KMST V315 ~ New world selection image

A new world selection image. In the background you can see the artwork for the new Resistance jobs.
If you look closely enough, you can spot monsters that you’ve probably saw before.

I have no idea who the reaper is. Black Magician? The first three monsters appeared in the storyline of Aran.
The monster and NPC with the sunglasses is Gentleman, he appears when you’re playing Aran and Evan.
The last monster is the Black Witch from the Knights of Cygnus storyline.

The Resistance storyline will probably contain something about the Black Magician..
And as you can see at the image above, the Wild Hunter is female and the Battle Mage is male.

Tonight KMS is patching to version 1.2.99. I don’t know what’s so necessary to patch to 1.2.99 since there was an update recently. But I think this patch is to change the Resistance ”coming soon” world selection image.

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33 Responses to KMST V315 ~ New world selection image

  1. TableCAKE says:

    Goodwork spadow (:!

  2. dutchman says:

    Wow, thanks for the info, im really looking forward to these jobs

  3. Lucho says:

    If u look at the bottom right of the world selection u can see the artworks of the new job (I mean the 2 ??? images)

  4. oooopoooo says:

    i either see different battle mages, or 1 battle mage and, i guess, story line NPCs.
    also, can someone tell me who’s that guy with the goggles on his head just above the “O” and “N” from the “coming soon” line?
    it seems, “thiefy”, and i saw when you click on the “ressistance” link in the strategy wiki in the latest patches tab, it shows you there there is a thief too.

    • thechazz says:

      as you can see its the wild hunter because its riding the jaguar.
      and never go off by clothing.
      the battle mage is like an indiana jones with his face and hat.
      can we get that in MS , no … the wild hunter looks like a thief because i think the wild hunter travels around the world and catches monsters for the black mage to help him fight the good guys , like i sayd before i knew that they were going to help the black mage , but then again i could always be wrong.
      and he has just a bandana because it makes sense when you hunt monsters to have a cool hat

  5. Forsaken says:

    Unreal I can’t wait to BattleMage Comes to Global Ms ^^ but when da hell are we going 2 get the DualBlade In GMS………

  6. Forsaken says:

    Btw Love Ya Blog Spadow ^^ <3
    ~Shout Out To My Bro Randy~ <3

    Btw Spadow is der going 2 be new Iteams such as Dark Swords,Dagger,Etc….

  7. MassCreed says:

    cool stuff very excited and interesting, but stil… wont make one

  8. egimald says:

    =o coolio.

    So that explains why the battle mage outline’d image didn’t look like it was a normal mapler, it was the job advancement person for the battle mages lol.

    Anyways, seems interesting =o can’t wait for more info~

    • thechazz says:

      no i dont think that , in every other job the outlined char is never the instructor , just a picture of what he would look like if you could fully costumise your character

  9. gamester47 says:

    Does the battle mage have a mount?

  10. TheEmoRaccoon says:

    It looks REAL cool, however WHATS WITH ALL THE JOBS!?? They could atleast finish the Hero Jobs before all these other ones but whatevre. The Resistance jobs I think, will have an amazing storyline… Sooo mysterious O.O I wanna make a Wild Hunter!

    I just have one question for you Spadow (not so much maple related). Well, i’ve heard in the news that both North and South Korea are prepared to go to war. If that was to happen (another Korean War) would that affect you and you posting things about Maple?

  11. Nhan says:

    Lol, these are cool jobs and I’m excited, but can’t they finish off the heroes branch before they move on? I agree with theEmoRac… about too many jobs being released in a short amount of time.

  12. thebYssman says:

    Up at the top of the left picture, the little floating guy looks like the Master of Disguise of cygnus advancement.

  13. Neox says:

    …what about the adventurers :'(

  14. Millus says:

    Battle mage looks like a pimp…. o.o

  15. Voltaire says:

    The reaper is a battle mage skill.

  16. Voltaire says:

    Forsaken :
    Btw Love Ya Blog Spadow ^^ <3
    ~Shout Out To My Bro Randy~ <3
    Btw Spadow is der going 2 be new Iteams such as Dark Swords,Dagger,Etc….

    no there isnt

    • Ghost says:

      There are 1H swords that gave elemental abilities, they came out with Neo City (or the expansion)

  17. Wow,
    I think this is a good post,
    I hope that is the black mage….after that “After Zakmum battle” and the 3 underlings I want to see the true BM and see if he is the lv200 boss we all want to see

    • thechazz says:

      im gonna sh*t my pants if the black mage really is an ancient snail that saw his whole family got murderd by the first GM ever in beta , and since then has been plotting his revenge

  18. Ghost says:

    When I first saw the resistance character selection screen, I imagine the Battle mage was wearing a gentleman’s hat (not the NPC) and with that i pictured him with a full gentleman’s suit.

    Also I might be late about this, but the 3 black magician supporters (except for the black witch) all have the ‘secret organization’ medal

    • thechazz says:

      yeah i know , when i saw his hat i knew that he was kinda like gentlemen + indiana jones and with the pictures and stuff that look like they are treasure hunters because they (wild hunter and battle mage) are in ruins , and i see a bridge and they are running from traps and have like emeralds or something in their hand.
      i think this job is like treasure hunting and working for the black mage

  19. mike says:

    gentleman , hiver sorta reminds me of agent smith from the matrix
    id like to see hiver move as fast as smith maybe even do that thingy where he stands with his back nearly touching the ground

  20. Dervd says:

    Eum, that reaper you’re talking about, that’s the Black Witch that you fight at level 120 as a Cygnus Knight. o_O

  21. Gil says:

    the battlemage is use MA to build dmg o use WA

  22. Eddy says:

    I wonder when that job would come out to KMS?
    Because i can not enter KMST
    Some play KMS? that server?

  23. Zenkishi says:

    Has anyone noticed that the resistance characters aren’t fighting against them but fighting with them? Becuz all the people involving the black mage are right behind them ready for battle. I think the resistance characters are fighting with the Black Wings, not like Evan who thought it was a good organization. I have a feeling in the story line there are gonna be Cygnus and Hero bosses for them to fight.

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