KMST V311 ~ Oz set


When is Nexon coming with a real content patch instead of a Cash Shop patch?
Do you remember Hawkeye? Hawkeye is the Pirate instructor for the Knights of Cygnus.

A while ago a set of Hawkeye items were released in Cash Shop.
They were quickly transferred to KMS, but what I didn’t tell you was that it was not sold seperately but in a time limited package with a few extras. (sticker, tutorial bird effect & Shin Jo mount)

Today the clothes of the magician Oz was available in Cash Shop.

Don’t pay attention to that Miracle Cube over there~

I don’t like it! I want to try the clothes of the Night Walker. I can’t wait for the mask~!

In the beginning of this blog post, I said that this was a Cash Shop patch, but I noticed a new option when you right-click a character.

This new option is called ”Follow”, right now you can’t follow anyone. It’s disabled.
To me this seems like a useless and very limited feature, even though I haven’t tried it out yet.
The ”follow” option was first introduced in JapanMS.

Today two new pets (Scuba Duck & Skunk) were added. Though, this time only through a package.
The package has the pet itself, 6 pieces of food, pet accessory and one coupon.

The coupon gives you scrolls, to be more specific, scroll for pet accessory for weapon attack!!

Uh-huh! That’s right. Weapon Attack!

I still haven’t tried out the new item rating & reinforcement system, because I am waiting for the new job to be released.
Speaking of a new job; some skills delays were changed. Skills such as Siege, Earth Slug and more.

About the item rating system…
Let’s take a look at this item ▼

A scroll for potential has been used on this half earring.
This item gives you +57 Magic Defense.
The two stats under the amount of 5 slots left = potential stats.

+9% STR and +3% AllStat.

By the way, this system is really crazy. It can even give you +1 or +2 SP to ALL skills!!

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

58 Responses to KMST V311 ~ Oz set

  1. CzImGreen says:

    wow! those earrings! Dx

  2. dranz says:

    “follow” is being introduced in ems tomorrow (check the v62 patch notes) i’ll try and post what it does as soon as a I try it out

    • thechazz says:

      lol ems is getting stuff sooner than K and GMS , but as usual the stuff ems gets sooner than most other version is useless

      • James says:

        @ thechazz uh, no. KMS is the original, so ya. ems takes all the ideas from kms. KMS takes maybe a couple cash items, but content wise, Korea gets more.

  3. SlayerGhost says:

    The lack of new content is seriously irking me.

    Seriously Nexon, let’s get something goin here!

  4. Giraflare says:

    “it was not sold seperately but in a time limited package with a few extras. (sticker, tutorial bird effect & Shin Jo mount)” – What does the Shin Jo mount look like Spadow? Is it the level 120 / 100 / 50 cygnus mount?

  5. Lucho says:

    Spadow whats your new charcter class? Warrior?

    • thechazz says:

      manny people think pirate becaue warrior = aran and the job IDs for the new job were those of mage , archer and pirate … so ppl think its a pirate , or all 3

      • Alilatias says:

        I think he was talking about Spadow’s new character for this Tespia term, in which Spadow had mentioned before that he was a Warrior this time.

  6. FailedName says:

    I could see how follow could be interesting in GMS. I personally will have a nooby character follow me around in a party while I train, and i’ll see how high a level I can get him before he dies. (Btw, I have two computers) =p

    • thechazz says:

      just saying , u must press the UP on portal to go to next map , so with follow u wil only follow the char in the same map. if the leading char goes in next map the following char must press up to go to next map , wont go automaticly

  7. sgtgrif says:

    Very… interesting patch. I still don’t see the point in pet accessory attack scrolls though. It’s not like the pet does any of the attacking anyways.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Neither do gloves, shields, shoes, helms, or pendants.

      • sgtgrif says:

        At least those are equipable on the attackers. Pets never even touch the monsters, nor do they have any “physical” connection to the players.

        • Ghost says:

          Perhaps these pet skills will now be available towards active skills?

        • thechazz says:

          uhm pet att on stuff means it gives the char att , not ur pet … lol
          but i think its useless to because pet stuff exipers and why scroll a expireing item ?

          • Luxeraph says:

            Maybe because those items don’t expire? Or do they?

          • SlayerGhost says:

            Because 3 months is a helluva long time to have an extra boost in weapon attack. I wouldn’t mind having to re-buy my stuff every 90 days; I mean, it’s attack power that I didn’t have before, and I’d love to keep ahead of all the dexless sins out there.

          • Secun says:

            If I remember correctly, KMS NX doesn’t expire, so Pet Accessory Atk Scrolls are actually viable there.

  8. AlOnE says:

    The “follow” function already been implemented in MSEA current patch, and everyone is playing this function together with hacker that uses jump hack. They “fly over” to the place that usually couldn’t get approached, quite funny but lame I would say xD

    • Ghost says:

      If strategywiki is correct (which most of the time they are), then the following was originally made in JMS.

  9. Millus says:

    Mushroom mount!

  10. Lionheart365 says:

    Ugh. I hate these scrolls.

  11. Ghost says:

    What’s with Nexon doing with releasing CK Cash Shop items at this time? Is it possible we might see some new content regarding the CK?

    • thechazz says:

      i hope a counter CK :P
      or maybe dif lvl cap for CK
      but i think its just promotion because cygnus knight is the least fav. race

  12. Voltaire says:

    Ghost :
    What’s with Nexon doing with releasing CK Cash Shop items at this time? Is it possible we might see some new content regarding the CK?

    well it is possible that ther might be an anti-cygnus/black wings group.
    opposite of cygnus but they lose ther memory. who knows

  13. Daikukuro says:

    Lol Stalking skill.
    Hope this doesn’t come to GMS else a line of newbs following High Levelled screaming “Mesos Plox!”

    That earring is Sick.

    Btw Spadow any info about when the next job is expected to be released?

  14. thechazz says:

    okay can someone plz clear this up for me (prefering spadow)

    delay means the time u can cast an at … like 0.5 sec ?
    how do we know the delay if there isnt even an animation for it..
    IF there are animations for those skills can someone lease tell me how to see them because im dieing to see those new skills :)

    • CzImGreen says:

      you can see them in the WZ’s with some programs…. so u would have to download kmst(or kms? idk) and download certain program and… blah

      • thechazz says:

        so if u have KMS(T) and have a certain program you can open the WZ file and then you can see the animation ?!
        then why spadow hasnt uploaded em because i wanna see :)

  15. chuck NOrris says:

    Follow is like having someone being a “living shadow partner”. It does whatever you do, it attacks with you, but once you use a skill the follow “bond” is broken. Kinda fun though.

  16. JustSomeone says:

    Hahaha i laughed at Daikukuro’s comment.
    I can see that happening. xD
    A line of 20 noobs going MESO PLOX or some advertisement character that keeps spamming FREE NX or w/e.

    They should make that the person who someone wants to follow gets an invitation just like trade and party etc…

  17. Maiku says:

    Finally this game becomes like Diablo!
    The items should be like that!
    Good job Nexon!

    Now bring it to GMS already! XD

  18. oooopoooo says:

    these CS packages are either:
    1. a way to make people make more CKs
    2. a “preview” for the new job or
    3. just something to get money off the players (like they need another)
    im putting my money on numer 3.

  19. Killmeplsok says:

    Follow is introduced in SEA v92 actually is not that useful for me..

  20. Alilatias says:

    And they leave out Oz’s staff. I knew a few people who wanted it.

    I don’t really care for the clothes of the job instructors, but holy crap, give me Irina’s hair style, and I might actually buy a CS item for once.

  21. Wow the Cyguns stuff, I still dont understand what the follow system does,
    Can you explane it to me Spadow?

    And wow a Mushroom mount Its about time

  22. Alessandro says:

    i told u guys this stuf would come out!!!!

  23. NEXON says:


  24. Voltaire says:

    princessninjato :
    Wow the Cyguns stuff, I still dont understand what the follow system does,
    Can you explane it to me Spadow?
    And wow a Mushroom mount Its about time

    follow means if u right click someone and click follow u will automatically follow that person

  25. Jokzer says:

    The FOLLOW option was just recently implemented in MSEA’s last patch as well.

  26. Sup says:

    uhh… Nexons New Ideas For Classes Have Gone Bad.
    Mech Class ._.” Cmon Nexon…

    Besides why did they make dual and now mech. what happed to the

    Disappointment :(

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