KMST V317 ~ Critical skill

Many of you were wondering if the Resistance race had a critical skill. The answer is yes.
In today’s patch a new skill was added to the beginner book of Resistance. (Basics of Resistance)
When you create a Resistance character, you will start as a Citizen (beginner), you will have the Basics of Resistance book at your disposal.

The Basics of Resistance skill book has three basic skills (the first three skills):

  • Crystal Throw
    Similar as Three Snails, but instead of throwing a snail shell, you throw a crystal with power.
  • Sneak
    Sneak allows you to hide against monsters and increases your speed.
  • Efficiency
    This skill is basically Alchemist. Lv. 3 = 130% recovery rate.

[Master Level : 20] Enables to perform a critical attack at a certain probability.
Level 1 : 50% chance, critical damage 200%

Though the master level says 20, there is only 1 level available. Nobody knows how you can get this skill, it’s set to invisible.
There are two other skills that a Battle Mage doesn’t get, but only the Wild Hunter.
They are the last two skills in the skill window above.

포획 is Catch. When the HP of a monster is below 40%, you can try to catch the monster. When you successfully catch a monster, you can use 헌터의 부름 (Hunter’s Call) to summon the monster you captured.  The summoned monster will do nothing but walk around.

With critical, Wild Hunters are very strong. Soon I will figure out how to get critical.
Don’t forget to view the Resistance playlist on YouTube for videos.

On a different note: Thailand MS is patching like a mad man. I discovered that they’re getting Evan soon!
They just got Aran~! +_+

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74 Responses to KMST V317 ~ Critical skill

  1. Danny says:

    What are the last two skills?

  2. rauleli says:

    Wow Resistance characters are pure killing machines

  3. IMAWESOME says:

    Catch-pokemon much?

  4. rauleli says:

    I can see that Wild hunters can still shoot from close range. Why?

    • thechazz says:

      because they can only shoot close when they are on the tiger , and lets just say that the distance from tiger hight to legs of the enemy monster is just the perfect amount of distance needed to shoot :P

    • Alilatias says:

      They’re probably too lazy to make a crossbow-whacking animation when on a jaguar. Either way, this KMST update also reduced their hitbox by a ton.

  5. doomfire says:

    did they get a starter map
    or storyline that sorta thing?

  6. devin delgado says:

    Do u get an extra character slot or do you have to wait for it to come out in normal kms
    also do u think that they will make the caught monsters have a small amount of hp an do little damag.
    Answer if u can spadow :)

  7. Jacky says:

    Great… Now they’ll be officially overpowered just like all other new classes.

    • Shulynch says:

      That’s what they said about Aran, and then Evan, Dual Blade I’m still contemplating over though.

      We haven’t seen either of these classes boss, so we can’t jump the gun and say that they are overpowered just yet.

      • Jacky says:

        Well everyone knows arans are overpowered. Most people just don’t care anymore.

        • Lionheart365 says:

          Arans are not overpowered. I can out damage almost any easily. I don’t have great equips. But arans never use HP pots…

    • Somenoob says:

      yeah well if u havent noticed there are now percentage eguips… EVERY job is now overpowered to the extreme

      • Jacky says:

        I know that, and because of that I can’t really tell how strong they really are compared to us.

  8. Somenoob says:

    Spadow what do u mean by it just walks around, do u mean it is just some effect for no reason, or have u yet to test if it will affect other monsters by dealing damage? It could very well be somehting just for show though…

  9. Awesome! says:

    The catch skill looks… POKEMON >:O

    • Secun says:

      A wild Scorpion appeared!
      Trainer threw some mud!
      The wild Scorpion appears angry.
      Trainer threw a rock!
      The wild Scorpion fled!


  10. WTFudge says:

    That catch, i beleive, could be useful for higher lvl monsters. Whats the success rate?
    I think these classes are WAY overpowered -_- If only a Archer was like a Wild Hunter…

  11. notorious says:

    i knew itt :D

  12. dej says:

    Hey Spadow, in Dragon Nest, which is stronger a Mercenary or Sword Master? Like which one is better in PVP,PVE, and Bosses.

  13. Xentar says:

    Wish there is a trick for get Catch as a battle mage. Like, take the wild hunter test, finish it (get the skills) and then go to do the battle mage job change XD

  14. Jason says:

    Here’s a video on the “Catch” and “Call” Skill!

  15. DAggers says:

    That 2 skills are funny lols..
    But why the stumpy will die automacially?

  16. joeloveslego1 says:

    TaiwanMS is getting Evan soon too

  17. ed says:

    Lol im gonig catch pink bean or zakum and summon it in kerning :D

    • Scifro says:

      Dude.. you need to make their hp critical before doing that so good luck trying to catch it.(Which will never happen..well maybe for zakum)

    • Ghost says:

      If you get PB down to 40% and don’t kill it because you wanted to catch it, do you know how many players you would piss off?

      • JackIsBack says:

        But then u could release PB and it’d die in like ten seconds…much faster than attacking 40%

  18. IMAWESOME says:

    Hey spadow can u catch underwater monsters? And summon them on dry land?

    • Brian Leech says:

      But, it will do no damage… and I doubt that you can catch boss monsters, as you will “defeat” it a whole lot faster if you catch it…

      • Scifro says:

        As a matter a fact ur right i dont even think u could catch boss monsters
        yeah i just remebered u cant catch boss monsters, thats crazy

    • Ghost says:

      Try catching flying monsters and send them underwater xD

  19. Ghost says:

    Ooooooh, you updated the blog site!

  20. rauleli says:

    I like the new look!

  21. Popsicklez says:

    can you capture bosses or mini bosses?

  22. Stylerz says:

    Uhm wow….so making a wild hunter…
    And if any1 could answer…Is there a blog/website that gives gms test server updates?I play gms and i really want to know what gmst is up too as well

    • SlayerGhost says:

      There is no gmst. Lmao.

    • Alilatias says:

      GMST hasn’t existed for a long time. Well, at least a public version of it. As far as I know, KMS is the only version with a public test server.

      What did I mean by a GMST not existing for a long time? A public GMST used to exist about two years ago. The reason why it no longer exists is mostly the fault of the community.

      Most people that were accepted into GMST treated it as if it were a private server, sent in BS ‘bug reports’ like ‘Y U BAN ME GM I NO HACK’, and didn’t really do much testing in the first place. It’s no wonder why it only survived a few months before Nexon of America figured it was far too much of a hassle to maintain.

      • Stylerz says:

        Ahhhh i heard about that. People said they just played for fun and didnt actually test or see bugs…
        If thats the case then thank you. But if the test server shut down, where can i go to recieve info about the upcoming patches of gms?Because the maplestory site sucks at even giving us a sneak peak or anything

        • Alilatias says:

          Unfortunately, as much as it sucks, their main site is the ONLY way of getting -clear- information about what’s going to happen in GMS.

          …Well, aside from GMS patch extractions at SouthPerry, but those can usually only be done the day before the patch is officially released, so…

          Of all the major versions (in which I consider major to be KMS, JMS, MSEA, GMS, and EMS), the company running our version probably sucks the most in terms of communication with its userbase.

          It doesn’t help that – with the way that Nexon America butchered the Evan events by making much of what was previously free in KMS into something cash-centric in GMS – I’m fearing that the method to obtain the critical rings from the balance patch will be negatively affected in a similar way.

          • Jason says:

            This is a reason why I have quit GMS and joined KMS(T).

            But KMS also has some let downs too. For example, instead of Neo Tokyo we get Neo City. Also when Dual Blade was still a playable class, you had to buy CS Mastery books for a 100% Mastery Book and a nice blade/tiger mount.

            But all in all, MapleStory is getting worse.

          • NinjaKc says:

            You had to buy real nx in KMST?

            And a quick question, you joined KMST in America? o

          • Trinityblast says:

            Wait, is it really possible for someone from GMS to switch over to KMST? I would love to make that change because it would be more interesting testing out things than to just be grinding in a game where the community really sucks…

          • Secun says:

            As far as I can remember, NX in KMST is all 0 NX.

          • thechazz says:

            alilatias ur wrong .. there is 1 place that keeps track of MSupdates …
            and hes at wordpress to .. i check him to see new updates.
            its : MSupdate.wordpress or something like that.
            now i dont wanna make like a comercial for him but i just wanted to help u guys that if u wonder with what stuff GMS is comming up check his blog.
            he sayd balance patch came like 1 week ago , and it was confirmed he sayd becuase he got like a press release .. so … hes the man for GMS updates , and SPadow is just your man for all of the other good stuff =D
            spadow is still my fav.

        • Ghost says:

          Well I doubt we even need GMST as of now, since the KMS content can be easily translated into GMS patches. But if we ever rely on other versions of the game for new content (even if it is exclusive), then GMST would might be needed.

          • Secun says:

            Yeah, well we all saw what happened on GMS with the failstorm that was Evan, ‘>>
            And with the Balance Patch coming up around the 16th or 17th for GMS, GMST would probably be useful for rooting out bugs… IF people wouldn’t treat it like a damned private server.

          • Ghost says:

            I doubt they would need GMST for content coming out of KMS. However if we ever get stuff like the english school PQ, Lovers’ PQ, the Inn/Rental System, or anything else not available in KMS, MSEA or EMS. Then GMST would most likely be used.

          • Secun says:

            Ghost, you obviously didn’t see all the problems they had when Evan released…

  23. Woa I am digging the new lay out, Also cool I saw the capture but did not know what it did…
    Man alot of people are going to be freaked to see monsters flooding towns.

    lol gotta catch em all

  24. flyXwing says:

    It would be sweet revenge to capture pinkachu if the squad cannot kill it in time.

  25. Stylerzz says:

    uhmm just one question o-o
    isnt the next patch for gms 6/15?

    • Alilatias says:

      1) Yes, and it’s the balance patch.

      2) In case you were expecting Spadow to answer, don’t expect Spadow to keep track of GMS stuff for everyone. This is a KMS blog, after all.

      • Alilatias says:

        Actually, wait, scratch that. The patch will be on the 16th. The vast majority of GMS patches are done on Wednesdays.

  26. iMeltFaces says:

    I would really like to see GMST come back again. I mean, the people they chose abused it. They should’ve really chose new people. It’s really unfair that people that would actually try and find bugs, etc.

    Nexon is just very annoying.

    • iMeltFaces says:

      Also, just another point. Spadow, have you ever thought of making a forum? Or some type of chatbox on your website? I would really love to have some discussions with others who read your blog.

      It’s just a suggestion.

      Thanks for reading, iMeltFaces

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