Wild Hunter: What! A bug?

Yesterday I told you about a bug where you can advance to 4th job at Lv. 70 or higher.
You will get 3 SP and 5 AP to mess with but you can’t get more than that before you hit level 120.

Alternative link

After I advanced to 4th job at level 70, I got 3 SP. I didn’t know which skills were useful, so I put one in Flash Rain, Beast’s Anger and Sonic Boom.

Flash Rain

This skill can deal massive damage to a maximum of 15 monsters, but the skill is really slow.
When you use this skill, you cannot jump or attack other monsters while Flash Rain is shooting arrows.
I’m actually content with the cooldown time of 1 minute. I can’t see this skill being spammed like Genesis.

Lv. 1: MP -210, 620% Damage
Lv. 30:  MP -500, 1200% Damage

Sonic Boom

I have mixed feelings about this skill. The damage is good, but the delay is so-so. Sonic Boom can attack up to 6 enemies.

Lv. 1: MP -44, 330% Damage, 42% probability of stunning a monster for 4 seconds
Lv. 30: MP -74, 620% Damage, 100% probability of stunning a monster for 12 seconds

Beast’s Anger

Most essential skill of a Wild Hunter. Beast’s Anger releases the anger of your jaguar and increases your HP, speed and attack!
When maxed, Beast’s Anger gives 30 more speed!!
The 1st job skill Jaguar Riding gives +30 speed when maxed. That along with Beast’s Anger, in theory this can give your jaguar a speed of 160!

The animation is looking good, check out the video at the beginning this blog entry to see.
Unfortunately this skill has a cooldown time of 3 minutes! Why not 1 minute? T_T

Lv. 1: MP -39, for 39 seconds your HP is increased by 22%, +1 Speed, Attack increased by 1%
Lv. 30: MP – 62, for 90 seconds your HP is increased by 80%, +30 Speed, Attack increased by 30%

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111 Responses to Wild Hunter: What! A bug?

  1. SlayerGhost says:

    Even with 4th job skills, it still looks pretty effin boring… <_<

    On a side note, since you are unable to progress on your Wild Hunter any further, will you be making a Battlemage?

    • Spadow says:

      I’m not making a Battle Mage and I can progress further on my Wild Hunter. Who said I couldn’t?

      • SlayerGhost says:

        “You will get 3 SP and 5 AP to mess with but you can’t get more than that before you hit level 120”

        I was thinking along the lines of “Why in hell would someone wanna train a character 50 levels without being able to get ANY new skills until then?”, but that was without thinking of the epic exp rates for KMST.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Even still though, I don’t see why you’d want to continue a character that can’t gain any strenght till 4th job. It massively cripples you, both dmg-wise, training-wise, and skill-wise.

  2. addictedtoms says:

    he can progress on it he just cant add sp into 4th job till 120

  3. TableCAKE says:

    Ah it looks nice to me.
    Oh ya another question, does this job haves a separate Cash shop, Spadow?

    I like it Spadow keep going like this~!

  4. Xentar says:

    Too bad they still don’t add the beginner skills, cause i really wanna know about that capture/summon monster skill. By now, this class feel slow, and the battle mage sound fun for a “full support” class, but till i can test them myself, i can’t say so much.

  5. Luxeraph says:

    Maybe the cooldown is 3 mins since the skill last for 1.5 mins, but I agree with you, at last a skill that can let an archer solo some bosses and hasa huge cooldown, not cool but maybe they fix it, while lasting longer and with a smaller cooldown but lets say 70% hp, 20 speed and 15% attack (and it might the 30% the reason it has such a long cooldown).

  6. Luxeraph says:

    Also is the beast anger stackable with hyperbody?

  7. DARKWOLF says:

    i want to see more battle mage scince pretty much every1 thinks wild hunter is boring

  8. Nova says:

    windarcher strafe and wildhunter strafe looks sooo nice compared to ours
    And man no bow-whacking while on mount zzz

  9. Nisrockk says:

    The Jaguar looks like a dog. :3

    Grats on leveling to 70, Spadow.

  10. DK says:

    SlayerGhost :
    Even with 4th job skills, it still looks pretty effin boring…

    says the guy with the shadower…

    • SlayerGhost says:

      As a Shadower I am not forced to use the same moves over and over again for efficient training.

      And at least I’m not a lame rip-off gimmick class with close to nothing going for it except for what other classes before it have.

      • LOL says:

        Newsflash dawg, this whole game is about using the same moves over and over again for “efficient training” (aka. pointless grinding) Every class does it!!

        • Jacky says:

          I’m a marksman and I use at least 5 different active skills. I don’t find it boring. Just eye numbing.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          LOL :lololololNewsflash dawg, this whole game is about using the same moves over and over again for “efficient training” (aka. pointless grinding) Every class does it!!

          I use Boom step, assassinate, BoT, SB, Assualter, and meso explosion in my training, so no, it is not the same move over and over for me. It’s the main reason I chose the Shadower route, after all.

      • Dumb says:

        SlayerGhost :
        And at least I’m not a lame rip-off gimmick class with close to nothing going for it except for what other classes before it have.

        Oh, you mean like Gunslingers?

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Gunslingers are in no way similar to any other class. <_<

          • Jamesys says:

            lol dude, I have a corsair and even I know that theyre a total rip of bowmen and sins. all their skills are pretty much the same except for maybe battleship and octopus

          • SlayerGhost says:

            Please show me where Bowman have fire spitter, ice shot, that backwards fj, and dash. If you mean Corsairs have the same elements as a couple of their attacks you can’t really base it on that, as the attacks aren’t anything like eachother at all.

          • Jamesys says:

            “Flamethrower/Ice Shot(whatever it’s called) = Inferno/Blizzard
            Recoil shot = Flash jump(as you said, “backwards fj”)
            Battleship cannon = Strafe
            Torpedo = Iron Arrow/Piercing Arrow
            Guns = futuristic bows
            Lack of crit = failure
            Jump-shooting = Assassin trait
            Rapid Fire = Hurricane
            Seagull = Golden Eagle/Silver Hawk
            Hypnotize = Puppet
            Bullets = bloody arrows, for God’s sake
            amongst other glaring similarities”

          • SlayerGhost says:

            Jamesys :“Flamethrower/Ice Shot(whatever it’s called) = Inferno/BlizzardRecoil shot = Flash jump(as you said, “backwards fj”)Battleship cannon = StrafeTorpedo = Iron Arrow/Piercing ArrowGuns = futuristic bowsLack of crit = failureJump-shooting = Assassin traitRapid Fire = HurricaneSeagull = Golden Eagle/Silver HawkHypnotize = PuppetBullets = bloody arrows, for God’s sakeamongst other glaring similarities”

            That’s all cool except for one fact… The skills aren’t used in the same way. Flamethrower and ice shot work on singular targets. Battleship cannon can only be used while on the ship, adding a layer of depth, and can be held down for continuous fire. Torpedo also is exclusive to being on the ship, guns can’t be considered a rip-off of bows if they’re better, Every class in the game can jump attack but Bowmen, rapid fire is in burst, and is thus not like hurricane, The seagull attacks once and dissapears, therefore not counting as a summon, hypnotize actually makes enemy monsters attack other monsters instead of thin air, helping training, and bullets can be recharged while arrows cannot.

            They may have similarities, but the gameplay between the two classes is almost 100% different.

          • YouTroll says:

            He said bowmen AND assassins, genius.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            Fine then. THREE classes. Still doesn’t change the fact that what I said is right.

          • YouTroll says:

            Except the part where you’re wrong.

          • Kazam! says:

            It looks like you just tried to defend gunslingers and ended up making them look worse.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            I’m just saying they’re not anything like Bowmen. What opinion you have of whether or not you like them is really up to you.

    • Dumb says:

      SlayerGhost has just been PMSing ever since Dual Blades were announced and he realized that his precious Shadower was obsolete.

      • Sheng says:

        You mean to tell me there was a time that shadowers were serviceable?

        Spadow, They have no passive crit? this makes them very weak yah?

      • Secun says:

        Ouch. That’s harsh. Besides, Shads aren’t obsolete. Dual Blades can’t smoke.

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Dumb :SlayerGhost has just been PMSing ever since Dual Blades were announced and he realized that his precious Shadower was obsolete.

        I didn’t just start when Dual Blades were announced. I’ve always been a general jerk. I honestly don’t see how people can claim I’m obsolete as a Shadower when I wasn’t a major damage dealer in the first place. I mean, all I have that is truely uniqe and unreplaceable is Smoke and Meso Explosion in the first place…

        Dual BLade is actually good for me. Dagger scroll prices are destined to skyrocket and I just happen to have over a thousand of them from when I was trying to scroll my end-game dagger.

      • DARKWOLF says:


  11. Jacky says:

    Adventurer archers are upset they get a skill that increases their hp and damage. That skill deserves a cooldown since it’s so powerful.

    • Ghost says:

      Beast’s Anger has a cool down of 3 minutes…

      Wild Hunters have a huge disadvantage againist all other classes, they take the most damage since they are the largest class. And the added avoidability really doesn’t balance it out.

      Also the Dual Blade’s thorns skill effects varies per class. How will that Skill effect the resistance?

  12. JunCurious says:

    I hope they decide to implement cooldowns on Ultimates of Adventurers and end Leeching once and for all~

    • Akebo says:

      How are mages expected to train? Their ultimates…er…ultimately…are the only things making them level. Besides, people will find newer ways to leech, so I doubt your argument is really anything beyond the disappointed huff that you weren’t able to get leech or pay for it. Why does it matter to you, anyway? For whatever reason, you appear not to buy/sell/get leech, so let others do what they want.

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Just because you want something done about leeching doesn’t mean you have anything to do with it at all. I myself half plenty of money for leech and would love a cooldown on all the ultimas. Arch Mages seem to think that just because they can spam kill 12 monsters they can just take a map whenever they see fit.

  13. scabbas says:

    idk why every1 has to go and vindicate a class just because they dont like it…where did playing for fun go?

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Lol, playing for fun ended a long time ago… for tthe majority of us higher levels, the game is now an addiction that (At least I am) we are trying to break.

      • scabbas says:

        well imma play it 4 fun anyway. though even if u dont like him u gotta admit that overall the battle mage is more original than the hunter

  14. Kris says:

    Some people don’t realize Battlemage is the crap job and the Hunter is the best.

    1) Damage is terrible on the BM.
    2) Range on a lot of the Moves were junk.

    Basically, BM is just good 4th job kinda like Bishop.

    If you wanna actually have fun Wh would be better BM will get boring.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Both jobs are crap. It really doesn’t matter.

    • DARKWOLF says:

      the wild hunter is more crap cause its boring i cant judge battle mage as boring cause i didnt watch alot of videos of it

      • SlayerGhost says:

        The Battle Mage looks superior in every way from what I’ve seen of it, although I haven’t watched much, either. Both classes look boring as hell to train, and if I can’t even bother to watch the training (I obsessively watched Dual Blades train… that shit was exciting) then playing the class will definitely be a joy…

        • SlayerGhost says:

          No, actually. I’m just an overly disagreeable person. I haven’t directly started anything but state my general opinion, albeit in a not so friendly way. At least what I say are facts and not the usual thought up on the spot BS.

    • devin delgado says:

      lol u sed BM XP lololololololol poop

    • Jacky says:

      I hate how everyone is referring to battle mages as BM. For crying out loud BM stands for bowmasters. You’re all just confusing me. :[

  15. TimelessDream says:

    Spadow :
    Good question. I haven’t tried this out yet.

    Spadow does this wild hunter have a different normal mount on lvl (50),70,120?
    nice work keep it up, and already GL with you school work

  16. SlayerGhost says:

    I saw that vid of a 4th job BM going around lately…

    All I have to say is I’ve changed my opinion on the class. There’s a layer of fun in the training that even rivals the Shadower class. I can’t wait to turn myself into a cyclone and start teleporting…

    • Ghost says:

      I doubt you could teleport using cyclone

      • JussToComment says:

        Yea juss watched a vid
        Teleport+Cyclone works

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Ghost :I doubt you could teleport using cyclone

        Watch the recent vid of a lvl 120 BM. Spadow uploaded it to his youtube channel recently, just hasn’t updated his blog with it yet. I tell you, it’s pretty badass.

        And revive is epic.

  17. SlayerGhost says:

    It’s good for me because, as I said before, I have over a thousand of them from when I was trying to scroll my end game dagger. I actually succeded far earlier than I had planned, and have an abundance of scrolls leftover.

  18. Wow that sucks but thats cool that Wild Hunters get a AoE Skill too,

    I hope things work out for you so you can advance more.

    Lol the sun cape, We got that on GMS in our cash shop…and the dualblade mask and scar…Man you get the good stuff early lol

  19. Lolwat says:

    For skills like sonic boom, does mastery affect it?
    Because if it doesn’t seems like a waste of SP, due to the randomness of the damage :\

  20. Ghost says:

    Battle Mage/Wild Hunter + 2 Buccaneers = Spamming Dark Genesis?/Spamming Flash Rain?

    • Manu says:

      Ghost :
      Battle Mage/Wild Hunter + 2 Buccaneers = Spamming Dark Genesis?/Spamming Flash Rain?

      Buccaneers have been out for what… 2 years? more?
      and you still don’t know that Time leap can’t be time leaped?

    • JunCurious says:

      The whole idea of cooldowns is to LIMIT the Ultimates from being abused.
      Yes, Adventurer’s Ultimates are ABUSED. =w=

      • Secun says:

        After being disconnected during the 5th Anniversary events in GMS due to 10 or so Arch-Mage/Bishops spamming their Ultimates all at once, yeah, I’ll agree with this.

      • scabbas says:

        dude arch mages/bishops. honestly(as slayer said earlier), think that they can just walk in and jack a channel by force, they definitely need cooldowns, and to every1 who thinks mages cannot train without their ultimate’s….they can they r just too lazy…

    • Kazam! says:

      I doubt either of their ultimates would be worth wasting a Time Leap over, especially since the cooldown on both is only about two minutes. Time Leap might be more useful for resetting the cooldown on the Jaguar, though.

  21. Brian Leech says:


    I remember that you said something about a ‘monster riding skill’ awhile back. I know that you do not play GMS, but the UFO Gaga Event WAS in KMS too. When you save gaga, and you land in the crater where he gets sucked up again, if you try to use the spaceship, it gives you a red message in you chat window, which says “the monster rider skill is unavailable in this map.’ What? Just figured that you would like the info. BTW, here is a video of it.

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  23. Manu says:

    Why did you get those 4th job skills and not the hurricane-like skill?

  24. NEXON says:



  25. Lng says:

    it would be awesome if the Wild hunters got a skill that is like flash rain, but it aims a torrential downpour of arrows at a single enemy, like what, a hurricane at once. that would be great for bossing.

    • Alilatias says:

      That sounds like something the Archer Legend should have.

      Actually, since the Wild Hunter was revealed (and it ended up using my crackpot idea of using a mount, being able to attack on the mount, and the mount having its own skills to boot), I had been thinking about what kind of new system the Archer legend could possibly use.

      So I thought of a Summoner class using DEX/INT. I am aware that Summoner ideas tend to be terrible when applied to Maple, but what I’m thinking of is very different from the terrible norm of ‘lolz spam summons, stand back, and watch them attack’, and far too complicated to effectively explain here.

      Maybe I’ll post up everything at SouthPerry soon, assuming I can find a way past the ‘word “forum” in the URL’-hating home firewall that blocks my way to the ‘Post New Thread’ link in the MapleAdditions section before June 15th.

      (If you guys have frequented the site discussions section of SouthPerry, then you all are probably aware that SouthPerry is facing an internal crisis, one that might result in the forum being shut down or extractions stopped on June 15th.)

  26. Voltaire says:

    NEXON :

    :D +1 i agree.

    Spadow :
    I regret not getting Wild Shot. (Hurricane-like skill)

    Spadow can u post if they get significant quests? and how much exp(%) the average one gives?

    • Ghost says:

      Those quests could also give SP

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Why? It doesn’t seem like they have so many skills that they’d need SP from quests…

      • Takebacker says:

        Not likely considering they can max pretty much everything in all job advancements.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Hey, Takebacker. I’ve been lurking SP lately and noticed you play in KMST… So I got a couple of questions: Which Aura do you usually end up using during training? And do the revive summons make much of a difference when training?

    • Max says:

      There are currently no Resistance job quests.

  27. IMAWESOME says:

    does anyone feel like they are rushing things way too fast?

  28. Al says:

    Jamesys :
    “Flamethrower/Ice Shot(whatever it’s called) = Inferno/Blizzard
    Recoil shot = Flash jump(as you said, “backwards fj”)
    Battleship cannon = Strafe
    Torpedo = Iron Arrow/Piercing Arrow
    Guns = futuristic bows
    Lack of crit = failure
    Jump-shooting = Assassin trait
    Rapid Fire = Hurricane
    Seagull = Golden Eagle/Silver Hawk
    Hypnotize = Puppet
    Bullets = bloody arrows, for God’s sake
    amongst other glaring similarities”

    None of these work in the same way..
    Lack of inherit critical isn’t a failure anyways, since bullseye(which you didn’t mention by the way) makes up for it and then some.
    The skills themselves may have similarities, but I can find similarities between all jobs if you really want me to. Everything new, no matter how different, will be compared to other jobs because the other jobs were already there.
    It’s really a pointless argument to make.

  29. NiNjAStRiKeG says:

    The animations and type of attacks all feel and look original to me. No repeated re-used animations from different classes. I can’t wait for Wild Hunter.

  30. gamester47 says:

    Just wondering if the battle mage has a mount or not, Thanks for all the updates spadow.

  31. NEXON says:


  32. thechazz says:

    after seeing that spadow closed the comment section to his playlist blog i post it here

    to all who wonder why spadow lets slayerghosts comments stay … its because he talks about maplestory.
    he says : i dont like youre idea of summoning monsters because it ruins the gameplay.
    he talks about the game.
    but what you guys do ( why spadow deletes it) is that you say : SHUT UP SLAYERGHOST.
    now that wouldnt be a problem if ya sayd it like : YOURE IDEA IS SO LAME I DONT LIKE IT SLAYER NOW STFU ( just an example)
    im dont wanna have a fight here at spadow so lets all have a good time and comment about the blog and NOT about other people

  33. Alilatias says:

    It’d be really sad if Spadow had to make some guidelines for comments, but it seems necessary at this point.

    Yeah, the commenters and comments have started to become a lot more rowdy since the Evan patch. Before, Spadow would have been lucky to reach 50 posts in his postings. Now you have this flood of new people pulling out like 90+ posts in each posting and treating this place as if it has no written rules.

    On top of that, you also have some people asking questions that have already been answered a few posts above, and questions that should have been painfully obvious (crap like “When is Dual Blade coming out in GMS?”), possibly thinking that Spadow and some of the regulars here are automatic answering machines.

    • Secun says:

      Agreed. The comments are turning into a slightly more intelligent form of Basil, complete with flame and repeated questions, sad enough as it is to say.

      Granted there are decent questions sometimes, but honestly it’s just becoming depressing.

    • Spadow says:

      Yes, I find it sad that a lot of people comment on my blog that has nothing to do with MapleStory or other stuff I blog about.

      Most recent comments were not ‘clean’ and not appropriate for other users.
      Though, I’m lucky that I have time to trash & ‘mark as spam’ the stupid comments.
      As of now, I will moderate comments of a few guests. This means that I will have to approve their comments before they actually show up.

      I hope that in the near future I won’t have to disable comments on each entry.

      • Secun says:

        Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. One of the main things I like about this blog is that if we have valid questions you’ll actually answer them.

  34. gamester47 says:

    Yeah my bad, long night last night

  35. dia says:

    I’m sorry. What is this movies BGM?
    Is it ‘You And I’?

  36. KobeKun says:

    sonic boom = big bang? lol

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