A new theme!

Hi everyone,

I switched to a new and cleaner theme.
The Enterprise theme by StudioPress features a custom background (see Pink Bean, hehe) and a custom header.
The width is wider, which is a plus for me.

What do you think? Do you like it? Or did you prefer the previous theme?

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

84 Responses to A new theme!

  1. Q says:

    I believe your newest theme is definitely better. The brighter, overall colors certainly make the site seem more ‘relaxed’ and I predict the new change will invite even more readers than before. The last theme was simply unpleasant to look at; even though it was generally achromatic, it wasn’t as nearly effective as the current theme is now. So, in a nutshell, good job.

  2. Wisdom says:

    The whiteness compared to the previous theme is more soothing.

    I like it better.

  3. Awesome! says:

    I love it :D
    It’s awesome :DDDDDDDDDDD

  4. Secun says:

    Honestly, I liked the old theme better. Not that I have any aesthetic problems with this one, I just liked the old one better.
    That and due to my monitor being an LCD, anything bright shines like the a spotlight (ie; the white background).

  5. Shroum says:

    I love the new theme!!!!
    the snails at the top are a tad weird though :3

  6. TheP4nda says:

    It’s way too bright :S it actually hurts my eyes and makes it hard to read the sentences. A little bit darker would be apreciated

  7. UngKyou says:

    I dont like this new theme : /

    I want the old theme back, dont follow the same steps of GB!

  8. SlayerGhost says:

    The theme is too bright. The white makes it seem very plain, and the snails on top and PB on the side isn’t really enough to help it.

    The old one seemed more crowded, but it was still more pleasant to look at.

  9. Alilatias says:

    The comments are much easier to read, and that’s probably all I really wanted out of all of these changes. That said, everything now is fine.

    …Well, I do agree that it’s a little too bright, but that’s just background issues, not actual layout issues.

  10. ??? says:

    I like the new spacing of comments, but I prefer the color scheme of the old one. Grey>White o3o.

  11. WTFudge says:

    I think it looks sexy… o.o
    I don’t care about brightness, brightness = good. It’s way more ‘alive’ than the old theme, however the snails :P maybe a different pic.

    • Secun says:

      The only problem with the brightness is that it was making people go blind :|

      • WTFudge says:

        LOL…. yea the color is a little bit too bright. Or maybe not, what am I typing i can’t see! edihjewiurfjhdsj /end corny joke

  12. sgtgrif says:

    I despise the color scheme with a passion. However, I’m in love with this layout. It seems so businesslike and orderly!

  13. iHateThisTheme8D says:

    all people already vote for ”Yes! I like it” they are white.
    all people already vote for ”No, I want the old theme back” they are black.

  14. Anonymouse says:

    I like this less than the last one which I didn’t like much. The best theme was about 3-4 themes back.

  15. YAY PINK BEAN!! Thats my fav MapleMonster!
    I love the view nice job

  16. Iastaran says:

    i like it but the it makes the comments hard to read

  17. IMAWESOME says:

    I dont like how the comments look sorry

  18. KobeKun says:

    personally, i prefered a bit of both. The layout of the new one is much cleaner and is much more organized; however, the color scheme seems a bit too bright for me, and i liked the old one.

  19. Ghost says:

    What are those 3 snails on top of the screen, where are they from?

  20. flyXwing says:

    A few suggestions.

    Let the pink bean at the side overlap the white space in the middle. It would make your new layout not look so flat.

    Instead of all the snails looking the same, but with different colours/colors, give them different poses, while still retaining the colours of the snails. Add a green snail or coke snail in front of the red snail. It’ll give the feeling of ‘odd one out’, drawing even more attention to the snails.

  21. KanesWrath says:

    it loooks new lol

  22. artboy77 says:

    I like this one better but the header needs more work (I’m guessing you were going to change it eventually)

  23. TimelessDream says:

    I realy like this theme ^-^
    easy to see, nice color, cool background
    good work Spadow ;)

  24. flyXwing says:

    i want to choose my pic, how?

    • KobeKun says:

      register online

      • KobeKun says:

        but dont you have to register on wordpress.com first?

        • gaialith says:

          It automatically registers you on there so your Gravatar account doubles as a WordPress account.
          This is Secun btw.

          • Zacairga says:

            Oh, hi there Secun. I also changed my IGN recently, this is Slayer.

            You can go ahead and put me back on moderation if you like, Spadow. I just changed emails, I’m not “Ban” dodging.

          • Secun says:

            Eh, Gaialith on Nexon’s forums, that’s me.
            Made a new acc since my old one got it’s pass randomized for no apparent reason.
            My acc hasn’t been hacked, I’ve checked rankings, it’s just Nexon America being failtastic as usual…

            Eh, apparently Gravatar either takes a while to update or it doesn’t work for me. Oh well.

          • Zacairga says:

            I kinda figured that out, on intelligence alone.

            They deactivated my account. X_<

            Must have a new admin or something.

        • lgnisfiame says:

          does gravatar work?

  25. Theme says:

    Nice Theme but i still like the old theme better :P [ not so style is better ]

  26. Googleplex says:

    Not bad, not bad at all. Needs a lot more explosions, though!

  27. KobeKun says:

    i like what you did with the banner, spadow. it looks way better than the snails.

  28. Fienx says:

    What you just did now looks a lot better, less bright and still keeps it’s awesomeness! Awesome job!

  29. Ghost says:

    Now if you could just do something about the gray outlining…

    Btw, I’ve checked strategywiki and it mentions that KMS has Kerning Night Market. What is this?
    I do remember seeing some edits to the Kerning City Map with the portal with the Lamppost, have they released what was inside it or is this just an error made by strategywiki?

    • Secun says:

      The gray outlining is the only thing keeping us from going blind D:

    • KobeKun says:

      the kerning night market is a relitively new area that Nexon America has tried to add once to kerning city, but it was an accident. If one were to enter the unfinished map, one would be trapped there until he or she disconnected. When this area was added by error, the NPCs had inncoorect, pictographic, or even no dialogue. also, one may fight the snack bar in kerning night market in kms, but this was because nexon korea deleted world tour. heving them deleting would tour (before kerning night market existed), the area bosses such as the snack bar were strewn all over the maple world. One example of this was a person finding the snack bar in sleepywood dungeon.

      • Max says:

        Kerning Night Market is nothing. It’s one map with all the cosmetics NPCs from some World Tour.

      • Ghost says:

        But it says that KMS and MSEA has it with any problems, and that GMS will get it soon.

        • KobeKun says:

          KMS and MSEA have it already because they deleted Spinel’s World Tour. If GMS is getting it soon, it indicates that GMS will also be deleting world tour.

    • Kering city night market………………….Im not sure either we had it but it was still under development and people was getting stuck inside but from what I saw there are some VIP Hair and face stuff but if its what I really think its going to be based off of the TaiPai Night market where you fight vending machines and lupins on motorcycles and ummmm SnackBar boss but right now the Snack bar is in the Drake Area for now

      I’m guessing its going to go this far is due to kering city mall based off of TaiPai 101

  30. Behemoth says:

    nice theme

  31. Yorckie says:

    Looks great Spadow! I love the header! *-*
    By the way, I would like to ask something… it’s about the Paladin’s damage at Time Temple after the Balance Patch. Since they can now combine any element with Lightning Charge, will they be doing 4x damage to those dual weak to (for example) Ice and Lightning or just 2x damage?

  32. Daikukuro says:

    Its much clearer…

    But add the snow module :P

    It’ll make this look even better :)

  33. Giraflare says:

    I loooooove the card theme on the top of the page :D :D :D Great job Spadow!

  34. David says:

    Spadow. Please help. I want to be an adventurer like you. Always exploring… I am a merchant, and I don’t want that life anymore. Rip-offs, DC hacks, and tons more. I want to have fun, please e-mail me at xDheemix@yahoo.com Thank you!

  35. nizmir says:

    The PB is too hard to see behind the white of your blog, it is a bit awkward. I like the new changes you made–header pic looks great. However, I would make the background a bit darker. It’s just too light for your navigation bar.

  36. Hiya I was reading the comments above and if your going to scroll to the bottom and not read the top here..

    For ghost and info on Keringcity Night market-I wrote
    :Kering city night market………………….Im not sure either we had it but it was still under development and people was getting stuck inside but from what I saw there are some VIP Hair and face stuff but if its what I really think its going to be based off of the TaiPai Night market where you fight vending machines and lupins on motorcycles and ummmm SnackBar boss but right now the Snack bar is in the Drake Area for now

    I’m guessing its going to go this far is due to kering city mall based off of TaiPai 101

    For the rainbow colored snails…

    They are being used in MapleStory DS but for the MMO nobody knows yet they say events but no info what event.

    For Spadow….
    I like the Resistants banner but I know they are still in testing but are they related or on the black mage side?

  37. moltrespro says:

    Is is theme is paid? I googled it and it’s paid.

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