Japanese Dragon Nest PV

As many of you may know, Dragon Nest is a new action RPG game developed by Eyedentity Games and has been in OBT since March in Korea.
Other countries have showed interest in this game such as China, Japan and America.
CBT is about to start in Japan, starting from April 28th. OBT is in late May and the official version will be presented in June.

Aside from Tespia, I have been playing this game nonstop. I am almost Lv. 30 and it’s so much fun! Since I’m leveling fast, I am facing a disadvantage.
The level cap right now is 32 and you cannot earn % at Lv. 32. I hope a big update with a level cap removal will come soon~!

Dragon Nest makes use of voice acting, which means you will hear many different voices from NPCs, monsters and skills.
Recently it has been announced that Japanese rockstar GACKT will be lending his voice to Belskard, the main villain in Dragon Nest.

To promote Dragon Nest in Japan, a promotional video has been released.

Alternative link

This PV is so good. I watched it today for 3 times already. +_+
I hope Dragon Nest will come to America soon, so you can enjoy and have fun as well!

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44 Responses to Japanese Dragon Nest PV

  1. Lionheart365 says:

    I want this so bad!
    What’s the most fun class?

    • Spadow says:

      ForceUser is the overpowered job.
      I am a Priest and so far it’s fun.

      2nd job skills already look sick, I can’t imagine how 3rd job skills will look like.

      • thechazz says:

        yeah im thinking about makeing priest when i can play it … but is mercenary good .. i want that one the most :)
        and i also think about force user because u sayd its overpowerd

        • JunCurious says:

          Force User can slow down and stop monsters entirely…
          Plus, a few moves let them warp… Makes for easy pickings.

          Personally, I want a Elemental Lord.
          I love that Flame Load/Road skill. *w*

    • riz says:


  2. msupdate says:

    I made a Forceuser and Bow Master with a friend. It’s really a great game and I have to wait another year (approximately) before I can play an English version. I still wonder why Nexon America kept delaying the game, and has now delayed it until 2011.

    • JunCurious says:

      Priorities… Nexon has to wrap up other junk like and current game events/updates, and new stuff like Vindictus and such before they can move onto new things.

  3. [Hex] says:

    I’m so excited xD
    The warrior that did that golf-type move kinda caught my eye.
    I’m having second thoughts on which job i’m gonna choose.
    Is Priest fun so far?

  4. Shulynch says:

    Can’t wait to become a Force User/Acrobat on the Japanese/American servers.

    Already signed up for the Japanese version, but didn’t get into Beta. D:

  5. That video is so cool, I added it to my favs,
    Also the magic girl and archer looks a bit new or something…but cool post

  6. Secun says:

    Oh god. Gackt’s going to voice Belskard? This’ll be interesting. Inb4 squeeing fangirls D:

  7. QiwisKiwi says:

    I’m making a Paladin :D

  8. KanesWrath says:

    The Graphic is Fucking Horrible… games are able to do the same graphic as in the cgi movie .

  9. Aweryn says:

    I’ve been following this game for few months and it looks so frikkin’ awesome!! I can’t wait to try it out! I guess I’ll try for J-CBT or J-OBT.. If they don’t have IP-ban..

    • Pika6125 says:

      Sadly there is an IP Ban so you won’t be able to access the site and even if you get your hands on the client it’s probably a “Log in and Press Start” Game.

      • Aweryn says:

        Well, if it comes out from NHN JP (what I read) It shouldn’t be a problem cause I have an account to NHN & Hangame kr & jp..

  10. Haru213 says:

    Man..all i can say is I can’t for this to come to America..the PV itself already makes me want to play the game n. n

  11. Titty Sprinkels says:

    What to do as a European?
    Play the Korean version laggy now?
    Play the American version laggy in 1 year?
    Give up on Nexon games?

  12. copperchan says:

    Dragon nest will go in cbt in fall 2010. So nexon USA announced..

  13. ed says:

    hi spadow waht pc req for this game? maybe idownload this ihave an nexon Korea account and waht age u need 2 play this imean idid register low age

  14. KanesWrath says:

    the whole point of good graphics (in my opinion) is that the game will look more alive and less pixelised… since now games are capable of having amazing graphics..
    hmmm… look at Blade and Soul.. amazing lol

    • Spadow says:

      Blade & Soul is amazing, indeed. But that is P2P. I’m sure that you need a very good PC to run B&S.
      The minimum requirements for Dragon Nest:

      OS: Windows 2000 or better
      CPU: Pentium III 1.6Ghz or better
      RAM: 512 MB or better
      HDD: 3 GB Free
      Graphics Card: Nvidia 5700 / Redeon 9550 or better
      DirectX: 9.0c

      Even if the graphics are horrible as you say, Dragon Nest is gaining a lot of popularity in Korea.

  15. Alilatias says:

    @KanesWrath: Graphics aren’t everything. It’s a sad day in the gaming industry whenever a developer considers graphics to be higher priority, more than ensuring that gameplay is actually fun and balanced. Look at Modern Warfare 2, for example.

    And holy mother of god, Dragon Nest is an MMO. Not everyone has a freaking high-end computer. (My brother’s computer is definitely high-end enough to run almost any game at the highest settings without any problems, but definitely not the 6 year old craptop that I currently use.)

    (On another note, art style should not be directly lumped into the graphics category. They’re both somewhat different. Team Fortress 2, for example: Some say it has great graphics, but it’s really the art style and universe design that makes it stand out. What would ultra-realistic graphics do for TF2 and Dragon Nest? Not much at all.)

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Modern Warfare 2? Just look at Uncharted 2. It focuses on graphics and gunplay but the gunplay is awful. >.<

  16. Extreme360 says:

    OMG GACKT? Didn’t he sing Journy Through the Decade from Kamen rider Decade? I wanna try dragon nest now :P

  17. Angel Tears says:

    Love the background song of Kokia – Road to Glory. Its beautiful.

    Besides, the video looks nice. I like the fact they use voice overs, I think it will add another layer of emotion and quality.

  18. Erich says:

    Still doesn’t mean HanGames, the JP publisher, isn’t extremely xenophobic leading to the block of all non-foreign IPs. Nothing a proxy can’t fix, but.. lame.

    • Alilatias says:

      It’s a lot less ‘general Japanese xenophobia’ than this game already being confirmed to have a Global English version in the future.

      There’s a really high chance that Nexon America is going to wreck the Global version with CS crap though (when compared to most other versions). Us English players almost always get screwed over by Nexon in nearly every game. :(

  19. Alilatias says:

    On a side note, MapleStory DS is already out in Korea. Some people at SouthPerry have some impressions on them.


    Infection in particular has a link in his signature to go to a stream where you can watch him play through some parts of the game. General observations based on the video:
    – Combat and movement seems to be a LOT more fun.
    – Most skills are actually pretty useful.
    – Stat system is completely different. It doesn’t look like there’s any level-up point distribution.
    – All stats seem to come from your gear.
    – As such, it would appear that every character makes use of every stat in differing (and useful) ways.
    – There are way more rings in the DS game than in the actual MMO.
    – Random stuff: Whenever the Warrior actually opens his eyes, he’s either ticked off or thinking about doing something mischevious.

  20. FailedName says:

    So… If Forceuser is the overpowered class, which class is the weakest? Normally I don’t care, but in most MMOs that i’ve played the magic class is by far the weakest and it would be interesting to see the roles reversed.

  21. KanesWrath says:

    basickly a good computer doesn’t cost that much these days.
    and i wanted to see your opinions.

  22. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Spadow, do you have any idea if Dragon Nest JP will have an IP block in OBT? I don’t really think so since Tenvi JP doesn’t have one, but I still just want to be sure. >.>

    I should be able to survive the quests with my mediocre grasp of Japanese…I think…(well, I did manage to guess correctly skill descriptions and quest requirements in Tenvi…)

  23. Koffie says:

    pwnsauce! I’m dying for this game to come to Europe

  24. KanesWrath says:

    i wish we hadn’t this ip/country BS…it just makes everyone mad…
    if i buy a game for a console i want it to work, not to track the origins of the console and the game and see if they match…

    btw why are there so Many mmos? ah… lol too much.

  25. Ghost says:

    Well i don’t know if you already know about this Spadow but…

  26. [Hex] says:

    I watched it 7 times today. :D

  27. MR. English says:

    I’ve heard that This game Dragon Nest is really cool and fun from some friends but i tried downloading it and its full Japanese or Chinese. Is there an All-English version of Dragon Nest for PC in Canada? If there is, please send me the link through my E-mail : Sadi_leo29@yahoo.ca

  28. James says:

    If u can’t wait for the Global version, play the China Version.

    Region: 华东电信五区 Server: 箭雨风暴

    Ign: Bane, lv16 Priest
    Ign: Tsubaki, lv12 Archer
    Ign: NgNg, lv15 Force User

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