This is madness!

I’ve been browsing through the screenshots on A lot of interesting screenshots can show up such as item drops, Free Market deals, potential abilities on items and damage ranges. Some screenshots can be classified as hot which means it’s a hot topic.
So I clicked on this hot topic and saw this amazing screenshot from an Aran in the Tespia server.

[Source] 테리 / / Full-size

This is madness.

This is Tespia!

Want to see more madness? Check out this Lv. 159 Wild Hunter.

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61 Responses to This is madness!

  1. Kayla says:

    That’s crazy.

  2. Adam says:

    Mind = Blown.
    I knew % equips was powerful, and so are Arans, but this is just insane.
    Also, I’ve heard the damage cap has been raised. Any clarification? And if so, what is it now?

    • Spadow says:

      I can’t remember, but I recently saw a Bishop hitting 199,999 critical damage multiple times.

      • Adam says:

        Hmm. I guess it might of been a rumour my friend heard then.
        It’s probably not true, because then Marksmen would become overpowered, because it’s only really fair if their snipe raises too, to keep up. Because obviously, 199K will become the normal soon.

        • Jacky says:

          Better yet, make snipe hit a certain damage rather than raise the damage cap. Raising the damage cap will overpower the other classes even more.

          • seralyn says:

            i feel theres no such thing as overpowerd, as the game progresses, sht will get stronger, not only do i forsee stronger sht, and higher dmg, im gunna bet, that soon after this blk mage/legends ordeal we may get a lvl cap increase its highly pluasibal

    • bob says:

      The new cap is 999999

  3. rauleli says:

    a new era for maple

  4. Person says:

    Rolmfao at ur Sparta.

  5. Alilatias says:

    My jaw -> The floor.

    On a side note, I still remember how excited you were when a new Golden Sun game was announced at last year’s E3, Spadow. Did you watch Nintendo’s conference about four hours ago? They absolutely dominated this year…

    …And you’ll be seeing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn this Winter! (If I heard that correctly)

    • Spadow says:

      Of course, I have seen the live event. I can’t wait to get my hands on Dark Dawn.

      • rauleli says:

        Is that like a new Nexon game or something?

        • KobeKun says:

          ^fail comment
          golden sun is a nintendo game >.>

        • Alilatias says:

          Golden Sun, a RPG series generally well known for it’s pretty sprite artwork and challenging puzzles, originally started on the GBA (as far as I know).

          No relation at all to Nexon. It’s just that Spadow is a really big fan of the series.

          • Secun says:

            Who isn’t? Except that one guy that didn’t know what it was.

          • seralyn says:

            yea i played 1 and 2, assuming that its gunna be take off where the second left off, this is 1 game i will NOT miss out on, for a GBA game its story and puzzles were one of the best. i highly expect and ecourage even the newst people to the GS series to buy this title

    • Ghost says:

      Anyone care to explain why Nexon is at E3? None of their games really suit console gamers…

  6. Secun says:

    Sweet Jesus! o-o

  7. lezhuu says:

    hey spadow
    :D can u tell me how did u get the scroll for dual blade for att in the frebruary 2th post?

  8. Bendy says:

    This is going to break GMS into tiny little pieces.

  9. WOA THAT PERSON IS STRONG and nice 300 parody

  10. xmanaphyx says:

    dam =.= Spadow u have such a good humor
    Tell Nexon nerfed the item reinforcement potential system !! lols (Wait till doomsday)
    I am sure they have other ideas to down pink been !!
    Use ur creativity nexon !! Dont create somenthing that spoil the economic =.= , the Market is high enough , even a snail shell also cost 1k (It worth less than 500 mesos)

  11. Zacairga says:

    Wow. Perfectly scrolled equips are now noob as hell and worthless. Why do we care about your Dagger with 30 more attack when I have 4k extra LUK?

    • Adam says:

      You do know that all of this is stackable.
      That’s why this guy is perfectly DEXless, yet has 79DEX, an over 3500STR

  12. Kevin says:

    Hey spadow, do you know if Cash mounts work with the Wild Hunter’s panther?
    Thanks in advance :)

    • Alilatias says:

      The Panther is summoned through a skill in 1st job. It shouldn’t really be considered a mount. It would be far more accurate to compare it to the Gunslinger’s Battleship in terms of gameplay mechanics.

      • Ghost says:

        However, i remember (vaguely) from the SouthPerry Extracts there are some sort of Cash Shop Item that goes on the battleship so there is a potential that Panthers could also get a Nx Cover-up

        • Kevin says:

          Checked all of the recent extractions on southperry, I don’t seem to see it. Guess theres nothing to cover up the panther, kinda sad.

  13. wait I was looking at the stats but now that I read the comments…whats the item reinforcement potential system again???

  14. Ninjakc says:

    This is madness..

  15. a says:

    u dont have mts in kms ?

  16. oooopoooo says:

    im sorry to say, but thats kind of old news.
    im gonna try and find that awesome dual blade video to show you REAL damage!
    i havent seen the wild hunter hit even ONCE 199k dmg, and the dual blade does it kind of often!

  17. Hanabira.Kage says:


    I wonder how much that kind of damage would cost in the official server…

  18. Nhan1st says:

    Holy @#$@ Dual overpowers Aran!!! Maple Story is turning into a number game. All you see on the screens are numbers. :D

  19. Ghost says:

    Combo Smash could easily hit 199k almost every time! One more damage increasing system and Nexon will have to bring up the damage limit.

    • Zacairga says:

      Either that or people will just ignore the new damage increase altogether, and as every class slowly bcomes more and more capable of hitting 199,999 on every hit with every skill the need for competition and self improvement will effectively die, causing many players to stop purchasing more NX because they no longer have a reason. Soon after massive amounts of people will begin to quit as they can drop Zakum in 8-10 seconds, Horntail in 30, and Pink Bean in 10 minutes, as well as 1hit every solitary monster in the game without even needing to use their skills.

      It’d be MapleStory apocolypse lmao.

  20. Behemoth says:

    This is bull shit unbelievable OFMG those are fucking private sever stats

    • KobeKun says:

      hey, before you go randomly flaming, tr yto remember that korean maplestory HAS NO PRIVATE SERVERS

      • Voltaire says:

        Erm kobe sir, korea does have private servers. ther just called by a different name in korea: Free maple or 프리 메이플. Free maples are way more updated and most already have dual blades

  21. Max says:

    He wasn’t saying it was a private server, he said it was >like> a private server. ~_~

  22. mapleboom says:

    Is there an SS of the damage this person does on that website?

  23. Popsicklez says:

    My Jaw, dropped down to China….
    im like 1/10th of that damage range…
    btw, if they had arcglaives, HAHA, YOU CAN’T WEAR ONE >:D

  24. Popsicklez says:

    I just noticed he has Max Hp…

  25. Tal says:

    Sorry but 431 weapon attack? WTF?
    maybe one of those buffs adds 250 to everything?
    that str total is pretty crazy though, that has to be some form of glitch abuse in tespia.

  26. Pingback: Sexyness To the max? o.o KMST~

  27. Hanabira.Kage says:

    260% x2 = 520%
    170% x3 = 510%

    If you’re a Hero, you shouldn’t be thanking Nexon. If you’re not, though, feel free to do so.

    • Ghost says:

      Ehh.. at least they still get the advantage of easily improving the percent with equips and buffs (it’s like the same way why the scrolls of fast weapons are better than scrolls of slow weapons)

    • Anonymoose says:

      I disagree. While Brave Slash alone is weaker, I believe I saw Panic/Coma and ACA being buffed. This will mean an overall increase in “brandish spam’s” damage and it will hopefully mean that Heroes will begin to alternate between their Brave Slash, Panic/Coma.

  28. Alice says:

    Any chance we could get some videos of Arch Mages using their 1v1 skills?
    I have a lot of concerns for the class.

  29. Cody says:

    You should notice that he has the Horntail Buff. That has big buff, but Holy God! We are about to see people d/c’ing each other just so they can have the HT cave for their solo.

  30. Taiwanese players says:

    Nice to meet you.This is the first time I leave a message .I am a Taiwanese player.
    May i ask you a question?Can you tell me which equits do you use now?
    Thanks a lot.

  31. MSea Player `Aquilian says:

    Hi . I would like to enquire about the buff that the resistance provides . What does the buff adds?

  32. aProfessional says:

    um may i ask…

    how did he get the advanced yellow and dark auras
    i dont see a battle mage around…(just curious)

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