. In such a case, the current skill level will be brought down to match with the maximum skill level, and the difference in SP will be refunded.

    2. All SP will be reset and refunded.

    If Nexon doesn’t do either one of these two, they can say goodbye to their current player base.

    • Mikeivore says:

      If they dont do either of those things I will just transfer all my mesos/items onto a different account and start leveling like crazy with new chars.

      • Anonymoose says:

        What if you had untradable items like the Lunchbox on a godly dexless Hero/Paladin? If you had any powerful items like that, then you’d be far less inclined to restart. not to mention, some people worked years to get to where they are. Having much of that erased in a patch will make them simply quit (especially if they fear another similar event will occur).

        Anyway, some people will have no problem restarting, and others will have problems.

    • Secun says:

      I believe they were doing something along the lines of the first option.

  63. SixStrike says:

    OMFG can’t wait till it comes to GMS! -starts working on possible map mods-

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  65. MRMAGICAL says:

    Truely one of the best suprises i have ever seen come into KMS Tespia.

    This truely brings back the feel for bishops/AM’s to actually earn a lvl instead of spamming 1 button just to lvl.

    The apperence of the Black Wing NPCs has also really started to intrigue me about how this story could be taking off

    Spadow do you think you could provide some videos soon so we may take a look at how some of the maps were changed to help with training?

  66. Illam says:

    Isn’t Jay in another house too? Pia is not in Henesys Park anymore. The Zombie Mushies also moved to Henesys. Maybe Pia is frightened of them and ran to Sleepywood? xD

  67. Yorckie says:

    Is there any page or source with the rest of the new skills animations/effects?

  68. waow… the great post today. thank you.

  69. ChunkyMonk says:

    “Possibly related posts: The effects of child abuse.” Wth man

  70. Lastaran says:

    the only really bad thing i saw….and i do mean REALLY is the fact they took out axe mastery ….do they plan on just cutting axes out of maplestory?

  71. KobeKun says:


    Nexon raped aran

    Combo Smash = 500%
    Combo Penril = 450%
    Combo Smash > Combo Penril
    2nd Job skill > 3rd Job skill


    • Aran says:

      ok they raped arans but
      Penril = 2 hits
      Smash = 1 hit
      so Penril > Smash

    • SuddenPika says:

      No,Combo Peril is a 2 hit attack,so combo peril>combo smash

    • Alilatias says:

      We don’t even know what the damage formulas are like yet. Besides, Arans were rather overpowered to begin with.

      • Secun says:

        Actually, we know the Max Dmg formula is still the same.
        We also have an idea of the new Min Dmg Formula, because it seems they raised the base mastery from 10% to 20%.
        But yeah, past that most of us have no idea, due to them finally showing your damage range for spells instead of physical attack damage as a mage, so spell, acc, avoid, and possibly crit formulas are still unknown.

  72. LoveWinter says:

    okay… I spent a while reading all the comments above and there are 2 different ideas: ‘Resistance is against black mage” and “Resistance is evil, so they are against the other jobs”. So I jot down 2 different theories so not to offend both sides.

    1st theory : Resistance are against black mage. There is a possibility. Refering to Alilatias’ post (June 20, 2010), they hated black mage for destroying their town and wants to go against them. Disguising themselves as normal people in the day and train secretly at night (refer to the 2 different NPCs but with the same names). [OR] This is like Neo Tokyo, they were once ordinary people but because of the black mage destroying their town they became like that (Cool weapons and clothes.) Maybe there’s time travel.

    2nd theory : Resistance are with black mage. This is another. They are emo people, they hate the world so they join the black mage. MAYBE we all will see how bad the resistance are tortured (mentally?) and the reason why they stand sides with the black mage.

    Theories above have no solid evidence. You guys can comment your views. My theories are bad. I know. I still stick to the people who say that resistance are against black mage. Good people hate bad people.

  73. LoveWinter says:

    I just noticed,
    1. Is there an extension in kerning and ellinia?
    2. you can walk to florina beach from nautilus?
    3. Where are the guards at Perion and Hene dungeon entrance?

    Hopefully spadow can provide me the answers. Thnks.

    • BuddyAran says:

      From what I’ve watched on some videos,
      1. No, at the moment. But there will be an extension in Kerning, that might lead to Resistance map
      2. Yup.
      3. All guards in the dungeon entrance has been ‘merged’ into 1 guard, only located in 1 map where paths to all towns in Victoria Island meet.

  74. flyXwing says:


  75. KooT says:

    Did anyone find the new exp needed for each level yet ?

    Just to know if ALL level requirement are cutted by 80%, or is it just for earlier levels and it’s like only 50% after 120 or even things like 90% ?

    • BAkuGak says:

      its accutaly weird
      at lvl 10-11 you need more exp….
      like 200 more
      so its confusing
      Maybe they cut the experience buy 50-80% after lvl 30?

  76. FuryKnight says:

    This patch is both good and bad.
    First, it means almost every SP, AP and training guide out there for the classes/places listed in this patch is invalid. Thousands of Maplers all over the world will be extremely confused, and many more will die when they log in after the patch to find that not only the monsters in their map have been buffed, their main attacking skill also has been nerfed.
    Second, the PQ level cap has been raised? That makes no sense… Imagine a level 150 character killing a King Slime in one hit. Unless they raise the level of the monsters in the PQ… but then low-leveled players would have a hard time if they don’t have any high leveled characters.
    Third, the Maple veterans will be EXTREMELY furious. A few years ago, veterans like myself had to earn their level-ups. Cutting the EXP requirement will result in a bulging player base, I’m sure, but people who spent years to get to level 200 (like your truly) will be pissed off.
    Okay, now onto the good stuff…
    I like that Nexon have cut the EXP requirements. New players will level up faster, and those who have already achieved high levels can always create a new character and check out the new tweaks and updates.
    Next, it’s good that they reduced the EXP requirement AND increased the EXP reward for PQs. Think about it: with the insane amount of EXP Monster Carnival provides, you’ll zoom right past level 30-70. Hopefully this means they’ll add more high-levelled content: I spent half a year hunting Dukus….
    Also, I applaud Nexon for making the game more accessible for newcomers. This can only have two outcomes: happy beginner Maplers or extremely confused veterans. And for the love of Divine Bird, add more high levelled content. I want content,. Content good. Spamming bad.

    Er, Spadow, mind telling me how many % you lose when dying now – is it still 5% (high LUK) and 10%?

  77. Omar says:

    I think I would prefer a total reset on all the skill points. Might be better to get rid of skills that you don’t want anymore.

  78. Daniel says:

    This may actually make me want to play GMS again, as long as the level 70+ weapons and the new skills for Spearmen/DK/DrK arrive in GMS.

  79. toshiryuu says:

    hi Spadow, thank you so much for the info. = ]
    here i have few questions regarding to the SP..

    1. so they decrease some skills’ master level from 30 to 20. if those skills were at max lvl 30. after the patch, will it be lvl 20 or 0 ?

    2. ice/lightning arch mages will no longer have Ifrit but Elquines (is it?). again, i wonder how they adjust its SP if the Ifrit is already at lvl 30.

    thank you.~
    hope u able to log in soon = ]

    • Spadow says:

      1. If they decreased the master level to 20, that means after the patch you will have some SP compensated.
      2. I’m sure they will work it out.

    • toshiryuu says:

      and yeah.. will the Ifrit mastery book in my character become Elquines mastery book? it wont be.. right? lol

  80. LOL WTH @ this exp reduction…
    This mean noobs can reach lvl 200 in days?!?
    Its better i’m wrong, otherwise i’ll quit MS immediately…

    • MAHOGANI says:

      no its not that easy…
      half the people out there dont play that much to even get to lvl 100….
      so i woudnt be worried if i were you….
      cause im a noob myself…
      and i find it impossible to train out side of cpq2….
      and im lvl 54 evan….

  81. They’ll change the “exp receipting formula” or something like that?!?
    Dude that exp reduction looks so wrong, that means ppl can reach lvl 200 in days? Please tell me if i’m wrong…
    I play MS cause it’s a hard game, now MS looks the easiest MMORPG i’ve ever seen :(…

    • Alilatias says:

      People with enough connections can already reach Level 200 in a month or two. There are more important things to be concerned about than many other people leveling faster than you.

  82. Zemulii says:

    Guys, when this will aprox. come to the GMS servers?

  83. Taranoleion says:

    So what happened to your skill points once all the skills got deleted/added/buffed/nerfed?
    Did all the points reset, or were you stuck with what you already had?

    I’m still not sure what to think about this patch. xD

    • Spadow says:

      What happened was that I received an amount of SP back, because of the deleted skills, but not a full SP reset. I don’t think Nexon is that stupid.

      • Trinityblast says:

        I’m sorry but how would that be stupid to give all the players their SP back…

        From what I see, a lot of the once “useful” skill got nerfed and SP put into them could have been put into a better skill had the player leveled their character after the patch. By not giving us a full reset, wouldn’t that just be screwing every single veteran build made?

        • Alilatias says:

          Reading comprehension. Spadow was referring to how it would be stupid for Nexon to not give anyone their SP back for the changed/deleted skills.

  84. Sorbet says:

    I guess NEXON made the exp different so you can’t be lv30 in like 3hours, they made the time to level equel to each other. Like in EMS, you are lv100 and BOOM, training goes slow. They made it more balanced. Anyways this are just my thoughts…

    • But that exp reduction looks an injustice…
      Now you can get highs lvls in days, 1.5m exp to lvlup 91 to 92?
      Thats ridiculous, i gridend 500 + hours to get lvl 150, and now this??

  85. Ringo Juusu says:

    For all those who think that the Resistance is resisting the Adventurers, I’d like to make one point.
    I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned.

    The Resistance would not need to have a disguise if they were against the Adventurers; the entire town is against the Adventurers.

    Furthermore, if the Resistance were for resisting the Adventurers, how would the Black Wings factor into it? How would their disguises be needed in a town against the Adventurers?

    Their day outfits are just a disguise. Just because they wear black or dark outfits doesn’t mean they’re necessarily evil. In fact, if you look closely, their clothes aren’t even particularly black or dark. Firearms are a must as part of the Resistance; a way for them to resist and take over the town when the time is right, or to fight back when things go awry.

    Therefore, it seems much more likely for the Resistance to be against the Black Wings.

    • MAHOGANI says:

      You dumb ass….
      think it through
      lets say aran of evan walks through!
      they world want to be killed outta nowhere…
      and all the new npcs and instructors ARE wearing the purple emblems that all the other black wind members are wearing…
      battle mage npc: his belt
      wild hunter npc: her hat
      mechanic npc: probably on other side…
      the resistance npc: her hat aswell..
      i think i just owned you…
      LOL XD

      • TehFrancis says:

        As offensive as this may sound… what are you, twelve?
        The instructor’s emblems look quite a bit different from those Black Wing officers. For starters… they do not resemble wings at all.
        You haven’t owned anyone but yourself with such an embarassing display of self-flattery.

        • Chris says:

          It is definatly on the Wild Hunter NPC, the wings are just covered by the feathers on her hat.

          • Boku says:

            Um why don’t you read what spawdow has written
            in an earlier blob
            he wrote that there are 2 types classes in the making
            one that are heroes and one that is helping the BM
            also it can clearly be seen on the wildhunter npc and you can make it out on the battlemage also
            AND will you care to let me know what the differences are between the emblems the insturtors are wearing and the black wings cause every one I ask says they look EXACTLY THE SAME….
            (exept for the npc holding the knife…. Sorry got that messed up…

          • Alilatias says:

            Spadow =/= Nexon.

            Nexon releases the content, Spadow translates the stuff from Korean into English when reporting it all to us. Surely your school (assuming you’re at high school level or above) has taught you what happens to the source material as it passes through the media, and the disadvantages of this type of reporting? The least of all being language differences – there’s a reason why Google Translate sucks so much.

            My point being, don’t take everything Spadow puts on this blog so literally.

            Also, “related to the Black Magician” does not immediately mean “helping the Black Magician”. When you think about it, what else could have Nexon Korea have said at that conference to describe the Resistance, without blatantly giving all of the details away?

          • Omar says:

            The Resistence are RESISTING the Black Mage. They went against him and the Black Wings. That’s why they’re the RESISTENCE.

          • MAHOGANI says:

            hehe im in garde 8…..
            …………………………………”really long pause”……………………….

          • MAHOGANI says:

            they could be resisisting the destruction of the black mage too…….0.o

        • Alilatias says:

          Francis, he’s really, -really- grasping for details here. Facts and logic getting blinded and muddled by hope.

          Personally, I’ve decided to drop the issue until more details are revealed.

          • TehFrancis says:

            … I think I just might do the same until we have more information. Arguing with some people here isn’t much different from fighting a troll.
            Besides, why waste precious time doing it while I can use it in a better way by drooling over the new changes. :D

          • Seth says:

            Well, I don’t really want to continue this over my tiny little hypothesis lol, however have you ever thought that the instructors have a DIFFERENT emblem than others? I mean, what if there are certain ranks for certain members of the Black Wings organization? If that were to be true, the Resistance has a very high chance of aiding the Black Mage. Maybe the Resistance were the cause of decrypting the spell to awaken the Black Mage giving 4 of the Resistance (the instructors) certain powers. As I have said, I do not really mean to continue over this. So I’ll stop now. xD.

    • Lucas says:

      Well, this is my hypothesis. However, it is, as I mentioned, MERELY a hypothesis, thus, I have every chance of being wrong.

      Firstly, I don’t think that it is mentioned anywhere that the town those Resistance masters are in is against the Adventurers. If it is, please point it out to me and I will gladly eat my words (and bite the dust).

      Secondly, you mentioned that those masters are in a town completely against the Adventurers. What if, they are in an Adventurer town instead?

      Thirdly, the SAME character can appear in multiple locations within the game. Does this sound confusing? Let me give you an example. When Tru was held hostage inside the Lith Harbour Info Store(?), he appeared tied up and unconscious. Although he is in the same area, he has a different sprite. What I mean is that in order for the story to progress, alterations can be made to the characters. Thus, you may see the masters in disguise in Area A but when you are ready for the job advancement, he/she can be found in Area B.

      The above is purely speculation. Speculation in the form of arguments, counter-arguments and personal opinions. Speculation can never be one-sided and this is but my mere side of the speculation.

      • Ringo Juusu says:

        Spadow says:
        June 23, 2010 at 10:06 PM
        Fun fact: The town Edelstein is occupied terrority by Black Wings.

        I know I said I wouldn’t argue, but technically this doesn’t count, I would think. o_o

  86. Ringo Juusu says:

    Notice that I have not mentioned ANYTHING on the emblems.

    Besides, the colors on the emblems do not even remotely match those of the Black Wings, which, from what I can observe, could be lapis lazuli and gold. The belt doesn’t contain an emblem, and the “emblems” on the hats seem more like decorative ornaments.

    Also, you can see that all members of the Black Wings dress in black edged with gold, an attribute not found in that of the Instructors.

    I don’t think I shall argue any more on this subject. We’ll see who’s right soon.

  87. Lukas says:

    Hey, is the bear really an enchanted bear or just some1 inside the bear…

    • MAHOGANI says:

      inside the bear obviously…
      bears arent good mechanics
      i had to say the truth
      now dont cry
      its ok

  88. LemonBallz says:


    Do you have anymore information about the Exp needed to level? Because I’m wondering how is this going to work if it’s 4.5x faster to level up. One way I think it might work is that they will make lvls from 10-30 have a bit of increased exp and from lvl 30+ the Exp needed will decrease at each level from it’s original Exp before this Update. Example: at lvl 30 you need (just an example) 2000exp to lvl to lvl31. At lvl 31 you will need 2500 exp to lvl up to lvl 32, instead of the original 3000 exp nedeed to lvl to 33. Please Spadow, if you have any Info reply ASAP. Thank you for your time.

    • MAHOGANI says:

      uhhh lol you had alot of typos there for amount of exp
      at lvl 30-31 2000exp o.0
      its 30-31 -i think like 70k exp?
      im not sure but just saying its not like 2-3k

      • LemonBallz says:

        Seriously can’t you read? I said FOR EXAMPLE. I didn’t state the right exp amount because i didn’t want to calculate and didn’t have enough time. Swear to god, please open your eyes. This is why I don’t like talking to little kids, they miss the point of my comment completely. Thank you, sorry if I went psycho on you.

        • MAHOGANI says:

          oh srry
          i usually just skim through wihout really look at details

          i think i need to pay for attention

          • LemonBallz says:

            Oh and I meant “instead of the original 3000 exp nedeed to lvl to 32” Not 33. My mistake.

          • MAHOGANI says:

            … its ok…
            i have made mistakes with every thing
            your little mistake is nothing compared to what i do…
            yah and i think the same as you
            the first 30 levels will be a bit harder and then it will get cut of by 50%
            1-30 a bit harder
            30-70 easier but it is like you are re born with a new advancement
            like your are restarting
            but with new job
            I like your idea

  89. asfadfg says:

    nexon got out of the closet.

    • MAHOGANI says:

      what does that mean..?

    • LemonBallz says:

      Wait, what do you mean. Based on this random comment I can make 2 conclusions to your comment.
      Either 1. You’re talking about the new update ( Described in this Forum) if so, Yes I do agree with you.
      2. You have some Juicy details to tell us about the new classes? ( I hope XD)

    • Secun says:

      Dad, Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet!

      But really, what do you mean by that?

  90. Keitau says:

    I’m kinds happy about the new changes but I just wish they would make cks stronger or at the very least raise the level cap to 200 so tht we are no longer the weakest class but apart from tht I like the new changes and it also seems like the end of taxis in vic since everything is much smaller and more compact

    • LemonBallz says:

      Yeah true, But if you chose the Knights of Cygnus class, it’s way easier to level due to the “job” quests that give double if not triple the EXP that any other quests do. On the other hand, it is pretty annoying that you have nothing else to do after lvl 120. I think they made that class to please both sides of the community, people who have more time on their hands and people who don’t. Cygs were created for people who are always busy and they don’t want to train countless hours to finally feel “powerful” at their 3rd or 4th job adv. They have their skills ,that were originally in the 3rd job adv, at their 2nd job adv. I guess the Cygs were just like a survey, basically nexon calculated how many people like playing classes that don’t require a lot of time, and after a while they calculated again just to see how many accounts were created and how many people still play. However, that’s just my opinion.

  91. kibokibo says:

    why play maple now when there is going to be a revolution!
    i try so hard to get to 70… and now its all gunna be easy as cake?
    this fkkn sucks screw all of this im going to start funding for a mechanic right away -.-
    the only job that will matter to me once all this shet comes out.. im guessing it is easy to say
    BYEBYE maplestory version1.. hello maplestroy 100000000000. the story where if you live in ameica…
    you do not have to play for 2 years. arnt updates both informative and hepful at the same time?!

    • LemonBallz says:

      Calm down, I’m pretty sure nexon isn’t going to be stupid and throw away a game they have been successfully leeching of for about 5 or 6 years. They will think it through and leveling is still going to be hard at some levels, like I said they may make lvls 1-30 or 40 hard but from level 40+ they get easier. Don’t worry about it, Nexon is a big company they have some smart people working there they’ll know what to do.

  92. FuryKnight says:

    Wow, flame war.
    Anyway, I’m sure Nexon won’t be so stupid as to piss off half of their playerbase. I’m sure the EXP reduction will not be that bad….

  93. TrainRail says:

    What happened to Buccs in this patch?

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  95. ed says:

    The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), he is the Battle Mage instructor.
    The second female NPC is 벨 (Belle), she is the Wild Hunter instructor.
    The third female NPC is 지그문트 (Sigmund), she is the Resistance instructor.
    The last NPC is 체키 (Checky), this bear is the Mechanic instructor.
    I have no idea why a female is called Sigmund and a male Henriette. >_>; Resistance instructor. I don’t know what she does…

    The first male NPC is 헨리테 (Henriette), but this time he doesn’t wear his cool clothes. Here he is just a street cleaner.
    The second female NPC is 벨 (Belle), she doesn’t wear her cool clothes either. Here she is just a police officer.
    The third female NPC is 지그문트 (Sigmund), her profession is a doctor.
    The last NPC is 체키 (Checky), this bear hands out balloons to kids.
    About this i think the 2nd version when the are in jobs is for KoCs or Legends Or Advs and only resistance and mehainc will see the 1st versoin makes sense not?

  96. MyDogisDrWho says:

    Hey Spadow, What are the revamps for the Chief Bandits/Shadowers in the initial Big Bang patch? I’m looking all through your blog and all i see are snippets of our updates and upgrades after the update. I checked the link to southperry but it didn’t help me as much because I could understand Korean. I would really like to know since GMS might have the Big Bang Update soon.

  97. noob says:

    Woah! if all of this is released into maplesea all in 1 maybe on 2011 woah
    and what about the mechanic job? i heard it is a pirate job and it sounds cool and like a robot

  98. Iamanoob says:

    Spadow, could you send me a full list of all the changed skills for all classes via email? I wish to get a better idea of what changes are going to hit Maplestory soon. Here’s my email:

  99. DarkLordKarkain says:

    All these skill updates and what not are very exciting and all, but my Hero is getting hurt by this more than helped (yes, I’m a shield-wielding Hero with Mastery and Blocking). I’m one of the (probably few) Heroes that considers Blocking and a shield for defense helpful at all. New attacks are fun and all, but I won’t be able to block attacks anymore, darn. Looks like I’ll be working a lot more on my Dragon Knight when Big Bang hits GMS.

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  101. mplstry says:

    Used some images from your site. THankyou. I will acknoledge you =D

  102. Pingback: What is the ‘Big Bang’? « Nisrockk's Blog

  103. karl says:

    is there a skill change for spearman?

  104. Strill says:

    I absolutely hate the map changes in this patch. Apparently the designers don’t care about exploration. They just want to make every single area nothing linear paths and dead-ends and remove any and all sense of inter-connectedness.

    Sigh… Maplestory was my favorite mmo in this respect. It was probably the closest mmo to Super Metroid’s map design with its multitude of secret areas, hidden warps, and inter-connected areas epitomized by Victoria Island with its pentagram-shaped road system. But they’ve decided they don’t want any more interesting map design and would rather make everything the same.


  105. XiaoP0ker says:


  106. Kevin Sinha says:

    I have been reading out a few of your stories and i can claim pretty nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

  107. I think you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post.

  108. Jesse Grillo says:

    When I opened my computer your page was already loaded. Your blog is absolutely on point! Guess I will just book mark this posts. I was an expert in this field when I was in Arkansas. Interesting content.

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