Dragon Nest: Lv. 40!

This weekend I’ve been playing Dragon Nest and I finally got to 40. I’m happy but disappointed as well.
Happy because I can finally farm for Lv. 40 equips and learn the ultimate skill of a Priest: Heaven’s Judgement.
And disappointed because the level cap will not be raised for a very long time. OTL …

When you become level 40, you can learn an ultimate skill. If you want to learn this skill, you need to have 100 skill points and a lot of gold.

Damn…. >_<; 68 gold!!
Heaven’s Judgement is so flashy and strong. Unfortunately it has a cooldown of 150 seconds. 100 seconds would’ve been better hehe.
Check out the video to see how my ultimate looks like. ^^;

Alternative link

Speaking of Dragon Nest; Nexon America will be showing off Dragon Nest at the E3 Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Who’s going to E3 Expo? I am curious about which voices they used in Dragon Nest NA.

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43 Responses to Dragon Nest: Lv. 40!

  1. rauleli says:

    OMG awesome ultimate!!!

  2. Devon says:

    Nice one Spadow =) I can’t wait for Dragon Nest to come out in Enlgish xD My friends and I are going to start playing it once it comes out. Hopefully, that’ll be soon =)

  3. ed says:

    spadow if u liked dragon nest try out mabinogi its awesome 2 escpliay (sorry for bad eng) in korea they have lastest G + should i try dragon nest i have korean nexon id and blablabla but it will work on intel pentium 4
    512 RAM and 64 graphic card :(

  4. Googleplex says:

    Oh dear…

    Very nice looking attack, though!

  5. SSJ Luffy says:

    Dragon Nest looks interesting, but do you want to play DragonBall Online???
    Lvl Cap currently Lvl 55
    Just want have an opinion from you.

  6. Brian Leech says:

    I cannot wait for dragon nest in english! Looks so awsome….hopefully, it will come soon…

  7. Unohano says:

    lmao looks pretty decent, can’t wait ta get my gaming computer

  8. Secun says:

    This game. Do want very much now.

  9. Voltaire says:

    Gratz spadow. heaven’s judgement looks pro its worth the 68 gold imo?
    근대, 님이 레벨40 돼게 얼만아 오래 걸려서요???

  10. Bnissley says:

    In Dragon’s Nest do they have a thing like cash shop?

    • Spadow says:

      Without Cash Shop how can the staff operate this game?
      Yes, there is a Cash Shop. Surprisingly, the clothes from Cash Shop gives stats.
      Right now there is: hat, top, bottom, shoes, glove, wing, ring and necklace.

      The wings I wear gives a +10% speed boost.

  11. Bendy says:

    Hi there Spadow. I was just wondering, how much RAM does a computer need to smoothly run Dragons Nest?

  12. Nanu says:

    Definitley quiting maple for this game.

  13. hooi says:

    may i know is there any dragon nest for sea???

    • Voltaire says:

      no but ther might come out since for maple the order of the thing was korea, japan , china, global, then sea. so sea dn might come out after china or global?

  14. TableCAKE says:

    Congratz Spadow on Lvl40! :]

  15. Am I triangle? says:

    This game? E3?
    Well to be honest there is so much more to excite for rather than this…

    Looks decent, really, come on all the MMOs nowadays…

  16. Drummer says:

    I am so going to be an Acrobat, I don’t care if it’s gender locked. IT LOOKS SO AWESOME.

  17. MRMAGICAL says:

    This game looks really fun but to be honest in my own opinion another game in which u only have to buy once and install will kick its butt. Its called Guildwars 2 which is gonna be like Fable but with MMO qualities.

    I will definately try it and we shall see what happens from there on out

  18. Grats Spadow and cool wings

  19. iMeltFaces says:

    This is such an awesome game. I’m going to try Vindictus soon too.

    I can’t wait for this game. Maplestory has become boring because I always get screwed over somehow, by wasting money and then getting no mesos/valuable items or getting hacked. With all this D/c hacking that’s going on I think I’ll just play when a new class comes out and if I find it’s really fun, then I’ll proceed playing with it.

    However, Most likely I’ll start playing other games. I’ve played DFO and really enjoyed it. So I’m hoping this game will really be amazing.

  20. mutatie says:

    Spadow do you think it would be possible for europeans that can currently play GMS becaus of a old account to play Dragon Nest?
    It looks so cool so im kinda hoping that i can play it =)

  21. MRMAGICAL says:

    Spadow do you think its possible that sometime in the near future that Nexon can create a game that is like the Fable series but in an MMORPG form such as Guildwars 2 is doing?

  22. Aweryn says:

    Nice one Spadow! I myself just started playing the japanese version and got lvl 15 force master :p
    But the level cap is still 24 cause the OB started few days ago. If anyone here is interested in starting the JP version, check my guide on my forums at http://forums.gamex-online.com/
    You have to register then navigate to guides section and finally Dragon Nest, feel free to ask any questions there!

  23. James says:

    I’ve started playing DN recently as well.. dont really understand all the crafting stuff.. somemore i played in taiwai server.. the npc dub voice.. omg~

  24. Minho says:

    Umm when Im playing it saays 1GB of RAM?….
    Its strange and when i play it everything is white and you cant see nothing plz plz plz plz plz plz help….D:

  25. Minho says:

    Umm when Im playing it saays 1GB of RAM?….
    Its strange and when i play it everything is white and you cant see nothing plz plz plz plz plz plz help….D:

  26. andrie says:

    can ihave a warior that lvl 32 plzz im in the phillipines

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